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How to: Copyright Free Ipad Mockups

Emma Hall, Teaching, Creating and Making

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6 Videos (12m)
    • Intro: Let's Start

    • Quick Guide to Copyright: Using Images From the Internet

    • Setting Up the iPad

    • Setting Up Your Smart Object

    • Inserting Your Image

    • Finishing Up the Lighting


About This Class

This class is designed for anyone looking to create their own realistic mock-up using free sources and Adobe Photoshop.

A mockup is an image of your illustration, pattern or any digital work imposed onto a real life object which you can use to advertise your product to potential buyers or as a test for real life. Using Photoshop we can easily impose our work onto gifts, fabric or in this case working screens, however, it is important that when using these images commercially we use images with the right licensing. That is why I've created this tutorial as our mockups will be both free of payments and attributions. The end result will be a professional editable image for you to use exactly how you like - including any commercial use!


Along the way, I'll be explaining creative commons and why creating your own mock-ups or using public domain sources is a great go-to for some designers. Once finished you'll have a high-resolution image and a template you can use time and time again, along with skills in using smart-objects and effects in Photoshop.

Music used in intro: Thingamajig byJason Shaw





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Emma Hall

Teaching, Creating and Making


I'm a designer and maker from the East of England.

Having completed my BA degree and pursued a career in Architecture; I have over 7 years of experience in Photoshop, Illustrator, CAD as well as general design. I decided this year to challenge myself by learning and making as much new stuff as possible through local classes and online ones to try and evolve my digital and handmade work outside of architecture. Which is how I found Skillshare.

Since starting my jour...

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