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How to Cook a Jiggs Dinner

teacher avatar Wanda Keough

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. 1 - Welcome

    • 2. 2 - What you will Learn

    • 3. 3 - Who is this Course for

    • 4. 4 - What is a Jiggs Dinner

    • 5. 5 Why the Name Jiggs

    • 6. 11 - Potatoes

    • 7. 9 - Turnip

    • 8. 12 - Cabbage

    • 9. 7 - Salt Beef

    • 10. 6 - What are the Ingredients

    • 11. 8 - Pease Pudding

    • 12. 10 - Carrots

    • 13. 13 - Recap

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About This Class

A Jigg's Dinner is a traditional Newfoundland meal.  Growing up in Newfoundland, we would usually have this meal every week on Sunday. 

The wonderful smell of this meal would hit you as soon as you entered the door on your way back from mass.  Family, and often friends, would gather to eat and chat about whatever went on the week before.

Jokes, stories and great conversation was the mainstay of this midday meal and, of course, the star of the show was the Jigg's Dinner.

While every little community and town has their own spin on how to make this meal, my course will teach you how to make a Jigg's Dinner as I enjoyed it with my family growing up on the Bonavista Peninsula.














Meet Your Teacher

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Wanda Keough


In February 1998 Wanda Keough co-wrote a business plan with Kevin Brake titled "How to open a Bed and Breakfast" this ebook was self published and has been recognized as being one of the first ebooks ever sold.

This book was sold during a time when popular brick and mortar establishments could not see how to make money by selling invisible non-tangible goods. Sales were brisk with over 100,000 copies being sold all over the world.

As sales started to decline, Wanda Keough returned to school and graduated with honors in the field of Multimedia Courseware Development in 2000.

Wanda assisted in the creation of several award winning educational titles such as: Cervical Cancer Re-certification Training, My first puppy and Rules of the Road currently the number one dr... See full profile

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1. 1 - Welcome: Hi there. My name is Wanda, and I'd like to welcome you to how to make a Jiggs dinner. I grew up in various parts of New Zealand before moving away in 2000 for the New Flanders Air, known for many things and aside from fishing boats, water music, really great humor, warm personalities and hard workers, we're also known for a few particular dishes when I'm done being one of New Zealand's most commonly home cooked meals the famous Jiggs dinner. Now when someone finds out denying from Newfoundland other than you know, guessing from my obvious accent, which I have not lost yet, thankfully, I mean, who wants to sound like everybody else, right? And as an aside, sometimes I still have to stop and remember to pronounce th in most words like saying three instead of tree. So if I do that, please forgive me. In any case, one of the things that get said to me is all new guys that Jiggs dinner Well, yes, we do quite often effect, while depending on where you live and if you can get the proper ingredients, and by proper ingredients, I mean salt beef, but more on that later. Of course, the next question is often How do you cook it? And even can you cook it for me? Hance. My reason for deciding to finally create a simple course on how to cook a Jiggs dinner in the next video. We're gonna cover what you learn in discourse, so stick around and I'll see you in the next video. 2. 2 - What you will Learn: Welcome back. This is the module. What you will learn? We're gonna go over what you can expect to learn as a result of discourse. What we're going to cover in this course is we're gonna find a what is a Jiggs dinner, and we're gonna find out where did name Jiggs dinner come from? Then we're gonna go over the list of ingredients that you need in order to prepare this meal. Each ingredient is listed in module to itself, and in each ingredient, we'll show you had a prepared ingredient, how to cook it, how to service and what looked like. I guess when it's cooked, all ingredients will be discussed and in order that they're cooked, which just happens to be the order of difficulty as well. Don't let the word difficulty scarier. This is a really easy course and is perfect for beginners. Okay, I'll see you in the next module. 3. 3 - Who is this Course for: welcome back. And this is the module who this courses for Jiggs, dinner is a very easy course to prepare. Its very suitable for beginners or novels. Cooks his courses for you. If you have a spokes from Newfoundland and want to surprise him or her with a traditional new fee dinner. You grew up eating Jiggs dinner, but your mom always cooked it. And now she is coming for a visit and you want a surprise her You visit a new Ferland head to meal and now you want to recreate it. People who visit you know you are from new plan. But you also know they're secretly wondering why you haven't cooked Jiggs dinner for them before. I mean, you are a new feet. The fact that you know how to cook a Jiggs dinner should be a second nature to us smelling the salt air. However, you don't know how to cook it and you secretly want to learn how. Don't worry. I won't greet a word. I promise. So sit back. Get comfy on watch. How very easy this is. I'll see in the next video 4. 4 - What is a Jiggs Dinner: Hi there. Welcome back in this module. We're going to go over. What is a Jiggs dinner? A Jiggs dinner is a meal made up of salt beef. Turn up carrots. Ah, potatoes, cabbage and ball putting, usually a piece putting or a raisin pudding. Sometimes if blueberries Aaron season, you'll often find a blueberry putting on the table to now growing up in New Planned. I don't know that we ever really called a Jiggs dinner, at least not where I grew up. As a child on benefits the peninsula, it was almost always just called dinner or cook dinner and buy dinner. I mean lunch. If you said you were cooking dinner, people would just assume you meant Jiggs dinner with her that included chicken, beef or any type of meat or poultry Or not. We are huge carnivores in new Philando. Most of our meals are the meat and potatoes kind. For some reason. In the flan we always refer to lunch is dinner. But, hey, we're not the only ones. Places in the southern US also do the same thing. Parts of the UK to Sunday is a typical day of the week in which a Jiggs. Dinner is cooked, but that is not set in stone. You won't be chased out of town or anything if you cook it on any other date a week. Of course, it is cooked a dinner time lunch and the leftovers air usually mashed together to next day for supper and Friday but onions and this dish is called a hash try. It is very delicious to Supper's on Sunday will often be a cold plate, which will include any leftover chicken, pork or beef from dinner. I won't be describing what or how to make a hash or cold plate in this course. Perhaps later on, I will provide an update as a bonus or included in another course. But Freddie's course I will only be concentrating on how to make a Jiggs dinner. 5. 5 Why the Name Jiggs: Hi there. Welcome to the module. Why the name Jakes. So I found out that Giggs is a reference to the protagonist of George McManus. Comic strip. Bringing up father jigs wasn't an Irish immigrant living in America who regularly ate corned beef and cabbage, which is a precursor to the new flan dish. Much of the settlement in the felon came from Irish immigration, myself included. So it is not surprising that so much of the food and culture has a Celtic ancestry. And the source that I found all this room again was to Canadian Encyclopedia. So in the next module, we're going to be discussing what the ingredients are for jobcentre. 6. 11 - Potatoes: Welcome to the module on potatoes. When it comes to choosing potatoes for the Jiggs dinner pot, you can choose whatever kind you like best. Sometimes I'll choose to wait russet potatoes and some other times I choose to yellow potatoes like Yukon Golds doesn't matter and is your own preference. But a traditional Jiggs dinner used the white Ross. It's so that's what I'm going to use for this demonstration. To prepare the potatoes. You just want a peel the potatoes using a knife or a vegetable peeler. Whichever one is easier for you washed him after appealing to get any of the dirt off in order cooked potatoes. You want to put the potatoes into the pot 20 minutes after you put into carrots. Cooking time for potatoes is going to be about 30 minutes, depending on the size of two pieces to be cooked, plus the variety that you've chosen in order to start to potatoes. You just want to check them with a fork before you take the mode of the pot. Make sure you could put him in a strainer, strain off any excess water and and put him in a serving dish. And there is nothing else needed. That's probably one of the easiest vegetables we've done yet. Join us in the next video when we're gonna be talking about the cabbage. 7. 9 - Turnip: Welcome to the module on Turn up. I bet most of you have heard of eternal great maybe even a rude Vega, especially if you're trying to buy a turn up at the grocery store. But they can't find turn up. So you tell them rutabaga. Sure enough, there it ISS, however, Did you know that a turnip and a rutabaga are two completely different vegetables and easy way to tell them apart is a turn off is white purple on the outside and a white ish color on the inside, and a rutabaga is more yellow, with purple on the outside with a yellow color on the inside. I find it very interesting that Rutabagas is actually made from a cross of a cabbage and eternal, and both happened to be main ingredients. In a Jiggs dinner, you'll often find turnips and Rutabagas dipped in wax, but this is simply to extend the shelf. Like for traditional Jiggs dinner. We actually use a rutabaga and not a term something that I'm sure some fellow new fees may challenge me on, since that is what we call it turn up, regardless of what it actually is. And having said that I will call it the turn up, But know that I actually mean Rutabagas. Whichever one you have access to our prefers. Fine. But for distress city, I'm going to use a Rutabagas since that is what I have. And that is my own personal preference. Anyway, you know, Richard, prepare Rutabagas. You gotta start by cutting off both ends first, because it is hard to peel, and it is not really worth it. If you actually try and peel it, in my opinion, stand to turn up on one of the ends that you just sliced off for stability. Using a very sharp knife, sliced that sucker right down the middle. Keep your fingers of the way, though. Anyone who regularly cuts up turnips will likely have been sliced once or twice from trying to caught one of these very tough root vegetables. Next, you want to take each half and turn them on the flat side on your cutting board and simply slice each half into 1/2 inch pieces in peel, each piece making shorted all of appeal and any waxes off. Make sure to wash them thoroughly to get rid of any dirt and wax before cooking. Cut to turn up as you need to make them uniform and size so that they cooked roughly at the same read. Don't cut up to slice too small, or it'll take a long time to scoop the metal Jiggs dinner pot. You could dump the works in a strainer or colander, but you may want to think twice about that. That wonderful juice or pot liquor has many uses, and it's chock full of delicious as well as nutrients and vitamins in order to cook to turn up, you want to put to turn up in the pot about an hour after the pease pudding and cook until tender. This should take about an hour to an hour and 1/2. Depends on the age of eternal. Newer ones seem to take longer than once that have been harvested for a while. So in order to serve to turn up, all you need to do is remove to turn it from the pot into the colander and drain off any water and then transfer to a serving dish. Nothing else is needed, so join me in the next module for carrots 8. 12 - Cabbage: Welcome to the module on the cabbage. A Jiggs dinner is not complete without a green cabbage, which is very easy to cook. In order to prepare to cabbage for cooking, you want to remove any of the damage leaves from the outside, sliced cabbage in half towards the root end and in slice each half again. Now I should note that you want to keep the root end intact as much as possible to help to prevent the cabbage from falling apart during cooking. However, that will probably happen anyway. Up keeping part of the route. You will hopefully have more whole pieces in theory anyway, it almost always falls apart for me, So if this happens to you, don't worry about it. It just makes the job of scooping it cabbage after it's cooked a little bit more time consuming. After you've sliced up to cabbage, wash it thoroughly to make sure any dirt is washed away, especially in the monks. The little crevices off cabbage put the cabbage into the pot and around the same time as the potatoes and cook for about the same length of time. So when the potatoes or cooked a cabbie should be cooked as well to serve it you want pierce the cabbage with a four just to make sure it is tender enough, put it into a colander, drain off any water and and put it into your serving dish. And there's nothing else needed. So join me in the next video where we're gonna recap and we're gonna wrap everything up. 9. 7 - Salt Beef: Hi there. Welcome back in this module. We're gonna talk about salt beef. It's all about to be salt beef. That is so salt Beef is the star of the show. In this case, salt beef is not to be mistaken for corn beef brisket. You could use that if you absolutely have to, but it's definitely not going to taste the scene. Salt beef is made up of naval beef, which is part of the brisket cut with bone in, and this is beef that has been soaking in assaulted brine solution. You're cooking a traditional Jiggs dinner. It's perfectly OK to choose either salt, beef, short ribs, spare ribs or rivulets. It all depends on what's available and what your budget is. Some people prefer one or the other. My favorite happens to be short ribs, which is the most expensive, but it also has the most meat, and it has the least amount of fat. We'll still have that same salt meat taste, but its course. I went with salt beef because it's the most widely used, and it's also one of the cheapest. You can buy salt beef at some grocery stores if you can't find it. Just ask one of store clerk. You may also be able to find it at international food type stores or specialty stores, maybe even type in salty plus your city name into Google and see if that helps. I could also mention that you could make it yourself, but it will take time for the meat to cure when preparing the salt beef. The only thing you have to do to get ready for cooking. Let's take each piece that you're gonna cook and rinse it under cold water and in place that into a large boiling pot, make sure that the pot you're going to use is a large one. You're gonna be putting not only the salt beef in. You're gonna be putting the vegetables plus two piece putting into the same pot. So again, put the salt beef in the pot and in cover that with cold water and in place a ton stove that cooking the salt beef takes place in two stages. The first stage is what we call the first boil, and that takes about an hour and in the second phase is second. Boil and a dental should take about 3 to 4 hours. So in phase one, bring to a boil on high heat and in turn it down to medium and boil it for about an hour. And don't worry about any phone that you see doesn't mean that you didn't mean your pot while enough under soap left in the pot just means the deaths the salt boiling off to meet when it's supposed to look that way. So now would be a good time to cut off the meat as much as you can into smaller chunks. And this is gonna help make sure that the meat is more tender when it cooks. So look at the difference of the beef before and after the first boil, see how much it has shrunk. This will give you some indication of how much you need for how many people you're cooking for. Keep in mind, though, the salt beef is not meant to be a sizable amount on the plate. Not like a roast or steak would be because most of the plate is gonna be filled up with vegetables in Phase two. You dreamed aborning pot and you feel a little hot water this time, and this will help speed up the boiling process. So again you bring it to a boil on high heat, and then you turn it down to medium and boil it for about four hours or so. Pretty much keep blowing it until all the vegetables have cooked. I'm on the firm belief that the longer you cook it, the better it is. So join me in the Knicks module as we start talking about peace putting. 10. 6 - What are the Ingredients: Hey there. Welcome back in this module. We're going to discuss what the ingredients are. So as I mentioned in a previous video, a Jiggs dinner is a meal with the following ingredients. Salt, beef, split peas. Turn up carrots, potatoes and cabbage. Split pieces for a boiled pudding. Usually it's a piece putting or a raise and putting for this. Of course, we're gonna focus on a piece putting because it's the easiest one to prepare to get you started. So join me in the next video. Is we get started turning this into this? See you soon. 11. 8 - Pease Pudding: welcome to the module piece. Putting That he's putting doesn't look the best kind of all. Looking actually about taste pretty darn great, just kind of funny, because growing up, you couldn't a paid me to touch it, let alone eat it. I hated the sight of it, and I hated the smell of it. But now that I'm older, I like it so much that a Jiggs dinner is just not the same without it. He's putting is made using split peas, which you can get in just about any grocery store. If not, you probably get that An international food type store he's putting is the easiest thing to make. Just take a bag of split peas, dump him in the colander, rinse them thoroughly under cold water and pick out any green or discolored ones. Next, you're gonna need a pudding bag or something to hook two peas in. He poured him into the bag or napkin, which is what I prefer to use and tie it up and making sure to tie securely but not so tight that you'll have trouble on tying it after it's cooked. You'll also want to leave a little bit of room as the peas will expand as they cook. Once you have them in a bag or a napkin, placed him in the pot with salt beef and cook it until it's time to put the potatoes in. At that point, you're gonna want to take it back over to have extra room in the pot. In any case, they should be cooked at that point anyway. Also at this time, go ahead and add a roughly chopped onion to a pot, just to give it a bit extra flavor. Once it is cooked and it's time to remove from the pot, you're going to see that the size has more than doubled. Hence the reason why you need to leave a little bit extra room. You're trying it up, so place the bag on a plate and let us it until it's cool enough to handle. When it's cooled, remove two peas from the bag placed amenable at enough butter to make creamy and a little bit of pepper, and just mash it all up until it's smooth. A tip for you is that while the salt, beef and the peas putting our cooking, it's a good idea to prep the rest of vegetables so that everything is ready ahead of time. That's it. You're done very easy, right? With two peas putting in the oven to keep it warm while you wait for everything else to cook. Next up, we're going to be talking about to turn up, so I'll see you in the next video. 12. 10 - Carrots: Welcome back. This is the module on carrots. Carrots are one of the easiest things to cook in a Jiggs dinner pot. Type of carats normally used at a cheap bag kind of the grocery store usually come in 2 to £3 bags. Really, you can use whatever type you want. Probably the smaller baby carrots will not really be suitable because they would be too small to chase around pop to get a mode. They're not the kind we would use for a traditional Jiggs dinner. To prepare to carats is a simple as cutting off either end of the character and then peel the carrots using a vegetable peeler. Once you have the carrots, peeled, take each cared and slice it in half and then take each half and cut in half again lengthwise. Once you've done cutting up carrots, give them all around since you to sink just to make sure there's no dirt left on them when you're cooking and put them in the pop in about an hour after the turn up, cooking time will be anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes, depending on the size pieces you cut again, the same as the turn up. You don't want to make him too small, as they will be harder to take a win cooked. Some people put the turn up and the carrots in at the same time. Please don't do that. Turn up is a much denser vegetable and takes a more considerable amount of time to cook than carrots as you see in the picture. That's an example of what cares look like if you put him in the same time it's eternal. They look overcooked. As a matter of fact, it looks like the turnout was livid over cooked in this picture as well. In any case, don't put them in a same time. So once the carrots are done cooking, check them with a fork just to make sure that during the great tenderness for the way you like them, put him in a colander and strained um, and then put him in a serving dish. Nothing else needed uttered and put them in the oven. Nothing. Everything else is not finished cooking. Just to keep the more next video, we're gonna be talking about potatoes 13. 13 - Recap: welcome to the end of the course. This is where we're going to recap what we've done so far. So through this course we've learned what is a Jiggs dinner. We learned that it's a traditional new fee home cooked meal, we learn. Where did the name gigs from Jiggs dinner come from? And we found out that the name came from a comic strip called Bringing Up Father. We learned what the ingredients were. We learned how to prepare it. Cook it served, Um, I saw what the final dish is going to look like. I want to thank you very much for joining me while I show you how to make a traditional home cooked meal. The Newfoundland meal is more than just a simple food put on a plate in front of you Eat. At the end of the day, it's more about having a group of family of friends around. As you all enjoy it together, you laugh. You talk, joke and so on. So please let me know if you have any questions. I'd like for you to try it yourself. If you do, I would appreciate it. You sending me some pictures if you have any questions or comments. Please let me know. I have my email there on the screen and you are more than welcome to send me any comments or questions that you might have and to let you know that I answer all my own email. So thank you very much once again and talking against him by.