How to Cook Healthy Thai Food For Beginner Vol.2 - Nam Prik Ong | Piyanan Chan | Skillshare

How to Cook Healthy Thai Food For Beginner Vol.2 - Nam Prik Ong

Piyanan Chan, Easy Thai Cooking

How to Cook Healthy Thai Food For Beginner Vol.2 - Nam Prik Ong

Piyanan Chan, Easy Thai Cooking

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7 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Nam Prik Ong Version 1 - "Preparing"

    • 3. Nam Prik Ong Version 1 - "Cooking"

    • 4. Nam Prik Ong Version 1 - "Decorating"

    • 5. Nam Prik Ong Version 2 - "Preparing 1"

    • 6. Nam Prik Ong Version 2 - "Preparing 2"

    • 7. Nam Prik Ong Version 2 - "Cooking & Decorating"

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About This Class

In this course,

1. You will learn some simple but popular Thai dishes that you can easily prepare in minutes.

2. You will know how to find the ingredients for each recipes.

3. You will learn basic Thai culture of having food which is going to help if you travel to Thailand.

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Piyanan Chan

Easy Thai Cooking


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1. Introduction: Hi, My name is Vienna. I was born in Thailand and recently moved to us for a year. Home Sick of the living My country was terrible, but I have Germany by making delicious, unfortunately, important ingredient for Tyco gays easy by IOC's including distance. So I have tried really hard at finding ingredients. Too easy typos us again. My way off cooking is so simple, so you can follow me training or cookie, and you can do it with everything you already following kitchen. In this course, you learn some simple. You can easily prepare inconvenience. You know how to find ingredients for each crispies. Finally, you will under basic Tyco's having food. It's just going to help. You traveled to Thailand? Are you ready? Let's go together. 2. Nam Prik Ong Version 1 - "Preparing": tie knot in spy ship or you can come now Pick this man every Sonata, not entire. Why should they did? There is populating Thailand, inhabit with sticky rice, full stream rights and one thing that you can up Niece is your favorite combination of fresh. Which table the show. Two different species to try. The 1st 1 is for fighting. Tie ingredient is so difficult and another one is for conexes to tie. Asian market is available. Thes two crispy We have plenty different taste. The 1st 1 is less spicy and more sweet down. Original one. If you're ready, let's cook together. Just Dhingra Dinh Zarr Pork to mantle. Fish sauce, palm sugar, though, and seasoning paste Seasoning pays for Ty, not in Stuy Schilit Pace it Confined it at Asian market or ordered from Amazing poor decision Nation paste into a bowl cat. Ditto Mentos in half 3. Nam Prik Ong Version 1 - "Cooking": poured, which will oil into the pan heat unto hot Add decision. A shilling paged into the pen at the ground pork separate girl park to Bruin thickening. - Add tomatoes and then cover for five minutes. After five minutes, you want to praise the tomatoes, and then at Palm Sugar Beach sauce, there will. 4. Nam Prik Ong Version 1 - "Decorating": catty cucumber and family served underside off to teach. 5. Nam Prik Ong Version 2 - "Preparing 1": The ingredients are salt, shallots, garlic, chili and shame. Pissed. First you wanna poured the trim paged into a small container. Peel the garlic, cut off top and bottom of the Golic to make it easier to peel peeled shallots in it. 6. Nam Prik Ong Version 2 - "Preparing 2": removed the seats from the dry chilies so dry, chilly, eat a water. Place clothes under the mortar to prevent it from moving around at a dry shilly into to Marta as salt. To make a smashing a see ER and then smash unto a five paste. Adding, Golic, add the shallots. Is this how you want to pays to look? And then you want to add a trim paste, Comden air mixing and then transferred to a bow. 7. Nam Prik Ong Version 2 - "Cooking & Decorating": he depend an ad which throw oil additional a page to depend. Cook until romantic. Add ground pork at tomatoes and then cover for five minutes. After that, gently crashed the tomatoes at palm sugar makes in will and then at in the fish sauce transferred to your plate.