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How to Cook Chinese BBQ Pork Wrap Roll

teacher avatar Chris O., A person who loves to cook for kids

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Ingredients

    • 3. Preparation 1

    • 4. Preparation 2

    • 5. Cooking

    • 6. Cutting and Wrapping

    • 7. Final Dish & Tips

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About This Class

Another favourite for my kids and family is Chinese BBQ Pork Wrap Roll. This is something like an Asian sandwich and simple to make using a juicy, mouth watering pork or known to Chinese as "Char Siu"as the main ingredient. However, I made into something unique using Paratha bread to wrap it into a version of Subway!

It is not a heavy meal so will be perfect for lunch at home or if you want to bring it to work or even for a picnic!

Meet Your Teacher

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Chris O.

A person who loves to cook for kids


I am a mother of 3 kids who loves to cook simple and healthy meals. I loves Asian cooking. My specialty is cooking dishes for family with children. I love sharing my home cook and healthy meals with you. I hope you will enjoy my class.

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1. Introduction: Hello. Everyone once again will come to my agent cooking class. I'm gonna show you how to make Chinese style barbecue Pop Rep. Room A condom has trust you in Chinese. This is a very common dish that we can easily find in any Chinese restaurants and even cost locally what we have sent. Often this baby killed pop served with white rice or noodles. But today I would like to show you a photo Self Vic, you partner up with Roti Paratore. A local version off flotilla reps. A friend of my taught me a message pastel by her mom using walk toe, cook the meat. Thanks to her, I can cook these at home as often as I like. As this methods really easy to clean up after that I hope you left this fish as much as my family do Happy cooking. 2. Ingredients: Let's start with the pop marinating ingredients. We need 400 grams pock shoulder one tablespoon of Chinese cooking wine one tablespoon dark soy sauce What Take teaspoon five spices, powder, two tables, one light soy sauce, half a teaspoon being pays and treaty tables. Blue brown should go. Let's go to the wrapping ingredients, meaning one packet off. Six pieces of roti prata, one box off green coral. Accuse one carrot, one cucumber, one stock off spring onions, one hoisin sauce. You can buy it from China. Tell supply Mocha one pops off off our farm. 3. Preparation 1: Okay, let's start with the marinating process. Marinating process is done. One might be for cookie. Prepare marinating obedience and one large bull. Prefer a Previously let's remove pop slides and place into the bull important in the light , soy soared and that soy sauce, or even leave on to the park. Next poll in the brown sugar, then the Chinese cooking line, the five spices holder. They pull in the final ingredient that is being paid. I need to mix the pot. Then that ingredients mix. It will. You can slip it the few times at about two teaspoons off pepper and mix well again. Then you can close the borders and placed in sight, reach or one night. 4. Preparation 2: Here's the repping preparation. Stick the cucumber. Cut off the tip off the cucumber. You can call it stemmed to on both sides. Pewter skin with a vegetable peeler with one inch care. Just love toe, period. This way you can actually see some pattern on the come. But some people will want to peel off all the skin or some people just leave. The scheme cannot cut the cucumber into half. Uh, what I would do later. Okay. I will scoop up the seats with a spoon. Theis portion consist mostly off to. Therefore, if I don't scope it out, then it will make the rep very soggy later. So just scoop up or the sits. Okay? Just used a spoon. This could be Don't. Okay, No. Cut the kid. Come button to another and start cutting the cucumber into tin rectangular cuts or quite long slices the cucumber. Okay. I only used half off cucumber here. Put the site 1/2 off the cucumber. Let's move on to the carrot, have the top off the carriage, then peel off the skin with a vegetable peeler. So yeah, dispute the skin completely. Just carrot. Then what I'll do is stressed the carrot using a greater Okay. You put a site off carrots on the plate? No, the spring onion. Cut off the roofs off the spring onions and cut the green leaves. Dykan ot que Yeah. Just keep stands. Yeah, I understand this pure off each after spring onion. Instant just like this. No, you will come up. I feel like onion reads. Yeah, I see. You can always replace spring onions before scallion or me it all together. If you don't like the aroma after spring onions Que no the coral accuse. If you just take one stock off the court release. Yes, What a sight. The remaining or reliefs? No. If you offer the poor relief, the coral accuses them. No one by one. And then just check where the s and P that lease. Make sure it's a fresh one. So that is crunchy. Okay. Yeah. This, uh, putting site. There you go. 5. Cooking: Okay, let's start with the cooking process. This is the pork shoulder that I have marinated one night playing the panel. Walk with aluminium boys. Okay. Putting the marinated top shoulder in the walk. Okay, let me just a little bit and pull in the remaining marinated source. Okay? I'm done. And now, at half a cup school, hundreds and l off water. The reason I do this is to ensure that the source will not dry up fast before the meat is fully cook. Yes, 100 L water and half a cup or 1/2 cup. Okay. We need to cook the meat for possum. It Lee, 45 minutes to one hour till it's cooked. Hey, After 20 minutes, let's check on the look in art in the park work and continue to cook at theaters, sites off the meat. Check on them. Stuffing too. The smell. Okay. When you see the sore spots to get less self turned the meat over for a few times so that the caramel I sauce and could even leave over the meat. Mm. So young. Mean cannot put the cook meat in a place for cooling before we slice it Yeah. No, Let's prepare the keep that one teaspoon of cooking oil in the pen. Kate. Oh, you The people travel to make it even. Oy, put the let's heat up. Okay, so we put in the slice off, would be proud. Would he even be in the pen? Okay. He cup at high if I You que, um, to wit approximately two minutes before we flip over to the other side. Okay, let's flip over. Get a sign. This just removed the proper from the pen. Once a flurry. Once both sites off, the roti prata has turn into golden brown. Que? Yeah, this is the color off the roti prata that we want Golden Brown. Okay, we moved the data war to the fleet. Thank you. So 6. Cutting and Wrapping: Hi. Here is the pop slicing and methods to rep. Firstly, let's cut the pop in tow half then used the folk toe Holst. 80. The puck. Yes, this is how I do it. You will be easier to cut. Talk into thin slices if you call it this week. Some people do prefers to cut into ticker piece, but I love to eat tins. License off park here. I just cut to the park. Let's move on. To the metal. To rep makes the road cheaper, atone table meant, and you need to spread the hoisting source evenly onto the roti Perata. The hoisin sauce will give you the streak taste when you bite on the room. Case next in the year and in sequence. The roti Perak are not used, but one of the and then three pieces off cucumber and full slices off the Becue Park. Four. Then I'll finish off this spreading carrots about one teaspoon and three pieces off spring onions. Kate. Uh, that's full. The people from the sites then go from bottom to the top. Let's cut a roll into, huh? Yes, it's ready to be served. Enjoy 7. Final Dish & Tips: Okay. This is my final step. Let me add some alfalfa to my Chinese style. Secure Rep Bro. It does make me hungry now. I started to use properly. Initially along the way I have replaced it with a shoulder. Since this a healthier choice as pop shoulder is less 50 and tender, here is my final dish Chinese salt B B Q Rep group.