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How to Collaborate w Instagram Influencers on a Shoestring Budget

teacher avatar Luna Vega, Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Getting Started

    • 3. Setting UP Your Campaign

    • 4. Research Influencers on Instagram

    • 5. Create A Bloggers Kit

    • 6. Contact Influencers

    • 7. Run Your Campaign

    • 8. Measure Results

    • 9. Bonus

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About This Class

You have heard about the power of Influencer Marketing. You know it’s a great way to grow a customer basis, generate trust and increase your SEO. You might have already tried to reach out to Instagram Influencers on your own but couldn’t  seem to get the results you were hoping for.  The Influencers either never replied back to you or took your product and ran away with it?  My goal in this class is to teach you tested methods I have developed over the years to help you get better results with your Influencer Marketing efforts in Instagram.  I will share: How to Identify Influencers that are the perfect match for you Drafting an email that will increase your chances of getting a response How to set-up a budget How to negotiate with bloggers Along with the exact tools, you need to measure your results I hope to see you inside. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Luna Vega

Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant


Hi Guys :) and Welcome! Thank you for checking out my classes here on Skillshare. I'm a Fashion E-commerce Consultant, Author, Youtube, Podcaster based in New York City, Miami and Barcelona. I am on a journey to connecting, teaching, and creating possibilities for all talented freelancers, business owners and entrepreneurs out there.

Thanks to my many years as a digital marketing consultant, I know what works and what doesn't. I started my career working on a range of large-scale digital campaigns for a list of Fortune 500 clients. I left it all to pursue my passion in digital strategy and marketing consulting. My goal is to share my knowledge about digital marketing to inspire & empower others to Love Mondays.

Where will you find me? At an airport browsi... See full profile

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1. Welcome: you heard about all the rage of influencer marketing. You know it works. It's a great way to grow. Your customer base is generate trust and increase your CEO. You might have already tried it on your own, but didn't get the type of results you were hoping for. Either the Instagram influencers never wrote back to you, or they took your product and run away with it. Well, not to worry. It happens a lot. Well, whatever the scenario might have been my goal in this class, it's just teach you test of methods that I have developed over the years to help you get better results with your influence or marketing campaign, I will share all my tricks of the trade swill swill include how to identify influencers of the right match for you and your brands. How to draft an email which will increase your response rates, how to negotiate with bloggers, how to put together a budget in place, how to run a campaign, and, most importantly, how to measure your results. Part of the challenge with sending up an instagram influencer campaign is to have these influencers take you seriously, so I'm going to share some negotiation tactics that I put in place, which you can easily use in order to make sure that you have a win win situation and that you're happy with the overall collaboration and results that you're getting from these influencers. At the end of the day, you have to understand that being an influencer, being a blogger is a business, so you really have to respect what these individuals have to offer you. So most importantly, I encourage you to register to this glass. I hope to see you inside. I promise. I'm going to share with you all of the latest tools I've been using along with latest hacks , which will help you tremendously with your next influencer marketing campaign. 2. Getting Started: Hey guys! And welcome to the class on how to collaborate with Instagram influencers on a shoestring budget. Influencer marketing is such a powerful tool, and it really helps your business not only get discovered by new potential customer, but it's also a great way for you to generate trust, build back lengths as CEO, etcetera. So let's go through why influencer marketing is such a powerful toe. Well, the first, like I mentioned, is that I really helps you from A S CEO standpoint amore influencers you work with and refer back to your website. Obviously, it's going to help you with a CEO and ranking higher. Now you need to be very strategic with the following and understanding what specific terms and keywords your ranking for. But it's also going to overall well generate website traffic because these individuals will tell their followers about your brand. And most importantly, it's also going to help you build a lot of credibility because you will be gathering product reviews from these very same individuals. So if you are a pretty green brand, it's a great weight for you to send your products, whether it's beauty or even an up to thes individuals and for them to give you an honest review so you can start generating trust because individuals will feel more comfortable purchasing from you if they see others. Have you reviewed your products of tried it? It's also a great way to help you increase your social media following through word of mouth. Individuals who follow these influencers will be very curious to see your brand and are most likely start following you as well. And it can also help with your cells conversion, especially if you set up a specific campaign that's geared specific quickly. Four cells. So we can all agree that it's become increasingly challenging to get your brand noticed, which is why finding an online tribe and generating buzz is increasingly difficult. And this is where influencer marketing really comes in. It's an effective way to grow your brand awareness on a shoestring budget. Now you're competing with bigger brands who have more money and able to work with more influencers, and we're going to talk a little bit more about that. If you really spend your time really curating and hand picking the top of insolence, sir, you work with your going to be able to get great results. So let's talk about some of the mistakes that brands make smaller brands when they're looking for influencers. First is that they contact extremely popular bloggers who are represented by agencies. You might have done this in the past. You've contacted someone and you never heard back from them. They might have been represented by an agency. They looked at your offer and kind of laughed it off. Blogging is a business, these individual, even Instagramming. The instagram is a business. A lot of these individuals are looking to help promote brands and obviously generate revenue. So another mystic you might have made is reach out to green bloggers. You were really excited to send in their product, and then the quality of the content was really bad. Or you might have sent it to someone who was a thick blogger. There's a lot of those on ah different social media platforms, and they're essentially doing it to get freebies. So it's really important to analyze the bloggers audience to ensure that really matches with your overall brands. Customer profile. A lot of times, individuals air strictly looking for specific keywords, so let's say fashion blogger plus Mr Graham, and they're not really further digging in to ensure that it's a proper fit based on what they're selling. So if you're a brand that's a little bit more vintage, obviously you want to reach out to individuals who do vintage fashion. I know I'm stating the obvious here, but you'd be surprised by how many brands actually make that mistake. So lastly, like I've already mentioned, it's important that you spot fakes as well. There's a lot of fake accounts out there, and you need to spend the time going through one by one each of these influencers to make sure that they're a viable potential partner to work with now for influence or marketing to be effective, there's a few things that you need. First, you need to spend your time selecting relevant influencers to work with and ensuring that these individuals are a right fit and we'll bring you the type of audience you're looking for. You also need to pitch them with an irresistible offering now. It doesn't always necessarily mean money will talk a bit more about the following, but you have to put yourself in the shoes of an influencer. They want to have content that will get their audience excited and during dorsal purposes, not necessarily to push items to their audience. Obviously, they're looking for brands to partner up with. But you also have to take the time to understand what type of content they're posting and seeing how your brand is going to help them. Either get more followers or help them have content that will get their followers excited about etcetera. A great example, actually, that I love to bring up is a skinny coffee. So skinny coffee does a really great job reaching out to, ah, 100 plus influencer than they've been doing this for a while. Which is why they're Brent has so much visibility on instagram, and essentially what they're doing is that when they're reaching out to influencers first, they're asking them whether or not they want to participate there looking for individuals who are replying back to them. And they follow up by asking influencers who are interested to working with them to actually post. And this is a good way for them to filter out individuals who are not serious by having them do a first staff ask and having also irresistible offer in the sense that many bloggers already know the brand skinny coffee. And they usually want to work with these individuals because they've done such a great job positioning their brand. If you're a little more fresh, it's important for you to really understand how you can sway these influencers to work with you. It's important to understand that brand positioning will play a n'importe role here. So the last thing the other thing you want to keep in mind as you need to ensure your providing these individuals with a specific call to action, telling them to post a picture for the sake of posting a picture won't get you the results you want. Therefore, you need to be really strategic here. Rather, you tell him, and we'll go through different offers. You can sit up but telling their audience about what they thought about your product and having them right a block post about it, or having their audience go directly on a leading page that you created specifically for the campaign. It's important for you to how specific call to actions for these For bloggers, for you to be able to have better success, and obviously you need to make sure that you track your results and you rinse and repeat meaning that once you have understanding as to which blogger gave you the best, the most traffic. Then start having your collaboration with them, working there on a consistent basis and also figuring out what's up of packages worked well so you can go ahead and include additional or more influencers to work with. 3. Setting UP Your Campaign: Before you reach out to bloggers, you must package your campaign offering and clearly defined your goal. You need to set up influencer marketing campaign so you can have an understanding as to how you're going to pitch these individuals and also were specific goals are. So what are your specific goal? Are you looking to grow your instagram Following? Are you looking to have more referral traffic? So mawr individual going on your website and discovering your brands? Are you looking to generate more links to your website and hence increase your ASIO? Therefore, having these bloggers right? Oh, block, post and link directly to your website. Are you looking for testimonials of individuals, perhaps before and after pictures? If you're selling nutrition pills or what not or are you looking to increase her cell now? A big mistake that most brand make is that they often reply all of the above. And it's important for you to just pick one specific goal so you can better track the overall results of your campaign and also to make it a lot easier for your bloggers to follow through with you. So you have to really just pick one based on where you're starting out. So if you are just getting started, you might want to just generate trust and have the's individual review your product and keep it really simple from there so you can start building up your Brent exposure. If you've been around the block for a while, then obviously you might want to just try to increase your cell and create a campaign around up. Now, the other thing you need to do is the fine of budgets. Obviously, if you're giving away, even if you're doing barter, you are. It's a budget that you're allocating specifically for these influencers, and you also need to keep in line as to the time is going to take you to go ahead and create a list of individuals of individuals you want to work with, right? So how many influencers would you want to work with on a monthly basis? I highly recommend that you work with anywhere between 20 to 25 influencers on average. I know it sounds like quite a high number, and if you're just starting out, five influencers is just fine. But you need to understand dot the mawr influencers you reach out to the better chances you have of getting exposure. So understanding that it takes quite a bit of collaboration in order to get better results . And now you can essentially think about the type of budget you can allocate now, really, budgets for influencers is really, really depends. To be completely honest, you can spend anywhere between 50 for some of the smaller pluggers you have 10,000 unless and individuals who have more usually they asked for $100 opposed. It really depends on hot engage your audience is and how often they worked with bloggers and also the quality of their content. So you might want to average out if you're starting out. Let's say you're interested in only doing barter meaning, providing them with a product. Now if the following you might not get as many individuals were willing to work with you. But we'll talk a little bit more, has to how you can position it to make them. I want to do it as a barter. Essentially, you need to go in with the idea that you'll spend about, on average $100 per blogger. I think it's a good number for you to help to help you define a budget and then go from there and also taking into account that is going to take you some time as faras follow up, reaching out to these individuals, etcetera. So if you're already a busy and entrepreneur, either you bake that into your additional thymus faras like marketing efforts. Or maybe you think about hiring of virtual assistant on up work or any of these other platforms, perhaps fiber as well, and also include that within your overall budget. But just to give you an idea, your overall goal is to work with anywhere between 20 to 25 influencers a month. So that means that you'll need to contact up to 50 influencers everything. Now. The next thing is to understand the type of offering you're gonna provide these individuals , like we talked about in order for them to feel like they're getting access to a an irresistible offer. There are four ways that you can package you're offering. The 1st 1 is a barter, therefore, providing them a product in exchange for a post whether a photo post or a block boast etcetera, you can also create a contest. The contest is an incentive for a lot of these influencers to perhaps get access to a larger audience, especially if you do it with multiple Blogger. So that could be an idea as well that you can pitch to them as long as obviously you help them with all the up front cost of setting that up. You can also set up affiliate program. It works with some bloggers, but not all. As a lot of them don't actually want to sell to their audience essentially, and then finally, it's big collaboration, so you have to negotiate with bloggers. That's really key, but it's important for you to define all these specific goals before you even get started. 4. Research Influencers on Instagram: so now that you have to find what your goals are, the next step is to start researching influencers on instagram you want to work with. It's been proven that instagram influencers, actually with fewer follower, receive a higher level of engagement than bloggers with massive followings. These were called micro influencers, and this trends are reaching out to micro. Influencer is quickly catching up amongst brand who are looking to get more out of their marketing budgets. Therefore, you really need to find the right balance when you're speaking to are reaching out to qualified influencers. You also need to understand that searching for relevant influencer is going to be time consuming and you're gonna want to a have a pretty big database. So think of reaching out to as many as 100 to 500 to even 1000 influencers. These are realistic number, considering that the response rate really varies from company to company based on what your bartering. And if you're just starting out, you're obviously going to get a lower response race. So make sure that you keep the following in line and you also want to make sure that you keep the profiles mixed. So you wanna have individuals who have lower influence? Obviously, with high quality content, moderate influence and also high influence, you need to make sure you make it makes and based on their level of influence, you want my want to pitch to a different barters. So if somebody has lower influence, you will just do a barter and asked him to post a photo or a block post in exchange for what you're offering them. Individuals who hire influence, for instance, you might decide to pay them and do a paid call up to make your life a little easier. So something to keep in mind. You want to make sure that all these different profiles air mixed and obviously very high influence as well. So lo influence would be anybody on who has 5000 followers and under moderate influence between 5002 15,000 high influence anyone who has 20 to about 100 and then I would say very high influence 100 above. Now, how do you identify the right match? It's important that when you're compiling this influencer list that you ask yourself all these different questions, the 1st 1 being does it influence her audience qualify as a potential customer for your brand? Do they regularly work with brands? Have you seen post of them working specifically with brands? How do they feature the companies they work with? And will the influencer marketing package you create appeal to them? Is influencer niche similar to your brand and does your overall tune and creativity some sensibility match with your branding? Is your audience loyal? And how many likes an interaction and comments? Are they averaging per post? You need to ensure that they have real followers and that they have sufficient amount of real followers. Are these individuals who are engaging with them? Are they spending account or their real accounts? It's also important to survey whether or not their audiences loyal and they're engaged because these air de individuals that you want to ideally target and look at their experience. If they're a little too green, then it might not be the right fit for you. You might want to go and work with someone who has a little bit more experience now. I also encourage that when you're reaching out with these individuals, really make it personal and really try to get to know them as a smaller brand. This will be your edge because, yes, it's more time consuming. But at the end of the day, you want to make sure that your relationships with these individuals it will make all the difference. Now, when looking for influencers on instagram, I'm gonna provide you a great hack. Essentially, you want to use a Google site query, which is essentially this formula site and then instagram plus which ever city you're interested in looking up. In this instance, I have L. A and fashion blogger. You'll want to try different keywords. But essentially what this quarry does is that it's searching through instagram with individuals who have first a location and was importantly, fashion blogger in this in their description. So you want to make sure that you're taking the time to do this query. And also you'll want to research as well through hashtags on instagram as well, and ensure that you're looking at all the different options, if you will. Now they are tools available out there as well that allow you to find influencers. One of them is keyhole. Another one is hashtag If I and they're also ah, lot of different influencer marketing Upset of emerge one is fame bits, for instance. There quite a few. If you wonderful list, I encourage you to check out my other skills. Sure close on influencer marketing to help you with the following But here, if you're interested strictly on instagram, go through a hashtag research and use this query. This query is extremely powerful. So first go through your list and haven't tried a have as many individuals as possible in your list, and then you want to go through them one by one to ensure that they qualify as individuals who would fit your overall brand and bring you the right audience to your website. 5. Create A Bloggers Kit : now that you have a list of influencer and you have an understanding of the type of individuals you're interested in, reaching out to that support for years to create is essentially where you're going tohave. All the vital information and the reason you need it is because you want to avoid all the back and forth between you and the blogger. It's important for you to have as much information as possible and the following kit and from my experience, and we'll talk about the email sequence you want to send to bloggers. You want to keep the following short and suite, which is why it's important to have as much information as possible on a separate blogger Kids now it also shows that your professional and it will will make influencers more likely to work with you versus sending a random email that says, Hey, I love your account would love to collaborate. Chances are, if they read such email, they will not reply back to you. So to increase your chances of getting them to write back to you, I highly encourage you to create a blogger skit, and also it helps these individuals. It helps influencers have an overall framework for the campaign and your overall vision and also provides them with an idea what you're Brun is all about. So what is inside the bloggers kits? Well, first is your value proposition. What is your brand all about? You want to make sure that you give him some hindsight about the overall mission statement of your bread, then the term of collaboration and we'll go. We'll talk a little bit more about the following, but essentially understanding whether or not you want. You need to highlight whether or not you want to do a barter. Or, if you want to do a collaboration, Pete Collaboration, a contest affiliate, etcetera. The expectation. What you like them to do, whether it's a video, if there on instagram or story versus opposed etcetera, you can also give them options with different pricing. So, for instance, I've done this with a lot of the different brands that I've worked with. If an influencer is willing to do a video testimonial for us, will pay them a little more if they only mention us as a block post will pay them a little less, and we also give him the option of just mentioning us via story so you can have different price model based on the content. They feel comfortable posting and give him options butts important for you to go in and have a understanding of what you'd like to propose to them now. You also can put together the payment terms. Now a lot of brands don't pay until the Post has actually been published. For obvious reasons. There's also brand who ask individuals to pay for the shipping up front and will have returned to money to influencers once they put the post. I've seen that happen quite often lately, just because some bloggers will get items shipped and not necessarily post the content. Which is why it's important for you to have a system in place where you asked them to post ah, content to make sure that they're serious. I mean, there's different ways for you to ensure and get a sense as to how serious these individuals are Now. I'm just running through different tactics that I've seen put in place by brands and also put in place for some of my clients. And finally you can have a little a fake you for them where you ask an answer, Different questions, some of the things on my pop up. So again, the purpose here is to avoid all the back and four via email and to be able to answer as many questions as possible through this blogger skits. Now let's go through the different terms of collaboration. Greater detail. The first thing is, you might want to do a barter, so this is where they will. You will ship them a product in exchange for a post, whether a photo of video etcetera. Now the following is a little. It's becoming more and more intricate for its different reason. Because you can imagine different. Most bloggers are getting pitch barters thes days, and they are not going to put as much time and effort into someone who's asking for a barter versus someone who is actually paying them. So it does require better brand positioning and more negotiation. Brand horse, very successful with doing barters, are usually brands who have done a great job positioning themselves as an expert in that specific niche they might have already worked with or invested in working with bigger influencers so than smaller influencers are interested and associating themselves with that friends, because bigger influencers have worked without Brende or your product could have a really cool sex appeal, and they just want to participate at the end of the day. Bloggers want tohave great content to share with their followers. Therefore, it's important for you to really understand and really put yourself in the shoes of these bloggers to put together an offer that they won't be able to resist. Now. The other options for his terms a collaboration is per house putting together a contest Contests are great because they will help these influencer booster audience, especially if you're setting everything up for them. And it's also a great way for you to have a night, um, go viral based on whatever you might want to give away. And usually, obviously you want to give away one of your products and perhaps other freebies included in order to really drive more viral ality of the overall contest. Now the following is a little bit more time consuming. It's going to require that you I managed a campaign on a daily basis and ensure that you're getting the results. You want your conscious usually it's it's best to have them run on a one week spends or five days and have different bloggers post and repost the item accordingly. So keep that in mind. There's also affiliates, so affiliates is the ability for bloggers to earn based on how many cells they bring in. Now, a lot of loggers don't like selling directly to their followers, especially if they don't know your brand, and they haven't worked with you in the past. This is something that I recommend Brenes, who have been around the block a little longer. Play with it really depends on the type of feedback you're getting for a block from bloggers, which is why I usually recommend to start with either barter or pay collaboration. If you're pretty green because done you. It's true but opportunity to build relationship with these bloggers and continue from there and picked their brains about what would work well for specifically for your brand. So finally, Pete collaborations so obviously will have access to better qualified bloggers and influencers now, but it's really very I mean, it varies from $50 opposed. I mean, I've ever even heard of individuals getting paid $25 opposed to as much as $10,000 more. Obviously someone who has a 1,000,000 plus it is going to charge more. So keep the following in mind and really be strategic again. If you're pretty green, you might want to consider part barter contest or piccola ups. At least that's my recommendation. 6. Contact Influencers: Let's go through what you need to do in order to contact influencers and get more individual interested in working with use, essentially getting more yeses because when you're just starting out, you might have found yourself in situations where you sent hundreds and hundreds of emails without getting many replies. So let's go through some of the reason as to why most brands fell. The 1st 1 is because they're sending anim personalized message. It's something that the copy and paste it doesn't really feel authentic. And, well, influencers are more likely to dismiss those messages, especially if you didn't even take the time to understand or figure out what their name is . So it's important for you to spend the extra time to Taylor and emailed. I will really speak in resonate with, um, very long. Emails also do not perform well. You need to make sure that it's to the point so these individual understand what you want from them again. This is why having the bloggers kits will make all the difference. You also need to think through your proposal. We talked about this in the last chapter, so understanding the type of partnership you want to do with them. How mature, willing to pay them? What is the overall contract that you want to Putin place for these individual, And you need to also have passion. You need to show three year enthusiasm, and while you're interested in working with them, show that you spent some time going through their content. What is it that you love about their constant etcetera? And you also need to follow through. Soul Auto brands will send those emails. Influencers will reply back and never hear back from the brand. It's happened to a lot of different bloggers that I've worked with. They told me the following, which I find that a little funny, considering that your whole purpose is to be able to work with as many influencers as possible. So make sure that you keep the following in mind when you're contacting influencers. No, how can you craft a compelling pitch? Well, first and foremost, really put yourself in the shoes of the blogger. Their sole purpose is to create content that will appeal to their audience. So how can you create on offer which will make them excited? Why would they want to collaborate with your Bren, what's in it for them. So really? Put yourself in their shoes. When you're drafting that proposal, you need toe think through different collaboration. Option. We talked about the following the fault. This will be included within the bloggers kit, but you definitely want to mention what it is that your overall goal on what this call to action is going to be within your first email now. You also should keep it short and sweet. Don't have ah, five paragraph email. It's overwhelming, and chances are they won't read through it. So make sure that you are able to convey passion. Make it short and sweet. Personalize it as much as possible. Now. Another thing is that, yes, you can definitely send messages. Direct messages on instagram. A lot of brands do that. It's quite effective, but I also encourage you to e mail these individuals and go through the effort of looking through their email addresses. A lot of them they want to do partnership. And now, if they have to business profile, you can just quickly on it and get their emails, or they often also have them in their bio. Now you also need to understand which products that you currently have available makes people excited. So you might already have feedback from your current client base or consumer base. As to what product people like the most, you want to ensure that that's the product that you're pitching these individuals. The goal here is to make these individual excited to work with you, which is why it's so important for you to really think through as to how you can really appeal to them and what will make good content for them. And how can they, overall, get their audience excited about your brands? The next thing you want to do is have an email sequence, because, let's face it, most influencers have so many emails that they need to respond that it takes them quite a. In some cases, it takes them 3 to 5 emails to reply back to a brand. So what I like to do is set up une male sequence either through Mel chimp or pitch box, and these are pretty easy to set up. All you have to do essentially is write an email, which you can personalize by having different fields and set up you're different list so based on the level of influence of an influencer. So if you've divided your list from high, medium and low, then you can have a different message in different topical collaboration. And you can enter these different list. It's true D's either Mel chip or pitch box, because you essentially shouldn't be expecting bloggers to write back to you right away in my take anywhere between three emails for them to for them to finally right back to you. So I really encourage. If you want to increase your conversion rate of these individuals, actually emailing you back is to think about writing a sequence and writing them about every three days, I would say, is a good sequence and following up with them every three Business day toe. Get a sense as to whether or not they're received your email and whether or not they'd be interested in working with you Overall. Like I mentioned, bloggers are bombarded with her crust daily, So it's important to for you to keep the following in line, and it's not spend. Most brands are using these practices now, especially because most individuals receive so many emails that even though they might have looked at it and thought toe to reply back to you. They didn't get to it. So if you're able to essentially write to them again, chances are they will play the second time for the third time. 7. Run Your Campaign: So now you have center emails to influencers there, ready to get on board and work with you, and you want to start running your campaign. So this is where you go through a list of influencer who are working with you, and you send them either your affiliate blanks or promotion codes, etcetera. So let's go through the checklist. So you need to send these influencers, whether affiliate codes and you want to make sure that you have separate affiliate quotes for each different influencers. For affiliate, you can use something like lecture dot com. There's other platforms out there that you can leverage. I personally have used link share and really happy with it and helps you truck all the different results. Promotion codes. If you decided to do a contest, for instance, and you might want to make different promotion Coast Base on which type of influence are you working with hashtags you might want them to use. Make sure to include that as well your instagram account as well. So the Qin Ling back and then you also need to send them branding assets, whether it's you sending them products or marketing assets. So PSD files or photography. Whatever IT ISS, make sure that you send all the following before you do the launch of the campaign. So they have all the following beforehand. And obviously, if you're sending the product sending, send them a tracking number so they can have an idea as to when the product will be arriving there way now, before they deliver, it's it's important for you to have a checklist is, well, so put in place a deadline, very important to make sure that they do it within the deadline that you've sent in place. So if you have a campaign that is Onley running for 30 days, make sure to tell him that there's a specific deadline and you'd like them to post before that that line. In order to get paid, for instance, you need to send a them an email reminding them about the deadline as well. We're checking on they're overall status and make sure that once they've posted that you repost the content. You set up all the payment terms as well. If you had a specific contract with these individual or give him a shout out as well. Whether on your stories, however, you plan to do it. It's important to obviously give him credit for featuring your brands and sharing it with their tribes. So again, pretty self explanatory. But it's important for you to be organized and have all your ducks in a row before you start running your campaign in order to make your life a lot easier, especially if you're working with 20 plus influencer. It will make things a lot more seamless if you already have all these assets and hands, so just keep that in line. And finally, you want to make sure that you have a thank you email that you send out to all the influencers once they have delivered toe work. Jesus are individuals that you might want to continue working with, especially if you had a positive experience. Think about it at the end of the day. These individuals are in your niche, and you want a foster relationship with these individuals, so it's make it's important toe have a professional relationship with, um 8. Measure Results: congratulations. You run your campaign, and now comes actually the most important part, which is measuring your result and making sure that you had a successful campaign so you can understand where you can optimize it, which influences you want to continue working with and rinse and repeat brands were successful. Our brands who are doing influence for marketing on a monthly basis, and they're really consistent. So you need to make sure that you have all your Google Google Analytics tags, setups. Google Analytics is definitely your best friend. This is where you're going to be able to look at all the referral traffic and understand how many individuals came specifically from instagram. Now, following can get tricky because obviously you want to get as granular as possible and understand which influencer brought you specific traffic. So this is where you'll need to spend the extra time creating different bit Lee Urals, especially if they're creating block, post or special specific pictures or whatnot or, if you having them postal link directly on their profile bio. Again. There's different ways for you to do this, but I encourage you to set up bait Lee Urals so you can track who sent you specific referral traffic to your site and getting on inter sending of who had a better performance overall. Now you also want to make sure toe look obviously at cells increase and to see whether or not they essentially looking at your overall metrics. Right? So, seeing how many followers they brought in, how many if you had an increase in your overall instagram followers if you had an increase in your overall referee traffic if you had an increase in cells now setting a Google events , what I mean by that is that they might send, for instance, a lot of referral traffic to your site. But then, if you don't track their followers all the way through, it's going to be hard for you to understand who from these followers actually purchased. So you might want to work with your def team here to set up those Google trackers accordingly so you can follow them through the purchasing journey. Now this gets a little bit more granular. Obviously, it really depends on your technical ability, etcetera. You also want to make sure that you look at the overall hashtag performance if you sent them a specific hashtag to use specific for the campaign and track whether or not that hashtag went viral and obviously is, well, look at your overall instagram engagement, their overall Instagram engagement. How successful was there posed how many Commons they get etcetera out? The following will help you get a sense as to first whether or not the product that you pitched was a success, or if you might want to try a different product next time, etcetera, Um, now there's couple influence or marketing platforms out there. One of them is tribal dot com and these influencer marketing platforms. They're a little bit pricey, but they can help you track and understand better your results and also a great way for you to analyze what worked and what didn't work. Now it really depends on your overall marketing budget. If you're just starting out, you might have to do it more manually. Yes, they'll be more time consuming, but this will enable you to get a high level idea as to how successful your overall influencer outreach one 9. Bonus: alright guys, so I actually have some bonus content for you. I wanted to walk you through what you need in order to be successful and have a little checklist items that you need to remember. So the first thing like I've been saying over and over again, it's important for you to be consistent and run campaigns on a monthly basis, runs who were really able to leverage the power of influence on marketing. That's what they did. They continued with those engagements and do not give up if you had negative results, because it's going to take you a while to really see results and really understand what specific bloggers like specifically about your brand, whether it's pitching them, different products or trying different pricing scenario are trying different sort of borders or context, etcetera. So make sure that you're consistent, and you also want to build relationship with these individuals because they might provide you feedback. And you want to make sure that they feel comfortable enough and get to know your brand to feel comfortable telling you, ah, what their thoughts are. It's important to take feedback for these from these individuals because it's going to help your brand tremendously. And overall, your goal is to turn these individuals into a brand of ambassadors. So again, if they try your product and they fall in love with it, there's more chances that they will want to continue working with. With you and Dale, the excitement that they project about your brand will translate to their followers. And chances are, well, we'll get their followers excited about what you're currently working on. So you really need to. First of all, I mean, I understand that bloggers also are in it for the same reasons that you are, and you need to treat them as of business, essentially. So it's important for you to be really professional with them. I can tell you it's to the amount of brands that I've seen send extremely rude emails to influencers. And, yes, sometimes influencers can be difficult to work with. But keep in line that they deal with a lot of extremely rude brands. And I mean, like all of us, I guess you know we have moods, so just make sure that you keep keep it professional. If you have a bloggers kit in hand, you'll already be ahead of the competition, it will make all the difference. Chances are that they'll be more likely to work with you and make sure that you foster that relationship and check up on them and repost their content and really embrace them. Us part of your tribe. Because at the end of the day, these individuals are also your potential customer, and they have access to other individuals who are potential customer again. I personally love influencer marketing because it's the new word of mouth, if you will. It's a great way to get people to trust your brand. It's a great way to get visibility, and, um, it's quietly, it's quite effective. That's just a matter of testing it and looking at metrics, seeing what works and rinsing and just applying this whatever's working, optimizing it and just continuing to apply it now as a little extra extra bonus, I have a full checklist available for you guys at this specific your l. So anything that we didn't get a chance to of completely discuss so anything that might be missing from this class you'll have a full checklist available there and, as always, make sure to say hi on Instagram on are on my website. You can go ahead and ah, also finding on Facebook. But most importantly, Please, please, please will let me know where you're working on. And most importantly, please share your testimonials. And if you like the class, please provide me with a testimonial. It makes all the difference. I put a lot of time and effort to provide you guys with content that you can use and in order to help you grow your business. And it's important for me to get that feedback from you guys to make sure that the content is valuable as always. And don't be shy. Please. Please, please add your projects as well on the common section. Alright, guys. Wala I'd love to hear hearts going. Please don't hesitate to sending a message. All right. Bye, guys.