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How to Cold Email: The Complete Guide

teacher avatar Brendon Lemon, Crack'n dem jokes

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

42 Lessons (3h 31m)
    • 1. How to Cold Email: The Complete Guide Promo

    • 2. A Little About Me

    • 3. Course Assignment

    • 4. Course Materials

    • 5. Get Ready To Email People

    • 6. Foundational Thought Intro

    • 7. Foundational Thought Intro to Emails

    • 8. Foundational Thoughts Three Mindsets

    • 9. Foundational Thoughts Getting your Benchmarks

    • 10. Foundational Thoughts Cialdini's Six Principles

    • 11. Foundational Thoughts Relationships are about Communication

    • 12. Foundational Thoughts Bad Email Examples

    • 13. Foundational Thoughts The BIG TIME Strategy

    • 14. Intro to Organization

    • 15. Organization

    • 16. 1 Writing Cold Emails Intro

    • 17. 2 Writing Cold Emails What's The Purpose?

    • 18. 3 Writing Cold Emails Questions You Must Answer

    • 19. 4 Writing Cold Emails WIIFY

    • 20. 5 Writing Cold Emails Section A, Rules

    • 21. 6 Writing Cold Emails Section B, Guidelines

    • 22. 7 Writing Cold Emails Section C, F Type Emails

    • 23. 8 Writing Cold Emails Section D, Subject Lines

    • 24. 9 Writing Cold Emails Revise, Revise, Revise

    • 25. 10 Writing Cold Emails Send It & SEND IT

    • 26. 11 Writing Cold Emails Follow The Hell Up

    • 27. Outside The Box Tactics Intro

    • 28. Outside the Box Tactics Fun Tactics

    • 29. Outside the Box Tactics Outside the Box Tactics

    • 30. Outside The Box Tactics Guerrilla Tactics

    • 31. Alternative Outreach Intro

    • 32. 1 Alternative Outreach Overview

    • 33. 2 Alternative Outreach LinkedIn

    • 34. 3 Alternative Outreach Facebook

    • 35. 4 Alternative Outreach Twitter

    • 36. 5 Alternative Outreach Instagram

    • 37. 6 Alternative Outreach Everyone Else

    • 38. Useful Tools Intro

    • 39. Useful Tools Boomerang

    • 40. Useful Tools Streak

    • 41. Useful Tools Contactually

    • 42. Final Thoughts on Cold Emailing

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About This Class

The Outside-the-Box, Guerrilla Secrets to Connect, Sell, and Set Meetings With High-Value People That Only Pros Know!

If you’re trying to build a business, make more sales, or get your ideas out into the world, connecting with high-value people is a must.

The BEST way to do this is over email!



This is because most people don’t know the tactics, formulas, and strategies to win by using cold email outreach!

The fact is, through good cold email outreach I’ve generated millions in new business opportunities, booked gigs for comedy all over the world, and connected with world famous writers, actors, and artists.

Now, you could go other courses and learn the SAME CORPORATE STRATEGIES that sales drones have been using for years - but those tactics are old, out-of-date, and no longer work.

This is a HUGE opportunity for YOU!

In this course, you’ll learn the GUERRILLA tactics for connecting over email that only the top 1% of cold connectors use. You’ll learn how to budge replies out of some of the most-targeted high-value people.

By using these tactics, your emails will stay top-of-inbox and will get solid replies.

Some of the things you’ll learn in this course:

  • THE BEST formula for writing emails that get replies.

  • The THREE subject lines that will always get opened!

  • Ten templates you can use TODAY to start setting meetings.

  • The 20 outside-the-box, guerrilla tactics that nobody but successful cold emailers do.

  • How to reach out & get responses over non-email platforms like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and others

  • The ONE THING that truly successful cold emailers do that everyone else trips up over

  • The three mindsets that will lead you to connect with amazing people

  • The THREE BITS OF VALUE you can always offer even people who seem like they have it all, and will get them to respond

  • Everything you need to know to connect with high-value people over email, get on their calendars, and get them to buy from you!

I’ve personally learned all these skills from SCRATCH in the world of sales in a way that nobody else has - in 2014 I was in debt, homeless, and used these same skills to work my way to earning six figures a year!

This course will have you connecting with and meeting with people you haven’t been able to connect with ever before; it’ll grow your network and your business.

If you take this course and take action on the lessons in it, you’ll be blowing away your goals.

So, if you’re ready to know the untold, guerrilla tactics for connecting with others and growing your business through cold emailing, THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU!

Take care,


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Brendon Lemon

Crack'n dem jokes


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1. How to Cold Email: The Complete Guide Promo: Hey, you! Welcome to checking out how cold email. The Complete guide. My name is Brendan Lemon. I'm to be teaching this course And here's the thing. This is not like other courses on this platform. This is not like a course that's gonna teach you wrote corporate ways of sending cold emails. This is gonna teach you how to connect with people over cold email you never spoken before . If you've got an idea, if you got something you want to do in the world, you're gonna have to connect with people about it. And the best way to do that is online right now. So instead of of of going through a lot of different like old used normal things that people have done, I'm gonna teach you the guerrilla tactics that others are not going to teach you on this platform and I had to learn them the hard way. You see, I I was unemployable for a long time. I'm a comedian by trade, and what I learned how to do was cold email from scratch, and I got myself a corporate job doing it. I became the biggest seller in that organization, and then I became the leader of that organization. And because of that, I've gone on to teach teams all over the US how to sell, especially using cold emails. So this course is gonna give you the three subject lines that are gonna get your email open all the time. It's gonna teach you the 10 different templates you can use today to start emailing people in getting opens and getting replies. And it's gonna teach you a lot of the tactics on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and others that other courts they're not gonna teach you in order to get heard, get seen, get those emails open, get replies and set meetings. So if you want to build a business, if you want to connect with people for a podcast, if you just want to expand your network and learn from all kinds of different people, you read a book you want to connect with the author. This is the course that's gonna teach you how to do it. So check it out. I'm really glad that you're even considering it, and I would say, if you're not sure about it, go check out my other courses. Free called How to get a start, a career in sales development it's uses. This is a deeper dive into some of the things I talk about in that course. That course is free, and I would encourage you to take a look at that as well. Anyway, take care of everybody, and I look forward to you joining this course. 2. A Little About Me: so a little about me years ago. Back in 2009 I graduated from college in Detroit, which was the worst economy in the worst economy since the Great Depression in the United States. I could not get a job. It was very difficult to get one now. I had had some great internships. I had actually some great experience. But the difficulty wasn't getting any type of work, and I wasn't sure how to solve that problem. Every job I applied to, I never heard back from what I did was develop a system on how to get a job through cold emailing a system that I will teach you in this course also, and through that work hundreds and hundreds of emails just attempting to get a job. I developed a philosophy around cold email engagement, and what I realized was that I could apply this system and apply these processes and in foundational philosophies to any bit of outreach I was doing and it was always going to work. Now I've used that to since getting this job result in lots and lots of meetings that ended up with millions of business and pipelines for companies that worked for. I've taught these systems to other people who have done the same. I've also used the systems to generate meetings for a television pilot that I created to interview people around the world. I have used these systems to create gigs that I've booked to do stand up comedy all over the planet, from France to Germany to the UK, Canada, United States and have used the systems to book guests for my podcasts. And those gas have included some people who you've probably seen online or read books from . So I'm going to teach these foundational systems to you, and they're really things that anyone can use. They're not just some email templates, although I'm going to have email templates for you. They're not just a few tactics, although I will have taxes for you. They're actually a process that you can apply any different endeavor you want to make to connect with people who you haven't spoken with before, and they definitely work. In fact, we're going to do some live in this course and I will show you the results of them will probably walk through an entire sequence that I'm going to create in this course to cold email people that I want to speak with, so get ready because you're gonna learn a whole lot. And I'm really glad that you're taking this course. 3. Course Assignment: So let's do a quick assignment before we go any further. If you believe this is on preview, so hopefully all of you can see this. But if you purchased this course before we go any further, please put a list together. A spreadsheet of Let's say, at least 20 people that you want to connect with 20 people shouldn't take too long. And statistically it's starting to edge towards the case of significance. So 20 people you want to connect with and for whatever reason, could be gigs. You want a book? Could be people you want on your podcast. Could be people you want to sell something to could be people you cos you want to interview with whatever it happens to be, get 20 individuals. You have to find an actual person. And if you if you can't like I said, there's other courses for it. But that's the assignment. Get it together, put together 20 and then we'll move on. See in the next episode. 4. Course Materials: So let's talk for a second about the course materials you're gonna need for this course. Obviously, you need a computer, which I'm sure you have. If you're watching this, although you could be doing it on your phone, I guess you're going to need a list of people who you want to reach out to. Now, if you don't have that list, you can go check out another one of my courses. A cold call, like a comedian, or do sales development comedian, depending on which platform this is on. If you, for some reason really can't even find that or you have no idea how to get that or can't afford it, message me on this platform. I will give you a coupon for free. And you can always check out how to launch a career in sales development, which I give out for free. Because that course changed my life. The lessons I learned and it changed my life and I wanted to give those out for free to anybody who wants them. So what you're gonna need is a project. You're gonna have something that you want to do people you want to connect with. So If you're watching this in preview, before you even buy this course, I would encourage you to think about what you want to do. What kind of project do you want to launch? What do you want? A podcast? Do you wanna get gigs for your band? Do you wanna try to connect with people who can help push your book? Do you wanna maybe partner with people who could give you mawr? I don't know. Exposure to a larger audience. Whatever you want to dio think about that project. Then come back and purchase this course. And we can go from there, but hopeful you have a list of people or at least a space that you want to reach out to people in. Now, if you don't have their email addresses, if you don't exactly know how to get a hold of them, do some research. Figure that out. There's a lot of tools that you can use. We'll be talking about them in this course, so maybe you can go check those videos out. Come back to this one, then engage on it. But you're gonna want a list of people you can actually reach out to because the point of this course and what we will be going through is a system that allows you to reach out to those people. So during this course, you will be reaching out to those people and you will be getting responses from them. I can guarantee it. This is at some level, a numbers game, and we're gonna hit the type of numbers that you want, and we're gonna have tools and tactics and lots of things that you can do to get a hold of those people. So it is gonna happen. The next thing I would say is use Google docks if you can. Now, if you're a big Microsoft person and you're like No way office 3 65 all the way, that's fine. You can do it your way. I've just found it's very easy to use Google docks. It's very easy to keep track of a lot of your outreach, failing anything else. Now there are lots of sales enablement platforms that we will talk about in this course later that can help organize your outreach, because when you're shooting off lots of emails to different people, it can sometimes get very unwieldy but the simplest way to try to organize yourself and what we're going to have to organize ourselves into this case and what I will be using toe walk you through is Google docks. So please create a Google account if you can use Google Drive and we're gonna go ahead and create some documents at a different point in this course in order to help a line and all of your outreach, So those are the course materials, really? You don't need much else than that. You just need your mind computer to type out some emails and then a couple of things just to keep yourself organized. So I'm excited to get into it with you and to teach you how to change your life. 5. Get Ready To Email People: So in this course, you're going to learn how to email people you've never spoken with before. So make sure you have something you want to do. You're going to actually email real people along this course. We're not just gonna talk about it. I'm gonna walk you through. The process is you're gonna do them yourself and you're gonna actually connect with people while we're going through this course so helpfully, you have a project you want to work on. Hopefully you have something you want to build in the world that you need other people to be involved with, people who have influenced people who can make decisions that result in change. We're going to go through how to email them, and you're going to do it live in this course, so you should get ready for results. 6. Foundational Thought Intro: you Welcome to the first real lesson in this course, the Complete Guide to Cold Emailing. Welcome to my office. If you've checked out any of my other courses before you've been in here before already. So I'm really excited to talk to you about the foundational philosophy behind cold emailing . Why is this included? Why not just jump to templates? Why not just jump the tactics? Come on, Brendan. Let's just get after it. Listen, I want you to be able to repeat this process in your own life. I want you to be able to take the lessons that this course is teaching you and reproduce them with any bit of outreach you want to do. And it's really important for you to understand the underpinning of why we're about to do what we're about to do. Otherwise, the templates. I give you the subject lines. I give you the tactics I give you. The just the different bits are not really gonna make sense. And even though they may work for you once or twice, they're not gonna continue to work for you. Now, this is going to sound like a crazy reference, but I love that this one saying that came out of the first World War. They said There's a difference between tricks and tactics. The trick is something that works. Once a tactic is something that works every time. So I want to give you tactics. And in order to understand why those tactics work, we have to dive into some of the philosophy behind it. So I've got my stack of books here that you can check out. I'm gonna go ahead and just show these to you real quick because I think they actually are important. I would highly recommend. Influenced by Robert Jail Dini There will be a link in the notes to this video going through each one of these. Trish Bertuzzi Sales development playbook She is a huge influencer. She's a really intelligent woman. I just interviewed her on a podcast of mine recently. Finally, Robert Sheldon E. Again, pre suasion. This is great specifically for marketing purposes also, but it also helps, and we'll see when it comes into tactics later that it's very influential. Finally, Jeb lout. Uh oh, wait. Pardon me. Tyler Donovan First, here we go, predictable prospecting. That's basically what we're doing is we're gonna be doing prospecting, but it's going to be different than just sales prospecting, although also probably you're watching this for sales prospecting. Here we go, Jeb lot fanatical prospecting. This guy really has it. He's selling telephone, email, tax, cold calling. He's got it all in this book. It's very good, and I'm gonna boil the lessons down from it in this in this course for you, Daniel Pink to sell his human. So one of the things that I want to talk about it we will talk about is how this book is very influential in looking at a strategy to get people onto off of email and onto the phone and why it's important to remember that selling is human. It's not uncomfortable. It's not unnatural to natural thing that we all dio Finally, this guy, the sales acceleration formula. Now this is less about tactics and templates. But Mark Rober gee does a really good job of outlining what kind of way you want to put together your strategy and what way you want to begin doing more and more outreach and we're gonna talk about organization at a certain point cause it is very important But these are the books that are the foundation for this course. I would also maybe mention pitch anything by or in class. It's a really good book and then sales development by Corey Bray, which is a great outline. It's a little a little more specific adjusted, the sales development job in particular. And since this course is not just about sales development, it's also about any kind of cold emailing for any kind of thing. Outside of the sales development in a organization, this is it's not really quite as applicable to this course, but I just want to mention that as an honorable mention also. So when we're doing outreach here, we're thinking about it a lot like the way that a sales person would do prospecting. It's very similar, and there's a lot of crossover, but not exactly the same so any with that out of the way, let's go ahead and dive into some of the underpinning philosophy of this course, really excited to show it to you 7. Foundational Thought Intro to Emails: So the first lesson in the foundational philosophy is what I like to call. It's not about an email. It's about e mails. Years ago, I, uh, used Teoh. This is a little bit embarrassing to admit, but it is a philosophy that I applied to prospecting and specifically, email Prospect Mint was very successful. I actually was really terrible with women for a really long time. I was really bad. I was very embarrassing. I constantly made people uncomfortable. I probably why I'm a comedian. I would say things that were super awkward and off the wall, and I was always afraid Teoh approach or talk to women I was interested in, and one day I decided to solve that problem by working with a coach. Crazy as that sounds, it really did work. I'm I'm, you know, in a fantastic relationship now, and it worked out. But one of the things that he said to me that really, really resonated was he said, Look, man, this is not about a conversation with a woman. This is about conversations with women. So I want you to take that idea and think about this is not about an email this is not about one email that you're sending. This is not about a cold email. This is about cold e mails, and I want to share this to you before we dive in and I'll talk more about this philosophy and what it equals. But this is it. This is the infinite grind. It constantly keeps going, and you're gonna keep doing it. That's what life's about. It's not about the one thing. It's about doing things, and you will have a moment. You will have moments where cold emails workout and they land and everything is good. But it's not about just sending the one email you're gonna send lots of emails. So hopefully you got your 20 people and let's dive into the, uh, the the actual course here to present to you. 8. Foundational Thoughts Three Mindsets: au and welcome to foundational thoughts. It's not about an email, it's about e mails. I have a feeling this whole section is gonna be super skipped by a lot of people. But I really encourage you. If you're actually listening to this to just watch all these videos, they really do layout. How you can approach prospecting, how you can, uh you can really understand why things work in the best way to approach them. So let's dive in here and get going. So the thing I want to bring across his three mindsets here, one positivity and what that means is expecting that things will go well, offering enthusiasm and optimistic energy. Nobody wants to answer an email if it's negative. You know, a lot of people talk about we want to insert fear, uncertainty and doubt. Yeah, you don't want to do that. Ah, you might want to do that in a conversation eventually, very strategically in tactfully. But if you're sending out a cold email that is supposed to look like a warning to someone, they're not gonna want toe perceive it that comes straight from or in class. Ah, pitch anything. I would encourage you to read that book. If we move on here, we want to talk about being realistic. So even though I want to be positive, I also want to be realistic. So have a grasp of the reality. The law of averages, in the likelihood or more likely, unlikelihood of something working out. Look, you're going to send a lot of emails, and not all of them are going to get answered. That's just the case. Um, no course, no matter what anybody tells you, is gonna give you a silver bullet. Okay? The only other thing I can say is that this doesn't mean that you shouldn't reach out, though I've really opened a lot of doors for myself using cold emails and all the people I've ever taught to do it have been surprised when it starts to work. Now be realistic, be positive. But understand again that that it's worth doing. And even though it will take a lot of work, it is worth doing finally be relentless. So these three things together, positivity, realism and relentless nous are really going to Teoh just supercharger outreach. They're going to supercharge your projects, your life, your ability connect with people what is relentless. This mean? It just means that keep at it, get it done or die trying be committed. There's a great quote from Will Smith, where he says, uh, if you if you and I both get on treadmills and we're going to see who's going to run longer , one of two things is gonna happen. Either I'm going to win or I'm going to die on the treadmill. Relentlessness is just keeping at it. Just keeping going. These three mindsets together really add up to a powerful way to approach cold emailing. So the foundational mindset even below this, though, believe that you will connect. You really have to believe that the people you're reaching out to are going to respond to you. If you don't do that, if you approach it with the mindset that you're like whatever it's never gonna work out for you, you really have to think. What do I find valuable about this? Why do I think a connection would be valuable and then approach it with the enthusiasm that comes from imagining that working out tempered with the feeling that most likely they won't see the email? So you're gonna have to be relentless and keep following up those air. Basically the mindsets that are gonna take you forward. So by the numbers, Why do I talk about e mails? Why do I say it's not about an email, even though we're sending an email, maybe over and over in different ways to the same person or different people? Why do I say e mails? Because the average email open rates are about 25% now that this varies depending on the industry, they can be as high as I said here, almost even 40%. But sometimes they can be as low is even 10%. So it takes an average of seven and nine touchpoints before a target replies to an email. This is just some cold outreach benchmarks from the world of sales development that I have inhabited for more than a decade. Ah, this is the rial. This is where it really starts to get sat. The average email or the matter of person receives about 120 emails per day. That's a lot. It's a bunch of emails from lots of different people, and some people, especially high value people, are receiving way more than that. Sometimes high value people receive as much as five acts More than that. Can you imagine getting 500 emails a day? Your ability to even just be noticed if somebody just glanced that their email drops from 1% to more like 10.4% or something, that is really low. So it's sad, but it doesn't mean it's impossible for somebody to notice you. So what does this mean? I mean, this is why we need to temper our positivity e mail early and often You got to keep doing it. You definitely don't need to get too invested in any individual email because the remember the greater likelihood is that someone is not going to see it. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't email. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't think about emailing, but don't put all your eggs in one basket. Don't get to it invested. Don't treat it like it's precious. See, Don't be precious. This isn't this is that you're not Gollum. This isn't the one ring that's going to open the door for you. That's gonna change your entire life. You need to experiment definitely, because people are not going to see You need to try a lot of different things and that will start informing on what's gonna work, how it's gonna work, and you're gonna get a lot of responses. This is what I really like here. Stay consistent, Stay excited but stoic. So don't really expect any individual email toe work. Just expect that eventually something is going to work. And if you work at it consistently, you will be ready for when that happens. So again, send a lot of emails, but not too many don't spam. Somebody don't just drop emails all the time in their baskets, but you should send a lot of them. This is a volume game, and what I mean by volume is not just how many, but also how how urgent allowed, how repetitive, how relevant. There's a lot of different dimensions that you could turn up the volume on, but you need to turn it up somehow, and we'll get into different ways of doing that in the particulars of the outreach steps of this course. So keep at it and understand that thes e mails are going to eventually turn out for you. 9. Foundational Thoughts Getting your Benchmarks : Hey, welcome to the second part of this foundational thought section getting your benchmarks right. So once again, ah, lot of hell are gonna skip this. And I'm glad you didn't. Because getting an understanding benchmarks and what I mean by benchmarks I'll explain in a second is really important to understanding why cold outreach strategies succeed or why they fail. Because too often people will decide to start a cold emailing strategy to try to grow their business or try toe connect with people they want to connect with. They'll send out like, a dozen emails and then they'll be amazed like Oh my God, I can't believe nobody got back. I sat down. I wrote 12 emails. I spent so much time on them, they sat down for 20 minutes. You know, each email and a hand crafted it and nobody got back. Like what the hell is wrong with this situation is really frustrating. Well, what's frustrating about that is that that you only sent 12 emails and and if you had known from the beginning that 1% of all outreach converts, you might actually have not spent that much time or you would have changed your targets again. I sat in the last lesson. This is a volume activity. It's about volume. How many people are you emailing? How many times you're emailing them? What is the severity and relevance of the message or emailing them with 1% at a benchmark of all outreach converts? Now, that sounds bad, but it's actually reassuring. You should actually be. You should be. You should be sitting there going, man, This is great. Because let's remember how, how crappy most emails are there mostly, Pretty bad. A lot of emails that you're going to get that you've seen from other people who have sent them is bad. And the targets you're emailing, they also get bad e mails. So so with bad, crappy, not good emails. You know that one out of every 100 wins. Okay, so you want 100 podcast guests, send 10,000 emails. You want a dozen interviews? Send 1200 emails to hiring managers. You will get a dozen interviews. 1 52 performance states for your band. Send 5200 emails. Okay, That sounds insane when you start thinking about it, but let's break it down. 5200 emails divided by 365 days years only 14 to 15 emails per day. If you have a template that actually you can reuse over and over again, 14 to 15 emails is not that big of a deal. You can sit down and crank those out. You can crank up and probably only take about half an hour if that every day. And if you want 52 performance states, that's one a week that it's worth doing. You're gonna Your band is gonna be booked all year around. So So let's let's continue with this logic, okay? With all else being equal, okay, If you don't have any good emails, you don't have any tactics. You're not doing anything outside the box. You're just sitting down there and rifling off crappy emails like everybody else does. You will hit your targets with those numbers. But if we start, if we start changing things, okay, If you start using good messaging strategy tactics, you will learn in this course, you can pull your email activity numbers down to very, very manageable numbers with just a small number of changes in conversion rates. Okay, This is why benchmarks are really important, and you need to think about them. Okay, If you increase three acts just from 1 to 3% in terms of conversion of emails, that drops those 5200 emails from 14 to 15 a day to 17 16 emails at 4 to 5 emails a day, that's suddenly extremely manageable. And if you're sitting down and writing half an hour emails, okay, and you're using a handful of different tactics and templates in this course and things that definitely work, you can still do the 14 to 15 e mails a day. And instead of 52 different responses from people, you're gonna get mawr like, ah, 150 responses from people that suddenly starts becoming extremely lucrative. Okay, you could book every few days at that rate, and that doesn't include any other outreach. It doesn't include knowing these people. It doesn't include getting referrals from these people. It doesn't include any other tactics that I'm gonna teach you later. This, of course, is extremely manageable. Like I just said, social media messaging is not included in this. Referrals around included in this nothing else is included. It suddenly becomes a lot more manageable and effective to do that. So keep the long view. Do not get discouraged. Just don't do it. It will happen. But you need to understand these benchmarks. If you sit down at your computer once and Senate dozen emails you wasted your freaking time . But if you sit down at your computer 30 minutes a day, five days a week and grind out using tactics using some focused outreach, using the copy and the templates and the subject lines and the maneuvers I'm going to show you in this course you will definitely have success. It will absolutely happen. That's what keeping your benchmarks in mind means. 10. Foundational Thoughts Cialdini's Six Principles: so it all relationship is about exchanging. All relationship begins with gaining compliance. Then we need to dive further into compliance gaining. And I want to use the model given by Robert Sheldon E. Who wrote the book Ah, Influence. He also wrote the book Pre Suasion, which I I sincerely hope you go read and check out these air deep dives into the psychology of compliance, gaining an understanding why people comply with something. Why people do what others want them to do is going to be influential and paramount and understanding why people are gonna reply to you. How do you understand the framework of why someone sends a reply is going to help inform you to do your own outreach and go off book later, not just using the templates in this course. So let's dive in there. Six principles and compliance gaining that child. Any talks about reciprocation, commitment and consistency, social proof, liking authority and scarcity? I talk about these a lot, and if you've ever worked for me, which maybe some of you have in this course, you are going to, uh, roll your eyes really hard right now because this is a this is something I talk about non stop because it really does work. And there is statistical evidence to support that. I'm not gonna basically re Gourgeon Tate, all of that here, but I would just strongly suggest you go check out the book influenced by Robert Chaldean E . Let's keep going. Let's talk about reciprocity, reciprocation to give and the take. Remember, I said all relationships are based on exchange and this is the foundation of that concept. The rule says that we should try to repay in kind. What other? What another person has provided us. This goes back to time immemorial. If you get something, you give something here. Here are some lines you can use in emails that actually get people to respond to you. Hey, I read your book. It's so good. And I noticed if I saw that in my inbox, I'd be like, Holy crap. I got to jump into this email right now. What did somebody notice about my book? You run one of the best clubs in America. Happy holidays. I just want to let you know I left the following review for your podcast. You're great. Just wanted to buy you a cup of coffee sent you a digital gift card in this email. I mean, these are all things that you can. You will. People will reply to these emails. Now, these will talk about these just briefly. I read your book. It's so good. So people understand that giving support, giving emotional value is actually a give If I said to you, You know what? You look great today. You're gonna feel awkward and have to say something back to me. This is what people are bad at. Taking compliments is because they feel like, Well, I didn't get you anything you like. You can say something back. Hey, thank you so much. I really appreciate that. That's very nice of you to notice it. People who are good at taking compliments are normally good at giving that type of value right back. And that's the reply. That is the reciprocation. If I say to you, you know what I saw The photos you took on Facebook of Ah, Hawaii. They were awesome. I they were gorgeous. I I wonder if I could get one is a print. Somebody's gonna reply to you and say, Thank you so much That's very nice of you. If they get an email like that, they're going to reply to it because they have to discharge that emotional energy somehow. Same thing is true. If you say you run one of best clubs in America, Happy Holidays is a very low barrier to entry thing to get a response to its not asking for anything back directly. It's not implying that I'm trying to take this relationship anywhere. It's just expressing a sentiment, and that sentiment is generically positive and low enough for someone to reply to. It's very easy to reply to a happy holidays. You'll probably get a happy holidays back. I literally just got this back from Ah, Steven Cotler. I think I showed this later in the course. Stephen Kotler is author of A Great book, and I sent him some of this stuff and he replied to me, trying to get him on my podcast. By the time you you hear this, he might have well done my podcast. If we can work out the date anyway. Ah, I just wanted her left. You know, I love to following me through your podcast, leaving value and pointing other people towards something that is a great service. Same thing with saying something as simple as you're great. Just wanted to buy you a cup of coffee. I mean, that is so simple. Everybody can do that. If I get a Starbucks digital gift card, we'll talk about that later, and I enclose it in an email. That's $2 it's absolutely worth the time, savings and the exchange of value to get a response from someone else. It's super worthwhile. Nobody does it. You're going to do it. And that's why you're going to succeed and kick the butt of everybody else who's attempting to cold email the people you're cold, emailing, Let's keep going, commitment and consistency. But you said I like this one. I use this one all the time to try to get people's attention. Once we have made a choice for taking a stand, we will encounter personal and interpersonal pressures to behave consistently with that commitment. This works especially well for people who say things in public. This is something I love this one. If you are trying to connect with high value people, you need to be following them and you can say things to them like, Hey, I noticed you said in your article, you're open to new ideas. This is another great one. Leveraging some references here. Our mutual friend James said, You've mentioned you're looking for help. I noticed you're doing a lot of podcast lately. There is something really powerful about reflecting back to someone, something that they are currently doing. It's very difficult for someone to say no to this, especially if you quote something they're doing in the marketplace. That the number of conversations I've opened with VP's and sea level people because I've said to them I noticed you said in your article that you're open to new ideas. Blank, blank, blank. Who on your team should I speak to about this? And then they'll immediately refer you commitment and consistency Very powerful. Hey, ah, you mentioned that I should reach out to you if I'm ever in Cleveland in order to get booked at your club, I would love to do it, and I'm heading to Cleveland this weekend. It's hard for someone to say no to that, because you're they're going to have to change their sense of self identity and and compromise their character. So keep a look out for ways that you can. You can cause someone to reflect on their own being and reply to you this way. Social proof. This one is very powerful. Also, everybody else is doing. It's the bandwagon effect we view a behavior is more correct in a given situation to the degree that we see others performing it. This one man, this gets This is how people tried to talk me into drinking in high school. You know what I'm saying, guys. So you need to be careful, because this is a very powerful fact that lots of people can have Stanley Milgram and a bunch of experiments back in the 19 fifties understood that this this worked and it got people to perform. Behaviors that were against their own interest is because it looked like other people were doing it. So how can you leverage just for yourself? This is great. Most people like you tend to end up needing or service that is such a simple line, and it causes a huge shift in someone's mind It. Most people I speak with like you end up using us like that immediately. Why Why do people like me and abusing you? If I saw this in an email, especially if it was a very simple email, I would probably reply to it. Your friends were doing my podcast. Bang. That one alone is huge. You. A lot of people who are in your social group are already talking to me. I mean that if you can, first of all, it better be true. But if you can get to that point, it will be very easy for someone you've never spoken with to reply to you. Most people like you reply to this email. It sounds crazy, but it's it's true and it works. Although hundreds have answered, I need you. That's a very powerful one. Also, it's not just about others who I'm speaking with. It's about you. Your email might have gotten lost amongst the replies. Uh, that one I would be careful with. But I sometimes say things like this to people who who I'm doing outreach with and who still haven't gotten back to me. I might say, Hey, look, I Sorry if I didn't reply to you. I am getting a lot of emails about this subject. You know, Um, let me know if if if you were interested and wanted to move forward every once in a while, I get a response and people go, Who are you? And then you can start the relationship from there. Eso be careful with that one, but social proof is great. Another way to leverage this is by referrals. We will talk about referrals later in this course, but getting referrals, using referrals, being referred to even emailing more than one person at a time in a single email is a way to display social proof forwarding someone else. An email exchange you had with someone they know or someone in their organization is a great way to get a response. Also, because it it shows that you are someone who has already been engaged with liking liking is eyes also important? This is like the cool factor why being nice pays off again. It's about character. Like I mentioned, it's really simple. We just prefer to say yes to people we like, then people we don't like. There's a lot of ways to do this and to get this yourself on, that's a great way. Law of Reciprocity also involved in that one. Um, people tend to like people who like them. Let's go back to foundational concepts from from Dale Carnegie. People tend to be interested in people who are interested in them. So if you start to reply this to people t reflect it to them, they will eventually reply to you, and they will like you. Your article reminded me of this hilarious video. I thought you might like getting a laugh from someone, sending them some value in terms of delight or surprise. It's a great way to get them to like you. Hey, do you like jokes? Simple one. You can forward a joke after that. Your profile said you like to travel to Hawaii. Check out this picture I took while I was there. Let's connect over something you already like. Hey, do you like Ah, I don't know the the boss. I just saw him in concert recently. What's your bat? Will the Cubs take it again this year? If you know somebody's a cub fan, you can connect over something that they like against people, have the social media profiles very easy to follow up on this stuff authority. So this one is a little trickier to do in an email, but it it it can work, and I will tell you how it works. Specifically in a moment. It is extreme willingness of adults to go toe any lengths on the command of an authority. Stanley Milgram. Very scary looking to his experiments there. They're deeply unsettling, but they do have a lot of relevance for a cold email outreach. Your boss said we should talk if you can get someone in an organization to say, talked to so and so on my team and then you email them and say Your boss said We should talk. You will get a response that will absolutely happen. You can. You don't even have to get a response from the boss. Here's a key to the kingdom right now. Find out who the CEO is. Assistant is call or email. That person asked that person who the best person in the organization to reach out to is then send the person they name an email that says the CEO's office sent you. You will get a response right away. Is it a little bit dirty? No, not at all. Actually, they did send you that way. And as soon as you get into conversation, you're gonna be likable and charming enough that they're going to, Ah, forget anything about whether or not the assistant or the other person said You doesn't matter. Here we go. Why your favorite podcaster listens to my podcast. That's a lot of social proof. The biggest and authority. Pardon me. The biggest promoter in Chicago said I should play your venue. That's huge. You mean if you have a two second conversation with the biggest promoter in Chicago, whoever that person is, and then they say, Oh, yeah, you should totally do you know Tal Italia Hall? And then I would email tally Hall right away and say, Hey, the biggest problem in Chicago said I should play your venue. I was talking to them. They said I should Let's talk about it. You'll get a response. Most CEO is find a meeting with me that very valuable if you can. If that's true, if you can say that sort of thing, I mean, I mean, the cardinal rule here is don't make up anything that didn't happen. But if you can say that if you meet with two CEOs in both home and found it valuable than you can say. Most CEOs who meet with you find it valuable because they're totally possible. So scarcity. Here's the here's Rick start to get the last one here. Supplies are running out. Opportunities seem way more valuable when they're limited. And here's ways to build that into your email. You want to schedule a time before it's too late. You and acts are the only two people in the market I'm messaging. This is very powerful. I I e mailed some people at three Children's Ah, um brands here in the United States, the Children's clothing brands. And they said to them, I'm meeting I'm emailing you, your company and these two companies. Here's why I'm emailing them. I want a meeting with one of the three of you and I'm taking the meeting with whoever gets back to me first. And I said some other things in this email, which which were valuable and why I was doing that. But they were very brief, and immediately all three companies got back to me because they wanted to be the ones to speak with me. I only have one available date. Whoever is the first book, it gets it. I mean, that's pretty scarce. There's only one spot left. I mean, this is it. This is a little difficult to do sometimes when you're emailing cold emailing because you have to email Like I said on volume. So if you try to do it stingy early, you'll never get a really good response. But there are ways to say this. I mean away that I used to say This is Hey, look, I'm going through a lot of calls and emails right now, so I you know, I don't have a lot of time. Um, let's just go ahead and get this scheduled or my schedule fills up really quickly. So let's go ahead and ink down a meeting right now. You know, we're on tour, but our schedule fills up very quickly. There's ways to say this to people that increases their perception of the opportunity. So those air the ways. I know this is a longer video, but hopefully you can go back and check this out and look at these different lines and how to use them. They will help your emails get responses very quickly. 11. Foundational Thoughts Relationships are about Communication: welcome the foundational thoughts less and all. Communication is about relationship. I want to point this out. This is this is really again. This is extremely important to understand is that when you're sending emails to people, the world there, they're not going out into the ether. Okay, They're arriving in front of a human being eventually, And what you're attempting to do is develop a relationship with that person. All business. All all relationship is about exchange in some way, and some exchange that takes place is nonbusiness some his business. So you could be having some type of exchange of someone. It could be making a new friend. It could be sharing feelings or thoughts. It could be trying to develop enough report and trust to have a financial exchange where someone is paying you for a service or something that you're going to do. Most of the people who are probably looking at this course are aiming for something like that. How do I make money sending emails to people? Well, the first thing to understand is that all communication is about relationship, and all relationship is about exchange in the way that you go about trying to develop relationships with your prospects with your targets is how email is going to become effective for you. And the first thing you need to understand is that there's something weird going on here, which is that you already have a relationship with your targets. They might not know who you are, but you know who they are, and they don't have to necessarily reply to you. You don't have to already be in conversation for someone to have a relationship with you. Okay, cause emails air not just transaction. A lot of people think the transactional I send you something. It's a one or a zero. You either respond to it or you don't not. True. E mails can land in someone's inbox and be seen even if they're not red. If you email someone every day, they would see your name in their inbox every day. Now remember, the average person gets 120 emails. Sometimes the people were reaching out to their very high value. They might get more than 120 emails a day. But if you emailed someone every day over enough of those days, let's say a month for sure. they look at their email inbox every day, they're gonna understand who you are going to see your name every day. They're going to see the subject line you wrote every day. Eventually, they're gonna click on that email, probably, especially if you use one of the subject lines that I'm gonna talk to you about later in this course. So the thing you need to understand is that your your you're going to be seen by them before they reply to. It's not just a one or a zero. They're going to begin to understand who you are, and that's where the relationship begins. That's brand association. Relationships are also about personal beings. Okay, What does that mean? They're getting to know who you are by your outreach. Personally, they're getting to understand who you are. So if you try toe email somebody with a Ah, I understand your world. I know your pain. I'm you know, here are the things you need to be afraid of. Here's why you should work with my company. They're going to understand immediately who you are, which is somebody who thinks they know who you who you are. Part of me, who they are. They're going to think that you're somebody who tries to be pushy. They're going to think all of these things. You do not want to come off that way. What you want to Dio is come off with good character what Aristotle called ethos. Okay, You want to communicate with the type of character that someone wants to reply to you by. And when they do reply to you, they're actually buying you when they buy replied. They're buying into who you are, so when you get a reply, that's actually someone going, Oh, this is There's a person who I want to develop a further relationship with. That's why they hit reply. So keep that in mind because they're not necessarily just buying into an opportunity. They're not just buying into something that you're telling them. Oh my gosh, you need to send reply to me because I have. You know, this great band, it's the greatest band or you need to hit reply to me because I have a product that's going to solve all of your problems. The they do not want to develop a relationship with somebody who I mean you have to have a really amazing band or quite a great product for someone toe want to develop a relationship with that kind of person. So be the kind of person that someone wants to reply to, and they will reply to you. That's tacitly them, telling you they're wanting to invest in this relationship. So again, relationships air about affinity and report reporters understanding who someone is getting a feel for them, affinity is seeing something over and over again and getting a greater sense of it, getting a better understanding of what it is in their in their life and and and really kind of starting toe like it because of exposure. So if you can do that, you will develop relationships with these prospects and ultimately, relationships are about exchange. So if someone is replying you, they're exchanging information with you. If you're emailing them, you're exchanging information with them. Now, maybe they see it. Maybe they don't. Maybe they see it, read it and decide they don't want the information you're trying to exchange with, Um, But when they reply to you, they are exchanging information with you again. In that exchange can develop in many different ways eventually condemn Elop into them, giving you money for something it could develop into them, spending their time with you. It can develop to them, Ah, having the relationship that you want tohave with them. But that all begins before they even open the email. It's about relationship, and it's about your emails being seen and you exposing the kind of character you want to expose that they want to buy into. So getting a response, by the way, is about gaining compliance. All of this, everything we're doing is about getting responses. Whether or not a lot of people sometimes are afraid to send emails because they are afraid to get a no, I say Get the no, getting the no is better than not getting a response. It all So So it is okay for you to talk with people in these cold emails. Think about this in the course it isn't. It is okay for you to email people and talk with them about things that are not exactly what you're emailing them about. Like what? If you want to get a someone who's aghast on your podcast, you can email them something completely irrelevant to that in order to build the relationship, gain compliance from there, response and build that relationship and compliance toward the direction of them doing your podcast. I will show you how to do that in this course. Keep in mind. It's not just about what you say but how you say it. You are showing your character as you are emailing these people so display good character care about their world. Be interested in them, send them emails that get them wanting to buy into who you are, and you will get so many responses. Keep that in mind as we go through this course. 12. Foundational Thoughts Bad Email Examples: So what makes a bad email? I really love talking about this, uh, bad emails is where we start getting a new examples. You might ask the question, Why is this now? Why is this in foundational thoughts And not later in something else and in, ah, when we're writing steps, it's because I want to get some of this out of the way. Now, I don't want you to be thinking about what? What should I not be doing? But I want to get This is really good to talk about what we want to be doing here by way of talking about what we shouldn't be doing by the beginning. So let's just get this out of the way. We'll understand by the contra positive. Ah, what what we should be doing later? So is your email doing any of the following? Is it long? Is it unclear that more than one thought dance on Lee about you not offering a What's in it for you? Asking a lot of your target? Asking them to do work is what I call this. Doesn't have grammatical errors. Does it get someone's name wrong? Is it factually incorrect? Is it inaccurate, using the person's name wrong. Are you saying things that about them, to them that are not true? That they would immediately understand or not accurate that the betray that you did? No research? Um, this. If it's doing any of these things, it's a bad email, and this is it is important. Let's dive further into this by looking at some of these in action. I got this on Lincoln from, Ah, Lion Ward. I love this right here. This thing, this look is, might be part of your personal branding. But when I see this on a Lincoln, I'm immediately like this guy is an idiot. Hey, Brennan, I would like to share some examples of partnering up with Blank. I have developed a proprietary system and network that is getting all my clients ranked on Google's first page, an exceptionally fast in greater Chicago area, thus generating phone calls and leads. Are you free this week for a demo? Google's first page not capitalized, No apostrophe first page in all caps. This is all just one weird sentence, just the whole thing that they're fording. Are you free this week for a demo? Greater Chicago areas like the area that I noted myself on Lincoln. It just nothing about this says I should reply to it. I don't know why this is relevant. It's long, It's bad. Let's go back to this list is a long Is it unclear? More than one thought. I'm not really sure what the what's in it for me is. It sounds like it's maybe a lead. It has grammatical errors. You can see why this is bad. Let's continue going through here with bad example. Number two, Another one from lengthen. Ah, Brendan, Any chance you could give me some feedback on the quiz here than a link? Much appreciated Ford and then Ford. That's this'd is great. Okay, It's not long. It's asking me to do a whole bunch of work. There's no what's in it for me. I guess altruism is maybe the implied benefit there. And then this bizarre Ford Ford and then this active wealth management was your financial score. This whole thing I have no idea what the point of this is. Why would I click on a weird link in my email? I mean, just going back here, I would add maybe another one that says doesn't have a weird you are l in it. So these air just again. Bad emails do not do these things. Let this be a lesson to you. Here's email number three is there, supplied by some friends of mine. Oh, LeBron and lemon espero que as the email toe en cuenta rate bien. I don't speak Spanish, so this was useless. I can't. I have no idea what this emails about. Ah, maybe you guys air seeing this and understanding because you speak Spanish? I definitely don't speak French. Paul Francais. May Sina Papa Espanol. So here we go. Let's Ah, you know, nothing Need to say further here. Bad example. Number four. I decided to screenshot my entire whips my entire ah screen here. So I run a production company that companies called bad banter Productions. This came in related to Mitt com, which is the largest television Ah, market on the planet. A lot of cold emails go out around mid calm. This is one of them. This is so poorly formatted. E I mean, you can see it right here. It just runs off the side of the page. We like your productions and we see that you have a lot of contents. So we would like to collaborate, making sound mix, FX design and making music, and then it just runs off to the side. This this is if your email looks like this, fire yourself and hire somebody else because you are ruining your own organization. Please don't ever do this. Also, dear, at the beginning of an email, What are you crazy? The only thing worse to write would be Hello. So pretty ridiculous. Sorry. Integral Sound Solutions. This was a terrible email and I didn't respond to you. Don't ever do anything like this. Bad example. Number five. This came from Ah, someone who I usedto who used to work for me. Hi, Melissa. Hope you're having a great week. Very impressed by your background experience that your career thus far as a top sales top performer in sales, our Chicago core team is looking for rock star videos like yourself to drive out by lead generation for industry leading products. Are you up for the challenge? Happy to tell you more about the role dash when works best for a call following the Thanksgiving holiday kind regards to Reese This entire thing is in quotation marks, which is kind of weird. That's the first thing. Why is this a bad email? You might be looking at this and saying, This seems like it could be a good email. Well, what you guys don't know about this is that the very impressed by your background experience throughout your career thus far as taps UPS performer in sales, there's a really weirdly worded sentence, and also there's no specifics in this. So when um, Melissa, my former teammate, got this email, she was like, This is not accurate. They haven't looked at my They haven't looked at my background at all. They're just sending me this bizarre email that has nothing relevant in it for me whatsoever. Happy to tell you more about the role one works for the call following Thanksgiving holiday , maybe for it a little bit of more information and why this would be a good conversation and a good role for you. Of course, they didn't do that. So what this email betrays is that no research was done, period, and this was just spray and pray forwarded out of nowhere. Let's keep rolling along here bad example. Number six. Hey, Gloria, this one. I'm not going to go through this entire reading here. Ah, obviously, because it's really long. This is just a Nazi male, the co founder and CEO. Is that this? Hey, Gloria, hope you're having a wonderful productive week so far. Quick and German name is Sean Blank. Blank blank, Some background. Let me tell you about me before I even talk about why this is relative to you. I did some great stuff with y Combinator and it gets into this whole next paragraph. This is this. Email is is long. It's dense. I don't have any idea what's in it for me with this email. Let's keep going. Bad example. Seven. Gloria Looking forward to briefing you on how blink I will help monetize blank phone system , including adding new location support. Remote employees have mentioned in my email below. If you're not the right person discussing with, can you? For me, the executive director, head of I T and C C me. It's a lot of work asking your prospect. I'm looking forward to briefing you on how blank I will help monetize. It just is This is just so weirdly emailed. Hello, Gloria. How low? What is going on in this thing? Here's number eight. Hi, Gloria. As your regional director, at whatever I've held, many businesses like yours overcome their I T challenges. And then he goes into common problems that they see and how, working with him, you'll get a full suite of I T services, having acquired one of our largest competitors. How is this relevant to Gloria Joe, Do you even understand what Gloria does? Are you talking about why specifically her should be good. Why do I care if you're a regional director? I have no idea what the value of this email is, and it's 12345 paragraphs long. It is just madness. Don't hesitate to reach out and learn how you can consolidate your vendors and optimize your I T environment. Holy moly or those big words hesitate. Consolidate vendors optimize environment. That's my brain doesn't want to do that much work. And if you look through this email, it's filled with big words like that. The first rule of being good you guys is not being bad. You can't be good if you're being bad. So here's some things that you should do in response before we even get into writing this email. Just just look at thes and internalize them. Make your email readable. Make it about them. Your prospect. It's not about you. Of course you want. You have a reason for reaching out to them. But why do they have a reason for replying to you? It needs to be about them. It needs to be short. You can't make it shorter than it has to be. But it does need to be short. If you recall that guy messaging me just saying Hey, can you do this for me? That's too short. Doesn't give me a real reason why you need to do it, but it should be short use. Their actual names don't get their name wrong. Right In the language they speak, don't write in. I mean, that's I can't even believe that happened. Don't be weird. Don't be pushy making about them and why they have value for replying to you. That is how to be good and how to not be bad. Hope that was useful 13. Foundational Thoughts The BIG TIME Strategy: So we walked through it. A whole bunch of the different bits leading up to this point in terms of foundational thoughts. Thistle is a big headline. This is not gonna be a long lesson. It's gonna be very important. The big time strategy, baby Foundational thoughts. How are we doing it? How are we? What is the aim of everything we're doing here? This is it. Get a reply. That's it, period. Get a reply. Get them to reply to you. That is where conversation begins. That is where exchange happens if you get them to exchange your developing the relationship . That is what happens if you're developing the relationship you're investing in each other. You're gaining compliance. Continue to do that. Don't try to do anything else, but get replies. Don't try to be crafty. Don't try to make a sale over the the email yet unless unless you have a sale that's so easily possible that it only takes one email. But sincerely just get a reply. Developed a relationship that is the point of cold emailing. If they're worth emailing, their worth having a relationship with period crank it 14. Intro to Organization: well you've made is the next unit organization. So I'm not, I should say, a terribly organized person to begin with. You can tell by the completely ridiculous state of my office I would show it to you. But honestly, it would just cause you anxiety. Here's the point. Organization is actually extremely important when it comes to cold emailing outrage, tracking who you're sending it to when you're sending it. When you sent it, what it was and following up and when to do that, if you don't get a reply, is very important. I've already said before. It's not about any male, it's about emails. So the ability to send e mails, track them and follow up is extremely important. Dive into follow up later, but I don't want to offer a ton in terms of organization, but just the minimums here. I've had to create systems for myself that have helped me a lot, even though this doesn't come to me naturally, so if I could do it and be successful at it, everybody watching this video, including you can do it yourself. Maybe you're already very organized. If you're the type of person who's looking into doing cold emailing. Specifically, you probably are a rather organized person, so this might be review for you If you feel like you already have your systems down, I wouldn't take it personally if you skipped this video. But if you're somebody who really wants to understand at least the basic movements of what's valuable in terms of how to do the outreach and what way to keep yourself focused and keep your effort aligned, then I would watch this video. You probably will get something out of it. So anyway, without any further ado, let's dive into the organizational part of this course. 15. Organization: so organization. What do you got to do? What's the minimum you got to do? I'm not a terribly organized person. I don't want to be overly organized. I just My brain just doesn't really work this way. I'm I'm much. This is difficult for me, so if I can do it, everybody can do it. But we want to make sure that cold outreach isn't willing. Nilly cold, emailing willingly is not going to get you anywhere. You're barely. Success is gonna be incidental or accidental versus intentional if you're not organized. So let's jump into it. I love this quote by Napoleon Hill. It really talks about why and how you knew Align yourself in order to gain success. First comes your thought than the organization of thought and ideas and plans, then transferring those plans into reality. If you just have the thoughts and you don't have the ideas and plans, you will not reach the reality. And since your cold emailing people in order to try to get a specific outcome, it's necessary to have those plans. If you're watching this course and you're someone who's who's in business and doing cold emailing, this could be The reason you're not succeeding actually is this type of organisation. It makes a tremendous difference. Before you go, you got to get set SEPs organization. Let's just walk through each of these really carefully. One. Create the infrastructure. Gould Ox folders. Just simply getting the infrastructure and structure around yourself so that not everything is just hanging out in one place or out in the either. Just get it, get it all together and separated out in a way that makes sense for where you're keeping your information. Pick your targets, enlist them. So I've already mentioned in this course you should have some targets that you want to go after. Get them together on a list. Pick who they are. List him out, get their information relevant to the outreach in front of you. Prioritise er, outreach, knowing who to reach out to first and why, Then, finally writing short copy. Just not full emails yet just some short copies. So you know what you want to be saying. It will help the process go a lot faster. This is not an email template. Not yet, anyway. Your we're gonna talk about writing those email templates later. Don't really strongly believe in templates. Just something that's close to a template. Short copy is gonna help you at least understand. Your pitch will talk about it in the moment, then settings dedicated. Time to grind it out. So the way that I want you to think about this is pretty simple. It's five steps, one getting the foundation set. Who were you going to reach out to? Meaning who are all the targets and then, which are the people you want to spend the time on the most and which are most important. What are you going to say When you going to say it? That's how this is done. So picking your targets, here's some outreach I'm actually doing for Ah, book. I'm launching soon. Thes air, different podcasts. I'm not gonna link or show you their information in here, but this is just some that I've that I've put together. You should just create a sheet. Google is so useful for this. And the way that this is this helps you very simply put together your targets in just a simple format. Just names links. The Orioles first name, last name, phone, email. Facebook linked in any other relevant information. Just pop it together on a Google sheet like this. So that's what I've done. I'm gonna prioritize. So these are the three. Most important I have. I actually know these guys Jordan and James. Um, I know school of greatness. I don't know, Louis House, but I know these guys know Louis house. Um, you could make the argument. Also, London Real could be on this because I know some of those guys, but these three I know I have the greatest chance of getting into They're the ones who I'm gonna outreach first and spend the most time on that. I'm gonna write some copy, and it's It's about a book called The Power Bible, which you can probably by the time you see this will be ah, in Amazon. Ah, Or if you see this right when it comes out, it might be another month or two. But, um, anyway, the power Bible is very simple. So what do I want to say? This again? This is not a full template. We'll talk about emails and templates and what they should look like. And why later. But this is very simple power Bible. I just want to describe it. It's a part philosophy, part psychology, part self help book written by a couple of comedians, Brennan and Bill filled with lessons each learned in recovering from drug addiction and homelessness. So, um, I was not the drug addict. My co author Bill was. I was homeless for a while. That's true, actually. Learning cold emailing help What got me out of that circumstance? But that's why I know it so well. Hopefully, it'll help you, uh, not ever be in that circumstance, but get yourself to riches also. So this book, very simply, is just this quick description. I don't wanna have to reinvent this wheel doing any of this outreach, or you want to know what I'm saying. That's what I'm saying. When I'm talking about quick copy, I can insert this into lots of different emails. You might call this snippet, but it's just a little bit for me to understand what my pitches. Finally, I'm setting dedicated times. We went into January, Monday and Tuesday from 8 30 to 10:30 a.m. I am taking to emails to e mails two hours each day to cold email during that amount, of time. I dedicate time. I typically talk about two h time. I talk about this in my free, um course on getting a job in sales development. I also talk about it in my heart, a cold. How did you sales development like a comedian. I talk about it in my book Cold Call like a comedian to H time set two hours to do nothing but email prospecting or or call prospecting. Just focusing on one thing. I'm doing that for these two days. I'm gonna barrel through a lot of those contacts. It's not just gonna be the seven that you saw earlier will be a lot more. And that's how I'm organizing myself. I've got when it's happening, what I'm going to say, at least some sense of it. Gettinto How to do more of what I'm going to say later, Um, who I'm reaching out to those air the most important bits and ah, you'll hear me on those podcasts and that's how you'll know this worked. So again, this is really simple. And, you know, if you watch this and you were like, die already know how to do these things, that's fine. Good for you. It's just a review. There are some people who are probably watching this and going. I didn't wait a minute. How doe eyed still don't understand a little bit of this. I might have been you years ago. Feel free to message me or comment on this course. I will reply if I have to do another deeper dive into this. I will just to help you guys, but to our time, small bits of copy in terms of what it is you're going to talk about and then who you're going to reach out to. Those are the most important bits. Getting those organized and keeping track of them is very important. We'll get into a little bit later. Follow up and deeper parts of organization while you're going through your cold Imo outreach. But this is the before you begin outreach organization. Thank you guys so much. Let's get into sending those emails in the next steps 16. 1 Writing Cold Emails Intro: Well, you've arrived the meat of the course, cold e mailing, taking the steps, getting into it, firing off these messages into the ether. I'm very excited. This is the thing is such a good part of the course. This is really where it starts happening, these skills or the things that got me out of being homeless and in poverty to making six figures a year, paying off all of my debt, connecting with rial, big movers and shakers, getting on stage, doing stand up comedy, getting podcast guests. It's really amazing. The skills that that I'm about to teach you cold, emailing and connecting with others deepening and building relationships is the way that you improve your life by connecting with other people who have really cool things going on and drawing them closer to you. They will buy things from you. They will give you their time, their energy, their knowledge introductions to others. This is the way that you make this stuff happen. I've been lucky because I've gone through this mostly from a lot of sweat equity and and constant effort. But you could learn from me. So you're probably asking yourself, I'm already 30 minutes into this course. Why am I only now getting into these steps? Hopefully, the foundational thoughts that I shared with you were effective and gave you some background, especially compliance Gaining understanding my relationships are what it's all about and why cold, emailing and how cold emailing fits into that. If you haven't done that, please go back and take a look. If you haven't gone and done the organizational part, I would encourage you to go and do that very short video. If you're already organized and ready to do some outreach, then this is the time to do it. So have your computer handy. Watch these videos and go along with me in terms of the steps for yourself to doing this cold emailing right now in the course is the part where you can also fire off emails to connect with the people you want to connect with and really make some change while this is happening. Don't just watch this course. I implore you. Please do not just watch this course have something you want to connect with others about and reach out and connect with them. The best thing you could get out of this course, from my perspective, is connecting with others to improve your own life and improve the lives of all the people you touch while you're reaching out to them. So please take the time to do that and without anything else, let us get right into this. I'm so excited to talk to you about how to improve your life through cold emailing. 17. 2 Writing Cold Emails What's The Purpose?: But before we even jump into stuff one of what's the purpose of cold emailing If you're ever recording and ending with quick time for screen, if it's cream recording guys, it's It's rough. Okay, Uh, cold emailing. Step on. What's the purpose? Look, there is a mountain of bad a title wave, a new infection of bad, poorly written emails that exist in the world. And a lot of those would not exist. If literally, we could say the first lesson. Have a point. There's so many emails that do not have a point. There are so many emails that get sent out all the time by people, and they never stop to ask. What is the point of this email? I mean you, honestly, you would be amazed. So here's what I want you guys to do before we even begin before we even start asking other questions or start writing or typing. Just asked for 30 seconds, not even even if you don't have 30 take 10 and just ask yourself, Why do I want connected? The person I'm reaching out to? What? What is it that I'm trying to? What is it? I'm trying dio What's the one thing I want this email to communicate. What action do I want the target to take after receiving this? It's not just reply, although that is the only over arching, foundational philosophy of this entire courses. Just getting the reply. But what action I wanted to do. I wanted to think about something. Do I want them? Teoh. Consider something. Do I want them? Teoh, look me up on LinkedIn. Do I want what I want? Some to the target that I'm emailing to do? What is the purpose of this email? Just high, high level? Like what? What's the best outcome? What do I want? And do I have anything to lose? A lot of people send email. Just jump right in and fire, often email without really asking the question. Do I have anything to lose now? 99% of the time? The answer. This question is no. It's important to ask yourself this because, ah, lot of times people will, you know, step around or maybe type up and email. Men refused to send it or even not even think about the possibility of sending an email because they're afraid that there's gonna be some kind of negative response or the target's going to say no where the target's gonna get angry because we're bothering them. The truth is that even if any of that stuff happens, really nothing to lose and even if you here no. You know, I've gotten knows from plenty of people in my career in many different ways. But the thing that's great about it is that go back to all previous foundational thought. The the point of all ah, relationship is communication. Communication is relationship. So even if someone is saying no to you, they're still investing in the relationship. There's nothing to lose their and in fact, maybe you have something to gain. But the other important point is maybe you actually do have something to lose deep down, and it's important for you to recognize that before you dive in. So taking the moment to really assessing these situations before you send an email is the first step. A lot of bad email would not exist in the world that the epidemic of bad email would not exist if people actually ask themselves this question, so just take a moment and do this before you jump into typing up anything else or even asking further questions about this. About the email you're gonna send because sometimes e mails don't need to be sent, and that's something that we should think about also. Sometimes they actually don't need to be, and the purpose doesn't exist. So I'm sure in the purposes of this course you have emails that are needing to be sent, so we're gonna go ahead and move forward. But it's important to ask yourself this question before taking your time and effort up to type up and email. 18. 3 Writing Cold Emails Questions You Must Answer: step two of cold emailing. What questions must this email answer for the target? So once again, I cannot repeat this enough cold. Emailing is not about you mean obviously you're doing it for your own interests. But it's about the target. Why air they replying to you? What is in it for them? Why are they interested? Why do they want to engage with you? What value do you have to them? So you want to really get yourself in the mindset of thinking about what it is you You want your prospect to be thinking what the target wants to be. Ah, feeling and thinking when they receive your email. Basically. And so let's ask ourselves a few questions. This this underpins all the outreach. So this is different than the purpose. This is This is more so, What questions must this email answer for the target? The 1st 1 you want to ask is, What relationship do we currently have now? Again, you always have one. It could very well be that the relationship you have is one direction. You know about them. They don't know about you. But you do have some kind of relationship and It's a good thing to ask that question before you start. Maybe you've spoken in the past. Maybe, you know mutual people. Maybe you like some of the same things. Maybe you've crossed paths before in the past, so the email is cold. But it's not entirely without ah beginning or without a pastor without a history, and it might be worth mentioning that it might be worth gesturing toward. It might be good just to just to keep that in mind for yourself as you write it. Sometimes these things come out, you know, um, a little unconsciously while you're writing. But we want to ask yourself, Do we or how do we know each other? Simple relationships are the best way to begin this. It's the best way to refer to some past history again, commitment and consistency. If we already know each other than this relationship has already happened, we're just deepening something that already exists. Rather than creating it fresh, who do I want to be to the target? And this sounds vaguely philosophical, But let me just put it like this to you. You are a lot of different people. You have lots of different identities. Lots of different things that you could talk about. But what do you want to do to them? Who do you want to be to them? Do you want to be the sales guy, or do you want to be a guy who's connecting about football? Do you want to talk about football and then just say, By the way, you know, part of the reason I'm reaching out, the the reason I'm supposed to be reaching out is about this product. I'm trying to sell you whatever you know. It is not outside the realm of possibility to do that. It's not just ingenuous. It's totally fine. Who do you want to be to the target? Do you want to be the guy with an opportunity? Do you want to be a guy connecting about something you both care about? Do you see yourself as being subordinate or submissive to them? Or do you see yourself as the same value is thumb? Think about that. You want to be someone to them. Think about who you want to be. Is this going to be read by the target or someone else in the targets team? A lot of the people you're gonna reach out to have assistance and truthfully, their assistance might be the ones reading it. They might be them. It might be their personal assistant might be someone who vets their email. You know, you could have anemia address for someone that's an info at and that's read by someone on their team. You need to know who this is going to. What what way do you have to develop this conversation? And what things do you have to refer? Teoh? You could write an email to info at directly towards the target, and it could get referred to them. You might want to mention Hey, I'm writing this specifically to this person or whoever is on their team. A lot of e mails I write for podcast guests start this way. Hey person or also persons team, here's what I'm looking for. Here is what I like about you and why I want to talk to you. What do you want from them again? We talked about the purpose of this email, but specifically again, what do you want them to dio? We said, What do what do you want them to dio after they receive this email outside of replying. But what do you want from them? This is the part to think. What is your interest in this situation? A lot of people who I email about Ah, the book. Specifically, I want you to review this book. I mean, either way, I just want you to get a response. I want to foster this relationship. But specifically what I want you to do is take the time to read my book and actually, what I really want you to do, whether or not you do that is get back to me with a blurb that I can use or a date that I can be on your podcast. That's what I want from you now. I might not even write this into the email originally, but I want it in my back pocket cause I want to know where this is going now. This could be an explicit or implied meaning. Just what I said. I can say, Hey, look, here's what I want from you and a lot of times that's a ploy. The tactic that confused well is honesty. Look, here's what I want or it could be implied, meaning Hey, maybe we can work out something, but that maybe we can work out. Something is exactly what you want them to do. The work out. Something is I want to be in your podcast. Do you really know it? It doesn't have to be exact. So before you sit down and go Oh, specifically what I want. This isn't an engineering problem. You don't need to work this out specifically. Sometimes it could just be implied. You know, sometimes I shoot emails out for my podcast guests that are implied. Meaning I would are part of me, not exact meaning. I just want you to reply because I just want to begin a relationship. Sometimes I even say that to people like, Look, I don't want very much from you. Let's just, you know, kind of can act and keep this open. Sometimes that works. Sometimes it doesn't. We'll refer back to some bad emails in a minute and why that doesn't work and how you can avoid it. But it doesn't have to be exact. It it helps if it is finally what's in it for them. This you really do need to ask yourself. You do need to have a an explicitly. You should probably say this to them. If you know it really well, what value is it for them to reply to you now? I have a podcast. It's called The Madness continues podcast. I hope you listen to it. But the podcast doesn't have a tremendously large listenership. It does get lots of listens. But most of the people I reach out to, many of whom have been on much more popular podcasts. They'll do my podcast because the value isn't trying to get in front of my audience, which is huge. The value is this is going to be a great conversation with someone who actually has read. Your book is a fan of yours. It's gonna make you sound good. And you can repurpose this audio to use later. And I promise I will push you very hard to people who are relevantly interested in what you dio. That's actually a pretty good cell if you don't have a very huge audience. So what is in it for you? What is in the value that you're offering to the person you're reaching out to? I would I would say you could imply it. You can say it explicitly, but you need to have an answer to this question. Before you write an email again, how do they get value out of the exchange? And for now, you only have to answer this for yourself. So once you have these things pinned down, you can go forward to our next step, which is really starting to get into how to write this email, baby. 19. 4 Writing Cold Emails WIIFY: So I talked a lot about what's in it. Why answering the question. What is in it? Fair amount to giving a response. Let's dive further into why that's the case and how you can examine this before you start writing emails and as you go through, you might improve your what's in it for you. You might get some feedback from people who do reply to you. You can use that to inform the rest of the outreach to people who were reaching out to in kind. So let's think about what's in it for you and what kind of value exists at all. So do you know what the value is for them? You know what it is for you, but do you know what it is for them to understand that we're gonna have to talk about what value is period now too? Inform this. I've taken some information. Should be taken. Use, um, repurpose used whatever you want to think of. I didn't steal it, but this is the information from the Art of charms. Social capital course. Um, and we're gonna talk about what social value is. I highly recommend their course. The art of terms. Um, social capital. It's not really about cold, emailing or cold. Outreach is just a even more fundamental understanding to how to build and use social capital. And that's what you're doing. Really, When you're cold emailing, this is more specific course focused on just this bit of outreach, the tactics you're gonna get here you're not gonna get from that course. But understanding what social value is is important and relevant to understanding this type of outreach. If you want to take their course, I highly recommend it will put the Lincoln the show notes here for this episode of this episode this last sitting. Pardon me. So what is social value? Social Valley comes into a few different varieties. One is knowledge that is either directly to referral to Resource is so you can say to somebody, um, you know, here's what you need to know In order to podcast. I just recently had a conversation with a guy who runs one of the most successful popular ah, basically cliffs, no services for, uh for law students, and he doesn't know anything about podcasting, So I'm offering him a lot of value by helping him see that understand that and and know how to do it, because it's something he wants to get into. Another is social connections. So offering to connect people to the target, you're reaching out to, uh, who may help them. That's very powerful. It is something you should do all the time, but, um, or just noticing referrals in common, you know? Hey, we know these same people. Here's something you need to dio Ah, where you need to know someone you need to speak with That's a very powerful social value. Have to offer also encouragement. So this was one that people sometimes discount but support things like agreement, good feelings, positive energy. However, you want to put it just sometimes sending someone an email that says, Hey, just really love what you're doing. Just wanted. Like you to let you know without having an ask is sometimes very powerful. Sometimes that that type of thing impels a response. Um, you know people who have reached out to me and said those things about my courses or my books or whatever. I always feel wonderful. And if they add, haven't ask in their reply, I'm almost always like you know what I'm gonna help you. I want to help you. Do whatever it is you need to do because this this is really wonderful. You took the time to send that, um finally opportunities to advance their goals. So this one is a little more specific, and that's why I can't get into it. But if you know that they have some goals for example, you know, if they stated publicly, you would have to put in some research from this one. But if they stated it publicly if If you know, for example, that someone is running a podcast and you know they're going to need guests if they happen to have interest in a subject and you know people who could be gassed CIF view No, that someone has a venue and they're going to need toe have dates filled for it. You could refer them to people. If you know that they're going to need help with marketing something and you happen to know someone who's a marketer. If you know people, you could send over to them if you know that Ah, maybe someone is looking for sponsors for a program. But you know someone who needs marketing. This is exactly the way that these things come together. So to see an opportunity to advance their goals is very, very valuable. Um, finally, opportunities to remove their obstacles. So just the opposite. So, look, if you know, someone has got a lot of something to Dio and there's gonna be a lot of problems in the way this is going to remove them. So a lot of you who are watching this course who are selling something. This is where the sweet spot is for you. So opportunities to advance their goals or opportunities to remove their obstacles, lots and lots of tools. I come from the world of marketing technology in the sales space. Ah, lot of these tools exist to remove obstacles, and you need to be very clear on what those obstacles are and what the removal looks like. So to understand what's valuable, you have to know their goals. You really do need to know this. You can ask about them directly, But a good way is just to research things like Twitter. Things like Lincoln just follow them. Follow these people you're going to reach out to, um, if you're shooting out a lot of emails and you don't have a really solid idea for this. That's that's totally okay. You can just go ahead and move forward with whatever it is you think is valuable. And you can just conjecture and then say that Hey, look, I I think you probably you know, let me give you a good example. I'm gonna start running some ah shows here in Chicago and in New York at just comedy shows on different nights of the week that bars don't have a lot of patrons that come in, whatever their least busy night is. Aiken say, Hey, look, I'm sure you have a night that's not very busy. I don't know what night that is, but I sure you want people to come into your bar. Let's run a comedy show for two hours on a Tuesday night at eight o'clock, and we're gonna try our best to get people out to your show. So I don't know if that's a specific goal, but I can conjecture that that is a goal. So it's OK for you to do that because their response to you is going to confirm or a disk confirm that that is the case, and that's okay to do that. So let's continue to move forward. If you know their goals. You can actually say things that really, really impel a response and you'll see what I'm talking about here. So if you know their goals, you can say things like promoters who book us normally sell out shows in your area. We have 3000 followers and 200 pre sold tickets. I would be if I was a venue owner who got this there? Promoter. I would be an idiot to not reply to this email, even if I don't have a specific time that that I could be helped with these guys, I would be stupid not to respond to this email. I want a relationship with someone who has that situation. Now. If you're someone who's going, I I am in a band and I don't have this kind of thing. I guarantee you have something you can do to help deliver and indicate value that aligns with of venues, goals. And if not, then there's the work that you need to dio. Let's go to the next thing I read that you're trying to record a post in podcast a week. Ah, my company has a tool that will reduce editing time by 90% Bang. That's pretty simple. That's very straightforward. If you didn't get a reply to this, I would say, Don't change up that message. Just keep going forward with it. Because if their goal is to try to get a podcast out a week, they don't have a lot of time to add it. If you have a tool that reduces that time by 90% and I'm this guy, I absolutely want to know what your tool is. I want to go. What is it? How does it work? That's the email that I would send in response. So if you know their goals, you can send enticing value props like this. And just for a second, let's think about the Chaldean E six principles of compliance that we're seeing here per mortars. Her book, Us normally sell out shows That's a lot of social proof, and then the indication of value in your area. We have 3000 followers and 200 pre sold tickets. I read your trying to record and post a podcast a week commitment, consistency also reciprocity. My company has a tool that will reduce it in time by 90% removal of obstacles. That's a lot of value. Your message would really resonate with my subscribers if you sit. If you'd like to sit down and record an episode together, I'm sure they'd love it and you'd get great feedback. I would say There's a few things going on there. Your message would really resonate with my subscribers. That's him liking a little bit. That's also a little bit of maybe reciprocity. If you'd like to sit down and recorded episode together, I'm sure they love it. And you'd get great feedback. You would receive some value here because you'd be in front of a different audience. If you know their goals, you can say things like that. They're powerful. This you're starting to see how this gets this. This comes together. You know a lot of people who write cold emails do not write the's. Just refer back to the bad emails section. You can see that these types of sentences don't occur. In fact, they don't occur so much that we're gonna dive into it soon. And I'm going to deconstruct some of those emails to show you how to write really good ones . 20. 5 Writing Cold Emails Section A, Rules: here we are. Cold emailing step for writing the email poorly were jumping in and one of my favorite quotes I should tell you, here it is before you do something while you have to do it poorly. I feel like this quote just resonates so hard and you wouldn't believe who said it. Me, Ha, ha! Bread and lemon, That was your your your humble narrator Ah, you should not expect your first emails to go over well, and, uh, in order to help make that happen that they at least don't go poorly or don't go terribly Have some rules for you. So these are things you should follow as you're writing your emails that are going to help guide you into good writing and do or do not do these things one. Make it about them. You want to make this email about them, put you in the 1st 8 words. It's very important you do that. Don't ever put I as the first few words. Now the one exception of this rule is by you saying I noticed you or I saw that you or something like this. But if you if you can get around doing that by just saying you recently posted an article I read or blah blah. Putting you in the first few words is what's important here. Just putting I in the fuse for words does not help. Now, this is what an inbox looks like. This is important for you to understand. This is a screenshot of my inbox. I've got all this bs going on. If I had shown you my work inbox, which I can't do unfortunately, um, due to you would just see to my there be too much indication too much giving up the game. But this is my personal inbox. I just want you to look at this. I've got all kinds of crap going on your right. And when I look at it, this is the BS. They've got distractions kind of crap. Everything's trying to get my attention. Distractions, distractions, distractions, these emails from up work, and then Steven over here. These are actually worth looking at. But you can see they're very small percentage of the SIM box these things have actually wanted to look at and haven't gotten my attention. I mean, Steve did a little bit more More importantly, though, This is what thes e your inbox really looks like. This is what most high value people's inbox actually looks like. It's just a phone you can see here. Apparently, I got okay, Cube got my attention an 803 in the morning. But there's very little information. What's important for you to see is that you got the source. You got a subject line, and then you have a handful of words here, right? The beginning. This is why you need tohave you very early. You need to have you placed in the position that they can see. This is how most emails were red. Now deal with it. So do right high and not hey or dear, never ever write dear. Do not write dear or hello. You wanna look crazy, you friggin weirdo! Putting hello in the first email. Don't get flagged as spam. This is a really big deal. You need to get this email in their inbox and not into their spam box. So don't have hyperlinks. Don't do attachments. Don't send the same email to multiple people at the same organization at the same time. That's where you start going wrong. Now, there are articles by Hub spot in all kinds of people online talking about how to avoid being spam, one of the spam filters doing how to not get end up in the spam box. Look, the 80 20 on this. The 5% that gives you the the 95% of the solution is just simply don't have hyperlinks, don't have attachments and don't send the same people to multiple at the same organization the same time. Just don't do that. Do send it from your personal email address and to one person, have it not look like 100 other emails you're sending and just don't have attachments or hyperlinks. So that means get your photo out of your signature. I think that looks stupid. It's 2019. We don't want a whole bunch of PNG files that have to render on my phone. Just get that stuff out of the equation. Let me check out the spam folder and show you what I've got here is from Jacob. By the way, this was not sent to me. This was sent to someone else, but this was a really male happy Tuesday. You're writing. You're writing this to Tuesday. Are Who are you writing this to? Jacob? This guy Solutions executive. Ah, he needs to take this course because this is not a solution on how to write an email. I'm certain you were contacted frequently by are different A. T and T channels and partners, but we have a part of national baseball team business. Blah blah, blah, blah, blah. This is all just bad, but he's got an image here that we got rid of because it's annoying. Ah, this is exactly how you end up in the spam folder. Okay, it's to a bunch of people. That's the first thing you should see. Okay, happy Tuesday, you freaking psychopath. Goodness gracious, Jacob. I hope he's a robot for his own sake. I we me. He's got a whole bunch of things here that are betraying very quickly. The we he's referring to is not a we. As in you and I. It's a we, as in me and my team, this guy had I cannot even tell you what the value of this is supposed to be or how it's supposed to be relevant to the person he's sending it to, and we know it's not supposed to be relevant cause it's cc to someone else. This guy also links on links on links. He's had all these links in the bottom, plus the image. This ended up in the Spam folder. For sure, it's not very valuable whatsoever. Also, the attachment images I mentioned. So do or do not do these. Try to write less than 150 words. I know that's difficult, but if you need to cut you cut this down as much as possible. The more you write, the more difficult it will be to get a reply. It's just too heavy for them to reply to. So try to do that. The less you say, the easier it'll be to reply to those are the rules to start out with. Let's jump in and get into even more things that are relevant to the emails you're typing up in getting responses from 21. 6 Writing Cold Emails Section B, Guidelines: next section on cold emailing writing the email poorly be guidelines. Okay, so you're like, Wait, there's rules of them. There's guidelines. Yeah, yeah, Dude, there's rules. And then there's guidelines because guidelines, they're just they're not telling. So rules are like, don't break. These guidelines are like, you probably want to do these, but you don't have Teoh, and there's there's situations when you don't want to. But this is gonna be good lesson, because we're gonna dive in later, using these guidelines to rewrite some of the bad emails that we received earlier, and we're gonna we're gonna rewrite them in a way that you're going to see how to approach writing your own emails. This. Actually, you will get a lot of value out of this. So let's dive into these guidelines. One. Don't bury the lead. Mostly, you want to talk about what you want to do up front. You have to have a clear ask if you haven't asked, and again you do not always have an ask. Sometimes you just want to send something to deepen the relationship. Sometimes you send emails without necessarily needing a reply, but but having a clear ask is gonna be very valuable. Ah, if you do have one in putting it right up front, you don't want to bury that thing later in the email, you want it right up top. Let's let's use this one for reference. Having no early ask. Hey, Gloria, Hope you're having a wonderful and productive week so far quicker on trompe. Sean, Remember this email from back before that we went through and was just awful? This guy Let's go through and in notes and bad things here. Where's the ask? Can we even try to figure out where this ask is in here? There it is. If you read through this email and I encourage you to do it, let's just check it out. This is where you're gonna find you gonna find it all over. The place is in three different locations. There's no clear ask for what this person is looking to dio. It's in the first. It's in. The second is in the third paragraph. Finally, you could say, Look, he's asking for a call at 1 p.m. Or Thursday at 11 a.m. But But But for what? What does that call about? What does he want you to do. He wants you to have a call with them. But what is it? Even four about? If those times don't work, you can use this link to set up a time. It's all over the place. It's all over the place. Let's go forward. Right to your target. As if you already kind of know them. So this is important. You don't want to be overly formal in your language. I like to say you want to meet. You want to write like you've met them once, But you don't have a substantial conversation. You didn't have one. You didn't get into it. You just kind of met him very quickly, a socially. And then you're writing them again. So you already remember, Do have some kind of relationship with them because you've looked at them. You've You've researched them, you follow them and you want to go through and talk with them further. Another way to put this is you want to write like you're writing to your significant others parents that you haven't met yet. So, like, this is this is fascinating. You want to be a little formal, but you want to be like, Hey, look, we already kind of know each other. Here's the deal. If you assume the relationship you wanna have, it will end up taking place. Let's look at her again. The same email for a weird voice reference. So let's find out what's weird about this. Here's what's weird about this wonderful and productive week so far. Have you ever said that to anybody who you actually have any kind of whoops relationship with? Ah, let's keep going. I've started scaled and sold a number of companies, notably one from why Combinator, I'm now focusing on helping online businesses like Blank unlocked it. This is just you. This is You would never say this to someone. The only place you would ever say this is if you're getting up in delivering a speech to a giant audience of people, and you wouldn't be able to pinpoint any of them. And even then I would tell you it's not a good way to do it. We will have you excited about your growth that sounds vaguely sexual. It's a very weird None of this language is normal, and and that's why it's a super bizarre email. So let's keep going, Make the email low barrier to entry to reply to. What does that mean when I say lower barrier to entry? I've noticed noted this a few times when it means is don't have more than one or at most two ideas in the email that the more ideas you put in the email, the harder it will be to reply to because you're gonna have many. The put your target, having many thoughts, moving around their head and trying to solve the mental furniture of what way to arrange the reply. You want them to do less work. So the less you say, the better too much, and the target has to make decisions to reply and making decisions takes energy, and taking energy is work. You do not want them to have to do work to reply to you. You want to do the work for them. You want to make their reply, and they're saying yes and jumping through the hoops you want and the compliance you want to gain easy. So do the work for them. You want to do it, so I jump in here too many ideas. How many ideas Aaron This email How many freaking ideas does this guy have in his email? One, 2345678999 Ideas this guy could not have. I don't even know if he could have fit more ideas into this email if he tried. Let's see if we can rewrite this. Here's how I want to jump through it. We know it's to glory. Hi, Gloria. Do you touched the lead? Janner demand Gen Strategy and X Y Z Corp. Because that's what he's going through again. Read through the scene. I'll put it on pause. See where we're going here. If so, would you be open to meeting with me? That's what he wants. He wants a meeting. He wants a meeting about the strategy at X Y Z Corp. A number of people with your title have recently switched to using our linking prospecting tool, which delivers about 40 to 60 calls sales calls per rapper week with $0 enhancement. That's the value a number of people is the is the compliance gaining? That's the social proof. A number of people with your title have recently switched to using our prospecting tool. Why? Because here's the value. It delivers opportunities to you for $0 an ad Spend. If you're curious, I'm happy to set a time Tuesday at 1 p.m. Or Thursday at 11 a.m. Best for me or forward some case studies to show value best. Sean. That's all you have to write. That's it. The rest of this bs could have been gotten rid of. And this is a much more simple email I should send. This is shown in charge of money for the consulting fee. Anyway, I want you guys to pause this look at this and see what I did here because a good way to understand how to write emails from cold emails from scratch is by going through and checking out some bad emails and how you can clean them up If you have your own, I would encourage you to do this. We're gonna dive further into why this email is set up the way it is, and then you can start cranking through and sending cold emails to your own prospects. 22. 7 Writing Cold Emails Section C, F Type Emails: Here we are. The next section and cold emailing step for writing email poorly. Section C f type e mails after emails. What are they? Uh, they're very important. That's the first thing you should know. F type emails are staple for a reason. You probably heard about them before. If you know anything about cooled emailing, basically they just look like enough. That's it. Simple enough, baby cakes. Here we go. After I p mills or three paragraphs basically and I'm gonna break these down. This is a formula. This is a formula in a template that you can use that I encourage you to use. It will be more effective than almost anything else. You right? It's It's the basis for everything else. This is the structure that you should improve improvise upon as you're experimenting and you should refer back to it. It should be the default of anything you write first paragraph relevance and ask Okay, second paragraph displaying value and leveraging compliance switches. So the first paragraph you want to go? This is why I'm writing to you. Here's what I want. The second paragraph is, Here's what the value is for you. What's in it for you and any other compliance, which is you can leverage to get them to reply and comply with your with your, ah, email. Then finally the third paragraph telling them what the next step would be. Delivering a call to action. This is just like if you want to apply, here's what you need to dio. Maybe any tiny additional value will talk about their second. And then is there 1/4 paragraph? Will there can be? Could be a put forth paragraph. I would, I would really say Mostly don't do that. But postscript Anything else off the wall? Personal, Interesting, funny, etcetera to build, affinity and report. And mostly, I would say, if you can send something in a post script or in the last paragraph that causes someone to go, Oh, man, I have to reply to this. That's what that's where you would put it. It's not really part of your main ask. These are your main Ask the 1st 2nd and third paragraph. The fourth is just anything else that might deep in a relationship or get someone to to just feel that feeling of I need to reply and well, I will give you examples in this in this lesson. So let's talk about the first paragraph relevance and ask for the breakdown. First sentence. Refer to something with them. Pretty simple. Refer to something with them. Second sentence. What you want. Be clear and direct. It's one thing it's expressed in one sentence. So again, the first sentence is something with them. Put you in the 1st 8 words. Do some research. Have something to say, whatever it happens to be. Second sentence what you want. Be clear and direct. It's one thing, and then finally if you must and I would sincerely hope you don't do this right or third sentence, it should be very short, very simple and almost always just have directly and ask. So let's jump into some examples. Hi, David. I think I meant to put I read a book of yours. A read of your book was super interesting. Would you ever be open to sitting down and discussing another podcast? Super fascinating. Why is that relevant? I read their book in its super interesting. Maybe that's liking. Maybe that's reciprocity. Would you ever be open to sitting down and discussing the pockets? That's the direct one sentence I sent this to Ah, David Rushkoff, and I'm getting him on my podcast. That's how that's. That's how I open this email. Hi, Rebecca. You mentioned in a recent article unlinked in that doubling subscriptions is a big priority for your company next year. Could we set a 5 to 10 minutes to chat about that goal? So the pushback that I can almost feel some of you getting right now in this in this lesson is But wait a minute, Brendan, you just asked right up front. If we could set a 5 to 10 minutes, you haven't built any value, your right. And you know what? I don't I don't care. It doesn't matter. I'm going to move on to build value. But she's gonna know while she's reading it that I already want this. This is what I'm going for. And I've already said that she's the issue in the next sentence is what's gonna make this relevant. It's OK to put the ask first. She knows what she's getting into, so let's go on to the second paragraph. We'll pull it all together in a minute. Second paragraph for a sentence one piece of support or value for why they should comply with your ask. This is what they call the because of what I call the because so because it's very important. Stanley Milgram and one of his experiments learned that just adding a because just the word because and then giving a reason increased compliance a significant amount. I'm not going to cite it immediately here because I don't have that in front of me. But because just the word caused people to suddenly see reasons and start thinking of reasons why the thing that the person asked for was good. So we want to put this in our email. You I would encourage you to say the word because I actually would encourage you to say that in the email. But you could have an implied because and then have some support. Second sentence. Any other thing that else adds some of Chaldean is compliance. Finding third sentence if you must. Something direct that adds evidence or displays value. So here's some examples in the same vein. Specifically, I want to dig further into the concept of artificiality that your book talks about very interesting, and I have an audience of about 30 to 40 k per episode, and we could record at your convenience for an hour ish. So here we go. The first sentence I This is I want I'm reaching out to you and I want a man the podcast because I want to dig further into the concept of artificiality. And you should do it because I have an audience of about 30 to 40 k and we could record at a time. That's easy for you. Pretty easy to reply to this email, even if somebody saying no, even if he's saying no, it's pretty easy and and the value is very clear. There's not a lot of obfuscation in this sentence or in the sentences. Pardon me, Let's move on. Brands like Coupland and Cloud Strike who use our platform, see not just a two acts, but 5 to 6 X subscriptions within a year. Most teams we meet with end up using some variety of our service. So here's a lot of social proof. Here's to other brands that use our platform, and they see the value. Which is this to accent? Five X? Most teams we meet with end up using some variety of our service. That's a lot that's to Chaldean E switches right next to each other. The value is very clear. I'm not beating around the bush and it's providing those. Those words are very good. I can't really, You know, I could remove most teams. We meet with yada yada, but that most teams makes it seem like she's gonna move in this direction anyway. Remember, we're still writing this. Rebecca. Let's go on to the third paragraph. I'd say Display display value. Darn it, Brendan. Third paragraph is called Action. What their next step should be. The call to action. That's it. Make a short pretty easy. Let's do an example. Let me know if you're into it. My schedule opens up a bit into the new year. That's already getting them mentally thinking about where this is going to fall. If you're into it, just shoot me a quick reply, happy to send additional info over before we set a time to speak. That's it. I'm happy to continue to support. Let me know. Four paragraph. If you do anything else, just use this something personal, extra etcetera that causes someone to go. Oh, man, I gotta replace this. Here's some examples or part of me. You want them to feel something? You want them to actually have it. You needs to be a feeling that will happen in your intuition Should tell you that they will . You do not want to make it about work or about what you want. You absolutely do not want to have a P s. That is further elaborating on the things you wrote about in your email. This is a big mistake. If you have 1/4 paragraph, go ps, you're really gonna love it. Some quotes from a CMO said it was great. That's is total bullshit. Put that in your copy. This is about the relationship. This is occurring outside of the main thrust of the conversation. It's not elaborating on the main thrust of the conversation. Let's go into examples. PSR mutual friend David Jade said we should talk about this pic of David Jade bungee jumping. So you just said to me Well, Brendan, you said it should be outside of the main thrust of the conversation. Well, if somebody is saying we should talk about it actually is out of the main thrust of our conversation. Uh, it's It's not David Jade going PS. David Jade really loves this situation or whatever. The email is about us talking on the podcast, and the PS is something fun and interesting about our friend in the pick of David Jade. Bungee jumping is important to the situation. Ah, because hopefully he's a mutual friend. That is fun. And this is delivering fun, not delivering. Maura, about the point of the email. Ps Was your law school council really Barack Obama? That's the thing somebody's going to reply to that's going to cause I'm gonna go. Oh man, Yeah, this is pretty nuts. I got a reply to it. So let's put it all together. Email one. Hi, David. A read of your book was super interesting. Would you ever be open to sitting down and discussing on a podcast? Specifically, I want to dig further into the concept of artificiality that your book talks about. Very interesting. I have an audience about 30 to 40 k per episode, and we could recorded the convenience for an hour ish. Let me know if you're into it. My schedule opens up a bit into the new year best Brendan PS. Our mutual friend David Jade said, We should talk about this and that. This is David bungee jumping. There we go. Pretty cool, right too high. Rebecca. You mentioned in a recent article in Lincoln that doubling subscriptions is a big priority for your company. The next year could be set 5 to 10 minutes to chat about that goal. Brands like Upload and Cloud Strike User platform See not just to export 5 to 6 X subscriptions within a year. Most teams we meet with end up using some variety of our service. If you're into it, just shoot me. A quick reply. Happy to send additional info before it set a time to speak fast. Brendan. There is no clutter in this email. PS Was your law school professor really Barack Obama? No clutter directly to the point I would reply to this. Email would follow up. I would double down. It's a very clear, concise ask. I know. Here's why we want to talk. Let me know. Here's the value. Take care in the Barack Obama part, that is the cherry on top. So this is how to write enough type email. This is the way that F type emails look, and this is how you want to write your email. Go back to this formula. Just go right back to this guy. Bang. Looks like an F first paragraph relevance and asked Second paragraph, displaying value and leveraging applying switches third paragraph telling them what the next up would be in delivering a call to action. Move forward writing your emails like this, we'll dive even deeper in the next lesson on writing the emails poorly. 23. 8 Writing Cold Emails Section D, Subject Lines: So you've written the email. Hopefully you've written the F type email using the formula that I've given you in the previous. Ah, the previous lesson. Go back and watch it again. If you haven't done this, I would encourage you to do it. But you're probably sitting there thinking, But Brendan, we didn't write the subject line. You're right. This is the section where we write it section D the subject line. We're gonna go through and do this. Here we go. But before we even begin such of lines, I hate subject lines. Why do I hate subject lines? Because subject lines are both important and not important. They could be the reason your email doesn't get opened. They could be the reason your email gets open, which is totally nuts. I wish they didn't exist, but they do. It's the world we live in. I like writing subject lines after rewrite the email. I like writing them after the email because you know what the emails about when you write it. If you write the subject line first, I think it actually causes you to write the email to the subject. One you don't want to do that you want to write the email first. That's the more important part. Then you want to go back and write the subject line and just make sure that it doesn't break. Some of these rules have a lot of opinions on that. As you heard, they don't really matter. See, that's the problem. Subject lines don't really matter for rial for riel, right? 6 to 11 words. Studies showed this. This is the best length for subject, lines said. Some people say that you should use I say or one word. Also, some people say that you should use someone's name in the subject line. First name that they're like Our studies show that data shows that people have the open more so when they see their first line. I think it looks dumb. If I see a subject line with my first name in it, I don't open it. Um, you can write one word that's fine, too, because here's the thing nobody really knows. I do know that 6 to 11 words tends to be the best, But also one word tends to work, too. The best email open rate I have is just a subject line that says, Follow up. That's it. You will never get Maura or waiting on you. Those three words or two words follow up or waiting on you tend to be the best. So one word. 6 to 11 words Who the frig knows. I just know that if you write typically less than six words or typically more than 11 words , they won't get open. This is the Wild West, you guys. That's why I hate subject lines. They're just ridiculous. Do not use a question mark or an exclamation point or a period in a subject line. Just don't do it. It's weird. It looks weird. I don't open them. When I see that some people say right, a question in the subject line. Don't do that. Don't write a subject line question. I know. How are you going to get to two acts? Revenue Next year? I would just never open it. It just wouldn't It wouldn't get my attention. I have to admit that to myself, even though it feels like it should maybe use the first name. Like I mentioned, you're not really sure. Maybe do it. Try it. Don't try it. That's why I say experiment. Make sure the subject line has something to do with your copy. Don't write something completely non sequitur off the wall. It should do something with your copy. And if you can refer to something specific, I think you should. I think it's better to do that than not do that again. I'm gonna keep saying it. The This is the Wild West. This is the It's a who knows why any of these things work or don't work. They just do. And it's bizarre. Some examples of decent subject lines. James told me we should talk. It was to ask you about this pick. Pardon me. James told me to ask you about this pick that actually has to do with the email. If they opened up on Reddit, they would still get their. Their eyes would flick down to the the image. First they would read the PS than they would go back and read the email. That totally works. Totally okay to do that? Was your college counselor Barack? No question, Mark or I would just put your college counselor. Barack. Maybe not, was even. I know that's technically not. This is also betraying. This is only five. Another when I said would be four but like that might resonate with someone who who saw it . Not a lot of people probably talk to this person about their counselor being Barack. I don't know how I knew that, but it came up the article you shared on Lincoln. If they just shared the article and it's fresh, this actually would get them toe. Probably open if I shared an article. And then I got an email like this that said the article you shared on Lincoln or why I love the article you shared on LinkedIn groups. Ah, I would probably open it. We'll probably see that it's timely. It's relevant. Talk on a podcast about your new book. I've used this so many times with so many authors, and it works. People get emails like this all the time, but they want to talk about their book. They wanna go out and do it. Podcasts or the new radio shows they're mostly open to doing it. Ah, and it's exactly what this emails about. I reviewed your book on Amazon. If I got this email, I would immediately open it. I would go. I want to know what they said. I want to know why this went apart. Probably also, most people who reviewed the book don't ever talk to them about it directly. So this becomes a really, really good opportunity to connect with someone who does that. I want to know what they thought. This will make David Weissman really happy, especially if David Weissman is their boss. This is like a great subject line. What's gonna make David Weissman really happy? And I'm not mentioning their name and mentioned somebody else's. But if I got an email that mentioned my boss's name and why would make them really happy, I would open it out of curiosity. That's it. The subject line should really inspire curiosity to see what the email has to dio. And this this one would cause me to do it. It's referring to people I know within my spear, and I would I want to know what it is. And if I got into the email, whatever argument it made, I would listen to see again, this is your target boss's name. I saw you love the Philadelphia Eagles. If I have anything about the Philadelphia Eagles in that message. That's fine. That's all I got to Dio. So I love the Philadelphia Eagles. Hi, James. Saw you love the Philly doubtfully Eagles. Whoops. I I also really dig. Um, wonder if they're gonna have this thing this year. Here's what I want to talk to you about. Trying to get your attention to talk to you about X y Z thing. Anyway, we could play your venue anyway. We could get five minutes your time to talk about why I can improve your subscription rates any whatever the sub the thrust of the cold email is this is just trying to get them to open it. Do you make sure that it has some relevance? Don't just say this is a non sequitur and then you open it up and there's no more mention of the Philadelphia Eagles. Just use some tact drawed into the main message. You're using this one? I just accidentally popped it down earlier and you saw it. This one is the dude I'm telling you, this is the nuclear launch code of subject lines. Boom. This email will take you 30 seconds. Why is this so if you have a litter, if you cannot think of any other thing to write. Write this. His email will take you 30 seconds because it will take them 30 seconds to read. And that's it. And that's what I love about this subject line because most people have no idea with what they're getting into, but something saying, Look, this is only gonna take you 30 seconds. This causes someone to immediately go. You know what? I'm gonna take a look at this. I'm gonna go further. I'm gonna check a look at it. I know I'm not. It's not a huge investment, so I'm not worried about getting my time wasted. I can say no any of that kind of stuff. I'm telling you, this is a great subject line. This is the one to keep in your back pocket. You came up in conversation that is so simple. And the great thing about it is you can write this to anybody. Hey, Ah was talking with my colleagues the other day and we thought, you know, who could really benefit from this technology is Jimmy. Whatever from the X Y z Corp, Um I was doing some research and you came up and you came up in conversation. I mean, is it thinly veiled? Maybe, But if I have a really strong value prop that goes along with this, it would be good. Hey, I was talking to my buddies about what venues we should play in Chicago, and your name came up in conversation because you have a great venue. Any of these things are completely possible again. You don't have to make every cold email about the pitch. You can talk. You can just email somebody and say You came up in conversation. People were talking about how great of a venue owner you are. Just wanted to say that you're a great guy and people really love and respect you. Anyway. Take it easy. Then they're going to reply to you. And if they don't a week later, a few days later, whatever your follow up schedule is, you send another email that actually has the pitch. You send it as a reply to your own email, or if they get that email, they're going to search your name in their in box and find that you send them something nice a week before it's automatically gonna move their disposition toward liking you, so Ah, use that one for sure. Really? Love your approach to content marketing. Just another thing that I'm sending again. This is Chaldean ease example here. I really love your approach to content, marketing, reciprocity, giving you a compliment. Liking all of that stuff is very it's it's right in the subject line and they're gonna go. What is my approach to content marketing? They're gonna want to know what your thoughts are here. So use any of these. I would highly suggest you take these two. Write them down on your desktop. Right. I'm in your notebook. Put him on your whiteboard. Use this constant. If you can't think of anything else to write, use one of these specifically. This email will take you 30 seconds, so subject lines are annoying, but they're necessary. And the only thing that you should know is that they should be relevant somehow to the copy that you're writing 6 to 11 ish words and they should not have punctuation those air. Really? Let's just dump back. Those were really the big ones. And try to be a specific as you can and write them after the email. Anyway. Good luck, right? Them guys 24. 9 Writing Cold Emails Revise, Revise, Revise: cold emailing Step five said that really weird court emailing cool the mailing cold emailing stuff. Eyes revised, revised rise, rise, rise. So I love this. The first draft of anything is shit. That's why I say right the email poorly. If you try to write the email well, you're never gonna write an email because nothing you right, the first time is good. It's the first draft of anything is shit. Who said that? Can you say with me at home? Me, I said it. Ernest Hemingway. Okay, the goal of writing the email and revising it the goal of revision of the whole thing make the prospects brain do as little work as possible. The less work they have to do, the lower the barrier to entry, the easier it is for them to reply to you, which is the goal. Remember, the goal is always to get the reply, because that is deepening the relationship that's beginning the exchange. So how do we do that? One Cut out anything but a single idea if you got more than one idea. If you have to have to find whatever, it's fine, but it cut out anything. If you got more than that. Slice it off. You could get into more ideas later, but we want to make this a simple and easy to die justice possible right from the beginning to cut out all unnecessary words. You want the leanest email you can send you want the lead ist email that you can that they can receive. The easier the simpler the more elegant it is, the easier it will be to reply to change all language to fifth grade vocabulary. For some reason, this really tends to be the case, especially in business emails, that all language to the fifth grade vocabulary tends to be the one that has responded to the most. It's easy for people that just it's easy to understand, so that means removing any big words so, like this is the other one. Remove any big questions that require a lot of thought toe. Answer. If you're asking someone in the cold email, what is your schedule look like in the blob? It's just two groups. It's just too much. It's just too much of mental lifting for them to have to do in that email. You want it to be very simple Ah, also make sure this emails about them. I know I keep saying this, but it's because you need to keep hearing it cold. Emails are about them starting the relate the U them Committing to replying to you is committing to investing in the relationship. They need to have reasons to do this so the email needs to be about them. That is a very important part of revision. So let's revise. Hi, Charles, he posted an article on linked in About customer loyalty. Is this a critical priority for Union Organisation at the moment? If so, we should probably speak brands like Excellent and Supreme Corp utilize our platform and increased customer retention and loyalty as much as an order of magnitude change. If this is a priority, I can afford a breakdown of white paper containing outcomes from others who have adopted us . At first blush, you might think this really doesn't look like that bad of an email, and honestly, it's better than some of the ones we've read in the bad emails category. But what can we do to improve it? Let's jump in, see immediately how much I cut out of here. Hi, Charles you shared a post on LinkedIn about customer loyalty? Is that a big goal for you and your team? Right now? Let's just go back. Is this a critical priority for you and your organization at the moment, these critical priority, you and your organization? Let's just change those two big goals in union team. It's way easier to read and understand same thing with the next. If so, let's chat brands like Excellent and Supreme Corp uses to 10 x customer loyalty. All of this. If so, we should probably speak. May cut out those words right away. Utilize our platform in increased customer retention and loyalty as much as an order of magnitude. Change it. It's too many words. It's too big of words. We can just cut him down to Supreme Court. Uses to 10 x customer loyalty Much easier to understand. You can already see this emails lighter. Easier to go through less lifting if you want. I can send a white paper with info from others who use us bang, and that's still leveraging the the ah social proof trigger that we've talked about. And it's getting rid of the big words he could make the argument that maybe ah, customer retention is ah, industry term. Maybe outcomes is an industry term. Doesn't really matter. Their brain is going to read this easier. Let's jump in and do a couple more of these here. Hi, David. Big Bricks is really one of the best venues that Cleveland has to offer. It's a personal favorite of everyone in the band. Anyway. We could play it in June. You'd be welcoming many of our over 3000 fans of the region to your venue. We could create an agreement that ensures both parties drive maximum and equivalent value. Please reply if this is a possibility. Happy to negotiate something exciting. Both parties once again, not a terrible email just in the beginning, but we can still tighten it up. Can you guys already see where I'm going with this? I bet you guys watching listening. Can you specifically? You know you are. You can figure this out to was jump in and see where it's going. Here we go. Bang, bang. Wait. Wait a minute. I change some of this anyway. Hi, David. Big bricks is for sure One of the best venues that Cleveland has. It's a favorite of all his in the band. Anyway, we played in June. We want our 3000 plus fans to see your venue. We know they'd love it, too. We're open to make a deal that you and us both like to make it happen. We're open to making a deal that you and us both like to make it happen. Please reply if you're into it, happy to work out whatever gets both of us excited. Ah, I think I forgot the word. Excited to make it happen right here. My apologies, guys. This sometimes happens, but you get the point of this email. This is another thing we'll just go through and excited would be the one I change right here in this. But the the point you can see is this. I'm big picture shares, one of best clean use that Cleveland has undoubtedly too much. Ah, it's a favorite. Part of all is in the band that's still there. That's liking. That's a compliance, which any way we could played in June. I'm not burying the headline. We want our 3000 plus fans, who again I'm indicating what we have, but I'm getting straight to it. You'd be welcoming many of our over 3000 fans to the region to your venue. That's a lot of mental work. We want our 3000 plus fans to get to see your venue. We know they'd love it, too. We can create agreement sharing both parties drive maximum and equivalent value. That's pretty ridiculous. We're open to making a deal that gets you and I both excited to make it happen. Get rid of the word like out of their dumb. Um, please reply. If you're into it. I mean again, please drive this possibility. If you're into it, just send me an email. Fifth grade reading level. Have to work out what ever gets. Both of us excited. So that's it. Very simple. Just cut out a handful of different things. Get get gets much tighter in terms of your ability to deliver the message and get to the compliance triggers and the value 25. 10 Writing Cold Emails Send It & SEND IT: cold emailing. Now we're getting into the final few steps here. I'm crunching them together, man. You're moving right along in this course. Send it and send it. Ah, why don't I put these two together? Because they're so closely related. Um, hopefully by now. So you've read your email. You got a cop. You got your half type. He went through your revised got your subject line. You're ready to go. Let's jump in. If it's important, sent it to yourself first. So do I do this with every email I sent out? No. Do I do this with very important emails that I send out? Absolutely. Why do I do this? This is step six. It's really important that you do this with very important emails because you need to check it a last time before you hit send, And when you get it, it suddenly everything's becomes fresh. I mean, you can see I've already made two mistakes in the writing of this course. I'm not going to go back and correct. Um, mistakes happen in real life. Give yourself permission to make him, but you want to eliminate as many as possible. And I'm gonna, uh eliminate those basically, by getting in the position of being like okay, time to do this, time to send it in me. Sending for myself is a good way to do to do that. If you suddenly remember that you misspelled something, said something wrong, left something out. Don't worry, it happens. Like I just said. Mistakes happen. Give yourself permission to make them. Nobody has a nobody, but nobody has the baseline criteria of having everything. And everyone who ever talks to them be perfect if they do, you don't want him in your life, anyway, believe me. So just give yourself permission to make some of those mistakes again. And this is something we'll talk about the bit in terms of tactics. But if it does happen, go ahead and send another email. It's all good. Just if you mess something up, just sent another email and say, You know what? Sorry I screwed that up. Here's what I actually meant. It will show up higher in their inbox. Hopefully, you're not trying to cold email them about a cold email copyrighting service because that would look bad, but otherwise it's all good. Mostly so. Then send it buddy, you can do it. You're done. Not just kidding. Not done yet. You need to set a follow up. This is important. This is game changing. We're going talk about follow up specifically because this changes the nature of who succeeds and who doesn't open up your calendar. Set a reminder to follow up with your target in 3 to 5 days. There's some some services and some tools you can use that will help. Ah, make this and automate this. But if you don't have them set up, ah, follow up in your calendar and 3 to 5 days. Why not a week? Because week is too long? Why not less than three days? Because it will seem a little pushy unless it's time sensitive. Now that's a rule you can break sometimes. Like I just said, you can email someone twice in a row. Sometimes you can email him in the same day. You can email them every other day. I would say depending on the prospect or the target, you email him every day. Just do it. Give yourself permission to do it. But mostly five days is fine for most people. You're reaching out to do this or you'll probably forget you truly you will forget. That's just the case. You don't want to lose track of these conversations. If it's worth sending one email to, it's worth following up with so set thes follow ups, that's what sending it and sending it is all about. You're gonna keep sending it until they get back to you. So set him up. Send it to yourself first. If it's an important email, otherwise just send that email you've already got it and then set a follow up. 26. 11 Writing Cold Emails Follow The Hell Up: So the last section I talked about cold emailing I told you about how following up is very important. How important is it? It's It's might maybe the most important thing if you read a crappy. I mean, this is just really If you write a bad email, read a crappy email and it at least has it's it's It's not so bad that it's impossible to understand what it's saying or or or what you want, but it's just bad. Conventionally, it's not one of these amazing emails, and I'm teaching you how to write. But it's just whatever. You don't employ any other taxes, but you just follow up. You will eventually get back from some of the prospects you're reaching out to. That's just the case. So that kind of grit, that type of perseverance that pays off in dividends. So let me ask you this question. I mean directly. What's the difference between two true winners and everyone else? Winners take my courses. Ah ah! Lucky for you, you're taking a right now. Just take all the other ones. Give me all your money by my books. All right. Winners, take my courses. Jk jk Lows ha! Okay. What's the difference between everyone winners and everyone else? Winners follow the hell up. They really dio winners believe in what they're doing and they're gonna continue doing it until it works out. Embrace the follow up, Remember? Like I said, this isn't about an email. It's about emails. High value people are very, very busy. They need you to follow up and keep things in front of them. Do not rely on them to remember and don't take their lack of responses, a lack of interest. They have a lot going on and you're trying to get in front of them with something that they see is valuable. Set your calendar for follow up if you don't hear back. We've already talked about that. If you're following this to the letter, then you've reached out to about 20 prospects in the last section by sending those emails. And now you've already have follow ups on your calendar. Reply to the same email up to two more times each time at a bit more to the value pitched originally. What? Can you do that? Hell yeah. You can do that. Go ahead and reply to the same email you wrote a good email. It has a good message. You just want a ping it back in front of them. Some people will say things to you like I'm so tired of seeing emails. That's a bump or just getting this to the top of your inbox. It's not good. And it's not adding value. You know what? It doesn't matter. You did have value at that email. Just continue doing it. It is just keeping things lightly in front of someone. How do you do this? Here we go. Actually sent this recently. This is an example from my own life. Sent this to a cafe that I'm gonna run on an open mic night at Hey, Emily and Patrick and the rest of team Emily. I spoke about maybe doing an open mic or some other kind of fun thing at the cafe. I'm a comedian who has run a number of open mic nights and shows around the city. I live around the corner. Fletcher. I have a P A system. If you guys would be interested in really dig putting something together at your space. Happy to afford more info. If you're interested. What's the follow up high. A 1,000,000. Patrick had a chance to talk it over. I have a cool little plan I can share to. That's it. I don't need to do anything really big. It's just adding to little bits to this. Hey, I'm refining everything I said in this email and just cutting it down to its most essential parts. Embrace that follow up. If you have a good message and a good hook, you don't need to invent a new one. You don't need to go back to the drawing board every time. Just change the message up a little bit and try again. Elegant variability. Here's another one. So this is a long email. This is a cold email. This goes against some of the principles and guidelines that I put out earlier. That's why, said their guidelines, Um, obviously it breaks the rule of 150 words, but this worked. I have an interview with this woman on my podcast. I also put a You are Ellen here. You guys are going crazy. You're pulling your hair out. But like I said, this is about experimentation and about emails, not about an email. So this is not about this email. This is about emails. But this did work, and I did get someone. But what would a good follow up be to this if I never heard back? You can see I'm not going to read the whole thing. But I've got a whole bunch in here talking about why this woman should do my podcast. Things that I noticed and you can tell. Part of the reason I wrote this for this long is that I'm leveraging a lot of things to try to get one. I had the lead immediately. I have this clip of her. Um and I say that to were in the subject line, which you unfortunately can't see here. In this clip, you display such a central, profound understanding the idea. Yet I'm leveraging all of these things to get compliance and respond. So let me move forward and talk about what a good reply would be to get her to get back to me if I never heard back. Hi, Judith. I'm sure you're a little busy. Just wanted to follow up and see if you we could connect. Happy to chat about it before recording two. I recently read Naomi Snyder's Why Does Patriarchy persist? A Pretty interesting reading, I think. Relevant to the position. A lot of these insult guys. Aaron, Have you read it? Would dig chatting with you about it, too, offering a little more value. I don't mention this book here in this originally no, but it's relevant to something she would be interested in. And that's partially what I want to talk to her about really good opportunity to connect about it. So add a little more value a little extra, and it doesn't have a lot of writing to do. Very simple. I wrote this response, and I think something like 30 seconds. Maybe so. It doesn't take a lot of time if you've sent a couple of messages and haven't heard back, especially in a business setting. Give them the option of telling you know. So sometimes people are reluctant to say yes because they don't feel that they can say no. They feel pressure. If you relieve that pressure by giving them an out to say no, they're happy to tell, you know, and that's fine because them telling you and giving you the reply is tacitly investing in the relationship. It is an exchange. Remember? All relationships exchange. Even if they're saying no, that's fine. Give them permission to say no, You Every sales person listening to this needs to understand and probably does that a no is just what you have to get on the way to getting ass. You can't be afraid to get a note. The same thing is true with cold emailing. There are plenty of people who have gotten no from before. Who later told me Yes, if you're not interested, no worries. Feel free to let me know if this doesn't work. If this isn't a good time, no big deal. Let me know when would be a good time to reach back out If it's all right, it's all right. If you'd like to pass, just please let me know So I don't keep blowing up your in box. You can tell me. No, you can just tell them that they can tell you know if you'd rather not Please tell me I don't want to keep bothering you. Always remember the skeleton key for following up. Please excuse my persistence. Please excuse my persistence is what you should tell everybody when you feel like you're being too pushy. Please excuse my persistence. If you're not interested, you're welcome to tell me. No. Here's why I'm continuing to follow up. Please let me know. I have followed up with people for over a year and they will finally get back. And then they'll pay my company lots of money because they actually need the solution that I've been reaching out to them about. And that persistence was doing them a favour. Give yourself permission to do this kind of follow up. Continue to do it, continue to be persistent. You will end up hitting your goals and you will make them happen. And it is a value. Add until they give you three knows. I would say continue to follow up and always give them the option to do that. 27. Outside The Box Tactics Intro: So you shot a bunch of emails and now you're trying to look at what else you can dio. So we talked earlier about how there's a 1% conversion rate on e mails. But I said, with a little bit of change of tactics, you can actually improve that quite a bit. Obviously, writing good emails was the start to that. If you don't write, could emails and you don't follow up and you don't have anything there. There's no tactics you can employ. You need a foundational element. We've walked through that. You know how to write F type emails. You have the formula. You know how to write subject lines. All of those things are great. But like I said, this isn't just about any male. It's about emails. So water tactics you can employ to start pulling those numbers up. That's what we're gonna exploiter in this section. This section is gonna teach you how to do things that are fun, lighthearted change the nature of the game make It's not so serious. Very easy reply. Once those emotions air positive, we're gonna also teach you realistic things you have to do to get attention. Those outside of the box tactics that are gonna change what you're sending just from being regular emails, two different things that cause people to pay attention within their inbox. And then finally, we're gonna go relentlessly and how to get a meeting with somebody how to get their attention, how to get your email reply to even though they might not even be noticing your email, seeing it, ignoring it, whatever those guerrilla tactics that are digging into the nitty gritty, this is not something that any other course is going to tell you about. And this is not something that you're gonna learn from anybody else. I've had to learn these things, And this is how I've gotten meetings with people who could make literally $1,000,000 decisions because these tactics work and you're gonna do it having fun. You're gonna do it. Getting this meeting. You're going to do it in a way that is gonna cause your life to change for the better. So let's dive right into these extra tactics. Fun outside the box and gorilla, they're gonna cause your cold email outreach to go from basic one in 100 conversion rate all the way up to like one in five. No exaggeration. If you pull some of this off, you will be one of the best cold e mailers in the country. Let's dive in. 28. Outside the Box Tactics Fun Tactics: So in this section we're gonna talk about getting fun responses, fun tactics, Some of the things that are going to separate you from the rest of the pack and fun tactics are definitely a way to do that. This is just really injecting. I love this using Onley words in your cold emails. Man, it's 20. It's a 21st century. You really mean Lett's ship this up, not writing emails like the late nineties anymore. Onley using words is great. Been using words is important, but let's let's figure out other things we can do to do this. By the way, that was Napoleon Bonaparte who said that fun next year, at least having a good time. I have a personal philosophy that if you're not having fun doing something, you shouldn't do it at all. Honestly, don't just forward a message over and over. Inject some surprise delight. Good feeling fun into the process. This is gonna take. I mean, look, if you're sitting down for, you know, everything. I was talking about 15 minutes a day or 15 emails a day to get 52 gigs over the course of a year. That's pretty good. That's a gig a week. If you're sitting down and that takes you 30 minutes an hour, whatever every day to do, you're going to start getting bored. So some of this is injecting funds. So you have a good time and even doing that, it's gonna cause your prospects to have a good time. If you're having a good time, your targets are gonna have a good time. Your e mails are gonna be fun. It's gonna be positive for everybody. Remember, one of the core beliefs foundational of mindsets is positivity. So punchy responses up with some of this stuff. Send a gift. Really simple. Could be funny. Could be your product. Inaction Could be anything out. Reached out i o When I was leading a team at at, Ah, a major marketing organization sent me a gift of their product in action, and it was actually kind of interesting. I watch it and thought, Oh, this is I could see how it works and replied to the guy, Could be anything could be Ah, funny cat gift. Could be anything. Something like that. Landing in someone's inbox is just a funny thing to do. If you can get them to forward some funny gift that you sent them to some of their colleagues. You are in the top 1% of cold e mailers in the country. I'm telling you, that never happens. And you have the power to do it forward in New Yorker cartoon. I love this. Here's one of my favorites. I send this to everybody on the Internet. Nobody knows you're a dog. So super funny. I eat just just anything. I mean, look at this. Him talking to the other. Doc, this is unbelievable to send it to whoever get it out there, get another person to respond to what they will. Ah, I guarantee you. Not a lot of people have received this. Um, in certainly any other New Yorker cartoon. It's a good way to get people to respond to you Post about your target on social media. LinkedIn, Facebook. Twitter. Send something about him. Tweet, Adam. Tag him in a tweet, tag him on, lengthen post something about him on social media, whatever you're doing, just just notice them. Hey, really saw this amazing article that Blank just got quoted in or just got shared and check this stuff out we'll talk a little bit more about how to use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other media in a in a later lesson. But this is just a fun thing to dio it. Remember, you're trying to connect with these people. This is a good excuse for them to get back to you, record a video, afford it. You can use vidyard, which is a great service that offers a free plug. And with Gmail YouTube, of course, you can just film something and post it Vimeo. Just send something over to them. You know, uh, sometimes this works. A lot of the teams I've worked for has been frustrated because they they tell me I say this all the time and they say it doesn't work when they do it, But whatever doesn't have to be great. Could be goofy. Could be something that you record in two seconds. Could be you dancing. And then you just hold up a sign that says, Call me like, whatever. It doesn't matter something that injects a lot of personality into the equation. And it's fun for you to do to vary it up a little bit. If you sent five emails and you haven't gotten a response one way or another. Just dried out recording audio pitch hosted somewhere like Soundcloud. Send it pretty simple. Another one. Just pull out your phone record. A voice memo sent it like a voicemail. It's It's It's really that simple. It could be funny. Could be goofy. Could be you talking through the value. That sort of thing is surprising and delighting and interesting for people. I guarantee you a lot of the people you're reaching out to or want to reach out to the targets that you're aiming for. They do not have this happen to them Very often. People send them emails all the time. They don't send them an email that just has a memo on it. A voice memo, especially if it doesn't have a subject line or just has a really short like Hey, listen to this probably doesn't happen very much, something a friend of mine did recently that I thought would be a really good outreach for someone else's. Um, he got a bunch of people together. It was very kind of him to dio and recorded a bunch of reasons why people like me had some bad things happen to me recently that laid me pretty low in him and his and this body's got together and all recorded reasons why they like to me and send it over to me. You can get five people in your life to record something about someone or that you're trying to get a response from, and then have them just edited together. Probably took him five minutes and then send it over to that person. I guarantee you they never had anybody do that to them before. It will differentiate you immediately, and they will want to reply to deep in the relationship. That is a really solid exchange. The reciprocity, the liking, the social proof. All of that speaks very positively for you, and it's fun to dio Picture one. Dude, I love this pitching your subject line with one line subject line pitch Wanted a podcast. Let's play your venue. Don't even elaborated on and in the email just right. Want to do a podcast and then just say something in the email? Copy Like, uh, let me know. I can reply with more details. That's it. It's so low barrier to entry people will reply to it. This one is great. If you're sending a lot of emails and can't get something back from somebody, send episodic emails. I once wrote an email to a guy at Lucky Brand jeans while I was doing prospecting for a ah marketing technology company and email every single day and I started, I started writing a story that I would continue every day. One day I didn't write him an email. I got to a really interesting cliffhanger in this story I was writing him, which was just some BS I made up every day. And he I finally got a reply and he said, What happened? Why didn't I get an email today? Like that was finally the first time he replied. To me, it was like nine months into reaching out, but I finally got a reply. He invested in the relationship. Now, hopefully you don't have to do this for nine months, but if it's a valuable enough contact, your cold emailing it is worth it. I like this one screenshot. They're linked in profile and sent it to them. Is that a little weird and stock ary? Maybe I don't know what you could do with it, you could market up by pointing out things and outlining stuff and going. This is why we're perfect fit, or this is why I want to talk to you. Whatever that happens to be, that's a fun way to do it. Other people don't do that kind of thing to them very much. You can use video for that, too. There's just a bunch of different ways to differentiate yourself and have some fun, and that's a good way to do it. Uh, I like this one forward. Three male e mails in one day, three emails and wanted Nothing had heavy. But they will see you if you don't think that they're noticing you. If you send three females in one day and all of them have the line, I know I'm sending you a lot of emails. Please tell me to stop if you feel like it. If this is annoying to you, you will find out very quickly. If there watching you or know you or anything, most of the time people get back with a look. I'm not replying to you because blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. That's fine. Now they've invested in the relationship. You can take that somewhere. That is the point of the cold email. So these are all fun things you could do. Please Screenshot this. Go do it. Ah, this This would actually be some things that you can use to to have fun and thio Thio. Get responses from the people you're looking for. Keep it up. Keep having fun, the more fun. And I bet you could add three or four ideas to this list also. So challenge yourself to do that while you're following up in trying to get some hold of some of the people you want to connect with. 29. Outside the Box Tactics Outside the Box Tactics: get a response Thinking outside the box tactics. This is a little different from fun. Although these are fun too. This is Ah, a little different Way to think about it. Cold emailing is just the beginning. Abraham Lincoln. He did. He cold emailed his way through the American Civil War Kept the country together outside the box. So budget response from your target. So here's the idea. You could send e mails, the same person over and over again. You'd send him emails, you could even duvet yards. You could send them funds, stuff on video or audio or, you know, Screenshots or pictures or New York cartoons. But instead of just doing that, try to go outside and change the context. Try a different channel, try some different media to get noticed. And if you can do that, you will get a response. We're gonna cover a whole bunch of that in this segment. This is gonna be a really good thes air. The tactics that are starting to get you really working these air, the things. So the fun stuff is great. You'll get responses. These are the things they're gonna upset, change, shake up and otherwise get agitate a response from the people who you are reaching out to. So here we go. Y'all don't change the game. Calendar invite. Boom. Wait, Brendan, Why am I sending a calendar invite out of nowhere to someone who have never message before ? Remember, you already have a relationship with them. Put some of that message into the calendar and bite. Hey, David, I've emailed you four times already. Sure, you're very busy. I just want to nail down a time when we can speak. Ah, here's this. In this calendar invite we will be covering and then some bullet points. Feel free to move this to whatever works for you or cancel it. If you're not interested, please check out my email for more information, you'll get a response. People getting random calendar invites Most of the time you would be surprised. I used to say this to my team when they were doing a lot of cold meal emailing, I would say Look, send 10 calendar invites, and probably five people will accept them by people. Ignore them. You'll get a response from a bunch of them out of the five that accept them. Two of them will then later decline them. But three of those people will maybe even end up meeting with you if you send them a bunch of emails. Remember, this is a conversation you're now they're getting even. Declining is technically a reply. You will probably get something back from these people are guaranteed, especially if you send out 10. Send a Starbucks digital gift card or any digital gift card that comes direct. So one of the cool things about this is that Starbucks you can spend $2. Send a digital gift card and it arrives from Starbucks. It doesn't arrive from you, doesn't arrive from your email address. Arrive from Starbucks and it can contain a message that you right into it. They let you send a message that something like 400 characters or something not a ton of space but just enoughto help land a point. Now you could if you value your time, send a $5 Starbucks digital gift card and that $5 is worth more than all of the time. You would have spent sending emails going back and forth, etcetera, trying to pin down a time Maybe annoying you may be you who knows what, but that's a very simple way to do it if it comes from someone else. Same thing Calendar invites look different in their inbox. Starbucks digital gift cards come from Starbucks or any gift card from whatever could be argo tea. Who knows Whatever there happen to be into, ask another person to send an email for you. So there's two levels to this one is asking someone they know from their organization, or someone who knows them that you know who knows them to send an email on your behalf. The second is just getting a bunch of people to send emails for you that all say, Talk to you know Brendan, for example, if you could do that, it will look different in their in box of they in one day. If you've been reaching out for four weeks, Okay, let's say you trying to play a music venue in a in a new town? Let's say you're trying to play a big show in Philadelphia. If you know a bunch of people in Philadelphia just a handful. Whatever. Um and maybe even if you don't put no people in Philadelphia if you get for four weeks. You're trying to get out reach. Nothing's coming from it. But then you get a bunch of people in one day. Let's say six people toe all send emails, including you to this target saying Please respond. We want to see you know, Brendan's band play your venue in Philadelphia. That person will respond to you. That's never something that's happened to them before. It only required you to get six people on board with it. And honestly, you could just make six fake email addresses and send them stuff. I mean, I'm not advocating you do that. I think you should always tell the truth, but the truth. But But honestly, you could just do that. They don't know and they're gonna end up probably replying to you and sending a lot of people keep reaching out to me. At the least, they'll say, Please just have them stop doing that. But if you have a good hook and can offer some value and your fun and lighthearted about it , they'll probably end up ah, wanting to connect with you. They'll probably say, Well, this guy's a high value person. He gets other people to reach out for him. It's probably worth talking to send an email the two people at once. This sounds a little bit nuts. That sounds a little bit pushy, and I know I said earlier, you probably shouldn't send it to a bunch of people. But if you have a reason, let's say you're trying to find out who the right person is at an organization and you don't know, send an email to three people at one time in that organization. Just send it and say, Look, I know one of you is someone who I should be speaking with who is the person you know? Just let me know and I don't want to bother. All of you just want to get on board with who, who it's gonna be. The chances are they're going responded that especially if one of those people is the big boss, they were able to do that. You will probably get a response on an email that that is a high likelihood of response. Be prepared for something to maybe go wrong slightly or them telling you not interested, but it probably will happen. Send the same email from multiple email addresses again. I sometimes send the same email from my work email on my personal email and then maybe l Senate from one other. Like my podcast email. Um, and why do I do that? And I'll say in the email, Hey, just want to let you know, I'm not sure if one of these is getting accidentally getting in Spam folder. So I'm sending this to you for more than one if you have a because, like I said, the Stanley Milgram experience, we have a because and you're a fun person who's upbeat, positive and have a mindset of of being positive along with being realistic, they will accept this excuse and continue for it anyway. Ah, I like this one. Find someone's personal email address and email them there so you can use Facebook to try to find this. You could use Lush A You Google their name. There's plenty of ways to find someone's personal email address on the and the Internet these days. Just go ahead and send him an email. Hey, I think the message that I'm sending you on your work email is getting buried, so I just decided to try your personal email. Feel free to tell me this is not appropriate or you don't want to talk to me here. Happy to take it back over to your work. Email address. I just wanted to make sure that I was actually getting seen because I haven't heard back from you. A really simple line like that is totally fine. And if they're mad, it's fine. Just let him be mad. You got other people got to reach out to remember. This isn't about an email. This is about emails. Let's keep it going. Go to someone's website and fill out the contact US form. A lot of people have personal websites these days. Shoot them an email, Sure, but also just go fill out the contact US form and ask. I get on the news recently in Chicago. Ah, because someone went and filled out my contact US form on my website. They were trying to get a hold of me. It was really urgent. It was time sensitive and I got the message and then I replied to them, That's what happened. So go ahead and do it. It's completely possible. Many high value people have websites and you can reach out to them on all of them. So all of these methods, though, change the nature of the game. And I want you to think about this. How can I continue to reach out by slightly shifting the context away from just one way of doing this? Remember there a person in the world and there's lots of ways to get in front of them. So these air outside the box tactics. But in the next one, we're gonna be jumping into guerrilla tactics. This is some stuff that you need to be ready and willing to accept. If you really need to get a hold of somebody their tactics, that will work. But they're starting to invoke the nuclear option. Now get ready and buckle up because we're about to go into hyperspace with this next lesson . 30. Outside The Box Tactics Guerrilla Tactics: All right, You guys ready to employ the dark side with guerrilla tactics? Why do they call guerrilla tactics? Because you were moving into the wilderness and you are not stopping until you see success . This is what this is. This is Oh, man, this is some dark side sits. Lord, stuff that we're talking about is very powerful. It's not evil. So everybody give up your all you moms watching. I'm not talking about evil stuff. I'm just talking about this is getting into some territory where, you know, you gotta gotta be willing to risk a little bit people, people telling me to f off. And that's OK, because if you're you know, you if you accept, it's part of doing them with the outreaches. Some emails are gonna get rejected. Then that's all right. Especially because if you show good character through this entire situation, they're gonna end up respecting you. People respect moxie and sand. Let's get into it. Finished. I have not yet begun to cold email. George Washington. One of the best cold e mailers out there is true. He called email this way into keeping that army in Valley Forge Okay. Guerrilla tactics troll truly pull out all the stops. So what I want you guys to think about is outside the boxes. Imagine what else is possible with email with an inbox with shifting the game around, but this is taking cold outreach outside of email. If you are really committed to wanting to connect with somebody, if there's really a lot of value there for you and you know there's value for them, be relentless. Lean into that relentless mindset and and get some very, very attention drafting tactics. This is this is what you want to do because you're gonna get response, and it's gonna help develop this relationship. So you're gonna punch up your response rate. With plays like this. Publish an article on linked in medium dot com or any industry periodical mentioning your target directly. Okay, this could be playing with fire because you do not want to mention them negatively. Probably. You probably want to mention them positively. A friend of mine, a guy named John Corp Corcoran. I highly recommend you check him out. He's a very good cold email or relationship builder. He is extremely good at developing relationships of people. By doing this exact tactic he'll publish help find people he admires for one reason or another. He'll want to connect with them, and he'll write an article on some periodical about why that person isn't interesting a great person. Eventually, that person will get that either afforded to them or John will do it himself. And those people will reach back out to him and say things like, Man, thank you so much. I was amazing that you did that. You know, this is a great way to go. I'm just so happy that you wrote about this and Jonathan begin the relationship. This is a very powerful way of doing that. Now that's what I said, right? Thes subject line. I wrote an article about you email it to their colleagues. A just want to let you know your body was in the news that wrote an article about him. He's a really cool guy. Ask your target to be on a podcast. This is one that I'm font of doing. It's a great way to get people to connect with you. It's a value add for lots of people, so let's imagine so we so far in this courts have been talking about people who have written books. Or maybe they're an actor, musician or ah, comedian or something that they've got something that I want to talk to them on. The podcast works. They've got an audience already. There are plenty of people in your world who are probably worth connecting with who never get asked to be on a podcast If you're in the business world, this is especially true. There are not a lot of I mean, there are an increasing number of, but there are not a lot of opportunities for people to be on a podcast, especially if you're in niche industry. Start the podcast, go after them. This is gonna help You connect with a ton of those people is great. Excuse for you to connect to those people on. Offer some value and it can get them talking to you. And you can shift that conversation to whatever it needs to be. So, of course, this isn't helpful if you're already reaching out for them to be on your podcast. But another option is just a recording. Ah, podcast episode and mention them directly, talk about them for some reason, and then for them the audio. Hey, talk to you. Talked about you on this podcast. You know, just wanted to let you know, hope you're really into it. Ah, there's some value here for you. Whatever you want to say. Post ads on Facebook or LinkedIn mentioning your target directly. Yeah, this I'm not messing around. This is a pretty pretty nuts, but one of the stew. Hi. Nicky wrote how to get a meeting with anyone in one of the things he mentioned, and it was imagine. And this really happened. Somebody took out a full page ad in The Wall Street Journal looking to get a meeting with a specific person. It's a little crazy, but that person absolutely got that meeting. You could do something very similar to this. Spend 10 bucks. Go on Facebook. Post ads target people who in a specific place, specific area with the specific niche who might know this person who you're trying to reach out to and then post them and then send them an email saying, Hey, I want a meeting with you. I'm taking out ads or don't do that and then just have those their friends email them. Oh, my God, you're in an ad. This person wants to meet with you. I mean, again, this is playing with fire, but you'll most definitely get a response. Takes a lot of sand. But people who are high value 10 to respect that. Send us now. Mail. What? That Just blow your mind. Just blow your mind right there. That is just this freak. You out. Do this. Send a snail mail. Take, take the time to write. I'm telling you, hand right this hand, right, it traditional style. I'm serious and hand write it. Because if you hand write this out and send it over, people will get it. And then they'll be like what? Especially if you've been bombarding them with emails. No one ever receives a hand written letter. Handwrite it. Make it nice. Make it buy it from Hallmark. Send it snail mail. By the time they get it, they're gonna be so surprised you could send them an email that just says, Hey, what's your address? Sending you something. Whatever. They'll probably reply to that email. Then you consent of something nice? I did this with James. Alger actually sent him 100 postcards just to see which ones and how they would arrive with him. And I have a YouTube video on it, all posted in the show notes. You can check it out. He got a whole bunch of them, and we end that now we're friends. As crazy as that sounds, it really happened. So these desire to four ideas, but what I want you to start imagining is, How can you go do some crazy stuff, toe actually start getting attention? You know, I mean, what's your budget? Obviously, you want to keep it low. But if depending on how much value there is, you could really do something of sending a snail mail postcard. That's a couple of bucks at best. Publishing an article doesn't take anything you can publish on linked in for free medium dot com for free. Very easy, I would say. Just think about ways to get this stuff done. You could. You could get all of your friends to share a Facebook status, mentioning someone by name that would take off eventually. I mean, ah, screenshot all those things. Put together a video about it, send them the video. All of those things are within the realm of these guerrilla tactics to get someone to reply to you. And if you again do it with some positivity, some fun, a good sense of humor, they're going to respond to you and you're going to start a relationship. It's a very interesting way. And what a great story for them to tell their friends. This guy so wanted to get a hold of me that he ended up. You know, this stuff that lets people feel valuable. So do these things. If you really have to these guerrilla marketing tactics, these taxes gonna punch your rate up and again, even by 1 to 3%. If you punch your rate up by 4% you're talking about cutting down the number of emails you have to do from 100 to 33. That's actually a big or even less ah, big jump in in the number of conversions you will have, the fewer the emails you'll have to write. You're going to soon have enough conversations on your hand that these things are gonna be ah, here. And I'm gonna have time to continue doing this stuff, and you're going to build relationships with valuable enough people that it won't be an issue. So try these guerrilla tactics out for the people who you really need to get a hold of. 31. Alternative Outreach Intro: So we've been talking all about email in this course, but I have mentioned a couple of times things like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, social media, etcetera. Here's the thing. We are going to finally dive into other forms of outreach. We live in a world where there so many different channels and places to get a hold of somebody now. And that's good for you, because if you're on Lee going after email, it's actually gonna drop your response rate. But if you start including other channels, which is very easy in the way that I'm gonna show you how to do it, you're going to get responses from all the people you're reaching onto. That's not outside the realm of possibility. If you have 100 people and you explore all these different channels, remember Like I said, this is about volume. You're going actually to get a response somewhere from almost all of them. Very few people will not reach out to you, period, so these forms of alternative outreach are going to change the game, and I don't think you're going to see them anywhere else, Which is why I'm glad you got this course. So let's dive into it and I'll teach you one by one the ways that you have to pay attention in nuance and what to do differently on each one of these channels in order to get a response from the valuable people you're reaching out to. Okay, I was diving. 32. 1 Alternative Outreach Overview: alternative outreach. We're talking about different ways to hit up people. And here's what we're gonna cover. Email is just one of many direct channels. You guys know what? We've been mentioning it. Get ahold of someone else where these were the ones I'm going to explore with you here linked in Facebook, Twitter, instagram We're gonna do a deep dive in all four of those, and then we're gonna cover kind of anywhere else cause there's there's a whole lot, and I'm gonna use the example there is gonna be from Cora. Although the lessons I will talk about their high level, they maybe could be applied to just about anywhere. Um, these four, though linked in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are where just about everybody is. And I mean, you could say the underwear anywhere else could be tic tac. It could be YouTube. It could be there's a bunch of different places to go. I thought about making a YouTube one here, but I think that the anywhere else will cover it. There we go. Soundcloud, etcetera medium dot com. You name it. There are plenty of places where people have other things, but the big four Arlington, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I may have to update this particular lesson this time moves on. These are the ones we're gonna dive into. Let's get going. 33. 2 Alternative Outreach LinkedIn: so alternative outreach. Let's jump into linked in lengthen you will probably be familiar with. I'm sure you get if you were working professional, lots of different bits of outreach from Lincoln. A lot of them are bad. We went over some earlier that were quite bad, but this is a channel that has worked for me. There was one woman on team who worked for me at a company I worked at, Ah, some time ago, who was very successful in Lincoln, almost her entire early career was built off the back of success on LinkedIn. She was ableto to gain a lot of value from it. So it's possible to do this. It's not impossible. And it's a great alternative to e mail because you obviously don't need an email address is very easy to find people in Lincoln. Every professional has a profile there, and depending on who you're reaching out to, it actually might be a very low barrier to entry. Way to get a hold of them because nobody's going to that door. You know, if the front door is busy, go to the side or go to the back door, try different places. Ah, particularly creative types tend to have Lincoln's that do not get a lot of attention so you can reach out there and people will get notified when they get in in male or connection request, and people check it periodically for those reasons. So it could be a real good source for you. Um, let's jump in and see how you can avoid all the bs and spam and yet get ahold of people. So the first thing to keep in mind is keep your outreach under 100 words. The the shorter you can be unlinked in the better. I mean, it is not just repeating an F type email here. It is really short. I will show you the example later from the connection that I, uh, that I got on Lincoln, but just very direct, straight to the point is a very good way to t to go about this outreach. Um, like I said, get straight to the point. Don't beat around the bush. Don't bury the lead in some cold emails. You can kind of get away with some like, Hey, I noticed you happen to like the you know, the Rams and thought that they might have a cool season coming up anyway. Part of the reason I'm reaching out is because you can't do that here. It has to be straight for as the V p of x y z. I think you might care about this. Please let me know if you want to know more. Happy to send a case study. That's basically the message you're sending on linked in. You absolutely want toe leverage. People who who are in their network or you've helped. Ah, if you have Sales Navigator, which is a great tool for Lincoln, you can see this stuff. I would encourage you to do it. It's It's worth the price, depending on the type of outreach you're trying to do. Certainly, if you're doing sales related business outreach, this is absolutely worth the price. Dive into it fine people who you're having connected common with and message them about those people and consider using the tact of having those people message this person on your behalf. That's a very powerful tactic as well and very good to use on Lincoln. But you want to get straight to the point. I know you're the V P. Of X Y Z at this company. Obviously from your title, we have helped people in your network like Sam and John. I want to talk to you about the same thing. Would you be open to setting a time? That's the kind of message you want to keep going for on linked in. Also be specific. So don't just have it be 100 words and get straight to the point would be specific. Why reaching out to them? I'm not reaching out to your colleagues because of X. Y Z needs to be an implied subtext of the message that you have. Look, you posted about this the other day, and I know that this is important to your company because I see this initiative going on. Please let me know if you want to talk about it. We've helped these two brands. That is a relevant, specific, tight message that someone will reply to. Now let's talk about strategy. So in each of these will be diving into strategy, and Lincoln strategy is actually pretty interesting because you don't want to just cold in male people out of nowhere, although you could do that if you if you spam people. Um, you very likely will get a response for someone actually outside of anything else outside of any of the strategy. At one time, I had calculated that Ah Lincoln in mail messaging was about three acts more effective than emails. A one out of every 33 cold approaches without any additional tactics turned into a conversion versus ah 101 in 100 for email. So the higher likelihood in general for that mass strategy. But But if you employ even a little bit of strategy and some tactics, this will increase big time. And here is that strategy for you. You want to send a connect request with no information. Why? Because you don't want any reason for someone to say no, That's it. People connect with each other all the time on LinkedIn and don't have a connect request. Just send that connect request, Then turn on your notifications in your browser for using Google. Turn on your notifications and accept that Ah, that for them. Toe bump A message to you when this person, this target except you will get a message and then immediately send them both in in male and an email right away. Hopefully you have their email address. If you don't just send them in in male. If you have both on the boat but immediately I mean, as soon as someone accepts, put a message together and fire it over because you are top of mind right then. And you have the opportunity to absolutely get what you're sending them seen then if they don't respond to that. But on top of that, in addition to join every group they're a member of, just go after it go join groups go follow what they do and comment and all of their posts and shares. You will get a sense of their world Now, Can you do this with every single person? If you're trying to reach out to like I said, you know, 52 different venues across the country. Ah, you might be difficult to do this with 52 different people. But there are probably are people who, if you got into those venues, it would open up the door for you to get into many other venues. Do that with these people, do that with the people who you can and should do that with in orderto open more opportunities for you. So let's. Here's an example. Let's look at this. You can see Steven Cotler. Awesome, dude. Really amazing guy. He is a on author who's fantastic. And here is his response to me. I mean, he he Ah, he obviously responded. It took him a few days, but Steve 11 a.m. Love your books Really amazing and changed the way I work both in the office and on stage. I'm a comedian. Thanks for accepting a request. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving. So he accepted my request and I immediately shot in this message. Then he responded. Hey, Brennan. Really appreciate the kind words. Means a lot. That's the law of reciprocity. Working straight back at you, he sent a little further. I'm gonna try to get him on my podcast. Now we have a relationship. My ask is not coming out of nowhere. We've had a back and forth that affinity and reciprocity grows and he's invested in this relationship. That's how you can do it. This type of strategy will lead to you having success on Lincoln. Did you screenshot it yet? Because you should do it 34. 3 Alternative Outreach Facebook: diving into the next lesson here on alternative outreach. Facebook. Oh, you want to ruin election bra? Ah, this is not to get a hold of people and influence the things that they do without having to hire a Russian baht farm. Although if you did that, I suppose that would be a guerrilla tactic here. Ah, here's the thing, except that this is a little weird in our world, people are on Facebook. Let's just accept that this is true. Although for some reason it is a little odd to try to cold connect with someone on Facebook , particularly if you're trying to move that in a professional direction. That's why Lincoln was invented. But you know what? If you're trying to connect with somebody professionally and you go on the Facebook and reach out to them, it is a little weird, but it's also one of those doors that isn't access to as much for these people. You know, maybe if they're very professional, they're older. They don't have a very active Facebook. I know also, if they're younger, I think Facebook is with very young people now, like nobody has one. But you know what? It still exists, and it is a little weird, but go ahead and do it anyway. And this is the thing you gotta make sure there's nothing on your profile that will de que you from connecting. Ah, if you share a bunch of really rancid political opinions, that's probably gonna de que you if you share really off color jokes, which I sometimes do that might de que you with a certain group of people just want to make sure you don't have to sanitize it. But just make sure there's nothing there that you can you want that want to de que you. If you want to create a fake profile to do this, you could do that, too. Friend Request. First, do not cold message first. This is because cold messages end up in someone's cold message holder, and they never read it. It's just difficult to access. It doesn't come up on messages. It basically gets immediately filtered in the spam. And if you spam people, you will get shut down on Facebook so you can't do that. You can't. You also can't spam friend request people's. You gotta keep those things to a minimum. Use. This is a target. But if you are, if you do know people, do you have connections in common with This could be a really good way to break the ice, which I know is a phrase that I attacked earlier. But it can actually start to get you into closer relationship because you have people in common. Do not comment that you want to talk with them unless it's an on topic for the thread. Don't you know there's, Ah, a friend of mine. I've known her for a long time. We don't really talk anymore. She's actually now kind of a semi famous artist. She's a singer. Um, I comment on her shit all the time, but I'd never comment. We should talk unless it comes up. For some reason, she mentioned recently, she was like, I got all these great dates. Coming up on my next album is gonna be amazing. And then I said We should talk on my podcast about that because would be really cool to hear more about it. That's the time to mention it. It's not the time to mention it all the time. It's a really good way for you. Get Ban and ignored, so don't do that. Instead, here's the strategy. This is a longer term play to build, report familiarity and affinity. The This is a good way for you to get your name in connection in front of these people over a longer period of time, so continue to do that. Focus on that. If you this is not a zero sum. This is not transactional is not immediate, but it is a good way to stay in front of somebody even professionally. If you connect with high value people, stay in front of them this way. Do this for high value people. Like I said, it is not cold transactional outreach, and it's one of the best ways to join valuable networks. If you want to join a social circle of people who are really making things happen, insinuating yourself into their Facebook is actually pretty good way to do it, especially if they're active again. Don't try to take value. Don't try toe talk about Hey, I want you guys to do this thing, but if you stay there, you will eventually see an opportunity with your patients that you will be able to do. That's the relentlessness I was talking about earlier. That's the realism I was talking about earlier. Here's a good example. Ah, this is Marty. This is a guy who produced Chris Rocks International Special. I want to talk to him on my podcast. I mentioned some of people. I do now. You right away. We'll say this is not enough tight message. Well, turns out we got a lot of friends in common. And he accepted my friend request. And I thought I sent this to I already had it worked up. As soon as he accepts this, I'm going to send him this message. So I shot him this message. Ah, just right out of nowhere. After he accepted my friend a question, I knew he would receive it, and I knew he would mawr or less read it. Ah, because I had all this stuff together and I knew that this was a pretty solid pitch. He would probably end up reading the whole thing so you can get away with a little more attention if someone accepts. Just like I mentioned the linked in lesson. And this is what I got back from him. Extremely. Finally reached out. Chris Rock special. My schedule is totally crazy right now. When it comes down, I'll get in touch and see if we could schedule time. Thanks. Pretty cool of him. Actually Got right back. We're working on that right now, so Ah, this is how to use Facebook. Effectively build the relationship. Send a friend request. Get your message ready to send comment. Aim for the long term. 35. 4 Alternative Outreach Twitter: so alternative outreach. Twitter, baby diving into the deep end of the pool. Twitter once said, Twitter is like a giant dinner party, and you just dive right in and start talking to people. I really feel Twitter is a lot more like diving into the deep end of the cess pool. It's It's like a race to the bottom in so many ways. But you can still connect with people on it, and a lot of people are on it. And because so many people are on it but also not engage with it because it's a cess pool, it's actually not a bad place to connect with a lot of people. Lots of people have twitter on their phones, are active and look at it, but never really engage with it. They barely ever received Yemen, and they certainly don't receive him from people or follows or tweets at them from people who actually have something share or a reason to connect. So it's actually not too bad of a way to do it here. The rules don't be a jerk. Ah, this is really easy to do on Twitter, so don't be a jerk to people. Remember official mindset is B positive. That is the first mindset you should be in. Stay consistent, but don't harass anyone. Don't tweeted people all the time. That could get you banned really quickly, especially if you're not offering any value or not gesturing toward any value. Tweeter tm doesn't really matter. Doesn't really matter, do it both tweeted people. Whole Bunches is not like, you know, Facebook, where you're posting and tagging. Someone could actually bring some kind of weird or odd attention tweeting at somebody directly. It's just is a giant waterfall. It ends up going off the deep end and ether, so go ahead and do it. Follow them, share their stuff. Do it a lot if you really want to get their attention and share things that they are tweeting and talking about. Now, if they have a ba jillion people sharing their stuff, don't expect that to get you noticed originally, but it can't hurt, so continue to do it and you will again, just like with email, you will. People will see your name, they'll stay in front of you. All this kind of stuff. Here's the strategy. Follow them, retreat their stuff, help amplify their message. That's it. I would say in addition to this retweeting them just go ahead and make original tweets, adding them and then mentioning what you like about something they're doing. That is a great way to get someone's attention. You might get retweeted. You might get added yourself. You make it responded to whatever. Don't do the ask right away, but you're getting attention and they're seeing you. So keep doing that. Follow topic subjects and hashtags they care about tag them when it makes sense. Remember, go back to the foundations of understanding, value and what value is here. Knowledge and connections are two of them. So if you are offering attention to them and you're offering their attention towards things that you know is gonna be interested, you're actually curating their experience. People pay for that kind of thing, and if you're doing a good job, you will definitely get noticed by this person. That is how you can connect with them for sure, and finally look in any smaller accounts they run an amplified those accounts to so most people who are who are into different projects and have different things going on valuable high value people who you want to connect with. They run more than one Twitter account. Sometimes those accounts will be smaller because they're just getting started. Or it's, you know, a project that's a passion for them, but not really that much attention. They might be very easy to connect with their That's helped me more than one time Get ahold of people who otherwise would be impossible to get a hold of. So here's a great example. I know if you know who Lily eight K is or little E. Four K. Uh, I'm not gonna lie to you guys. She's a woman with enormous fake boobs that's put she's famous for, but she does have a big online following. Ah, no pun intended and a mutual person who I was connected to produce the movie that she was in its not a porn. Sorry. Ah, she actually doesn't do any of that stuff. She's actually normally she's kind of a normal woman. In a bizarre curiosity for May Ah, which is why I want to talk to her on this podcast. But ah, I just reach out you on Twitter. Here's the outreach bang. Ah, she mentioned that she liked the interview I did with a friend of hers, and I just massive a right away asking if she wanted to be on the podcast and she got back . So we're gonna reconnect. Coming up in January hasn't happened as of recording this, but she's totally down to do it. We have already accepted a Ah, uh, he's already accepted a calendar invite for for making that happen. And this all came from just reaching out on Twitter. This is not just the only outrageous, just the most recent that I've connected with someone on Twitter. I would encourage you guys to do this for your targets, because it is a possibility of giving a hold of them. So just remember those strategies follow them, repeat their stuff, amplify their message, filed the topics and subjects they care about, tagged them when it makes sense, and then look to smaller accounts to amplify those accounts to a mutual friend, by the way, if they mention anything is a great way to get ahold and in touch with these people. So Twitter is a good way to build that social proof 36. 5 Alternative Outreach Instagram: on the next episode of Alternative Out Beach Instagram. Let Meals Instagram is a fascinating and strange place. I think it's becoming overrun in so many ways, but it doesn't mean it's not a bad place for you to connect with people. Most people have an instagram Ah, most people, unless if they're not just, ah, hot instagram model, don't get that many messages on Instagram. They get followed by a lot of bots, probably, but you're not about your normal person. Help, and you will be reaching out to them on D M and direct message. And it'll work. Probably, um, some people are not obviously able to be reached out to on a direct message on Instagram, but this works for people who are. Some people have an email key directly. They're asking, you get a hold of them. I can't think of anything easier. It's a great place to connect with people. Here's the thing. Don't be creepy. Just like you shouldn't be mean on Twitter. Don't be creepy on Instagram. Those of you who have, why chromosomes and tend to be creepy. Just don't do it. Don't randomly go on and make comments with like hearts or like a guy panting. That's weird. Don't do that stuff, Okay? Even if even if you think that people are asking for, they're not all right, so don't do it like their stuff. But don't expect to read your comments. They probably won't. Every once in a while you can make a comment, but don't expect anybody read it. Like in there. Stuff is great. Probably they won't notice any of that stuff. Be fun and funny and upbeat again. Positivity rules the day here. If they're popular, don't expect them to notice. Get back right away or almost at all, to be perfectly honest, but it is a great place. But I've noticed that a lot of people who are popular on Instagram who have emails listed don't ever get emailed, probably because they respond to emails I sent to them from Instagram. They've never responded to messages I've sent them, but they do respond to the email. So something to keep in mind. Ah, again, it doesn't hurt to do outreach. It takes about two seconds. Continue messaging and interacting, commenting in little bits. This is not quite like Facebook in the sense that you can develop a much longer play here. Ah, but it's a good way to keep in touch with someone. Keep up with, um, drop its here and there and then eventually have someone respond to something. Here's the strategy. Again. Follow Interact. Put out some good messaging than message. Pardon me some good content. That message. You can interact with stories. Ah, and you can tag them in your stories, especially if you know what's relevant to them. Tagging them in one of your stories is really helpful. If it if you know that it's something they might be interested in in for one reason or another, especially if you think they'll find it funny or interesting, etcetera. Ah, responding and replying to their stories is a good way to get in front of people. That's, Ah way that I tend to get noticed by some people in trying to connect with and then follow all the people who appear in their stories and picks and interact with them to again, not quite the same as Facebook in terms of your ability to sort of penetrate their social network. But it will help you at least start to notice who is around them leverage some of that social proof, and you could potentially even ask them to put you in touch with those people. It it actually will work. Someone will respond, especially if you win them over is a friend and then they'll move you on. Also, here's an example for me. Akash Singh. He's a great comedian. I was on a show with him, just messaged him after the show. You could see he got back. Took a few days. I said, Great. See around? No doubt. Then I just dropped after he got the no doubt, I just dropped this invite to have a moment. Podcasts. You can see it was a little ways later and he got back. That's a great way to have this happen, especially if you meet people in real life. I didn't know I didn't know his instagram. We didn't talk at the show. Nothing but Bang had a hook. I listen to his comedy, knew he was talking about these things and this was a good way for me to pull him in again . Cold emailing is great, but you need to remember that these air people in the world and if you confined, relevant reasons to connect and follow them and have a reason for them to say yes, the what's in it for them. They will, and you will begin this relationship So again, Now we have this past of us talking that you know a guy like this. He's connected to much bigger people. Cautioning is hilarious. I encourage you to check him out. He's on while and out. Ah, on MTV he does a lot of shows with people I know. Andrew Schultz. Big famous dude. Just keep keep this kind of thing in mind. Using Instagram again, Follow these strategies screenshot a baby and then do, um 37. 6 Alternative Outreach Everyone Else: Finally, this is probably gonna be one of the quickest lessons in this course, but we're gonna talk about everybody else. There are just so many platforms online now hear that Here are all of the guidelines I want you to use for anybody you go after from any other platform. Could be medium. Could be core of the example here is core. Could be sound clunk of YouTube. Could be anything interact early and often comments. Following sharing etcetera. You wanna offer exposure as value. You want to comment with positivity that's offering value. You want to do these things so you can gain affinity. Be positive. Be funny. Add value through connecting and good emotions. Message directly as soon as you have a hook. That's any reason. Just anything you can reach out to now for a lot of these. Ah, for a lot of these, um, basically, these platforms, like YouTube, soundcloud, etcetera. The hook is whatever somebody posts a song. As it occurs to you, you can go ahead and immediately do the outreach. Really good example. Ah, of something to pull on to gain the attention and get the conversation started again. You want them just to reply. So offering positive value and that thing specifically is a great way to do it. That's the hook. Here's example. This is in Cora MOAs. No Glory. He is the co founder of a marketing technology platform that I wanted to talk with them about cloud lead and that's it. He just said, Tell your article on Generate leaves. Loved it. How's things going to cloud lead? That was it. I just wanted to get him into conversation. Wasn't sure where we're gonna take it yet. Maybe he could be a client. Maybe he could be on the podcast. Maybe he could refer me to other people. But I knew that connecting with people in the space was good and saw that article and it was interesting. Was very good. One lined up with some of the philosophies I had, and I just reached out. And then you can see this really came back. He was like, I love the comedic touch to your answers. Really enjoyed him. Really good guy. He's a mate. Clearly, he's a great connector because he came back so again, very simple. You could apply this to everything. The guidelines or just early and often be positive and funny and use whatever you can as soon as you can as the hook to message them about. Even if they don't get back, doesn't matter. You'll have exposure to them and they'll eventually respond. 38. Useful Tools Intro: So now that we've been through basically, how to write emails on the subject lines, how to revise them, how to follow up and all the different bits of other media you can reach out on to get get contacted from your cold list. I want to talk about some pretty much free online tools that are very helpful for for this type of cold outreach. Now I've gone over how important things like follow up are and how important understanding whether or not someone who's read your email is If you go back to Arlington Lesson, you'll understand that. So these are some free online tools by no means a complete list of them. It's very short of things that you can use today mostly with Gmail or just any type of cold outreach that you're doing, some of them even integrated outlook that allow you thio Thio. Use some of these thieves techniques for very simply and for free. So let's dive in. I'll show these to you again by no means an exhaustive list. I may add more to this later. If any of you want me to investigate a tool, I'm happy to do it. Just message me and I'll give you my opinion 39. Useful Tools Boomerang: once again, this is gonna be a probably rather quick video, but I want to talk about Boomerang. I first started using Boomerang at a startup. I've been working at doing some sales development for them, and it was brought to me by the CEO. He used this tool. Ah, and he really, really loved it. It's a very simple tool, and it does one thing. It basically lets you set a follow up to reply to the email. That's it. Here we go. Boom. Oring this bang during this in two days of no reply, it just pops it right back onto your radar. Ah, and lets you follow up with it. It's really simple, but it simplifies that process. Remember how I was talking about going into your calendar and setting follow up. This automatically removes an email from your calendar or automatically removes the need for you to check back in on it. Rather, if you get a reply and it will remind you in a few days, if you don't get a reply really, really simple, that's it right there. It's very It's a really easy tool to use and download costs nothing and has just this one very useful feature you can see here my streak and then contractually things on here. Everything loads up, but this is it. This is just this simple. So I hope you guys use it. It's really useful. 40. Useful Tools Streak: all right, welcome to useful tools. The 1st 1 we're gonna jump into. It's a tool that I've used for years. I love it. I think it's it's the fact that it's free is amazing, and you can use it to most of its complete Ah, you know, capacity just on its free version. They do offer an enterprise version. They offer sort of a professional version. I think they jump up toe 20 year, $40 a month, depending on the different versions. You you leap into the link, obviously, to check out. Streak will be in the notes for this lesson, but truly I've used this for years. And the capacity that it has for the casual, cold email out reach, you know, person who's just trying to supercharge their outreach for a project they're working on is really the total. I mean, you don't need much more than this, so that's ah, terror, you know, hugely ringing endorsement. But it's it's just the case. Um, I've worked for a number of startups ah, doing development, business development, sales development for those start ups using this tools free version. So it's completely possible for you to use this to a lot of effect in your cold email outreach and let's dive in and I'll show you a little bit more information. So what is it? So very simply Streak is a CRM, which is, Ah, contact ah, relationship management tool, which integrates directly in a Gmail That's its primary value. The fact that it it you can see here in the screen shot basically Streak very simply just adds in through its extension directly into Gmail. You can see here there's a pipelines. Function will dive into that in a second, but it allows you to get a bunch of additional email just by diving at part of the information on your email, just by diving into those emails. Individually, it's got a lot of useful features, including email tracking, opens and replies, which is fantastic, just like how in Lincoln, you know when someone except your connection requests. If you know if someone has looked at your email, you can begin to strategize around that, including forwarding another email forwarding an email as soon as they open it. Ah, you know, saying things like, Look, I know you've read my email. I just want to I mean It's not odd to do those things and cold email outreach, so this is very helpful. The CRM pipeline is a tremendously valuable organization tool so you can customize the pipeline will show you screenshot in a second snippets, which allow you just like we did when we were creating some basic ah copy for emails. It allows you to take those copy, take that copy and create snippets, which you can then place in emails as you're writing them. It's very efficient. You don't have to continue to copy and paste to rewrite statements over and over again. Very simple. And then the mail merge allows you to send many e mails to multiple contacts just at one time. So even though I'm not a fan of sending, you know 100 emails to 100 people that look exactly the same and we've talked about that sometimes you do need to send maybe 10 emails, 15 emails to different people at different organizations. But sit look about the same, and it's possible to do that in small bits, and this allows you to do it very simply. Ah, it's honestly, it's it's probably it's between the CRM pipeline snippets and mail merge its its most effective features. Content and contact. Email boxes are great. You can then place contacts into different buckets if, in case you want to email similar people a similar message at any given time and then finally snoozy Melson, which is very effective cause most emails are actually open between five and 7 a.m. You can write a bunch of emails and then snooze them to send later, and then you can. This is a very fascinating tool here. Split and email thread, meaning. If you bring up more than one subject thread in an email sequence with a prospect or a target, you can split those out into multiple email threads so that you're not confusing the subject point of each threat. I know that sounds strange, but it's not something that most of the email work you're going to do with cold emailing is gonna take into, Um, you know, not gonna need that tool. But if you're emailing a lot of people in developing a lot of conversations, you're eventually going to probably use that. So the primary functions are the 1st 4 here, email tracking CRM snippets and mail merge then I would say these two are additionally helpful. But this these four tools basically are just a very powerful, and I would encourage you to check out streak of you use Gmail. 41. Useful Tools Contactually: so it actually is not a free tool. I know I said these were free tools, but it's this one is not exactly paid tools. Things is one that I use, which is why I decided to include it. I'm contractually is a very powerful set of tools. It's really a platform, unlike Streak or Boomerang, which are a handful of small tools that integrate with Gmail contractually does integrate which email. But it's really a platform unto itself, and its it's kind of geared itself specifically towards real estate agents. For some reason, I have no idea why they decided to do that. My family's been in real estate for years. They have realtors in my family. They run a bunch of businesses and in Michigan related to it, and I can tell why these would be useful for them. But from my perspective, these tools are useful for anyone who wants to keep relationships going. And since the world of businesses based on relationships and in anything that happens is based on relationships, just seems useful to have these tools for everyone. So with that weird little caveat, let's dive in and talk about this. What is contractually This is what it looks like. This is actually the screenshot from the platform of contractually, and what it attempts to capture is a sense of your networks health. You can see I'm not doing a great job. Uh, mostly because I've been traveling a lot and kind of out of attempting to keep in touch with everybody. I really need to go back through this and put a lot together. But you can see it's got all my contacts from comedy clubs here. Just a whole bunch of things. Show's producers and bookers. Ah, and it gives you a sense for overall. Like, how are you doing? Ah, you can integrate it with your calendar. You can see here the dashboard attempts to give you just a very quick like insight on what's going on. Contacts, messages, buckets, programs and pipelines. So it does have a lot of features. That streak also has you can create pipelines, unlike streaking, create multiple pipelines for different things. Programs are getting into some really professional level. Ah, enablement. So buckets are very similar to what you can do in ST by placing people in buckets. Here's let me just dive into this and I'll tell We'll talk about it as we go through. But programs allow you to actually create outreach programs, which give you multiple emails that you can send over time. It's very similar to the way a cadence or a sequence would work from, uh, other more professional platforms like sales loft or outreach dot io. I will not be covering those here. Um, this this This is really I mean, if you guys really want me to if if, ah, a handful of people are listening to this and they're like, Wait a minute, What? Our sales loft, An out reach out i o. I would encourage you to go check him out yourself. If you want me to review more or include them in this course, please just message me or or comment, and I will be more than happy to go review them. I think there are a little further step into the more professional level of cold email outreach. This course is about cold email outreach for your life. Ah, little bit for your business, of course. But those air mawr deeper into a level of sales development at the enterprise level, and these programs that you can run on contractually mimic those, but are really not quite the same level of intensity. Um, this is more like a program that you can keep going to keep in touch with people in your own life. Maybe you send a monthly newsletter. I kind of got in the habit of doing that for a while. Maybe you have groups of people in your life that you belong to, maybe organization that you want to keep in touch with. You know, again, this is kind of geared for real estate agents. Many of them send out newsletters. They send out different email messages to different people in different neighborhoods and areas and communities. This is really geared towards that kind of thing. So if you have more than one social group that you want to keep in touch with regularly, this is actually very powerful in great for it. I ideo, which is why I use the bucket ing function, and the programs on this messages allows you to create email templates you can save and then use later. You can also do the same thing with snippets that you couldn't streak here, so it's very useful and you can mail merger scale male, and you can do it for way more contacts way more simply and also Mawr customized. You can actually mail merge hundreds of people and then individually added each of those emails before they go out. So it is a very useful, more powerful tool than streak and worth the price. If you want to stay in touch with a very large network, you need to organize so again scale mail mail, merge buckets that allow you do very similar things to Ah and treat those groups very similarly to what you could do in streak. You can create buckets for anything I have here. You see show producers and bookers. I haven't different one for Ah, let's say guys like Jeremy Miller, who's a great author. You should, uh, by the way, check out his book. He Ah, I have it to him in a different bucket, which is author of Friends of Mine, and I send him information related to publishing and etcetera, Um, just to stay in touch with him. You can also tag contacts, which is something you cannot do in streak, but it's not quite like a bucket But let's say you, Ah, you connect with a whole bunch of people at a conference you go to or you run into a bunch of people at a Let's say you every year to go to the same vacation spot. And you know that group of people is you know, you met there. You can very quickly search and pull those people out by tags and then send them something relevant to something you know they're interested in. That's very quick and easy. You can create out like I mentioned outreach programs and then pipelines. And then again, it has many of the same tracking features, news settings and scheduling follow up settings that other bits of technology also have. So Streak is more expensive, but completely I mean apartment contact. Chua Li. It's more expensive but completely worth it. I'm going to go ahead and jump into ah jump into straight into contact really here so you guys can see it. You can see I've got a ton of different things going on in my, uh, a ton of different things going on in my desktop. But ah contractually also has a ah plug in. You could see has access, you can pull out information. Gmail immediately. Email people. Um and this is basically what the contractually platform looks like. Ah, Dive into it. You can see different people who I have connected with recently. Um, you can see contacts, huge numbers that I can manage jump into different areas I've tagged for, Let's say, people who I know from different locations, different people who I've messaged at different points. And then here I know messages play right now, but lots of different messages that schedule draft failed scale males awaiting a reply, which are things that I've gotten filters that I can apply. And then again, buckets, which I'll show you very briefly. Just allow me to put I have a ton and show bookers and producers I haven't followed up with no follow Reminder needed 4000 Agenzia A lot of people who I speak with but a ton of different buckets that I can add people to for different reasons. Finally, let me show you programs I can create them like I have a lot, for it means a few steps for event follow up, etcetera and then pipelines these ones. Very simple. I can create or add from a library and, ah, put people in these pipelines not really running a lot of big programs right now. But I could be again and then the network health that it shows me. Let me just dive in and view insights. It'll tell me people I need to follow up with based on the buckets that and how often. I said I wanted to follow up with them, So there's quite a lot of people I gotta fall, but it's probably do that right after this. But that is basically how contractually works, and I would encourage you to check it out. It's totally worth it. I don't get any affiliate kickback for you probably should talk to them about that. But, ah, if you want to take a look, it's it's worth the price. I think it's something like 40 to $60 a month, and if you get a lot of value out of your network, which you will and should, it's completely worth the price 42. Final Thoughts on Cold Emailing: Well, there you have it. That's cold email outreach. I really want to say something at the end of this course, which is that cold email outreach actually changed my life. This is really true. I was at one point homeless. I was. I had a computer, thank God, but I really didn't have any money. Was a lot in debt. I had a visit. I was living on Cashman. It was a bad situation and using cold emailing tactics just like the ones I taught in this course you. I was able to get a job that allowed me to continue doing sales development. Using cold emailing tactics and some cold call tactics. I talk about another course of mine that courses free. By the way, how I got that job is given away for free on this platform, and it's called how to get a job in sales development. It's not that engaging. Of course. It's one of my first ones, but it does teach you how to get a job in sales development because getting one changed my life. I use the tactics that I dive into in detail in this course to get out of that situation. And when I was doing sales development using the same techniques and formulas that I taught you in this course, I was able to succeed in that job and not only pay off my debt but make his much of six figures a to that job. I became the manager of that team, and I went on to become the director of a much larger team and an even bigger organization . It really changed my life and the techniques that I taught you in this course, if you use them, if you really use them, will change your life. You have something you want to do. You have something you want to explore. It's gonna require you to connect with other people. And this course has taught you those things. Go back and review them. If you have questions and I really mean this, feel free to comment, message me. I interact with people on my course is all the time and I really want to see you be successful and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. It's a difficult life sometimes, and it's very hard if you have a project and you're trying desperately to get people to care about it. You need to reach out to them and it takes consistency. It takes a lot of relentless effort. You have to be realistic. But you have to be positive. The mindsets. I talked about the beginning of this course. They're really you have to under all that believe that people are going to connect with you and that those people will take an interest in things that you see that are positive in the world. So have you taken this course which I know you have Because you're watching this video, Please go out into the world. Use the contacts that you found to do this course. Reach out to them, find more people, reach out to those people. Stay at it. Keep at it. Be consistent. Believe in yourself. Believe in your outreach and what you want to dio connect with those people and you will change your life. You'll change. There's that's how value is created in the world. Go back and review those sections of this course. Please. At this time, I know that you might have thought at the beginning you were like, Why I are we doing all of this foundational philosophical stuff. I just want to get the templates and understand how to write some emails that those things are important. But the techniques that I'm I've taught you in this course are actually on Lee the top layer of the foundational cake. That is this course. So go back and check those out. Review. Um, please do not hesitate to message me and let me know how your outreach is going and the projects you're working on. I sincerely hope that they're successful, and I know that they will be if you use the mindsets and techniques that you have learned in this course. So take it easy. Please go out into this world message. Some people get a hold of them and let me know of your successes. I really can't wait to hear from you because I'm pulling for you. This is a difficult road to hoe. And when you have the right techniques in the right mind sets, it can be a lot of fun. So please go out and do that. Take care and I'll see you next time