How to Clean a Rechargeable Motorcycle Air Filter

Scott Smith, Owner @ Ride It Wrench It

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7 Videos (15m)
    • Intorduction: How to Clean a Rechargable Motorcycle Air Filter

    • Tools and Supplies: How to Clean a Rechareable Motorcycle Air Filter

    • Removing the Air Filter

    • Cleaning the Air Filter

    • Preparing the Air Filter

    • Installing the Air Filter

    • Closing: How to Clean a Rechargeable Motorcycle Air Filter


About This Class


In this workshop I will be teaching the complete process of removing, cleaning, and reinstalling a rechargeable air filter for a motorcycle.

You will also learn about the tools necessary to perform the work correctly. The workshop process will include:

  • Removing the air filter
  • Cleaning the air filter
  • Preparing the air filter for installation
  • Installing the air filter

Using a rechargeable air filter on your motorcycle will save you a lot of money by allowing you to clean instead of purchasing a new air filter every time. This is especially helpful if you live in dry conditions that can fill the filter with dust in shorter intervals..

Remember, no one cares more about your motorcycle than you!

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Scott Smith

Owner @ Ride It Wrench It

I've been riding and working on motorcycles for over 40 years. Both of my parents rode motorcycles and bought me my first motorcycle when I was 5 years old. It was a Honda 50 cc and inspired a life long interest in motorcycling. I became involved in motocross and for 10 years I raced throughout the US and in Europe. Eventually I moved into street bikes and now enjoy touring on Harley Davidson motorcycles.

I have always worked on my bikes and over many years developed the mechanical, electrical, and engineering skill sets necessary to repair and maintain motorcycles for safe and reliable riding. I have been employed at an authorized Harley Davidson Dealership as a service representative working with riders and technicians to provide maintenance, repairs, upgrades, and modifications on motorcycles. Through this I saw an opportunity to begin sharing maintenance skills with other riders.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and teaching the skills necessary to perform various tasks on motorcycles. Doing so will help you to familiarize yourself with the way your bike operates and give you the understanding to know if the bike is not performing correctly and what it will take to repair the problem. Wrenching on your bike will also give you the confidence to make modifications to personalize your bike and help it stand out uniquely along side other motorcycles. Performing this work will also save thousands of dollars in maintenance, repair, and modifications that shops typically charge.

For more tutorials, write ups, videos, and riding trips you can visit my blog or You Tube channel. You will find extensive information and videos on a variety of subjects related to motorcycling.

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