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How to Choose the Best Social Media Platform to Promote Your Business or Podcast

teacher avatar Alejandra Tello, Digital Content Creator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Project

    • 3. Finding Your Target Audience

    • 4. Choose the Social Media that You Enjoy!

    • 5. Main Social Media Platforms for Businesses

    • 6. Facebook: Fan Pages and Groups

    • 7. Instagram: for Creative Business

    • 8. Pinterest: to Increase Your Traffic

    • 9. LinkedIn: The Professional Social Media

    • 10. YouTube: The Video Place

    • 11. Tik Tok: The Young People Place

    • 12. Set Yourself for Success

    • 13. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

You know social media is a great way to promote your business and get more clients but there are so many options out there and you have no idea which platform should be your priority? Because let's be real, nobody has time for all.

In this class, I will help you choose the best social media for your business, podcast, or project based on where your people are hanging out, what do you enjoy doing, and which social media meets your goals!

We'll also review each social media platform to get your creative juices flowing with some success stories as inspiration. 

For this class, you don't need any previous knowledge. I will keep it simple and straight forward so in the end, you will have a social media account that will reach your dream client and grow your community. You will need access to the internet and a smartphone. 

Let me guide you through this online world and find the best place for you to thrive. 

Don't forget to review this class and leave me your honest opinion about it so I can keep on improving. 


Resources mention during the class:

Let's Connect! Follow me on Instagram at @aletello.r

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alejandra Tello

Digital Content Creator


I'm an Audiovisual and Multimedia Communicator by profession with over 5 years of experience in the Film, Marketing and nowadays Digital Content Creation industry. 

I'm an expert on the creating engaging, creative and high-quality content in a simple way and not overcomplicated way. 

My favorite part is creating stories that inspire people, helping brands and entreprenuers like you to find your voice and spread your amazing message. Content is all about stories for me, the magic happens when you find the right way to tell them. 



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1. Intro: do you want to start to have a social media prisons? But then you start to dig into which social media platforms are out there. And you're good. Grazie, because you don't know how to choose. Everyone is telling you to go to Instagram. Everyone is selling you that Facebook is the base. Everyone is selling you that there is this new thing called Tito. But you have no idea how it looks like. Everyone is telling you that you know is the way to go. And you have no idea. No time to figure out all of these great things they're having to you. I know you. You're a business owner. You have a lot of things to do. But also, you know, the potential that social media marketing has. And you want to start building your community and start reaching your dream client there. So don't worry. I want to keep it simple and help you find out and help you choose which off the social media platforms RBIs for your business. So after these curves you will have the decision with Social Media platform. You're going to start having your social media presence or your online presence I will promise you that I will keep things simple. And I will give you just the information that you need from each of the media and everything that you need to do before choosing your social media on before going there. And the most important, we're going to set you up to success because I don't want you to. You select one randomly and then find out that you lose time that it's not the right, Steve. That is not the one that you want it on. Then use, like, ended up in the same place. I really want you to have success and to thrive in social media. So we're going to go through different steps to select the one that will make the difference in your business that will move venue on. Also, I will tell you another thing. If you do the project, I will give you a free audit off your social media prisons. Yeah. I mean, you cannot miss this chance. So you have to start taking these curs like, right now. Let me introduce myself. My name is Alejandra, and I am going to be your teacher for these cars. I am from Colombia by leaving would a British where I have my old market, even social media agency, where help entrepreneurs and CEOs to empower themselves and thrive with her own line presence. I've bean working with a lot of different clients over the years, and I have, like over five years of experience, was working with different type of people and setting them to success and make them thrive on grow with the amazing community on with their amazing business. And that's what I wanted to help you to do. But I know you have to start with choosing where they want to throw it right on when they were there. We want to grow, so that's where we're going to do in these cars. For these cars, you don't need any previous knowledge off course. It's better if you've bean in the social media platforms before, but you don't need to, because we're going to run through everything. But we're going to keep it simple. Don't worry, it's not do don't need, like, the over complication of knowing everything. You just need to know exactly what you need to know, so I'm going to give it simple. I've been working with a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners. And I know your time is precious. So I promised you right now I wouldn't make you lose any time. So let's stop right now. And I wondered usedto go through the project like really quick, and then we're just, like, starting right away. 2. Project: for the president of these class. We're going to leave it simple. I just want you to select one social media platform that after everything that we talked here on, then create your profile. I just want you to leave me there. The link of your profile and, of course, all the material that we're going to go through in these girls. So basically, it will be your customer of attire on which thing you enjoy and everything that you thought about all their blood firms. And I mean, yeah, we're going to look down like a lot of things, But just keep it simple, because I know you're a business owner. I know you are, B. C. I know you have a lot of things to do. I know you want to just start with your social media, so I want you to leave you slick starting there, so yeah, just leave me there. The link for your profile off the social media do selected on. I tell you what, if you leave me your project there, if you leave me that link there, I will go into your social media platform and I will make a little out it off everything that you have done there, even if it's on Lee, I don't have the selection of your name, even if it's only the bio that you put there. Even if it's only one post you have there, I will make that audience, and I will give you my tips and tricks on how to grow your community on. The advice is strictly to you, like super personalize on how you can grow your community, your community. So don't forget it. Just start writing down everything. Creator profile At the end of his curse on, I will give you an out it completely free on about it. So the ovary eight. 3. Finding Your Target Audience: in this lesson, you're going to learn how to set up or how to define your target audience or dream client. And this is one of the main steps for having a successful social media and, of course, for choosing the best social media platform. So this is something that you don't want to skip. Basically, what you want to do is you say, Who is that group of people or that person or that type of person that do you really want to reach with your message and with your products and your services? Who is that person that you really want to serve? Why so important to set up your dream client? Because when you're speaking to everyone, you ended up speaking to no one that its major and I want you at least leave with bad from these lessons. When you're speaking to everyone, you ended up speaking to nobody. You really want to set a player who is the type of person that you want to reach and then you want to serve so you can speak to them. In a personal level, you really want to reach that connection on the only way to get that connection with people eats to speak to them personally, to reach them in their pains, in their goals, in their dreams, to really craft a message that speaks actually to the person in the other side, over the social media. So the way to set up your target I'll be answered. Your dream plan is to create what, a school? A costumer avatar, which is basically like this story reformer, a type of data that you need to know actually, who's that person? Okay, so let's begin. One thing that I wanted to tell you is that these exercise looks really similar to something that we do a lot of film like I have a background in film in the film industry, and it's basically just visualizing how the character or in this case, how that client could look like acolyte on be like So. Basically, I want you to do that. If we if you are a really visual person, you can put in these like little person that we see there in black like an actual picture of somebody, and that way you could be may be easier for you to visualize who that person can be So this is a very basic information that you would need, which is like name, age, young row, location, profession. Startle. So if it's a married person, if it's like complicated status, you know, like all of these different relationships, that is, that are right now a. How many kids they have, if they don't have kids on the income by part is very important because it depends on how a pricey is your service or your product. It will be like for different target audiences. So, for example, if you're selling like a really go sleep, use off art, you probably could need, like somebody that has, like, a really high your income. But if you're selling, for example, a cotton T shirt that is not so pricey, then it would be like another type of income person. So there you have it. This is like the very basic information you can grade it that you were like filling out a form or you can write. It also has a story version that I will be talking about, like on a little bit later in the video, so the the next thing that you want to bright is the goals, virtues and values that this person has. So, for example, if it values more family over friends or if it values more like time alone over going out to parry if their goals are really late, business oriented or maybe their goals are more like love oriented, like all of these things, you want to, like, put it down and ready down as detail us you want or as narrow as you want. Actually, you have, like, all the power in this part, So the next part I want you to write down is the information sources of these people use. So basically, you can make these decisions. Or you can great this down by doing like a little research about like like the the year that you selected, for example, the age that you selected the person to be like. How they are is the distantly, like finding information or based. You can also ask your current clients or a person that you feel that they can be like your dream client. You can go ahead and ask them on, just like let them know, you know, like I'm doing this work to improve my business that can you help me? Can you tell me like, where do you normally hang out in social media? Where do you normally hang out? Like finding your information on basically here You want to like know if they prefer to read a news or if they prefer to use what you wash it on over you to or go through Twitter accounts and just get the information from there. And finally, you want to grade the pain points that this person has on ideally, your businesses solving one off their pain points. So, for example, if you're writing everything based on a mother like a single mother, that she works to maintain her family, her values are really lakes family oriented. She wants to sperm, spend more time with them, but also like, like give them like a really healthy lives on a volatile, you know, education, like she wants to give their Children like the best things in the market. Then maybe her pain point could be like she needs to balance these two things, like giving them I don't know, for example, healthy. A home made meals over like spending more time with their child. So if you give them like if you're, ah, recipe block, you can give them, like a lot off, like a book recipe off, like really healthy and fast launches to make Andi. Yep, you can, like, resolve that pain points. So these part of the pain point is really, really important because you really want your business or your products and your services toe fulfill one off their pain points, too, like attack on, just like liberate one off the pain points that these person or the study of audience has again. If you are not so sure how to get this information or how to craft like this costumer avatar, there bare basically, like three ways you can do it well. First, you can go to Google and just Google all of the information, like the age range and everything. How these people are like behaving in a general matter. The other thing that you can do is just reaching out to people and just ask your current clients or your former clients or maybe friends that you feel they they're feeding in that dream claim that you have just ask them and be really honest with them off. What are you Actually, the wind on the other thing is used, like looking at your competitors and looking at the people that are like working with your competitors, like just hanging out in their social media and just, like, analysed them and see like how much information you can get out of, like seeing how they interact, who they are, what they do. So now is your turn. I want you to create your customer after. If you have a different type of brothers or services over, you, really, really feel that not only one type of person will fiqh your dream client. You can do us many profiles as you want, but I suggest you to keep it simple at the beginning and just go with that green person that you really want to reach. And then you can expand to other type of people because it's easier when you're beginning to do it. Just like simple on straightforward. So now is return. I want you to go ahead and read the story of your customer avatar on. Please share it with us in your project file down below 4. Choose the Social Media that You Enjoy!: in these lessons, you are going to learn how to choose a social media from your strengths. Yes, the sounds. Maybe a little. We were because, of course, we've heard so much that choosing the social media based on everything around you but you But actually, if you want to have success in your business, and if you have to see your social media blow up a re grow big and being bigger reaching more and more people, you need to select one that you feel comfortable with it. Or at least that you feel comfortable being in comfortable with it. Inventing citizens because if it's a social media that you really enjoy, and if it's four months you really, really love, you're going to commit so much to it and you're going to be a present all the time. There will not all the time, but you're going to be more present, and you're going to just have fun and enjoy it more. It doesn't mean that has to be something that you're just comfortable where you just don't want to push it too much. But it means that you can do something that you're uncomfortable with it. But you're comfortable doing it. So basically you just like a fish out of water. But you feel just damn good being a fish off door. So let's dig into how to really select a social media that you really love. So first things first. Every social media has, like a prefer a four month that they used. So, for example, YouTube uses a little BU, and that's the main former or view dupe. But if you see E instagram the main four months, this picture and it's really visually a charge, right if you go, for example, to Pinterest is more about articles, because that's the thing that you share the most off course everything. And I have to tell you, if you are not comfortable with video, maybe you need to start like shifting your mindset. And it started, like keeping your toe into because every social media is quickly changing. Video on is making like a lot of emphasis video because you were in a video area I could see, but basically every social media has be for four months on. One of the things that you really want to make sure is that you are evil off with the four months that these social media that you're going to select prefers which for Mother, you feel more comfortable. Wait, The second thing is your timing, because I get it. Building a business is a lot of time. I'm plus that you have to add a social media down that leaves you with no free time at all . So you really need to be conscious about selecting a social media that you can handle. And I don't mean like you can handle it. But I mean, you have the free time where you have the time to put it into it and not take it away from another part of your visas on. Sometimes this would mean to hire someone, but if you're not in that stage of hiring somebody to humble your social media, it's really important that you get grilled with yourself and set up. How much time can you address to build the social media platform? We're going to talk a little bit about each of the social media is that I think are more relevant right now. Like it more. That's so I will tell you more or less how many times you will need or how much time you will need to manage, never grow them. But basically, if you're a soul, bring or I would advise you just to take one social media at the time like really focus on growing it on. Then maybe you can hire someone, or you can use, like, laid low there while you roll another one. And I think the third thing toe really notice if you really enjoy that, for not is to see in your real life like in your Kama normal life which platform? Use which one off all of the options out there you enjoy the most because even though maybe your your dream playing hangs out more in one of the blood forms. But you really hate that blood for probably if you like, force yourself and try to do it. You're not going to be asked consistent on as committed as if it's something that you love and enjoy. I really feel that you thrive through enjoying things and truly be happy with the things that you're doing. So if you force yourself to try to do some social media that you hater, that you really don't feel like in the same vibe with Probably it would have, like the best results, even though it's supposed to have the best results. But I've seen in a lot of times that if you force yourself into something that's really not feeling, Ray, that's really not connecting with you. The results are not going to be so raid. Instead. If you go to something like to a social media that you love and enjoy it so much, the Spain time there on you really start working in your business. In that space, that joy, like the results, are mind blowing. And even if somebody says, like even if everybody says like I don't know, there's no the blaze. Or maybe there's no Davis Blakes, if you really enjoy it, you will put so much effort on it and you will boo like so much of your heart and soul on it that I have seen it so much that it's just like a success that nobody really can understand on for these exercise. I just want you to ask yourself, and I just want you to get really real with yourself about these on just brighter out of instant or write it over if you're hardly, which is the social media that if you had to like one, I like to be right away or to just both something really personal. Which one will be the one that you would use? 5. Main Social Media Platforms for Businesses: So before we start to like they into each of the social media blood force that I think are relevant in this moment, I will tell you like one little disclaimer in these micro lasagne, and it's that there is a lot of social media, blood forms other, and I'm not going to touch each one of them because these curves would be like and list. So I'm just going to touch the ones that I feel are more relevant on that. I feel that can give you more the most results. And I will tell you a little bit about the four month and basic goals, the basic target audience that he's out there on, like how much time you would need to really thrive in the social media on what you can do, Basically, what I want to do with these issues. Open your mind, toe another possibility. Maybe you haven't thought about some of the social media platforms. Maybe you haven't heard about that before, on you can see, like, other type of things that if you feel that amazing one social media platform that you really want to look into, just leave it in the Commons just leave it there. Just tell me and 100. I would like you to talk a little bit to beat me more about X x x x y c black form. I will do it and we'll obviously update these curves and put the lesson in. But right now we're going to talk about Facebook instagram Pinterest, which is not a social media. But let's let's put it here because I think you could do a lot of interesting things and we're going to talk about Link being You do Auntie took. So it's six platforms that I think you really need to, like, open your eyes to it and you straight to figure that out, So let's do that. 6. Facebook: Fan Pages and Groups: Let's start with Facebook. Facebook is like the old timer. I mean, it was MySpace ones and how his Facebook Facebook is the place where everyone ese. I mean late early. Everyone like your grandma, probably has an encounter, and that's super cool. But yet it's being an older crowd right now, like really young people like I don't know, they gen that doesn't like, hang out there as much as maybe millennials or even like older generations, because now, like the president's place. But it's a really, really nice place to start. So the most important thing that you need to know about Facebook is that is divided into things. It's divided into a fund bache and a group. This is not equal to your personal profile, but a fund. Pages like a business profile on a group is like sort of like a community you can create around your business or around yourself, or juice around some topic that you are interested in. I always advice entrepreneurs who have a He's a Facebook fund page, where you have, like order, business information. Maybe you have adopt for reviews on, yet you have, like nyse and shiny. You don't have to post them as much because right now Facebook doesn't really show that much of the fan page to the people that is actually following you. So sometimes that spells out of nothing. But it's really important, Like it's like having your your home, your Facebook and a lot of people will maybe google your business or fate or, like surgery Facebook. And if they don't find your fun base, they would be like suspicious about what? Your business or about What are you doing on? It's really nice. Also, if you have a physical store to have leg opening times there to have, like questions like Q and A's off, everything that normal people would like to know. And it's basically this happening, Miley problem in danger just like a space outsiders, your website that people can find you. So, for example, here is my fam page Ailey Honda take because you can see like a have, for example, a bottom here that says like book now so people can book like consultations with me. I have, like my services here the things like my freebies and I'm sorry about that. A notification I am well, yes, on get Basically, I have everything Imam of my find patient, just public post with like photos on this is very importantly, can have, like your recommendations and reviews so that will give you like a load of authority. And you have all of these stabs on. If you go to community here, you can see, like all of the people that is following the beige and also you can see my group over here , but we will be talking about the groups in a minute. But yet you can see, like everything about my find Paige here, like all the followers that I have legs and yeah, it's just basically like a summary off your business in Facebook. And this is a from page of a really nice entrepreneur. Order is called Murray for Real on, as you can see, like she has a lot off like BDO vase content on. Yeah, you can see like Siri's, that he has played these videos events you can see like this part off the shop that she's selling rain. Now her book on you can go to her website. So yeah, it's basically like a little and in page of everything that she has here. So you can really see, like, one size leave. Yeah, just like you won, Please everything that she hasn't that she don't that she does. And I think it's just like our fam page is a really nice ways the way to have everything here, like she's been doing this scene's 2000 and nine. So yeah, it's a long time, but you can see like how well it can be. And this is like a really successful story, and that's what I wanted to show you. So you can have, like some examples of what you can do with Facebook Fan page, another space that you can have in Facebook. It's Facebook groups on This is a huge part if you're trying to build a community because maybe Facebook fund page are not so like Wow, right now, posting on to interact because, yeah, Facebook. It's not really like showing them to anyone that Facebook groups are another story like everyone else to hang out in groups. And if you really you like, if your business is really like community based or service, please, I would recommend you to create your group to really feed, nurture your your community There, you can invite everyone that work with their. You can put the you can put your group private or public. That's how you want to manage it on. You can basically, like, share interesting information, just like ask people how they are on I don't know. How is your mom? They win or share these important news. We're these important information you can sure leans files. I mean everything on the sense of community in the Facebook groups are really, really important. So here is an example off a Facebook group. This is a private group called The Perfect Power. Our Eat by Adrian Morrison. And basically he's an entrepreneur that helps people with their e commerce under E stores. So he has all his information right here, like memberships and all of that stuff on Do you can see right here like everything that can be sure in a group videos, events and photos. Like all of those things, E can show you like a little things from the group because, sir, private one. But I just wanted to show you how you can manage a Facebook group. If you are an entrepreneur, you can see people to sharing things about them and just asking questions. It has, like 15,000 members, So yeah, this is a pretty nice example. How was an entrepreneur or because the person you can create a group? Another example that I wanted to show you is thes group that is called female digital Nomads is a private group also, and it's basically a group that is created around a topic like a community in general that is like community of females, female numbered. You can see like it's not in name off anyone. And it's not like trying to sell anything in particular is just like a community to help each other and just share experiences or questions, or just like random things. You feel like somebody asking for airports like recommendations on things like that. So I think it's pretty nigh used to keep in mind like thes type of groups. You can make also, like read a group around your industry or the topic that you are interested about and just like, spark the conversation around it. You can see like in there about part all the information about the group on everything that's going on in it. So I think this is a very nice way to have a Facebook group. And just to have, like, the domain in your industry. Yes, I told you before, Facebook East, like an older crowd, sort of like social media right now, where maybe people from 25 on older would be hanging out there more. But if that is your target audience than you probably should heat that plays. Also, one important thing to have in mind. He's if you are building a business that it's not in English, you, that is, I don't know Spanish, French or use basically based in another country that is not us or the UK. Then you have a huge possibility to build a group that nobody else has seen him, because normally us and UK Yentl it are like leading the proud off. The entrepreneurs on people in other countries haven't seen, like the different strategies of building a community in Facebook groups, so maybe that would give you an advantage there, so I would definitely recommend you to create a fan page. You don't have to do like a lot of things. They're just like tried toe. Maybe if you have a new brother or something like that. You compose their here and there, that's it. And then just create your Facebook group if you have time for it and use to a starting your tree, I have to tell you, a Facebook group can take a lot of your time at the beginning because you have to nurture it and try to, like, stimulate people to share and to hang out there and to, you know, help other people. But then, after a while it will basically start running itself. So it's a really, really great way if you if you really want to reach like a community that one studios like interact all the time and you have, like, a topic that they could be interact all the time by timing. And you probably would need at least two days to set up your Facebook fan page on probably , too. To manage your room, you will need one hour a day at the beginning. On if your group really grows, you have to like, keep your mind rules and a look that maybe you would need more time 7. Instagram: for Creative Business: it has come my old time favorite. I mean, anyone that knows me knows that this life favorite social media, blood form unease Instagram Instagram has bean really popular for now a long time it causes from on underground apt to be bought by Facebook. And now, like this explosion off influencers and a lot of people that has, like, get thin use with instagram A that has, like a lot off like people on community there. So it's a really interesting blood form. He's basing photographs. So the four month off Instagram are photographs you have defeated here But it has like treaty room photographs on your Polish Jews one for a rough one car, solely composer or one video on. Then you put like a caption down here on people can like a cherry save it and then you have the instagram stories which is the circle up here that they will last after 24 hours used like people can do seed as it was like a movie video. It comes and goes, comes and goes on. Then you have the hang lights which are in your instagram profile. There are their stories that you basically save for a longer time because stories only less 24 hours that if you really, really like something you can save in your head. Who is hanging out in Missouri? Mostly millennials Andi. A younger generations also, but not so much mostly millennials are hanging out in Instagram. It's also getting a little bit older. The crowd so 20 years old to 40 to 4 years old, you will find like people in this range, mostly in instagram. In there is a variety like it's it's both men and women, and it really depends on which is your content, like we charge your topics that you will see that your account will be more women than men or more government and women. Now Instagram is getting like a little bit harder to find, like those people that you really want to interact with. And you need to spend like a little bit more of time planning your content, like you really need to have a content plan on like a cohesive image that you need to like , just like have a lot of steps to have success in Instagram. So I would say it's a platform that would take from your day up to three hours or even more if you are really like compromise and if you really want to grow your millions in a short amount of period, so I would recommend you to go to Instagram if you're trying to reach millennials and if you have, like a really visual, powerful business. So, for example, if you're selling, I don't know, like furniture or paintings. Or if you're a tattoo rt's or if you are an illustrator or if you're trying to reach a business, owners like you other are starting their probably in this millennial generation, that would be a good blood from to go to just know that you will have to invest a lot of time just trying to connect, trying to reach people. So we are right now here in my profile off instagram away your doctor are on. You can see here I have, like my bio with everything that I do when they have, like a lingam pushing. I have stories highlights on all of my feet that I've been uploading a base, my instagram basically on stories of me around like marketing and around like entrepreneurship and everything that I do and I give a load off him advice and content for people to just, like go on, start their business. And like a help with everything that has to be like with marketing. These is another a count that I managed that he said, to come from Colombia from a collective off sustainable fashion. You can see here like older value with their main information, everything that they do on or that we do. We have laid the highlights and the feet, which is like, really cohesive. This is what it's called like a chest and feet, which is like a sort of like image image graphic image graphics. So you create these kind of Luke and we have, like, a load off educational content, a lot of like motivation for people to start your business to help them out with with everything on, we do a lot of education around and sustainable fashion in general Syria. This is like another type off feed that you could find in east a gram and something that you can do. And also I wanted to show you another type of business, which is more basic on their official products, which is a a flower shop that I also managed their profile. So we're just starting to work on. It's like a small account right now, but you can see and how visually, tediously, how the flowers play a main role in everything that we posed off them and how calorie, super important, done like everything is really visually powerful. So it's also something that you condone. Instagram Lee, you can really see like what you want to share on. This was all about Instagram. It's my favorite one of my favorite social media platforms. So I you really, really recommended to you. You know, if you have, like a really visual a business, so go ahead and and go to Instagram and try to find out what it's hug going on there. And also off course, follow me at a late day job are 8. Pinterest: to Increase Your Traffic: hello Pinterest as I don't before. These is not a social media platform as itself eats, it's more like Google for images. Pinterest is a search engine that is based on images. So basically the search for images that will reach the keywords that you were trying to find. And but country need like a social media in this video right now, because I think it's pretty a major point of this, where my business is a major point off grow. I think it can be a major point of pro for yours, So I really loved it. I just over seeded so many times like I do student like I ignore a Pinterest for a long time until I really, like, started like a said, like Okay, let's try to figure it out because I thought it was used for, you know, like house wife wanted to like Fine, I don't know d I y produce anything. It has the rip, but actually, when I started to dig in Pinterest's, I find out that there are so many people out there like trying to find so many things, and it is such a friendly black form that is like just nice to looking. It's not so addictive, you know, like you don't want to just keep scrolling and scrolling just like find your thing and find new things. You know, like finding loggers on finding recipes or find new content. Andi, just like getting to that part of finding new things and getting involved in the whole thing that I want to know. That was a little thing saying that I hope you know what I mean. Because it's a really, really nice blood form is based on searching things. So basically, you just put something I know. If you want to search for cameras, you just put their cameras and it will come out with these hundreds and hundreds of images there are linked to leans nearly two places that took up a cameras or the truth. You believe this camera articles, videos, everything that you can imagine on eats a main main point to grow your trapping to your website. So if you have a website on, if you are trying to reach people to go to your site to go to your articles, to go to your content, to go to your services page to go with you anywhere in your website. You need to start using Pinterest, basically what you need to go to Pinterest. Just create the pains we turn like vertical images. There are a lot of templates in common, for example, that I believe the link of Campbell blow on. Did you just put it there like a little caption? You can use the hashtags, too, like attack your continents who people can finally easier on. Basically, you just leave it with the link of your website on. When people get to your image, they can click on the image and go to your website and just start to read to see you just get engaged with your content. It's more of like a women face a up or blood from like social media. Well, yeah, let's call it platform because that was like the rip that it started to like building since the beginning of the up on. Now it's just like houses sticking on, Buddy, you're basically like running something like Service base. Or, if you were selling brother looks, for example, if you were on e commerce, I think it's a really, really good way to get like constant traffic and engagement in your content and to your website. The other thing that I love is that you don't need so many times where there so many acts that you can use to use ultimate ties, everything being trees. So you don't have to spend like three or four hours there every day. You can just spend just like 1/2 Bayer one. They just like blind everything out on then just like put it everything to our automatic on they do move on with your business. So right now we're hearing Pinterest Hassan Aziz, you can see like I'm Purina in an account that is like about recipes so you can see here are like the beans like these vertical images on you can just click on the image and it will give you like a lot of information right there. You can see in this recipe like the ingredients, even Commons. Well, people like you have the little lick option and everything. And if you look for other things, for example, this Christmas table decorations, you will see, like all of the images that comes from it, so is like a really visual and thing on. But the mayor point off the off. Everything been dresses. You staking, you do the website. This is like a wedding. A account and you see like everything is really nicely put up on. You can click here on the link and it will take you toe their content basically and then you Kenbrell the continent there. So that's how you increase your traffic. Using Pinterest, you go look for other things for example eternal this look for business. So you will see like a lot of images popping out about business, business ideas and all of that. So if you click on the image right away, it will take you to the link. But also you can click sort of like when you have thes magnifying glass on. Then you will see like more information about the bean, and you can go also today well to the profile that posted thes image. So if you click here, you will see, like all the continent they browed. And it's like a nice way to just share information and content that is basically inspiring . And yet this is how your your hope could look like your profile would look like for you only so I think that's like three or four or make 100 throws off pink dress. Oh, really? Ive you Heller of content. If you have a website that really needs the traffic, if you have mostly like women crew or if your dream client is the women, it's women, then you need to go to these platform. 9. LinkedIn: The Professional Social Media: linking So the professional Social Media Lane team. It's a social media that was before professionals to get connections with other professionals. So basically it's a business. Social Media, on the intention of the linking it was like to connect. For example, they and blaze from one company to the employees from another just like connected one business to another. So it's really good if you're trying to do and b two b business. So business to business A deals. Or if you're trying toe toe to basically have a relationship with a business or without employees or with a person that is specifically works in some companies or in some type of I don't like industry. So, for example, if you are a PR and you really, really want to have, like, a connection with people working in the media industry, then it's a really good platform to start having a presence there in the professional babies. So normally a link teen you once you like, means we're like funny things, but he's more sort of like the professional face of someone. So for entrepreneurs who I would recommend you just go there in one someone just like Ray your profile. Put it like nice and Don, just like what you do wanna love that that would take you probably maybe one week to make it on point on, then go to maintain one's long to see, like what's going on there? But if you're not doing, like business to business relationships, or if you're not like, really interested in connecting on Lee with people in one company, you're in one type of industry. Then maybe wouldn't be like your place to hang out. It's also one of the social media than ranks first on Google when they look for your name on a lot of companies. If you are, I don't know thinking about maybe use having your business on a side. I'm getting, like, higher into a company. They will probably ask you for your linked in profile. But as a business, I will tell you that if you are doing business to business a relationships, then probably you would need a pro father. Or if you are really targeting people that only works in a search and industry or you know certain company, then it would be nice to have a profile there. But if you are not doing any off these or if you really want to. Lake built more of a community based than just like a relationship based, you know, like just wanna one. But ah, community with its own, I will tell you go for another one. If you're trying more to be like one on one relationship with a person again in a certain industry or in a certain company, then linked in would be your space. 10. YouTube: The Video Place: hello you do as you reminding you do is also one of my favorite social media's on Well, it didn't start like a social media, but now it has so many social media features. They wanted to include it here. So one thing that it's important to keep in mind of all you do is that it's one of the places that is east here to give someone from viewer to client like it's really easier because you create a really connection with a person because you're speaking directly through them through the camera. So I don't know, probably something recent politically, but it's really easier toe convert somebody that is looking to you that has look your your videos for a long time toe a client when you're selling something that probably would be Instagram or Facebook because the relationship it doesn't seem so close for the other person. So, yeah, if you really want to, like, start converting viewers to clients like faster, Probably you do is the space, but also you has a catch and is that is the the blood form that needs the more the longer the longest time. So you will need a lot of time to create all the video content on also you. You need to like it has, like a big and learning phase. So if you don't know, for example, how to set up a camera, if you don't have a camera, or if you don't know how to add eed or how to like produce your views, it would be harder for you at the beginning. It doesn't mean that you cannot well, like I've seen a lot of challenges that doesn't have, like, these greed, video quality or this grade and 18 video thing, but they are major. But still, maybe it will be harder for you like to try to figure out how to edit your videos, have to add maybe something's or some green background or whatever. So it depends on how produced you want your videos. It would take you longer and, of course, all the time to ever them. A series like a rule in the film industry, which is like a meaner off video, is at least one hour off editing on at least like two hours or to retailers off recordings . So to need a lot of time to get a video five minutes. Probably you would need, like, two days to get it at the beginning, right? And then you will started to speed it up. But yeah, it's amazing if you want to convert people from viewers to clients on. Also, it's amazing to reach a lot of people. The way how you works is also like a search engine. So you put like some key words there, and it will rank your video according to the key words that you have in your description shown in your title. And also according to like the engagement that hasn't that you have in the video. So you can really, like, optimize your videos off YouTube like you can do serve like an S E over you do, so it will rank higher on. You don't have to have, like these huge subscribers ways to reach a lot of people on if you want a video like if you want occurs like a lesson or entire curse about how to us, you for you do you just let me know in the comments or described me in my my I don't profile so I could make it for you because it's a topic that I'm really passionate about, that I love. There are a lot of different demographics, and you do, and it really depends on the content that you want to put out there. It's also really important for businesses to know what he's like, whether you really have, like, video content to put out there. Like, for example, if you have an e commerce that you're selling Idol X Twitter's Maybe you don't have like us much Hunton to creative for you do. Maybe you will have, like, just promotional videos, so maybe it makes more sense for you to make you do ATS instead of like a shadow. 11. Tik Tok: The Young People Place: on. We have Rich the fun now guy in all of these lake quick overview of social media platforms , which is ticktock on. If you have heard about it, probably you don't have key to recall since. Or anyone that he's like gins it on below like young crowds like I know born after like two thousands. Never You haven't heard about it. But I will tell you that took its bean. The Muslim loaded up in 2018. Of those in 19 straight. It's on up that starter in Asia. Then eat kind of merge with another one that was called Music. Ali on it started its beauty over. He's is basically like You make funny videos, usually leave singing videos, and it's really, really popular among like a lot of people to be. Only his buddies sort of like a younger crowd. They started to put ads on the APP for not so long ago, but it's bean kicking like a lot, like a lot of people is getting there now. Businesses air like it's starting to, you know, like churn to take to see what they can do. They're so basically if you have like huge I could say, like if you have, like a huge personality of review, I really like a creative person and you feel like you do maybe have, like, so many bun Juries A and you want, like more freedom and more creative tools to something Take the probably is your thing. Also, if you're trying to sell things to younger crowd, so I don't know, like problem kids or like 15. Like all the teenagers years there there, I can assure you that you are seeing video silver on their sharing their own medios older. So probably if you're trying to reach like that young crowd, Tito would be your social media platform. You can use Italy really creatively. There are like videos of really hectic, just like moving a lot. And just like putting music we make like challenges is like a major part, like fancy challenges huge there on, probably if you haven't gone into teak toe yet. You could see their videos on Facebook or instagram use like posted there like crazy challenges. So yeah, those challenges air coming from ticktock. But I just want you to know that this is something that it's out there like social media are changing all the time. So we just have to keep a nice open for everything that comes new. So this is coming really strong on? Yeah, just, like, keep an eye on it. If you enjoy video, probably you would enjoy these ones so, so much. 12. Set Yourself for Success: So we just review all of the blood firms that I think are major and but you have to, like, keep an eye open and maybe, like, go in on just like find out more about them. And now I want you to set yourself for success. So you already have your target audience. You already know which, but for you enjoy you already know a little bit of all the blood firms. But right now I want you to set yourself out for success by blind here. Planning is a major thing on any social media on any digital effort that you want to do. Blunting would be like the most important thing, I guess, because if you don't plan the content that you want to put out there, you want half like a really cohesive message on a reclusive business To show there are different planning websites and abs that you can use for each off social media platforms. Some of them work in different social media's. Some some of them were just one, so it depends on your needs and whether you decide to do. But it's really important that you sit down at least once a week and you blend how your week is going to look like so, normally a Billy's on Monday morning I just see found and see like Okay, why? How do I want my week to look like in social media? So I want to both in any off my social media platforms what I want to pose, when and how and what do I need to make the pose happen? So, for example, one of the social media is that I use the most East Instagram. So I just blend my week on instagram one. Do I want to pose like I normally don't pose everyday? I pulls a one day Yes, and when they know so every other day s So I just plan like we have the picture. Do I have to edit it? Do I have to agree? The capture? What? It's going to be the caption about what is going to be the topic around on that way, I just can see in the Abdullah used to blend everything. Would you sculpt finally, how my week is looking like after that week, how my feet is going to look like on how are like which are the topics that I'm going to touch so you can do the same with being Charis. With Facebook, you can even put these automatic. So, for example, for painters you can go in on Monday morning this creator of your beans, and just put it in a blood form that is called pale wing on. I love that because it helps you, like, put it automatically all of your beans on. Then you can just like which other type of content do you want to share? And you can just leave like the whole week plan and it will brought out automatically, like you don't even have to go into the platform to make it happen on that will free you so , so much time on their way. You know, like already since Monday morning that you're done without and you can check it out of your check, please, and just move onto the next thing. So I think setting up yourself for success means just taking out of time to get to plan your content and to get to know what's going on in each off the blood forms that use like there or in the platform that you selected 13. Final Thoughts: I'm right now. You have all the tools you need to select the best social media plus for toward your business You are the one who knows your business the most. So you are the only one who can make these decisions. But I want you to make this decision with all these information in your mind. So take up your customer Al Attar, take out your joy and happiness and everything that you enjoyed out of all of the social media platforms, every TV and everything that we review on each of the blood forms on. Of course you're planning Mind said on C Founder and slave Which one is the one you're going to start with on? Please leave your profile your business profile on your project so I can just like going and give you a little bit off on auditor until you lay. How you're doing on how you're planning is going on how everything's looking. So yeah, if you are not if you choose right now, you said like, yeah, I set my mind to the social media blood form. Just leave your handle or your link to that social media blood form on your project, and I promise I will be going into data link. And I will take a look off everything that you put out there and I will be, if you like a quick audience off everything that you've done on. Maybe like some tips and tricks on how to grow your social media, your community there. So thank you. Thank you so much for taking Discouraged. I hope you enjoyed it. I hold you got as much knowledge and as much value of the scores that you could. I hope to see you again. In other of my Carson's, I have three curses about, like how to any a podcast in out of audition. How to videos using Premiere on? Yeah. I'm going to use both more curses about marketing, about social media, about anything podcast about you seen all of the other cloud. So if you're interested in any of these topics, just make sure that you follow me in profiling, sq. Sure on. Of course. If you like this class, make sure you leave me a review. That is really, really important for me. Just please go there. Just leave me a review. Just don't forget. Like take out of these cars on Just leave interview there. Just leave me the five stars. That would be really great. But if you don't like, could you tell me Just go, Golder, go! I will wait till you go there. What do you tell you? Go there. Thank you. Thank you so so much. I hope you have a great great bay. A brick week. Every year, every life Leave me out of you Don't forget it. I am only 100 You and these west your occurs about how to choose the best social media blood form for your business. Three You re you be view review Review me here, You hear me?