How to Change Your Core Beliefs | Adam Sweeney | Skillshare
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17 Videos (1h 2m)
    • Course Introduction

    • Intro 1: Life Energy, Emotions, & Filters

    • Intro 2: Resistance & Emotions

    • Intro 3: Releasing Emotions / Stored Energy

    • Beliefs And Their Functions

    • Example: Relative Beliefs

    • Negative Beliefs & How They Serve You

    • Your Process of Self Discovery & Tools

    • The "Order" Of Things

    • An Overview of The Process

    • 1. Clearly Identifying How You Are Feeling

    • 2. Identifying Past Experiences Of Beliefs

    • 3. Naming The Specific Belief

    • 4. Becoming The Belief You Prefer

    • A Real Life Example

    • Belief-Benefit-Behavior-Experience 1

    • Belief-Benefit-Behavior-Experience 2


About This Class

This is a metaphysical course based on my own research in my own personal time of self-discovery, as well as from the coaching I do with individuals and their belief systems.

In short: In this course, you will learn technically how emotions and belief systems work, what their purpose is why we have them. You will learn how the perpetuate themselves and why they can be so difficult to change. You will learn how to change your beliefs to ones that you prefer no matter how "deep" they may seem or how long you have had them. It is my passion to share this topic with you. I am a very specific and technical person with this topic, no fluff, but you do need to be open-minded. I do back up my theories with personal examples as this is what has worked for myself. The material in this course comes from years of my own experience of self-exploration in transforming my own beliefs that I picked up from my past and I hope it serves you well. 





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Adam Sweeney

Metaphysics Specialist /Songwriter

Hello! I have been writing lyrics for 14 years and teaching music and songwriting for 12 years. For the last few years I have been helping songwriters all over the world write lyrics more effectively and helping them create a daily practice of connecting with their inner creativity and inspiration while writing tons of clever lyrics. I look forward to connecting with you in my course!

If you are interested to see the lyric and songwriting work I have done here is my SoundCloud.


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