How to Calm Your Inner Critic - A Pep Talk for Your Creative Soul! | Cassie Brenn | Skillshare

How to Calm Your Inner Critic - A Pep Talk for Your Creative Soul!

Cassie Brenn, Creative Person

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10 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. How to Calm Your Inner Critic Introduction

    • 2. Tip 1 and 2 Negative Self Talk

    • 3. Tip 3 Perfectionism

    • 4. Tip 4 Comparisons

    • 5. Tip 5 Artificial Barriers

    • 6. Tip 6 Self Image

    • 7. Tip 7 Bad Reviews

    • 8. Tip 8 Good Reviews

    • 9. Tip 9 Have Fun

    • 10. Summary and Bonus Tip


About This Class

Do you ever find yourself saying things like ...

My artwork sucks

I wish my work was as good as (the name of artist you saw on Instagram)

I'm not a real artist

These thoughts and others like it make you procrastinate from your creative work.  You want to avoid feeling bad so you look for something to distract you from these unpleasant feelings. 

How to Calm Your Inner Critic will teach you ways to calm this defeating self talk, soothing this uncomfortable mindset and letting you get back to the work you love to do.  





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Cassie Brenn

Creative Person

Start a Creative Project Today!

I want to help you be more creative every day.  Whether that's through starting a daily art challenge, learning a new craft, or taking a deep look into creativity, you'll find a class here that will inspire you.  

The creative process is my passion.  I learn about it everyday so that I can share the information with you!  

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