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How to Buy & Sell Cryptocurrency on the Binance Exchange

Kundai Dzawo - Investing & Trading, Technical Analysis & Trading Coach

How to Buy & Sell Cryptocurrency on the Binance Exchange

Kundai Dzawo - Investing & Trading, Technical Analysis & Trading Coach

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5 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Intro - What will I learn in this course?

    • 2. The Chart - What am I looking what are frames?

    • 3. The Order Book and Transaction Register

    • 4. The Limit, Market And Stop Limit Orders

    • 5. Live Trades On The Exchange Using The Limit, Market & Stop Limit Order Functions

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About This Class

In this cryptocurrency course you will learn how to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency from scratch today.

Want to learn how to invest in cryptocurrency?

Have you always wanted to invest in cryptocurrency, but you just don't know where to start?

Or maybe you have started, but you don't know where to go from there?

Then "How to Buy & Sell Cryptocurrency on the Binance Exchange" is for You!

We are looking for students eager to learn how to invest in cryptocurrency!

And the best part, you do not need any prior experience to get started!

This course is designed for BEGINNER Cryptocurrency users!

If you have intermediate to advanced knowledge in Cryptocurrency, this course is NOT recommended.


Here is what you will learn in our complete course:

In our course, you will learn how to buy and sell cryptocurrency and potentially earn thousands of dollars in your investments.

By the time you are finished with our course, you will have a good understanding on all the basic tools that you need to Buy, Sell & Trade cryptocurrency's on the Binance platform .

But that's not all... you will also learn the following skills:

  • How to use the Chart & Time Frames.

  • How to execute Limit Orders.

  • How to execute Market Orders.

  • How to execute Stop-Limit Orders.

  • And so much more!


With the right mindset, understanding, and application, you will instantly begin learning how to buy and sell Cryptocurrency's today!

We are still in the early days of Cryptocurrency's therefore there will be constant development within the near future. When we learn something new about Cryptocurrency on the Binance platform, we will add it to this course.This is a course that will continue to add more and more to every aspect of your life.


What I can't do in this Course..

I can't guarantee your success – this course does take work on your part. But it can be done!

I am also not responsible for your actions. You are responsible for 100% of the decisions and actions you make while using this course.


It's time to take action! 

Enrol Today!

Every hour you delay is costing you money...

See you in the course!


KD from PiggiBacks

Meet Your Teacher

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Kundai Dzawo - Investing & Trading

Technical Analysis & Trading Coach


I'm a Trading & Investing Coach at PiggiBacks. Sharing knowledge is part of who I am, and coaching is where I am at my best because I've been on both sides of that equation. I teach with passion & purpose. Delivering useful training is of great value to me. Every course is delivered with my students in mind.

I've spent a long time studying how others learn and teach, to refine how I can work with people in an efficient, useful, and, most importantly, memorable manner. My mission is for all my students to carry what I've shown them into a bright future.

Building Rich & Valuable Content for Everyone. 

Kundai Dzawo


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1. Intro - What will I learn in this course?: Hi guys. This is Katie from Piggybacks. Welcome to my buying institute, Auriol on how to buy and sell Cryptocurrencies. So in this course I will go through how you guys can use the chart on the violence platform to make decisions on how you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies. I also go through the order, book the transaction register on, go through the various methods that you can actually buy and sell Cryptocurrencies such as the limits order, the market order and the stop limit order. And to end my course, I will actually go through a live trade for you guys and show you how it looks when you actually make purchases or when you sell your cryptocurrencies on the balance platform. I look forward to seeing you guys. 2. The Chart - What am I looking what are frames?: Hi, guys. This is Katie from Piggybacks. Welcome to my tutorial on how to buy and sell Cryptocurrencies on the violence platform in this tutorial mainly before Kristen, the chart and its competence and how you can use it to make decisions on how to buy and sell Cryptocurrencies. I'll basically be showing you where everything is and what everything means on the chart. Let's get right into it, right? So in order for you to be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on the banners platform, you'd have to head over to the exchange icon at the top of the page. Andi, as you can see, the three options here, you've got basic, advanced and margin. Um, we will not be going for the margin platform because this is for people that want to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using leverage. So livery just means that you borrow some funds from the badness platform and we are going through how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using your own funds. So I will be going old advanced platform. So personally, I used the advanced platform because I feel like it's more user friendly leads easy to the eye, and I just like the layout and how everything is put in one place, and it just looks compact and easy to look at. So if we click on the advanced platform, you will come onto the violence exchange. When I started getting into Cryptocurrencies and buying and selling Cryptocurrencies, this page was so daunting, it was overwhelming. There was so much information, I just I didn't even know where to look at and you know, I didn't like it. I didn't like the feeling on information overload, you know, however, once you know where everything is, what everything means why it's there. You'll start to understand the reasoning behind having all the information in one place. Andi. The more you buy and sell cryptocurrencies, you begin to appreciate all the information, and you may even result in wanting more information, just like other traders that trade. Cryptocurrencies, though use more than two screens, for example, will have four screens that they will have information on to help them buy and sell cryptocurrencies eso. What I'm going to do is I'm going to go through everything that's on the screen. Describe it in layman terms, Andi. Hopefully you'll be able to buy and sell Cryptocurrencies easily on the violence platform after you have gone through this tutorial. So right here is a chart. This is the price chart that just shows the price going up and down on the five minute chart. This is a five minute. So this is where my mouse is right now. This is the timeline. So as you can see, the five minute has been selected on here. So if you click the drop down, you will see that there's one minute three minutes, five minutes, 15 minutes on a minute. So if we head to the top, Andi swerved to the right. You see an H. The hate stands for the hourly timeline. So if you click the drop down, you see an hour, two hours, four hours. If you click on the four hour, the chart would change this to show you the four hour price action. So, as you can see, if you look at the bottom of the chart near the volume Oh, yeah. By the way, this is the volume. The bars at the bottom. These are volume. So this showing the volume grain up green is up, readies down. These are the volume bars. So the volume in terms off how much people are trading or buying and selling this specific coin at the top right off the page you notice that it says oh and t ford slash u S d t. This is the current pier that were trading on. So in this case, it means that if you wanted to buy OMT, which is ontology, you would be spending tender US DT to purchase ontology. And if you wanted to sell OMT, which is ontology. So for example, let's say you owned ontology and you wanted to sell ontology. You would sell your ontology in order to gain U S D t, which is teller Teller is just a Cryptocurrency that is paid to the U. S dollar eso it doesn't fluctuate in price, so it basically stays the same. Um, it goes out by small percentage. Body basically stays the same. Eso going back to the chart is always explaining. This is now showing the four hour timeline on price action. So the chart with the mouse is on right now. This is on the 25th of the 10th 2019 at 5 a.m. Andi, If you see, the next candle shows 9 a.m. On the 25th. That's four was ahead of time. If he moved to the next candle, that's another four hours. This is now at one PM on the 25th of the 10th. And if you move another candle to the right, it's now five 5 p.m. On the 25th of the 10th 2019 so that some additional four hours. So I think you guys get get the gist of this. If you move to the right at the top of the timeline, you will have the daily chart. So if you click on this, this will, um, show you the daily chart. So these candles are now showing each day. This is the third off, September at 1 a.m. And you can see the price is going down is another for the September 5th of September 6 September seventh of September Price started coming back up eighth of September 9 to September 10th of September. So this is now a daily chart that we show you the prices during the day, and this chart will be able to help you win to buy and sell you know, Cryptocurrency, So you don't want to buy at the top and then the price goes down, you prefer to buy at the bottom and then the price goes up. So depending on what type of investor you are, the child will be useful to you, depending on how you look into buying so crypto currencies. Andi, you've also got the weekly chart Which shows you these bars by weeks. Or should I say candlesticks by by weeks? Andi, you've got the monthly chart. We shows you a monthly timeline so you can see that on this chart. Ontology has only be non violence. For 123456789 10 11 12 Dating 15 16 17 18 months, 18 months. Totally. He has been on finance for So if you are a long term investor, this chart is looking good because you can see that the price has been going down month off the mom for the past 18 months. It's gone up a little bit and going back down, and it looks like it's just about to go back up. So if you're a long term investor, it wouldn't be a bad idea. to start, you know, buying small bits off this crypto currency if you don't mind holding for months and months and months until the price starts skyrocketing. Back up again. But like I said, this is just a tutorial video. This is not financial advice, By the way. This is just me showing you how you can use the charts. Teoh help you in making decisions on when to buy and sell crypto currencies. 3. The Order Book and Transaction Register : Hey, guys. Is Katie from Piggybacks? Will come back to my tutorial, so I'll be going through the order book on the transaction register. Let's get right into it. So now I am going to go through this section right here. So this section is the order book, Andi, the top half. Okay, first of all, it Z divided in two. So let's let's this go over the top half off the first off, if that makes it so. These are older sell orders that people have placed. So when someone wants to sell ontology to someone who wants to buy ontology using U S. D. T, they will put a sell order and it will show up on this book right here. So, for example, someone is selling well, if you look at the top, you left price amount and the total So they're people. You don't know how many people it could be One person. It could be 10 people selling them and different amounts. However, you've got just the total amount that's being sold at a particular price. And then you love the Total Mountain us DT. So, for example, right now, at 90 well, this is the thing. This book changes quickly because people always buying and selling and changing their minds and canceling orders, etcetera. So I decided to take a screenshot s so that I can explain this a bit better without the price fluctuation. Basically, the price is going up and down and the numbers changing. Whilst I'm trying to explain something eso if you look at the top half, um, you can see that we have a price off 0.9066 us DT Andi um amount off 26.600 nt that is being sold by someone or group of people on board 26.60 and t is a total off 24 0.11 u S d . T. I have rounded us off to two decimal places. Andi, if you look at the line above that, you can see that at the price off 0.9071 US DT someone is selling or some group of people are selling 1000 and 30 0.99 20 on the total amount in U S. D. T for the ontology being sold on. The order book is 935.211 U. S. DT. So these are orders that people are placing to sell the ontology, the ontology that they hold, um, to potential buyers on just below the, um, cell or the book you see the Biota book on before we go into the buy order book. So the amount Cyril 0.9061 The arrow is up, but that's an arrow going up to show that the price has gone up or if it's going down, the amount of being read and the price will be going down with the arrow going down in red T So green is for when the man is going up. So a lot of people buying red is when the man is going down. People selling um so basically 0.9061 is the current price off ontology. So the middle bit always shows you the current price of what ontology and the 0.906 100 is the dollar value. So since this is USD paying, you STD, those T should be roughly off by maybe a penny or two. But they should be the same, whereas if you're now trading using a different pair. So, for example, O and T b t c dont will be told ontology btc will be Bitcoin Um, this U S dollar value will be showing you how much Bitcoin is in U. S. Dollar value because you don't have a pair that will show you the equivalent in terms off fear value. So that's what this white U. S. Dollar amount is representing. So now, looking at the buying or the book. If you look at the bottom off the middle price, you have 0.9057 U S D. T. This is the price that a group of people or someone is willing to buy. 311.310 n t. At that price. So people have put a by order for total amount of warranty off 311.31 at the price off 0.9057 US DT. And if you look at the total amount that it costs to buy 311.31 ontology, it is 281.95 U S. D. T on the far right hand side off the order book. There is a transaction list on this transaction list. Shows you the price at which, um, ontology as either being bought or sold that, um, the quantity off ontology that has been border sold and the time at which the ontology was bought or sold. So this is a live transaction list that happens in real time. So these are transactions that are happening in real time and being recorded as the day goes as people are trading. Um, so if you look at the first line, we have a price off 0.9061 us DT Andi amount off. 154 ontology has been sold at 2145 35 seconds in on the second line shows that at the price off 0.9059 169 ontology was sold at 2145 21. So, as you can see, the gap between the first line in the second line in terms off time is only a few seconds. So these transactions that are happening in real time, um, as people buy and sell ontology 4. The Limit, Market And Stop Limit Orders: Hey, guys, Katie from Piggybacks. We'll come back to my tutorial in this lesson. I will be going through the limit Order, market order and stop limit order. Let's get right into it. So looking at the bottom segment on the bottom, right, you have exchanging margin and earlier did mention that in this tutorial will only be going through the exchange platform on how to buy and sell crypto currencies. I almost likely do a tutorial on the margin platform on how to margin, buy and sell crypto currencies. So if you look at the bottom right here with my masses, there are three buttons on the first part in his limit. Second button is market. The third button is stop limit the limit button represents on order to purchase or sell a Cryptocurrency at a specified price or better S. So this means that for buy limit orders, if you want to buy using a limit order, the order will only be executed at the limit price or lower, which means that you are setting a price that you're willing to pay for the Cryptocurrency that you're trying to purchase. And while for the cell limit order, the order will only be executed at the limit price or higher one. So when you set a cell limit order, it means that your tokens or coins will only be sold once the price had reached your selling price or at a higher price. So this feature allows you to be in better control off the prices to buy and sell cryptocurrencies as by using a by limit order. You're actually guarantee to pay the price that you are willing to pay for. Sell your cryptocurrencies for or a better price so moving on to the market button. This represents an order that is requested by you to buy or sell cryptocurrencies at the best available price in the current market. So the reason why this feature is very useful is because it's the fastest and most reliable way to buy or sell cryptocurrencies quickly. However, the downside of it is usually on most exchanges. If you place a market order, you will pay a slightly higher feet. So a slightly higher trading fee and the stop limit button represents an order which is conditional to buy or sell a Cryptocurrency over a set time frame that combines the features off. Stop with those off a limit order, and this is usually used Teoh Mitigate risk. So what that basically means is a stop limit order is when you set a condition whereby you want a buy or sell order to be placed once a specific price has been met. So I'll give you an example. Let's say I wanted to buy ontology. So looking at the screen, we can see that the price is 0.5 to 89 Andi. Let's say I am willing to buy Ontology at 0.5 to 60 however, because the market is always moving up and down and I don't necessarily want Teoh sit in front of a computer on stare at the price and only, you know, make my purchase ones, especially the specific price that I want has been made. What I would do is I would set a stop limit order, Andi. I would set the stop to be 0.5 to 7. So this means that once the market price goes down to 0.5 to 7, my limit order would be triggered and placed onto the market at 0.5 to 6 because if you recall, I said I wanted to buy ontology at a bird price off 0.5 to 6. So the condition here is that once the price has gone down to 0.5 to 7, a limit order would be placed on my behalf at 0.5 to 6. And this will guarantee that I island purchased ontology at 0.5 to 6 or lower, which will be more beneficial for me because that's the price that I'm willing to pay. I'm willing to pay that price or a lower price. 5. Live Trades On The Exchange Using The Limit, Market & Stop Limit Order Functions: Hey guys. Katie from Piggybacks. Welcome back to my tutorial. In this lesson, I'll be going through the exchange and doing a life trade to showing you guys out to execute a limit order market order on a stop limit order. So let's get right into it. So looking underneath the buttons, we've got bio anti and sell Laurenti and we also have wallet icons on the bio in Teesside, in the Sello in Teesside. The water on the bio in Teesside represents the actual amount that I have in my wallet in us DT So I have 4806 US DT in my wallet and on the Celo and Teesside, I have no anti. So the balance in my wallet is 0.0 20 which means that I do not own any o. Nt to sell that the current moment and on the buying side our own 4806 US DT that I can purchase or anti with and underneath there's a price filled shown in us DT, this is the price that you are willing to purchase OMT for you have the amounts filled and this represents the amount of 20 that you want to purchase. You have percentages. Ear and thes percentages represent the amount off warranty that you can purchase with your current balance in your wallet. So, for example, if I wanted to purchase 25% off oh anti from my current balance, I'll just click on 25% and automatically calculate the mountains. I would receive 2277.90 NT for 50% out received double that, which would be 4554.19 or 20. So that's what these percentages mean. They just represent a percentage off the total amount that you have in your wallet that you can purchase. Oh, and T four. At the current price you have set, Andi Total just shows the total amount that you be spending in us. DT Andi over to the cell or anti side of things. It would be basically the same thing about selling off course, so the price would be the price that you want to sell the anti that you have in your wallet . I currently have nothing, so you will see how this process works once I've actually gone through alive buy and sell off 20 with you guys, which I will do in the next few minutes. And the amount is the amount of warranty that you want to sell. The percentages represent the amount of percentage off dont that you have currently in your wallet that you can actually sell you on a cell 25% off your wallet, 50% of your wallet, 75% of your wallet, 100% of your wallet and the total would show you the total amount of us DT would receive. So I'm not going to do a live trade for you guys to show you how to buy and sell ontology. Andi, the trades that I'm going to make will be consisting off what we've just gone through. So I will dio buy and sell limit order and I also do a buy and sell market order and I will try and do you buy and sell stop limit order. The the reason why I say try with the stop limit orders is because it's dependent on how quickly the market moves on and if it takes a long time to get my order filled. I am most likely going to just cancel it just so that I can keep this tutorial nice and short. But if it gets filled, the better. Because then you'll be able to actually see how you can execute a stop limit order. So let's get right to it. We start off with the limit buying order, so I will be just purchasing. Um ontology. Andi, I want to purchase. Let's just say what 20 ontology on that will cost us 10.74 us DT at the price off 5370 But as you can see, the price right here is high. It's higher than the current price or you wouldn't want to do that. You would want to purchase it at a cheaper price. The crime prices your 0.53 60 so you can either type in 0.536 to test the actual price that you wanna buy at. Or you can click at the last by order price that is on the order book that will automatically fill in the price for you. So that's a quick method off our to just, you know, selected price and then. If that's not the price that you like to purchase out, you can just edit the price. But then at least you know you'd be around the figure that you want so you can select any of these and it'll automatically populate the price. So I'm going to set a limit or that 0.5363 So I'm just gonna change that 263 And I'm said I wanted to buy 20 ontology, so the total amount I'm going to pay is 10.7 to us. DT, can you see that the prices cheaper. So if I just select by what you notice is that there's an arrow right here, this shows that my order is sitting second on the order book and my order is part off this 507.36 warranty that is being bought by a group off people. Andi, At the moment there's another order that's above our order. That 0.53644 42.9 ontology. So hopefully a seller will sell to these guys so that we can become on top and then another seller will fill our order a group order off 476.65 ontology, and out of that 476.65 ontology 20 ontology is mine that I've set a limit order to purchase . And if you look on the left hand side right here, you'll see open orders. This shows you the order that you've just placed. So my order will be right here, I said, A limit order to buy at the price off 0.5363 20 ontology weight, says Field a show you the percentage wise. Mayfield, once a seller, has actually sold to you, and the total shows the total amount that is costing me Andi trigger would only be filled if it's a stop limit order. Hence why there is nothing on you. So for a limit order, you won't have a trigger. And as you can see in green, it says by because this is a buying order. So someone has. Actually, it's been filled 20 twenties left. That's our 20 that I've just placed because I know that because there's only 20 left and my order hasn't been filled and 0% has been filled So once this has been field, this will disappear from Yeah, because my order would have been fulfilled. So it's now just a waiting game whereby just wait for someone to sell some ontology to me. So this is how a limit order works. And if you wanted to buy 25% off your wallet, you just select 25%. So, for example, for select 25% right now, you can see that I would be purchasing on amount off 2235.580 and T at the price of 0.5363 That would be 25% of my wallet. Um, I was just showing you that for tutorial purposes, but we're just waiting for order to get filled. I don't know why it's taking so long. Um, seems like no one wants to sell to me. Specifically, they've sold 400 something odd dont to someone, but they won't sell just 20 pointy to me like OK, but anyway, for tutorial purposes, we're going to move on to a market order. So if I select market, you notice that the bottom has changed you only have price an amount in the fields and then you have the percentages. This is because you can't actually set to price that you want to purchase that your purchasing at market price So you're willing to pay at the market price whatever the current market prices is how your order will get filled. So if we select to purchase 10 ontology at market price, all I literally do is select by. And as you can see, my order failed because total body must be at least 10 us DT. So I am just going to put 20 OMT on select by market by order created, submitted exchange market by word of 20 or anti By using U S D T onda, we can see that my order has already been filled because what I have to do is select order history. Andi, you can see right here. It shows you the date the pair warranty, US duty, the market, the type of the type off purchase that I made, which is a market order. So I bought at the market value off 0.53 70 which is quite high. Andi, if you can see because I made a market order. The price also changed. That's now the market price. Um, earlier. Wasn't it a bit lower than that? I thought I still had a bit of the lower than that, but that's not the current market price. Looks like a lot of people not purchasing in the moment or buying and selling or India the moment the market seems quiet, stagnant for some reason, but you can see the prices market value filled. 20 ah amount that we bought was 20. Total cost me 10.74 US DT, and there's no trigger and status filled because I've actually purchased thes Andi. If you look on the right hand side, you see that my wallet has increased and it's now a 19.98 The reason why it's not 20 on the dot is because every time you purchase or sell using an exchange platform, you get charged a fee. So that's why this is not 20 on the dot, so they've taken their fee. So the exchange itself violence have actually taken the AFI, so their fee is automatically subtracted from your order and we're still waiting for the limit. Orders get filled. So maybe one. I'm going to show you how to do Ah, by stop limits order. So if we select stop limit, you've got oh CEO and stop limit. We're just going through a by stop limit order. So we select stop limit so you can see that the interface has changed. Um, we now have a stop filled limit filled and amount field the percentages and total. So what we do now is we have to set a stop price whereby once the price hits our stop, our limit order will be placed automatically. So it's very difficult because the market is not moving. But what we'll do is we will put a stop price off 0.5362 and put a limit price off 0.5 358 on we're going to buy another 20 or 20 and that will cost us 10.71 u S. D. T. So as soon as I select bio anti violence or prompt you to confirm your order and this is just basically confirming the details that you've entered into the stop limit filled. So we want the stock price to be Cyril 0.5362 and will be purchasing at the price off 0.5358 This is the price that we're going to be buying at and the amount of ontology we want to buy 20 and the total amount is going to cost us is 10.7 warn U S DT. So if you read the message of the bottom, it says if the last price drops two or below 0.536 to us DT An order to buy 20 0 aunty, at a price off 0.53 58 US DT will be placed. This is basically what a stop limit order does. If I click confirm my order would be placed under the orders on the left here for click open orders. You see that my order is placed, but it's no actually on the order book. So what this means is I am able to see that I set up an order with the condition. So if we take a look at the first line, the pays or anti force last us DT, I have set up stop limit order to buy at the price off 0.5358 20 o n t. The total amount is going to cost me is 10.71 us DT. And like I said earlier, the trigger condition is on Lee for stop limit orders. So this order will be placed only once the price has reached or gone below 0.53 60. And of course, you've got cancel. You can cancel your orders at any time before they filled, and you can cancel all your orders in one single by selecting Cancel. So that's how the stop limit order works. I cannot believe that our limit order still has not been filled. The market is not moving fast enough. Hopefully, you know, the the limit order gets field so that you actually see how, um, it looks like once it's been filled. But it's basically the same as how the markets order got filled. That just shows up right here in the order history. Once the limit price has been filled, your order would just show up right here, and it would just show you the details. Andi, if you look at the next tab, there's trade history. This just shows you your trade history for the day. If it's like day, week, month, three months, you can search it from a specific date. This will actually help you keep track off all your trades. Especially if you're buying and selling a lot. And you want Teoh. Just look into what you've bought in the past day and what you've sold in the past day. Oh, that's great news. Um, it looks like our limit order has been filled because it's not showing up on the order books anymore. We just have our stop limit order hanging now, So hopefully that gets filled, and then I will go through how to do the exact same processes. But selling is literally the mirror image of what I've just done buying but selling, right. It looks like all our orders of Mayfield, because if you look at the open orders tab, you've got zero. That means we have zero open orders. Um, uh, therefore are stop limit order was filled. Finally, Um, if we click on order history, we can see the details right here. You can see that I will Stop. Limit order was filled at a price off 0.53 58 which is the price that we actually set. Andi 20 ontology was filled and we spent a total of 10.7160 and this was triggered when the price came down to zero point 53 60. So if you look at the wallet on the buy side, you can see that I've only got 4774 US DT left as because I've been purchasing. And if you look at the cell or anti wallet, you can actually see that I've got 59.94 warranty because I've actually purchased some warranties, are now owned some warranty. And now I will go through how Teoh set up a stop limits so order So it's basically the mirror off the buying side. The only difference is that you're selling, So I will set a stop price, which is the price that I want the market to place my limit order. Once that price has been met or hit Once the market has gone to that price, I want my limit order to be placed onto the order book. So since I want to be in profit, I'm going to sit a stop price off zero point 538 So once the price hit 0.538 we want to place an order at zero pointing 538 for and we want to place an order off. Let's just put 20 ontology on and we select so dont Bannon's will prompt us to confirm our order once again. Same as when you're doing a by stop limit order. The same thing will happen for a sell stop limit order. You'll be prompted to confirm your order. So we want to have a stop at 0.5380 and sell 20 ontology at the price off 0.538 for the total amount that I will receive would be 10.768 U S. T. T saw the message below reads and explains further if the lost price rises to or above 0.538 U S D. T. In order to sell 20 0 Nt at a price off 0.5384 U. S DT will be placed on Do. You could quickly just check if you'll be in profit by looking at the amount that you'll be receiving. So if I select confirm so now that my stop limit order has been placed, um, this should show up on the open orders. But if you notice on the open odors tab, it's got no open odors. Sometimes finance. You have to refresh it so that it updates. Yeah, sometimes violence. For some reason, if you place your order, it doesn't instantly, you know, show it on the open orders. But the order was actually placed. That was going to be very strange. And that would have been bad, especially for tutorial purposes, but yes. Oh, your order will be shown on the open order. So we've set a stop limit sell order at the price off 0.5384 for an amount off 20 dont on dscheer percent has been filled because the trigger hasn't been hit on the total amount of us DT 10.76 us DT on the trigger is 0.538 Andi Yeah, that's how you set the cell stop limit. So we'll just wait for this to get filled. Right? So what I'm going to do now is I'm going to show you how to execute a cell markets order. So if we click on the market button, um, interface would change. So we're going to sell 20 ontology at the current market price. So unfortunately, this order will have to be at a loss because the price hasn't moved up and I am showing you guys are to execute a market sell order so literally, you just put in the amount off ontology that you would like to sell and hit. Sell ontology. Andi, it would say a market. So order created Andi that should automatically be filled instantly. Can you see why? And how the market ordered is the quickest way to get your orders. Field is because it doesn't have to go on a waiting list. Doesn't go in the order book. You literally purchase at the market price, and it's instant. Depending on how quickly the market is moving, you get price. That's closest to the market price that you can actually see right here. So if we select order, history will be able to see that we have sold o N T. At the price off 0.5346 and we filled a total amount off 20 Ontology Onda We got a return off 10.692 We bought at a higher price and sold in a lower price, which means that we have made a loss. And now I will show you guys how to do Ah lim sell order. So if we input a price so we will do a slim it off 0.53 81 on We want to sell all our the rest off ontology so I'm just going to put 100% on. You can see that the return now will be 0.72 u S D t. If I select celo anti, it will let me know that this limit sell order has been placed on that. You can see the open orders has updated to two for select open orders. I will see the to open orders that I have one limit order and one stop limit order And the limit order is a sell order at the price off 0.5381 amount of ontology that I will be selling is 19.94 filled 0% because the market doesn't move quickly enough yet where they will move quickly enough or not, we'll have to wait and see. And the total amount and I'll be getting back would be 10.7 to 97 US DT s. Oh, that's basically how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on the finance platform. If you look at the top right here, you just have the date in the last price. The last price is always the same as the current price. Um, 24 hour change. This would just show you how much the price has changed within the last 24 hours and you've got a percentage rate as well. So green means has gone up red would mean it's gone down. And in the last 24 hours, ontology has gone up by 0.160 which is three points or 9% on 24 hour high is the highest price that it has been in the last 24 hours. On the highest price that ontology has been in the last 24 hours, 0.5413 24 hour low is the lowest price that ontology has been in the last 24 hours and it's 0.54 and 70 on the 24 hour volume currently is sitting at 660 million and 49.35 US DT So this is basically how you buy and sell cryptocurrencies on the violence platform. Unfortunately, we were not able to execute ourselves. Limits, order and our cell stopped limit order. The market seems not to be moving up and down quick enough today, buyers and sellers seem to be uncertain about the market at the moment. However, you did manage to see me execute the buy orders for the limit market and stop limit order. And the south side is basically the inverse off the buy side. So the process is the same. I did actually manage to show you how to place the orders. So all you did not see was the orders being executed. So I'm going to finish off with a few key takeaways. Andi, I will start with the limit orders. So one A limit order guarantees that an order is filled at or better than a specific price level that you have said to a limit order is not guaranteed to be filled However, limit orders control the execution off the price you have set but can result in missed opportunities in fast moving market conditions. So if the market moves too fast, your order may not be placed. The main thing about a limit order is that it guarantees that you get the price that you have set or better price level with market orders. One. It's mainly well suited when the market is moving very fast because this is the quickest and safest way you can ensure that you purchase or sell a crypto currency quickly to. You will be able to execute a market order when you are willing to buy at the asking price or the selling bid price. Stop limit orders. One stop limit orders are conditional trades that combine the features off a stop loss with those off. A limit order to help mitigate risk. To stop limit orders enable you to have precise control over when the order should be filled. But it is not guaranteed to be executed because, like I've just explained with limit orders, if the market moves too fast, it doesn't guarantee that your order will get filled. But what it does guarantees that you get the best price possible