How to Build and Lead Effective Teams by Understanding Group Dynamics | Markus Amanto | Skillshare

How to Build and Lead Effective Teams by Understanding Group Dynamics

Markus Amanto, Author. Speaker. Trainer.

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10 Videos (50m)
    • A Group is Made Up of Relationships - Duh!

    • Three Preferences in Groups

    • Action Tips for Working with the Preferences

    • Group Development - Stage 1: Inclusion

    • Group Development - Stage 2: Control

    • Group Development - Stage 3: Openness

    • Real Life Example: Group Development Stages at Work

    • Real Life Example 2: A Romantic Relationship

    • How to Lead During the Different Group Stages

    • Practical Tips - Leadership in the Group Stages


About This Class

Your effectiveness as a leader and group member is highly affected by your understanding of group dynamics. In this course you will learn to recognise stages in a group's development and adjust own behaviour accordingly. You will also learn to understand the need for and use of different leadership styles. 

You will learn:

  • That it sounds like such a simple fact that a group is made up of relationships. But you would be surprised how many miss out on what this truly means and how they can use this fact to become better leaders and team member
  • The three preferences that late American psychologist Will Schutz found that we have when we come together in groups. You will how to use this knowledge to improve your leadership, both of yourself and of others.
  • To understand the three different development stages of a group that are essential to your success as a leader and team member. This includes the the specific behaviours, opportunities and challenges of each stage.
  • How the different stages can play out at work. How some organisations with good intentions actually hinder the development of a team and how others use it to their advantage. You will learn to recognise these dynamics in your team.
  • To further your skills by understanding how the relationship stages play out in a romantic relationship.
  • How to build effective, lasting relationships and how different parts of your group can have different needs.
  • To understand the basics of how you can lead effectively depending on your group's maturity and what stage it is in. This includes learning a trick for figuring out which stage your group is in.
  • You will get practical advice and strategies to use in each of the different group stages. Highly action oriented tips to allow you to help your group become more effective.





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Markus Amanto

Author. Speaker. Trainer.

Markus Amanto is a Scandinavian who has worked with improving thousands of leaders, teams and organizations in Asia, Europe and North America for over 20 years.

He is a highly appreciated author, speaker and trainer. His books include "The Leadership School - Who's Really in the Driver's Seat" and "The Basics of Group Dynamics" (currently available in Swedish only).

He has held multiple positions as a manager. When he worked as a sales representative he built a sales team of ove...

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