How to Build an Automated Paid Membership Machine | R Michael Davies CD, MBA | Skillshare

How to Build an Automated Paid Membership Machine

R Michael Davies CD, MBA, The Marketing Guy

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10 Videos (1h 24m)
    • Intro to Automated Income Membership Sites

    • Intro

    • Planning

    • Gathering

    • High "Stick" Rate

    • "Thank You" Pages

    • Paypal Button

    • Upload And URLs

    • Deliver

    • Testing


About This Class

This step by step course shows you how to set up, from start to finish, your very own paid membership site. I have built up and sold over a dozen paid membership sites, the pargest of which was nearly 10,000 members paying between $9 and $29 per month.

Once it was built, I literally only did one 1 hour webinar each week, and the profitability os obvious. To make the membership grow rapidly, I offered existing members a 50% commission on anyone they referred. You can do the same, and profit the same way I did. Simply watch over my shoulder and you can follow click by click.





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R Michael Davies CD, MBA

The Marketing Guy

Hi all! My first company was literally done from the kitchen table, initially promoting Clickbank affiliate products, then creating my own affiliate products and training membership sites.

My biggest site had nearly 10,000 members paying between $9 and $19 per month to learn affiliate marketing from my brother and I.

Since then, I have been headhunted for international affiliate and marketing speaking gigs, selected out of hundred for board of directors positions in several comp...

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