How to Build a Winning Pinterest SEO Strategy | Maddy Osman | Skillshare

How to Build a Winning Pinterest SEO Strategy

Maddy Osman, SEO Content Strategist at The Blogsmith

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10 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. An Intro to Pinterest SEO Strategy

    • 2. #1: Important Pinterest Stats

    • 3. #2: Designing Pinterest Images That Get Attention

    • 4. #3: Pinterest SEO: Keyword Research

    • 5. #4: Pinterest SEO: Board Setup

    • 6. #5: Pinterest SEO: Pinning

    • 7. #6: Pinterest Website Integrations

    • 8. #7: Pinterest Analytics

    • 9. #8: Pinterest Group Boards

    • 10. #9: Pinterest Automation


About This Class

Google and Pinterest are similar in more ways than you'd expect:

  • They both get billions of search queries each month
  • They both offer analytics tools that can help you understand users
  • They're both keyword driven

This means that typical SEO practices—like keyword research and "on page" optimization also apply on Pinterest—with just slight differences from similar processes on Google. This class will walk you through my Pinterest SEO strategy, which has resulted in 358k monthly viewers for my ecommerce business, Tanks that Get Around.

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Maddy Osman

SEO Content Strategist at The Blogsmith

Hey all! I'm Maddy Osman, or as my clients know me, The Blogsmith. I write for high-authority publications like Search Engine Journal, GoDaddy, WPMU Dev, and Sprout Social.

It's hard for me to sit still, and I'm the co-organizer of WordCamp Denver and the Denver chapter of Freelancers Union. I'm also on the board for BMA Colorado in charge of social media.

After a few years in sales, I was feeling unfulfilled and decided to go out on my own. Thanks to many years of blogging...

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