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How to Build a Winning Pinterest SEO Strategy

teacher avatar Maddy Osman, SEO Content Strategist at The Blogsmith

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. An Intro to Pinterest SEO Strategy

    • 2. #1: Important Pinterest Stats

    • 3. #2: Designing Pinterest Images That Get Attention

    • 4. #3: Pinterest SEO: Keyword Research

    • 5. #4: Pinterest SEO: Board Setup

    • 6. #5: Pinterest SEO: Pinning

    • 7. #6: Pinterest Website Integrations

    • 8. #7: Pinterest Analytics

    • 9. #8: Pinterest Group Boards

    • 10. #9: Pinterest Automation

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About This Class

Google and Pinterest are similar in more ways than you'd expect:

  • They both get billions of search queries each month
  • They both offer analytics tools that can help you understand users
  • They're both keyword driven

This means that typical SEO practices—like keyword research and "on page" optimization also apply on Pinterest—with just slight differences from similar processes on Google. This class will walk you through my Pinterest SEO strategy, which has resulted in 358k monthly viewers for my ecommerce business, Tanks that Get Around.

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Maddy Osman

SEO Content Strategist at The Blogsmith


Hey all! I'm Maddy Osman, or as my clients know me, The Blogsmith. I write for high-authority publications like Search Engine Journal, GoDaddy, WPMU Dev, and Sprout Social.

Check out my new book, Writing for Humans and Robots: The New Rules of Content Style. It's an essential reference for online content creators and a modern-day homage to The Elements of Style.

It's hard for me to sit still, and I'm the co-organizer of WordCamp Denver and the Denver chapter of Freelancers Union. I'm also on the board for BMA Colorado in charge of social media.

After a few years in sales, I was feeling unfulfilled and decided to go out on my own. Thanks to many years of blogging and web development (and networking!), I started my freelance career off with a bang, and ... See full profile

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1. An Intro to Pinterest SEO Strategy: Hey, still share students If you're anything like me, you've been putting off Pinterest because it seems like so much work but are still excited about the possibilities of using Pinterest to drive tons of referral traffic to your black or to your website. And what I'm going to do is demystify the process of finding success on Pinterest using a Pinterest CEO strategy that's very similar to something that you would use on a blob. So if you've already done things like keyword research and on site S seo optimization at tactics, then you'll find a lot of success here and understanding with this very similar Pinterest s seo strategy. So we're gonna go through things like how to do keyword research for Pinterest. How do you use that on your boards on your pin descriptions, different tools you can use to help you automate the process. How to use Pinterest analytics to be more effective and different considerations for finding success on Pinterest that relate to this specific strategy. So why listen to me? Well, I've helped to create Pinterest strategies for multiple brands, one in particular that is a brand that myself and my boyfriend run which is called tanks that get around him, actually, were your product right now based on the London Gherkin building? Um, and I'll talk more about that specific company later if you want to learn more about it. But, uh, with all that, I'm going to start by sharing some interesting facts that will make it, um seem more relevant to be on Pinterest if you haven't thought about it too much yet. So looking forward to seeing you in the classes. 2. #1: Important Pinterest Stats: I think it makes the most sense to start with some relevant Pinterest statistics that show why it's worth investing in this platform. If you haven't already on just being able to see all the good that you can do here for your business for your blag, for your brand, whatever it is that you're hoping to achieve results for on Pinterest. So, um, first and foremost Pinterest is the second largest social traffic refer. These stats were from the second half of 2017. There were the most up to date ones that I could find from a really relevant source, which is still t stuff. And um, basically, this just means that you know, when you're talking about social efforts on all the top platforms, you can see Facebook is the number one or for ah, but interestingly, Pinterest is number two by a long shot when compared to platforms like Twitter instagram, it kind of makes sense because you only have one clickable link in the bio unless you've set up Ah Chappelle Instagram, which is more for selling than it is for sharing articles or anything like that. And, um, you know, linked and is barely even a blip on the radars faras referral traffic So this thes staffs might help you, Teoh, justify getting involved with Pinterest, whether it's a personal thing or you're looking to get approval from your boss to spend more time in that way, Um, and then another thing that may or may not be relevant to you, depending on the nature of your business and what you're doing on Pinterest is the fact that people on Pinterest air usually planning, um, people seep interests. They kind of argue is to whether it's a social network or a social index. You know, somewhere we're instead of looking for conversation, maybe you're using it to save things for later to do searches and things like that, and I'll touch on that a little bit. Maura's We get through this, but, um, you know, one of the reasons that people see it as maybe not a social network but a social index is the fact that people are using it to plan their purchases. You know, you have things like gifts to buy boards, travel planning boards, um, even things boards with recipes or home decorating ideas. In each of these cases, there's an intent to buy because thes people are coming up with ideas, even if it's a D. I y project, you still have to buy the materials if it's, Ah food recipe or to go to the store and buy specific things, maybe from a particular brand that was featured in an article you found on Pinterest. So understanding that there's a lot of buying intent on this platform can be helpful to you again when trying to sell it to a higher up were even just justifying it for yourself. So the stats here granted there a little bit outdated. These air from Ah Pinterest's business section of their website and all these resource is links to all my stats. And other resource is you can grab at this girl here, which is blood Smith the Dash blocks with dot com slash Pinterest dash CEO so you can investigate those for yourself again. I tried to find the most relevant and, um, timely stats, but, um, you know some of them they just haven't been updated in a while, But even so, I would argue that they hold pretty study. It's just the nature of Pinterest, and we'll get into that a little bit more too. So 87% of Pinter's have purchased something Because of Pinterest. 93% of people say that they use Pinterest to plan purchases. Um, but I've seen other stats like one in two people has bought something as a result of, like, a sponsored pin, which I'm not going to give into as part of this particular class just because I don't have a whole lot of personal experience it with it. But I have heard a lot of great things about using Ah Pinterest paid advertising platform. So once you find success organically, I would say that would be the next up. But, you know, we're talking about finding success organically first and foremost in this class. So let's keep it to that for now. Uh, this is another interesting set that Pinterest directly shared and you can see the source here if you want to investigate that. 97% of searches on Pinterest are unbranded. What this means is people aren't necessarily going on Pinterest and saying stuff like, um, trying to think like like if it was like a cold clothing brand, they're not looking for like clothing brand X clothing brand jeans like Maybe they're just looking for jeans. And so what this stat really means is that there's a lot of potential on Pinterest because it's not being on. Pinterest is not something that you have to be a big guy to dio. Um, it's not a place where people are looking for brand specific information there, kind of. They have an open mind when they go to Pinterest. So not only do they have this intent to buy, do they have this intent to seek information? But, you know, they're keeping an open mind about it. So it's a great way Teoh create new relationships, new customers without having Teoh be a big guy. Basically, um, So this is something that actually took me a while, Teoh to track down, at least with regards to how that stacks up against other search engines. So I was trying to find a stat that kind of ranked all search engines. Google is number one, and by the way, this may also be an outdated staff. But it does come from Google. Google has 100 billion monthly searches that status from 2015 so I would guess that it's only gone up from then, um, didn't find anything more recent than that. But I challenge you to prove me wrong and find something better. But interestingly, Pinterest has two billion monthly searches themselves. And if you were to compare Google to its next most similar competitors, er um, at least in terms of my opinion, that would be being so. So Google has 100 billion monthly searches being has six billion. And Pinterest, which doesn't necessarily tell itself as a search engine, also has a huge share of this monthly search traffic compared to these other you know, mawr typically associate it with search engine platforms. So so that's That's definitely something to keep in mind. And it also, you know, add some fodder to that question of Is Pinterest a social network or is it a social index? So a couple more interesting stats? Um, these these stats refer to how usable is the content that you're putting on social media in terms of its half life. You know, how long does it last? How long does it stay relevant? How long are people even seeing this content? So for a tweet, it's approximately 24 minutes more or less makes sense to me because Twitter is so fast paced and it's conversational. You don't always plan your content there. Sometimes your content is you just, you know, musing about what's going on or, uh, saying something about a current event. Um, so then the half life of a Facebook post is a little bit longer. It's approximately 90 minutes. Uh, it's it's shorter than I would have assumed without seeing these stats. And then what's really interesting compared to both of these two very popular social networks? Facebook, Of course, being the number one refer refer of all the social networks is that the half life of a pin is approximately 3.5 months. And so the place where I found this stat, which is again going to be linked from that resource, is page. You'll also be able to access that resource. Is Paige through this skill shirt class in the about section, and that it's 1600 times longer than a Facebook post. So if you're still not sure if Pinterest is going to be a good fit for you, I challenge you to really think about these stats and and how your efforts can really mean more than they typically doing out there social platforms. So to answer the question Pinterest, social media or social Index, honestly, it's hard to say definitively. I would argue that it's a social index that kind of masquerades as a social media platform . Either way, um, popular tools for scheduling social media such as buffer or food sweet recognize it is a social platform in that they provide the ability to post to Pinterest from their platform in addition to other social networks. But again, I mean, with two billion monthly searches, it's definitely up there in terms of search engines in general. So next we're gonna talk a little bit about designing Pinterest images that get attention. 3. #2: Designing Pinterest Images That Get Attention: So I want to talk about images next. Just because they're so important for anything you do on Pinterest. If you don't have solid and the judge is coming from your website or you know pins that you're sharing with people from other people's websites, you're not gonna find a lot of success on Pinterest. And that's because Pinterest is a visual discovery engine again, you know, going back to that debate a visit, social media or social index. No matter what it is, it's definitely a visual place to be. People are very affected by and interested in visuals, and so you're going to want to create a template that you can keep using, um, again and again maybe changing it slightly, but having kind of a basis that you can use for sharing content from your website. So, um, what I used to design Pinterest images is can va. I just use the free version of Canberra. I do like they're paid product for certain things like the ability Teoh use this magic resize button. But, uh, you know, I also have a subscription to photo shop, so I try to limit May use of paid tools wherever I can and I can get by pretty well with free version of Can Brothers. Not a whole lot of restrictions. So what you're seeing on the right hand side here is my template that I use for the blacksmiths website. They have a couple of different backgrounds and you'll also see some differences between this post here. This image trump within this one. So this is the one that I use when I am adding content. That's from my website. If you wanted to break down the elements I use just like a transparent shape, I used the full color background. Um, my eyes style or branding is this sort of street ST are vibe which will see if you go on my website. Um and so I tried very much to make it so that my image assets reflect that branding. And you should keep that in mind as well in terms of colors, typography, images. And it's, you know, definitely a personal process to be developing these templates. But the idea is that it fits my brand so that pretty much no matter what I put in here, it's still gonna be relevant. So instead of spending so much time on Pinterest images where you know, I'm constantly changing out the backgrounds and things like that. Um, I think this does a good job if you want to just keep it low key. Um, so the other thing is you might find, like, a really cool article, and maybe you even just want to save it for your own benefit by putting it on Pinterest and styling it on a relevant board. Um, so I think that you should be making templates for articles either that you like or in this case, this is an article that I wrote for, um, one of my clients. Because I do freelance writing from my main gig, I guess you could say and, um, I wanted to add it because it's representative of me. One thing I've noticed while building out a Pinterest strategy for my business is that there's not a whole lot of awesome WordPress content on Pinterest. But there's a lot of WordPress users on Pinterest because a lot of bloggers use it, and, um so I wanted to try to fill that niche with some of the stuff that I worked so hard to create. Uh and you know this is something that you can do with or without your client's approval, because you're essentially doing them a salad by adding it to Pinterest And, you know, hopefully, as part of your full strategy, it gets some traction. People click through people, check it out. Um, it's definitely a little bit more work to be doing this for the clients that you work for, or for people who aren't clients that you just want to introduce their article to Pinterest . But I think it's something that can definitely help you. Teoh achieve better results, especially because you'll notice once you are on Pinterest on a regular basis, building out the strategy. There's so much of the same thing. Any diversity you can add to Pinterest is going to be welcomed with open arms. So these are just some of my examples, and I'm not going to get into, um, you know how to design a beautiful Pinterest image on Camba. But what I will say is they have a lot of great layouts, and in fact, I want to show you another example of pins that I have designed as part of the other Pinterest that I'm involved with, which is this brand that's called tanks that get around. So this is kind of my side business with my boyfriend, and I have, ah, more or less delegated the Pinterest stuff completely to him. So it's It's a lot of the success on this Pinterest is directly attributable to him. I will say it's based on my strategy bell. So anyways, um so, like what we did for the tanks that get around pens, let me see if I can find a recent example because we seriously just changed. Um on. There's one here either, since it just this. Okay, so you can see this image that I'm hovering over right here. These are the old ones, and they're kind of ugly. But here's one where, you know, it's literally just like big tax background image again. Use that shape, Teoh, add some transparency and make the text easier to read and then, you know, using the Earl of the Website at the bottom. There, you can see it, too, when you hover over it. But that again is just like a little a little way that we try to achieve branding with that . So, um so definitely look around at thes Pinterest layouts. Many of them are free to use so you can kind of, you know, steal it, but then customize it to your brand. It's really easy to do campuses Super easy tool for that. And, um, an alternative is, you know, maybe hiring like virtual assistant to bulk. Do these. If you have hundreds of blood post on your website and you don't want to be going through that or fiber would be a great resource too. So make sure to add those links and excuse me to that resource is Page, in case you don't wanna have Teoh, you know, make all the images. But from now we're going Teoh, move on from the topic of Pinterest images and we're going to next talk a little bit about the SDO part of the strategy and starting with keyword research 4. #3: Pinterest SEO: Keyword Research: now that you understand why it's worth being on Pinterest and and you and I understand also that it's more visual than, say, your standard ah sdo efforts might be at least you know when it comes to initially attracting attention, we can finally dig into the comparisons between Pinterest and Google in terms of optimizing for S e o or quote unquote Pinterest ASIO. So I want to start by just showing you my normal process a little, a little bit of that, and you can learn even more about that by checking out my skills, your class. That's a CEO for bloggers and solo preneurs. But just to give you kind of an introduction, a keyword research here I use this tool called a drafts, and, um, you can use it for a lot of different things, but I think they're keyword research. Tool is one of the best I've seen in the industry. Just provides a lot of interesting data to help you to refine and get to the perfect keywords that are going to work for your audience, your business, etcetera. So just to give you an example, I typed in a seo tips because on my business. Pinterest. I'm trying to attract people who are interested in things like that. And as you can see on a trusts or a dress, Harry's hips, you can see data relating to, like the difficulty to rank on, and it even gives you actionable members like you need this money back links to rank in the top 10. Um, it also tells you about search volume. Um, and you can even see trends here. It also gives you some insight and see what people are paying for from, like a PPC paper click Google AdWords Perspective. And then I can move the sequence. See this, too. It also gives you insights on global volume. You know, if you're trying to do something that's location specific. But what I really love about this tool is not only that stuff, but the fact that it helps you to refine your keywords in terms of ah, you know. Sometimes it will suggest a different parent topic, which might be more or less relevant. You can see what's what's working with similar terms. Things are having the same terms, and then this would be more like similar terms, and then these air just suggestions that are related to it and also newly discovered, would be good if it was sort of like a trending topic or something new. So obviously this is a lot of awesome data. The problem is that it relates to Google and not Pinterest. That said, I think that keyword research, regardless of ease the school or another one, can help inform your efforts, especially with regards to difficulty in volume. Obviously, it's not going to be 1 to 1 data comparing Teoh comparing Google to Pinterest. But it's a good place to start if you're just not sure if a keyword makes sense. It all. For example, if it had zero search following, you might assume that it won't also that it'll also at the same time have zero search volume on Pinterest and again, it's not 1 to 1. You kind of have to use your head and do some of your own comparisons. But it's a good place to start. What can be a little bit more useful in terms of finding keywords that are gonna work on Pinterest is this tool called Pinterest? Keyword tool has been around for a while. This is what most people used to find keywords that are gonna work on Pinterest. Obviously, looking at the interface, you can see it's not as robust. It doesn't give you really any of that day. That just kind of confirms if your keyword is one that people are actually using, which isn't super helpful. So one thing. But I do when I look at this tool to determine if the keywords I'm using are useful is to see, like what kind of variations Pinterest cured tools suggests to me based on this base keyword. So sometimes I like to start kind of vague, And as you can see, I also surged eso tips for bloggers, which does show up here just to kind of see for myself if the's longer tail keywords so keywords, you know that have a couple words that make them up would be of use. And it looks to me that this this must be a good keyword because it has a lot of variations . The trick is that you don't want to necessarily try to optimize for this keyword you'd want to optimize for one of these instead, because the more specific you can get, whether it's on Pinterest or on Google, the more likely you are to reach relevant search traffic, and the easier will be for you to rank because there will be less competition for something this specific than something this non specific. So I know that's not, you know, it's not the perfect process, especially if you're comparing it to the typical S e o que word research process. But it's something that can certainly help you. So next I'm going to talk about how you're going to use thes keywords. Just set up your boards and we'll talk about also later how to use these keywords when you're pinning. 5. #4: Pinterest SEO: Board Setup: Once you've done your keyword research, the next step is to start setting up your boards. And then after you set up your board, you can finally start, actually pending to them. So this is kind of an important foundational step. Um, and I have a couple of little tidbits of guidance to get you started. Eso when it comes to setting up your initial Pinterest boards or if you have a Pinterest a cow and you're just trying to rework it with this new ah Pinterest s seo strategy, here are my suggestions. First of all, I'd recommend starting with about 20 to 25 boards and finding keywords for each one of those boards that are going to be relevant and interesting. Teoh your specific audience. So one part of the process that you might take about now is just googling Um, you know, what are some of the most popular Pinterest board topics? So things like home decorating or, um, you know, food recipes, um, gifts is another popular one, and these air very high level ideas. You can obviously customize them a little bit more by going to that Pinterest keyword tool and you know, adding modifiers to those ideas, like travel, gift ideas. Or, you know, home decorating ideas for travelers lose, actually, a search query that I tried yesterday because we're trying to expand some of the boards on that tanks that get around Pinterest, which I'm gonna show you again in just a minute as unexamined all but eventually you want to get up to you like 30 to 35 boards. The idea is just not to overwhelm you with that when you're getting started, it's much easier to be effective with less and then build from there after you're finding success than it is to spread yourself too thin by having too much to do and and just getting overwhelmed by the whole process. So my suggestion is that you tried Teoh, uh, make sure that each Ford from the onset or as close as possible to the outside of your efforts has a least 25 pins for board and keep pinning consistently, which we'll talk about in the next section until you get to at least 100 pins per board. And then I have a plan for you after you get to that point. But we're not talking about that quite yet. Um, here's the other thing. When you're setting up your boards, you're going to want to take those key words that you use not only to name the board, but also to use in the description of the board. So let me give you some examples that this makes a little bit more sense. So here's the tanks that get around Pinterest right now, and I presented to the boards. You can see what those look like. So we have. I don't even know how many boards. A good amount. We're still expanding and thinking of new ideas. But a Z you can see everything has to do with travel. In some ways, we have travel quotes, an inspiration. We have funny city names, travel, gift ideas, budget travel tips to even have couple travel tips. All these names were based on keyword research. I might have added a word were to to them just to make it more, um, interesting and relevant just to kind of flush it out So it doesn't sound so key, wordy, but in general, these air pretty much exactly what I researched in there. The titles of the boards Air used in line with that. So just to give you an example. So here's the name of the board, and then we have the name of the key word, which is the board's name again repeated in the descriptions. Descriptions don't have to be super long. It's just important that you use that keyword. I also like to include a key word for the account in general just to create that association between your account and kind of a que word that makes sense that relates to you. So for us, it's travel clothes because we make tank tops that are geared towards travellers. They have, ah, you know, funny travel plans in them and things like that. So as you can see here, that keyword is repeated in the name of the account, and it's also repeated in the account's description. So while you're doing your keyword research, find one key word that you want to be associated with and repeat it in the name of your account and the description of your account in the board description. Here's another example, and you're also going to repeat it in your pins description, too. But again, that's going to be what we talk about necks, and in fact, I think it makes sense to move forward with that now 6. #5: Pinterest SEO: Pinning: So at this point, your foundation is basically set and it's time to do the hard work, which is going to be a little bit overwhelming. But it's something that can be very rewarding, um, and can create great results for your black your business before we talk about that. One thing I wanted to mention before I moved on from our board's discussion is this idea of also creating a board that doesn't necessarily have to be keyword driven. Besides, the fact that it would use, like your brand's name as a place toe act is a repository for all of your content from your website. So I just started this new blacksmith Pinterest strategy, and it doesn't have a whole lot yet. But here's the tanks to get around one, and for this one, it's called black articles and products. So if you run like any commerce business or if you sell, you know, like informational products or whatever, then this is a great way Teoh share those things with people. It looks like my boyfriend's also been pinning some other stuff here, probably an accident, but in general, this connect is a nice repository for people to see, you know what your content is all about. Because if we're following you, they must care about that at least a little bit. And so usually what I do is I organize that board to be first. So that is just like, Hey, it's me. This is my brand. Okay? Now we can, you know, focus on this other stuff too. So just a quick tip there. Um, so let's talk a little bit more about pinning. So here's what I've been doing recently, and this is what's also works for the tanks that get around Pinterest. I try when I pin, so I'm not necessarily pinning every day. But when I pin, I try to do, like, pinned up where I'm just doing, like, 50 pence per board. So maybe I pick two or three boards and I just make sure that I'm pinning to them to Philip the content. Uh, if you follow this 150 pins a day number, it will be a great way to fill up those 20 to 25 boards that you've created and, you know, showing people that there's actually content there. So in my it might not be something that's sustainable every single day. But if you picked a couple days of the week and were consistent with it, then that would be a winning strategy for building up your contact quickly. Another thing to keep in mind and this is kind of relevant to the tip I just shared is to repent from your own boards. That's going to help them get greater visibility. It's not something that's punished. I would say it's rewarded on Pinterest. So, like, for example, when we're talking about these boards, like with my own articles, what I would want to do for a winning interest, as Seo strategy is to be re pending those toe other relevant boards that they have to do with. And also another thing that I've been doing recently is creating those articles that I wrote for clients. They're not necessarily on my website, but I would still say that they're relevant for kin ing in this blacksmith black posts board. So what I'm gonna do next after, um, these a lot of these air scheduled right now, So once they're done posting them all, you know, bring them back and here bring these out here and that could be. Part of your numbers is 150 pins per day that you're pinning. Um, one thing that I will say that's probably going to break your heart a little bit is that it really takes time to be effective on Pinterest, um, with the tanks that get around Pinterest page. It's taken months to get to the point where, you know, we can now boast that we have 358 1000 monthly viewers, which is incredible. And I'm going to show you some more stats about that when we talk about analytics. But But, like I said, it's not something that happened overnight. It was having a consistent strategy over time, the key word being consistency. So again, it's okay to do you know, some pen dumps where you're doing 52 aboard for a couple boards each day and things like that, so long as you can keep that up? I would say if that sounds like a crazy amount of time or crazy, you know, volume of stuff to do a couple things you could do our, you know, a start with a lower number and work your way up. Be hire some help to do this, you could even, uh, sure this class with them so that you don't necessarily have to personally train them. But having like a virtual assistant or someone like that, to help you means that it doesn't have to be all on you. Oh, or the way that I kind of justify it in my life. I'm super busy person, and I don't necessarily want to be spending hours on Pinterest every day. But if I'm you know, sitting down with a glass of wine watching the bachelorette, it doesn't necessarily needed my whole attention. So what I'll do is I'll just sit my laptop on my lap and do this while I'm also enjoying one of my favorite guilty pleasures. So think about it that way. One thing I will say just from like of fitting this into your routine type. Ah, strategy, your advice or whatever is it helps to do it at the end of the day when your brains kind of like already died because something that could be pretty passive. What you're going to do is create a template for your pin descriptions that will go on every pin. You can just copy and paste that so that you don't have to rewrite it and it got and make it more of like, a mindless activity. So here's my Pinterest template. So when you're designing your Pinterest description that you're going to be reusing and you can use it for all of these different boards, obviously just changing Ah, the keywords that you're using in the description. So So that's one of the elements is that you're going to use a key word for the board and tried to kind of naturally or is naturally as possible. Incorporate that you're also gonna want to use that account keyword we talked about, uh, you're gonna want to provide a link spelled out for your website and also kind of tell people what it is that that websites about and then some sort of call the action that makes people want to check it out. So in addition to this pin description, you'll probably also copy like the name of the article that you're sharing whether you know you're adding a new pinned on Pinterest or sharing a pin that somebody's already penned between the name of the article and this pin description template that you're going to create. That's probably going to be all the room that you have. So a lot of pins they add, like extra information, you know, trying to describe the article or shooting and keywords and stuff like that. But you're probably going to need to delete some of that information if it rambles on too long in order for you to fit in this complete description. So just something to keep in mind while you're developing this. And this is my example that I pulled from the tanks to get around Pinterest and I guess, unfolded the sections that were specific to me and kept the words that were bowled that you could kind of fit your stuff around. Obviously, you're gonna have to finesse it so that it looks nice, Um, for you and, you know, obviously works for your business. But here is mine. So tanks that getting on is an online store offering a selection of funny travel closed for world explorers. So that's explaining the link. Check out bowling for what you're gonna find their for funny travel, tank tops and mawr travel. Gift ideas to travel gift ideas. Waas the specific board keyword travel clothes was the account keyword. And, you know, I kind of describe the brand. I gave a called action. Check it out. You know, that sounds interesting. So play around with this to create your own description. And I added these little, um, these little dashes right here so that I could create some separation from the title where the description that somebody might already have just to say OK, so here's some other you know, information related to that pin, but there's a separation between those two, um, and so with that, that's kind of the basics of setting up your boards. You know, starting to pin. Now we're going to talk about a little bit more advanced interests, functionality and futures and things that you should be aware of. 7. #6: Pinterest Website Integrations: I think a lot of people get stuck in this mindset that everything that will help you find success on Pinterest starts and ends. I'm Pinterest, but that's just not true. There's definitely some things that you can do to increase your effectiveness from your website. From You know, that side of things and something that tell you about two different ways that you can positively impact your Pinterest success. Your website. So the 1st 1 is using rich pins and rich pins. Essentially add extra data to your pens that you wouldn't necessarily see on a pin that wasn't that came from a website that didn't have rich pins and able. So here are two examples off the four possible rich pin examples that there are, um, the four different types just said that you know our article rich pins, which I'm showing you an example of that on the bottom. Left here. Product rich pins, which you'll see on the top right. There's also happened solve ridge pins and recipe rich pins, which kind of makes sense when you think of you know, what seems to be successful In Pinterest's, uh, all those things are things that people use printers to find and discover. So looking at these different types of rich pins, at least the ones that I have personal examples for the 1st 1 is this Article one. And, as you can see add the title adds a description, a button called Action button that says Rita and even a published eight. So none of these things necessarily would be visible drawing directly from the website. At least maybe somebody would add that in themselves to the description that they're using when their repainting. But, um, you know, this adds a lot more data that makes it more useful, interesting and even potentially timely, depending on the nature of article in this product pin, it tells you some information about the product. You know, some product characteristics. It also gives you information about pricing eso. That's definitely useful if you're using Pinterest specifically to shop or to save ideas for the future. Um, enabling rich pins is not super difficult to do. The most important thing is that you have ski. There's a meta information or this thing that's called on going bad and point, and this refers to open graph data, which is data that search engines. You're not search engines social networks use when you're sharing articles from a website. So so say, for example, you're sharing something on Facebook. He put in a euro, and then it automatically generates that card sort of thing that has, like, the future image it has. The title has the description. Sometimes these things are dynamically pulled from like the beginning of the website. If you haven't set that up specifically. But if you dio use open graph tags already, then it's gonna be really easy for you to add these rich pins. And I'm gonna tell you next a tool that you can use. Ah, that's really intuitive and easy to add this data. But basically the processes make sure you have those things installed or and solve them and configure them yourself and then apply to give them on Pinterest. And it's really easy to do. I think you just put in your you're all here, um, and the new validated. And then they send you like email in the day or two that says, OK, you want average pins. Now you got a cool. So the next thing I wanted to talk about is a tool that I use, um, Teoh, help me be more effective with pictures from my website encouraging people to share what I want them this year, which is called social warfare. So social warfare is a WordPress plug in. It has a free and a paid version. I'm just going to show you the website for that Really quick. Um, as for more worker plug ins, is the parent company. It's one of the most popular social share, but in plug ins, that's kind of their main claim to fame is that they have these social share buns on, and you can see more examples here from different networks that they support. What's really cool about this tool, specifically is that adds share counts, which kind of access social proof like, Oh, this article must be really good if that many people shared and you can even set limits for , like, you know, showing these numbers only if it has x amount of shares and things like that. So, like I said, they have a free and a paid version. The paid version is what gives you access Teoh this specific custom options piece right here. And so this is something that you would see if you were logged in a WordPress and you were on a Nen vivid jewel Post page. They're typing a black coz you're looking at, you know, in existing Black Post, whatever. This would be something that would appear under the editor. And so things like the social media title Social media description. These are the open graph tags and and it even says, add a title that will properly the open graph meta tags so perfect that's going to solve our issues on Pinterest. But you can actually even customize it further than that with the title. That's for, like, general social media. It says here that it goes Facebook or what it would go if somebody shared it. Optimized for this title. In this specific description on Facebook, Google plus and lengthen. They even give you ideas for what the image size should be. But it also has a separate section here for Pinterest and also for Twitter, and I definitely recommend that you take the time to customize these for each article. Um, just to get the most that you possibly can control the narrative relating to what people are sharing about your articles. Usually, you know, if you were in a just if you weren't, if you didn't set this information it my auto populated like the title of the article. But this description makes it a little bit more compelling, at least to me. So it makes sense to do that. And setting the pinchers image means that that's in default. When people are pinning, you know, one using a tool like bought from, for example, You can even set where you want that Pinterest image to show up here. So in terms like where it shows up in the browser, you know, and so on. So I wanted to show you an example of how this actually works on one of my blog's. So here is that tanks that get around blood and what you can dio is what's kind of cool is you can like set social warfare to show up at the beginning and the end. But also is this, like floating bar here? And so if I click pen, it's gonna pop up that you know, Pinterest save box and give it a second here. Come on, Pinterest, Don't let me down. And as you can see it. It's not like displaying the whole image, but it's their My browser is kind of weird. Actually, it might be a pinchers problem on our Lino. But either way, uh, adds that description that you saw. And it also adds the name of the Pinterest user name related to that based on what have already inputted into social warfare on WordPress. And I can easily add it here, Um or, you know, copy and paste my description here based on what has my key words in it and all that good stuff. But that's basically what you need to know about optimizing your website for Pinterest. Really simple stuff. I mean, even if you don't use social warfare as long as you have some sort of pin it button, there is a free pin it button WordPress plug and saw. Make sure toe link that and the resource is as well. But as long as you make sure to set up rich pins and have some sort of holder action for people to share on Pinterest, then you are well on your way. 8. #7: Pinterest Analytics: once you start to find success with Pinterest or if you've been doing it for a while and you're not successful yet and you're trying to figure out why you're definitely going to want to consider using Pinterest's built an analytics tool to be certain, you know, Buffer, who'd sweet, sprout social. And so one have very robust analytics sweets, some of which include information that you wouldn't necessarily find on Pinterest or on, you know, the other social networks that they represent. But I would argue that Pinterest is pretty robust. You don't necessarily need an outside option. Um, what Pinterest analytics can tell you are things like, um, does bring up the tanks to get around one because it has the coolest stats to look at and what it can tell you are things about like your audience demographic data. It can tell you, you know, specific pins. What types of pins are performing really? Wow. Different data are related Teoh impressions and clicks and saves and things like that. So, like if you scroll down to this section that says top pin impressions in the last 30 days, you can see that this one's actually performing pretty Well, at least from an impression standpoint, a lot of people are seeing it. It's an article about blue so far, which is this evil Satu and Denver that killed its creator. It's kind of an interesting type thing, but, you know, you can also see, like, how am I doing on a day to day basis, like based on my average in terms of, like impressions? Teoh, Just my profile in general, you can even see once you enable that rich pins data. Actually, I don't know if this is related to rich pins or not, but I'm pretty sure it iss You can see data relating Teoh traffic on your website. I think you really do have toe enable rich pens in order for this sort that would make the most sense. So this is kind of cool just for understanding. Like how your website influences your Pinterest success, which we talked about a little bit. Um, again, this is something that's free for you to use, but you have to use or you have to switch to or sign up for a pinchers for business account again. Super easy to dio, um, but have to make sure that you do that in order to get access to this data 9. #8: Pinterest Group Boards: As you start pinning to your own boards, you're also going to want to think about using group words to increase your reach and your ability. Teoh. Find new people of relevance to your business. Your black, your brand. What have you eso group words are a great way to find additional success with Pinterest. Um, the secret, really to being effective with group words is to not be overly self promotional. So as tempting as it might be, too, only pin your content because you want, you know, more explosion. For that content, it's gonna benefit you Justus much to be pinning other content. You know that's not necessarily attributed to you and creating additional reach for your profile. And that's what's going to get people to come back to you and keep these people that run these group where it's happy. So in terms of figuring what group boards to target, I would recommend a website such as this, which is called pin groupie dot com. This will be in the resource is you don't necessarily have to remember that right now, but what's cool is you can organize it by category. You can even do ah, basic search so you can see if there's anything relevant. Teoh, you know your specific needs that might not be readily available by using some of these others tools you can even see. You can organize it by, you know, different metrics. And, um so, yeah, basically, you can also see, like, who created the boards If you want to go straight to the source to star, um, like a message with them and ask them to be considered to be part of the group board. So basically, that's a thing. When you find a group word that you want to join, it's not necessarily like an intuitive process to actually join the group word. What you have to do is what I would start with this. Follow that group word, um and then, you know, go to the cruder that group word and started message on Pinterest and say, Hey, I would be interested in contributing to the sport, as you can see. Ah, and I pin about very similar things. Uh, you know, do something to show that you're interested that you're relevant and son them. I would wait probably until after they respond, Teoh, But send them your email that's connected to your Pinterest to come. I'm pretty sure that's how they add you on. Um, otherwise we'll tell you you know what they need from you to get started. And, um, in general, when it comes to actually picking group words that you want a pin to you wanna use a couple different magics to qualify them, for example, does it are the pins frequent or people actually contributing to this on a regular basis? Um, does it tend to get high re pens and doesn't have, you know, decent amount of followers? Obviously you can see, like here, for example, there's a lot of group boards here that have hundreds of thousands, even millions of followers, and so those are kind of the gold standard. But these people might be guarding those pretty jealously because they know how. Um, you know how much potential there is on these boards? And it might make more sense to start with ones that are a little bit more realistic, you know that, or maybe more searching for new people than these very established boards, which you could certainly work your way up, Teoh. But all in due time, so I would recommend that as part of your regular pinning strategy and part of your Pinterest automation efforts, which we'll talk about next involves working with group boards. 10. #9: Pinterest Automation: So I initially filmed this part of the class and was going to talk to you about a combination of using scheduling tools like Buffer and Word booster. But something changed in between about a week ago when I filmed this, and now when I am actually publishing the class, it's a huge change that's really going. Teoh disrupt. Um, you know how pentru scheduling is done, but not necessarily in a bad way. So I wrote this post on my blogged kind of to dig deeper into it, and you can find the wink in the class. Resource is, if you want toe, learn a little bit more about it. But basically what happened is bored. Booster closed down, so it's no longer a viable tool for Pinterest scheduling or for Pinterest automation. So what happened was, um, about a week ago or so. She liked me for June 21st. At the time, I got this email from Pinterest that said, Hey, and we noticed that you're using board booster with your account and you know that that can be helpful. But, you know, this particular tool doesn't follow our terms of service. It has to do it the way that bored me, sir, um wanted to directly access your Pinterest account information instead of using, like 1/3 party, um, a P I or authorization saying And so basically, they couldn't get that status with Pinterest as being an official marketing partner. But luckily, there are plenty of other marketing partners that you contest out in terms of some of the features that board Mr is offering. They also mentioned in this letter board rooster, ma'am, voice fanny behaviors on your behalf that could get your account flagged and terminated without further warning to you. So I thought what they were referring to is bored Easter's looping feature, which is what I was going to tell you, which is what I did previously film. And but it seems like that may not necessarily be the case, because later in this post you'll see. Tailwind says that they're going toe, have a pin looping feature that's coming soon, and in fact it's called Smart Loop. You can request access now if you have a Tailwind account. So it seems to me like it's gonna be something that overtakes a lot of the same functionality that board booster had pin looping is basically, um, crews. It's allowing your pin Teoh be seen by more people by ah kind of re. Pending it, it's It's something that's easier to explain by doing it. So what I would recommend is if you are looking for a board booster replacement or, um, if you're looking Teoh, use a scheduling tool for the first time, I'd say go a tailwind just because it seems tohave a lot of the same features that board booster does. In addition to another interesting feature, which is called the Tribes, tribes are kind of like group boards and that they, um, invite you to share your pens. But you're also expected to share other people's pins. So that's something that board booster didn't have that tail one does, and Tailwind right now is 999 a month for unlimited pins, whereas board booster was like $5 a month for 500 pins, and it's scaled up depending on how many pins you wanted to be re penning. Um, and then I also wanted to show you a screenshot from board boosters official Shut down email here again. That's in this block post that I'm going to share with you in the class. Resource is but just wanted to update my old class notes and information. For the record, I am very new detail once I don't feel super authorized to talk about it yet. This is their website here, Um, so I would recommend just in the meantime, if you sign up for it and then I'll plan to update this class leader as I get to use the tool. But from my From what I've heard from other bloggers, it's pretty easy to get up to speed, especially if you've used any sort of country scheduling tool before and also looked through this black post that I wrote because I give you a couple other tools to think about like buffer on hoot suite hoops. We actually offers Pinterest scheduling in their free plan, whereas Buffer has a preplanned. But you have to pay for a membership in order to get Pinterest specific functionality. And there's also a viral tag, which is kind of a gray area tool, and that they haven't gotten that Pinterest marketing partner status like Tailwind has meaning that it's going to be okay for us to use without you know what countries is saying in this note to me that, you know, continuing to use a tool like word booster if they hadn't shut down probably would have gotten my account shut down. So again, I will be updating this part of the class and will send an update. Um, like a status update when I do fix that. But in the meantime, take a look a tail, and you can try a free trial before you buy, so it's it's the perfect tool to at least test out.