How to Build a Simple Mail Organizer without any major tools | Anika Gandhi | Skillshare

How to Build a Simple Mail Organizer without any major tools

Anika Gandhi, DIY and Craft Blogger

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11 Videos (23m)
    • DIY mail sorter Introduction

    • Lumber needed to build the mail sorter

    • Tools needed

    • How to cut the boards for the project

    • Final boards and prepping them to build

    • Attaching base of the mail sorter

    • How to attach the ends

    • Adding dividers and the front

    • The last steps

    • How to make it your own

    • Conclusion


About This Class

Woodworking doesn't have to be intimidating. There are many projects that can be made without major power tools or any woodworking experience. It is my goal to inspire you to create something with a few simple tools. 

This Mail Organizer is a very versatile piece which can be customized to fit your need. It makes a great addition to any space and a perfect gift.

Join me in this class as I show you how to make it with detailed step by step videos and a full printable tutorial and worksheet.





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Anika Gandhi

DIY and Craft Blogger

Anika is a DIY addict! She loves everything DIY ranging from woodworking to simple crafts. Her blog, Anika's DIY Life is aimed at inspiring everyone to be fearless in their creativity. There are no boundaries and rules when it comes to creating like her yellow nightstands or the bold DIY ottoman.

With a background in Engineering and technical program management, she brings you clear step by step instructions on all of her DIY and craft projects.

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