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How to Build a Livestream Business for Fitness Entrepreneurs

teacher avatar Fei Wu, Creative Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

22 Lessons (2h 11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Popular Tools for Livestreaming

    • 3. Set Your Focus & Avoid Diminishing Returns

    • 4. Build Your Tribe

    • 5. The Benefits of Facebook Group

    • 6. Going from Free to Paid

    • 7. One-time vs Recurring Payments

    • 8. Setup Recurring Payments with Zoom Webinar and MoonClerk

    • 9. Connecting Zoom Registration and MoonClerk using Zapier

    • 10. Engage With Your Audience

    • 11. Build Your Brand

    • 12. Design with Canva (Yes, anyone can!)

    • 13. Should You Have a Website?

    • 14. Squarespace Website Case Study

    • 15. Plan Your Social Media

    • 16. Elevate Your Brand with Content Creation

    • 17. The Power of Email Marketing

    • 18. Create an Email Landing Page with ConvertKit

    • 19. Getting Help from Virtual Assistants

    • 20. Find & Hire Virtual Assistants on Upwork

    • 21. Find Like-minded Entrepreneurs

    • 22. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

After Feisworld Media's "Learn to Livestream" playlist gained significant traction on YouTube and helped us build a thriving community on Facebook, we decided that it's time to organize this information and knowledge into an easily accessible course, exclusively made available here on Skillshare. 

In this course, we want to teach fitness entrepreneurs how to build a business around livestream using tools such as Zoom and Facebook. We will also talk about payment options, design software that makes the process incredibly easy for people with limited business and design experience. 

Everything explained in this course is in plain English. We want to be as inclusive as possible while teaching people the joy of entrepreneurship. 

Hey it's Fei Wu from Feisworld Media. Our mission is to help small businesses and creative entrepreneurs tell better stories, find more customers and create new revenue streams. 

Software and Tools mentioned in this class:

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Fei Wu

Creative Entrepreneur


Fei Wu is a bilingual podcaster (English and Mandarin Chinese), the creator and host of Feisworld Media.

Feisworld Media helps independent creators celebrate their creative and financial freedom.

- YouTube:

- Podcast:

- Documentary:


Fei left her job in marketing and advertising to build a company with the mission to help small businesses and people tell better stories, find more customers and create new revenue streams. She leads an international mastermind group and creates courses for podcasters. Her stories have been featured by Dorie Clark in her best-selling book called &ldqu... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hey, guys, this is fable from Face World Media. I'm by the same name on the YouTube channel on me. That's how you discovered me. But this course is for you. If you're a fitness or creative entrepreneur who's trying alert how to make a living doing life stream and producing content online by fitness entrepreneur Some for a firm to people such as Zumba dance instructors, a spin instructors, yoga, teachers, you name it. Now, when it comes to creative entrepreneurs, I mean, if you're a coach, our mentor, or perhaps you teach the piano, you know your musician were hardest yourself. There is definitely a lot of continent you can consume right from this course and to know what you need to do today, next week to think about the things that maybe you haven't really encountered yet as well. I hope this course will help you be more ready as a business entrepreneur. So you learn my name, Fay. But hey, who am I supposed to be to teach this course? Why should you learn from me versus hundreds of other instructors? A lot of people over the years, working in business and technology consulting to use really big words and to make certain concepts way more complex than they need to be. So I thrive on teaching you terms that you can understand. I'm gonna use nothing but playing English. I'm going to talk to you as if I'm talking to a friend. Ah, young person and immigrants, perhaps someone with limited English skills. That's how I want to see this course is to not intimidate anybody and to give people the possibility to realize some of the things they didn't even see before. The thrill of those course, you're going to see modules and some screen shares and me sitting here talking to you directly from my office. Welcome to the course. And I hope to build a community. We have a Facebook group and let's do some work together, share projects with one another. I can't wait to see you on the other side. 2. Popular Tools for Livestreaming: So this section, which is to talk about the life stream tools because there's so much going on in the market , who has the right to sell you or to market to you? Well, there's some industry leaders, as you probably have seen, Zoom being one of them. Also, what we know as Google hang out and is very popular among educators and schools. But there's also Skype. So which one should you choose? What it seems like as a fitness and creative entrepreneurs? Zoom has chosen you because you look around everybody's talking about Zoom using Zoom. Even I find it as a career on YouTube that the content I creed really the zoom and get the most views. So I am not gonna be solely focused on Zuma's part of this course. But I will talk about it fairly extensively, and in this short video, I'm gonna compare it with Google, hang out as well escape. So first question is, should you or can you record videos and simply share that with your students? The answer is obviously yes. People have been using recorded videos for a long time there. Thanh of Courses online focus on business, Fitness of many other endeavors that are earning people millions of dollars passive and scalable income. But why does life Room has such an appeal to so many people? Both instructors and students? What for? There's so many hurdles that you have to jump through as a life streamer, right? If you playing an instrument, you gotta coordinate that and communicate with the screen. And if you're a jammer with other musicians you have to interact with will makes it even more complicated. Well, if your Zumba where Dance instructor, guess what? You probably already found out that sinking your steps with the music, plus allowing other people to interact with you while you life stream can be very challenging there. Maybe he'll delay the video. Quality may not be ideal. How do you deal with all that? Why is it still so appealing? It is because a life stream gives you that intimacy that two way communication makes people feel like they're actually in the room with you. You're doing this and this is the one time experience is sort of like that theater experience, right? Isn't a washing of Cirque du Soleil show on DVD? Why should you even be live, spent so much money. Drive yourself somewhere and see the show live because every live show is different. And that's what's compelling for life's dreamers. You know, guess what. You can interact with your audience. That's pretty amazing. So I know a lot of instructors. For example, they will turn on their video on audio and chats at the beginning. At the end of the class. They want to hear what people are doing at home. They want to see the food that they're making. That's why So I want to talk briefly about the apse on what I find to be useful again. Things were changing very rapidly right now in this whole life streaming and Web conferencing industry. Okay, Zoom is pushing out updates like every week. Now what I have noticed running several phone calls with my clients using Google hang out just as a tryout, I noticed that there is a pretty big delay, which I have not noticed before. Now, here, Skype, the challenge with Skype is you have to add each other as a user, so that can be very challenging. You know, you have to know everybody's user name and plus sketches sort of a thing in the past, even though some people still like to use it. It has worked for. You will continue on. Okay, now there is something called face time. Well, if you haven't IOS, that's very convenient, if not not as convenient. Right. So you want to have a platform If you're gonna take life streaming there seriously And teacher students from around the world, you want to use a software where platform that's not dependent on operating systems, for example, Zoom has then become this huge competitors er in the market. And that certainly had some backslash as well when it comes to security, which will talk about as well in this video because there are a lot of human errors that you can avoid quite easily. Of course, as you're watching this video, maybe they're gonna be a lot of software developers working on better, faster, cheaper solutions out there. So, you know, the point of this is that you have to find something that you're comfortable with. You can find YouTube videos, tutorials or right here on skill share. You can learn and discover tools that will better work for you, but at the end of the day, you're gonna find out. It doesn't matter that you're using the best were the second best tools. Sure you want them to work And to be somewhat decent, you wanna be playing in the same level as everybody else in your industry. But it doesn't mean that the tool is everything. Your delivery matters so much more your communication to your customers, to your students matter that much more. And I'll see you in the next lesson. 3. Set Your Focus & Avoid Diminishing Returns: okay. Next, the subject is actually quite important and often overlooked and not talked about enough. How do you know that you're entering diminishing returns? Now? I've included a couple of videos that I have released on YouTube to show you just quickly screen share. How do we improve audio? How to improve video on also a video on how you can look better with better camera or lighting and arrangements of how you frame yourself, where you should stand on all that jazz. But when you entering diminishing returns, when do you know that you're doing too much? That's not really driving. Ah, lot of value for your students anymore. Instead, a lot of the fitness instructors have told me that they ended up spending a lot of time improving a tiny little emergen. Four people in their class, that complaint about anything, audio video can't see your head can see your feet. You know, I don't really like the songs that you've chosen today. Can we do something else the next time there's always gonna be someone or a small group of people trying to change or modify the little things that you're doing, so I think it's really important to call out. At some point, it's necessary to shift your focus and to ask yourself, How is my business doing? How is my life streaming business doing? A. My making money? Am I making enough money? Am I doing the right way? Do I still have enough time to do other things I like, or to spend time with my family? Another way. I think we're really instill your own confidence is sometimes as creators, and I feel that pain in my gut to experience that kind of self imposture syndrome. You don't know if you're doing the right thing. You don't know if you're making progress. Were enough progress so it's important to pause and to reflect from time to time. I was a roughly, you know, once every few weeks, a month or so. You know, sit with yourself. Great talk to your colleagues, but also spent time toe white board. You know, for me to write things out, actually always helps for me. Toe kind of see everything. And that kind of that motion of writing things out is very liberating for me. As a digital savvy person, I still love holding a pen and notes. Now my stylist on my iPod. But to draw things out and that process really help me think through if this is the right way for me to do certain things. Another suggestion is it getting bombarded with feedback from a small group of people? I'm wondering if you are living in that diminishing return phase is so survey Other people survey your 1000 true fans survey people who really enjoy your classes and are very verbal about it because guess what? Their reviews or feedback can be used for your website leader on which we're going to talk about. They could be used on Facebook reviews or wherever you manage your community. And you want to know that I have survey software and recommendations as part of this video , and I hope you will check it out. Well, you might want to consider doing is to survey your students once a month, where every other month you don't wait till too long because, as you know, there are a lot of choices thes days for life streaming, so your students and your members may be shifting from class to class, so you want Teoh get their feedback And in the next lesson we'll talk about how you engage your customers without asking very intrusive questions and still help them be very comfortable and willing to answer your questions because they feel like they're helping you , because they are how soon the next lesson. 4. Build Your Tribe: in those lesson. I want to talk to you guys about building a try. Building on trying is this thing that's very popular as a phrase in digital marketing. Seth Cohen says it all the time. So those Dorie Clark, everyone but what we mean here by building a tribe, I mean for you to have a group of people you can easily access, taught to engage with and convert eventually. I don't mean that you need to convert every single person into your a paying customer, but a lot of them will. And these days, you know, connections and relationships really matter because people have so many choices, right? There's so many social platforms, and there's so many groups paid or free that they can enter. Why should they be in your group? What is unique about your offering, where you think about your relationship with that? I want to take this opportunity and talk about Facebook group. The funny thing is, for the longest time, I really didn't belong to a lot of groups. I'm talking about myself from just to the three years ago, and then I started using Facebook group There, Right way, which will mention in this lesson. There are many ways to go about it. Not so much about the technology itself, but how you use it now when it comes to fit. Hasn't creative entrepreneur ships. I see a lot of benefits in the Facebook groups. Why? Well, because a lot of the fitness people are already on Facebook and Zumba R Fitness. There are a lot of people, I would say, between the age of 30 and 60. Facebook tends to a target what we call slightly older group of people compared to other social media channels. You know, take talk super young. You know, Instagram is somewhere in the middle and so forth and so on. Facebook Group can be really powerful because Facebook group offer so much of the tools and features that you already need as a fitness and credit entrepreneur or what I mean by that . Yeah, you know this already. You can upload photos, you can share videos, you can initiate conversations, thread them differently, tagged them differently. You can invite people in as a private group or public group that anybody can search for and can enter. You can set ground rules or group rules. You can set questions that people can answer before they join the group. You can introduce people to one another. You can start events. There are a lot of tools, but at the end of the day, it's about how you use it. Look, just because the tool is powerful doesn't mean that you're gonna automatically use it the right way. In fact, we have all seen mistakes, right? Privacy is a really issue for Facebook. Public groups Simple. Don't share private information in a Facebook public group, meaning your phone number. Email. Um, or if you're using zoom, don't share your zoom link that's completely unprotected by a password that requires no registration. And what's also unique about Facebook Group is that community building process. People are going to interact with other people so that you don't have to do all the work. You're going to see some really slick user generated content somewhere great, some probably not so great, which means it might be helpful. For example, your spouse, where someone you trust your kid, your nephew can come in and help you monitor that group, and you can be very clear about whether responsibilities are such as accepting new members . This is how you can quickly validate someone. So for our group dance, life dreams and videos, we don't just accept anybody in. Instead, we meaning my admin, Adam Leffert and I, or taking a look at this person's profile. We want to make sure this person has a profile for more than a couple of years, actually has description, photos and friends, for example, on this person isn't part of 300 other groups there. Plenty of articles on Google that you can search for to teach you some of the basic things that you can watch out for to avoid. Ah, hackers and spammers. Now you have the group in place on. You feel pretty good about it. Everybody's interacting and contributing. You have a tribe. You can do so much with that, Dr. Now the question is, is Facebook group the only outlet? Of course not. There are so many places you can even start with an email list, but a lot of people don't like that. Nobody wants to be on a really large text message threat because not everything is relevant to them. They don't know how to disable notification, you know, messages were rushing in, and it's not threaded where tagged or categorised, it can get really messy. So I think Facebook Group is a great idea. Some of my friends really love using slack. I had a lot of successful experiences using slack for Seth going sell 10 b A, by the way, really large group. Everybody knows what they're doing, but you do need moderators with slack and similar channels. You know it's hard to keep people focused. And once people stop being focused, they're gonna stop engaging with you. Stop washing the video. But it's OK. You know a lot of this, but I'm talking about It's just trial and error. So you gonna cut yourself a break, started experiencing experimenting and just go from there. I'll see you in the next video. 5. The Benefits of Facebook Group: OK in this video going to demonstrate the use of Facebook groups. So the benefit of a group is that you collect people who are interested in common things and have common threads of interests. People can ask questions. You can follow new activities sorted by recent posts. And as you're posting new things, there's also a benefit that you can add post topics such as for me. In this Dance Life Stream and Videos Group, which is a public group. I have things threaded under tips and tools for instructors, YouTube topics, member introductions and life stream products. I can keep adding them. You know, you can see that the benefit also is that people composed on their own behalf, you know, responding the questions engaging. So this group has a lot of engagement. As you can see as an admin, you can make an announcement and pin it at the top of the group so you can remove it. For us, the most important thing is something that we've been editing and keeping up to date, so we don't want that too. Flow to the bottom you can monitor and members you can make people different, admits definitely having events and videos and photos were not using events because we're not really doing webinars or things like that. You can share group photos, all the photos uploaded. This is a good place to kind of navigate to all of them files. We currently only have a single file, which is to organize a weekly zumba and dance schedule, but you can certainly use this feature for other things. Group insights. I'm not looked at this as much, but look at this. It gives you insights in terms of the total members engagements, posting comments, reactions, likes approved versus decline members and pending requests, watch party and group quality. We really haven't looked as much to see where we're going with this. But if your fitness instructor I have another examples to show, which is called Move with the Fuentes, there are friends, and I actually started this group with Jorge hearing Kathy over here, and this is also a public group. A lot of friends and family came right in, but this is a place for Jorge was a Zumba instructor to announce different classes, you know, starting a dance session as well as a morning fitness sessions you know this is him doing, You know more of these videos of making new announcements and creating new classes, daring ideas, you know, creating survey some polls to see what people are really interested in, which is really neat. You know, the tricky part sometimes with Facebook is that they don't give you a ton of options to really customize events and sometimes the time zone, maybe out of whack. So, you know, if you are going to set up events here, make sure you keep updating them. And also keep in mind that not everybody is necessarily on Facebook. When they're not on Facebook, you might need another option. Another way to be able to follow up with people, as I will mention as part of this course towards the end, email marketing emails seem to be really safe, a really convenient, safe and also reliable way. Teoh keep in touch with your folks. A majority of all of them are on Facebook. That's good. But just keep in mind that really a lot of people don't even own account. Needless to say that they don't check in as often 6. Going from Free to Paid: this video is about money. I love this movement when it comes to my dance lessons. But at the end of the day, during the pandemic and even after I know before and after the pandemic, a lot of people struggle to charge. For example, there are dance and fitness instructors, and they have this gym that I go to and where they teach the students where they already pay. And it's hard for them to justify that. They need the students where their customers to pay again. You know, for what I were, new lessons were life streams that they produce. I want to talk about money because money is not a dirty word. It's very important part of your financial foundation toe allow you produce better content . I know it doesn't always work that way. You know, people with a lot of money can also produce really crappy content, and nobody wants to consume. But as a life streamer, their initial setups that actually cost money. I'm sure you have probably experienced somewhat at this point, you might need a new camera upgrade your phone. You might have to upgrade your wife to have much higher, you know, download and upload input output. And you might have to buy Airpods or some sort of a Bluetooth headset so that people can hear your instructions while you play music and conduct your exercises. And you might need lights like this one I have right now. So why is it so hard to charge now? A lot of people are being really kind to provide people the opportunity to do exercise from home without worrying about paying a penny. And that's okay, because it's true. There are a lot of families who are really struggling during the pandemic or difficult times in crisis in general or everyday life. They're really struggling. They are unable to pay for another 5 10 $20 I makes a huge difference for them. And I really applaud you for doing that. But they're gonna be other people that you can charge for is not just one price, right? Think about it this way. There people who are comfortable paying 3 to $5 per lesson there, people more comfortable and find a way more convenient to pay once a month. Now there's something what we call generically v i. P. What does that mean, maybe that includes a one on one session between you and your customer. And there may be other offerings coaching services, you know, purely one on one. Multiple personal lessons that you could offer. So the opportunities air kind of infinite. In a way. When you look around, there are social influencers in the fitness and creative industries that you have been following. They may have 40 60,000 followers on Instagram, for example. Some of them are pretty open about how much they charge. And I'm pretty sure you're surprised. You know, I know Cirque du Soleil artists who would travel around the world and besides their busy schedule on stage every single day, sometimes during the weekend, they perform twice a day, right? What do they do during the rest of the week? They meet up with local folks to be able to give them private lessons. So even if you're not charging right now, I don't want you to feel frustrated, and I don't want you to feel schooled. Of course you thought about that. However, it's about how you enter that conversation. I think there are a lot of ways that people can deliver the authentic conversation. It's OK to let people know that these devices your time and this particular set up they're not free. And you are doing that as a fitness instructor to make the experience better for your students, right? It doesn't really make that big of a difference for you. It is for them on. Therefore, if you introduce it this way authentically on honestly, they're gonna be people who are willing to come to you as part of our projects. I want you to draft that message and share in our discussion. Furthermore, I want you to share some of the feedback you have received. Perhaps. Are people sending you positive messages and vibes and thinking you for what you're doing or are people turning away? You're gonna experience both. I live through this after I was running my mastermind for a couple of years completely free every other Saturday, right? There was so much of my time. I did it for free the moment I announced that I was going to charge for it. Finally, I gathered my courage and I got my story straight. Half of them dropped out and I was really disappointed. And giants say even hurt for a couple of days. But then the people who remain in the group were true fans. There were so engaged, so committed, so willing to help each other. So I don't regret a single moment that I decided to charge that the other side of the entrepreneur story I wanted to share with you. But please share with us your story, what you do and I can't wait to hear from you. 7. One-time vs Recurring Payments: So if you have been charging one time fees, I don't know, 35 $10 per class while your life streaming. I'm sure you're super proud because I'm proud of you, too. And guess what happens after, say, a few weeks. Even sometimes, people say, after the first week they noticed a significant drop in payments. Now a lot of fitness and creative entrepreneurs. I tend to use app such as cash up, where of m o work PayPal. And the trouble is that for every class of dollar amount is really small. And yet it takes away a lot of people's attention to pay for that. I think about it if you're someone in your mid thirties and you so look forward to joining the fitness class and you got a couple of babies screaming, crying and your husband's looking for you, or vice versa, and all of sudden you've gotta pull up your APP, pay $3 before you can join a class. It feels a little silly, and the next thing you know, you're late for class on, you feel frustrated. So what I'm recommending as of course, you can still have your one time fee And that's perfectly good, especially if you don't have a rhythm or a schedule just yet. You're kind of popping in and out teaching classes here and there. It may be better for you to charge the one time fee because then you don't have to worry about it, right. You announce it again for whenever you want a teacher next class. Now, for those of you who are doing Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday or Tuesday, Thursday Saturday, whatever it is, you have a rhythm. You have a schedule, you are committed. You're there. No matter whether they're 16. Students were 60 students showing up to your class. I want to, and I urge you to consider charging a recurring monthly subscription. I want to make it even better. The better offer is that the students only have to enter their credit card information once and for all. Yes, this customer can come back in and cancel it, but for the most part was the enter the monthly fee. They don't have to do it over and over again. They don't have a set, a calendar reminder. Otherwise they'll be kicked out of your class there a lot of tools that enable you to do that when a. Which is called Moon Clerk, which I have used for my clients. And it's good for donations as well as recurring subscriptions. Not suppose Zoom for a second zoom. Webinar on business license comes with PayPal integration, which means that you can charge people that one time feet. However Zoom Remember, wasn't originally designed for it. Fitness on Creative Entrepreneurs It's designed for corporate America. Regular webinars One time thing. So zoom PayPal as of April 2020 charges, one time fees. I know it's really annoying after all, I have just shared with you guys. Now what you can do is using something such as Zoom Webinar and add these monthly subscribers as Panelists. So once they pay their recurring fee through Moncler, one extra step for you, which is for you to enter them, has a Panelist. So all you need is first last name and then their email address. And then they will give the notification the log in link and that's it. If you are doing recorded videos, which was also part of what we're talking about, they become more of a course. I love using teachable as well as think if IQ. I use them both for myself as well as for my clients. And they work really great. You don't have to worry about your students. Whether they need to enter a one time payment were recurring fee because these platforms would just take care of it for you, For you to upload as many videos as you need. Teoh, you can create a mini cores were a signature like really long and drawn out. Of course, it doesn't matter. It gets a little bit tricky with life dreaming for sure. But you confined tools to really get around it. As I mentioned before, Zoom and Moon Clerk is a really good alternative to help you service that subscription model. Why is recurring payments so important? Because it takes away that activation energy every time you need to appall your wallet. Used to open up a Web site. Forget it. The website may be down. Wit even talk about the technical side of things. But for people to gather their energy and to take that action takes activation energy. So you want to remove that as much as possible so that they can focus on with the origin along is a sign out for Let's not go pricing Real quick. Pricing is always a sticky issue, depending all Hall. You conduct your classes so I'm gonna use the frequency of three times a week. So that's pretty frequent. That's not every day, but every other day your customers will see you. If you do that, such as Monday, Wednesday Friday, let's say now, on average, let's say four weeks in the month, sometimes 4.5 weeks. Well, four times three. That's 12 lessons. If you charge even $3 a lesson, that's 36 bucks. If it's five lesson that $60.60 US dollars, I suggest that you give your customer and unr if usable offer, so something that can easily not only say yes to, but to recommend to their friends. So, for example, for one of the dance instructors I've been working with, you know, we decided 20 to $25 will be really good monthly fee. I mean, right now living in the crisis. The pandemic people's wallet is definitely a little bit tighter, a lot tighter. In some cases, people have lost their jobs, so this number could be different later on The reality of you teaching online versus your customers learning online is a little different they have. The choice is to follow other instructors as well, so having the variety really matters now, if I follow three instructors and each is charging $25 it gets expensive pretty quickly. When you think about it, that's $75. If you're into dance of weight training Tamada. All of a sudden, you know the cost is now about the same comparison of the fancy gyms. Those are the things you do have to consider. If you want to be successful at the beginning, how do you price yourself in your service is a conversation we want to cover. The cost is very different when you teach a group lesson versus one on one. If you have someone in the industry that you look up Teoh or at your same level, or at least have experience of what you're living through, it may be helpful to talk to them. And as I mentioned earlier in a lesson, it's okay to survey your customers. It's OK to ask them where they're comfortable with, and then it's also important ask yourself what you are comfortable with just because they say $20 but you believe you're worth 60 or you're devoting so much for your time to deliver Valley that's worth $60. Then don't back down. When it comes to business, you gotta know yourself and know your worth and go from there. I'll see you in the next lesson. 8. Setup Recurring Payments with Zoom Webinar and MoonClerk: Hey, guys, it's fe. In this two part video, I'm going to show you how to set up automatic recurring payments using a combination of Zoom Webinar Papal turned on for zoom, creating registration within Zoom Webinar, setting a moon clerk and finally connecting zap e er eyes before I guess started showing how to connect. Zoom on Moon clerk Using happier there some pre wreck that you should be aware of. Number one. You need either the PayPal business or personal account. Number two. You need the zoom. Women are add on, by the way, that is $40 a month. And thirdly, WEBINAR schedule the way the registration. So not only you need to set these things up. You actually need to create at least one registration for your webinar in order for you to charge a recurring payment so that people can keep coming to your class. Here's the thing you need to configure Zoom webinar first with PayPal. So now to enable this is quite easy. So it's under account management under Webinar, and there's an option that you can see right here to allow you to charge a fee. Now you can do this with a single webinar or recurring webinars. Okay, so check it out. So this is an article from Zoom to explain the difference between zoom meetings versus Webinars. So think of Webinars That is a better option for us of fitness Entrepreneur, if you have a more established presence, if you have a large group of people rate for most of you starting out, this option might not be best for you. Because you're hosting a dance class were, say, less than 20 people that you want to face to face with them sharing audio an audio. Now, Webinars, they're great for these really large meetings, not just with listed here like town halls, quarterly updates, educational lectures, but also for fitness instructors with many, many hundreds of students. Basically right. So keep that in mind once you have graded to zoom webinar that what you notice is that you lose that constant two way communication When you say the session is over, when you log off at that point, you'll not be able to switch back to these gallery view and start talking to 2030 people there. Then off the meeting, the meeting ends, OK, but as you can imagine as you're growing your tribe as a fitness instructor with so many students, the last thing you want to do is manually update payment options for each person. When your group is small, that's actually pretty easy to do. You could theoretically, you know, get 10 to 20 emails and then manually enter their credit card information there their payment information and turn that on as recurring. You could do this in your Squarespace website as well as using stripe, which is a payment sistemas well is PayPal. But you literally do have to do this manually. Now. The way you're about to learn with Moon Clerk and with Zoom Webinar as an integration is that removes that manual process. So I hope that's clear. All right now with us said, you need a plan with Zoom webinar, and once you do that, you would notice on the left hand side, under personal all those that you have this webinar options, right? Not only you have an option, you can actually begin to schedule webinars. They're training options if you need to see it now, in order to charge recurring fees, you need what recurring webinars and look. It's exactly the same as how you're setting up a regular meeting. So I'm going to demonstrate that by saying, webinar, my women are description. When? Seven. PM duration. Okay, Now look at this. You need to say recurring webinars and you can set the frequency. Is that daily? Um how often does it repeat? When does that end? You know, things like that. You can also obviously require people to register, and here, that's a really good idea. You do need a registration page in order for people to sign up for this event. Keep in mind, you know, the pre wreck we talked about just now to enable the payment feature, you need webinar scheduled with registration. Okay, so now you're registered. I won't go on about all these options because I've done videos on YouTube and also available in skill share to kind of walk you through these options on how to make your meetings more secure. But now well, you can do is click on schedule. Now, you have created this recurring webinar at the very bottom of the screen. Where you can see is confirm your webinar size because this is what we have paid for Obviously you can increase the number two 500 or more, Believe up to 10,000. One thing I didn't talk about is payment. Currently, this webinar is free. If you leave it as this now, in order to make your weapon are paid. Well, you need to do is go to the left hand side of your zoom account under account management. Select webinar settings now under WEBINAR settings. I always have the search for this. Just search for the word fee or charge, right? You can see that registration setting right now. Um, it says allow options to charge a fee not allowed, So you need to actually turn those on. Make sure you check this and you need to connect this to a PayPal account. Once you sign up for a zoom webinar and you're able to creative registration page Now you're ready for moon clerk Move clerk is a great tool for capturing recurring payments. Now it also works seamlessly with Zoom webinars. And that's why I recommend this because zoom by itself doesn't come with a recurring payment method not to take a look at moon clerks payment option. Well, it's pretty flexible if your monthly volume payment is under $2000. Your monthly price will be $15 on increases from there. So once you sign up for moon clerk, I do believe they have a free trial just to make sure you have like it when you arrive on LeClerc. The first have you See it's called payment forms. Cook on forms so decreed that payment form you simply give it a title. I'm going to call it test. You can give it a description. If you want Teoh, you can choose the payment method whether you want to accept Onley credit card and Debit card. Or you can also turn on bank account as well Set specific amounts. For example, for dance instructions. I can say that is $20. So now instead of one time you want to choose recurring for most of you guys, I assume it's going to be monthly. Recurring day is the day the payer checks out, so I think this is quite convenient because if you have an open a Roman for your dance classes, meaning somebody may sign up on the first off of a given month and the following week, maybe on the seventh, you have three more people sign up. So instead of charging people on the same date of the month, it actually makes sense for them to pay on the day that they choose to join your program. Lastly, the duration duration can be indefinite so that people continue to pay. Your program continues to run as honest people want to join your class. So, for example, if you are running an academy business that requires a registration fee or new member sign iffy, this is where you do it. You can capture additional information from payers such as, you know, there are address or their age or things like that. But these options are quite convenient, but you certainly don't need them all. You can display a message after the payer checks out. You can redirect them to a Web page. If you want Teoh, you can include coupons, terms of service that you can include. A document here, by the way, also show you real quick how to give your customers or your audience the option to modify that. And they can actually log into moon clerk and change their payment option if they need to. So, by default Moon clerk asks you the admin to kind of make go these changes but here, under account we will notice, is that moon clerk will give the payer meaning your customer a portal which is on this page that there is a single portal link that you can use for your account. And then you can change the theme if you want Teoh and give the payer the option to cancel their plan to update their names and emails and things like that and also update playing frequency, for example. So once you make these changes, just click on safe and you're all set. When someone needs to make changes, all you have to do is simply send them this portal link and they will be able to do all arrest on their own, hence eliminating your administrative effort. Now all that's done, you're ready to finally move on. Yes, that means you're ready to USA's Appier to connect Zuma Webinar recurring meetings and payments with Moon clerk. That means every time someone makes a recurring payments through moon clerk, that person will be automatically registered under Zoom Webinar and that person be able to receive things that you set up for Zoom to trigger, such as a confirmation email. They'll have all the registration information they need to begin classes instead of Russia string twice. They only need to do it once through the moon clerk payment system. So let's take a look at how you could use the payment forms you just set up. Remember, this is a test. I just did. Look, you have multiple integration methods. You can use integration to connect with different Web services, or what I use most frequently is this is called you. So once you click on that, you have options where you can send this direct link to people who want to register for your monthly classes. Look, you can copy this Web address and paste it into an email. Instant message. Facebook, Twitter. Anywhere you could also places link on your website. You can just copy that you can also in bed this payment form on your website. You can place a button so these are all the tools. Weaken do directly on squarespace, for example, or if you have someone else manage your website, you can send this to your Web master so hope this helps 9. Connecting Zoom Registration and MoonClerk using Zapier: All right, let me showcase a quick tutorial on how to connect moon clerk through zoom using zap e er The best place to find this information is Aziz Appier APS, and it's under Moon Clerk integration and within part of moon clerks integration, you confined zoom. So this is what I find was helpful instead of a very minimum article that I found on zoom dot us. So to connect these abs, you need to create an account. If you haven't used happier before, there is a free account. However, there's limited zaps you can create. And there's limited integrations that you can built for fitness. Creative entrepreneurs were just starting out. I would say the free version will be good enough. So click on connect these APS now you're prompted to lock in. Once that is done, number one, you're gonna name yours app so you can remember it. You can call it, you know, moon clerk to zoom. Zap. So what's happening here is Moon clerk is a recurring payment system, which you're going to sign up. And then after you signed up, I believe the lowest here is about $15 a month. Once you do that this will give you an idea of how you can trigger a payment. A recurring payment, for example. It's $20 a month. Zap here is going to recognize that connection. As you can see here, selecting moon clerk on here, There to trigger. So what are you start with? It's called the trigger and then later is the event is to do this event. So number one that you can select a new recurring plan or does a new payment. Any payment is made in moon clerk. So I'm going to select new recurring plan. Continue from here is up here is going to ask you to confirm your moon clerk account. You can do that? Certainly. Um it will take you one more click at least because my credential has been safe here in happier you click on. Continue. Now you are able to select payment from what has been incurred. So by the way, you'll need to do this once. Okay? You're creating an automation. So how I would recommend you do this is asked the owner of moon clerk of your business. You can create a test payment. So, for example, you can create a test came in, you could later refund yourself in moon clerk or you can create a coupon code within moon clerk to essentially, you know, refund yourself. So here you can select the value for Fuentes. They have the I. P. They have single class. Single class is not a good example, because it's a single payment. But essentially the recurring payments are V I p access a monthly access. I'm gonna choose monthly access. Superman is grabbing the data you click on continue and you can do a test and review here, and so it's going to pull the information that's being collected. Now, in the next step, you're able to create the do this, right? This is the action portion of it. So you gonna you're gonna choose the app which has been confirmed, which zoom, and you're going to choose the action. Do you want to create a new meeting or created a new registrants? So you're going to register a new person to the meeting that you created? Your zoom account needs to be validated, which I'm going to do that now you can select upcoming webinar, right? So first, of course, you need to create your webinar within zoom and this is creating a zap is a special thing for Zoom Webinar. It doesn't work for the regular zoom pro account. So once you sign up for Zoom webinar, the lowest here allows you to have up to 100 participants, which is the option I use for one of my clients, which is what Fuentes, a za family used as well. So right then and there you can create a zoom webinar. It's actually very similar to create a regular zoom meeting, but here you can select a different packages. You have, for example, weekdays on Lee. Once you so like that, you need to then specify the test data you just imported by selecting email. So you're going to go through the motion here, basically select name, and then you can type in the last name, for example, like that. And you can say whether you wanna send confirmation email or not. So in this case, you certainly can turn that one on, or, if you don't turn that on, what it means is somebody pays in moon clerk. This person gets an email confirmation to say the payment is successful. Then you don't need to trigger another confirmation from zap e er again takes a few experiments depending on how you're using Zoom. Um, I would say it's a good idea to turn the confirmation on. It hasn't confused many people. So then we want to do is hit. Continue. So from here, where you can do is test on a review. A test creed register. Um was sent to zoom just now, and you can say retest were continue. We can say done editing. So from here, uh, once you're done editing, you can see the green check marks that applies to both the trigger, which is moon clerk. This is the icon as well as zoom. So it's very helpful before this zap again. This I'm going to call this a test zap, uh, to connect moon clerk Recurring payments to zoom webinars. It doesn't have to be that long for you, but I like to be very descriptive before this automation is happening, you need to turn on, turn this on C. So I'm gonna turn it off because we have an automation in place. That's it. So here this is the dashboard with ins. Appier's Appier is kind of a weird app. If you don't find yourself highly technical, we're have never used in automation up like this before. But just they calm it doesn't work out in Day one, tried again and day to I want to say that because Givens Appier's limited actions were a zaps, they allow for free memberships. Sometimes you do have to wait for the second day because there are a limited number of connections that you can make with the free app. So with that said, let's take a look at zap years. Different pricing plan. So here, as you can see, it's the free plan, and it comes with how many's abs will fives absolute together we have already used to, and a number of tasks, which is 100. So to learn more about other plans just to show you guys real quick here, look at the difference, you know. Also, there's updating time, so single Stubbs app. Um, with a paid plan of 1999 you can have twenties abs instead of five. One zap is each new connection or each new automation you're creating so multi step ones that you can do three premium abs filter formatting. A lot of people really like this. You know, again, from here, you can choose how many tasks that you need to manage. I think you can definitely experience with a free option here, and it's free forever, by the way. And maybe that will be good enough. Think about it. If you have 100 people signing up for your is 100 tasks per month, right? For smaller finished entrepreneurs, you aren't as likely to sign up for more than 100 people per month, right? You have people maybe canceling more people joining, but is likely to be within this threshold. 10. Engage With Your Audience: So in this short video, I want to talk about surveying your customers or your students. Now I'm putting those two groups of people together. I think it's better to refer to them, at least for your business plan. Ask customers because they are whether they were paid where free members doesn't matter. They're part of your tribe. Ah, lot of the fitness and creative entrepreneurs came to me and said, Hey, to be honest, I've never sent out a survey before. I have never even officially were unofficially engaged with my customers, honestly ask for their feedback so it can be pretty casual. Yes, you can absolutely have conversations. I mean, these days, if people love that intimacy, whether they jump on a call with you or, you know, see you on Zoom or they're happy to respond to your emails. But I also like the idea of formalizing at this type of survey effort every month, every other month or so, especially when you're creating a new service such as Hey, I'm thinking about, you know, reducing the cost per lesson for your fitness class per lesson. And then now I want you, you know, have a monthly rate a recurring payment for these lessons. How much would it be that you know, comfortable for you? And that comfort level obviously can change your during and after the pandemic in depending on the economy and and all those things, of course. So it's really helpful to ask. You can also ask if people are enjoying her lessons. You know, how was the video and audio quality, for example, but not only limiting two technical questions? How did they feel? How do they feel entering into the class like that before doing and after journey? Because that really matters to people, that is what made them come in the first place. Okay, so engage in authentic conversations and start noting things down, because if you don't you're gonna forget. That's why certain survey software is really helpful. I've used over the years Google Form type, form, sorbet monkey, Most recently survey sparrow. Eso definitely will include some of the links below for you guys to check it out. The good news is unlike 10 20 years ago, you don't have to build all the survey templates from scratch and said there are a lot of really helpful templates, not only you can use for your endeavour now. But you know, down the line when you have a bigger where enterprise companies, believer or not, you can use that to. So I hope you find this helpful and I'll see you in the next lesson. 11. Build Your Brand: Hey, what's going on? Guys, in this video, I want to talk about one of my favorite topics, which is about building a brand. Not just any brand. It's your brand. So what are some of the elements involved? It can feel really overwhelming if you have not done this before or you haven't seen yourself as a brand so as a turn now that everybody is a brand already. Why you want to be friends with person? A versus B were in your situation as a fitness entrepreneur. You probably have noticed that no matter where you have worked, you would notice that there sometimes are a whole lot of people with sign up for one instructors class but not so much of the others. You know, this doesn't make the other instructors class any less valuable. It's just that is targeting a different audience. I find that process of elimination really interesting. Why do certain group of people are just so drawn to certain personality ways of teaching and philosophy? So in this video, I want to talk about the tactics of building a brand, including logo website, you know, even the domain name telling your own story right in the about page. Everything else is pretty trivial, You know, Everybody knows that. For example, when it comes to a website, you need a home page of some sort to talk about a list of things you can have a block to write about your whereabouts, your philosophy and things that you learn. And there's this about page, and there's this contact page. I do want to remind people have never done this to make sure that they don't waste a lot of time on the things that actually don't matter all that much of the beginning for social media. I really want to devote a separate video on that because people tend tohave drastically different questions about it. A lot of you guys already on social, But you may have questions such as After I supper personal versus more professional my brand posts. So address those questions separately. Let's get started on building a brand. What does that mean? I think this is really interesting that on one hand, yes, you can look into the mirror and ask yourself, Who am I? You know why. Where do I come from? Why do I stand out? I mean jokes aside, you should ask those questions as your washing this video. I can still tell you here in 2020 I'm considered still a minority. Being a female Chinese, you know, there are fewer creators like me on YouTube. I mean, you probably will browse through a lot, but as a cohort were still a lot smaller. Now, on one hand, you could look at it as in, you know, why does skill share need me or why should I be published? Young YouTube turns out what's different and special about you could be an element of differentiation. That's what makes you stand out now. I'm not necessarily saying that, too. Always hone in on a single story or on your ethnicity were on the color of your skin. I feel like all of us share so much knowledge and information that will help other people. This is where I think your unique personal brand will come into play. I won't talk about logo because whenever people think about building a brand logo and the name are the things they think about first I want to remind you this is a very friendly reminder that do not waste too much time on choosing a name. We're designing a logo. I myself have made that mistake several times, and I finally grew out of it. Guess what? People have such different opinions about logos. If you don't believe me, just as a test, you can choose a couple of logos that that you found on the Internet or you can just quickly design something on an iPad were even sketch it out on a piece of paper. Ask people on social media. I'll tell you, I've never seen such discrepancies when it comes to opinions and literally have votes against every single one of them. And it's just so frustrating now imagine you actually spend money. I worked with someone for hours and days, and then you ask other people's opinion. Turns out, you know, you might not come to a final logo that quickly, and then you turn around and realize, Oh, my God! In that time I could have written my bio. I could have started my website, even finished it. So don't spend too much time as a starting point user name used something so simple, trivial within Squarespace, Wix and and WordPress, you have the option simply to use a phrase few words as the title of your website and that will be recognized as the initial logo you have. There's nothing wrong with that. Another reason why I don't want fitness and critic entrepreneurs to spend too much time. A logo and name is that it tends to change over time. I believe most people who are watching this course are relatively new to entrepreneurship, or at least that just say, building a digital brand. That's when you realize things change very quickly asked for me for face world, we really change. We had a lot of interests of front. We were a podcast, that we were a documentary on Amazon Prime. And then we started this YouTube channel as well. That became really popular, which triggered this course to be created. So things are changing. I am changing with my channel with my business. There are things I used to focus on a lot more, and now I'm shifting my attention to learn new thanks. In conclusion, when it comes to building a brand start simple star small, choose a name, a logo you're relatively happy with. It doesn't have to be perfect and it can be changed. Just remember, you can get us fancy as you want. Later on, some companies and corporations will spend tens of thousands of dollars on logo design. I'm sure you won't. But to know that that's an option Down the road. Don't get caught up on design, which includes logo, name, color, palettes and all that, Jess. And if you're like me who actually enjoys design not necessarily with photo shop, but something that you want to throw together quickly evaluate and just have some fun with it. I would highly recommend Can va canvases online design tool really targeted at none designers. So for me, I use a regularly for every aspect of my business, including YouTube, thumbnails, all the block posts, you know, for my podcast and also many elements on my website. So good luck. I've included a link below and also some screenshots as well. And I hope you find that helpful 12. Design with Canva (Yes, anyone can!): I want to give you guys a quick tutorial of what it looks like inside of Canada, which is one of my everyday favorite design tools online. And it's really designed and geared towards non designers, which means you don't toe open a photo job. You have to learn even the basics of Photoshopped to understand what's going on. And I love these templates. When you create a design, it's going to prompt you to say, Hey, are you using? Are you doing it for a Facebook post or cover? Hey, are you doing the media kit? Instagram Post? So, for example, if you're like me who posts on YouTube all the time, you can design channel art. You can design Icon were most frequently I use YouTube thumbnails. Where can design is really attractive? I catchy thumbnails, But if you wanna design logos, guess what? You can actually design logo. Check it up so you could do not only just, you know, one type of logo, you can do all kinds, so let's, for example, you chose logo on Look to the left here, not only there just random templates. They're actually being categorized by art and design versus fashion band, computer logo, food and drinks. It's just amazing. I'm sorry, I I've been bragging about cama for a long time, and I didn't become Ah, I didn't use my referral link that I have with them until very recently, but definitely want to have many more people to feel like they're not limited by their design skills. In fact, there's so much they can do with in camera that's going to save them time, but that once again, I want to go back to my original point, which is that don't get too bogged down by logos, especially when you just start, you know, building your brand. Really focus on the content. Focus on content creation, how you present yourselves on all the little nuances that you're learning as part of business, not just designing a logo. We're coming up with a really smart name 13. Should You Have a Website?: So in this video, I want to talk about specifically whether or not you need a website, and if so, as someone most likely we didn't graduate with a design degree or technology degrees, such as computer science. You know, it's always trivial to start building a website. There are a lot of things to consider a domain name, you know, design templates. Where are these pages connected? And how do you drive and communicate your main message, right? The good news is today there are so many resources and tools that are completely dragon drop, meaning you know, anyone without a degree where prior knowledge of Web design are able to build it. However, that doesn't mean that everybody uses will create a website that works at the rudimentary level. A website that works, obviously, is a website that's relatively pleasant to look at. That's just a purely designed perspective. But it should also work so it doesn't throw any errors. You know, the links should be pointing at the right places. The page to do with, supposed to do, for example, on the contact page. Usually we have a form we ask people for their first last name subject line and message national work together. But in addition to that, you know a website should deliver the message that you intend to deliver. So at the very minimum, a website should have a home page in about Paige. And that is about you, which I always recommend. That you consider including an image like a portrait of yourself. Doesn't have to be professionally taken. Could be something that you do in a social environment where you can be just taken outside of your house or inside. Thirdly, the website should have a contact page. The concert page usually comes with a form. You can also have an auction include your email, and I will make sure to encrypt the email somewhat so that it's harder for people to spam you for the bots to pick up on the Internet, but basically an easy way for people to get in touch with you and nobody else. If you have social media elements such as that you're on Facebook, YouTube is the Grand Lincoln. Wherever you want people to reach out and connect with you, make sure you list those social icons, and they should go to the right places which aren't your profiles. Those four are the most basic elements. Now there is 1/5 1 which is something I want to also address that our services related to you. Look, if you're watching this, you already offering services in the area of fitness. It doesn't matter whether you're zoom, but dance instructor. Let's see muscle conditioning. Obata, yoga instructors, spin instructors So you have your services are highly recommend that you featured those services. For many of you, that's more than one, right? Perhaps you teach many different sports and different exercises. Perhaps you're a yoga teacher on the side, but you're a lifestyle or life coach as a main career. So I would say to definitely mention and talk about these different services under the service page, not to make the website more streamlined. I tend to group all my services in one area, so we were to take a look at face world dot com. Right now you will see that I have services bundle under one navigation, Then I have an area called Learn, which are a lot of free tools on Resource is I developed over the years for documentary filmmakers for podcasters of freelancers, etcetera. So this is how I kind of organize everything now don't feel intimidated, overwhelmed by phase world because we have been running this website since 2000 and 14. As I mentioned in the previous video, you know, our brand has really grew and evolved so much, and we did not start with nearly as many tabs or navigation items. In fact, we started with podcast on Lee. It was just the home page with a list of block content that are driven by podcasts and audio content. And then I have a paid for about and another one for Contact me. That's it. So you got to start somewhere and guess what? You probably have seen many websites with just a single page. In fact, there are a lot of websites or what's called a landing page. And I'm not even talking about the super long elaborate pages. I'm talking about a short, concise page high. Here's who I am. Here's what I do. Contact me, That's it. And those can also work. Messaging is key When you think about messaging, the best way to write copy that converts and work is used plain English. Okay, this is really hard to think about, and this is something I remind all my clients all the time ready. So when people search for content, whether it's on Google or YouTube, they tend to use conversational English, not academic English, not just English. In any language that you know you may be using, we're familiar with. So, for example, a title that's called How to Fix the Delay issues on Zoom is written in such a way is How do I fix zoom delay or how to avoid the delay on Zoom right? People will not say things such as in order to avoid zoom and therefore I will be You know , you get the idea very concise, plain English, also very relatable English and one way to kind of source on informations through talking to people. If you're a fitness entrepreneur, sometimes I'm sure you guys have to work through to five or 10 diehard fans. People come toe all your classes, people who respect you and, you know, thank you. After each class, have a little maybe zoom chat right where you can call me individually on the phone or on social media, which is asked them, you know what they love about you and your class. I know what it feels a little intimidating and self promoting at times, but it's OK. They're going to give you the real value. You're gonna have a different point of views as well. Look out for those keywords such as, you know, your class really made me feel so good. I look forward to your class. You know, I feel stronger. I have. My mind is clearer. I even have better relationships with my family. You know, my kids are dancing to your classes, things like that. So you want to captivate that energy and be with Translate that to your website. Now I know I'm talking about this like it's second nature because it is for me. It's something I think about dream about all day long. It's part of our business. I'm not recording this video to sell our service to you, but to simply teach you how you can approach it and it's OK if we look at your website to say Look, that's not perfect. I mean, there is no perfect website or deliver herbal. It's about having something there so people can find you having something. There's a Google knows that you exist. We haven't talked about, you know, search engine optimization. I don't think ASIO works in isolation of content. I recommend standing up the website, you know, Pour your heart out. Just put it out there. Oftentimes when I work with clients and the first thing they say to me is like I'm so sorry . My website looks terrible. It's all over the place, you know? That's OK. Don't feel bad. You gotta start somewhere. No. One other thing of mentioning you know, there's a clean landing page. There are minimal ways to approach your website. Think of it as a minimal, viable product. What can your website launch with with the least amount of content? Information still give people what they need to do what they want. It's really important to know that your website is not a dumping ground. You don't want to put every piece of information you've ever collected in the past. On there. Think about what are the most representative piece of content of That's a video. Think about through five video as opposed to 20 videos. If there are pictures, think about 3 to 5 pictures instead of hundreds and dozens of pictures. Okay, streamline your website. I would be very happy to take a look. We haven't talked about projects yet, but if as a project deliverable for this course, I would love to see the beginning of your website. Now, what's the most important page on your website? Except for the home page, which is first impression for most people now, it pains me to see about page with no information. Oftentimes I see entrepreneurs and companies a launch. These about pages with 2 to 3 sentences that are very generic. That won't tell you anything specific. There was not memorable. Did you know that most people spend 2 to 3 seconds browsing a website before they leave and disappear and never come back again? But if you learn to write a compelling about story, it will change everything. Now, pay attention to when I say the word compelling. I really don't mean that you need to hire an editor. You to hire an accomplished author to write that for you. I want you to write that yourself, make it really roll vulnerable. You know your origin stories are going to be what makes people remember you. There are a lot of books on the subject. There's a book and I would recommend you read after this class, which is story, brand story, Brand explains. You know how you could actually craft a story that's memorable, you know, these days in 2020 and actually years before today. Now a lot of brands noticed that they can just sell products anymore because there's so many products floating in the market. If you goto Amazon real quick, even just searching for lighting kit for cameras were four more mundane, like everyday things that you have in the house. There are 1000 tens of thousands options. Why would you buy one versus the other short customer reviews? One of them. But you notice even on Amazon. Sometimes they feature what's called family owned brand, right? So these are not your typical industrial brand that they make you know thousands of products every single day. You don't know who touched anything. You know whose idea it was coming from, why the product was made. Is it just another product? But when you think about yourself is a brain as a person, you're not just another person. Another fitness instructor. You are doing this perhaps for a variety of reasons. I know some of you just enjoy fitness. Want to provide for your family? One. My clients, Chavez Ravine build her fitness business because she spent decades working as a Broadway actress and she's still there, active in TV and film. But as a mom was traveling all the time, she finds this whole fitness endeavor and career to be so attractive. She calls it Joy versus Job. Her job as an actress versus for joy ass a fitness instructor. So in conclusion, write your story. Tell your story. Share a longer version of who you are, where you come from. So consider as a project piece. Share your story with me and this community here. 14. Squarespace Website Case Study: Hey guys, in this video, I want to show you a quick study. But two more focus on how I organize our thinking on content to rebuild a client's website . So we're looking at right now is one of my clients, Chavez Ravines Original website. So her friend designed this graphic and she posted some of these photos. There's a contact page so it is very minimum. And she knows that this is something that she build with her friends. And, you know, before that anyone was really getting to know her brand. Um, she had a lot of experience as a turnout, completely outside of fitness or group fitness and exercise is but she is a theatre actor. Eso I want to showcase show you guys. This is a new website that we built together which took us exactly two weeks. That includes acid gathering reviews and launch eso as you can see Chavez Ravine and this is her new home. These are the work that I really inspired her, that she has really changed her life ass an actor. So as you can see there multiple sections But we did not neglect the fact that she's so a fitness instructor and she enjoys doing that which she refers to her work. This is her joy versus how work as a theatre actor and also a vocalist. So these are the quotes that we have received. Get in touch at the very bottom here also newsletter, sign up. You belong here, as you can see may when love hereby phase world media on to scroll back up. I want to give you some more of his content organization because instead of talking about everything all at once, remember, your website is and a dumping ground, right? You want to highlight things that you're most excited about. So I realized for her it's really acting vocals, fitness and about. So if you look at acting, were able to group a lot of her acting experience into one, and she's a theatre actor and these are her prior work. People can stample them real quick. She's also in regional and musical theaters. As you can see, if you don't have a ton of assets, you certainly can use posters as well as we scroll down film and television. I was really excited about prison break and sleepwalk with me, etcetera so I'm really, really cool work. And last but not least, picture of her and get in touch real quick on the vocals here as well. She can't actually. She's recording artist for companies and individuals for small and big brands. So right here people are able to sample, you know, her videos for singing samples, as in the form out of a video as well as the audio's. These audio blocks were really easy to insert and build out in squarespace. Never leave people in a dead end here is get in touch. No fitness finance we talked about, uh, Chavez actually doesn't have a whole lot of assets or pictures taken for her group lessons . But you know what? We stand for group pictures. I kind of like this sort of more collage Look and feel, um, are RSVP for people who are interested and lastly about, you know, this is her page. Her friends Howard journey began on her work. You know, you're exposing across sharing information that are important to you. Find your fire face, your fears get in touch. So I hope you find this example interesting. And let's dive right into Holly. Got in touch with Chavez and how we're able to build this. And the purpose of this video is to show you guys that as a performer, a creative entrepreneur and in the case of Ravine, who is still an actress on active in the acting field and due to the current pandemic and log down, she is unable to really pursue her career. However, it presents her that now is a really good time to revisit her website to really build it out. So after revealing her website, I noticed that her primary focus right now is unfitness, whereas what she really wants her website to focus on is half fitness as a secondary endeavor and her acting and working as a voice actor to be the primary endeavor, certainly beyond the pandemic. So this is a video where I want to show you what it looks like for someone. Let's say who doesn't really have a ton of assets frantic Chavez, you know, as an actress, she has some of the audio and video files from the TV shows and theatre Ah, parts that she's been in. However, it doesn't really mean for her to be able to fully have the rights to use them all. And also Chavez is, you know, is a mom who's very busy with her family life. So I wont to set, you know, achievable and reasonable goals to work with her so that she knows what she's looking for. She has a place to save all of these assets, so to demonstrate that what I typically do is, I will create a folder for my clients such as this. And as we move forward with the website building and blueprint process, I'll have additional folders listed here. But first I always create a folder called Client Files, and here is You can see I have audios photos resume as well as video files here as well. Sometimes to make it really easy. What I do is instead of asking clients who submit the original videos, which are again hard to come by, I asked them to give me a brief description or, you know, to the three sentences of description with a link of their video to YouTube and Vimeo. So this will make it actually very simple for them to submit assets. Now. Here are some of the things to think about when you either whether your digital marketer talking and working with your clients or you've taken this in house meaning as the person who needs the website, here are the questions and structure that you should have. Number one is Ask yourself. Okay, I am designing a new website. We're enhancing the existing one. What are some of the goals that I have? And it's not just the Golda offered this month where the next next few months think about your goal in terms of 1 to 3 years. Now, one of the reasons why don't want people to think too far down the line, such as a 5 10 year plan. Those air good tohave have your vision board and all that. But when it comes to developing a website, the last thing you want to do is dumping everything, putting all your wish list items on your website. You wanted to be very concise, clean and streamlined. Think about that when you meet someone first for the first time at a coffee shop. Do you really want to tell that person your entire life story So instead, you won t Zelda story? You want to relate to this new person you just met. You want to engage in the conversation so that you're delivering things not only interesting to you, but interesting to your new friend. So let's talk about that. Your mangle should be about 1 to 3 years. So when I talk to Chavez, she gave me points such as I want my website. Teoh help people think about having a healthy body and mind set. Ah, having an outlet for her creative endeavors hoper as an artist feed her soul. Fitness is an art that helps her artistically on the side so that she feels healthy and vibrant. She wants people to know that she's an artist who lives it, not just talk about it. She's living the artist life. So now you see, there's some of re slightly redundant repeated phrases or words, and that's absolutely OK because that gives you that emphasis on what this person in this case yourself cares about. So when you write down the list of things, don't worry about having to say similar things in different ways to the left, the mine flow or you want to do this for 10 15 minutes. Keep writing. So she has also told me that she want the artistic of reality. How Teoh, What here? A face world, we say how to celebrate your creative and financial freedom, right? Without getting paid. How long is it realistic for you to keep living that life? She says she was owned her brand. Do you want to own your brand? Or is it this a part time endeavor? This is a side hustle. Or maybe that this is just a hobby. She wants to own her art, you know she wants to know, especially in the pandemic. Today. If her agent doesn't call, she still has the freedom to live her art and fitness, which is the secondary, you know, not primary but secondary endeavor. She thinks it's very important because it makes her feel that she's in control. Now we talk about money. Let's be real here. Money isn't a dirty word. So I want my clients and I want you as you're going through this exercise to know that it's okay to talk about money to think about money, right? So she said, Yes. I want a business element on my website to know your worth Such a price. She also talked about currently living Philadelphia. You know a lot of our work are in New York or parts in California, but she can't really leave her state much to say, even leave her home sometimes right now that what can she do? Toe offer service from home, you know, and we talk about her being a vocalist, jazz vocalist for higher. That's something she can easily do at home. She is the jazzy side of Broadway, and she explained to me, You know, related Teoh. What she does is a vocalist. She doesn't just do commercials where she doesn't just read books. She talks about music, theatre production, acting always part of what she does. Character role, since even give me details such a sense. In her twenties, she played moms like more mature side of her. So as you're asking yourself these questions, going through this list without a consultant such as myself on your side, make sure you note down these things and then you're gonna go back for the second generation to say, OK, what are some of the resource is and links that may be helpful. Maybe there's an image related to that. Oh, maybe as a vocal jazz vocalist. Do you have an audio piece that you could be sharing with the world as an example? If you're an actor or your film director, you know, or a freelance consultant, Do you have the equivalent links, such as the linked in profile such as an I am DB pager you could be sharing. What you don't want to do is to really break it down to say, you know, instead of looking these general terms, you want to know who your audiences who do you want your website to resonate with? Sure, their family and friends involved will be very happy to share that for you. But what are some of the things that you can easily introduce to someone who doesn't know you doesn't owe anything to you, is not gonna actively promoter share with you. So when we talk about when I talk to Chavez about television of film, for example, I really wanted to know what type of television, what types of film you know, this this Aiken study more or less on her imdb. But when it comes a theater, you know, what is that on Broadway off Broadway? What are some of the examples of the show that she's been in what are some of the rules or she's played on would likely play again And then, you know, as your noting things down, you might not have all the answers right away, right? Eso will you want to do is create it clear action items and what we call next steps for yourself. So what are some of the research you want to dio? Or you want to really get in touch with a manager, usedto work with a friend who you will co produce something with? But you know, you're not sure where the assets are so, as always, is never too late to star organizing your assets. Your everything that you've been in right photos, videos, scripts. So we talk about focus, you know, job versus joy, which I kind of like that as a structure you know, job for Chavez is acting. Where is joy? In the sense of purpose is her fitness. She Zumba. She teaches Zumba, for example. So she talks about her primary focus really should be on auditioning, making herself a priority. What does that mean? I mentioned earlier that she's a mom. She has a 14 year old son and as many moms and parents they tend to. They have to put their careers on hold to raise your kids. So in her case, she talked about feeling right now, more so than ever that she wants to prioritize herself. And if you're thinking that way, I highly right. I highly support you. There is nothing wrong with that. And I want to make it very clear that it's okay to make yourself a priority. If not now, then when, you know, gain the Sons of Stability Race. Think about different revenue streams. Think about how you can make money Now through one person, one venue. What are some of the other possibilities I wanted to get clear with Chavez on How does fitness work? You know? Do you want to charge a fee for people to join you in your dance classes right now? And the answer for right now for her is no not charging. She doesn't want to Really What will make people worry? She really is just want to share her joy. And that's okay for right now, you know, her set up costs is in the high most of the teachers teaching online, live streaming or, for example, using Zoom. Ah Pro Zuma Konitz 14 99 $14. 99 cents, which is very manageable. My most people and she wants to use fitness is a way to help other people release anxiety. So with these things in mind, you know, really sit down and go through this thing on your own. Go through this list. Ask yourself these questions for the first hour, as you're planning for to build out your website. By the way, this is besides, you know, choosing what platform you want to use is that squarespace What we're press. I mean, if you were to ask me, especially if you're not doing design on a full time basis, I would highly recommend Squarespace. It comes with certain guardrails, but it's so much better for you to start with an existing template and then it's a really a dragon drop sort of template. You don't have to worry about installing where press understanding s CEO and all that jazz you will not be required to spend so much time. Maintain your website. When's the launches? So squarespace really makes it really easy now What I want to do is continue on to look at your resume. Look at your resume first. If it's messy, outdated to number one is to update it and then your resume, especially if you put your kind of heart and soul into the making of it. You, ah, reviewed it with your friends and such. Then you begin to see a theme. So look at this for Chavez, for example. You see that there's theater, regional theater. There's a musical theater. There's film and television than there were commercials on. And then there's her education. So immediately you can envision if this is something on your website, then you can break that down, right? So you might not want to throw your music theatre assets with your regional theater assets . You might not makes film and television with your music theater experiences. I'm not saying this as a firm statement, but simply for you to think about how do bucket them if they live in bubbles and the maybe half summer. Some overlaps, but how you position them. So then what you can do is the organizing principle. Is that breaking things down? You know, at a high level even before you look at your resume. I mentioned earlier audio photos, resumes videos. But then I argue, you know, within videos and videos is your thing. You have a lot of assets star videos. Then you can create these sub folders rate to reflect different projects. And so, for you to stay organized for your projects doesn't matter of you working fitness or theater. And then you wanna crease separate folders, organized different shows and different experiences and go from there. 15. Plan Your Social Media: in this video. I want to talk about social media, and it's impact on your business. So believer not most of the fitness entrepreneurs I have met and spoken with our own social media when we were the other. I think there's an opportunity for me to address some of the frequently asked questions from fitness and also creative entrepreneurs. So the first question is, Which platforms should I be on period? So I would add to that which platforms and isn't realistic if you are going to select multiple or many platforms just because they're popular Number one, I would say, You know, keep in mind what you already on know how to use and you find interesting. A lot of people own Facebook, especially in the fitness community. I mentioned that Facebook Group. Is this a crazy, awesome mechanism to kind of create a community for yourself and for your students? So if you're already on Facebook, stay on it. Definitely. If you were to let people know about your work and if you have started, if you haven't started a group already a highly workman, you do. The group can be public or private. The only thing to notice is that when you started the group, make sure you carried a couple of questions to ask people who join this way they can answer them, I would say for public Facebook groups, you want to be careful not to share private information, such as a zoom link without any passwords or security or registration. Make sure you don't share phone numbers or personal e mails and credit card informations. I know it sounds like common sense, but sometimes when people love the group so much, they don't realize and start kind of posting private information. Number two to leverage Facebook is to join other groups. In fact, I to notice that for face were for my own brand. I kind of neglected that for a long time. As it turns out, there are many other groups who want to learn more about you, such as you can join fitness entrepreneurs groups. There are hundreds of them out there, and you may have to evaluate to see which one resonates more with you. Another way to evaluate and research for them is to talk to other fitness and structures, and entrepreneurs come in your community to see that which ones they like, why they like it and participate in that conversation. We started a Facebook group. I had no idea was gonna become so popular. And I welcome you to join in. It's called Dance Life, Stream and Fitness. We started that group at the end of March, and as I'm recording this in mid April, guess what. We have close to 500 members in that group. Every time I share a welcome message, I actually noticed that I'm tagging. You know, Facebook is automatically tagging all the new members in each time is between 50 to 100 people and just blows my mind. One last thing I'll say about Facebook group and community in general is there needs to be some sort of rules and guidelines. So if you are starting the group, you want to make sure that you use some of the built in group rules. You know, respect. Be respectful of each other. Postings that are relative for the discussion point avoid self promotion. Otherwise, repose might be eliminated. Whatever the rules, maybe you want to kind of think through them and be able to exercise on them as well. So Facebook as for fitness entrepreneurs, has been definitely the leading social platforms. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't be used instagram twitter or take talk or whatever it may be. Realistically, you want to ask yourself, How much time do I have for social media? Be honest. How many social platforms can you realistically take on? You might not know the answer right away. You may take some research and time tracking for a couple of weeks. So let's say if it is two hours on Lee. So that might mean that you need to create new content to post respond to users comments so that kind of limit your ability to post and share on other platforms. So one thing to keep in mind is, think about cross pollination and content repurpose ing. There are a lot of visual and also text based content on also videos. If you're into videos, recordings of your classes or your kind of reflections and opinions, those can also be re shared. So when you think about re sharing content, actually, banks you know managing multiple platforms seem a lot easier, you know, in reality, it's still definitely is adding on some more work But if you're are like a constant generating machine, a lot of you guys really are. Then take advantage of more platforms. They're free to sign up. You can experiment for a few weeks, a few months. If some of the platform's not really working for you and you don't have the time, you can also just kind of let us slide or, you know, ignore for a while. One thing about social media is make sure that you're not paralyzed by numbers, where statistics in general specifically you know, things like likes, comments, shares. Don't worry about it. You know, keep posting publishing. And if it resonates with some people, even if it's just 2 to 5 people, that's okay. You know, what I learned as part of my creation process is that creating content is easy. But waiting to see other people's reaction is the harder part. So I'm urging you to kind of ignore that for as much as you can, because a lot of you guys, as I've learned, are teaching fitness classes, you know, to a large group of people with our without even charging them anything. So you're doing this really based on the love that you have for the people and for the sports. Don't worry too much about people's reaction. Now. There are several tools that can help you repurpose your content and publish automatically things such as Hoot Suite things such as buffer and a tool that I personally like to use more, especially if you have, Let's say, more content and consistent continent you're releasing every single week. I would highly recommend that you consider Agora Pulse. Would you help you repurpose your content? But you can also pull older content and should we share them again in the future, so I'll list those links below. Definitely check them out. Let me know what you think. 16. Elevate Your Brand with Content Creation: Hey, guys, in this video, I want to hold it on concentration. We've been talking a lot about your creation process. Whether it's your fitness videos, you know your life streams. You might not realize that you are already a content creator because you life stream your classes. You may record some of your content. Uh, who knows? I've seen a lot of fitness instructors record these cliffs, you know, as part of their marketing materials, but it's really fascinating. I've seen instructors teaching a specific step that's harder for their students, understand, so they break it down for them. You are already a natural content creator, So in this video, I'm urging you to take greater advantage of that. Not everybody is comfortable on videos, but you are a natural because your life streamer Okay, let's talk about the types of content that I've been asked a lot. One of the reasons why save this for later is you can broadcast your content, of course, on social media platforms, but also on your website if you are in the process of building one content types that are really popular today, of course, are podcasting. YouTube videos also what's called lead gen such as checklists and things that you could create tutorials that are in the format of a pdf, you know, Ah, Google Doc or a video doesn't matter something that you create to help with your community , not just the students. Maybe you can help other teachers as well, downloadable in general. Obviously, in this video, I won't be able to teach you everything on phase role dot com my website. There are a lot of free resource is to help you do each and every single one of these even dio high documentaries. But for podcasting on our website, we have information related to how to set of your home studio how to launch in one week, even how to make money as a podcaster. This wasn't really just my random imagination. As I've been consulting on audio videos before these fitness entrepreneurs, I've been on one on one calls. They were all there happy to purchase their upgraded microphones such as Blue Yeti, all where the 80 are on 2100 because they want to be able to use the mic later, not just for life streaming but also for their podcasts. And I was very intrigued by that. I think a lot of these fitness entrepreneurs I came to this profession not by random were by default, and there's a very clear path of taking them here, and they want to stay here. They have a lot of reflections and opinions and ideas s so I think it's wonderful for them to consider starting a podcast. Now, real quick on all you need to do to start a podcast. You do want to have a microphone. If that is out of your budget, you know, microphones. I'll be listening as part of this video is that you know Blue yet he's about $120. I believe 80 are 20. 100 is sold between 70 to $90. It's also under $100 these air fairly affordable. But if nothing else, you can actually use your ear bus that comes with your, you know, enjoyed or IOS where iPhones. You can also use the Airbus that come with your iPhones or your android phones and just start recording. Now most podcasts require a introduction. As you can imagine, people have so many podcasts to choose from these days on day. Want Teoh, listen to a brief introduction about a minute or two to understand who you are and what you're delivering. And then you will be on your way when it comes to content creation. In general, consistency really is key. You want to, for example, deliver and stick to a schedule once a week every Wednesday morning. You want to just continue about on Don't be a perfectionist. Don't worry about, you know, making it perfect. I know that for adults like us, fitness or creative entrepreneurs, we really want to put out to the world the best possible product we can create. But sometimes that could be a detriment as well. Of holding you back from sharing mawr with the world. So there is podcasting. YouTube videos is a new category for me, and you guys have seen some of my recent success on YouTube and as a result, starting this course here on skill share. I absolutely love you, too, for a variety of reasons. On YouTube. Unlike, you know, take talk things ar 15 seconds, 60 seconds on YouTube. You want to have something to say, something to teach and to share and be helpful. That'd be good listeners and to be able to put together content. Even that's not shot on a camera like this, which is Sony 6400 Miralles. You'd be shooting content on an iPhone, and people will be tuning in if you're teaching them something and making a difference. Also, what I love about YouTube is the analytics. The amount of analytics and how helpful the analytics are are for me her just mind blowing compared to what I was seeing for my podcast. And I'm learning so much along the way, understanding research and using to buddy writing the right titles, descriptions, info cards and tags. So definitely play around. You will learn so much along the way, lastly, about downloadable XYZ and you know Li Jen, which is what we call the generation that will. Being people love your content so much they want to revisit your website. They want to give you their email address, etcetera. Those are easy to create, so think about a template off a single page. You could create a checklist for your audience. For example, fitness instructors. What is your checklist before you lie? String. That's a lead gen tool. You could also create things like for your students to remember right when they're not taking your class. What are some of the things they can? They should pay attention to when exercising at home? You know things like that. So have fun as a project assignment. If you have created anything as a downloadable where lead gen eso, whether it's a pdf, a checklist doesn't matter. Could be a single video. Please share with this community below. I can't wait to check it out. 17. The Power of Email Marketing: in this video, I want to share with you the single most overlooked magic bullet for marketing, which is email. Email. Marketing is truly everything, because when it comes to e mails, you can be sure that you're delivering your message, your content right to your students and your customer's inbox. And I know it is a little funny when I say your customer while you're thinking about your fit in the students and people, you're just communicating. And some of them might even be family and friends. And there's nothing wrong with that, because what you might not realize just yet is when you post to social media, including Facebook Instagram, take talk or linked and you name it. Turns out there are a lot of rules related to these platforms, and you're also competing with everybody else. Think about Instagram, for example. You posted something today in this moment, and very quickly it gets pushed down on what they called a news feed. If your connection say has 500 friends, your post is just one of many and also proposing something more serious on lengthen, perhaps an article. He spent a lot of time writing and your sh Now sharing on lengthen Lincoln also is reserving how many people they're going to show your article. So the algorithm out of their high level is basically depending on the popularity off your article or your posts within that 1st 24 to 48 our period. Then these platforms are then deciding who else to expose this piece of content to. In other words, sure, they're definitely ways that they're serving you, but there are many other elements that completely out of your control. So let's come back to email marketing, You know, why is this so important? Is because you can be sure that something is delivered to your recipient's inbox. In fact, when you use the tools such as convert kit, they will also share with you the open rate, you know, or have their emails of getting bounced. You also see un subscribers, which is okay. Don't ever look there. It's okay. Some people don't like e mails for the majority of people, really don't mind. Do you think about what's currently in your own inbox? You're probably getting these letters from your favorite news outlets, where you're the brand that you love purchasing from so getting that email from you to your students and customers is it can be quite pleasant. So let's talk about the content of the emails that you could be, including you can use it to announce new and upcoming classes and that are coming their way . Not only that, you can actually Taylor the type of, you know fitness exercises to your audience. Whether it's a life session coming up, you can let them know who it is. Four. But you could also share recordings of previous workouts so that they can tune in and be able to exercise with you at their own leisure. What I also learned from Gary V and Pat Flynn, Seth Godin is about that. You're constantly trying to provide value to your audience when you write to them, and every once in a while I would say every third or fourth email you can actually ask, Let them know what they can do to help you as a creative entrepreneur. And guess what? A lot of your audience members will really enjoy that. So how do you ask? You know, there are a lot of asks we can position ourselves in these days, if you're a fitness entrepreneur looking for new gigs, looking for new gyms to to work at, you know, maybe this is after the pandemic that you can ask to see if there's any connection. You totally surprise yourself. First of all, never ever underestimate the power that your community has, even if you just start with 10 people on your email list. So how can you start a so called email list? Turns out you don't even need anything. You can literally use your current email inbox as I let people know that you're going to email them from your personal email. Maybe that's a Gmail outlook or Yahoo doesn't matter. Now, as you're growing and taking this more seriously, I would recommend that you consider an email marketing tool. My favorite is Convert Kit, which will include a description below as well as you know, male chimp mail. Chimp is better for people who like to include a lot of visuals were kind of more, more layout centric type of e mails. I personally like, convert it just to keep it very simple. So once you have your email set up, I'm gonna show you an example of how the set up a landing page really quickly and easily. You can then have that unique you are l to share with your audience on social media shared everywhere. Facebook instagram your email, your linked in pages, and it's absolutely okay for friends and family to join first and later on. As you continue to build your brand, you're going to see many more people outside of your immediate connections. I'm some of you might say that you're super busy. Oh my God, This course covered so much. Website and social media life streaming. I'm so busy. What's the point of me starting that email now? Well, because just because you have an email list, you don't necessarily have the email. Everybody right away were consistently just yet. When I look back on face world as a business, the one mistake I made was not starting an email list right away. I really waited, I think, 2 to 3 years into running my business before I started the list. As a result, I definitely lost in touch with a lot of the early listeners on face world, but it's never too late to start is much better when you sit on a list of emails and not having it at all. So what's the difference of having, you know email on contacts in your Gmail versus an email list? When it comes to an email list, there's something called off in, which means you're asking for people's permissions before sending them any of these emails you're planning on sending moving forward. So that's a William or professional way of building an audience. We're building your tribe, so guess started and share with me your first email your first message to your audience and enjoy connecting with your drive on your own terms. 18. Create an Email Landing Page with ConvertKit: Hi there. I'm gonna demonstrate real quick how you can begin to capture e mails from your audience. Now I'm curling on my website which is face world dot com and I built this website using squarespace now as part of squarespace, there is a module you can easily drop into your website to build a newsletter right away. Let me show you how I get it done. For example in squarespace. But obviously you can do this in Wicks and where press as well I'm going to demonstrate through a test page. So there a couple of ways to build a section like this on your website to incentivize people to give you their email addresses. Ah, few components such as friendly message. Hey, let's let's stay in touch. You can also put a subheading here such as your opinion really matters to us. Sign up for our infrequent newsletter. This is where people who don't want Judah kind of push too much information to them all at once. They may be one here from you once a week or once a month, that sort of thing and your opinion matter to our small but powerful tribe. You rock so people need to simply enter their name and their email and they're subscribed Now. There's another way to do this because what I did here is I use and an external email marketing tools such as Convert Kit, which I'll show you in a minute. But what I did here, as you can see, is I input it a script. Now that script is very simple. You basically build this little form that takes, you know, literally a couple of minutes and you drop the code here. Alternatively, you could in squarespace drop in what they have natively build as in use ladder such as this. So I'm going to move this so you can see exactly what it looks like in squarespace. Also on other platforms, there are a lot of features similar to this. I chose squarespace because it's so easy to use and I've been using that forever and really significantly reduces my level of maintenance after I launched the site. So I want to spend most of my time focusing content creation and not a maintenance. That's why, as you can see here, you can also require a name field as well. The rule of thumb here is trying to keep the information that simple is possible. So my recommendation to you is either keeping just the email address. Ah, very clear sign up button or at the maximum you could ask people to enter their name as well. The reason why I really like Virk it, which is different than squarespace kind of native newsletter Block is converted, allows you to enter only first name and email. Let me go ahead and show you how to build that little block within, converted and converted. It can easily be used not only for squarespace but also where President wakes. Wherever you have your website builds, really. And last but not least, I'm going to show you aware where you can build a simple landing page directly within convert kit without needing to have a website at all. So, first, this is my email newsletter, but for me to build a brand new form for my subscribers is very simple. So inside converted, I come to a menu item called landing Page and forms. Then I click on create new right here. You see that you can either create a form which you can easily in bed anywhere on your website sales page relating page that you host yourself or you can choose to create a landing page that's independent from whether you have a website or not. So first, let me show you the form, which is what I shared with you just now. When you do that, you see that there are many display formats that you can choose from. So in line means that's in line with the article as part of your website Motor window. This is kind of an overlay, so that's why busy, Indicator says, the content in the background is dimmed and they see those pop up in the middle of the page . Slide in is exactly what it seems to be a slides and usually from the lower right hand corner. I've like this option for a long time, to be honest, because I find it less distracting them Motile Now, last but not least, is a sticky bar. I mean, what does that mean? I'll show you the look and feel of a sticky bar, for example, on my page, so that's what it appears to be like a sticky bar. Now my message here is a hyper link. But you could also include a email sign up such as hay sign up for our email and you can have first last name there. Now, coming back to convert kit. So if I'm simply going to create ah, what I will drop in line, which was my newsletter, as you saw here. Very simple. But there are other designs you can leverage as well. So let's, for example, choose this mills option. So once I choose that this is my email newsletter and I can give it a name just as a reminder for myself. Phase role dot com Ah, I can say footer newsletter. Now, over here on the right hand side, you can actually change your template if you decided not to use one Also, you can change these different designs and such A To be honest at the beginning, if I were you, I set these things up as quickly as I can, and then over time to improve them because, ah, lot of these designs are already fairly optimized and recommended by by these companies that really work. So next I'm gonna go to the gear button. Ah, here. You can choose a domain that you purchased or you can, um you know, simply ignore this because you're gonna use this as an embed code. Now, here you can modify a success message. So this gives the subscriber a quick notification on screen to say, Hey, success, please go check your email to confirm your subscription. Why is that? Because there's something called Double. Often, sometimes people now, sometimes often people will enter their email addresses incorrectly, you know, so you want to give them a chance to double opt in now in the double, opt in options called Send Incentive email, which means this will be sent to new subscriber from the form immediately. But you can also choose this check box auto, confirm new subscribers assuming that everyone has entered their emails correctly. And, of course, there's a little article to say Why you shouldn't do that. I will not be going into too much of those details, but you can send an incentive email right away. You can also edit the email content within a convert kit. So, uh, if you don't like this message or would like to make a little more extensive, you can certainly just add it right there, which I'm not going to do that right now. This is the test. Some people will give away something such as hay sign up for my newsletter, and I'm going to send you this behind the scenes video or I'm going to send you a check list. Those are really good sticks. You can certainly do that. Include a your l or include a download file. Now, last but not least, this is the final checklist. These air, the advanced settings that you don't really need to worry too much about just yet what is called the recapture on the form. So this prevents spammers and people like that. But if your website isn't again, isn't a super popular website just yet? You don't need Teoh. Make your subscribers jump through so many hoops. Now, if this is all well and good, you want to save a click on save so everything can be saved. I just did that. You can see. And then this is how you in bed. So when you click on the in bed for squarespace, there are many different options. You could simply use javascript, which is what you saw on the screen. just now you can further edit HTML and you can copy the HTML here. So that's how you basically build a very simple form and just drop it anywhere on your existing website. Now I want to talk about what If you don't have a website, right. So where you want to do instead is again go to landing pages and forms and convert kit, cook concrete new again and hearing the select a landing page. Now, landing pages can be pretty fancy and go looking as you can see right here on you can host this directly on converted without a website, and you still get all the subscribers. So here's an example of a simple newsletter I build Nowhere else hosted right here on convert Kid. I did this as a way of connecting with my family and friends. So I build this back in 2019. I easily updated to 2020 and this is an invitation at you to my friends and family email list. Kind of give people that exclusive feel, which in reality they are. And I usually what I do is upload an image so they know it's me. My name on I tell them what I've been up to. My I'm still on my company. For example, I write about freelancing, podcasting, making videos, leaving your creative financial freedom on Oh, I'm doing here is again email, First name. Let's go this way. I'm just hosting directly on cover kit. So when I send an email to these folks were when I share on, for example, social media, including linked in I will just include this link and people are going to opt in to this newsletter right here, so it's really easy to build. As you can see, that cover kit comes with so many different templates that are really quite nice. You can actually preview it. I think these air really professional looking landing pages almost right, so you can actually preview a lot of them and simply edit and make them your own 19. Getting Help from Virtual Assistants: in this video on Goto focused on a subject I really don't hear a lot of people talk about, which is virtual assistance. What does it mean by definition? Virtual assistant is someone who don't work in the same office or likely naive in the same city, state or country with you, so they can be working pretty much anywhere in the world. So for a face world, my producer is based in Sweden was originally from Argentina and my virtuous system, which is not my producer. She is based in the Philippines, and I have been working with her, sends the middle of 2000 eighteens. It's been nearly two years and just fantastic. Now the question is, a lot of people asked me, I don't have a lot of money. My brain is an actively making money, yet we're not revenue positive. How can I possibly hire someone? So I think the preconception where the misconception is that virtual assistants or hiring an assistant cause a lot of money, and it's not always true. When you go to a website such as, you know, up work, you'll find out that people living in certain parts of the world are happy to charge under $10 an hour. There are very hard working and they devote their time to your work, right, so it's definitely affordable when you think about, let's just say $10 an hour. You could set us I 50 to $100 a month, and that will get you 5 to 10 hours each month. Right? Personally, I find that I definitely need more support than just 5 to 10 hours, because our brand is not much bigger than what it used to be. I most likely need about 20 to 30 hours a month, depending on the month, and I like that consistency. I like to train someone I really trust and like and have that person to be by my side and work with me. So up work is one of many options, and I had such lock out of work, and that's why I'm recommending them now in terms of how to share a job description that is completely up to you. But what you want to think about is what you need this person for. So again, write it in plain English, you know you can listing, such as I need this person to help me prepare social media posts or how many responded to some of the comments. Or if you don't want this person to reply to comments directly on your behalf, this person, this virtual assistant can then aggregate and put all the questions in a Google doc so that you can collaborate with him or her, responded a Google doc. And then they will poster responses back. It sounds like so much work. But imagine, you know, now you're centralizing everything, and this person can assist you in such a way is gonna make your life so much easier. So how do you evaluate different people? Because aboard the movement you share your job posting. You'll be surprised that so many people will apply it to your job, especially as I'm recording this right now. We're living this pandemic situation a lot of people working from home, so you will find more support from virtual assistants than before. But on the contrary, the good ones are also getting hired first. So for you to evaluate people, you want to make sure you have a clear job description so you can set people's expectations . You can also be very transparent history for to say I've not worked with a virtuous system before so, you know, I think these are the list of things I would like to get started with, but there's also 2025%. I'm not sure you know whether you can help me with these things yet, or maybe we need to collaborative figure out what that looks like. So that's absolutely OK. You don't need to include tutorials and specifics off every single task just yet. But then, beyond that, once you narrow down on the people that you like, upward gives you the functionality of narrowing down, putting a star next to the person you think are very capable, and then you're down to say 3 to 5 people. I would always urge you to consider hiring people to do and work on smaller tasks first and just to see how that goes. So when it comes to the job description, you don't need to commit six months a year just yet. You can say the first month Onley, so that gives you an idea of, you know, even hiring to V Azour Virtue Assistance at the same time giving them slightly supper tasks and then compare. You know what their communications are like, their skill level, things like that. You know, they're reliable of their turning things around quickly, and you will find out that you're so much along this journey. This person is going to help with your business so much down the road, I waited to hire a virtuous system for about a year, and I have to say that for that year I was really struggling, mostly for phase, role and struggle with social media. It's not my sweet spot. I love creating content, but for me to re share and comment on everything was just too much for me. As a result, my social media was blank. I wasn't really re posting because I didn't have time to do it. Once I have my virtuous system that really changed everything and let me give you an example. If your fitness entrepreneur you create you know things like a longer video, this virtuous system might be able to know depending on who you hire might be able to help , you kind of reduce the length and help you crease sound bites or short video clips based on the longer video that you'll have, and therefore, instead of having one piece of content that you have 10 pieces of content that could work for different platforms, right? That's one way another way of sharing mawr from you from your brand is to create what we call quote cards. You know, I love reading books. I don't have a ton of times these days, but I love falling. My favorite authors yourself going Seth Godin, That corner, the offer for Go and I've Dorie Clark behind me and a bunch of new books on the shelf. I like to quote them and give them credits and for things I learned as part of my own reflections. You can also quote yourselves as well, so those neatly produced quote cars can go a long way on social media, especially Facebook and Instagram. So that's also very by size, content that your virtue assistance can absolutely help you out with. So good luck, you know, be kind to yourself. It's gonna make all the difference for your brand later on 20. Find & Hire Virtual Assistants on Upwork: So let's take a look at up work here together. Up work has redesigned its website several times, and as you can see on this website, we have to do is simply sign up and you create your account. You can either be a town or you can find talent. In other words, you can be a freelancer, or you can be, and you can be a small business or employer or a big business. So on up work there is a category they called administer administrative support. Now I know that's pretty. Ah, that's a pretty big variety, but once you land on this page, you will see that you can hire for any scope, short term occurring project or a full time contract. So to get started, you need to create your account. So I want to show you behind the scenes after I have logged in. Having creating an account is the best way to go, because you know you can explore so much on the home page, really, and what I would do is if I were to search for someone who can help me out with as a virtual assistant, I was simply type in there. And now how you navigate within up work is you can search for people within the U. S. On Lee, where you concert for worldwide. There are a lot of filters that you can you can choose from and up work is intelligent enough. For example, if you're looking for an assistant versus a virtual assistant and such or administrative support, it's able to give you people with those tags and kind of help you find a close match. So this way you're pro actively searching for people, and you can invite them a couple of options. You can actually put a heart next to it. You can leave a note to yourself in terms of why, like this freelancer, you can also invite them it directly. But here's what happens. Once you cook on you invite someone you need to actually create a job otherwise has no real purpose. You can evaluate people, and you can see some of the scores, in fact, to the filters on the left. I won't go into too much details here because you could literally spend like an hour or two hours explaining every single feature within up work. But you can check in on people's hourly rate. You can look at job success there earning amount, meaning not just per project, but how much money they've earned on up work. I would say that their new people called rising talent. Those folks are really good. It's very competitive on up work, you know. So therefore, you can almost be pretty sure that you're going to encounter high quality workers. You can also take a look at the hours they have build their English levels in terms of their English level, their tests conducted by up work. So it's not really based on their own assessment, but assessment done on up work, other language you can choose as well. For example, I needed to hire a native French speaker to help me translate my documentary, and I certainly did it through here, and that person did a great job. Another way to go about starting a job first, as opposed to fighting people directly, is I really like to post a job, so I will go to my jobs, and here I will select posting a new job with his green button on Look, it's actually quite flexible, so this way you're in charge of detail ing what your job needs. And don't be afraid. Really talk like a human being provided many details as you can, as I mentioned in my video and just kind of experiment, because eventually the person's going to likely ask you additional questions. There will be back and forth. Trust me, it's time well spent. So from here, you can either reuse the previous job or if you're here for the first time, then simply create a new job post for for me usually is starting with a short term or part time job, as opposed to a long term dedicated or full time job. So you cook on that? Continue. And I really like this, uh, aboard a template, to be honest, because you have no idea you never worked in HR and you don't know how to really write a job description or what people are looking for. This is going to guide you through all of that. So I'm going to say, Hey, virtual assistant, you can do for my podcast. So you want to be, you know, on the description to be too long, but it gives you examples, something that's specific enough that people can skin and quickly get an idea instead of being too general. So here the job category includes, you know, such as online and choose your options and really describe your job as much as you can. So again, with a delivery ble is type of freelance or agency. You're looking for anything unique about your project or company, etcetera. And you can drag additional project files if that applies. You know, here you can also include details such as your website. I mean, I used podcasting as an example, but you're looking for a virtual assistant who can help you manage a show, a podcast, a documentary or YouTube channel. You certainly want to include your else so that person can come check out your content on learn a lot more about you. So, in case you're wondering, Oh, my God, how long is it going to take? Well, here is your checklist. You just keep going, You know, you type and type. And here, so I need to I'm going to just kind of how you get through this so you can see what it looks like. What type of project do you need? I would say, You know, one time or ongoing, you can ask people questions that as requiring a cover letter. But you can also ask them specific things, such as Have you worked for podcasting clients before? You know, do you know how to use or are you familiar with certain social media platforms such as X, Y and Z? You know, have you used in software before things like that where you can request a cover letter, then keep going next, Next Next, You can have people answer as many or as few questions as you want. I would say that, especially when it comes to these skills. You know, Microsoft Office were Google sweet. You really want to be very upfront about this on, and you can choose their entry level, obviously entry level, or someone who is likely going to charge less on experts going to charge more eso again. As you can see up, work really gives you the ability to kind of walk through every single detail. If things for you to a certain degree and you review it, you publish the job, here's it was gonna happen next, So once you publish your job, people are able to apply to your job falling your criteria right away. I mean, literally. I remember one time I posted the job, I went out to dinner. By the end of dinner, I had 25 applications. That's not an exaggeration at all. And then it continues on for the next. You know, 1 to 2 days you're constantly getting new applications and new candidates and again, going back to what we said. You're able to heart someone you're able to, you know, up, vote or like someone of that equivalent, you're able to narrow down the talents that you can choose from. You can initiate a call in case you're kind of not sure between two people and such and just go from there. And trust me once you feel overburden by the things that are not critical to your business . Perhaps it is critical, but you can lay the groundwork, and someone can then follow the steps. I personally find things such as secondary work for my podcast or especially, social media. Social media is just that area that sucks up so much energy and off things that I really don't want to repeat and keep working on, and that's when I kind of offload and kind of transfer that to my virtual assistant, so I hope you find this helpful. 21. Find Like-minded Entrepreneurs: the guys. So in this video I want to talk about the power of a community and why it's important for you to join a community or perhaps multiple communities. So in previous videos we talked briefly about things such as Facebook groups. So if your fitness entrepreneur and you're trying to ah, promote your classes and let people know that you're teaching life dreaming, chances are you already have a group. However, this is not exactly the group I'm referring to in this video, because as a teacher instructor, you're really speaking from the above right. Your students are there for a purpose. I'm sure they can offer you know kind words and recommendation to help you grow your business. But I'm referring to a community where you can be part of a livelihood of other like minded creatures and fitness entrepreneurs like yourself. No, we all know that our family is totally precious, but at the end of the day, after you've spent so much time working on and in your business, the challenges and struggles are difficult to share again with your spouse because they heard it over and over again. Instead, if you can find a creative mastermind and a group of people on Facebook group on slack. You know, somewhere that resonates with you that you can be part of. That would be amazing. Now you may be thinking, Oh my God, they I've been looking for this community forever, and I tried and I failed. I just don't belong eso There's another option that you can start that community yourself like I did 2.5 years ago, I started a group called The Creative Entrepreneurs mastermind and would literally just me and a few other people I graduated way this part of Seth Cohen's all time Be A. When I picked the people I felt like was so easy because in a way, they picked me, was recommended to me that we should just start something, and we did. Using Zoom. Surprisingly, Zoom is now that the you know, the one and only life streaming service that everybody loves. But back then, you zoom was in in that popular world learning how to use it. The features were pretty limited, but sufficient for what we're trying to dio, and we did it every two weeks. For 2.5 years, we came together. Now the members kind of came and went a few times. But about a year ago, I decided that this mastermind is going to be a paid service. I didn't try very much. It was only ah, $100 per month where I offered recordings, live discussions, new introductions, podcast referrals and even one on ones with people who are part of my group. And I loved it, and it's still growing and thriving. So come check it out if you need an example to start. But I think everyone yes, that means you, too, are capable of starting your own community. You can have your own messages and goals, but, you know, here's what I learned that people just want to come together like minded people, means that you're in the same room. You just feel that trust that you can be yourself. You can teach to other people, but you can also learn so much from that community. And it's really that kind of give and take relationship that can be so powerful. And, you know, if you can't start charging right away and just start experimenting that if you cease NRG agency people are really accomplishing and setting goals together and accomplishing them together. You're really on to something, So don't even worry about the fees yet. E. I think you're going to benefit so much from just being part of that community. Anything consistency really matters. If you're going to start something, tell them, Hey, let's experiment for three months. Six months? Because just one sometimes isn't enough. However, people remember that people do have the flexibility and freedom to leave the group if it isn't for them. And that, by the way, feels a little intimidating at first. But very soon you'll find out it's better for everyone because people want to belong. People want to be a little learn and be the best version of themselves. So good luck building your community. I can't wait to hear from you 22. Final Thoughts: Hi, everyone. So I'm back for this final video, and I want to call the kind of in closing reflections and summary for everything we just talked about as part of this course. This is my first course on skill share, and I'm so excited to be part of this journey with you. That's what I enjoyed the most about my work. When I work with my clients, I don't call myself a coach. I'm a marketing mentor. I like to just roll up my sleeves and do everything with my clients. And I see their joy, their progress on I learned so much about me and just this creative process in general because, you know, I realized that if you're watching this, I know you want to make a huge difference. You want to try things? Perhaps you have never tried before or you have try something, realize it didn't work as well as you intended to, and you're giving it a second shot of third shot. I love that because in creative entrepreneurship, a lot of people give a little bit too early or they've taken in. They've study some of the courses or from the grooves that You know, before you see the overnight success, something goes viral. That means something is wrong. You're not growing. You're not doing it right. I don't believe in that. Instead, I think if we hold ourselves to understand that we want to give out to the world and naturally, people will want to give back that something so profound. I've learned through my own entrepreneurial journey. So thank you so much for being here. And please know that this is not the be all and all type of video. And there's so much more I want to share with you guys. So if you haven't have found meal social media, I am phase world everywhere. F e i s w rld fe spell. This FBI is a Chinese version of a very universal name. I know it's pretty much in every language I've found out in English, French, Spanish and Arabic as well. So I want to be someone who we encourage you to try different things. Andi, I think in the end, even as part of the journey is such a rewarding process, if you have kids, I'm sure they'll be very proud of you. And I say this because I say this because as a woman on Daz, Amanda's dads out there, you know it's really hard to raise a family while trying to pursue your creative entrepreneurship. I have clients and friends who say that you know, ones their kids turn 13 or 14 or funny Goto College. They finally feel like they have the right to devote time to themselves. And I'm doing these videos and I don't care how old you are, where you are in your personal journey. Please do something for yourself. Create for yourself. Increase something that you absolutely love, not just what the market or what social media tells you to create. That's why I started my own journey. Thank you for joining this chorus. Semi some questions, Check out the discussions. Interact with one another. I make a difference. If you have any feedback, please let me know ideas for future courses. What you would like? Toa learn. Maybe that's freelancing. Documentary filmmaking doesn't matter, Let me know and I can't wait to see your creative work. Bye for now,