How to Build a Basic Birdhouse & Make IT BeAuTiFuL! | Patty Ann | Skillshare

How to Build a Basic Birdhouse & Make IT BeAuTiFuL!

Patty Ann

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    • Build a Basic Birdhouse & Make IT Beautiful!


About This Class

This festive video/slide show comes with complete birdhouse building instructions, detailed demonstrations, and (un-intentional) yet fun, out-takes. Additionally, this presentation is filled with lots of ideas, how-tos, and examples, so anyone can create a designer birdhouse easily!!

The video provides complete instructions and step-by-step directions which makes this a great guided resource to build upon. This is a novel project idea to share in high school shop classes,  and/or in wood/textiles workshops. 

PLEASE NOTE: This video does NOT provide instructions on how to USE the power tools that are used in this video. If a viewer is unfamiliar with using power tools, PLEASE be SAFE-- and partner with someone skilled is using power tools and build this birdhouse project together.

Have FuN & Enjoy! Thank YOU!





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Patty Ann is a life-long educator who has taught college, high school, and wrote training for corporate development. Now Patty authors a variety of genres. From fiction and non-fiction, to real life use-it-now lesson books that can be found at as well as at a multitude of ebook reseller sites.

On a personal note, Patty is an avid animal lover. All her book proceeds benefit animal welfare through her Patty Ann’s Pet Project a 501(c)(3). 

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