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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (2h 10m)
    • 1. 1 Website Creation Overview and Course Welcome

    • 2. 2 Which Premium Plan Do I Need

    • 3. 3 Getting Started and Picking a Template

    • 4. 4 Setting Up Your Landing Page

    • 5. 5 The Importance of Email Capture of Your Landing Page

    • 6. 6 How to Capture Emails on Your Website

    • 7. 7 Adding Pages for Some Website Depth

    • 8. 8 Building a Page Walk Through

    • 9. 9 Building a Page Continued

    • 10. 10 Adding Another Page to Your Site

    • 11. 11 Adding Valuable Content to Your Website to Keep Visitors Engaged

    • 12. 12 Adding More Website Content

    • 13. 13 Footer Construction & Getting a Domain Name

    • 14. 14 SEO & Google, Upgrading & Useful Apps, & Generatng Traffic to Your Site

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About This Class

Websites are great way to make a statement about your business. Websites are a great way to funnel traffic and collect leads. Websites are even a great way to keep potential followers and customers engaged with your brand. Whether your a company, an entrepreneur, someone looking to run an e-Commerce site, or any type of business operating in today's day and age, you need a fully optimized professional website!

A website says a lot about you as a company and as a brand. It's essentially your digital business card.

This is a step-by-step in depth course on how to create a fully optimized professional website, from start to finish. you will learn:

  • How to create a website that looks fantastic

  • Tips/Tricks I use to create a site more efficiently

  • How to capture emails on that site

  • How to product engaging content that will keep your visitors engaged and coming back for more

  • How to create new pages that speak volumes about your business

  • How to start your Websites SEO

  • How to get a great domain name

  • How to go live and make sure your site is found in search engines

  • About potential apps that you can add on to your site

  • How to optimize your site for mobile

  • How to not only make your site look professional, but make it stand out among the competition

  • and much much more!!

Enroll today. Start building your very own website tomorrow.

Meet Your Teacher

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Bryan Guerra

I Help People Start Home Businesses


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1. 1 Website Creation Overview and Course Welcome: Alright, guys. So Ah, welcome to the course. Really excited to get this one going. This is highly requested on it was actually requested by a couple students, So, uh, I figured I'd go ahead and I'd make this for you guys. Ah, a lot of great info here. You can make websites on any different platform. I'm gonna give you an overview of you know how I do where after what what platforms I find best. You know what ways that you condone can use And what methods, really, you know will work for you on different sites. And you know how those sites will come out and look, go through the whole step by step process with you. I will be starting a site myself. I already have many sites, probably close to 20 if not more. To be honest, Senator, on multiple different things. There are multiple different dishes, so I'm I'm very experience. I've done this with a multitude of different niches and sites and have also done this all multiple platforms. So you know, obviously, if you're a little bit more advanced, you can use wordpress. It gives you a little bit more flexibility, but you're gonna need to know a little bit more about site building. And you know, you don't have to know, you know, just a little bit more overall. Obviously, you can use other site builders. My favorite is Wicks. I recommend that you use Wicks. What Wicks is has a bunch of different installments and plug ins and acts, As you see here is we're in the overview section that really, really are valuable. It has the the advance nous of of everything that WordPress has and minus a few things. But it also has the simplicity of the dragon drop process on and just just it's much easier to build. Ah, site on Wix. I really recommend Wicks. I love it. I use it for 99.9% of my sites. I think I have to Sites that aren't on weeks. One of them's a Shopify, obviously, but the most. The majority of my sites are on wicks and I have one word breast site as well. Eso I love Wicks. I don't just preach it. I actually use it. You can see here my premium member on this site. Not all my sites are premium. I did build a couple of free ones to demonstrate process of how people can build websites for free. That look, you know, pretty good. If you're interested in that, please check out my passive income course. It's how to generate passive income with no initial funds. Phenomenal Course, you don't have to pay a dime to start up a business because I hear all the time. You know, it takes money to make money. And, you know, while that's true, in most cases, that's not 100% true. There are business models out there. That's one of them, especially where you can start up a business on 100% free. Obviously, you're going to spending more time doing that because you need either time or money. If you you know you don't have money, you need to spend more time so that that business models phenomenal for generating passive income and building sites for free and generating traffic and kind of monetizing it that way. So feel free to check that out. But with this, I'm really gonna recommend that you go premium on you by a premium site with Wix. I'm also gonna recommend that you buy a domain now you don't need to do either either these things, but depending on what your site is being built for, Uh, it's going. There's so many other better features that premium has that, you know, for the up sell of, you know, depending on what what plan you go with, you know, you might be paying 10 bucks. You might be paying 15 for the site and the email connected to the site. Because that's another thing, guys, you need your email connected This site. If you're planning on doing any real business, legitimate business, you know you're going to use lose a lot of leads, you're gonna lose a lot of clients and potential networking. If people see that you have a Gmail email address where people see that you have a yahoo or so on and so forth, you really need the exclusivity and the, you know, what's the word I'm looking for here. The authenticity and the social clout that comes with owning your own domain, owning your own website and having your own, um, you know, email associated with that domain and site. It just it looks a lot better if it makes you appear professional eso I really recommend going that route and it's not It's, you know, it's it's not expensive at all. Like you would think, you know, some plans if you If you go that route, you can get upwards of spending 100 bucks. 200 bucks, to be honest, running all sorts of things. With this, I teach it. You know, maybe it might cost you 15 20 max a month, depending on that. Or you can pay yearly and save a little bit so you can get a plan as low as seven bucks. I believe we'll go into that all in the future and future lecturers, because I'm literally going to take the step by step process with you. So stay tuned for that. But right now, I'm just going to be an overview of it. A couple things that you're gonna want to get started. Obviously, you're gonna need wits dot com. So everybody obviously has, you know, has access access to, um, a site or sorry, not site access to the internet if they're if they're watching this course. But you're also gonna want to download the wick shat out app and the wicks um, just app in general. It will allow you that once you build your site, you'll be able to connect your site to that act so that you can kind of respond on the go. You can see analytics on the go. You can see and get notifications on the go. No matter where you are, you don't have to be sitting in front of your computer all the time. It's phenomenal app, I recommend. It's great. I use it on. It's great. So especially if you're setting but chap bar or something. You know, people come to your site and they say You have a chap are It's a really, really good way to kind of establish authenticity because people can literally chat with you any time those message messages will go right to the app and papa rate up on your phone and you can chat with anybody, any time, anywhere, great feature. So right now I'm gonna go through the interview. Enough of me talking about it and show you first and foremost. This is my social media marketing site. I actually one of the first things I ever got started with, with e commerce and digital marketing was social media marketing. So, you know, it's a It's a great way. Phenomenal way to build a side income. I actually still do. Regardless, I don't I don't market for social media anymore, because I really love content creation. And I also don't, you know, reach out or, you know, try to get new new clients or anything like that. I actually had I started out. I had two or three, I think was to because the third client was a friend, so it doesn't really count. But my I ended up giving one of my clients away to one of my friends who got started because I just have enough time for it. And I still retain one clients of this day so you can charge monthly. You can charge 2000. You can charge up to, you know, really, 5000. I say is probably the max, depending on what type of service is your offering, you know? So I'm gonna run through this. This is just that literally one of the first sights I've ever built, and it looks pretty professionalized. You can see so one of things I'm gonna go over in the course is you know how to build sites . You know how to how to put everything into it literally step by step, to create different pages, how to write the text, how how to do you no good, converting landing pages on your homepage and obviously different, You know, up sells to customers stuff like that. But really above the fold is what matters most on on a site and above the fold, if you don't know, is everything when you pop onto the screen, so I just reload this. Everything that pops up on your screen is above the fold. That's the most important thing on your site, especially on your home page, because that's what people are seeing when they come to your site. This is their first impression of your site. Now, as you scroll down, you can see that I do need to update these buttons a little bit. Some of the text is is a little bit on this site is a little, you know, it could be better Granted, this is one of the first sights I ever built. About a year or two ago. I think it was little over a year, probably like a year in a couple of months so these could be improved. But, like I said, I don't I don't market for social media and marketing anymore. That is just literally a hub for potential clients to come in and see that I actually do have an online presence. You know, I have my my business here, my email, my phone. If they want to reach me on so on and so forth, all sorts of stuff. I'm linked, and this is all things I'll show you how to do in the course. So it's phenomenal. Stay tuned for that. But I do know what I'm talking about. Guys, I'll show another one real fast here. I disabled this one because it was the one that I was using to teach my a couple of different courses S So this is a decent 12 Obviously, this is very basic. It's just a landing page for a uh ah Shopify store. Basically, in the way I teach it. It's Amazon and chop chop shipping. Eso It's a little bit better. That's cool. You can check that course that if you'd like that's called Amazon Drop Ship mastery. It's basically the same thing as Shopify. Just a different way to differentiate yourself from the competition. Great, Great, great way. I have a bunch of new sites. I won't pull them up because there are other Wicks. Um, other wicks. What's it called? Actual accounts. I only have three on this account right now, but I do have other accounts with other things because one of things I teach is, you know, before you're ready to potentially make your purchase. And you know, Gil, premium your email that you enter does make a difference, because that will be or don't make that will be You know what pops up. So if your emails, you know, in this case, minds I think it's It's my last name. My last name would be the site domain and people would see if I didn't upgrade. So But obviously I did upgrade Another great thing about buying premium. Um, is the visitor analytics. You can open up all these analytics you can open up. There's so many other things. You get email shoutouts, you get so many other things and you also get AdWords coupons, a bunch of different coupon singling all this in the future for you guys, so it stay tuned for that. But I just want to kind of give you an overview of what you're gonna be learning. You're gonna be learning step by step, process everything. You know, start to finish. I'm gonna go through in this next lecture with you everything. I'm gonna start my own site for one of my nieces. Literally be building it like it's my sight. Because of this will be my site. So you guys will build it with me. You can build your own sites with me. 2. 2 Which Premium Plan Do I Need: this is This is the landing page that you're gonna come on when you go there, and then you're gonna hit. Start now, You don't need to pay until your site is ready. You know, some people go in and they, you know, they go to building payments or the upgrade, or they go great in tow weeks dot com. And they want to, you know, sign up for premium plan. Uh, that's all well and good. But if you pay by the year or even if you pay by the month, especially if you pay by the month on going to that in a second, it's gonna take you, You know, even the most skilled website creator. It's still gonna take you probably at least today to create, you know, a good website if you're not skilled. And obviously, if you're taking this course that, you know, I'm gonna assume that you you're a little bit on the beginner side, so it might take you a couple days. It might take you an entire week, and that's totally okay. You want to make sure that your sites good. Obviously, once you get the landing page up, you can kind of go live with it and set up the premium plan. But you want to make sure that your landing page it looks good. It looks professional on, and, you know you're gonna want to go through it through that process so you don't need to pay. You don't need to upgrade. You can do everything you know free once you go through. And essentially, what that will do is you know, it will give you if it takes you three days ago, it'll buy you three days. Not that that's a big deal. But you know, why would you pay for three days on your next month that you didn't, you know, get you have your site life or just make sense. So obviously this course is phenomenal for beginners, this will be the step by step process of building. It will be very, very beginner based for people that you know, I need to learn how to build a site and dragon dropping stuff like that. But obviously, if you are, you know, a little bit more events will be some some tips and tricks in here that you can use to. So feel free and stay tuned for that. Obviously, Eventually, once you do want to upgrade your plan, you're going to go to billing and payments right here. Now, this is the hub of all your your stuff that you'll have. Um, You can see you can manage all your sites up here that you have. When you create a new site, you go into this tab. I already have sites up. That's why you see them. But essentially, this will most likely be blank. And it will look something like this and then you'll be able to create it. So you're gonna wherever that that button is, you're going to create a new site. And I'm gonna go through this all in a second in the next lecture. I just want to go over the the actual billing and payments for you. So billing and payments really fast. You're gonna click billing and payments when you want to upgrade. Now, it'll take you with stream like this, and I'm going to go down. Uh, what was that all about? Well, I guess Okay, let's switch out of this. I don't know why usually comes up in that lets you Ah, especially if you have multiple sites that left you choose which let you want upgrade. That was weird. So I'm gonna go into building payments. Obviously, this is an upgraded site. This is how yours will be. This is a free one at the time because I had just downgraded because I'm not gonna pay for a site that isn't live. So it will take you to this. Store it here, and you'll see that this is a this waas or the sorry, that's my BG media innovation site. Um, so but obviously, I'm telling you not to do that, because if it takes you three days, you know, you just you just trying to help you out. You don't want to pay for three days that you're not going to your site. So when you do hit that billing and payments the upgrade, uh, how you upgrade your site, it will take you to this page and essentially you'll get a choice of the premium plans. Now you'll see that a little bit of some of them are somewhat expensive, you know, they're not compared to other sites, which is very, very cost effective. I'm gonna recommend that you go with the basic store now, depending on what your you need basic stores all you need. Trust me. If you're running, you know, a major, major job shipping site where you have hundreds of products, then you're gonna want to go on Limited. But 99.9% of people on Lee need the basic store. Eso That's what you're gonna go with, Um, and you'll see everything that it comes with right here. Free hosting domain connection. Obviously, Google and Alexis phenomenal on all these things are gonna be things that I'm going to show you how to build in the future. But so you're gonna go into basic store. That way you can sell things and you can sell consulting services and stuff on the back end . It's just what I recommend. I would go basic store in 99.9% of the time. Now you'll see the basic store comes with 10 gigs. The band with 20 gigs of storage, a free year domain and $300 add vouchers, which is awesome because that's it comes you'll see $75 Google AdWords and $100 on being AdWords and then obviously $125 local listings. Which was phenomenal for me when I started my social media marketing because $125 in local listings was great. So and obviously you want to move their wits adds. That's crucial day. I think sometimes they have this other little offer for $5. Uh, but it doesn't remove the Wicks ads, and I don't know why anybody would buy, because it's essentially for just paying $5 for a free one. Makes no sense of the basic stores what you're gonna go with when you you make that purchase. But the thing is, little caveat. There is right here. You'll see that the the adventures and the domain name are not good with monthly subscription. So when you do select this thing, you'll notice that you can either pay yearly and you'll save or you can pay monthly and it will be slightly more. If you'd like to pay pay yearly and save, that's totally fine. You'll get all these things with it, but I recommend going monthly. If you don't have a lot of start up money. Andi, I'll show you a little ways to go around that obviously been paying slightly more a month. But it's worth it because only a monthly payment you have to worry about. You don't have to dish out $100 initially. So 1990 is very, very cheap to get your your site up and running and get it mobilizing. Good. Uh, and you'll also be able to get the domain very cheap. And I'll show you how to do that later in later lectures. Once we get there and I'll show you I haven't ad and add doctors coupon for you that will save you a bunch money and give you free adventures for Google because things great don't get me wrong. But Google is where you want advertise. Let's be real eso it will give you, Ah, 75. Forget about 75 or 100 free dollars to Google AdWords. So don't even worry about this. And if you remember correctly, it was only 75 to Google AdWords here Anyway, trust me. So this is what you're anyone dio I recommend going monthly with the Wicks Basic store. Remember that weeks basic store monthly, but you can go yearly if you'd like to pay upfront and save a little bit more I just prefer to pay monthly, you know, one of first starting out and then on more fit over two yearly after that. Once I get, you know, a lot of money. It's not that I can't afford it. Just I want to make sure that my business model is earning profit before I invest more into it. So that's what I recommend. You guys can go with that route. In the next video, we'll hop over into a different account, and I literally start building the site with you guys step by step at a time. 3. 3 Getting Started and Picking a Template: Alright, guys. So now we're gonna get into the fun stuff. We're going to delve right into actually building the site and creating the content, the step by step process, you know, full proof with you. I'm going to create my own site with you. So feel free to to, you know, obviously watching techniques that I use. I'll go through you know how to do certain things in Wicks. And, uh, you know how to build your site step by step, So feel free to follow along or, you know, also pause it and build your own site. While you know this process is going on. One of the affiliate marketing things that I'm doing is C p a. And if you don't know what CPS its marketing jargon essentially for getting paid for somebody, for promoting somebody to do another action. So CPS one things I'm doing and one of the things that are promoting with C. P. A. Is puppy products and dog stuff. So yes, just little caveat. My name here is puppies are life five, you know, don't hate. I do love puppies, but obviously just help me. I have so many sites. It just to help me remember which what this is for. So, uh, just just want to throw that up there before we get started. Now, obviously, I don't know what type of site your building. You're only you're going to know that. So this is the page. Once you go through and you quick get started. This is the page that you're going to see with your site. When you create it, you're you're going to be asked, What kind of sight do you want to start creating? Um, you know, if you're doing the blogged, then obviously you want to go to the blogger out, and then you can I recommend going with Wix editor. But if you're new, you could go with Sadie, I and then more. Over the weeks editor, I will be using the Wicks ender to show you guys what to dio. So just to kind of get blog's out of the way. If you're going with the block, everything applies to you. But I I recommend everything that all teaching this course applies to with other stuff. You don't need to go the blogger out, but I just recommend going the blogger out by clicking block because it's easier. It's already set up with that block template for you. Now you can modify that template. You can. You can do other things among that. But I recommend going with the block group. So we're just gonna edit this just to kind of show you really fast what happens when you choose this, And obviously, when you go to choose your your, um, the type of site, it's going to take you to your templates. Now pick and choose your template wisely, because that's going to be the overview of how your site looks. You can change everything. You can change the pictures you can change. You know different things among that, but essentially, that's what your landing page is going to look like. Um, design wise layout wise. So choose carefully. If you don't want to edit them right away, just quick view, and then you can go back or right click and open in a new tab so you can check it out and go back to that. So that's what I recommend. I like this one. I actually use this one on my vacation travel page. It's very, very well, well done, obviously, you can change the pictures here, you can change the text and I'll show you everything. It's very easy to drag and drop, but this is the template I recommend for bloggers because you have this little my block button that no, no, no, the other ones have. And when you click this, you can manage your block, okay? And then it'll pop you up with a bunch of blog's block. Post started already, so you can see that you don't have to do the work to create a block because the block templates already there for you. Now you can. You can delete, thes and create your your own new template if you want. But I just recommend editing them and then, for some reason, my peters being extra slow right now. It's very strange on. Then you literally just have this set up for you so you can change the title. You change the picture. I like this. This template works great, so I would just keep it and change the text in the picture. You can add your name if you want. You can. You can delete these things, the dates if you want, but that's what I recommend for bloggers. Obviously, if you're not a blogger, stay tuned. Because I'm gonna go into, you know, different things on Ah, you know how to actually build a site regardless of what it is that you're going with. But the temple is very important, especially for bloggers who want to choose the block group. Now, if you're not a blogger, which is pretty much everyone else, and I need to x out of this because that's not Lord doing right now. Eso essentially, If you're not a blogger, I like to go. If you're if you're going online story, obviously you're gonna want to go online store. I'm assuming that the majority people are going to be selling something online. So you're gonna go online store. And even if you're not selling anything online, I still kind of recommend going online store. Unless you're doing like, you know, for a restaurant or you're creating. You know, if we're business of some sort than you want, obviously go that route. But I recommend doing online store a set, especially if you plan on potentially selling anything at all on features. So if you you know, you plan on monetizing through merchandise. Do you plan on, You know, posting certain links to two things online stores a great template to use. So that's what I'm gonna choose here. Now, I'm gonna go with start the week's out of there and you'll see it takes you to the page where you choose all the templates. Now, you might have different templates here if you picked a different overall topic. You know, one of the great ones that I like here is there's a bunch of them, and they all worked pretty well, depending on what? You know what type of look you like. You just have to modify them a little bit. But one of the ones that I like and don't see it right off the bat is this one the home tech store. It's very simple. And you can delete the stuff and change the backgrounds. And as soon as this loads were going to go right through it and I'll show you, uh, what to do to get started. All right. So this is this is the editor that you're going to see, and I'm also gonna show you how to start set up a light box, too. the very first thing. And this isn't for everybody but the majority of people. 99.9% of websites. You want to capture une email right above the fold so you'll see the template here. I just like the way that this set up and the look of it. But obviously, I'm going to delete all this stuff and we're just going to start with a blank template to show you what to dio. So you'll see there's different sections right here. This is one section. This is one section and these little lines that pop down the side right here are everything between them will be mobile optimized, and you can switch between your mobile and your desktop use right here. That's something I don't ever edit really mobile view. I edit everything in desktop and then at the very end, I'll chef, to make sure that it looks mobile optimized by going into mobile, we're gonna do all that in future. Don't worry about that right now, but essentially this up here is your header. This is where your buttons will be that that navigate your site and you can change all these and you can also add pages and I'll show you how to do that. But essentially, we're gonna get this This this built first because your landing page is the most important . After you build your landing page, you can you know, you can turn your side on if you want. You can, you know, upgrade to a premium plan and start dragging traffic to it because even if you don't have your other ones done but your your landing page istan It takes a little bit for Google to recognize and acknowledge your site in search results. So I'm gonna show you how to do all that how you're recognizing search results once you're ready. But, um, you want to get your site started as fast as you can because even if it's not, you know, perfected so you can go through the process of perfecting it after you get started. But but, you know, you want to set your landing peach up first. That's first and foremost, so it looks right and you can capture emails because you're gonna want to start building your email list first. So you're gonna want to get your side it. For that reason and also you're gonna want to get your side up so you can start building back links and on going to that too. And future. All this is is very easy. Don't get overwhelmed. Just talking terms here, but it will take a little bit for you. Get ranked in Google search results. So you want to get up and running as fast as you possibly can. Uh, and the next one I'm gonna go into, you know how to build the landing page on and how to make it look great up here. And we're gonna start capturing emails above the fold. But just an overview of everything. This is obviously your head. Or like I said, this is everything in between. These is mobile view. Everything outside is Well, look, um, we'll be the background and things that you can see when you're not mobile view. So anybody on a computer, if you ever want to preview how your site looks, just hit preview and it will show you. Obviously, there's nothing here right now because I haven't, you know, edited yet and then go back to editor. You can also save it, and I recommend saving it periodically because just in case your computer shuts down. You know, whatever the case may be, you just won't always be saving it. And when you're ready to publish, you hit. Publish on publishing obviously saves and publishes too. So the next one obviously really fast will scroll all the way down and I'll show you the footer. This is the photo right here. And you can drag all these sections. Um, you know, in different spaces. I'm gonna delete the majority of these sections because I don't think they're necessary. So I'm gonna do that really fast, and then we'll start with a blank white slate essentially, and I'll start showing you how to build the site. 4. 4 Setting Up Your Landing Page: Okay, guys, we're gonna get started really fast and build the, uh, the landing page really fast. I did re Ah, I on did this just to show you really fast. So I'm gonna delete thes because I don't like these. I'd just like to start with, like, Slate. I'm more concerned with the color scheme of it all and the general way out So you can start really anything. The possibilities are endless with Wicks, and that's why I love it. And I'm also very good with it. So feel free to ask any questions. But the first thing that I like to do and you don't have to do this is I like to add a picture on this first, uh, this section right here, you'll see that the section breaks right here. Ah, would how it works in this little thing. So the sections only about this about the size of the full, a little bit bigger. So essentially, what you want to do is you want to find a good picture, and my niche is dogs and puppies. So I'm going to try to find something that's going to spark emotion because people buy based on emotion, and they use logic and reason to justify those purchases. Even if you're not selling something, it's going to elicit a good response in a good emotion that people come to your page and they, you know, they feel good emotions. So whether you're selling something or not selling something, you need to take a little bit of time, optimize your picture, right, pick a good picture out. And, you know, make sure that your site looks good with that picture, both in Mobile and on desktop. Because that's crucial. That's probably one of the most important things on your site. Is the landing page in the above the fold picture. And that's how I teach to create them because that's what's going to kind of make you look official. So I'm gonna look for, um, happy puppy Happy. Pop this one out and we're gonna just search for images. It wasn't really cute dogs. It's why I say it might take some time. You're gonna want to find a good one. This isn't the best, but im it's kind of in the shape ish that I want it to be will go pump three now if you want to get a picture. That's that's sort of in the in a better shape and resize your picture. This is how you do it. So what you want to do is you want open up so many things open. You want to open up the pictures? Were you save them? I don't remember where I save them would be saved pictures, pop. Okay, they are so pumped. One, we'll just open up just as a reference. That's all right. Click and you're gonna open with. And if you're on Mac, I'm not sure what the exact devices or the program, but it's probably similar to paint whatever is the free, you know, paint or ah, you know, whatever it is program on, Mac will do just fine. If there's the same function on PC, it's paint. Uh, and you can resize the pain simply, uh, resize, and then go to pixels. You can maintain the aspect ratio. I, uh, check them, maintain the aspect ratio, and then you're going to set the pixels. So obviously it's a little bit longer. Horizontally then vertically. So it's 700 by 5 25 If you wanted to increase that, maybe you go 800 by 5 25 and see how it looks. See, it's a little bit stretch now that doesn't look the greatest, but you want if you want to get a picture and it looks slightly different than this into a different shape or if just for future reference. If you ever have to resize a picture based on specifications, you go pixels on, maintain the aspect ratio and then simply set in it. And so whatever website in this case, it's wicks in the future. Once you know a 12 80 by by 1000 then you literally put in 12 80 by 1000 because what they recommend that that's the pixel ratio that you need. That's OK, and then you simply go in and you save it as a PNG. I find that P and G's look better than J pecs. You can save Miss J Peg if you want, but I go PNG. So that's that, guys. That's how you resize an image. If you need Teoh Now, try to upload. These two are weak sight and see if they look okay. So the way you're gonna do that is you're gonna change the strip background. And you can also see that if you didn't want to find a, uh, an image which has images up here, they have a bunch of moving images, which are really cool. I don't always recommend moving images because I like the landing page image right here to capture people's attention. But you can definitely use moving images in your other pages, and I definitely actually recommend that. So I am going to go to image. Actually, you know what? Let's see if they have any puppy videos go to free from Wickes. How? Animals and nature. Here we go. See if they have a cat. Of course they can. Not a dog dog in the park. See what this one is. Well, that's perfect. And this comes free with Wix. You have toe especially operating. I want to purchase anything else. I'm actually gonna use this one. This was pretty good. So you can look through these if you want. I'd prefer sometimes to go with the, uh, the picture out, and then you kind of find one. That looks better. Let's find it. This one, uh, looks great, too. So let's come just preview it and see what it looks like? Pretty cool. Kind of like it. Let's keep it for now. We could always change it later. All right, So the next thing you're gonna want to do is you want to create a form you're gonna wanna create. Go to this little tab right here, Eyes how you manage all your pages, by the way. And this little thing will show your sights, your tools and upgrade to the yearly once or upgrade to a plan just when you're ready to do that. So if you're in the editor and you want upgrade your plan, you simply quit. Go to the yearly and then you can choose these plans now. Like I said, I recommend the unlimited. Um, if you know you depending on what day it is or what What? They're running, You might have different plan prices, but they're all basically the same roughly. I can't speak so rough price estimate eso you know, essentially, you know they're going to the same rough estimate. But whatever you do, stay away from just the most basic because there's no point in most basic, you'll see here that it still has the display ads on the combo doesn't give you the rest of the things that the other things dio. It's just not worth it. You might as well pay the extra two or three bucks in month or four bucks in this case for the Unlimited. I always recommend going unlimited if you have a big story, I said before Go e commerce. But unlimited works just fine. I think I don't even think I have. I was in a sad thing. I've e commerce for one of my work sites. I don't even think that I think I have all unlimited. So go unlimited. Don't pay more than you need Teoh. But that's how you upgrade. But so to go back into it, everything that you're going to be doing if you want to manage pages or ad pages, is on this little tab right here, you'll see my home page for my news late page letter. You want to go to different page, you simply click the page and it will pop up with a different page, and that's how you navigate your site when you're building it. Now, by announced their you know you can delete and switch these pages. You can also add a page down here. I'm not worried about any of these yet. We're going to them later. But right now we're just worried about the home or as I like to call the landing page. So you're also gonna mobile optimize your CEO and everything through this boat. But right now we're just focused on capturing emails and setting up the landing page. So right here, you're gonna go to add, and that's how you add everything you're going to add. You can see you can add text. You can add images. You could go to the the gallery. One thing that we're going to be adding is light boxes, which are phenomenal ways to capture e mails to. I'm gonna show you that in a second, but essentially you can play around with these and you can look, if you want to add social icons that have links, you can add them. But I would familiarize yourself with this because these are all the potentialities that you can add. The very first thing we're gonna add is the contact. So you need to contact form. I like this one. I find it looks the best you can choose, You know you could brownstone. There's a 1,000,000 album. I like this one because and you can kind of switch them around and make them look the best . But like I said, this is going to be your landing page. So not me to do that. What just happened on Deal? Sorry for my computer being slow guys, I think a bunch of stuff going on in the background. It's making it slow building an email list as we speak. So it's probably this, and then you're always you'll see these lines. When you drag stuff, you'll see the lines as guidance. That means that your centered so I always like the center things just visually appealing for other people on day. So that's what you're gonna do essentially gonna add, and then you're going to We're gonna fix this in a second, get how we wanted to go. But you're gonna add a contact and pick one, and that's the most crucial thing. Your landing page with your contact on you play around these with these and make them look right. But I would get the the, uh, the general overview of it done first and then you can kind of fix them up. So I'm gonna add text just to kind of show you here. I'm not sure what I'm gonna call my sight yet, but we'll just assume that it's called and I'm gonna add a page title and I'm just gonna assume it's called. We'll just call it the same thing My email was called for now, and I probably change us later, but puppies are wife. And then what I like to do to with the text is you can obviously change the fonts. You know the colors and you can hyperlink things through here. So if you want to go through another page on your site, you can have all the choices off your pages on your site. Teoh Link. That too, obviously wouldn't like title. I'm showing you here, or you can link it to an outside Web address. You know any girl that you want, you know, vice versa. There's a 1,000,000 possibilities. What I want to show you is I always center the majority my tax. Unless you're writing a big, you know, paragraph on something or description. I always center all my titles in my texts just so it's easier to kind of make sure everything is in the center. Now, I'm gonna center this. Puppies are life goes right in the center, and I'm obviously going to make this a lot bigger, so I don't know, I sent her back. Just bear with me. I'm gonna make this bigger because this is my landing page title. And I might change this, you know, in the future. But just to give you guys the overall just an idea of how to do it, Um, that. So now it's centered. It's a bit bigger. I'm gonna make it white because it's a little be a little bit more legible that way. And I also down here, you can see effects so you can kind of give it a little bit of Ah, you know. Ah, Hugh. Ah, three D shape. I'll see if this one looks cool. It's not bad, but I'm gonna go. It might be it might look a little strange because I don't usually have a video on my landing page. Eso I might change that to just kind of give you guys the overall idea. I'm just gonna keep it here like that for now. and we'll try this one. See out books, and I'm going to play around with this. But just for reference right now, we'll keep it at this one, and then I'm most likely changed that later. And actually, I wanna bold that to make it a bit bigger. And then we'll just drag this over and re sentiment. There's a very simple guys, and that's why I love Wicks is you could do a 1,000,000 things and we get into them and you can get really, really, you know, intricate and advance. But it's very simple to and essentially another thing out I like to do is I like to have a title here to capture attention and put another smaller heading that says something else. And we'll obviously right that in so, like, maybe it would be, you know, bringing the Cubist. I don't I'm just making stuff up, pulling off time ahead here, bringing the cutest puppies to your you're Jesus, Your finger tips. Oh, my God. All right. And, uh, obviously, I'm saying to your fingertips, because I will be promoting this. These affiliate offers through mobile. So this will most likely be people going through this on their mobile device. But and I'm gonna center this obviously, too. Make it a little bit smaller just because it's it's It's Thea. The title under the title will bring this up a little bit and will make this white as well . 5. 5 The Importance of Email Capture of Your Landing Page: what we did essentially was built on landing page. Obviously, we put the image in the background. Now, this is a moving image, but yours might not be. We put a title here, and these are just placeholders That kind of give you an idea. So bear with me. These aren't This is not how the site will look when it's completely finished by any means . But just to give you an idea, you're gonna want a title, you know, kind of like a subtitle to kind of that that looks terrible. It's not, um, and a, uh, some type of email capture, because this is what people are going to see now we're moving on to the form, and what you want to do is you want double click it and it will pop you into this form right here where you can manage it. Now I'm gonna manage the form and no sea dragons ever seen. Kind of see it says Joyner, mailing list, never miss an update email address and subscribe. So, essentially, what you're gonna want to do is we're gonna capture people's email address. Email address is based on that niche. So in my case, it's puppies. Now you gotta ask yourself, how can you at capture somebody's email address? Because when people land on this page, they're gonna have two choices. While they're gonna have three choices, they're either going to enter their email basically because it's right above the fold for them to see they're going to leave more than going to scroll down. Now, you want people to enter their email. So this whole thing, this whole lecture, it here is going to be about email capture And how you do that, Essentially, what you're going to do when you when you go when you capture an email, is you need to give something for free. You need to give something, and not just anything for for you need to give something of value based within that niche. So, you know, just an idea here. I mean, for certain things, I give certain things away. If you go to my passive income. You know my website, which, uh, you know, is linked with all my stuff. You'll notice that I give two new people that subscribe to my email list because emails air very valuable. I offer my my Amazon drop. Sherman course, 100% for free. Now, if you're a subscriber or you're a student, you'll know that I give out discount links for $10 to all my courses. You know, obviously other people have to pay more. But, you know, my subscribers and my students get discount links for $10. Now, I offer my my free drop shipping court. I offer my drop Sherman course to people that come to my website for free because let me just see if I can actually pull it up. I don't know why you've probably been there before. If you haven't, I'll show you. And this is one of the ones that I used for my free site because you see what's free. Um, and that's exactly why you don't want to have the free, because you'll see this is another light box that pops up. But this is literally the site that I built for my free income for my free, passive income course. And what happens is people come down and they can enter their email. Now this isn't above the fold. It's a little bit of a different method, but I was recommend getting above the fold That's just an example. But I offer my free Drop him, of course, because people in this passive income niche what they do and you see this right here This it was This site was created with dot com creator. That's exactly what you don't want now. I only did that because people always tell me like I went like I talked about in the initial lecture. You know, it takes money to make money, and so on and so forth. I wanted to show people that you can build an email or you can build a website completely free. And this is how you do it. You know, there are some caveats that, but you can do it and you can make it work. And this still works. It's why I keep it. Because even though it's free and has all these things that it still works now, it doesn't work nearly as much, and eventually I'm going to morph it over over to pay traffic. But I still am updating electrics for that course, so I won't do that just yet. But with that being said, you'll see that offer the fridge option, of course, to people that come and they submit their email. Not the only way that they get the option, of course, would freeze. They submit their email now. Why do I do that? Two reasons, because an email to me is more valuable than the drop shipping course. Because if somebody potentially buys my drop shipping course, I don't ever get their email. You know, they just by the drop in, of course, for $10 then that's that's that. So I would much rather have somebody's email for my four rather than the $10 that I get because I can sell that email. I can market back to that email, and I can form a relationship to that person behind that email and sell them multiple things not just, you know, potential multiple courses for $10 or whatever, but I can also sell them. You know, I can keep them informed with what I'm doing. I can more from over to, you know, my YouTube channel. I can morph them over two other platforms. So that's why in emails, completely, you know, in this case, completely valuable and in any case in any issue, want to be capturing emails because you re market back to those people. You build a relationship of those people. You can start, you know, marking a lot of things with those to those people. Now you don't want to spend. You never want to spam. You never want to abuse it. So you know, I recommend one a day is Max that's already too much. In my opinion, you'll hear multiple different things, you know, But one a day is too much. I say, you know, 2 to 3 times a week is what you should be emailing them should be keeping them updated with what you're doing. You know, regarding your niche, they will start to form a relationship with them. And that's what you know. That's just exactly why you want to create our capture emails, but capturing emails. You want to give something of value away for free. Now it's a mutually beneficial because I get their email but be they get the drop ship, of course, and doesn't cost them anything. So that's exactly what you want to do. You want offer something of immense value to people in that water. For their email that's email capture 101 right on your landing page. Now, why don't offer the fridge option, of course, because in this passive income niche, uh, I know that drop shipping is very very. It's it's Ah, it's it's It's a hot term right now. It's a hot topic. It's one of the hottest things going on in passive income right now in this nation. Anything making money online in any of those things? Be a obviously email, marketing incident, marketing all that stuff Facebook ads, you know, social media, marketing, all that stuff. And I have courses on all those because I know all those I do all those. But drop shipping is probably the premium and probably number one. So that's why I offer my drop shipping course. It has the best rate of return What people come down. They see that they can get a free drop. Of course, all have to do is enter their email to 100 sent free. I get a lot of leads that way, and it's great. So maybe you're listening to this. Maybe you You did this yourself, and that's why you know you're watching this course right now, and that's exactly a good example of why you want to do it. So capture the email will set the four months very first thing you see, when you go on back into the form, that's just kind of go back in to show you guys couldn't got off topic. There just kind of give you an overview. Why, it's important you and manage the form. You'll see the first thing. Obviously, you want to get new subscriber notifications, you're gonna go down here and you're gonna enter the email that you want all your emails to be set to. That's where you're going to capture e mails. Now, if you have an automation software for emails, obviously that's the email that you're gonna want to send it set up to. 6. 6 How to Capture Emails on Your Website: All right, So now we're gonna go over the importance of capturing emails on started spending so much time on this, but this is literally the most important thing. You know, you can have the best site, but you you gotta You gotta capture the people that come to your site. Not just, you know, have a nice site. Everyone wants have a beautiful sight. But is it converting? Isn't making sales, are you? Are you profiting from it? Because what's the use of a great looking site if it's not working? So you want to capture a male's obviously gonna manage your form set up. You know the email that you wanted to be sent to? Uh, obviously, you're going to need to capture the email here that that you don't do anything with this. You can keep. You can make name optional if you like, and that will add another form. Here. You see, they had to put their name in. I don't put that in there. You can add name. You can add phone, but I don't put any of that in there. I just want collect their email because I'm not concerned necessarily. It's not that I'm not concerned with their name, and it's not like I wouldn't like to have their phone number. Not that I ever plan on calling them or anything like that. But you want to put as a bill the least amount of barriers to entry it from capturing their emails possible. You know you don't want to If if someone comes, obviously it'll be high converting. They just put their email and they're not their email in their name. So I just go with the email. You can make that choice on your own, but I'd say Eat now now for the title on your sign up form, Keep the title, That's what What this is going to be. I take the subtitle off. I don't I don't need that. Essentially, I just put the title and I say what I'm gonna offer them for free in the title. So if I was gonna say free dropping recourse, I would say you don't get free, drop shipping course or receive your free each option, of course, or whatever. In this case, let's think for a second I'm offering puppies, so maybe I'd offer a subscription. Ah, free subscription. Ah, free monthly subscription of ah, you know, to try out of a dog food or something like that. I'm just I'm running with it here. Obviously would have to come up with something on and take a little bit time, You know, with this, too. So if you're doing e commerce, you know, maybe you offer, you know, 20% discount get to receive 20% discount on your first order, you know, and that's what your title would be. And then obviously you're Button wouldn't be subscribed. You would, You know, you put, like, receive or or get 20% off now or something like that. That's that's that's the gist of it. But for me, I'm going to say, you know, and you can you can use your brain. You know, you guys are smart. I'm gonna say, uh, well, let's see, get a free months of dog food, or you know how to say this is just a placeholder, because I'm not sure where in front of this, but, you know, obviously you're gonna wanna bring something to the table that you can get. Um, So I'm gonna say this is just a placeholder. Uh, enter for a chance. Jesus. Sorry, guys. Oh, my God. Chance to win free dog food for a year now. Don't you think that's gonna be high converting? If someone sees that, they just need to put their email in for a chance to win free dog food for a year? Yes. Yes, it's going to be. You know, obviously I need to be able to provide that you don't want promise, anything you can provide. And I'm not saying unless I could, but just a placeholder for now. Obviously, I will change us accordingly. To what? I'm going to offer them in the future. But just give you idea. And then obviously my button would say, um, enter, you can be creative, and the next thing you want to do is going to set your thank you message. So obviously you don't want to just leave it. Thanks for subscribing, cause then they're going to know that they just subscribed your email us. It's not that they won't know that they're subscribing to the email issue. Just want to have a good thank you message you don't just wanna have thank you for subscribing eso. What you're gonna say is you're going to say, Um, thank you. Thanks for entering and then Subtitle text instead of will send new stream box. It would just be, um will notify the winners via e mail. Now, what that does is two things. It obviously says that you know, you're going toe, you're gonna notify the them v email. So it basically says that you know, if they win that you'll be in touch. But also, what it does is there's that underlying factor that every single time they receive an email from you, they're going to be had their eyes open. They're gonna want to know what's behind that. They're going to read your emails because they're gonna want to know if they want. So that's a little caveat there, you know, so that you can have better open rates and click the rates on your emails. You know, obviously problem something that you can offer that's, you know, free and has immense value on your capture. A lot more emails that way. Now we're gonna go to the layout in the design. So the way out now I'm gonna keep it vertical. I like that. Obviously, when you're header alignment in the middle especially if you have it vertical and your body alignment doesn't really matter. I like to keep it on the left. Design wise, you can choose a different design if you wanna go postcard route. You know, if they just look a little bit different, I kind of always like to keep it classic. I think that that looks better. Or is it strip? No, it's trip. I like to keep it strip. Then obviously, you know, you can modify your headers and you're certain buttons. You can kind of make them a little bit different, but I'm gonna keep it this way. Okay? So if you want to switch us up a little bit and change the colors what you can dio is you can right click, and you can do this on anything. And you can You could go to settings on those. So if you want, if you want to switch these, you just go at it text, right? Click and text on this. It would be right click settings, and then you'd be able to kind of customize it. Um, you know, with colors and the layout in the design. You just going Teoh? Ah, I think it's designed. Yeah, design. So but with anything else, just like I said, you either highlight it, and then you could see all these things pop up and you can modify them, Um, or you can literally right click on the on the thing, no matter what it is and edit it. So that's how you do it, guys, this is the most important thing. Next, we're going to set up your lightbox because that's what's what's the most important thing. Obviously, capturing e mails is the same as the lightbox. And when the light box is every single time you come to a page and you are prompted and a little pop up pops up. That's a light box It It's a timed, um, pop up that you know either captures an email or lets you know that there's a sale going on or something like that. So I like to set that I'll show you how I set them up. What you basically do is you go in here to add, and you're going to go to add a light, and I swear all the way down you could pick whatever one you want. There's a videos popped club. There's, you know, welcome to the sites and obviously you can switch these around. But I'm gonna go down to this one because I like this one and it captures emails pretty well. I found that it's pretty successful. Then I'll take you to this little pop up and essentially, you're interested in changing around the same exact thing. So I think it was enter for a chance and we'll just kind of center this and then we'll fix this. So we're double click this and it will take us to this and then you're gonna manage form. Same as before. It's going to the to the same email. Obviously, you're going to want Teoh switching around. So obviously, that's the title. You just want to switch the button text around and that's enter. And then you're thank you message. You're gonna switch and it will be. Thank you for entering, You know will notify the winners. Be a and now we'll keep their eyes peeled for your emails, guys. And that's really all we have to do. You know, the next thing is, you're going to quick out of this. You can set the overlay up, but I'm gonna click out of it to kind of show you in the way that you do that. You exit the lightbox mode now to manage your white boxes and to go back in. And once you're done doing that is they're gonna click this little page button and you see , these are all your pages for your site. Now, we've only worked on home so far on landing page. Show you the future things and they're pretty fast. It's all the same set up. It's all the same things you know, regardless of the page. But you go to light boxes to manage your life boxes. Then you quit gray scale, and it should pop up. Now what you wanna do is gonna set the trigger because of what the trigger is, is how fast it pops up in on what pages so you can put it all pages. I like to put it on select pages, but I'm just gonna put it on all pages for now that are that are available not by now, obviously just newsletter in sport on going to set it to maybe 10 seconds. Sometimes I said, it's five. Well, that's funny. Um and sometimes I said it to, you know, different, different things. Now you can choose the X icon or you can choose the close button. Obviously, they're a bit different. You'll see the X icon was right over here, and it's a little bit less or more inconspicuous. I'll be here here or the close button will probable close, and that's just it makes it easier for them to get out of. Not that you wanted to be tough, but you just you want to capture the e mails. Obviously we can. So the purpose of the light boxes and I'll show you a second once you set that trigger is we're gonna exit the lightbox mode after we set the trigger, and I'm gonna show you how this works Now. Essentially, what the Lightbox does is it's triggered as soon as somebody pops on this page 10 seconds after they pop on the page, it will pop up so that it's another shot to capture their email. So they didn't put their email in here already, essentially, and they started scrolling down and looking at stuff it will pop up and prompt them to enter the email and enter the contest. That's another way to increase your email leads and a great, great way that I found. So I'm gonna show you the preview of how this works. Boom. So we're on the page, So we're gonna start scrolling down because we didn't even see that offer pretend, and then eventually, the light box is gonna pop up and prompt us to see if we want to enter. And we're just kind of looking at stuff and boom, there goes and you get this pop up. It says, enter for a chance to win a free dog food for a year and you say whoa wow! Okay. And obviously you can change these and modify these and pick whichever one you like. But I just kind of like this one. Um and that's that's light boxes, guys. And that's email captured. It's very, very important is exactly what you're doing. Dio, this is how your page is gonna look obviously without all this stuff here, you know? But that's essentially capturing emails and landing landing pages. One on one on. This is how people are going to view your son if you want a more accurate view of higher site looks before we jump into the next lecture, you can obviously publish your site. Um, and obviously you won't have a domain or anything like this. This is your U R l For your site. You're gonna want to purchase domain eventually, after you go premium and I'll show you how to do that. But you literally just publish it and then I'll say congratulations. And then you just be your site in a pop up window with how visitors will see your site. This is your site? Live right now. So this is the site that we just built. Obviously, we haven't done anything else but set up the landing page right here and the light box. But this is how people are going to see it. And obviously, we need to modify a few things and continue working. But this is exactly how the site will be. This is what people will see. So in the next one, we're gonna jump back in and get get moving forward, you know? But I really hope you enjoyed that. You know, capture cause that's literally the landing page and above the fold and email capture on your home page is the most important thing. I can't stress that enough 7. 7 Adding Pages for Some Website Depth: we did all the email capture, which is the number one most important thing. You know, when it comes to your website because that's the landing page. Essentially, that's where people are going to hit first and see. We're going to be a come acquainted with your website. You know, we will be slowly building down on will do all that in the future. But right now we're just going to move on to the other pages on. Then we'll come back. Now, I am not selling anything with this website. I am promoting C p A offers. So while I will be making money indirectly, I will essentially promoting other people's products. And I'll be doing that, you know, in a different type of way. So I won't be having ah, buying out page or anything. So to switch your pages, obviously, Like I said, you're gonna go up here to this little tab and you're gonna click down and you'll be able to monitor through your pages. Uh, I'm gonna go to the by now. You can. If you were having store, that's how you would do it. You literally just click here and then you'd manage your products and you go through your store pages and everything to, um I am going to personally delete this because I like I said, I'm not going to be selling anything. But you can kind of play around with this. And this is obviously your stores home and your product catalog. And essentially, what will happen is when people go to the store tab or the bites have on your on your website. This is what it will take them to. It will take him to that landing page that you just saw and these are the products in your store. So if this were me setting up my store, I would literally just select all these and I would delete them because they're just placeholders. And then I would, you know, at a new product, whether it's a digital file physical, and I would just continually add new products and you can kind of see running through it really fast. You had the image for the product, you know, the name, the price of it. The description is very easy. Very simple. You know, any any custom stuff that you want and then you click Save now you can add to collections, obviously, too, and you can, you know, set up the back end of your store to So it's X out of this. Like I said, I it's very, very easy. You know, you can set your store pages up. You can set your settings up. You know, when people click, you know, you can set your payments up. Obviously have to upgrade to run the store. But essentially here I'm gonna turn these two pages into, Ah, something else and I'm not going to be using them. So I'll be deleting one of them for now because I'll be adding pages as I go. But essentially, we're going on the support page and you can see that it already has again and again in touch with us. Now, yours might be a little bit different, but they'll be slightly different, So yours must say contact. Yours might say, you know this or that. Now you can have a support page. You can have a contact page. It's a great way to kind of have a fax, you know, frequent frequently asked questions, you know, so that people can go there. It kind of gives you that little extra push. That little extra authenticity kind of help your year. Um, you look widget and kind of help your customers and your your all the traffic that's coming to your site. Really kind of vibe with what you're doing. You know you can You can modify these if you want, you can change them. I might also, uh, where it says newsletter. I don't run a newsletter off my sight, obviously, because this isn't a blawg. So what I did is I captured the email on the landing page and with light boxes. You can also set your lightbox up to go to this page, but I won't. And you can also see that there's a subscribe button already in the footer This this gray, uh, right here is the footer. We'll be doing all this in the header to book for right now. I will not be running in newsletter. So you can change this until I can. About us page. Maybe Maybe you want to delete Go ahead and you delete this right here, and you literally just center the text and you know, you put your company's or your, um you know, whatever the brand you're running or the niche that you're running. Ah, little bit of about about you and why you're doing it and stuff like that. Just so people get acquainted with you, you know, maybe a picture. Maybe, You know, I'm not sure what nature running, but you get the idea. You can turn this into a about us page. So if you're strapped right is on extra pages, start with a contact start within about us page. You know, that's two things I don't really give your website authenticity. Give it a little bit depth. So it's not just the landing page. Um, I'm going to lead to delete both of these right now, because essentially what I'm going to dio is ad pages for different SEPA offers and different things as I see fit coming in the future. But you can, like I said, ad pages as you see fit if you want, or you can literally modify those. And like I said, if you're strapped for ideas, obviously want to contact Page and obviously you're going to want a in about us. Page gives your your site a little bit more authenticity, but like I said, I'm not running a, uh you know, business site here. This is literally just a landing page. It's not a block, but it's kind of has the vibe of a blogged because it will just be kind of giving ideas. You know, four people that that land here and for them to potentially quick my links so that I make money off my CP offers. It's a little bit different, probably than what you're doing for your website, but just something keep in mind. So now I'm gonna be moving onto this right here. You can assume that if I were you, I would have set up two separate pages. And, you know, I'm actually going to I'm gonna add pages really fast, just kind of just new ones. So this new one will be We'll just call it trending, trending offers or something like that. I don't know. I'm gonna change these eventually, but just kind of get a little depth. You can kind of see the button pops up here and we'll say, Well, just at a contact page, just just to kind of hold it in place for now. But like I said, I will be changing these and you can switch the home. So it's not all caps if you want. I'm gonna save this really fast, and we'll preview it, not show you what I mean. So obviously the contact page training offers. It doesn't You can't see it switching, cause they're both blank pages. But this is where your buttons would be. And obviously, it's good to kind of go in and preview your website every once in a while. Just kind of see it for yourself to see what looks right. See what you need to change. Obviously, we need to get rid of this. So that's the next thing. Now you can put your logo here, Uh, wondering why Wouldn't quit because my life boxes loading. No way, dude, here we go. All right, So, essentially, I'm gonna delete this if you remember correctly, I'm just actually gonna go to my website right here. Just the kind of reference it for you guys really fast. And you'll notice that my logos centered. It's a little bit lower still, you can see my it's a slightly below the fold, but it's still above the fold right here. It says Welcome. We RBG media innovation subscribe for a free business audit and the button says receive. So obviously I would. This is away and you can see here I have a contact page here. People in contact me. I have services, all the services that provide. So maybe this will give you certain different ideas of what you can things for your contact page. Feel free to model your website after mine, if you like, or you know, things that I'm doing with some of my sites. But you'll see here that none of these pages, if I were to go to manage you, would only see three pages appear and that's home services in contact. But I have other hidden pages. And what the sitting pages are on this website, our detail pages. So if people click this, they go to a different page that you can't there's no page. Uh, essentially, what I mean by hidden is you can't see it on the menu bar when you have a menu bar. Now you can seven menu born manually, but I just recommend keeping it as it waas. So when you had the page it won't be available, they won't be able to find this page unless they quit through the sequence. T To get to this page, they had to go to services and then had click details on that. They had a quick details and you'll see that both of these are slightly different with additional innovation. Business package. And it's a hidden page that takes you here with a list of the offer of what that is digital innovation package offers, and then they can book it. Now. We'll also take them to a different hitting page. Now, this looks very similar to the contact page, but it is not the contact page. This is also hidden. Uh, another caveat, too. If you want to kind of make your footer like this, it will give you a little bit of more authenticity. Obviously, don't don't put a jealousy if you don't have an LSE or business, but you do want put your contact information in the quarter if you want to be reached, and I also recommend putting your social icons in the foot or two. If you have them eso something, keep in mind right there, guys. But like I said, uh, you know, you can model the stuff after after me if you want or you can go your own route. I'm just kind of teaching the basics here and what you can dio. If you're looking for a logo, obviously you can create your own logo. There are a bunch of free websites out there that where you can create free logos. They don't look fantastic, obviously. So if you do want to, um, you know, obviously purchased logo I used fiver. Uh, and I've done this multiple times, and I get phenomenal logos from fiber, so you'll also see here, I'll just go to this is my Facebook page Getting off tension just for a second. You also want toe. If you have a website, you're gonna want to give it a little bit of social clout, some social proof. So I recommend having a at least the Facebook and an instagram. Obviously, if you wanna have Twitter and YouTube to or you know, Google plus or whatever, that's great, too. But I would at least build one a. You know, it's going to be some social proof. Just have that link that's clickable and be your sleep will go to buy Instagram to you can generate traffic that way. No, I don't get phenomenal engagement. I get decent engagement here. And like I said, I don't even really engage with this page really that much anymore, because it's my social media marketing, and I'm doing so much content creation and other things, you know, drop shipping, FDA, all sorts of stuff. Affiliate marketing at C p. A. That I don't really have time to do social media marketing anymore, but it's still phenomena. Business bottle. Trust me, it's just not something that you know I'm particularly passionate about. I stood still do have one client, but like I said, you can see I have when I ordered. Like I said, you can you can ah, you can get your your logo free. But the drawbacks of that are you don't get multiple logos and they don't look professional . They don't come HD. They look a little pixelated, and sometimes there's water water marks on them, so it just takes away from the professionalism of your site. You'll see here I have one of of the variations of my logo here and on my instagram and my Facebook page. I have the other variation, and I think I have three other variations that were given to me and I purchased them on Fiverr. You could literally just go into fiber and type in business logo design, and you'll find a bunch of gigs where people give you business logos for five bucks. Well worth the five bucks. Obviously, I'm no way affiliated with these people, you know, but just kind of looked through, looked through the reviews. Find somebody that's got a bunch of good reviews that you can find one for five bucks. They're phenomenal on. You can purchase it that way. And it would just give that little extra push for your business, because that's one of the first things that people will see, especially if you put your logo, you know, on your site. Uh, they're going to see your logo right away. It's gonna be everywhere, and it's something that you want to invest in for five bucks you can't beat, you know, investing in a logo 8. 8 Building a Page Walk Through: So essentially, we talked about the pages and building depth. You know, we talked about the importance of the logo. You know, you can go the free round if you like. I would suggest, you know, at least purchasing one on fiber. You don't need to Anything crazy professional, but it will look professional if you buy it from five. So I I recommend going that route, but you don't have to, Obviously. And just to recap to, we talked about hitting pages. Eso in this one. Really? Briefly, I'm gonna talk to you about building a hidden page. Um, And just to recap, a hidden page is, uh this page is nowhere on my website. Nobody confined this page that I'm about to show you unless somebody clicks the details of this business package so you can use this to your advantage in a multitude of different ways, you know, use your imagination. Obviously, it's just another tool in your arsenal. So to go back really fast, I am going to Actually, we were on the home page, but I'm actually going to go to, um I'm gonna create a new page, actually, and I'm going to say find a puppy and I'm gonna create this with you guys really fast and kind of show you both of those aspects. Now we're on the new page and it's blank and we're on. Find a puppy. You can see that because it's the one that's in gray up here and just to kind of show you, uh, it's really cool. I like this background right here. See how it's moving background, Kind of like the dogs was on on Ah, my home page on the on the last one. But it's it's there's a white background here, so when you're on mobile, you won't see the moving background. I would just be white and streamlined and nice, but when you're on a desktop, it's a cool little feature because it kind of goes in the background and gives your website a little bit of depth and some, you know, just a little bit of a extra. It makes it look cool. Eso The way that you do that is you change the page background and you go over here to video and Wickes has a bunch of it and then go to Frito free from Wickes. Obviously even upload your own video if you want, but these are all pixelated. Perfectly already for the for the specifications of the week site. And you could pick any one of them, just hover over them on quick this little plus and you can kind of see them now I'm talking puppy. So maybe I'm gonna go to animals and see if maybe there's a go. Doesn't there aren't anymore Now this is the one I use before the dogs in the park, so I won't use that one again. But maybe I see away. You know, I think I'm gonna use that one for now at least. Or maybe you know, it will go to the African Sunrise just so you kind of get an idea. And then what That will dio is typically, this wouldn't be white right here on on a different page it on other pages, it iss seem kind of get that that already. But if it wasn't, what you do is you go to change page design afterwards. So sometimes you'll see that it's all all the way across. And the way that you fix that is you go to change paved design and then you quit this white right here. Now you can make it green. If you want, you can make it gray. That's great. Maybe that's, like transparent. You could make it gray. You could make it. You know, any color that you want? I like the way white looks with the color moving around and I'll show you what I mean by that. You'll see that once I going to preview the background starts moving and just cool little feature that adds on to the, you know, the the authenticity of your site. Eso essentially. Now what I'm gonna do is I'm going to on add an image on my images, upload an image, and we'll try to find one of those pop images really fast. Now, obviously, I'm just going through this pretty fast, and I'm kind of slowing down to show you guys. Um but I would if I were really building this 100% and I'm gonna go back. I'm setting the template up now, but I'm going to change a lot of these things specifically. Maybe I'm going to. This is exactly what I'm gonna do on this page, actually. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna add a text because I'm gonna add a title to it. And obviously, you always center your text unless it's a, uh, like, ah, body patter, eh? For something like that. And then I'm gonna center the title, remember, you look for the lines, and then I'm going to write, um, popular popular breeds, And then I'm going to shrink this picture down, and I show you what I'm gonna do here in a second. I'm gonna move it over. And these are all things that you guys will learn to, You know, the best way to learn, and I could teach you all day, But the best way to learn is by trial and error. The best way to learn is by going through it. The best way to learn is by doing this yourself and kind of seeing and playing around with some of these things, You know, you can you can put filters on it. You can put crapping I'm not gonna go into any specific things. Ah, here. But that's the best way that you're going to do is playing around on Wix. That's how you'll learn on. I promise you that if you play around for a couple days. You know, it might be a little bit overwhelming if you're new to it the first day it might be. You know, you might be catching on the second day and, you know, it might not be good at it for a week or so, but eventually you're get better and you'll get better and better and better. And you start adding new weapons to your arsenal so that when you make a site in the future , you know, maybe your first nights not the best site in the world. But you can obviously go back and modify as you get better. And when you make a site in the future potentially, you will your your future. So it will be a lot better, trust me, and you'll be a lot faster at making it. So essentially, what I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna I'm gonna duplicate a bunch of things. Now you can duplicate text, you can duplicate pictures. If you want to duplicate tests, just go down and quit duplicate. You can also copy and paste, but I don't do that. So I'm gonna duplicate this couple times and I'm gonna add because I'm going to show you what I'm gonna do here. I didn't do that. Oh, my God. Lost. Keep doing that duplicate and make sure they're always kind of even. You want your website to be even and always look for those lines to see those those lines appearing, Always make sure that they're lined up right now. It's not always gonna be the case, depending on you know what you're doing. But if you can always line them up, it just looks better. And it's been proven that it's more visually appealing to customers if things are symmetrical. So essentially, what we do here is I'm gonna I'm just gonna list popular breeds. And one of the things by me is cast puppies. I think it is. And essentially, what this is is a dog site where you can surf for four different breeds. Now, I'm just gonna pick a couple breeds and say that they're the most popular for now. But, you know, obviously I would do my research when I'm really gonna set this up. So, actually, you know what? You're still really fast. Macular dog breeds 2017 and all I'm doing here with this page guys is with this page right here is I'm not selling anything on this page. I'm just adding a little bit of extra depth to my site to give it a little bit more authenticity. So people stay here a little bit longer. It will give you a little bit more, you know, kind of proof. When people come that your actual site and be, you know, it will keep people you're gonna wanna put good content on your site. You don't just wanna be selling your service. You wanna put good content to keep people engaged, keep people coming and more importantly, keep people there, especially with my case, because I will be having a particular links on my site mixed in where people click it in in a performance action. I get paid for it. That's what C P A is S o. I just want to keep people here. So I'm gonna dio is I'm just gonna add popular dog breeds and pictures, and then I'll link it to you. Maybe Lancaster puppies or something like that. If I could get affiliate link for that, uh, that's how I'll earn money. And that's how we keep people on site to potentially earn more. So I just find this Labrador retriever. So we'll go back to, um and just like, lab. What was your search it Labrador retriever. And we will literally just copy and paste this guy have been lab one, go back and we will double click. Because that's the fascinating change, the image, and to change the image, you upload an image, obviously, and then you find it. All right, so we're gonna add that, and then you'll see that one changes. Now, I'm gonna drag these down a little bit farther, actually, to give it a little bit more space because I'm actually gonna add what I'm gonna do here is I'm not just gonna display them. I'm display puppies that are actually buyable, and I'll link them to this site and especially being an affiliate link for this. But even if not, you know I don't want to take traffic away from my sight. But essentially, what I might say is that you know, these air available, you know, email me for details and then you can enquire mawr. And I put another subscribe button that says inquire and essentially all that does. You know, Im maybe I'll send it to a different email, You know, this or that. But that's just another idea that some way that you can kind of attack another problem I don't want to take. I don't want to link it necessarily to Lancaster puppies unless I get an affiliate link for them. But, uh, you know, I do want to keep people on my site, so no, this is what I'm gonna do next. I'm gonna quit this guy, and I'm literally just going to copy paste and text paragraph text, and I literally just paste it in there, and then I'll make it a little bit smaller. Drag it over, put down a little bit. Then I'm going to space this out to boom. Mm. Oh, on. Boom. Now, this isn't perfect yet. Um, I know that, and obviously I could go back and fix this, but you'll get the idea now instead of continually doing that and going through the process harder. Stupid Kate, I'll move over. And then as I go through the process and find more dogs, I can just literally copy and paste the text into here instead of redoing the entire thing . Why does that not look like it's? There we go. That's centered, defecated three more times. And don't worry. When I first started, I used to get frustrated that this didn't move down and I would drag it all the way down. Don't even worry about the footer and where it comes up like that, because as you move things down, it will move for you when you just do this really fast. And obviously you guys can use some of the techniques and I'm using and modify them to your own. Or you can do your own techniques. But that's what I would be doing essentially. And then, obviously, I would add a title to this individual puppy, which I believe Waas Nikki for 700. Que Poppy Nikki 700. Obviously, we would center the text and put it up there. Then obviously, you can duplicate these, you know, six more times and move them over. Um, and that's how you set up guys. And then you just literally put the information in and plug it in and put the pictures in. Now, I'm gonna do that really fast while you know, while I'm off camera so you don't have to waste your time watching me do that and I'll come back and I'll show you. You know, my plan of action from there, and then we'll add more to the home page and you move on from there. 9. 9 Building a Page Continued: All right, guys. Someone back now kind of filled everything in. Uh, you know what? Really, really fast. It only took me about five minutes, I think. Or so you might. You might take you a little bit longer than that. That's totally fine. It might be faster than that. And that's that's totally fine to, um, So essentially, all I did was I went to that website that took six puppies out. I copied all their information, um, and put their pictures here. Uh, and that was that was really it. Now, obviously, I probably would add a couple more. Um, and does this look perfect? No, not at all. You know, the text isn't even, you know, because there's there some more information for some puppies than others. That's something I could go back and kind of address later. Just kind of getting the blueprint of it down. And obviously, I probably add I'd put some work in, you know, for 10 to 15 minutes and add, you know, anywhere from 20 to 50 more of these, you know, just kind of give my page some depth, give my my my site some clout, but you get the idea now, Essentially, what I would do here is I don't want to send these people away. I just got these Lancaster puppies from Lancaster puppies, obviously, but I don't want to send people to Lancaster puppies unless I'm getting paid to do so. So I want to keep people on my site with this information and the way that I could do that , a two very least is collect their email in exchange for sending them in the right direction to get these puppies. I know where they are. They might not. And so what I would do, maybe, is I would add another contact form, and I would literally say Now, obviously, to keep track, you're gonna want to send this to a different email. So maybe you create another email that's just like that. That's, you know, and you keep them both up. And it says, you know, puppies are life too, or something like that. And that is the way that you keep track of which one's which, uh, you know, I literally have I think, 50 emails all in a spreadsheet. I keep track of it with, you know, the links to their emails and they're always signed in its a way that I do it. You can do it that way, Teoh. It's very, very easy on essentially, What I do is I literally I'm not gonna do it right here. Just cause it's pretty self explanatory. We already went over this, but I would put a form on this page. I would put it up here probably right below puppies for sale. Um, and I drag all these down. Another quick way to drag everything down. I'm actually, you know, I'll just do it now to show you guys eyes you literally rather than having to drag every individual thing. Once you get it placed, you can literally like sand. One of the drag. Everything here. I would literally just trace around everything right, and you'll see an option for you'll see it all come together there. And then if you scroll back up, you should see an option to group it group elements. Boom. All grouped now you could literally just drag the entire thing down. We'll just drag it down here for now. Then I'll add it. Contact form. That says that's a bill that's too wide. Well, contact form, right there. Drag this up a little bit. Why is this not dragging? Oh, wow. Because I quit the another. Well, caveat. There don't quit the individual things. Just quit the box. You are kidding right now. All right? I'm not gonna fiddle this right now. Um, you see, it's group there, for whatever reason. Doesn't want to drag up. That's fine. I just regroup it again if I really wanted to. But you get the idea. Essentially, what I do is I set this for him up. I'd say, you know, for any information on the puppies, please, you know, submit the low on, and then, you know, I'll just run through a form really fast with you. Obviously had cut their email. I got their name on this one on and I collect there. I wouldn't collect their phone number, even though that's you think that you would need it. I don't really want their phone number, but obviously, uh, yeah, we'll get their name here, even though I always recommend not to get their name in this situation. I'm going there. You want? I don't change my mind, but in text won't say subscribing. Everyone said, just subscribe so we'll say, Get info and we'll go back up here and it will say, Where is the title? Instead of join our mailing list, it will say on inquired about, uh, Poppy and obviously they would see this when they come in. What has happened? Where did that go? We're getting quick. All right, put the title. That's what happened. It's going to say what's going on, All right. And then for the thank you message, I would say, Um, type of text. Thanks will be in touch shortly. Yeah, you just keep will send the steering box here on the way out will header line Middle and that's that. And then essentially will preview this. And this is how Look, obviously, this would dragged up with, you know, 10 to 15 more. And essentially, what would happen is every time somebody came, So if they landed on the home page and they ended up saying we'll find a puppy, then they would come here and they'd see, you know, inquire about a puppy. Obviously, that's pretty self explanatory. They dropped their email address to inquire about one of these puppies because there is no link here. Obviously, they're priced, and then, you know, they'd be able to look through the puppies. It would keep them engaged with my site on my page. And it would be also another potential opportunity for me to capture their emails. Something keep in mind. Um, that's another way that you could do it. Um, in the next video, I am going to go over, and I'm gonna actually build another page with you really fast. And it's gonna be the popular breeds page because I decided I changed my mind on that last page, and we made it to find a puppy. So I'm gonna build one more page with you just to give you another kind of overview of, you know how to build a certain page and you see my light box popping up here on, you know, Then, from there, we're going on and finish building the home page and see what else we can add. There just kind of give you guys a little bit more ideas and, you know, maybe some other tips and tricks, and then, you know, we'll move on with, you know, really obviously just noticing this now we want to get rid of this by now, but because I don't have, that's another important reason why you always want a preview. Because I don't have anything to sell. Um, but yeah, we're gonna finish this on, then we'll move on to, uh, you know, the border and kind of finalizing everything and making it look good. 10. 10 Adding Another Page to Your Site: I'm gonna go through another building another page and adding another page of your site. You always want to have at least three always preach you don't ever wanna have just won a landing page looks just terrible unless you're you have, unless you're actually setting up a landing page was a completely different thing. When I say landing page, I'm just referring to the landing page that you people land on essentially your home page. The landing page is just one page eso it will just be a a home page, nothing else on. And that's for email leads and other things and making sales. But when I say landing page, I'm just referring to your home page for this website. Obviously, you won't have to other at least two other sites, and as I go, I will be adding more sites and you can see to hear if you wanted to start blogging, you can also start blogging and create a blogged. Now you can add a block and then start adding barcos. So that's something that if you didn't go the block ground initially, you know, I might recommend and you don't need a bunch of things you could literally, you know, I'm gonna start blogging just to kind of show you. And obviously that would add the blogged, and then you can manage your block post, just as you would. Anything else. Now I'm gonna do this because I'm literally going to add this same page as one of my block posts. So I'm gonna show you what I mean, in a second now, I'm gonna add a new block post, and it's gonna pop you over to this page just to kind of show you guys It'll be the same thing, the same format as the other blog's. And what I would do here is, I would say, because what I'm gonna do on my other site or on my other page is all the popular dog breeds and why they're popular in 2017. So this exactly about said, say, you know, popular. And then I don't never put my name, but I do like to keep the date there. I think it adds a little bit authenticity. As they see, the dates are staggered on. What I did is I typed in Packer dog Breeds 2017 and Google just to kind of find a site. Now, obviously, I'm just gonna do this just for the sake of this course. I don't recommend doing this with your own sites. Um, just because it's unethical. But, you know, what I would do is I would literally just reword this, but for the sake of building this actual page, I am going Teoh, uh, just copy and paste this. But like I said, I recommend rewarding it. So essentially, what I do is literally just I would put a post it says Labrador retriever. Then I would reword this my own words and I move on and I'll post the next one. And I rewarded my own words. It's that simple. That's how you do a vlog post. I'm gonna get out of the bloc now. But it's just another thing to add. If you're looking for ideas, I'm gonna add it because I'm gonna add the block later. Andi kind of build on that, but I'm gonna move over to the popular Breeds page now I could change all these colors. Like I said, that's all kind of the same color. If I just previewed this really fast, you kind of see that it's all. It's all kind of similar. This one looks slightly better, but I would I'm going to change all these colors later, and you can literally go in and customize each one of these things Colors. It's pretty self explanatory. Just play around with it and hit right click and settings on whatever it is, but you'll see that these kind of all look the same. So I'm just gonna keep these these titles, these colors for now. But I will go back and potentially change them later. But for the sake of these courses, this course I'm not gonna go back and change every little minute detail. I'm just going to kind of give you guys the tools you need to build your own site and walk you through it. Kind of like I am on. Essentially, what I would do is like I said I would. I kind of do something similar, and I'm gonna set it up like this. I'm gonna show you how I'm gonna set this one up. Uh, this one was the 1st 1 was a Labrador retriever. God, the tree there, you know, it's a bit big, so we're gonna lower this is gonna be the title of each one. Like I said, one of the great things about the duplicate button is you don't have to make these things all these changes multiple times you can literally just duplicate and then drag them over and fill. You know what? You want to fill in those duplications, So I'm gonna show you that again Here. We're gonna build this really fast. I'm just gonna add this just for reference here, but obviously I'm going to change it. And this is literally relative like I showed you this before is I just went down the effects and kind of given effect. You can do multiple things. You could make it bold. You can, you know, obviously hyperlinks stuff. But for the sake of this, I'm not gonna hyperlink. And if you ever want to add a hyperlink just right, just obviously double quick and it pops up this little button in here. You can hyperlink anything. Like I said, you can hyperlink to a page on your site. You can like it too. You know, the top of the bottom of the page or, you know, a completely different web address. Any girl. I did say that before, but just want to reiterate that. So I'm gonna copy and paste this like I said, Um, but I don't recommend doing that on your site, just for for the sake of setting this up quickly and demonstrating how it's done. I'm going to do this, but don't plagiarize guys. All right? This is exactly what what were you dio So what I'm gonna do here? I'm literally gonna duplicate every single one of these and drag it down and pulled over. I duplicate your jacket down and whatever. I'm just gonna go back and forth with the top 10 breeds and make another page. The reason for this is I just want to add content to my to my site because you guys want to add good content, good quality content to your site that's going to, you know, keep people engaged on. Obviously, that has to be relative urination. I'm adding things that that are good content that a relative to dog breeds because my whole Englewood, this site is to sell, see ta links. I want people to quit my links. And the only way that they're gonna quick those links is if they they there's good content on here that keeps them engaged. And they trust the site because there's good content. They're, you know, they're on the site quite frequently. A key people here, which Google loves on and be. You know, like I said, it will make them when they do finally see a link, it will make them much more inclined to quick it rather than just, you know, disregard it. They just see links. They're not just gonna quit them. So I'm just going to do three really fast right here while I show you, um, and show you the run through of how you can kind of make this really fast, but wasn't talking. I could do it a lot faster. Um, so I'm gonna when I end this really fast in a minute or two, I'm gonna run through and finish this page just so you can kind of see, we got that. And what I want to do is want to save this, and we'll see if it as lab are because I already had lab there. What? Really? Come in. Oops. I think that's, uh, it's the second. Come in. Upload an image. You guys get really automatic with this. It's really, really good. Like I said, it's hard toe Teoh get and it's a little daunting at first, but But once you go through the process and go through the motions, you'll be that much better every single time. Actually, two. I'm gonna add a page background here just to give it a little bit of extra. Uh, I wonder how the palm trees look. I don't know how good this will look with dog breeds, but we'll just keep him for now. Then the next one we'll go over German shepherds number two copy and paste that in there. Like I said, Don't don't don't, uh, don't tries guys on Shepherd and then we'll come over here and literally just save this image as J. G. Come back. Double click. Thanks you here upload an image search for G R, which, er, once it's finally gone through it done. Choose that image and and that's how fast it is. Guys, one more for the next one. It's a golden retriever. Copy. If I were you and I'm gonna go back with these my own words. Like I said, um, copy paste. I believe that was a golden Sure, you there Double click did not save it yet, You guys Gold? What image? Gold. Quick Done. And then we'll choose damage and bam! There you go. Always save your progress. And I'm saying publish it really fast to kind of show you guys briefly the site overview and then move your site and I'll take us to the home page. And this is exactly how our site will look. Obviously barring once we upgrade, you won't see the free Wicks. But this is how it looks so far and obviously haven't had anything. The blog's didn't finish. Find a puppy. But, you know, this is how it looks. And I'm gonna change some of these, Um, you know, these colors to make them a little bit better, but and obviously we had at down here yet, But this is, you know, it's coming along really, really, really, really well, and you'll see that kind of has a little bit of ah of attitude on these pages. I don't necessarily like any of these backgrounds. I'm gonna change them, but you'll get the picture. And obviously I would add the rest of these 10 here. I'm not gonna do it at the moment right now. Um, but I will do that in the future, and I'll add blogged articles two. And you know, you can literally see their my peace and templates here if we put on the block. Yeah, So the block post would be here, and you be able to scroll, and they literally just list down and down. Obviously, you see the recent posts here, um, I'm actually gonna pass it. 11. 11 Adding Valuable Content to Your Website to Keep Visitors Engaged: I'm showing you the block and what it actually looks like. This is my passive income, obviously, in my sight for my free course. Um, so I just want to leave the bloc really fast because I cut that part off. Obviously you can add if you didn't hear, you could add playlists. And the way that you do that is you go into, um, ad. This is how you add anything on Wix You can literally searched through these things. You can add video, which I'm gonna do in a little bit. I'm gonna show you how to do that. It's great way to captivate um, and grab the audience's attention and you can have music through place here. So that's cool. Feature. You have a plane in the background, you play it on the side, you know, you can add music. It's cool. Feature your site. That's what the block books. That guy's It kind of looks like this, you know, your blood close literally to start streaming down the page on. Did you see the recent ones here? So I just want to give you a little brief overview of that block post. Now I'm gonna do two things first and foremost, we're back on the home page now. Like I said, I want to monetize this. So I'm gonna add some videos in a second, Actually, in this little thing right here. And if you ever wanna if ever you notice that these these little sections are too big, you'll see these little arrows at the bottom there called anchors. And what you do is you literally dragged them up. If I wanted to shorten this, I would literally just drag this up some reason it's not dragging right now. Maybe that's the It's the other anchor. OK, so this is the top anchor. You can try all you can. No, wait, that's the That's the top. So you can't drag the top one cause it's the picture, obviously, but you can change these bottom ones. If I wanted to change this, Obviously, I'm gonna delete this stuff right here because I don't like it. That was the background, every mind. But you can literally just drag this up and down as you see fit. And I am going to I like, kind of a dividing colors. So I'm gonna keep this on, literally just change this this background too color and we'll go gray for now and we'll delete all this. I'm going to put some videos right here so that when people scroll down, they can stop and watch videos will keep them on my page longer. And obviously Google loves that. Help me in the rankings. But I'm also right under here. Um, I might put something like a like an offer, and I'm also gonna put a new page. So what I did is I went to one of my c t A. Sites, which in this case, it smacks bounty. I have multiple ones on a search dog. I am going to add some videos here on I'm also going to add a C t. A offer. Here. You can see here that that this is an email lead, but every once in a while I was literally making that up before, But every once in a while, you'll get, you'll get ah, good one like this. It says, you know, win a free pet food for a year now. Obviously, this is an email submit, so that's perfect for my landing page. I can literally say I think I I don't like, keep looking that I can literally say Enter yet Free dog for two here for a year. I was literally making that up. But that's perfect, because this offer right here is perfect for that so I can literally submit their email and then if they potentially win, Not only do I get paid every email submit, I get 1 40 for every lead that they capture that I capture. But on top of that, I also collect their email to eso I can. I can collect their email that I sent him this and then they can literally enter in tow, went to that drawing. So that's a great, great ad on bonus for me Now. I'm also gonna add something else to that because that was on plant. One of the things that I plan on promoting is, you know, operate this dental product, but also gonna promote the bark box description, our subscription, not description. I might promote all these. To be honest, try to super chewer, and basically, what this is is just to go through it and I'll be teaching all the stuff in my city A course, but you'll see what happens here. If I get somebody a purchase Vita Pet, I get $40 for every time they purchase it. If they could hear my link. If I get someone to purchase the bark bark just prescription, which is exactly the type of things I'm trying to do on my site. That's why I'm adding the content. So I put that link kind of discretely here potentially if they click on it. And what that does is for me. And obviously your site might be a little bit different, you know, depending on what you're aiming to, dio um and you can definitely want take my setia course and create your insight with this course on. It will work just as well. Trust me, eso Essentially, what that would do is if they click my link and they buy it, then I would say I make that money if they clicked. Finally, can They don't buy it initially, but for whatever reason, they come back within a 30 day span, their cookies on on their website and because they quit my link, I will still get credit for that purchase. So that's phenomenal. You just want you want them a click your link, whether they make the purchases or not. Obviously, you want to make a purchase. But if not this the cookies air still great. And that's why I preach Amazon, um, affiliate marketing So much. Because if you if you have any Amazon affiliate links, if they click your link and then they purchase something on Amazon and so many people purchase things on Amazon and they're so anything spiritual on Amazon that literally. If they click your link and they purchase something on Amazon the next 30 days, you get credit for that. Bam easy money. That's why I love Amazon affiliates. Eso getting back to this I might put a bark box subscription here. Um, it might be a little bit better to put that on another page so I might add a bark box subscription and at a page to that. So I'm going to actually add a page called Spark Bar Graphs and just to kind of show you guys to before we get into anything, I'm on the bark back page say that I wanted to. We'll just add text right now and will say that I wanted to add, for whatever reason, just just to kind of give you an idea. I wanted to take them to a different page when they click this link on my bark box page, whatever it is, wherever it is, you know, in the sequence of the page. But I wanted to go to a hidden page like I was talking about before. All I would do is I'd add another page. You know, maybe I total it spark box hidden or something like that, and I hit done, and I literally cooked this doctor out top on and I would go over to hide. And what that would do, is it? Would you'll see disappear from the top Now, if I own hide it, Osho, it pops back up now. I had it stopped there. Nobody could never find that unless they click this link on my bark box. Page us. That's how you do that, guys, on the bleep this page. Now I just want to show you that it's really cool. And then you can literally create a whole nother head and page that people can only access if they click that one like I'm in at a bar Crockett page, because I'm going to add the bark box subscription to a certain page because I want a potential for someone else to quick that. But I'm also when I would also do is I would put ah link subscription on my home page right here. Now, I'm gonna add that really fast as we move into the next lecture, so I'll show you what I did with that. And then in the next one will add YouTube videos here on kind of give a little bit more content on our page. 12. 12 Adding More Website Content: Alright, guys, we're back on the home page right here. Um and you can use your imagination. Obviously, we didn't finish. Find the puppy. We didn't finish the popular breeds. I didn't add to the blawg and I didn't finish the bark box. Now, these are all tabs that I'll have up and potentially center if I don't add any more on my website. But for the sake of finishing this course and just showing you how these things were done because you guys are smart, I don't need to actually show you every single thing that I'm doing. I've already shown you how to add pages. You know how to add content, how to duplicate and create it really fast. You every little intricate thing. So I'm not gonna go through, you know, over and over and draw your head with the same thing. So you could just imagine I'll show you the overview of the site as we finish. But right now, um really, all I need to do if I come up with something else, I'll add a page to it. I'm gonna add See ta links on. I didn't add one here yet, so you can add because I'm not sure which one I'm gonna add. So you can assume that I'm gonna add another bit of content right here on. That would be CTE related. I'm just not sure which one that's gonna be right now, but what I'm going to do is add YouTube videos and I'm gonna show you how to do that because that's a cool feature that you could do with whips as well. And by adding YouTube videos will keep people engaged. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna look for funny 20 puppies or something like that. And essentially, I want to go back to this, too. You gotta know your end goal. That's the key here. You know, I'm gonna go through a bunch of different things, and I've finalized with, you know, a generating traffic overview of how you can start generating traffic both free and paid to your website so you can get the most out of it. But when you're creating your website, you really need to know your angle. So whether you're drop shipping, but you could do a bunch of things, you know, whether it's e commerce, whether it's blogging, whether it's just a site that you're hosting your company on, you know, to drive or for reference for potential clients and leads anything. You got to know your end goal. So if it's really, really business related, you just want to look great, uh, and be kind of a reference on a portfolio of your business. And that's one thing. If you maybe it's a consulting service. And that's another thing, maybe its e commerce based and then the low landing page isn't as relevant. It's still relevant. You want to look good, but then you know you really want your your store to be. You know, we're driving the traffic, you know, you got to know your end goal with me. It's links. I want people to click a link, so I want people to stay here and be engaged. All these things that I'm showing you are just tools in your arsenal that you have on your tool belt that you can use. But anyway, you're going to know your end goal and what you really want to gain out of the Web site. But it's important to understand that angle so that you can use these tools. The best so that you can get the gold, get the action, the desired action that you want from the traffic and the people that come to your site. Now I'm trying to capture leads, obviously, and that's something that you need to be doing to, regardless of your niche. But I also want people to click my links and stay engaged Live page because the longer they stay on here, the mawr potential that they click my links in a more potential money that I make. So that's why I'm adding YouTube videos something great that you can dio. But like I said, you got to know your angle. So I'm not sure what what YouTube videos these are. Obviously, if I had a bunch of time to create this website on, and I wasn't showing this for the course, and I will go back and fix these things later as I create this website. But I'm just going to show you say that we landed on these two videos right here, and these are videos that we want. Obviously, my computer's muted right now, but this is how you do. You copy the u. R L from the video and skip this and pause it and skip this and posit. And we decided that these two were really, really funny. Want to add them on our page? Or they were They were great representation of whatever we wanted. Teoh, you know, display on our page would come back, we're going to add and we go to video. Now you can add videos will see you can add wicks Video can add video you can add Ah, classic video, um, hub if you want. I just add singular YouTube videos. I also add singular Texan singler pictures because I like to kind of, you know, more fit around to how I see fit. I'm drag it up a little bit and then I'm gonna change the video. And that's how you put your video in there and literally all you do is you copy and paste the your Ellen and you quick update and you'll see that your video pops out. And just to give you kind of a reference, you're not gonna put video, is there? I'm gonna put text that says something like, and these are just funny dog videos to keep people engaged in all my paged like I said, Why we love we're cheese. Very friends and, senator, that you always want to say wide you can You can have it multiple height if you want. That looks good. Sometimes I don't always do that. Drag it up a little bit and make sure that it's centered. And since this is on gray, I'm actually gonna make this white, and then I'm gonna bold in it, and I'm gonna add some effect. Uh, and then I literally duplicate this so we don't go back in and add another video. Just kind of puts the time in half. I'll drag it down, make sure it's centered, and I'm gonna drag this down and actually have to drag this backups. They struck that down, and there we go home, And, you know, for this example, I'm just gonna use to videos. But you know, you can you can, as you see fit, put more. You can make them smaller. You can put them in specific spots on your page, but always make sure that you just a little tip. You can put stuff outside the fold here, on the on the side folds, I recommend always just keeping things centered and in the middle on your full, because you'll notice that Still, it still looks good, uh, on the browser, on on a desktop, this way. And obviously this is a bit. This is, you know, it's not usually all like one, um, one steady thing like this. Like I said, that's why it looks good to have the brakes kind of like on popular breeds or find a puppy . It kind of gives a little personality when you're on desktop toe, have the sides, and then when you scrolled on, you'll see that footer. But for this specific example, I don't have that probably more food around a little bit and play with it when I'm done. But for right now, that's, uh, just how it looks on this page, but that I like it that way because when you're in Mobile and you switch over mobile letter and now will be one of the feature lectures, kind of making sure that everything's going on mobile. I teach do that. The end I teach to kind of keep everything in the middle of the cold and centered. If you can on, then just kind of make sure that It looks good on mobile afterwards, but that's what you dio. Now, I'm just going to switch this video really fast. I'm gonna get this. You are. L excited. That changed the video. Now, Like I said, I'm not keeping these were just assuming that we went through and these were really, really funny, and they would keep our target audience engaged because we want to play out their emotions , want their emotions skyrocketing. When they come on this page. We want them to like this page and stay engaged on this page. So they're on this page longer. And, like I said for the millionth time so that they'll quick our legs potentially, Um, that's the end goal with me. Obviously, I would feel more of this stuff in potentially, or it would delete some of these thes little strips here. Uh, I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with them yet, but that's, you know, pretty much how would fill it in and obviously, you know, fill in the you can see them dragging as I scrolled out, but I feel in the taps a little bit better. Um, you know, fill out, bark the bark box page and fill out. Find a puppy with more poppies. I fill out popular breeds with the rest of those 10 popular breeds. That's why I kept it up and I would put a couple block posts and I periodically adblock posts. That's how you do it, guys, and you just slowly fill out your site. Always keep everything in the middle. Like I said, you can use some of these tools. I might slowly added these, but we're just gonna add Act like it's pretty much done because I'm not gonna go through it every single thing with you, Um, but yeah, that's that's basically what it is, And that's how you got your site. Now you can do multiple different things up. Ride drag leads to the center. Maybe I'll add a little logo here, something like that. But that's basically how your site looks. It's really that simple. In the next video, I'm gonna go over a couple different things, and we're gonna start with fixing your footers and making it look professional because you want your photos to be professional 13. 13 Footer Construction & Getting a Domain Name: All right, guys. And I were gonna edit the footer. Um, Now, if you have a fact page in a contact page or shop, you can you economics to keep these. Um, I'm going to delete the about us because I don't have that. You can keep that and make that your about us description there, too. If you have that, I'm gonna leave all this. I don't need all of this in my footer, but you can. I'm also gonna delete the subscribe button because I already have a light box, and I already have two other email captures. Now, I'm obviously gonna believe this too. But what I am gonna keep is the social bar and Senator, there is the center, and I'm going to drag the footer down now, depending on what you do, you know, I'll show you an example of of my social media marketing site that with a footer that looks professional, depending on you know, whether your e commerce or you know you want to do for business. But this is how my foot her looks on my my social media marketing site. So it's pretty professional. Obviously you have Ah, you know It's my slogan. New ideas for growth. Um, you know, you can contact me, and when people click this it goes to my email. You know, I have my instagram linked to my all my social linked. You can reach me on my business phone. You can also email me and you know, it says gives me authenticity with, you know, says it says my LLC, with all rights reserved, you know, it's also, you know, it's a little bit different. You can kind of play around with footer designs. You'll see this one's kind of green. So when you do that, you can literally just change the footer design right here and, you know, play around with what everyone you like. Maybe like checkered. You know, maybe you like blue a different color. You can obviously choose those. I'm not gonna choose any of them right now. What I am going to do is drag this town slower and why it's all right. Well, that's why I'm trying to tear it down. If drag to put her up, it's right and drag it up and it will shrink and home. And so when you set your social links, if you're keeping them wherever they are. All you do is hit set social links. And then I like to change these. So what I'll do is I'll click it and I'll hit. Replace icon because you don't want the gray one you want. You want to draw people's attention. It's always change it to the Facebook blue on Twitter. Maybe a Twitter are placed the icon with the colorful icon. There's a bunch of icons in here, Uh, just for the sake of doing this for us, I'll do it here. Hours, 20 years, Twitter, YouTube. Obviously, if you want to add icons, you add icons here. So maybe I'd add Instagram, Um, and I order place the YouTube just like I did on my other site, because these are the four that I use. You know you might use other ones, and that's totally fine. Maybe used Google plus, maybe want linked in on yours for sure. If you have a soundcloud, maybe, you know, maybe you have yelp, you know, whatever the case may be, there's there's a social icon in here for it. If not, you can just add a Nikon, or you can just literally at a small little picture and literally manually link that. You know, it's very, very simple. That's why I love Wicks its dragon drop. But it's also has some complexity to it. So you could do a bunch of things that are advanced. But but it's very simple techniques. And obviously, when you click one of these right here on the side, um, you can just literally switch the link right here to a Web address and put your own Facebook address in there. That's how you do it, guys. That's how you set your own your social links up just kind of show you. If I wanted to link something like, say, for whatever reason, you wanted to link this text or you want to link a picture the same format with anything else you go here, you quit the link everyone over this, but just to reiterate on. And then you paste the URL here, and then when someone comes your site and you will see that it's underlined at, you know, and obviously that link will be applicable. S So that's how you do it, guys. That's setting up the folder, too, so that it's professional. Um, now you know, obviously, if you purchase that yearly, you can get a free domain on your totally entitled for that through Wicks. Uh, and I would definitely encourage you do that. But I also recommend I don't purchase that yearly, and I also recommend that you don't either, so you can go the year out if you want, but I like to go the monthly. It's a little bit more expensive, but then you kind of know what your monthly paint payment is, and it's It's just easier to calculate in my opinion. And then I go to go Daddy and I literally concert something. So in my case, when I want premium, I would maybe want something on the poppies need. So maybe I would say, you know, when you're searching for keywords, a lot of your you're gonna want to go as broad as you can. But long tail, because literally most one and two key words that that you're gonna be ableto to search for are going to be taken. And that's just the reality of it. So I would maybe say like puppies, our life, we'll see if that is a domain. And yes, puppies are life dot com is available for 11 99. That's actually pretty cheap. Sometimes you get him for, like, eight bucks sometimes. Or like 1999. The Chiefs ever Solomon was like 5 99 Think one time, but I'd go ahead and purchase this. I will do that. Um, you know, when I'm when it's completed Ah, and that's what the way I do it at the cart and I buy it from Go Daddy. 14. 14 SEO & Google, Upgrading & Useful Apps, & Generatng Traffic to Your Site: Alright, guys. So, uh, we basically did everything you know? Obviously, you're gonna add a little bit more and do your own thing with certain things. Like I said, you'll I link in the one lecture previously, um, I linked a couple of different sites that you can use as references. I think that in the word document for you, you know, But everything's pretty much done. Assuming your mobile optimized, you know, you've kind of added content. It doesn't even perfect. You can go back and, you know, make it perfect and really perfected later. You want to just get it up, get the kind of the lay out of it going, and then you can perfect it as you go. You know you for a bunch of different reasons. A. Because you want to get it on Google as fast as you can because the faster it's on Google, the more time it will mature. And you want your sight of mature because, as, um, insurance will start to get more and more traffic, Google will start to see you as more and more relevant. So as much of a reason that you want to do that essentially because not only for Google, but because when you, um uh you do your analytics And that's one of the apse that I recommend. Once you upgrade on your premium, you're going to be able to see traffic patterns and what's working what's not. And then you'll be able to better optimize your site for the Google analytics. That's one thing that you could dio so But essentially the next thing you want to dio, once you're done creating all the content on your site on it doesn't have to be perfect. But you do just have to create the way out in the general content is you're gonna want to go back to your overall page before you manage your site and you're gonna quick Google get get found on Google and you're gonna hit improve your S e O. What this will do is it will take you to the S e O. On This is one of the reasons I love Wicks. It has this s e o whiz and you can literally just start now. And it will literally walk you through the process of getting found on Google and how to, you know, improve your SCL. So just just as a a little I'm just gonna name this my sight for now. I'm gonna change that in the future. But you can literally just walked through all these steps and then you're gonna wanna add keywords that are relevant and then create your CEO plan and will literally walk you through step by step process of ranking, um, on each page on your site, and it will literally show you to step by step process and the check marks as they go, and we'll take you back to this page and tell you what to do and click these buttons and how you're gonna rank your page s CEO. I'm not going through. Go through that, you know, specifically over and over again with you because this will literally walk you through. I've done it many times myself. I've taken clients through it, so I know it works. I know it's very easily understandable, but if you don't want to go this route another way, you can just do it is you can literally just go to Google and type in submit site to Google , and it should be one of the ones that pops up. Uh, right here. Submit You are out, and one of the ways that you can do this is once you log in, obviously you would just submit your site like he was asking me to pop my things and you would literally just Smith, you're you are up to Google, and then obviously within a day or two, you'd be able to be found on search results. Now, you're not gonna rank right away. But that's why I suggest Teoh, you know, kind of set your layout up and get all your content on your site before you pay. And then the very next step is getting your site found on Google and submitting it. Because once it's done, you want to be able to be found on Google so that your site matures and you start getting more and more traffic as the days, the weeks and months go on, you'll start to notice that a month or two into it, you'll get a lot more traffic on. And it might take a month for you to start building any traffic whatsoever. If you're not, you know, getting any free organic traffic from Google and I'll show you you know, obviously have a generate traffic in other ways, but you might. It might take your your set a month or two to get found on Google. You know, it's pretty significantly So you're not going on the first page or anything like that. I'm not promising anything crazy, but, you know, ranking relatively higher on Google will get you organic search results. And that's the key. So you want to run through this S e o with you. Want to submit your site to Google if you're not doing the ASIO with. But after you submit your site to Google and you run through the S E O is the very next step is upgrading guys, so you'll see here that you can upgrade. You literally just hit upgrade, and you can get Yearly Unlimited or you compare the plans. And, like I went into this before, I I recommend the unlimited. You don't wanna go connect the main. That's just it's a way to basic. There's nothing that comes with this. You're wasting your $5. Trust me, the combo doesn't have a lot of the things that the unlimited does. Um, and you don't get any of the stuff that it promises you. You're not gonna get add vouchers. You're not gonna get the site booster. You're not gonna get the CEO is which is crucial. You're not gonna get a bunch of things. I'm not going through it all. And you barely get enough storage on that. You don't want to push push the limits so I would recommend unlimited. It's only 14 a month here. Sometimes you can find that it's it's 12 months. These prices can fluctuate. But if you purchase it through my link, it will be the lowest possible for that time period. That's how the affiliate commissions work. Eso with that being said, guys, I would upgrade. Now, once you have your site completed and its mobile optimized and then you submitted it to Google, now is the time to upgrade. So now you're going to put your site live and pay for it. You're gonna have your domain already. Now your sights alive. Now you want to start generating traffic to your site. Eso essentially, before you do any that you'll notice that when you're back in, let's go here when you're back in this right here and you've upgraded, you'll be able to purchase two premium maps and you'll see that some of these air premium now I recommend site booster and you'll see that this is free. But there are also a great ah bunch of APS. Visitor Analytics is a good one, too. You add that to, but there are good. You get two free once you upgrade to premium service and these air crucial cause these APS can do phenomenal things. Trust me, you need to APS. So once you do upgrade to a premium, uh, if you need recommendations, you can kind of go through the the APP store and kind of browse to see which ones that fit you. You're store better. Maybe you need any commerce that maybe you need, you know, bookings, app. If you're consulting service, you know, something like that, maybe you need email shoutouts to help build your email list or something like that. You know, whatever the case may be, there's there's an app for it. Really All comes down to now is you know, we purchase it. We got the APS. You know, you got found on Google and you rank your S e o. Everything's optimized and ready to go. Now I just need generate traffic on. And I'm not gonna go through the specifics and generating traffic with you, you know, with everything, because I can literally talk for hours and hours and hours on generating traffic. It's one of the things that I do is additional marketer. It's one of my expertise is there's a bunch of different ways to generate traffic. You know there's content creation in the form of YouTube, videos and content in the form of blog's, whether it's written or video content you can. You can create it that way, you know, to generate traffic twitter. You can also generate traffic through Facebook. You can also generate traffic. Instagram. You also do paid traffic through Google AdWords. You can also do pay draft through Facebook. You can also do pay traffic through instagram, but a lot of the things that I teach that are innovative methods you know are free. So that's free target following and free on free instagram automation. Those two things are crucial in there. There how I generate a majority of my traffic Carless of You know what you're doing, whether you're building websites, whether you're doing whatever you need. T generate traffic. You can have the best. I always say you can have the best copy. You know you can up the best writing. You can have the best pictures. You can have the best you know, products. You know you can have the best services and the best everything. But if you can't get traffic to the sites and those products, it doesn't matter. Eso generating traffic. It's huge. It's crucial.