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How to Build Customer Loyalty for Repeat Business.

Youshaa Motan ☯, Founder - The Digital Branding School

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10 Videos (14m)
    • Building Customer Loyalty for Repeat Business

    • Why Customers Leave...

    • Step 1-Provide Excellent Customer Service!

    • Step 2-Manage and Exceed Expectations

    • Step 3-Adopt a Positive Attitude-Part 1

    • Step 3-Adopt a Positive Attitude-Part 2

    • Step 4-Take Ownership

    • Step 5-Accommodate Their Needs

    • Step 6-Maintain A Great Relationship

    • Class Review and Thank-You[ Please Review this Class!]


About This Class


Imagine all your existing clients were loyally spending their money with YOU and not elsewhere every month.

Companies lose millions of clients every month worldwide due to lack of loyalty and that translates to Billions of Dollars lost every month!

In this course you will adopt and master a 6 step plan to gain and retain the loyalty of your clients for repeat business over and over again! That's like money in the bank.

The class yields immediate results and we will walk you through the 6 step process in just over 10 minutes.

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Great class!!!
Mandy Vosloo

Online Lifestyle, Psychology and Digital Marketer





Youshaa Motan ☯

Founder - The Digital Branding School

Hi! I'm Youshaa - Follow me right now on Skillshare.

I'm the founder & Online Teaching Developer at an innovative online marketing company - The Digital Branding School, a membership site where we sell 1000's of licensed royalty-free digital products such as software, online courses, plugins, ebooks, audio, graphics, templates and more that you can download, rebrand, resell and make moolah, keeping 100% of the profits!

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