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How to Brainstorm on Powerpoint Presentation Templates - Minimalistic Icon Slide

teacher avatar Andrew Pach ⭐, Animation all the way!

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. LESSON 1

    • 3. LESSON 2

    • 4. LESSON 3

    • 5. LESSON 4

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About This Class


What is this class about?

With this short class I wanted to show you how you can brainstorm and work on PowerPoint template design. This will be a minimalistic approach on my workflow how I try to create several slides from one concept which could lead to a powerpoint template or just greater design in general!

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Andrew Pach ⭐

Animation all the way!


Hi! My name is Andrew Pach, to my friends known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience.

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1. Introduction: hello and welcome. In this short PowerPoint class, this will be a little design class where I want to show you a great fun to use. And I can. You could use, for example, and how to brainstorm on creating a template. This will be a very simple template, a minimalistic template, but we'll go and try to create a few slides, and then you will have ideas how to continue and how to build upon this one slide to create an entire template or entire presentation out off. I really do hope you do likes of brainstorming sessions because you will get to work. You will get to create this presentation as well. Please help inside and let's start creating. 2. LESSON 1: hello to you on this beautiful day, where we'll try to create a very minimalistic slight. Now, why do I want to record saturated Auriol? Because I wanted to show you the Montserrat Fund. This fund. It's often used by designers. It's a popular fund. You most likely already know it, but if you don't, I would recommend you to download it. Just look at this. It's a beautiful, fun family. You have not only normal phones, you have also alternative versions for this fund. And if you want to be and become better as a designer, start using good phones. A good fund alone can make a great design a huge impact, and it really distinguishes your design from different designs Now, as I said, Montserrat is often used, but it's a free fund. Just look at this license as you hover over here. Commercial desk abuse. You can use this commercially. It's free license allows you to create commercial graphics and documents. So I don't know the Despont. And just to tell you fund information often compared to Proxima Nova. Proximate over. If you would like to buy another professional fund, which is similar to this free one it would cost you around 700 bucks. Yes, it's true. 700 bucks. It's a entire fund family, and it's also great. But if you can have similar funds for free, then why not use them? Okay, this will be enough for the beginning. Please download this nice phone, or you can use another front. If you would like to design something else, install it on your PC. Open a PowerPoint and we will continue in the next lesson. Thank you very much for listening to the 1st 1 and see you in the moment. 3. LESSON 2: in this lesson, we will create the initial design and I'll show you a great trick. How you can work with icons in PowerPoint. Please go to a website called I can find their dot com or flat icon or any really website with icons and download any I can you would like to use for your slight. I, for example, selected a picture I can because I want to create a portfolio slide. So a picture Aiken will the cool and it will be perfect for our minimalistic approach. Okay, so I would arrive in Power Point and I would use this fund either on the normal version or in the obit changes altered version and how easy it would be to create minimalistic slight with this cool fund. Now, let me delete. Let's say that you have a portfolio slight or something like this and you would like to introduce that Now you will show your images in portfolio. I would go to insert. I would insert a text box attacks just like that, and I would write my images or let's just write my images. It is okay. Now I'll go to my fund selection and s explained. I'll use the Monserrate where I have it. I should see it immediately. Okay, Here I have the Monserrate and for minimalistic slides, I'll use big, bulky phones. So I most likely you go for Monster Black, Extra bold or alternates Extra bold. I see the blackest, even burger. So I'll select the black my images and I'll make this really big. Okay, I would have a slight like this on the right side, and this already looks interesting. Now I've selected one. Aiken, I have selected a picture. I can like this, and I could maybe a justice icon. Since this is a PNG icon and it is transparent at the background, let me bring it to front. You see, it's transparent, which I would like to show you. A neat little trick with you can do with icons overall. So I select insult shapes and I'll select a around the direct angle because I want to cover up this cycle. Now I'll make this round that object like this. I'll try toe perfectly. Cover this Aiken, and this should be no problem. I just adjust the corners. I had just this under. Let me select no old like. OK, I will adjust it on the left side by holding my left. Bulky as I see, I do it into it If Okay, that's it. Well, maybe on the right side, Here in the bottom, it's It's not so clean. Okay? And that's all that I need for this trick. Now shape Phil White, Right click sent to back. I select this icon on the front. Do I have it? Okay, I have it. Control C Control V. And why did I do the white background? Because I want a white background. I want wrecked it on the new one. Send it to back. I want to make it smaller. Oh, sorry. I want to rotate it a little bit. And just so that I can doesn't look so plain. I don't put another icon off this behind it. Okay, Bigger rotated. Perfect. I want something like that. And if you want one more, then you should group this Contra gee and control C control V. Right click sent to back. Rotate all sorry with shifty, smaller rotation. Okay. Perfect control. C control V. Right click sent to back. Mm. Rotation smaller. Okay. I think we are done. I don't need anything more. I just wanted to give it some flavor because it was a bit too simple. Okay, let me justice. You see Now the image. I'll even control G. So it's one big group. Now this icon looks a tiny bit better, and it isn't so playing in New York. 4. LESSON 3: Okay, so we have our foundation. We have the I can we have the text in this lesson will make the final touch and try to work on what we have. We will try to create several slides with a few mouse clicks. We will not overthink it will not overdo it. We'll work quickly, work smart and create several slices we could use for any type of presentation in a matter of minutes. This is how you can brainstorm on templates and how you can continue to build upon your work. Since this was a minimalistic slight, I would maybe I would maybe underline it like here. Or choose a divider for here. I'd go to infant shapes and I would select another rectangle shape and I'll select it like this. Okay, let me make the corners more around it. I would make it. Of course, smaller tener can be as well. I have placed it around here. Okay. And I would select a secondary color. Well, maybe not again. Black. No, I would like I think I would select a great one here if I would like to go as minimalistic justice. Okay. Or if you want one tone for the entire presentation. You could select the tone now, but I think I will stick to the gray one. Okay. A simple, great like this. And this is perfect. I think my slight would be somehow ready. I can, for example, copy this slight like control C control V and explore a little bit. What if What if we did something like this and this would be completely up to you? You could do some underlines he could use. You could do some designs. Like days, for example, of my images. More on the left side, More together in the center of this light. Okay, then you can copy the site again over. And you could select this element. You could place it on the left side and sent to back. Or maybe like this For the Eiken. This looks like a logo, but it also sets the right tone. And I can explore my possibilities to create a template. I could have a slight like this, like this, Like this. And the possibilities are endless. You could You can use all elements you have. You can use the text and let's say I will start for months. home and I would just I drop her the text, I would rotate the texts. I would make the text bigger to make it to the site. Maybe I made it to be sorry, and I'll place it here. I would delete this background on. And it's too strong. No. So I would need to adjust the gray. I would adjust a great color, are sorry, not shape full text, Phil, I would select a brighter color. Okay, so my composition gets a bit smaller, so I would need to select both icons and place them a bit to the right side. Okay. And this is how I approach will making template and making different slights and look on the left side. I think these are pretty good designs. And we used like what? Like a few minutes for it. And we have four different slides, different styles we could follow, and we could use those elements over and over again. Then, if you have such a slight you control V. And now we have a normal slight, let's say a normal slight. And this would be just your topic icon. This could be the divider. And this could be the title, so I would have to title in a different phone. I would make this smaller boom and hero come to content off the slide. You could also skip this that make very empty slight. 5. LESSON 4: hello to you. Welcome in this summarizing lesson. So you notice that this was no big template creation process. This was more like a brainstorming session. And I do. Thank you for watching the lessons with me and trying to create a presentation on your own . I hope you did the same. You used a nice fund. You've selected nice Aikens. Or maybe one I can and you try to create a few minimalistic slight just to get in the mood off designing and creating. And it really helps me as well as I start to design some presentation or something. I just warm myself up with some simple designs like nice phone usage and I already get in a better mood and see what's possible that it is possible and the creation process starts to get better from there. If you don't like the content, I will really appreciate a time's up. A positive review. This really helps me and let me know that Yes, you would like to see more off such classes, more off such content and I'll be happy to record this for you because I do really enjoy this design. So I think we will close this down at this point. Thank you for taking part in this brainstorming session. And I do hope you like this type of content. If you would like to get better at Power Point, you can enroll in my full power point course, improve your PowerPoint and design skills, get amazing presentations done fast and efficient. This is a way more comprehensive course. And it goes about all the details you need in order to make presentations from start to finish. I hope I will be able to release more off those short classes as well so they can go together and fill in all the gaps. My name is Andrea, and I'll see you in the next one, hopefully.