How to Boost Your Talking and Flirting Skills (A Man's Guide)

Benjamin Schwarz, First Dating Expert (for men) in happy relationshi

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8 Videos (33m)
    • Introduction

    • The One Rule

    • Direction of the Talk

    • How to Build Up Trust

    • A pocket full of stories

    • Flowery and Emotional Language

    • Unreactiveness

    • Wrap Up How to boost your talking and flirting skills


About This Class

You are fine talking with the ladies but would appreciate some tips on how to boost your skills?

In this fun course, we are gonna go over some tips and tricks that will improve your flirting WITHOUT manipulating women or learning pointless flirting scripts. 

You will learn about:

  • The One Rule You must follow in a conversation
  • How you can build up trust quickly so that you both open up and lead a great conversation 
  • How You will never run out of things to say again
  • The secret tip: The language that makes her cling to your lips

and more!

Enjoy some quick tips and start leading more meaningful conversations with women!

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My man Benjamin is a boss. I highly recommend his classes.





Benjamin Schwarz

First Dating Expert (for men) in happy relationshi

Every man deserves to experience love.

I was that typical nice guy: Either unnoticed by girls or just their friend...but never their boyfriend.

Frustrated as I was, I've spent years studying Pick Up books trying to find techniques that would turn me into the next Casanova...although what I actually wanted deep inside was just somebody to love.

None of these techniques really worked out. They brought me a couple of (painful) relationships but with the wrong girls.


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