How to Blend Colors in Procreate Part 1 | Banashree Das | Skillshare

How to Blend Colors in Procreate Part 1

Banashree Das, Digital illustrator

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6 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. The Basics

    • 4. Same Layer VS Separate Layers

    • 5. My Blending Process Start to Finish With Instructions

    • 6. Thank you

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About This Class

In this class I am going to teach you how to blend colors in Precreate , all the basic things you need to know. If  you are a beginner Procreate artist or maybe using Procreate for the first time then consider taking my first class "Getting Started with Procreate (For iPad Pro) and learn the very basics first else you might find this class a bit difficult to understand. And if you already use Procreate and need some help with blending then you are good to go. There will be second part to this class, where I will be talking only about Blend Modes/Layer Modes.

You will learn :

  • The Basics 
  • Same layer vs Separate layers
  • My Blending Process-Start to 

 Materials you will need :

  • iPad Pro
  • Procreate (latest version) installed on your iPad Pro
  • Apple Pencil 

I Used one of my custom brush along with default brushes to blend and sharing the custom brush so you can give it a try 

You can also find me here :  InstagramYouTube , Gumroad


1. Introduction: thesis industry and welcome to my class how to blend colors in procreate art one. In this class, I'm going to teach you all the basic things you need to know to blend colors effectively in procreate. If you are appropriate beginner or maybe using appropriate for the very first time. Then consider taking my first class getting started with appropriate for iPad pro and learned a very basics. First else you might find this class a bit difficult to understand. And if you already a regular procreate user and need some help with blending, then you are good to go. There will be another part to this class where I will be covering when moats Orly remote only, and I will show you how to get different blending effects with different plan moods. So in this part you will learn the basics. I will share the basic things you should know and understand. Before you start lending, then seem their verses separate layers. Here you will learn how to use layers for blending and the difference between using single layer and separate layers. Next, finally, I will show you how I planned from start to end with step a step instructions for blending . I have used the one off by custom braces along with default process and you will be able to download it for free. We'll tell you how in the last video for your class project simply draw an object or a character and share the final outcome as your class assignment You can also join my draw this inner style challenge on Instagram and share your work Here s class project also your works will be featured on my instagram story So don't forget to share it now let's get started. 2. Class Project : drawing object or a character, and so the final outcome as your class project. You can also join my draw this in your style challenge on Instagram and Syria version. As a class assignment, you can find a link in project dictates. I'm really looking forward to seeing your beautiful works, and I will be sharing your projects on my instagram story, so make sure to serve your projects along with Instagram handles. 3. The Basics: the basics, the basic things you need to know before you start lending to blend colors in procreate with most thing used us much tool, but you can also use blur in some cases. Make sure you take my first class on getting started with procreate. If you are not familiar with the tools now, let me show you how it works. First, I'm going to paint with some random colors. Now I have selected one of my breast for blending. Now all we have to do is much, but the hard part is to control its extent and flew the way we want. And that's where comes precise and capacity. When we use maximum capacity, the smart stool works at its maximum, and some processes may lead to a very blurry outcome. As we keep adjusting capacity, the smart stool works accordingly. Here you can see when a moving my pencil from Do the Red, the blues covering some of the rate space, and when I'm doing the opposite, the radio spreading do the blues. If we do boat, it will start mixing the two colors and create a new one. If you didn't know yet, you can control capacity by also pressing the apple pencil more or less. More pressure increases capacity and less pressure for low opacity when blending, changing precise works the same way as a normal breast we use for drawing. It's really important to keep changing, precise as we blend for small areas. Orphan aiding details Make sure you were using a small precise and use a bigger breasts for bigger areas and give changing whenever needed. A lot of beginners don't things precise very often and and sup with the very blood re result. As I told earlier, in some cases, we can just blur to blend two or more colors. Now I'm going to use caution. Blur here I used motion blur to know with the default process you can use for blending, watch my first class getting started with appropriate. I didn't mention in year versus for blending in my first class so staring only those in this class. Also make sure you pick up Russ for blending after selecting the sports, too. Here amusing soft press from airbrushing. No using hard airbrushed to blend, you know. Next I'm using the soft airbrush from airbrushing. Now I'm using my custom process to blend when we use separate layers, blending works a little bit different thing. We will discuss that in the next video. Please feel free to let me know if have any doubts in the discussion. 4. Same Layer VS Separate Layers : same lier versus separate layers. When we paint with two or more colors on the same layer and planned, it works just like I saw in the previous video using same. There is actually a bit easier than using separate layers. On the other hand, when we use separate layers for different colors, we have to keep switching layers and smart carefully to mix the colors like I'm sure you right now. Now you must be thinking why you separately understand? Because it allows us to make changes to a particular layer without affecting another layer . I must say you separate layers for separate colors and areas so that I can't change any particular color without worrying about the rest. And here is what I mean by debt. Now I can change when layers color to any color I runt without affecting the other one. But if I try to change colors or do other edits, when I hear both the colors on the same layer, it will change or effect both the color simultaneously. Now you know about the ways, so use whichever you were comfortable bit 5. My Blending Process Start to Finish With Instructions : my blending process first. I simply feel in my sketch with the basic colors. Also, I always lower my sketch layers capacity before coloring. I always forget to name the layers, but it is a good practice. So named them if you remember. As I said earlier, I mostly used different layers for different colors because I keep changing colors often throughout my process. And using separate layers makes it a lot easier when I'm sure and most likely not going to make any changes to any colors or us best thick area Onley. Then I marched the layers. There are ways to change colors, even after completing an artwork. I was shared those another time. You can check Minute of Jenna to get some ideas if want. - If you don't know how to group, there's select the layers by swiping right and then select group. No. Yeah, after the basic coloring I've been did the dark areas off her face using the same color on a single layer, and I won't be using this layer for anything else. Make sure toe. Observe how often I'm changing precise and capacity throughout the whole process. Next I'm going do smudge it in this step, we must carefully adjust precise and breast capacity. So take your time and keep changing size and capacity and do it works the way you want. After some practice, it will get used to it. That's why I highly recommend that instead of trying to make things easier, spent some time to learn the basics and how it works. If you practice regularly, it will start to feel much easier and natural without you even realizing it. - Now I can add just the stairs capacity lower or higher, as required without affecting any other leaders. Most likely, you will find this instructions somewhat confusing if you are an absolute beginner. So sorry for rebuilding this. But if you are not sure about something considered, taking my first class and getting started with appropriate and mostly using one of my own breasts for blending now and you can find out how to get it for free in the last video. Also, I have shared all the default process I used in my first class about getting started with appropriate Yeah, blend modes or layer moods are like magic when you know how to use them effectively. But if I talk about plan moods now, you might find it overwhelming. And that's exactly why I'm going to publish a second part to this class where I will be talking only about Ben moods. So for now, keep practicing the basics, and we will discuss about blend moods in the next class. If you change colors very often like me, make sure you're using separate layers for different colors for has Sylvie process if you like the blending to be a little rough, appropriate also has process for debt. I shared those in my first class. Also, when important thing is to not use caution, dirt or any other blur all the time for blending colors. I have seen so many who does that it Sure, the easiest way to mix colors, but it won't lead you to a satisfactory result if you use it all the time. Next, when you are done with the basic blending, start getting details on a separate layer on top of the rest. If you are using this much tool for details, make sure you are using an appropriate breast size. Keep the highlights part for the end. It's better not to start painting the highlights when you were half done with the painting or blending process, because you might end up repeating the same later. Also, don't forget to create another layer on top for highlights and use a small press for blending. You can also add something extra like accessories at the end on a new layer and stayed up building with it in earlier stage in separate players. No, now I'm going to give her white highlighted hair. If you need to fix something on a specific clear, just go back and make the changes. One more important thing is, if you want, by chance using when motes or layer moods do not march layers with different plan moods. When you do so, it might lose it. Or is it no effect? So much layers with same plan, moods or layer moods? This is why I use separate layers. Mostly I can change a particular color and make any adjustments to any layer with a minimum afford. It's mostly about how you control your breast size and capacity when blending. If have any doubts, please do let me know for the stars on her cheeks. I used a custom Bro's, which is available for free download on my camera. So and I used, then moved off early here, you can learn how I had blow in my another class three ways to and blow to your art digitally, and now it's done. 6. Thank you : Hey, guys. First of all, thank you so much for taking my glass. I hope you found it helpful. And please do not has did to let me know if you have any doubts, you can use the discussion toe. Ask me any questions. I will make sure to reply as quickly as possible. Also to leave your feet, Dix, if you like my glass, make sure you sear your class projects. I'm super excited to see it. And your progress as promised Here is how you can download my custom lending breast for free.