How to Become a Workplace Coach: The Fundamentals | Andrew Gilbert | Skillshare

How to Become a Workplace Coach: The Fundamentals

Andrew Gilbert, Managing Director @ Worthlearning

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10 Videos (1h 16m)
    • Welcome

    • Definitions of Coaching

    • Management Coaching

    • Breaking negative belief cycles

    • Increasing awareness and responsibility

    • Core skills of coaching

    • The OSCAR coaching model

    • OSCAR demonstration

    • Everyday coaching for busy managers

    • Summary


About This Class

Welcome to How to Use Coaching to Empower People at Work - the course is designed to help you to understand the basics of coaching and have access to practical coaching tools that you can immediately apply in your operational role.

The programme is divided into short video’s:

We’ll start by looking at the Definitions of coaching. We’ll look at some of the concepts of coaching and how coaching differs from training, counselling and mentoring.

We’ll then look at Management coaching and learn how coaching is applied by managers in the workplace.

We’ll look at the Psychology of coaching and why coaching has such a motivational impact on colleagues.

Then we’ll consider how to break negative belief cycles. How to overcome negative thoughts and create positive behaviours and attitudes.

Ultimately, we want to raise awareness and responsibility in our colleagues so that they become engaged, empowered and embrace accountability.

We will then look at the Core skills of coaching and the practical models available to actual coach colleagues.

We will focus on the The OSCAR Coaching Model in particular and demonstrate OSCAR in practice in a 15 minute video sequence.

Finally, we will look at how coaching can be applied by busy managers in everyday situations and we will facilitate a self-coaching session for you.





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Andrew Gilbert

Managing Director @ Worthlearning

Andrew is a qualified trainer, corporate coach and facilitator. He joined Worth Consulting as a co-director in 1998 and in 2002 he developed the internationally acclaimed OSCAR Coaching Model. In 2004 Worth won a National Training Award for their coaching and leadership programme centred around the OSCAR Coaching Model. Andrew draws on his international leadership and management experience to develop practical, everyday tools that can be used by managers at all levels to maximise their perfor...

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