How to Become a Star on Skillshare - 5 Strategic Points to Make Your Skillshare Classes Shine | David ✏ Ault | Skillshare

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How to Become a Star on Skillshare - 5 Strategic Points to Make Your Skillshare Classes Shine

teacher avatar David ✏ Ault, The Writer Teacher

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. An Introduction to the Skillshare Star Concept

    • 2. Body of your Star: High Quality Content

    • 3. Point One: A Longterm View of Success

    • 4. Point Two: An Understanding of How Skillshare Works

    • 5. Point Three: Your Classes Must be Visually Appealing

    • 6. Point Four: Your Classes Must be Engaging

    • 7. Point Five: Marketing and Promotion

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About This Class


How to Become a Star on Skillshare - 5 Strategic Points to Make Your Skillshare Classes Shine is simply a must-take class for all instructors looking to build there Skillshare channel and earn a significant monthly income on the platform.

My concept of the Skillshare Star looks at 5 strategic points that you should follow to be successful:

  1. A Long-Term View of Success
  2. An Understanding of How Skillshare Works
  3. Ensuring Your Classes are Visually Appealing
  4. Ensuring Your Classes Engage Your Students
  5. On-site Marketing and Off-site Promotion

Whether you are a seasoned Skillshare instructor or a new teacher to the platform currently creating your first class, enrol in this class today and learn the steps you need to take to become a Skillshare Star.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

David ✏ Ault

The Writer Teacher


A Little Bit More About Me

My name is David James Ault and I am a British ex-pat living in Slovakia, in the heart of Europe, with my wonderful Slovak wife, our three children and our Ragdoll, Blue.

Having graduated with a BSc (Hons) Degree in European Business, the first part of my career was spent in marketing, especially in the tourism industry, and during that time, I completed my Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing, at the CIM.

In 2001, I moved from the UK to Slovakia, where I set up a tourism portal about Slovakia and wrote travel related articles and books. I also began writing my first novel.

During the last two decades, I have written non-fiction books in a variety of niches and set up a number of successful websites to promote my various inter... See full profile

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1. An Introduction to the Skillshare Star Concept: Hello. My name is David James or and I would like to welcome you to this class, which will show you the five strategic point you need to follow in order to make your classes shine so that ultimately you could become a staff on skill ship. Of course, thes five strategic points will only be successful if the content of your classes is of a high enough quality. And that is why content performs the body about star as it doesn't really matter how well you achieve each of the other five points. If your content is not up to scratch because without tie quality original content, you will never become a star and skill share, at least not in the long term. And the concept of a long term view of success is actually one of the points that makes up the foundation of our star, the other being an understanding of how skill share works. And it is vital that you recognize each of these two foundation concepts before you begin outlining and creating a class on skill share because both play huge heart on whether or not you're going to be successful on this platform and ultimately earn enough money towards making a living from teaching online. The third and fourth points on out start to ensure your classes are visually appealing, and also to make sure your classes engage your students, both of which go hand in hand with the body of our star. After all, it won't matter how good your content is if your classes unable to attract potential students to enroll in it and then engage those students sufficiently to ensure that your class trains trending plays a big role in the success of your individual classes here on skill share. And so it is important that you let us many people know about the new class as quickly as you possibly can, which brings us on nicely to the fifth and final point about start soothe marketing on promoting of your classes. It is the top point of our star toe emphasize the key part it place and is possibly the most important point for your initial success on skill share 2. Body of your Star: High Quality Content: As you'll soon discover there are a number of different factors that will determine whether or not you will be successful on skill share. But central to each of them is the quality of the content you are teaching. Unless you regularly deliver high quality content in your lessons, you will not be able to maintain a loyal following to your channel and without a student following eager to take your next class, it is extremely difficult to become a star on skill share. Each class needs to teach a particular skill or topic well. They need not be unique, but they must be original, especially for topics than have a lot of competing classes. You should always make sure that your lessons offer something a little different are based on your personal knowledge and expertise and especially your experience, as well as providing quality content in terms of knowledge. You also have to ensure that the content is technically up to scratch. The audio of your lessons must be over professional standard, and while your video does not have to be television quality, it does need to be of a high enough standard so as not to detract from what you're teaching . Having said all that, it is also important that you don't strike for perfection with your classes. The perfect class does not exist, and the reality is if you are procrastinating for weeks and months on end, trying to create perfection, you will simply not published sufficient classes to become a star on skill share. As it is not enough to only publish a few high quality classes on the platform, you need to regularly release top quality classes to your channel, so this over time you are able to build up a tribe of loyal students. Rather than trying to be a perfectionist, you should create classes to the best of your ability, only publishing material that you're proud to put your name to work productively. Concentrate on teaching in your own original style. Follow the five strategic points laid out in this class and slowly build your brand so that eventually you make a name for yourself and become a skill share star 3. Point One: A Longterm View of Success: in this video, I am going to talk about the first of two foundation concepts that you should be oaf A. With long before you put pen to paper on, begin writing the script for your first class, which is simply that you should take a long term view of success at skill share. Unless you boast a huge following a students or potential students outside of skill share, it is extremely unlikely that you will be able to attract sufficient numbers of premium enrollments to your first few classes and earn a significant monthly income. The premium enrollment is when a premium student in roles in your class and this forms the basis of your earnings here on skill share, with each premium enrollment being worth between one and $2 in any given month. This uncertainty of exactly how much you will learn until you actually get paid may have put off many seasoned instructors from publishing their courses on skill share. But in my own personal experience, I actually find that skill share provides a stable income month on month with far less fluctuations to my earnings than on other online course platforms. However, you are unlikely to see significant earnings from day one. Instead, you should see a gradual increase as you become more and more established on the platform. And don't think for a minute that skill share is some kind of get rich quick scheme or even a sorts of passive income. You'll need to work hard each and every month, both on the course creation side of things and on the marketing and promotion of your classes if you are to have any chance of being successful. So rather than dream of your first class taking off in nestling at the top of skill shares home page, think realistically and concentrate on slowly building your channel while also increasing your followers. You might be pleasantly surprised and see one of your first classes take off spectacularly . But my advice would be to take a long term approach, stay productive, be consistent and aimed to create classes in the same niche or even sub knish so that your students know what to expect from you and eventually come to think of you as an expert in a particular field, don't be tempted to chase a trend, especially if it is something that is totally unrelated to your core channel. Perhaps you are capable of creating a competent class on this new topic, and maybe you will benefit from a spike in premium enrollments as a result of the temporary high demand for that subject. But long term, you will have new students were not really interested in Your channel is a hole, and worse still, you risk confusing your existing student base. Who may be wondering why you have gone from teaching subject A and are now teaching subjects X Y and said, And as well as building your skill share channel, I also encourage you to try and create Siris of classes within your particular niche as Siri's, work extremely well on skill share and are a great way for students to discover your back catalog of classes on the platform. However, it is vitally important that the individual classes within the Siri's are complete in themselves, with each one teaching a different skill or topic. Your students shouldn't be forced to take the next class in the Siri's. They should want to take the next class by creating a series of classes in this way and building up your channel and followers over time, you should see consistent month on month growth and your earnings gradually rise as your back catalog of classes increases. That said, it is important that you set goals each month in terms of new classes, new followers and, of course, new premium enrollments. Try and stay highly motivated to reach these goals, keep track of the statistics and be accountable by increasing the creation and promotion of new classes whenever necessary. The teacher stats. The skill share now provide inch instructor will certainly help you keep track of things, including your premium enrollments. However, personally, I take the time to manually count my premium enrollments partly to keep me motivated each day, but mainly to see who exactly are the new premium students that are enrolling in my classes , on which classes of mine are the ones that are performing best. Keeping track of the number of premium enrollments for each individual class is such an important stat to know because, as I said before, your premium enrollments from the basis of your royalty payments each month and together with premium referrals and various teacher bonuses, which I shall go into more detail in 0.5 of our star make up your total earnings and understanding exactly how your earnings are calculated. It's just one of a number of things on skill share that you need to comprehend if you are to become successful. On the platform is the calculation of earnings is just one of a number of differences that set skill share apart from Buddha, me and all the other online course platforms. And those other differences will be explained in the second foundation point of our star understanding how skill share works. 4. Point Two: An Understanding of How Skillshare Works: the second foundation point of our skill share Star is gaining an understanding of how skill share works. It never fails to amaze me. How many successful Buddha me instructors I see coming over to give skill, share a try and failing miserably? The same mistakes are made time and time again, and in my opinion, it simply comes down to not taking the time to learn how skill share works. Remember these air successful teachers with good quality classes? But a lack of basic knowledge about this platform means that they are unable to repeat the success that they had previously enjoyed. On who? To me, the fact is, skill share is not Buddha. Me. You can't just take your four hour long ayuda me cause uploaded to skill share and expect to start making money. It's just not going to happen. For start skill share favors bite sized classes of 10 to 25 minutes in length. So if you have created a longer course and are now looking to port it to skill share, then you should spend some time splitting the course up into smaller classes. Bearing in mind that each class needs to teach a particular skill and then top and tail each new class with intro and outro lessons that are specific to skill share. And if you are currently a student on skill share, who is considering making the change from student to teacher? I honestly believe that skill share is the perfect place to start your teaching career. This idea off bite sized classes means that you are able to dip your toe in the water, so to speak, and see if online teaching is the correct choice for you. But again, those of you who are new to teaching online and have yet to create your first class need to take the time to understand exactly how skill share works. No more so than with regards to the different algorithms that determine how classes rank on the platform. The fact is, skill shares algorithms for both search and categories work completely different to those on ayuda me. And while I would love to be able to explain to you in detail exactly how each is different , unsurprisingly, neither is algorithms have been made public, although there was a time not so long ago when skill shed did explain how they're category trending algorithm worked. But things have changed. In fact, in the last few months there have been a number of major changes to skill shares, trending algorithm, search algorithm and even the layout of the category pages themselves. And some of the tips and tactics that may have worked well to get your classes trending just a few months ago have little or no effect today, and I would not be a tool surprise to see further changes in the future. A skill share continues its attempt to provide the best student experience possible by creating an algorithm where the cream rises to the top, and recently it appears that skill share has given its algorithm a bit of a helping hand by curating a number of featured classes. But as I said before, no one really knows for sure if these recent developments are here to stay or will be subject to change once more in the not so distant future. So in an attempt to keep this particular classes evergreen as possible instead of focusing on the finer points of how these algorithms appear toe work, I would prefer to concentrate on the meritocratic principles of skill shares trending algorithm, principles that attracted me to skill share in the first place, where new teachers are theoretically given a fair crack of the whip and where the quality of your classes content is allowed to speak for itself. Once your new class reaches the magic number of 25 enrolled students, regardless as to whether they are premium students or free enrollments, skill shares trending algorithm kicks in and attempts to measure your classes quality well , giving a huge boost two new classes in the process, especially those classes that are less than a couple of days old. The algorithm then determines the quality of your class and is ranked accordingly based on a number of key factors, which, as I said before, have not been made public knowledge. The previous algorithm stated that each free enrollment was worth one point in the calculation, while premium enrollments were worth two points. Your class would receive a further 10 points every time student gave it two thumbs up and would be subtracted 10 points each time your class was given a thumbs down. Finally, your class would receive an additional 10 points whenever student completed the class project that you had set for your class in August 2016 this algorithm suddenly changed. And while the new algorithm has yet to be made public, it is strongly suspected that the old algorithm has been tweaked to factor in some sort of engagement factor. Basically, it is believed that the old point system now only comes into play for those students that actually complete a certain percentage of your class. And this makes total sense for as well as reducing the chance of instructors gaming, the system toe undeservedly gain high rankings. It also ensures that only classes that can keep students engaged will rank well on skill share. And I strongly believe that whatever further changes are made to the trending algorithm in the future, student engagement will remain central to determining the quality of a class and in turn, how it ranks on the platform during the trending period. Which is why make sure your classes engage your students is the fourth point of our skill share star. But before we discuss student engagement in more detail, I would first like to discuss 0.3 of our Star, which is to ensure your classes are visually appealing so that you can attract potential students toe actually enroll in your class in the first place 5. Point Three: Your Classes Must be Visually Appealing: The third point of our skill chef star is to ensure your classes are visually appealing. It could be that your lessons were among the best on skill share. But if you are unable to get potential students to click on that enroll button, you may well end up with a great class that no one knows about. Possibly the most effective way of getting a student's attention is through your classes cover image. Your image should sum up the essence of your class. Ideally, it should be both interesting and original, better still intriguing. So the student is a real desire to find out more, and you add your class image by attaching the image file to your first lesson. This may seem an obvious point that I felt it worth mentioning, because the number of classes I see on skill share where the class image is actually a still taken from the introductory video is quite astonishing. Either These teachers do not know how to add a class image or worse. Still, they do not think it is important. Well, let me assure you, your class image is very important and as well as attracting potential students to your class. It is also a good opportunity for branding. Perhaps you want to include your brand through a logo or your photo so that your existing students no at first sight that this is another class by their favorite teacher. Or perhaps you prefer to Brem. The class is part of a Siri's. This is something that I often do with my classes, numbering each one in the process so that they are easier for my students to find. Months of student has noticed your class, courtesy of the image. They will most likely get confirmation that the class is indeed of interest to them by reading the title. Now, your title obviously needs toe, have good copy and be benefit driven. But you should also make sure that it is aesthetically pleasing. To use a site like title capitalization dot com to check that your title follows The Associated Press stylebook guidelines for capitalizing the letters of a title. If the potential student is still interested, having looked at your image and read your title, it means they are willing to give up some of their precious time to see if your classes actually worth enrolling in by watching the preview video my dearly. This should be a promotional video as opposed to the first lesson of your class, which showcases your class and highlights exactly what the student will learn and, depending on the topic, the needs that this knowledge will satisfy. It could be argued that your preview video is the most important video in your class. Certainly it needs to have the highest production value on whether you are using narrated presentations or software screen casts or even talking head videos for the rest of your lessons. You should try and make your promo video a little special so that it really packs a punch. Rather than use a screen casting application or a video camera to record a talking head video, consider creating your promo as an animated video using the likes of Adobe Spark or a video sales letter type video using the likes of content, Samaraie or perhaps an explainer video using the likes of Explain Dio or even put together a short film made from royalty free stock footage within a movie application such as Adobe Premiere Well, Im movie. Some of the aforementioned applications are free to use for some are premium products. A knife person used all of them at one time or another to create promo videos for my classes, sometimes using a combination of two or more for a single video. Incidentally, the promo video for this particular class, as well as the lesson intros, was created by Camped Easier three. For Matt. The final area of your class that needs to look good is, of course, the lessons themselves. Make sure the slides for your presentations are Uncluttered. Consider using intros and outro owes. And if you're shooting videos, make sure you get the lighting right. This is not so much to attract students to the class, but rather to make their learning as enjoyable and experience as possible so that they are able to better retain the knowledge and the skills they learn, and in order that they look forward to taking other classes by you in the future. Also, visually aesthetic classes play their part within student engagement. The students are far more likely to continue watching a class that they enjoy, and in the next video, we should look at why your classes must be engaging, which actually forms 0.4 of our skill share. Star 6. Point Four: Your Classes Must be Engaging: The full point of our skill share star is to make sure your classes engage your students. Naturally. High quality content is of paramount importance here, but what might not be quite so obvious with regards to student engagement is the length of the class itself. The trending algorithm gives a huge boost to classes in the first couple of days after launch, and if a student quickly complete your bite sized class, it will help the class to rank well during that initial boost, especially if the student then goes on to leave a thumbs up and completes the class project . It cannot be underestimated how important it is for you to try and create bite size classes on skill share. It is what attracts many students to the platform in the first place. Those students who prefer to watch longer courses are probably on you to me, watching them, while skill share is the place to be. If you want to learn a new skill every day, however, just because your classes short, it doesn't mean that it should lack value. Instead, you should try and pack in as much quality content as you possibly can without any fluff on the class needs to be complete. It could be part of a series of similar classes, but not a serial, where the student is forced to take another class to learn a skill that they thought they would learn in the class they had just taken. Of course, sometimes it's just not possible to create to class in under 25 minutes, this particular class being a case in point. I soon realized that the class you are taking now was likely to run longer than the ideal size for a skill share class, and so I was tempted to split it up into parts one and two. However, I decided that it was far more important to teach a complete class about my concept of the skill share star, even if it means I'm likely to lose some student engagement as a consequence. So if creating high quality, visually aesthetic small bite size classes is the starting point for naturally encouraging student engagement, then what of the other strategies you can use to build on this? Well, if we presume that the new trending algorithm is still based in part on the old scoring system on a student enrolling in your class and then watching it is worth one or two points , depending on whether they are premium or not. Then it stands to reason that if the same student leaps a thumbs up and or creates a class project, that same student could end up scoring your class on extra 22 points. With this in mind, part of your focus should be on encouraging your students to leave a positive review, which will also make your class more attractive to future students and then complete the class project. Of course, the best way to get good reviews is to create a great class, but it is perfectly acceptable to directly ask your students for a thumbs up if they have enjoyed your class. And perhaps this is the ideal time to ask you for a riff. You if you have enjoyed the class so far and feel that it might help play a part in you becoming more successful on skill share, thank you. I really appreciate it as well as asking for a review. You may also want to show your students exactly how they go about giving your class a thumbs up. Don't assume your students know their way around skill share as well as you to. So, for example, towards the end of your class, you could draw their attention to the big black box at the top of the screen, asking, would you recommend this class to other students and encourage them to click on? Yes, in addition to reviews, the other way that a class can get extra points towards its trending score is through the creation of a class project. On the whole, it is probably more difficult to encourage your student to complete a project, then leave a thumbs up and this basically comes down to time while of review, and he takes a few seconds of your students time. The project will take a least a few minutes and may even take hours or days, depending on the project. Another factor on how likely you are to get a high number of projects is the type of class that you are teaching originally skill share specialized in design and craft type classes, which are probably more geared towards a class project than, say, a business class would be where perhaps you will need to think a bit outside the box When deciding upon a project for your class again, you should feel free to directly ask your students to complete the class project, showing them exactly where they need to go and what they need to do. Toe Add their project in the project gallery, and perhaps you might even want to incentivize thumb. I know some instructors who offer a free e book to those students who complete the class project. And while there is no way of directly delivering your incentive to the student other than including a link within the discussion area of the Students class project, which could be seen by all students taking your class, it appears that this can be somewhat effective in encouraging students to complete projects . I'm afraid I do not have any incentive for you to complete the class project for this class , but I would be delighted if you would take a few minutes to complete it. Anyway. The class project, for those of you who are brand new to online teaching, is to state in the Project gallery. What are the different things that are holding you back from creating your first class? I would love to hear from you and find out what barriers you are facing, whether they are technical, creative or psychological. Meanwhile, the more seasoned online teachers among you should write down which of the five points of the star they feel they need to improve the most in order to make more of a success of their teaching on skill. Share on what exactly you plan to do about it. Okay, forgive me for going off on this tangent, not including your class project in a separate class. But perhaps this is a lesson in itself, as it is an example of on site marketing, which will be discussed along with off site promotion in the fifth and final point of our star marketing and promotion. 7. Point Five: Marketing and Promotion: the fifth and final point of our skill share Star is the marketing and promotion of your classes and of your skill share. Channel two. There is a good reason that this point sits at the top of our star, and no coincidence that I have colored it in green to represent go in the short term. The marketing and promotion of your classes is probably the single biggest factor towards becoming a star on skill share. And to begin with, it is important that you spend just as much time promoting your classes as you do on creating them. If you are lucky enough to have a mailing list of subscribers champing at the bit to take your new skill share classes, then obviously you'll be able to hit the ground running. But don't despair. If you haven't got a following outside of skill share, you can still become a skill share star. It is just going to take a little longer and a bit more hard work. Having such a mailing list should be your ultimate goal and certainly your main long term strategy for your off site promotion. But before we come to promoting outside of skill, share. It is important that we consider the on site marketing that is to say, the number of places where we can promote our classes on the skill share platform itself. And the most obvious place to begin is with our actual classes. By far the best marketing strategy, which is available to you when you first start out on skill share, is simply to create another class. It should certainly be another class in the same niche, and preferably another one in the same Siri's each class that you publish on skill share. Axa's a doorway not just to that particular class, but to your skill share channel is a hole and to your entire back catalogue of classes. If you create your classes in Syriza's, I suggest you do, and you are consistently delivering high quality. You'll find that a high percentage of your students will then go on to take further classes by you, and you should definitely give this process a helping hand. You should refer to your other classes in the same Siris in a class wrap up or what next type lesson. You could also include direct links to each class in your classes description. You may want to highlight that the class is part of a Siri's in your class title, and you should certainly do so in the branding of your class image. Another place within each of your classes, which you can use to promote the release of a new class in your Siri's, is within the community area of your class. Use this privilege wisely and sparingly. Do not spam your students, but rather notify them when you have recently published a new class which is connected in some way or other to the one they have already taken and will be of genuine interest to them. The community area not only lets you post on announcement to your board, but also gives you the option to email the announcement directly to those students taking the class. And in the summer of 2016 skill share took this ability to contact your students directly one step further when they released the post toe all followers feature, which gives you the opportunity to send out an email Teoh each and every one of your student followers on skill share. This really is a powerful promotional tool, but again it comes with some responsibility and should be used wisely. I tend to save this option for announcing the release of either writing classes or teaching classes such as this one, which should be of interest to the majority of my writer Teacher channel. I would not use the postal followers feature to announce the release of a new tooting car moon class or my World War One history classes, for example, because I realized that these niche classes will only be of interest to a small percentage of my following. And so I only promote these classes within the community area off earlier classes in the Siri's. The post of all followers feature can be an incredibly powerful tool to get word out to a large number of your existing students and hopefully get your class trending as quickly as possible. But my advice is not to abuse this privilege. The final key area where you are able to promote both your classes and your channel as a whole is your skill share profile. And I believe this is an area that is under utilized by the majority of skill share instructors, possibly myself included, as well as including a bio about yourself. You can use your profile to promote your latest class or an entire Siri's. It is possible to include images in your profile, even animated GIFs, which can really make your profile stand out from the crowd. And don't forget that your profile also appears on the right hand side of each of your classes, so you really should take advantage of this and try and make the most of your profile. One strategy you may want to consider, which is used by many savvy skill share instructors, is to include a link from your profile to a sign up form for your mailing list, which is perhaps the perfect segue way for us to switch our attention from on site marketing and instead concentrate on off site promotion. As I said before, your ultimate goal with your off site promotion should be to build up a mailing list of potential students who you can then market directly to, and you should offer students a valuable lead magnet to try and incentivize them to join your mailing list. Personally, I offer one of my premium courses is my lead magnet, which, as you can imagine, is very effective But if you do not want to give away such a big incentive, then perhaps you could offer an e book or even a PdF of a blueprint or a checklist. Once you have a following that you are in direct contact with, it is vitally important that you keep them happy. You should consider these students as your V I, P's and consistently provide them with valuable content, only occasionally selling to them and always at your highest discount. By treating your subscribers in this way, many of them will go on to become fans of your work. And remember, a tribe of just 1000 true fans is far, far better than tens of thousands of random subscribers who have not really connected with you as well as building a mailing list. There are also a number of other areas where you should be looking to market away from skill share. One of these areas, which is often overlooked, is that of networking. There is a wonderful social side to skill share, which perhaps sets it aside from most of the other online course platforms. Fellow instructors seem to be much more friendly and willing to help each other, which means the new teachers among you have a real opportunity to learn from other, more experienced skill share instructors. Facebook groups like Neil Shearing was Mastermind Group are a great place to do just that. New was a bit of a guru on skill share, and you would do well to check out his Siris of skill share classes. But there are also a lot of other experience. Skill share instructors active on this board, myself included, who are always happy to answer questions that new members might have about all things skill share and staying with Facebook groups for a moment, as well as a place where you can learn more about how skill share works. They are also a great place to promote your classes. There are now literally dozens of these free skill share coupon groups popping up all over the place, some better than others. But you should definitely try them out and see which ones are able to help you best. Promote your classes and get up to that magic number of 25 enrollments as quickly as possible, so that your classes begin trending on skill share. One of the most effective Facebook groups I have used in terms of getting new students is another of Neil's groups called Skill Share Teachers. But you are able to post both free and premium enrollments, then get the words out there about your new class. You can also post free enrollments to Internet forums, both forums that are specific to your particular niche, although you should always make sure you have permission to do so first, and those forms that specialize in the giving away of free coupons for both ayuda me courses and skill share classes. Now, before you rush onto these Facebook groups and Internet forums and give out hundreds of coupons to get your class trending, it is important to remember that the majority of these students who will enroll in your class with a free coupon or what I call class hoarders in that they will enroll in your class because it is free. But they will never actually get around to watching it. Now, up until August 2016 when the old trending algorithm was still in play, the sheer number of free enrollments from these class orders meant that they had a huge effect on your trending school. And so, at that time, giving away free coupons in this way was actually an effective tactic to get your class ranking high on skill share, where you would then hope it would come to the attention of premium students on the platform. Since the algorithm change andan emphasis on student engagement, this tactic is no in nearest effective as before, which I believe is a good thing. As it means, it is harder for instructors to game the system. And now, theoretically, at least, the best classes on skill share should become the most successful. So is there still a place for free enrollments within your marketing strategy? Well, in my opinion, yes, there is, especially when you, strategically they do provide social proof for your class, although I'm not convinced that is important on skill Share has on other platforms, and currently the skill share search algorithm appears to rank classes by the number of students enrolled in the class, so that really is an incentive to give away free enrollments. However, a word of warning. I emphasize the word currently because this could quite easily change tomorrow. And if you take anything away from this concept, of the skill share star. I hope it will be that it is far wiser to build your skill share channel through evergreen strategies than the latest tricks or tactics, which may very well change at any time. That said, free enrollments can introduce your class to new students who might become premium students and or engaged fans of your work in the future. And finally, a free enrollment gives you the opportunity to earn an extra revenue stream through skill shares. Premium Referral program whereby you get a $10 bounty every time a free student pays for a premium membership through your referral coat. And for this reason alone, I believe there is still a place for the giving away of free enrollments as part of your off site promotion strategy, as long as it fits in with a long term strategy of increasing the number off premium student followers to your skill share channel. And that's slowly increasing your revenue on skill share. Month on month