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How to Become a Psychic and Do Your Own Readings

J.D. Rockefeller, J.D. Rockefeller's Learning Club

How to Become a Psychic and Do Your Own Readings

J.D. Rockefeller, J.D. Rockefeller's Learning Club

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11 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction

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About This Class

Become a Psychic and do Your Own Readings!

Do you ever feel like something wrong is about to happen? Do you sometimes anticipate events but are afraid or embarrassed to tell other people because of fear of what they might think of you? Are you able to 'feel' other people's emotions? Someone might 'look' as if they are extremely happy and yet, you feel that person's heart tearing apart and can sense they are really upset. 

You might even experience 'seeing' things and wondered if you are crazy. Maybe you have even related your experiences to friends or loved ones and they think you are not normal. 

I'd like to assure you that you are not crazy and you may actually have a precious gift: that of being psychic or clairvoyant. This unique gift might be a blessing in disguise not only to yourself, but also to those around you. Your insights might help your own life and that of those you love become brighter and better.

This course was created for those starting on their psychic journey; those wishing to develop their psychic abilities and desiring to reach other realms of existence.

In this course we will cover: 

  • how to learn and practice visualization
  • how to meditate
  • getting to know your spirit guides
  • how to change your lifestyle in order to maximize your talents
  • how to choose the proper tools to enhance your psychic powers
  • the importance of putting your psychic abilities into practice
  • how to set up your work area and what rituals to use

This course will give you real-life applications that you can put into practice right away, so upon completion of these lessons, you will be able to start developing your psychic abilities and do your own readings successfully!

Meet Your Teacher

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J.D. Rockefeller

J.D. Rockefeller's Learning Club


I'm dedicated to bringing you valuable information that will instruct you on matters of your choice. I work with a group of talented individuals who all contribute to making this dream a reality: that of reaching thousands of people via information courses, making this world a better place, one person, one course at a time. Thank you for your support. I sincerely hope you enjoy the courses.

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1. Introduction: introduction. Are you looking to improve your psychic abilities? Do you want to know the best course for your life in areas such as careers and relationships? Instead of going to another psychic for a reading? Would you like to do your own reading by tuning into your own intuition and getting in touch with your own spirit guides? Maybe you would also like to do readings for others and even make it a profession. Maybe you would like to develop your psychic abilities and help yourself and others find the best course of action for your lives. The aim of this course is to help beginners get started with the development of their psychic abilities. You will learn about the things you need to do to center yourself. You will know how to connect to your spirit guides. Which tools should you be using, or should you not be using any? How do you go about choosing the tools of divination? You can do your own readings and resolve any questions you may have about your career, finances or relationships. You can help guide your loved ones, your friends and your colleagues as well. You can make it a profession and become a popular diviner in your neighborhood, so let's get started 2. Chapter 1: Chapter one Learn and practice visualization. Being a psychic is about seeing an experience in things that are not present in the physical world. It's about experiencing the spiritual realm and seeing visions about the future or about a specific course of action. Basically, this means that you need to become a good visualize er and practice a lot of visualization . The more you practice visualization, the better your intuitive abilities will become. Spend about 30 to 60 minutes practicing visualization. You can do this as a relaxation exercise while lying on your back, or you can do it is something to energize you any time of the day. You can have soft music playing in the background or burn incense in the room to disperse negative energies and add some positive energy to the space. Imagine yourself taking a walk in a park or on the beach. Feel and see each and everything present there. See everything clearly with your mind's eye. Also known as the third, I imagine the colors smell and aromas. Feel the wind or the water on your skin. In short, let all your five senses come alive during your visualization exercise because this is what is going to help you open your sixth sense 3. Chapter 2: chapter to meditate. Meditation is another very good exercise. To improve your psychic abilities, meditate anywhere between 15 and 60 minutes a day with the intention of becoming a clairvoyant and seeing things the normal I cannot. Meditation will help clear your mind. Raise your vibration, help you detect changes in spirit energy during a reading, focus on the intention of your reading and get you out of the physical realm and into the spiritual realm. Meditation is not a difficult thing to do. Focus your attention on opening your intuitive center or the third eye Shaqra, which is located right in the middle of your forehead between your two physical eyes. Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight. Take a few deep breaths. State your intention of improving your psychic or your clairvoyant abilities. Next, focus your attention on the third eye. Shaqra. Imagine an indigo are dark blue color disc of light at the spot where the third eye Shaqra is located. Focus on it for a few seconds until your visual ization is study enough in your mind's eye , then imagine it slowly going deeper and reaching the back of the head. Next, imagine the surrounding light extending beyond your body and covering your entire head and then your entire body. Next, return your focus to the front part of the third eye and keep it there. This is a powerful meditation to open your intuitive center. Don't be surprised if you feel a tingling or warm sensation during or after the session. This is a good sign and means that you're psychic center is ready to work. Also working on your third eye. Shaqra may not be wholly effective because there are seven major shockers in your subtle, non physical body. It is important that the spiritual energy flows easily through all these seven chakras. Any disturbance in any of the chakras will cause the flow of energy to be interrupted. That is why it's important that you work on balancing and healing your other shock. Ra's as well 4. Chapter 3: Chapter three. Get to know your spirit guides Your spirit guides play an important role in guiding you during a reading. Therefore, it is important that you spend some time getting in touch with them and getting to know them. In fact, your spirit guides won't just help you during your readings. They can also help you do the right things. Make the right decision and take the right steps throughout your daily activities. Your meditation time is the time to get to know your spirit guides. Once you're in the habit of meditation, do a session with the intention of getting to know your spirit. Guides said. Your intention with something like, I would like to know my spirit guides or any statement that appeals to you. It may take a few sessions, so don't worry. Keep practicing and they will introduce themselves to you very soon. When you first see or meet your spirit guides, they may just appear is vague forms or they may not say anything. An object such as a feather may just fly over to you as a symbol that your spirit guides are there with you. You may not even realize at the moment that your spirit guides air. They're trying to interact with you, but it's OK. Keep practicing connecting to your spirit guides. It may take time, but it will happen once it begins toe happen. Your spirit guides will connect to you as soon as you close your eyes. Also, you can always ask your favorite gods or angels for help. For example, the Arcangel Michael helps you feel safe and blesses you with courage against all odds, depending on your personal choice as well as the problem you need help with. You can call up any of the gods and angels. Imagine being guided by your spirit. Guides constantly. Always think your spirit guides for their support and help. Gratitude is a powerful tool which will improve your psychic abilities. Strengthen your bond with your spirit guides and allow them to help you and guiding yourself and others. 5. Chapter 4: Chapter four Change Your Lifestyle. Doing a reading is not just about the moment when you're actually doing it. Ah, lot of preparation that goes into it and will involve making the right changes to the way you live your life. This means staying focused, unmindful of the present and using your intuition throughout the day. It may be difficulty in discomforting in the beginning of feeling you may prefer to avoid, but it will be very difficult to go far with your psychic readings if you don't start to listen to and trust the information your intuitive self is giving you, you may even feel overwhelmed or have a fear of failing, both of which may stop you from acting on your instincts and continue to follow your logical mind. But this is not the course you should take. If you want to become a psychic, have the strength and courage to follow through on the guidance coming from your intuitive self and from your spirit guides. The more you listen to them, the better your readings will be. Meditation, visualisation and talking to your spirit guides should become a regular part of your day rather than just being confined to 15 or 16 minutes allocated to these activities, you will also need to make an assessment of the foods you eat and your eating habits. Fresh fruits and vegetables are high vibrational foods and will help you in your journey. The best thing to do would be to eliminate meat and dairy products, but if you love meat and can't give it up, at least reduce the amount you consume. Be particularly careful to avoid it before a reading, since it can bring your energy down and make you feel sluggish. Stay away from processed foods and juices. Instead, start making your own foods and your own fresh juices. Caffeine also brings down your vibration, and its use should be limited alcohol. You should be limited if not eliminated, and alcohol should never be consumed before a reading, since this also reduces your energy. Instead, drink lots of water throughout the day. It helps to raise your vibrations. Get into the habit of writing a journal. This includes recording the events of your day and how your intuition or your spirit guides guide you throughout the day. Record your fears, your successes and your failures in this journey also keep a dream journal and allow yourself to be guided while interpreting the meaning of your dreams and understanding what message they have for you. Dreams can reveal wonderful insights. Therefore, keep a journal right next to your pillow and write them down first thing in the morning. 6. Chapter 5: Chapter five choose the tools to use. It is up to you whether you want to use tools for your readings or what tools you'd like to use. You may just want to rely on your clairvoyant abilities and your mediumship and use no tools at all. In fact, some people feel that they are able to achieve clear sight, clear hearing and clear presence, much better without any of these tools. Then there are others who either use one tool or keep a box of tools to use. They may pick a tool for a reading, depending on the guidance they received from their intuition and their spirit guides. Their choice may also depend on the problem at hand. There are various tools you can use for your reading, such as oracles, tarot cards, runes, I ching and crystals. You could also use astrology, numerology and Paul Mystery. The last 3 may require a deeper study, but don't let that stop you from trying these. Which one should you choose? It totally depends on you. Try doing your own readings or read for a friend and see what appeals to you. Which method do you feel more connected to are drawn to whichever method you select. Divine intervention is always there. This is why many people may even devise their own method of reading, which differs from the popular ones. You may even have your own interpretations of the popular methods. For example, you may assign a different meaning to the different cards. All this time you need to be guided by your spirit guides and angels, and by your intuition, it's not necessary to rely on what others before you said or did. Just follow your own instincts. Devise your own methods of divination. If you want, it could be just reading faces or their eyes and being guided. 7. Chapter 6: Chapter six practice practice and practice some more. The best way to keep getting better and improving the accuracy of your readings is practice . Do your readings as often as possible. Try it out on yourself and on your friends and family. This doesn't mean that you should exhaust yourself by doing reading after reading every hour or even several times a day. Accurate readings require high vibrational energy, but if you're exhausted, your energy levels will drop and you'll end up trying to recharge yourself. Rather than focusing on the reading with a clear mind and high energy, the results will be as expected. You'll end up with an accurate readings in short practice. But don't exhaust yourself because you need to keep your energy levels high during a reading. You could try out a few games that use your intuition. For example, you could ask a friend to think about a color or a word and then trust your intuition to guide you to it. You could ask someone to place a few objects without you looking at them and then gas the objects. Don't be disheartened if you don't get it right the first few times keep practicing and you'll continue to get better 8. Chapter 7: Chapter seven. Start with a reading of yourself. Doing a reading for yourself helps you practice your psychic abilities and strengthen your bond with your higher self. But this requires you to set aside a time when your schedule is completely open. No pending jobs to do no loud sounds and no one to disturb you. All you need is peace and quiet with no distractions. If incense are soothing, music helps. You can use it, but there shouldn't be anything to distract you from your practice before reading. You need to determine what you'd like to know. Think about what you want to know and frame it as a question. Your question should be clear. The clearer the question, the clearer the answer will be. Pick a simple question to start with. As you practice and get better, you can pick more complicated ones. Start by clearing your mind. A short meditation session will help focus on your third eye for a few minutes and let your mind becomes stable and quiet. Imagine that a light has been turned on and make sure you feel calm, positive and centered. Once you achieve this level, put forth your question to your psychic self. It is as if your physical self is asking a question from your psychic self. It is as though there were two people within you. Some people make it an image or an answer within a few seconds, but don't expect it to happen. Your mind may be completely blank in the beginning. In fact, in the first few sessions, it is possible that nothing happens, but pay attention to what appears in your mind's eye. Any image number, person word or sentence could be your psychic self Answering your question. Don't dismiss it just because you don't understand it there. And then if it has come into your mind, the chances are good that it has some meaning. You may also hear sounds or voices or music. Someone may speak to you. Focus on the sound, the words, the tone or the music. You may also experience varying sensations in certain parts of your body. These could be pleasant or strange or unpleasant. Just note the's sensations. What do these sensations mean? A combination of all these sensations, images and sounds will provide the answer to your question. If you don't get it immediately, don't worry Once you finish note your experiences in a journal, it's possible that you get the answer while jotting the events down in your diary. Or you may come back to it later and suddenly discover the meaning. As you continue to practice, you will be able to get your answers during the reading itself. Don't be hard on yourself If it doesn't happen during the first few readings, don't try too hard to deduce your answer. It should come to you naturally. The harder you try, the more your physical mind will come into play. Finish your reading when you feel it's time to stop. When you feel you have enough information or when nothing else is forthcoming, do this by returning to the third eye. Focus on it for a few minutes or as long as you want. When you feel you are ready to get back to the physical world, open your eyes. Slowly, gently stretch your hands, arms, feet, legs, neck and back and then get up 9. Chapter 8: Chapter eight, set up your work area and rituals to use while a few minutes of meditation and focusing on your third. I should be enough for you to begin a reading. Some people like to carry out a few other rituals before getting started. This could involve praying for guidance to your spirit guide or angels. You may choose a god or angel, depending on the question you have. You could surround yourself and the person you are reading for with white light or candles . Burning incense or aromatic candles can help in clearing negative energies and promoting positive ones. You may also want to smudge and cleanse the area before starting the reading. Taking a shower or bath and wearing comfortable clothes or crystals or colors can help. Using a specific colored tablecloth or crystal is another option. Some people find that placing a bowl of water or white roses helps to attract helpful spirits. If you're planning to use tarot cards or runes or any other means of divination, you may want to bless them. A swell images or pictures of various gods or angels or anything that helps you connect to your higher self and spirit Guides can be used as well 10. Chapter 9: Chapter nine conclusion and a few final words of advice. Becoming a psychic Doing your own readings for yourself and others requires commitment and practice. Certainly it can be a lot of fun, but the work you need to put into it is not just about fun, although it may become quite relaxing and meaningful for you as you continue on your journey, practices such as visualization will help you see images here sounds and taste and feel things that are not really there during or reading. The practice of experiencing such things will be quite useful for you. You also need to meditate regularly to balance an open your seven chakras, especially your third eye. Your third eye is the center of your intuition and psychic abilities, and it is important that the energy flows smoothly and uninterruptedly in your subtle body . You will also want to connect with your spirit guides, know who they are and call on them when you need them and listen and follow their guidance not just during a reading but throughout the day. Take steps to develop your psychic abilities by listening mawr to your higher self and your spirit guys, unless to your logical mind practice alone and practice with a friend who can help you. You could also learn to read the auras of people around you, since that's a great way to develop your insights into others. But more than anything, becoming a psychic is about listening to yourself rather than others. If you feel like doing a reading, do it now. If you feel drained and not up to it, postpone it. If you feel like using tarot cards, use thumb. If you'd rather rely on the images, sounds and sensations you experience, trust them. Allow your intuition, your spirit guides to guide you on this journey. A good reading can change the course of another person's life. If you want to be a good psychic and really help others with your abilities, you should focus on the client's welfare. They come to you for guidance. They trust you to lead the way and clear the confusion they have in their minds. This is why it's important that you really commit to this path. Commit to developing your psychic skills, commit to doing good for others, commit tow, listening to your higher self and to your spirit guides. This is the best way to become a successful psychic. The end 11. Review: - Oh !