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How to Become Successful, The teachings of Napoleon Hill

teacher avatar Shane Kluiter, Knowledge is Power

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. Preview of think and grow rich course with music

    • 2. Think and Grow Rich introduction



    • 5. Auto Suggestion 3 Think and grow rich

    • 6. Specialized Knowledge 4 Think and Grow Rich

    • 7. Imagination 5 Think and Grow Rich

    • 8. Decision Making 6 Think and Grow Rich

    • 9. Persistence 7 Think and Grow Rich

    • 10. Sexual Energy 8 Think and Grow Rich

    • 11. Master Minds 9 Think and Grow Rich

    • 12. The subconcious Mind 10 Think and grow rich

    • 13. The 6th Sense, 6 Ghosts of Fear, and Conclusion 11 Think and grow rich

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About This Class

Success isn't an accident. It's not something that happens to just the "lucky" ones. Think and Grow Rich is a book written by Napoleon Hill. This book was inspired by an interview with Andrew Carnegie.  The book and these lessons contains the teachings of Napoleon Hill. Teachings that have lead me to find continued success in my life. Teachings that have lead thousands of people down the path of success. This course not only teaches the principals and application of Think and Grow Rich, it also contains an eBook of Think and Grow Rich for your enjoyment.

  • Apply the Success Principles listed in THINK & GROW RICH

  • Benefit from a 20-year study of the richest millionaires America

  • Benefit from interviews with 500 successful individuals.

  • Learn how to generate success in your life.

  • Learn how to cultivate a positive mental attitude.

What you'll learn

  • How to be successful
  • The principals of Napoleon Hill's book Think and Grow Rich
  • Practice exercises to emulate and learn the traits of successful entrepreneurs
  • How to reprogram your subconscious mind for success
  • How to generate the focus needed for success
  • How to think more positively
  • The massive advantages of positive thinking


  • A want to be successful.
  • A thirst for knowledge and professional development.

Who this course is for:

  • Aspiring or established entrepreneurs.
  • Business executives seeking to improve themselves.
  • Fans of continuous self improvement
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business owners
  • Success minded individuals
  • Apply the Success Principles listed in THINK & GROW RICH

  • Benefit from a 20-year study of the richest millionaires America

  • Benefit from interviews with 500 successful individuals.

  • Learn how to generate success in your life.

  • Learn how to cultivate a positive mental attitude.

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Meet Your Teacher

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Shane Kluiter

Knowledge is Power


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1. Preview of think and grow rich course with music: Hi. My name is Shane in the book. Think unroll. It changed my life. By applying its principles, I personally been able to live a more fulfilling life. Man. Come is now over four times what it Waas before I learned to apply Napoleon Hell's principles. This book is based on over 500 interviews with the most successful businessmen of the 20th century. Whatever future you imagine for yourself, this course is gonna help you get there. 2. Think and Grow Rich introduction: Hello and welcome to this course on the book thinking role Rich by Napoleon. Help start off with some background. This book was commissioned by Andrew Carnegie after meeting Polian Health. It's based on 500 interviews with those throughout history that are now remembered as being from the greatest men of the 20th century. The list includes Henry Ford, JP Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Theodore Roosevelt, Wilbur Wright and W. Howard Taft. I Spoke was first published in 1937. It has now been sold more than 70 million times, giving a distinction of being the best all time seller in the personal success category. This book is still very relevant today, and as you read through it and go through these lessons, I hope that you can also see a lot of the modern day successful bridging or having roots, in the words of Napoleon held it back in the early 20th century. Within this book, there's a lesson, and the book doesn't really good job of starting out when explaining that you're gonna have to figure that lesson out for yourself. I won't say it directly. It's something you have to learn. As you read through a series of stories throughout the books, you can understand what the story is building towards. It leads you towards an overarching lesson that allows you to find more successful than your life. It's not something you can easily layout on. Explain something to truly understand. You have to come to the realization yourself the future lessons We're going to cover the topics of desire, cultivating desire, faith, auto suggestion, specialized knowledge, imagination, organized planning, decision making, persistence, creating a mastermind group, mastering urges and direct oring them towards the correct use. We're going to examine our subconscious mind and take a look at the Sixth Sense, Um, which Napoleon Hill describes as the door to the Temple of Wisdom. And we're also gonna look at fear and what the point Hill had to say about fear and how it restricts us in our goals. Thank you for listening, and we look forward to in the next three losses. 3. THINK AND GROW RICH DESIRE 1: back in this lesson. We're want you discuss when Napoleon Hill has to say about desire, desires, the starting point of all achievement. You must cultivate an intense burning desire to be successful, chosen by a path to six US needs to be your number one priority. What that means is, if it's a matter of getting the extra work done, that could land you another deal. We're going out drinking with buddies. You go get the extra work down in you make sure you get that actually deal for your company . You're starting wherever you're working towards a goal so that that is what you're achieving. It is your primary thing you are constantly working, talking about thinking about. You don't have seven or eight different things you're trying to do a desire for two, maybe three desires. Primarily. You want to say this is my this one. Doing things while about this is where our focus is. That that is where you go doesn't mean you can't go out without one Every now and again, you don't do anything. Shows impact always toward you Closures, cheating that gold pulling help outlines six steps and cultivating desire. Step one How much money do you desire defined him out A lot is not as much as I can get. It's not amount. You have to have an actual number. You want to be making $100,000 a year. Then that is your number. $100,000 a year. You wanna have a 1,000,000 knowledge banks town That number right now have a goal. Having defined gold Otherwise, you're reaching. Just find what you're willing to give up. Everything comes with a price. Start a company. You're giving up a lot of free time giving them stability. You're giving up security cases during the initial years. Start up a second, fail you're giving a freedom and that your company is gonna come first. In many cases, what are you willing to give up to get to your 100,000? Are you willing to give up to get a $1,000,000? You don't just happen into. I started to hear that already. Unicorns come out of nowhere. Those creators didn't wake up one day. Runs on a keyboard suddenly have a program. What we're seeing is a culmination of years of effort thought going into all of these processes sacrifice is what everyone sees. The end result. Weren't you willing to give up, achieve what you desire? I also want to put this on a timeline. We want to have a realistic date for when we can achieve this goal and fulfill our desires . So say, I want to reach that $100,000 here. That's my goal. That's what I desire. That's the income level. I know. I need to do all the stuff in my life that I want to dio. I just got out of college. One of the chances of rolling rate in $200,000 a year job. Pretty unlikely water studios of steps that I can take. What's a realistic timeline? Can I talk to people in the industries I wanna work with and figure out what it will take to get there? Can I find ways to shorten that ladder for myself? You want to do research and make sure you create an achievable timeline for yourself because if you put a too aggressive of a time when it feels like failure, if you put too long of a time one, then you're not gonna get anything done. It has to be realistic and you have to have a path to get there. Number four is that you have to create a plan that will create the money that you desire. So if I say I wanna have a $1,000,000 I need to create a plan for that. Maybe I want to start a company that resells SAS software and we're gonna go start something accounting software. And I want to grow that company to a point where I can sell it and walk away with a profit of $1 million in a bank account. Maybe I want to start a distribution company and I want to grow that until I'm making consistently $100,000 a year and I can start to walk away from it and have everybody don't have other people in place to run it. Having a goal without a plan to back it doesn't get you anywhere. Number five. Cultivating desire. You know, a place these four things in tow. One clear sentence. So you might say I am willing to give up going out on the weekends and drinking so that I may focus on starting my own company on the side to reach $100,000 a year in income for myself and I want to reach this goal within the next four years and quit my job, and my plan to do so is to re sell widgets or resell software. You want one sentence that's going to say it. I want to repeat the sentence allowed in the morning and in the evening to remind yourself what you're about. Mind yourself what your desire is and where you're heading. This will focus you at night and in the morning. The point Health said. The starting point of all achievement is desire. Keep this constantly in mind. Week Desire Spring Weak results. Just a small amount of fire makes a small amount of heat. Using that analogy, imagine letting a match you get a tiny amount of flame and burns out quickly. That's your desire if you don't have a strong desire to complete it. If you have a strong desire to reach a $1,000,000 have that kind of a lifestyle, it's not your main focus. You'd rather party and have fun. You're gonna just result partying, having fun. You can say it and you can repeat it as much as you want. But if your desire isn't really there and you do not want to focus on it and repeat it every morning, every night, drive home that focus, we're not going to get there. It is very important to maintain your focus where you will not achieve. Thank you for joining me for this lesson. In the next lesson, we will discuss faith and its impact on our future. 4. THINK AND GROW RICH FAITH: in this section, we're gonna talk about face. This is not only faith in God. I want to put that ass tricks on this immediately because many people equate the idea of having faith as it only pertaining to a belief in a higher power. But a big portion of faith is having the ability to have faith in yourself. I personally believe that many six many people are successful because they first warned to have faith in God as Children. And that allowed them to cultivated faith in themselves. Um, as adults, because they were able to believe in something they couldn't see, feel or touch growing up in there. Believe in God. And then, as they came up with the future that they desired, they couldn't see it, feel it, touch it. But they had the capacity to have faith without faith. You cannot obtain your desire. Uh, based on the teachings an opponent help. You must create a state of mind. And you must deceive yourself. Your subconscious. Your subconscious is actually working against human majority of the time. Our subconscious wants to be negative. Our subconscious wants to restrict what we can actually achieve repeating our goal as we discussed in the last section. What is their subconscious? To create an emotion of faith and belief that we can accomplish our goal. You want to Korea belief that you already achieved vehicle so that you can trick your subconscious into believing that this call Israel, You created it. And this is your reality. This isn't you mean you're really leaving in some fake fictional world inside your head? This goes back to the old adage to achieve. You must believe the race is won before it's even raced. If you go into a business deal with the idea that they're not gonna by my service, guess what, they're not gonna buy your service. If you start a race and you say I'm going to come in last, you're probably going to come in last or very close to it. If you go in with the expectation of yourself that you are gonna win, you will do better. You're going with the expectation of yourself that you're gonna be able to sell this new product line to this new customer. You're gonna be able to do it. There are at least have a much better chance of doing it, you'll have the confidence and you'll have the belief to do it point Hill says Faith is the head chemist of the mind. When faith is blended with vibration of thought, New subconscious mind instantly picks up the vibration, Translated said, Injure you spiritually equivalent and transmits it to infinite intelligence. In the case, as in the case of Prayer, I believe faith is highly important, not necessarily faith in God. Faith in yourself as to pulling in size, having faith in yourself and having the ability to believe that you can do something The majority of the people around you probably won't believe you can Dio, for instance, go out and make a $1,000,000 from a company is going to change your life. It not only usually ability to having more positive minds up gives you the ability to forget all the reasons why this might not work. So instead of saying I'm going to go start this company, here's all the reasons what, that why we might fail and thinking about this is gonna fail. These are the problems we're having. You were constantly reinforcing yourself with this is gonna work. I believe this is gonna work. This is why it's gonna work. This is how it's gonna work. This is why it is working. And you push through and you make adjustments and you make it work. You believe so? Obviously you're such force and desire that you make it work, and that's the end of this lesson. 5. Auto Suggestion 3 Think and grow rich: in this section. We're talking about auto suggestion. This is communicating with yourself to convince yourself contractor, your subconscious you control what your subconscious mind takes them. You must exercise control of your subconscious. We do not fall prey to fear into doubt. If you're in doubt, destroy lives they destroyed. It destroys more lives than anything else in the world. Because if you allow yourself to fall into fear, you create a circular emotional state where you're constantly feeling fear. You're constantly coming up with reasons why you can't do something, you constantly coming up with the negative side of things. So when something bad happens, it gets worse. It gets compounded. I've been a career in sales, and it's often times the guys that burnout are the guys and girls that allow themselves to become negative. They allow their subconscious start making assumptions when you allow that to happen, often that times they become negative because you don't know how something's going to go, especially if you're in sales right. I don't know if when I tell somebody this is gonna cost you $5000 to fix might be nothing to them. It might be what they expected to hear. It might be the exact amount of money they saved up to fix this problem. They might have thought it was gonna cost $10,000 but sometimes allows. Or so we allow ourselves to think otherwise where we wanted, let our own thoughts and our own fears in our own emotions get involved and tell us it's gonna be too expensive for them. This isn't really exactly what they want. This doesn't really fit with exactly what they wanted. There's this one little thing we can't dio so I don't know if it's even gonna work. They might be OK with that. That might not have been a deal breaker. We have to communicate with our inner self, and we have to say, this is gonna work. This is what we dio there's gonna be, Okay, we're gonna be successful. We've got this. Napoleon health says your ability to use the principle of auto suggestion will depend very largely upon your capacity to concentrate upon a given desire Until that desire becomes a burning obsession. You want to believe what you're doing is correct because we're you achieve your goal. It has to be. You have to be obsessed with it. Make sure your own worst enemy is not living between your own years. You find yourself getting negative when you find yourself in a point where and you're bringing yourself down, you need to correct yourself. You do there, find somebody that's gonna put you in the right lines, huh? Find a book, find the movie. Find something that puts you in the right mindset. Need to fix it. You want it, Just literally. Just stand for in the mirror and tell yourself, Look, it was gonna be fine. Here's the reasons why you shouldn't even be worried. Here's everything was working. Sit down and go over your desires. Go back over that sentence we developed of. This is why it's going to work. This is how much we're gonna make. This is what we're gonna do to get there. Bring yourself back to that. Make it happen. 6. Specialized Knowledge 4 Think and Grow Rich: in this section, we talk about Napolean Hill's take on specialized knowledge. Knowledge alone is useless. You must have specialized knowledge to make sure you get paid for your time. So if you think about generalized position would say, an accountant, any comment, they have knowledge, right? The acknowledge of accounting. But within the accounting field, there's account receivable accounts payable. There's different programs within that field that help you run your accounting. So say you're using debt Microsoft Dynamics GP or you're using S A P. These are major programs for accounting. These are things you would have on your resume if you were an accountant and you were using these programs. So say you specialize in Dynamics GP. That's what you specialize in. You know a lot about this. One thing you're in. Your worth is a lot more to companies who are deeply ingrained in Dynamics GP, so much so that it would be extremely painful for them to leave and go to something like ASAP. You have that knowledge of that e r P system, and that makes you worth more specialized knowledge. Blind to a specific task creates wealth. You can have four PhDs, but if you never use the knowledge gained in them that are relevant, right? It's a great example of not using the knowledge that you have on skilled labor doesn't pay well. Even a college degree might not pay well. If you have skills that can generate income, you can use those skills. Maybe you can warn how to do what. Page design sort of design company. You have a specialized skill to build websites that me a specific criteria for a company. Maybe you specialize in e commerce stores in creating with Shopify. That's your niche. That's what you're good at. Maybe you learn how to fix cars. Or even better, you learn how to fix specific, rare type of car, and you start a car repair business that focuses on this niche. That's a very expensive knish. Have your car sticks and it's not being served in your city. Maybe you under steals a sales and start selling other people's products because you have the skills to sell stuff. In the general knowledge of those items, specially skills are essential to success. You can also utilize the knowledge of others. I've made the majority of my career in sales doing so. I use a lot of the knowledge of others. I have a general idea of what I'm. What I'm selling can do enough to make sure it's a fit for the customer, and I have much more knowledge about sales and how to do sales than I do of the product. But when I need to know more about the product when I need to have that expert, I know where to get that expert. I know who to contact. I know who to bring into the conversation. I know who to have set up the product. Then I'm selling because I'm not the guy for that. There's another guy that's great for that. He puts his head phones on. He sits behind the desk whole day. He does all of the customer set up. He's great. That's not my That's not me. That's not my skill set. You can utilize the knowledge of others. You can utilize the skills of others. You just have to be willing, ask for help or pay them to do it. Focus on what your strengths are and use that pulling. L says. Education comes from with them. You get it a struggle and effort and thought that's important here because as we're talking about specialized knowledge, education comes as we're learning more about these items as we're learning more about having our specialized knowledge as we're utilizing our specialized knowledge, we're gonna learn more about that. We're gonna develop more skills towards this specialized knowledge. We're getting really good at. Some things were gonna let a lot of things slide by. We're not gonna be very good at that's okay, because what drives our success, what gets is closer to what we desire. That's our specialized knowledge. 7. Imagination 5 Think and Grow Rich: Another section of thinking real rich is a section on imagination. Imagination is a muscle that can be exercised. This, coupled with specialized knowledge, can create great wealth. You have the ability to imagine how you can use this knowledge for profit. You can know a lot about one thing. You could know everything there is to know about us, Facebook software, everything. There is no about fixing a car, but you can't think of a way to take that in profit from it. That knowledge is only just gonna be that knowledge. That knowledge is only gonna be able to be used by someone who is able to take it on, leverage it. And if that's not you, that you end up as an employee. Hard work does not always equal money or success. Smart, imaginative work does. This reminds me of another book. It's called The Four Hour Workweek. It's by Tim Ferriss. In this book, Tim Ferriss imagines a lifestyle where he works as little as possible, and since his desire on creating his company in a way that allows him to slowly walk away from it, he develops a way that the company runs itself and He works four hours every week, mostly answering emails. He does this by creating a certain set of rules, and what it all bear we're all comes down to is efficiency from his book. It's great, read. I recommend it. It's a really good example of how to use creativity to lower the amount of hard work you have to do and increase the amount of smart, imaginative work you're doing. Create success so you get a lot more out of your time, Um, opposed to having to do a lot of Monday and task that maybe don't actually contribute your bottom line. The points all Hill says imagination is literally the workshop we're in are fashioned all plans created by men if you want to prove your imagination and your creative thinking, one way to do so is through a variety of experience. By gaining more experiences, working in different locations, working in different companies, learning different things, visiting different areas, you create a variety of experience to pull from a variety of knowledge, a variety of ways to solve problems of variety. A few points. You can gain these just by talking to people of different viewpoints, not necessarily going out arguing with them. But trying to understand where they're coming from and having things like that allow you to really take that. Have you applied to situation? Whereas your view might have actually been more difficult than taking another out that could have came from another person's viewpoint. Having that ability to apply that kind of imagination gives you more options and more solutions faster that if you only have one experience, so a variety of experience is important for cultivating a strong imagination to use for your strengths. 8. Decision Making 6 Think and Grow Rich: it's making girl rich Pulling Hill discusses decision making. You must be decisive. You must make a decision and stick with it. Procrastination is the enemy. It's poison to your life. The village decided quickly comes from knowing what did you want. It is the ability that defines great leaders as your other states. The world has the habit but making room for the man whose words and actions show he knows where he's going. Being decided she was going to save you a lot of time at a lot of stress. Imagine the last time you took a day or two to make a decision is a weight on your shoulder . It's an unneeded stress, and you probably came to the same decision that you thought you'd make from the very beginning, because right away we all pretty much know the answer to whatever we want to dio. I once had a teacher told me that if it takes me more than 10 minutes to make a decision, the answer is probably no. And ever since he told me that I thought about it in every situation where has taken in more than 10 minutes, the answer has been no, and I knew no from the beginning. Napolean Hill's have successful people make decisions quickly is all facts as soon as all the facts are available and change them slowly. If ever unsuccessful people make decisions very slowly and change them often and quickly. Point Hill also says, You have a brain in the mind of their own. Use it and you'll reach your own decisions. Think for yourself. Decide what's right for you. Go with the option that best suits you and your desires, I do know is time overthinking things do not always time not making the decision that you already know you need to make. 9. Persistence 7 Think and Grow Rich: in thinking role rich persistence is discussed in a variety of stories. Sustained effort is used to introduce faith in yourself by inducing faith in ourselves. We are able to persistently believe that we're going to achieve must be persistent. In doing so, most people lack persistence. At first you don't succeed. Try, try, try, try, try, try, try again. Many people feel once and then they never go back to doing anything. They go out, they fail. They say. I talked to five people. They weren't interested in my product. They talked to 10 people that won't interested in my service. When you're looking especially for your first few customers, you could face a lot of rejection. You're gonna base a lot of things that say no, but there's also going to be a lot of things that are going to say yes, and you just have to find him. It will look for him. Persistence is key to success in a life in general. In addition to willpower, desire is the basis of persistence which must be applied to the other principles that come with this boat in order to grow rich. Persistence is a state of mind it can be cultivated by having a the finest of purpose. Desire, self reliance. Define this of plans and accurate knowledge, cooperation, willpower and have it according to help. Persistence is key. Persistence is to the character of a man, as carbon is to steal. It is what makes a person. According to Napoleon Hill, persistence is at the building blocks off who you are and who you can become. If you were out of shape, you want to be in shape. You're persistently pushing towards that, persistently pushing yourself to healthy, persistently pushing yourself to run a little further or to go to the gym every day. Persistent will make you healthy. Persistence is key to success. You must develop the ability to be persistent. Do not give up to do what you know is right and what will work. 10. Sexual Energy 8 Think and Grow Rich: a section of thinking role rich. That Napoleon Hill Row is about mastering sexual urges and how to focus them. And this is something that isn't touched on much in many self help books. It's something that I believe is probably kind of out there. But in the early 20th century, when he first published the book and it's retained in the book and I honestly believe it's it's a good section for focus, especially someone in their early twenties when the first looking at something like this and trying to define their success. Um, basically, that comes onto focusing sexual energy towards other tasks. Sexual urges are some was powerful feelings that humans have the primal part of our biology . There's no getting around it. Everyone has a sexual urge at some point pointing that energy towards your role is a very powerful skill. Napoleon Hill tastes this Chapter two. Talk about the important biological need of our natural sex drive. Imagine all the energy that has been or could have been spent, um, pursuing sacks in your youth. Um, now imagine that energy and that level of focus mentors, which ago you can achieve a lot with that kind of energy. Um, many young men especially put a lot of energy towards fulfilling primal needs in their use . And if you take some of that energy or all of it, and you apply that you can achieve Karina goals in other aspects of your life that have more long time effect, that's not, say, to go without sex or to not pursue love, but to acknowledge that if we take some of that energy, we focus on something more productive than just our sexual urges. We can accomplish far more then if we lost that energy that focus by allowing into drift elsewhere in a chief pickles that won't necessarily what we were trying. Four in the long term, Napoleon Hill says sex energy is the creative energy of all creative geniuses that just speaks to his belief and how powerful The amount of energy that we as a species spend on sex is 11. Master Minds 9 Think and Grow Rich: a big part of this book is a concept that the point help brings up. Oh, masterminds. Mastermind is a group that will support what you were doing and you will support them. These are people that helped drive you for success and you drive number success will drive you to be successful. This is a group where you want to kind of think of this as a success support group. Your you have your goals clearly laid out with this group. You tell them what you're trying to do. What you tell them how you're trying to do it, they tell you, and by meeting with people like this with similar goals with people who are pushing themselves to reach a higher point like you are, you gain more fuel, right? So maybe you have a rough week. The company is not doing well. You're not reaching your goals. You go to the south, this group someone there is going to be hitting their votes. Someone there's gonna have another viewpoint on how to achieve. Maybe what you're already achieving. You help each other, you lift others up in, they lift you. You can find groups like this online if there's none in your area, there's meet up groups in most cities around the United States, especially if you're in a larger one, where you can meet up with successful business owners you can meet up with. Mastermind groups are actually called the mastermind groups. If you get online and you search, you can find these people that you can meet with and talk to about business and what they're doing and what you're doing and how to reach your goals. You can also create your own. So you earlier going through your life, you meet people, you meet people going after goals similar to yourself. So you're starting a company. You meet somebody else's, starting a company. Great. Let's start meeting up every couple of weeks. It's meat upon. So we have coffee Tuesday morning, seven o'clock and Starbucks. Great. You made up discussed the company's. You make sure each other are focused on what their goals are and you know each other's goal . Maybe later on you find another guy. He joins. You, find a girl, she joins you. You start having these moments where you're meeting with this group and you're all lifting each other up to higher levels of success. Napoleon Hill says the mastermind principle is two or more people actively engaged in the pursuit of a defined purpose with a positive mental attitude, and that comes to an unbreakable force. Positive mental attitude is a hard thing to cultivate, but once you have it and what you have a group of people with it, they're unstoppable towards their desire. 12. The subconcious Mind 10 Think and grow rich: in this section, we're going talk about the subconscious Mind. Controlling the subconscious mind Aziz mentioned before is essential. You must drawn your positive emotions and focus on creating a positive, sub conscious mind. The subconscious of all of us is very easy to go to a negative place and to basically drag us down unintentionally, um, away from our goals. Positivity is essential for success directing the subconscious mind. The other principles has cost droppers book, and in those presentations, it's something that can only be done through habit. To grow rich, you must constantly draw upon positive emotions rather than allowing your mind to do pollinated. Once faith cannot coexist with fear, well discussed fear later, without control of your subconscious mind, you will fall into negative thoughts, and they will harm and hinder you from reaching the goal. There's a lot of ways you can create a more positive lifestyle. If there's a lot of negative people in your life, get rid of him. Remove them from your life. Surround yourself by people who are positive. If you find yourself having a negative thought, give yourself an immediate counter argument, saying out loud if you have to if you think I can't do this room to sell this, but someone's not gonna buy it, you have to immediately stop yourself into forced correction. And won't you build a habit of that and you start correcting other people who are trying to be negative say, Hey, here's a better way to view it, Make it positive. Well, they want to hear it or not. You create you very positive, natural state for yourself. You wake up every day and say, Oh, crap, it's Monday. It's gonna be rough. That's a really negative outlook. If you wake up every day, though, or every Monday and you say awesome, it's Monday. We're getting a lot done. We're gonna get prepared for the rest of week. We're gonna do so good on Monday on Friday, gonna be shocked by how much we got done because of how good start we got on Monday. Monday is gonna be awesome. Monday's the start of our success. Monday's a start are reaching our desire. The polling hill says. Here is the most significant fact. Subconscious mind takes any order, is given it in a spirit of absolute faith and acts upon those orders. Although the orders often have to be presented over and over again through repetition before they are interpreted by the subconscious mind. What that means is if we keep telling ourselves positive things. If we keep reinforcing positive, positive things, we can keep negativity out of our subconscious. Poor trainers of conscious tow avoid more negative thoughts through repetition. It's a skill. It's a habit. Negativity is a lot more easy lot user to do, then positivity. 13. The 6th Sense, 6 Ghosts of Fear, and Conclusion 11 Think and grow rich: an appointment talks about what he called the six cents or the door of the Temple of Wisdom . This exercise is the creative imagination and leverages it to utilise skills. Um, essentially, you want to create the ideal person of who you want to be one of this one of the skeleton abilities. They have water, the traits that they have. Who do I want to be in the future? I want to be someone who's positive, who makes X amount of money. Who has this kind of job Does. This kind of a position with these kind of responsibilities is what I want my family to look like. I want a wife, two kids. I want a house in this area. I want to take this, wanna go vacation to hear in here every year. I want to have these attributes as a person. I want to be viewed as being a strong leader. I want to be a genuine person. It was viewed as being nice to everyone. I want to be someone who is responsible, someone who people would bring problems to to solve. That's who I want to be. You're gonna be a mentor. You can listed as well. You know, list who you want to be, and then who has those attributes in your life? Now that you know what tributes, what attributes can you emulate from others? In the book, Napoleon Hill goes on to describe a thought exercise that takes the concept of visual ation visual ization one step further immediately before going to sleep in a point, Hell closes his eyes and pictures of council advisors, which for him consists of men such as Emerson, Pain, Edison, Darwin, Lincoln, Burbank, Napoleon, Ford and Carnegie. He selected each man of your particular trait that he desires to imitate and access the chairman of this invisible council who should be on your council. Who do you look up to? What qualities do they have you wish to replicate? You can be helpful to build out a list of these qualities and use it to remember who's under council. Why just type it up every time you meet someone you highly respect are you realize there's someone with a quality that you wish you had. Take a second keep running document under phone. Iran. Why in the cloud? Just write their name down, say someone gives a speech in. You really respected their perseverance through something that they gave a speech in a Ted talk about. Write that down. So you remember them. So when you go to sleep in unit and you imagine this group and you say these are the people I look up to, these are the qualities I look up to, each of them and what am I doing to replicate that? How close am I am I becoming my dream person? Am I becoming the person I want to be? Am I who I aspire to be? You have a point of reference for it. You can pull the listen you've inside. These are my people. Is this still who I want to be in the future? An ad. People remove people. Maybe you meet someone who fits the position better for you in your mind, for the qualities that you want to replicate inside of our minds. There's a lot going on. Napoleon Hill also talks about the sixth Ghosts of Fear and where they live inside of us, you can not have faith without fear. Controlling fears of Central. Here's a state of mind. Utilize your faith and willpower to overcome fear so that you can emulate the abilities of the people you want to be. There are six basic fears. You Napolean Hill's ideology, poverty, criticism, ill health, loss of love, old age and death. Personally, from a young age, my biggest fear was poverty. There's a variety of things driving. That part of it was my parents economic situation. But as soon as I had a bill that I couldn't pay for the first time, it immediately drove home how scary it is to be in a situation like that, or to see others in situations like that. Because as much as society might try to say that money isn't everything in reality, everything runs on money. Criticism is something that's very hard for many people to get over. We always worry about what people think of us, but I think it's important to remember that often times when we meet people, we're not going to see them again. So you might be afraid to do something. But who's gonna remember that you did it? Probably only you. If you're trying to sell something in your afraid of someone telling you that it's not something that's any good or you're afraid that your you're not the person for it. So you knock on someone's door and they tell you off well, criticizing your product that hurts, especially if it's your product that you built yourself. But you can't fear that criticism because that person is gonna go away. They're gonna forget about you, and you should forget about them. Most people won't remember you a few hours after you see the view. Worry about how your hair looks new, own public too much. No one's gonna remember seeing you. We had a bad hair day. Ill health is a huge thing to worry about developing extremely unhealthy lifestyle. Where harms you can really hurt you in the long run for your life and also having to worry that you may be developing cancer or if you become a hypochondriac and you just start assuming every little thing is a major health problem that can really just try of fear in your life. Losing a loved one more the low of their life is also a major of here. You're constantly in fear that someone is going to leave you. It really restricts the depth of love that you can reach in that relationship. Old age is something we can't escape. It's happening to all of us, fearing it doesn't make any sense. It's going to happen. It's worrying about something you can't control. Everyone dies. Death is something that most people fear, what all people probably do fear, even those who say they don't. We're biologically programmed to not want to die. I believe, personally that it's better to fear having not achieved enough and use it as fuel to achieve more before you die. Then to worry that tomorrow you could die. So maybe you shouldn't have spent today working on achieving your desires, an expectation that in five years it will pay off. At the end of the day, there's no excuses. You must only come up with solutions. Working Napoleon Hill Um, can we do a little difficult to take in and understand? On the first read, it's running away that people don't really talk today, and overall, there's a lot to learn. There's over 500 people interviewed for this book. At the end of the day, stay positive, have faith and plan your success. Since the writing of this book, science has confirmed. The authors claim that the subconscious mind directs far more of our life. Then we realized, to my knowledge, the practical steps in this book for harnessing that power are the best available. It has changed my life, and I hope that you take the time to read this book even after going through the presentation or listen to the audio book, because I believe this book can have a positive influence on anyone's life.