How to Be a Freelance Blogger | Lauren Tharp | Skillshare
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8 Videos (1h 8m)
    • Introduction: Meet Your Teacher

    • Lesson One: Get Over Your Fears

    • Lesson Two: Find Your Area of Expertise

    • Lesson Three: Write the Perfect Pitch

    • Lesson Four: Set Up Your Website

    • Lesson Five: DON'T Do This!

    • Lesson Six: Get Published

    • Lesson Seven: Get Testimonials


About This Class


My name is Lauren Tharp, and I'm a multiple award-winning freelance writer and editor. I'm the owner of LittleZotz Writing and the Managing Editor of Be a Freelance Blogger. I've been freelance writing for over a decade (specializing in blogging) and have mentored hundreds of writers on how to get into freelancing. In this class, I'll teach you the basics of how to follow in my footsteps and get your freelance blogging career started. Live the dream!

Note: This class expects you to already know how to write blog posts -- it will, however, teach you how to get said blog posts published and earn money for them. 





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Lauren Tharp

Writing for Businesses. Advice for Writers.

Hey there!

My name is Lauren.

I'm a Freelance Writer Who Develops Brands Through Blogging

In 2010, after over a decade of writing as a "side job," I started my own business -- LittleZotz Writing -- and made writing my sole source of income.

Through LittleZotz Writing I've worked in the writing & marketing departments of a television mini-series, an online radio station, a designer headphone company, and countless small businesses around the world.

I take the...

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