How to Be MORE Productive Using Airtable and Get More Done! - BONUS: Plan your 2020 board | Cheily Ochoa | Skillshare

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How to Be MORE Productive Using Airtable and Get More Done! - BONUS: Plan your 2020 board

teacher avatar Cheily Ochoa, ✩Coach for freelancers and creatives✩

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (54m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. 2What is Airtable and Who is it for

    • 3. 3How to navigate the platform

    • 4. 4What type of base boards can you create

    • 5. 5How to use and find templates

    • 6. 6Examples of personal life bases

    • 7. 7Create a 2020 reslution base

    • 8. 8Business Base

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About This Class


Welcome! In this class, I'm going to teach you how to use Airtable to organize and manage your day to day life (BONUS: Plan your 2020 board example)

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Cheily Ochoa

✩Coach for freelancers and creatives✩


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1. Intro: Hey, guys, how are you? E went to welcome you to today's class is called Air Table Cash Car on today are gonna share with you how to get your life together This year blows at 2020. Resolution bones first and all. I want to thank you for joining this class because I know you're basing your time, Andre putting all these a foreign to Lenny's plataforma And so I want to make sure you get the bass out of your time without for the door less like him. Okay, so here's what we are going to cover fears that monster explaining when its air table, who is four who can use it out of that day, I goingto share with you how to navigate the platter for then what type of basis or boards you can create. How to find 10 play sickly purples. And then I go into the vital between personal and life basis on business spaces because well off the great things about air tale is that not only is not only for business that over, it's not only for individuals, you can use it for anything in your life on they want to share with you how toe sadly do all of that. So we decided for you. So listening 2. 2What is Airtable and Who is it for: So I forgot to introduce myself in the end. Uh, so I'm just gonna go enough. So Hi. My name is chilly and from Colombia, and quickly Bingham Energy. I started freelancing three years ago, so I have a web really a wide variety of knowledge regarding Murga. Dean, this ad has how to use at work on God. There. Swear like opponents. Accomplish your goals, Nazmi Purpose a asa skills, your teacher. And today I want to share my knowledge media, these me. So I already told you about we're going to cover. I'm basically in these first module. I'm gonna explain where is air Table Hamhuis before? Whether you ever use it for So when you go to area table dot com, you're gonna see the landing page. I'm basically what Earth they will is is a very fun see and collaborative and creative, versatile spreadsheets. So if you ever use Excel or Google spell shoots or any data vase, they're gonna get very familiar with their thinking on all of the time place and on the basis look really, really nice. And they're very a irritable costa mesa. So once you start learning, you can see these how it could look like. And they have, like, different type off a BYU's, so it could be like agreed, like, these could be a calendar to be a Canberra, and it could be a salary or leaving a four. I got this feeling in detail in the next models how each of these works. But this is a review off. How a proper that the ways slash spreadsheet work I It is also a very good for teams like these, not only for personal, for years, not only for basis for yet is for everything. That's what I like about it is very versatile on you. Can a collaborate with all their A team members? A your friends on whatever the before? Yes, your for anyone that the four years you're working on and as you can see for businesses is really useful because you can have the collaboration a collaboration platter photo for your marketing communication on your using experience for your manager ma'am, creative teams and agencies. So it's a little bit afraid with them on these on Sunday, I'm going to show you in the next model about the templates and how. What had the sadly that off templates you can create. So they said they were basically And once you go into, they are sure like account. Once you cleared your account, you're going toe a start seeing a what you can create ongoing. Explain that in the next models. But basically for these, I want you to understand that Earth they will is basically Cousteau. My civil call about a thieve spreadsheet slash that weighs on Who is it for? Four teams are for individuals trying to get the four years on life together. Okay, so let's step into an expert. 3. 3How to navigate the platform: So now in this module and going toe share with you how to not get the night before. What do you see once you sign up so you find Nam. But you're going into here. Just put your finger on the city. They're gonna follow yours a couple of steps, and during once your aim, they're usually going to give you some work spaces or basis to start by. Right now, I just want to share with you. What? You can see him once you have a couple of pieces on a, um while we're to find everything. So this is how we will basically look like you will only have, like, one work space and swear basis. We are depending on the on board, the time place and four cause I just let that then and so basically. Okay, so let's set it up at the top. You have the basis that templates in the universe, the universe. If you click on it, it's not. Take its toll a different a different and a four years. And then plays, um, blood pose on everything the people use air table for, so you can get more exploration. You're safe here angle. If these cases tallies everything. No, everything that you need A like everything people use it for. So it's a really good suffer source off off inspiration. If you go the templates, you're gonna find that you can have something Categories for teams for a sample, local business, every lie for your management will say startup content production. So the categories are endless. I'm going to go where? More in detail about it, impressing in the audio. But these? Yes, So you know where to find it. Yes. Then you have a top of the hill. So either for the shark cards, the pricing structure, what is news? Have them when winners. They have noticed a lot of fun as well on how to contact support. They have said the notifications because I was asked a Willis playing in the business model . You can have a billy collaborative basis. I mean your account, and you can have your AB quick reference certification preference account on Golden Day from Rachel now on the left side, you can either flying a base or a workspace, but basically these is a workspace and daily lives. A workspaces kill earnings that were space projects our space. So basically I work spaces. A folder on a base is basically all these routines. It could be like You can call it a document that can call it like that. The ways But here is called a bays. All aboard electrical aboard. But yeah, it's basically ways you can for a sample moving around when you were the senior bottoms over here. You can just move things around here. You create a new base, you can either a start with a template, import respect, shoot or start from scratch. The good thing about importing a square this year is that you can actually use, you know, my great something you're really created on on sale over at Google aspires here into here, which is really, really cool as long as you sported Asa CSB file. Ah, yeah, just like Okay, so here. So it's gonna is really, really go. Because, like, once you want to migrate, Issa is ahead. I can't. You'll need to the war. So here you can see that workspace all. You gotta work spiritually here to the little dangers clicking here the week workspace workspace so on. You can also rename and like meaning Works basically music course. Sheridan, you can always so a really Like we said, they go where the seven satins on so far. So what? Assemble in the S cage in a decent agency I work for. So they share this base with me. So as you can see, I don't have the pyramids to lead it. But for that workspace that I created 1/2 all the permits necessary on to get you in chains of you, you can with change like this if you want to see it more like you have to say this water. I hear you have the learning, and resource is so it could be a guy toward They were morbidly tutorials. Handle understanding, abuse pencil, Lincoln Key. And so far so these are generally introductory coral. So I'm going to go over like the linking all of that and just going to show you what is possible on danger, Kal Layer or the passive stuff. But you don't need it. Like in my case, I used for my daily life for peace and for four years, everything. Another use. I don't need to use the many of burns it stuff, but if you do so, they have a very ist fence that a vase and helps. And the Rangers basically these I works. This is how it is. And you can also share here you might be where I email or by link, and so far you can see his body safe. Or where, uh, Joe, this is how it looks and how to navigate their friends for Let's go to the next month. 4. 4What type of base boards can you create: so in these models are gonna talk about what type of bases or bores you can create. I just Calabar because of myself, for governing, I just like there's have ever okay, because now it's just like because sometimes that people don't use this week I want to tour with during about this platter, for they don't know what it's a base. So I like to refer to it s poor and so they can just kind of there saying nothing. Okay, so I want to show you what time wolf board is. What basis do you can create? So you can see here in my daily life, I, uh aim only borders impossible lease, intentionality, travel, buying a house. And I got going to go over in these models when we start talking about personal and life basis. But I just want to share with you looking a sample. So and you're so I'm going to go where they templates. So let's go toe templates. So once you e once you're here, you can see for its sample that you want your local business. You're right. So for a sum for a gift idea did I get you can have all the posts A like this some poll base on The good thing is that duking into you can import or integrate on the basis that you create within a website. So if you create a something didn't have toe a same people toe another beige, all of that you can integrate it in your own website. So it's easy for people to see Um So there's, like a type of stem place and that is how we would look like if you click the main view to any dry. You can see that the changes completely. Then you have some bold. You have like graduation requirements, and you could have one of these I'm gonna So I got to share with you how to create a base when you scratch on what you will find. So if you click other ways and then I start from scratch, I'm going to quickly sample base and you consider the color you can sell a day. The I called like these the you could just go down here. I like this. Um, yeah, doesn't on you can you will duplicate it like here you can duplicate away should have moved on a a pond down on leaving integrated with this leg. OK, but you care the rays and you've you click on that is where you will find. So you will see basically three columns ongoing Create more tables. So he there creating empty they will important that are duplicated and you can create more columns. And you have all these field types. So, for example, if I want toe create, let's try to replicate one off these. So, for example, I reality is one with these young use for a Broadway show performance. Fred Issing This change the name on you for once, with here replacing requirements right? Then let's then they have this name courses, the work league and you can also we need or double play combination. Then you have course years of s requirement. So these scores, Let's the first I'm going to place just change banks and then I will change the field. What years? Gear. And you worked in holy cities, Mr. Leader Leaders on not Okay. So they cause he has all of this. So say I can get a copy of the person. What I can do the ism and then I can base it Here. Here is The issue is showing me these because I have three blows. But I could be five. So he needs to Marie cars basically and low. It's a record and you click on video. If I've had on Lee, let's go. I want a sample where I would only do so if I can create more records here. Say it wants to be free only ending. I want to copy only three Weisel scoping. Look down, Graze on here. Nothing. You can see that You didn't ask me for it then we want to go year. So for a year they have is where they if you know you can dose You can usually No, But it cried wolf row So I know because I just this many time that these are single. Select and you can abductions for its on whole freshman itself. Fresh man, Show more Yeah, yeah, yeah On the color is so so far upset The colors You can change in a swell So the freshman it's being blue No se saying And you can have the water if you want When you get out of farming practices you can have with that color for you if you want. But particularly, this is what I love the most. They tolerate option I Once you're here, you can start to see that. Now, once you click on the base is only in the cell. They're gonna see these either, and you can sell it. Progeny on you can even duplication. You don't have to live this manually. So if the rest off the lows are, you know up in yours, click here under that. If I want to change some off them, come back here. Maybe somebody nice, then semester saying now, go to complete it. So the completed This is our way. A Does it really system put out. All right, shake. Okay. Jig waas here and basically what the little am Some sap is for the day, bro. Plan by when I only have the free. So these they want inside. You can see that once a click on at this genius on saying like the other racking also duplicated for notes. I want to make sure that I can ride a more so I can click on long necks because he had once I click on it, I have like all off this space available to guide whatever I want Compared to for example, this one has single lying the only list. Let's me do this now. What else? What is going on here? Crime. And he's more complex. Alysia tell me, was released. You can not for us even had No you cannot quantity. Okay? I also like the nose you can like Make it longer You can Also here for a sample I'm attachment meaning that you can attach a command e merge our a picture. Or also you can make it like coast. So I could be like a currency. And you can trains for mine if you want. Like if seen world position making Allow me that if numbers so far so I can pull like two doses Doesn't know alerting change 300 on so far Unless you can see one good thing about it . He said it automatically sums on the bottom. I am all off the Coghlan's regarding currency. That's why I like you can see it on everything that I like to go. What did the Norris e is that the first column cannot be changed on the battlefield, you can create a house of different so you can have, like only the ISS. You cannot be hidden or removed because they let the public scratch. So make sure the first column is the main one on. Didn't have to move it around. Other things you can do is go. So this looks organized, but it can look way with our rights. So if I click here on Fleek, good buddies feel these were Who's gonna show up is going to go on the data. You have base it on this particular field, which is about the year. So you have a group for all the freshman's or the Union on. Let's say that I want to these on his empty. But the moment that I assigned for the sample sophomore is going toe commodity. Move it, then listen. Words. Photo. You can have how you can go filters. So and I went into your hand. Okay, well, you can go with the face what you can find at the so basically hide feels allows you toe. For example, if you're grouping by a certain field, you don't need to show it again because you know is a year and you know It's a freshman, so you don't have to show these so you can hear high. These columns for this feels so. It can either be from here high field. You would show here and you get all high. Those years were hiding. However, it is easy for you. Yeah, they reading also fix that data. So what? Its sample with cars or a year? Or like a Any of the columns that you have available contains Or the second thing is empty . That's empty. And all of them so is after you. Where did it So if you want to come with the red by which courses complete it he's That's it Which was a bit then one so you can solve the data either. I will. I deserted by cost. So the biggest one will be a top and so bad. Since you have the filter, listen more so I can show you the 300. Okay, then you cannot change the color, but it's available only the workman. You can lose adjacent low high except I like it. I'm not so you can go to share here. You know, you can either shared by like you can have a different permissions. And so if you click here, you can duplicate or download this data associates me or a preview Over here. You have the sayings here. If I want him today, will I finished with the same Oregon duplicate this one, and I can duplicate this side if I want to duplicate the workers. So they say that I want to keep the same columns under, say, like, its structure. But I don't want to A saddle between the same convent. So you click duplicate table and it will only show you they things in a tub on. However you have a group or sort on high here in the wheat view, you can have all you have all the abuse of a levels. So it can be, say, Campbell. No, this and we would look like it will mainly the pan on the type of historic church that you like to see more. You can also like a gallery time. These so you have like, for example, if you have leg or imagine these, these one will be barefoot. So yeah, as you can't seem a is very bare style And you have, like, all of this is available and everything looks pretty and I suspect that one of the main since I like it off Where? Toe a Goal express here it's the document because it's way more customizable. It's just way nice. It live, you weigh more. Hey, how do you say we're easy after years? I think, And you could just just play around with it and you can see like all of these or there it feels types were sample a full number even, you know, a percent that rating. Like what? Wait, you can have the ethnic these or you can have leg multiples. The lettuce. Basically America. Oh, no, basically, you can add, like save it our feels. So it's about our options in the same. So you click save You can have realism board or no, those in this England. He's ranking up Well, no So whatever you need also, you have the collaborator allow multiple clothes leaders itself. These are will appear Basically who you share these sailors. Then you can I still have. You are now basically your space in your biblical We want to, for example here Yeah, you keep going right away. They have Greysia like 12. 13. That's it, Andi. Yeah, I really like and it's very versatile. They have a new thing called Block for its mainly for queen, You know, which basically allows you to create graphics out of the data that you have here on at the bottom. You have for some, all off the the basis. Yeah, but you have Merrick the usual, huh? And you can have leg help and get it. You can want to have all of this little like ideas. Years our love being is you can know a plague and Asensio, which is like another way off you and information. Especially when you have, like, low notes on you. Want to make sure you're riding everything correctly feel and you can even add comments. So you have all of the changes. You have me so far and you have a two week. We wish you misery on. You can have comments here and you can attack people, for example. Okay, you can have for example, nasa. If you have collaborators, you will be more than one here easily be Can you feats the website the clien x Something like that. Least if he notes from this are you going to go here? Which is really cool. And you can relate and already dance and so far watch you consent the records you go by. What you mean is that you will be notified whenever someone comments on you being tired. It and so far, very easy. Even if you forget it's a matter of you playing around. See what you need clear body like on make you work for you. It's very versatile, and that's why I like it went once they're sending out, it's better to side with a temporary basis on your. 5. 5How to use and find templates: Okay. Now, how do you sum find a temperance? So I don't get your preview off here where you can find them. So you already know that you would go to the main page. I'm creek home here. Templates, and you'll thank you. Free speech. So now, Lisk, how do you use them? So, basically, once you see which type off aim base and water released you need, you're going to either click here, use them, play the Oreos a copy ways. Let's do it both ways. So please come use them. Play and you can see Let the workspace and you needed. So these will be perfect for daily life at legal at base. And you can see that now has the new I like Theo in for here and us Click on it. You can see a basis correction. What a description. You can get married here or basis collection here, if you need for Is that because this what is this? Fiction is conditional to whoever opens this base. So it could be like a great way to give, like a welcome or surfing islands on how to use it. So now that you have two days a here you can get a start of them. You can just any all the date of your Also another way to do it ish in place again. I'm also whenever you have you see a website that for example, someone shared in a least you can use that a base they have on their website e in your employ its I will show you why. What me now is created. And you, for example nowhere black Here you have to wait to Atlanta yuk leak you learned very shown You will get toe this page. You can get a copy here or billowy click Copy lays and you can use a clinic where you want it daily life is killer me and so at base on you see the difference young changes as well. This is a little like I cause you can just add them for in your key were or like there is no need to have like being into your opinions for some more, uh, a particular life to use this website just because it's easier for me and then just click on your special American Yes, and then can just based I on that. It's like you can just base the more your unit and you get a cut out their location scatology on everything you need to to create and blind the awesome novel. So that's here. Basically, that's how you use the time place. It's up to your toe. Find the one that works for you on that full feels. All the deeds that you have at the moment on the 10th place are very wide, very their they were. So you just have a look here, play around. 6. 6Examples of personal life bases: Okay, so now I'm gonna talk and show you a while the personal life basis on the ones I've creating the past on how is hardly a king about So he had in my daily life you can see that I have, like with solutions by any house May 10 honorary. And so so I want to share with you of writing in your house. What? Yet in May 18 Eri you find it okay? Buying in your house. So do you think it's funny is when I want to show you what I have here? So I have the name of the bank Now I have a like banks Questions What? Leasing the task made no additional expenses Where the houses that I'm basically but this one it by put into house on any research leaks within the blank A base I have a all of the bank's available the contact person. How much is the wait? What are the requirements? The commencing choirs for me to go in this occurrence for my moms are the shot expenses? I should add something for the documents required for the own air. Um any subsidize any study where the prices and So they have some of the questions on. I will have dancers base it on the back. They have seven tasks like, for example, But don't eat while you, sir A like what done? It is I have for like, for example, here I can pull, like be 16 home sharing. They have additional expenses. For example, what do I like? What is entitled between a divide his house? Why do I need to pay? How often going to pay it toe wish staples buying it applied like for the he put a the lease or the people to carry Went a creator of one thing I have in the house is here leg have have a contact Then where is the neighborhood and issue? No comments. I base it on the pictures along then does half like Parky Which floor is every surprising off the building The link toe the a a The date out over the people who? His son and head who is selling it on so far have you visited and I have, like, waiting for he had, like they the monaf warm so 18 The prices for the mystery shown the pros and cons on so far . Then I have to buy like things I wouldn't get away from the house. I see how it they have. The cool thing is that, for example, a cash for supposed there society seek six books there. Answer for they have links about a what? Keeping my and so far. So there's something that you can use injured the life and have a baby well organized structure. You can use four backed, especially because there that they would haven't has a nap. And you can just see and read all of your basis You have lost the data available in your fingertips. I also have something for the money boy gets like. I've been doing these for a while. I have for sample, dearly expenses, anything like personal some AB studios. I show you, for example, generally Yes. Okay, So this is how I haven't like on the inside. So basically you just like everything I have on Dhere eyes. He says nobody physically where money is coming from church in usually still like So far I have read the prize. I have laid the category because, like some of the things are mandatory is exactly what I need then things like See there these air, like in the Caymans age like they were the clarify of life coach. And so far I used to have for some I had a job because here's the thing. So these thing is going so some how much you need and you can have a leading pesos or dollars. How are getting? I'm gonna top. I have. Okay, what are the incomes? How much am I making from this? I lied to have with us a miner's so this can be like because this is something he's having these long years. I am unsure about the my for what? In English, but it's basically wasting mines with back on if I have a look at a supposedly if it wouldn't be able to give the stopper. Here is thes basically what I have left ways along. How much wants my a con or my? If we all the morning that I was receiving, I was like putting all their Hey, I think they thought they were You think where this money was coming from. So then I have for something, though where the Islam they have, because these were because these are data down on different I'd like because he has, like, the payment date. Like when you start to do its way for this. The prices in U. S. Theme, the price Is he coming by ourselves? Because I my nancy expenses most They have a the payment method like Pioneer Cash Very car , which banned the Ricard notes. It was paid that Diggory's call me a so tell can't thinking about it goals upon the life. I'm any on this but that you care expenses on day. I have one for travels. So these wasa Los Angeles travel that I did last year after the sample They had what I want to be sealed like a city piles what is included. Airbnb experience. I want to go all their ideas. These two by. I have, for example, here we want to listen. I have a name that Brian's do em like Hillary. Any notes tickling possible date address features exit on the estate. They would basic this Just give a structure off your plan Sanitary. Every young everything you want to go, you have to like follower it. Suddenly, as you can see it, feel it a structure But I didn't lead to, like, put the arrogance every time because it will depend. I would just look at Luca album on Google maps or plans of a base it on. Why was around then? They had, like, everyone, experience hardware. Is it of ours? It was a book they like when I got a phone. The budget I have for a sample of the days they went by 20 years so far, until that is very useful when you're traveling and you're doing the itinerary on your own compared to an agency. So that's a win for the person I want to expand your I want to share you share with you in detail how to create your 2021 solution more? Um, well, where what I did for 2 90 what it planned to do. So for this next year. 7. 7Create a 2020 reslution base: Okay, So now want to share with you my 2019 with solution board over here. On what planet? Little different next year. So you can three. So here I have. What? The resolution. Waas How if you related to market values, any attachment that I do it they notes status. Does, um a What is the sad ankle that I was looking, uh, here for the core values? I have three presentable family and friends Financially independent learning activity, travel giving with being. And I think I did like half of these issues. Like I tried toe the way, like every into go where they say with the months since I said that because they sure that resolution stakes you need to be constantly aware. Waas all what? It's moving. What? It's not so far. So after a few Libya's I realize thes type of a structure at the end like mulch. So I decided to go with this. This will make it more and it's eventual nice and half the category is like way more A on site. So what example here I could a I had accepted comments like basic that like how they completed for the sum for the night travel with friends first when they were brand comes with Redox. I think you do this, but basically these When I can say that it was anywhere, I get it. They have financial independence. They have, like, layer mean they have Nativity. Half like Deauville have a go abroad, like minimal 1 to 4. I did too. On this, an addictive, then giving like a sign out for certain charities that I want o donate constantly. They happen Basic, clean, having tracking. We should be willing to pay head thing I have made. It would have breadth, ease, schedule e everything, in a way, life of sensations, my poly life. Coach guy. It's and so far as you can see, it's very straightforward. And I think I make sure, toe I am we say review of these every month or every week. So I s started with these with a lead view. But then it changed tambon on things where you see No, come, he's bionic. I'm for 2020. I just duplicated these on created the language because he's the South Korea. Same. Now I just need to change the goals. Um, these sons of that you can go. For example, you can you star with the values. Okay. What do I care about the most on how king I complimented on toe compliment that the motor off that Khaneqin? Sure, I worked Tore wars achieving this. So for example, for me it's important there, mate. So I have like, OK, where do I want this learning the conference books, videos, crash course, the come sets. And so far, Okay, they have got any resulting for important. For me, travel is very important. So Ok, where do I want to travel? With who? How many times and support They have accepted notes like put it some old and location quickly respond. You will show like that of this 53 on a k A. Expensive plumbers. So far, they have the status. So if it costs my c i c e have a like planets Planets it active is a completely spending. So I know that a lace and working toward worth all of this I need the goal. Okay, have like it's sadly what is the main a. I did. These were like What is this? That this had outcome that yes, pet. So for example, if I want to listen to podcasts, okay, How many? But because what is the goal of podcasts? Every want. So for me, it's the efforts of per week on have ignored, say, for example, making at least off because I want to go. Do I want to leave? Said on courses on that basis, or like having like my go to put cars s so far. So I hope this was useful and you smash and create your trades. When you a solution, bar on making sure you move forward your goals on the next year. I wish you other bells on just sharing the boy a description in the inter Korea section. Ah, copy off the base and border the creator looking for breakfast. 8. 8Business Base: So now, finally, I'm going to go where all the possible basis, basis and you can create. So, for example, you can create a base for all of your clients for each off them. So you can either have like a main bear base with all of the and then seven I one for each of them. And you say here you can star assigning tasks to certain teams you can have like, for example, the stage. They say it up like we sign in any badge bore. But this when you have the perversion, have like at campaigns, you cannot settle. People stick half like American Plan. You can have ideas with lead man. So this song is really great because you can have, like, I hope for all of the different Poyet's that you can know for a particular crime. You can even create an onboard the they is. You go over for a sample. The computer analyses a marketing plan. You have like all of this here, So it's a really good way to have all your off your clients organized on you. Can you like organized a efforts with campaign? You can have, like needs to that the ways something's strategy dicking half again for job hunting in the camping is ready for Facebook. 1/2 lie The campaign A campaign type. If you know Facebook, you know that you can have a code of these ones there. Get out in the creative ideas for nails leaks. Boyd. So for you have needs but please. Then you have, for example, or the campaign times which one is the target audience on so far in like a mention, like in the beginning, and you can have different things. So if you go to templates, let's say you want to quit accounting calendar. And here you can have like, What is? If Iwas plan? It's a headline. It's sections the out or the deal, The Police Day, the lane for their polls. You can have, like, associative schedule. There, the Catholic freelancer time shoots on. You can have for a some for you. Breathe my much man, you can't have known for feed My Nachman. You have these squeak shown for raising a status, assesses gold for your money and ship. When a year on does that they like keeping yours? Are people shared the base with them on bacon. Just collaborate. It's a way to have everything in a single is some people use like to use this, like triple like to use him. You know, what I mean is that this can be a good complement for the slag on. Some people like to use, for example, asana one day for any other quiet manage mental. But these working also be a great for your management tool. If you want a toe. If you don't want to, like over, complicating things on your team is not to be these long. It's really grade, unless you can see many companies. Uses these X A pier on so far theme. You can have like that the base of your team members. You have three years because you can like close reference that later. So, for example, you can make reference to these A with these. It's so far on the facilities are endless, like that's what I like about it, like whatever you want to create a table helps you to do that. So if you want toe have like, um my getting for her here, you Catholic copy, Brenna said. Marketing campaign growth experiments here, lamenting me ability. So whatever you used to create in your spreadsheets, you can use it here. I have very intuitive way easier to manage. Doesn't have to march off learning carbs once you get used, today's is a breeze to you, said uM you can import it on is very visually appealing. Most off the companies and boys I've worked with and I've shared this with people they have to love it because it's so much easier to use its way. One Internet thief has everything you need to be up. So we looked recommended. Listo given, tried even if he is not only for business, even if it is only for your baby life. Is that go the way to our structure for your calls on your right away. I really hope you near this rainy and you study using the right away for good They But by