How to Be A Productive Student | Master Study & Career Plans

Francesco D'Alessio, Host of Keep Productive

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6 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. How do I become a Productive Student?

    • 2. Getting Yourself Organized For Study and Work

    • 3. Planning Ahead with Milestones and Your Task Manager

    • 4. Optimizing Your Time at College/University

    • 5. Your Core App Toolkit: All the Software You'll Need

    • 6. Become the Super Student with these Helpful Tips

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About This Class

Calling all students. Whether you're at college, university or high-school, there's a need to keep organized, get things done and think ahead by achieving grades, internships and social success. 

This course covers: 

  • Getting organized digitally and physically
  • Planning ahead with milestones and a to-do list app
  • Optimising your time with techniques
  • Choosing your app toolkit and getting started
  • How to become a super student and excel with your course


  • Our brain dump template: here
  • Our milestone planning layout: here

So if you're looking to get organized, ready to crush college, this is the course for you!