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How to Bake and Decorate an Easy Handmade Birthday Cake at Home

teacher avatar Teresa O'Hara, Learn with Fun

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Introduction How to Bake a Birthday Cake at Home

    • 2. Section 2 Equipment and Tools Party Cake

    • 3. Section 3 Party Cakes Method 1

    • 4. Section 4 Method 2 Video Party Cakes

    • 5. Section 5 Decorating the Party Cakes

    • 6. Section 6 Goodbye Party Cakes

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About This Class

This class looks at how to bake a celebration cake using a sponge cake recipe. There are four celebration cakes to look at. Two learning styles have been used in this course for students to choose to follow slides or video - or both!A step by step process is used for students to follow in real time video or stop and pause slides. The cakes are easy and quick to make and suitable for all level of students. The sponge recipe produces a moist, soft delicious cake.


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1. Introduction How to Bake a Birthday Cake at Home: Hello, My name's Theresa and I'll be your teacher for this course. Welcome to the course, and thank you for looking in. The objectives are to look out for ways of decorating a single sponge cake, going to learn how to align the baking tins, make ice in rollout ice in and used the all in one method to bake a delicious sponge and then decorated. The course consists of slides and videos on this is to accommodate different learning styles. So if you prefer video, you might not want to watch the slides. If you If you prefer slides, you might want to skip the video. It's entirely up to you. It's giving you the choice of how you learn now to get back to the cakes. They are sandwiched together, so they're made of two sponges and this sandwich together. So our dough hope you enjoy the course. So at this point, we carry on. Looking at. The four cakes were actually going to Mike First Cake, the easy coffee sponge. This is a really delicious, moist sponge cake decorated with small teas. I don't know if I can say that jelly beans on there is lovely. The ice and is wonderful has to be said that this is my favorite cake. Kevin's Cake. It's a chocolate cake with buttercream filling and ice. The small flowers that you see on the top are actually sat in on their set into the ice in beautiful cake. This was always popular with my Children. For obvious reasons, they could pick the fingers off on the sweets. I have noticed it's very popular with adults for that reason as well. Once again, the same sponge cake decorated in a different way, this has to be said, is the most difficult cake I've ever mind it. So please, if you're going to make this, save all your patients that you have for this particular cake the antigravity pouring cape . But it is well worth the effort. It's an absolute illusion of a K. 2. Section 2 Equipment and Tools Party Cake: the equipment and told You need a pretty standard to any kitchen, and I expect you have all of them now in the Wayne Scowls Sandwich Cake tins a sieve mixing bowl Grease proof paper Why Iraq Scissors? Food Mixer. Another is optional because you can actually do that by hand with a spoon, and if you choose to do so, you will need a wooden spoon, a fork and a pen on. You may be wondering what the pencil, the pennies to draw around the cake tin on the grease proof paper. Then you're cut out. The round shapes online the bottoms off your cake tins. 3. Section 3 Party Cakes Method 1: the only one method used for all the cakes. Just four ingredients to make a delicious cake. Scissors pen Grease proof paper on your cake, your cake tin. To draw around, you need to paper round shapes. After you've cuts this the shapes out in grease proof paper and lined up your dean's. Turn the oven on to 180 C or guests mark for Put all the ingredients into the mixing bowl on beat. Mix or beat with a food mixer or a wooden spoon until you have a very nice smooth mixture and this picture is an example off the mixture. When it's nice and smooth and lump free, divide the mixed are evenly between the two cake tins. Bake for about 25 minutes, until the sponge springs back when you likely touch it with your hand. You can also use a knife to put into the center, and if it comes out dry, your cake is ready. Spread the butter I sin on one cake center and the jam on the other. Leave in a cool place for the feeling to settle on. That would only take a few minutes 4. Section 4 Method 2 Video Party Cakes: Kevin's cake is slightly different. It's still the old in one method, but the quantities are different to accommodate the cocoa. So as you could say this. Butter, sugar, flour, cocoa and eggs right into the mixing bowl. Okay, at 170 grams of self raising flour, 225 grams of sugar, 50 grams of cocoa, 225 grams of butter. I've used ordinary cooking butter and four eggs. Now, when you start using your mixer, always start with a low speed first and that stops your dry ingredients from jumping out of the bowl. You can do this with a wooden spoon, and the results are just the same way. - Right ? Finish. When the mixture looks lovely and smooth on with a wooden Spohn, just scrape away all the bits of stark or haven't been met. Missed. I saw I haven't been mixed around the side of the bowl. That looks really good. Doesn't that now, with the to grease proof shapes that you cut out earlier, going to use those to line the cake tins? I always find it's easier to spread the butter on when I'm greasing tens with some kitchen cloth. It just makes it neater. It doesn't get your hands all messy. It's just a nice, clean way of doing it. So that's the two teens. Nicely grease. I decided there was too much in that one. Say how nice the paper case. They kept the paper basis fit. Perfect fit. Just a quick rub over with the kitchen town. It doesn't need too much grease because, obviously that is grease proof paper. It just helps in it a bit evenly. Divide the mixture between the two cake tins, and sometimes this is quite difficult to judge when you have the same amount of mixture in the cake tins, it's all done by I unless you use a special spoon. Sometimes I use a base scope. I think after you've made several Victoria sponges or sponge cakes, you do get a nag of how much to put in each tain. There's always the temptation here, Teoh lick the spoon or your fingers, but with the EC warning, it's best not to do that. I used to let my Children dough that lick the spoon. I wouldn't dream of doing that now, but look how lovely enrich that looks. Oh, gorgeous. So dessert spoon. Just clean the wooden spoon. You really don't want to waste any of this mixture. Good shake. Settle them down and then into the oven at 180 degrees. That center great for approximately 20 minutes. That depends on your often now one of those of a kill. You can make the feeling so that's 75 grams of butter, 175 grams of icing sugar, three tablespoons of cocoa and a couple of tablespoons of milk. You might not even use it, but just in case you need it. So sift the icy sugar and cocoa into the mixing bowl. It's always amazing how many lumps they're all unsifted. I see should go look at that. I had to move the ball away from the camera lens at that point because of the dust on the lanes. Normally, I would put a Tito over to save. While I do this on, just gently lift it back on. That stops the dust from getting into the room. I saved us studying my no sugar. So once again, sift the cocoa. That's just mixing. You're holding stern A. Like the boxer and with the back of a spoon, creating them together. So squash them. I'm at the beginning. You think, Oh, this is never going to mix together, but a little bit of patience. And it does. Actually, it's surprising. A little bit of elbow grease. It's quite a nice thing to Dio. I think it's a little bit of escapism for a couple of minutes, just concentrated on blending them or creaming them together. You see how already it's all blend in air and the butter is breaking down into the sugar. It doesn't take that long to for it to take shape. It's looking good. Is that actually look in a little bit dry and too thick? Lovely. That's finished. That's done. Now the spoon is stand in opinion. I really don't want think a thick consistency for the cake that's too thick. The purpose. So I've added just a tiny bit of milk, probably a table swing, maybe even less than that. So already. Now it's looking softer, and it's actually looking silky. It's just looking gorgeous that you can tell I like took it doesn't yes, that's a fine, making sure to scrape the edges of the bowlers you mix. See, that's not a nice soft drop into the boat. A tiny bit more because it still isn't nice, soft consistency that I want to the center in the middle of the cake and the toe. Now, when I finished her in this, I just put that in the fridge for a while to give the cakes time to cool. When I take them out of the often they're still in the often At the moment, it's so. The cakes have now been in the oven for about 25 minutes, and here they are, as you can say, the one on the left. You can see where I have actually pressed that down. That's I've taken at the oven of press sat down. This one has a knife mark in top, where I've tested it to see if it's cooked. They're both cooked. A nice came out of this one. Clean. There's a knife mark. They are dry, so that one's cooked the other one. When I pressed it, it spring back, which tells me that that is cooked as well. So I used two different methods there for check in where they cooked or not so Ron. The knife around the edge, the inside of the 10 and it drops out lovely. Look about lovely and smooth. That's still very Holt. But look at the top of that. It's wonderful. It's good enough to eat now without filling and the topping. But I want and do the same to the other one spring. Now this one is. I took it out of the 10. It cracked. But that's no problem, because I'm now going to put the filling inside on top of the crack so the filling will actually fall down into that crack, and some lucky person will have a little bit more. Fill it. Spread the filling nicely on 1/2 of the cake. Look how lovely and thick thighs, but it isn't too thick. It really did need some milk just to give it that nice gloss to take away the thickness. Now what I do, I always turn my cake upside down one of the sponges to give that nice flat base. You can see the split there as well on the side. I've done that, lifting the arm, and I'm going to put the fill in the same fill in mixture for the feeling on the top. Now you can actually use chocolate here, 200 grams of milk, chocolate with cake decorations. So if you were to use Theo chocolate, you would melt the pieces in a bowl over boiling Walter, and then just let it run all over the top and down the sides. Help it out if it needs to be helped to spread across the top and then set the decorations or your small suites in the mail to chocolate. I'm not, is lovely as well. It really depends on whether you want a a soft top or if you if you prefer a hard a chocolate top. To be honest, I don't Matt mind, either, Preferably bugs. Oh, just look at that. Oh my goodness is a work of art that is going to test absolutely delicious. 5. Section 5 Decorating the Party Cakes: the anti gravity cake. This'll will try your patients, but they may the equipment and ingredients needed for the antigravity cake. You can purchase a pouring kits from good cookware shops, but you can actually make your own. So assemble the antigravity kit called into the manufacturer's instructions. Another inexpensive worry of making the kit is just to buy a new piece of clean Dowling. Very short piece of measurements have shown, or I have actually cut the bottom and the top off very long, sick nitty NATO, making sure to sterilize it clean, Then spread a small amount of jam across the top of the cake. Lightly dust your work in surface with the icing sugar. This is the working surface and not the surface of your cake. Roll out the ice in until it's flat and smooth. You need it nice and dry as well, so it doesn't break when you try to lift it. Place your cake tin on civilly ice in and with a very sharp knife. Appointed knife cuts around the 10 Russia's. They cut around the ice in that is on top of the team. Now hang the ice in across your rolling pin and gently lift it, being careful not to break it very carefully. Smoothed the ice in across the tape cake and trim the excess from around the edge. Once again, you'll need a nice, sharp knife for this. Smooth the top very gently. Make sure they're on any air bubbles trapped between the ice in and the cake. Now, at this stage, I like to put the Reuben around the cake because it sticks to the jam and it's six to the German. The cream on it drives flat. Secure it at the back, not make up a very thick glow with a large amount of icing sugar and a very small amount of water. Mix it thoroughly until you get rid of any lumps. It should look like a very nice paste. Put the rod into your cake on, then cover it with the back of the teeth. Using the back of a teaspoon, Cover it with the ice in Now you have to be very patient here on work quickly as well. To get the sickness on the road, dip each of the suites into the icing glow and starting at the bottom of the rod, placed the sweets around, building up one row on top of the other. Now thin the glow with some water on brush. This on the top of the cake on it, will help any loose sweets to stick in. Place a taxi empty bag to the top of the rod with thick ice sink low or melted choc chocolate hidden inside the bag. You can actually cheat by using double sided sticky tape. Bacon short the Children. Don't choke on it. Chocolate. Seeing the cake, Please follow the ingredients and the recipe, which is basically the same as the anti grip, gravity cake. Finished photograph of the chocolate fingers cake on this Once they're going is very delicious. Give it time to set. Give the tuck the sweets. Time to settle on the fingers. Time to glue attach themselves around the edge of the cake. I don't like this as well. Kevin's Cake. This is the recipe for the Bhattarai sin, and as you consider the bottle, Ison has had cocoa added, which is in the recipe, and that gives it that nice brown look and also delicious chocolate of taste on the birthday cake. All it up 6. Section 6 Goodbye Party Cakes: Well, that's the end of the course Now. I hope you enjoyed it on. I do hope that you make some of these cakes. They really are delicious. It's a wonderful recipe. Good luck with your cooking on it. Be nice if you can let me know how you get on the best of luck to you. And as I say, thank you for calling in. And I hope to see you again soon. So until then, goodbye and good luck.