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How to Bake and Decorate: Dripping Buttercream Birthday Cake

teacher avatar Aleksandra Zarnowiec

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 24m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Sponge Cake

    • 3. Butter cream and cutting cake layers

    • 4. Cake Board

    • 5. Stacking Cake Layers

    • 6. Melting chocolate

    • 7. Making Chocolate Dripping

    • 8. Choosing Decorations

    • 9. Final Decorating

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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to:

1. Bake a perfect Butter sponge cake

2. Make home made buttercream icing

3. Assemble the cake

4. Prepare cake board

5. Finish cake wih Buttercram

6. Decorate cake with chocolate driping 

7. Final touches and decorations

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Hey! I'm Ola and welcome, my courses are for everyone who wants to learn how to make awesome custom cakes!

I believe in three principles -- Anyone can make awesome cakes. Learning doesn't have to be painful and we can share happiness through baking.

Whether you're just starting out or in the middle of your baking journey, you'll find easy to follow courses with helpful tips and fun ideas to get you going!

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1. Intro: I had My name's Alex Len. When I show you how to make a very simple my e cake every father place. Okay, um, just just beginning or are you already know begging? I'm gonna take your state passed step from baking the cake through amending the buttercream and putting together or even decorating in the port. And remember, guys, don't forget toe possible Peters after the show to show me and all of the work. You're amazing cake. 2. Sponge Cake: So the very first time Steptoe make our take its course toe. Bake the cake. So what you believe you don't have any type of Mexican you haven't said, or on anything as what you will need. Baking powder. I'm going six inches already. Put the paper around making paper Whatever we need. Doesn't mean 150 grams over sold batter on well, doing soft the room temperature. But it's really called really hot. It could tow Try it out. So what I do know if I can easily pinch it, that's when it does the right temperature. Um, I also have 150 grams off, I think sugar and the plain flour, UM, three X and just one. Tell a teaspoon over baking about that. What is you can use, um, in the flavors or extract. Today I will use job when you accept absolutely fun with I love it, but quite often I am using high hyphens 40 flavors. Amazing, just amazing. So you have to have to try this. Once I have these dove in in my couple of them. I think they like 100 flavors that they're just amazing. I love it So just try. E. I can't promise you will not regret. Okay. So, very first step. We will, I said, Well, how about there with that out about their your toe, but with in give that What's here? Grab. You're but you. Okay. Uh, I think she uh huh. Cloud, I think. Sugar. Who have that. Okay, go. OK, you need nine or a table. That would be when you are using adult. Don't take be very good. And how you, um Why? Because so strong you can overdo it. Did people betting knife right here, Jeff one, do you think? Um, but yeah, years using a couple of drops because they're so reached so powerful you don't want over where everybody with who did you off the case want them to feel that feeling? And I think and cream. So I should have different And but that's fine. I can work with that sweat. And yet get rid off four of the rest. He adjusts on the board if you're giving 10 except Okay, boy. Okay. Now I'm gonna grab my ex one by just wait. Meantime, you can see that. So I'm injecting one degrees on. Do you want to place you in the middle, so I'm you just using the top and the bottom off them. The fund? No, wait. I almost always Whenever making, um, I am standing on the cake. I know. Don't make it faster. It doesn't make it better. But at least I know what's going on. And if something bad would have to happen, then I can kind of stop it. Stop the connection whenever I need you and, you know, figure program. You went on stage more butter. I think I did something wrong, but that's no and way No, All the long but will kind of make and you go by and quite nice last. Thank have to go just to you. Give me Do you really? On seven goes toe. Get up. Mm. It just wanna over me back there. So in 11 patients and toe any problems with my better? I'm gonna flower in two paths. First house flour. You will know that you're getting speaker and 19. You want all one of the flower? Okay. At this stage, I'm going toe baking powder and go back to love. And so you will never beg to escape. Congratulations, Why don't you bacon? Oh, they told me, you know. So first of all, each Jeff great to be they go. And then just if you don't have many off or a couple off the same size and bake apple off our case of the same size dangerous, so much here. Wouldn't have to wait for it to cool, then wash it. You just pulpit upside down on and take off the time. And the paper is protecting your your whole cakes. And as doesn't bed sometimes you know, it did happen that I set down just for a minute, and I felt my taking two extra minutes. I've been sitting, relax, and I forgot. I'm after, like, 10 minutes in panic around the teacher. Nothing happened because of the Pecker. So, yes, that's what I use it. We're still here, and I'm just going down. Push them. We don't the batter toe to make sure that No, I don't have any NFL around any. Not mix batter itself. So yeah, you can use the same back there, um, for a different sizes and defined even muffins What were very just time that you bake? I even used the same butter to make my cake. So it's so so quick and all four honestly, so on. That's it. It's already okay. After boarding pass, take a much better. It's possible from there, uh, thing ever with that. Okay thing. So that's back. It's quite fake. Absolutely No. Going down, off easy. Um, from that from them spatula. So yet that our our bathroom, um, our transform at I will Now just if you have my time and then wait a few seconds more for I don't want to be really hot. And then thanks for the coffee. Okay? There's a couple of adversities that I used regularly. No money on your, um, this recipe full or okay. Certain need more stability. So one of stuff on it, like decoration. Heavy decoration. Um, over. I have to cut the cake. That's a perfect, perfect recipe. Um, it might get beat. Try during baking. Does find this wet, because later on, you can just Absalom. Um So, uh, so she got based or you know where you want to moist the cake. Okay. That's a beautiful future. Cake will not stop it now to the And now we just have to wait 20 minutes after 20 minutes, I usually check for the first time how the king doing. And then again, it depends from the side of the cake from the and you're over. Uh, so after I asked, you gonna poke the cake about what they seek, and it came out dry. That's what we want. So usually I beg the cake in that. My even for around 35 minutes. Yeah. So after that, he has time. 20 minutes. He's had a good time to do this. Check that The cake. Pope. The cake to take how much more you need. Okay, see, now. 3. Butter cream and cutting cake layers: Hi, guys. And we're back. My cake was just taken off Dover and 1 10 minutes ago. That foot, as you seem, I well did it upside down. What you do, if you take the kids out, you're simply put the board there. The cutting board on the cakes and her upside down. Very, very easy. Remember to use the growth. Of course, everyone, broth, I'm gonna give a few more minutes to go down. And because it did sit down for five minutes on Marino to open them. I know, but the Yeah, and that cake can just dressed and wait class. So the battle cream now, because I just bake oven lakic, I want to make the battle cream. I've been to North Special Bit More flame, Marie. So what I have here? It's a 250 grams off batter. Make sure you choose a good quietly butter on my favorite. So far, it's a little book. Each so tasty, so small. No water. Your tool. I really like it. Um Well, else I have a 200 grams of a very normal playing. I think sugar last already do have ground. Oh, crumbs. Um, pink limb late labeled. I think sugar is delicious. I have to say that if you didn't try, you are missing a lot. I had a chance to buy a couple of those tickets. Do you play on? The one was that It was, I think in November last year. I feel no threat after the flavors are just so good. Oh, I don't eat it. That's it. There is nothing as toe after that. It is absolutely amazing. They're a bit stronger. So if you don't want to have our overwhelming taste, I just makes it have hot for 1/4 or one fat are playing an under arrest or they're gonna choose their many favor. Certainly you have a good, very irritated from from to choose. Um, yeah. And now you have a delicious passing it again. Depends where you live and how hot or cold it is in your conjuring or in your home. Um, I think my brother comes knocking to light. It's OK. He took a eastern very one hour for maybe was to walk in the shade. Okay. We're gonna makes you wanna your pocket. I just got We want it back and a But I think? Yeah, right. Um, you make I tried a couple of them. They're fine. I was go down. Everything. Ive your buttercream offer your ive your batter. If a big stiff I've been to court, it goes toe. Um, Other bit of hot boiling water. Um, how much? Out a bit. Maybe a 12 tablespoons are free if you need back up. Out because of their Yeah, it's perfect. Fish. If you need toe, get very soft butter cream. Like, for example, for the Russian dollars. Doesn't the perfect buttercream toe abdel a little bit of hot water to soften the battle even more when I am now the plane, I think Sugar, I have toe house. So I had had for them, um, playing our since you got now, the people every night also have. Why? But I don't have my brother going to be two states. So even hope Use it. That's fine. You can go back to the books. What about Okay, you cried off. I'm just calling wife. I hope people know that I'm a bacon. No. Now, gradually going high. You know better. Uh, the thing is that you some flavors like or even had a foot slain. But then when they're doing a continual battle gum or or even eliminate, you are I think I'm very cautious about up to try it. And because quite often, uh, they might be very fake, that you have this after taste in order. That was not our decision, but the way to her crown issues. You got cramps. It's like having you need nothing more. Honestly, jazz batter and that Have you before there. Go for it now. Okay, you get a little that one down. Um, and then I'm gonna try again and going be out of it, - okay ? For the absolute beautiful Jack heart supposed to be applied. I just love it. Okay. Cleaning up you go. Okay. No, I mean spot you. You find any, okay? Were kidnapped. What's on the then? I will clean up the edges off the ball. I'm very quickly just laughed. More time just to make sure that later on when I stop to that piping bob, I'm gonna end up about lock or batter. Good. That's great. Is a big still. I can feel it. It's intact. Makes it so what we have now a big off water. Just naff Toto, soften it. But nothing greatly. Nothing excessive. Okay, you could have that. I say you just a bit. Yeah, And one, That's what you have. Sure. Good and death. The feeling is right. You know that damn dress. The Bata Perfect. It's not lost. It's stable. Spatula doesn't lose its shape if you can see the spatula. But it just feels so, so Okay, if you have a bad habit over licking your fingers, why, over and over? Okay. Okay. Now what you need is the fighting back so easy. I hope all of you have a cup. Uh, in your house. No thing. Body fighting. Bug classing. That cop. I have a cop. I know people just don't need it now. You don't need it, so okay, We're doing a lot to put inside. Justo, fill out the cake. Okay? Way. I don't use the rest of the but later on, so I don't know. I don't eat that. Well, thank you. Okay. Okay. Well, I'm ready. I'm gonna cut the edge and that's it. On my packing from to be ready. Okay. I'm going to put your cake. You believe it? We'll see. It'll be Chinese. It's not the about accepting death that most of the water. So I threw that away. Okay, That's my cake. You're going to in a moment. Still a bit war. So what I would do? I would play on a table after table and then cut it and place it. Tow them a free just for a moment to completely cool it down. You don't wanna I feel up your cake when it's still a big war. And why you want to do it? Well, mostly because about the women. So this couple of metal couple off totals you can catch a cake with, um I like you. Just remember playing knife. So what? I go, I just place my, um I my elbow all my Just making sure that I am up holding the knife in the same position. And then if war my way around with the cake, no moving my a my I am not capping the cake. I'm just very, very steady holding the knife and resting on my, um, keep and of pressing president with that pointing finger. The cake. The rest is just telling the cases Very breezy. I was that from I'm sure all the good things with this cake is that you can You can cut him all slice it because it's such a thick consistency. Um, it doesn't give you us much crumble, so we don't know that. Match the cake. Can you see Geeky? Still warm? Yeah. Dr. Meade. Oh, that's it. What? It's here. Okay. Okay. Okay. And just a top now smoothed out. Gonna Okay, remember to keep your I'm very still. And it is your order. Hand that work around stuff the top story. Okay, so the good thing about topics that you can eat it, you can eat it. Okay. For somebody else. You have a bagel. Enjoy as well you can living for later. You can make us more cake. Poke cake pops out of it. Um, I usually save it for From what did that for my company. Okay, good business. Off the cake that you can see. I'll take a no place. Leave it for a moment. Okay. Support for a moment. 4. Cake Board: Okay. So because we're still waiting for the cake to cool down waken domain Time to cover up, cover our birth. So there's many ways to do it. Well, the easiest one is just calling river. Nice piece of paper. Can be a wrapping paper or one of those class paper relies now on because, OK, it's a paper. And because you're cakey swell, other moist, You don't want to send your cake with a piece of paper underneath. So when I like to go at the top, it's just people is that thing for Okay, so, Jeff, cut it nicely. It doesn't have to be pat fact, but, you know, do your best. Okay, So you don't want to You actually don't have toe, um, called the k dram middle to We have to use it if you want to. You know, just what you would do your kayak straight on them plate or a board. Or how do you know? Cake sound? That's also fine. Okay. Benefit. I will use a veto double side tape, just a security just so you don't Okay, Okay. Okay. I moved. No problem at all. Okay? Yes. Okay. It was almost ready you could thinking. Just look at this. Your court. But I go our Minkow begin. I say you have to be perfect. How long? Okay. Okay. So wait toe long from you. So what? I don't Okay, So I don't want it to be you only. But this time that passed off enough The ages. We'll go underneath okay with you kids. That one for later if you want. Oh, but I tend to keep it. Keep it, Never use itself. Let my left when I put away okay? Again, I was a little bit off damn aside Type O to meet O just was secure Your own conceits. Sit down. And now I'm gonna work my wait, Okay? Yeah. And I have to do that over over to finish over the game. - How can she be okay, I But that's fine, because we gonna put a ribbon around it. So we took it. - Okay . Okay. So actually see our board now. It's not completely Patrick. No touching that at the table or the separate bathrooms for it, because I put a take on it the way could just quit it, so don't worry about it. Okay, Now we got places reborn. So I like to leave the sticky sicker. That's already placed with an awful there. Reborn. Okay, work. You know what? Your way around it around the book people really need. I can't afford it. Okay. Afforded. And if one maybe tweet, you have toe peeing. I have to use the one petal on the top because people concede. Did you have in the book anyway? But just in case somebody would like to try to eat a board or whatever take dribble out, which is completely fine, then that. See that there's that being over that you have to take it out. Okay, so our board pretty, you know, perfect for the cake. No, just for game. Clean up. I just have to do it, okay? 5. Stacking Cake Layers: Okay. Our cake is nice and cool out. Um, and you can just give stuff it So asking. She did talk player a little bit out some. Just when I think it put it upside down and place between the layers, so I just can cover up with their buttercream, the place kicking. Let me look now already prepared before some sugar syrup. It's very, very easy with the same amount off water and government cooking together for a while here are completely dissolved. You can add ah, flavor into it. If you want, you can add a carp other or chocolat. This time I put other bit off vanilla paste. Just a compliment. The cake itself, but the most. The cake you have. You don't have to do that. If you don't want to go. That's absolutely fine. To get that amount off, I'm sure. In sugar suit, I used at 1/4 off the cup off water three and 1/4 cup off sugar. My father groupies here. What's that about? Just cut a feat. Don't have told marching. Sure, it's better. Turn out and cut a little bit, for I consider filling that for me. Yeah, tell Flynn. Okay, That may come during, like, one. And then put the fruit feeling or co clad war. Tell whatever you want. I'm gonna feel the middle off that layer. Um, with Africa job, - it's quick. Other, but not too much just to make sure it's level. Okay, that Sure. I can see. I have almost full copping. Um, it's still a lot. So when I left off part of it. But I don't feel like I'm wasting things. Just water and sugar. Okay, - I can see that. My picky smoked perfectly straight. So on the lower east side, I wouldn't bid a little bit more of the battle cream. Yeah, just before I do that, I thought just at some sugar syrup. Okay, so that's now it's just drift the buttercream. If you will be very hope today, I would place on the cake for a couple more minutes. Um, toe that fridge. Just calm down. Settle down. But Fred OK, now, so give us a patron. Now, look, your weight around this late that have to be perfect enough to look freaky just have to be good enough to cover the cake. Okay? Does the first year first year you're going toe one more. Okay, that layer. It's more like a group. Like a primer for when you want you paying the war. - Okay , Now, they were to put the caking different. Just a couple minutes, so that considered. 6. Melting chocolate: they don't have dripping the couple. Falcon Manager graph another trap for me. You already did try in a microwave. You can do that. I one of the ways. But I like to do a water bath. At least then I can make sure I'm not having consent. Shoulder March will not ban in the middle, for example, or that it will explode in my hyper ways. And I'm gonna have to end up cleaning the microwave from for chocolate, So yeah, How do you do it? Very, very easy. I just need a fault. Small boat. I'll be the water. It doesn't have to be a warning water at this party, Just just half the cop car. Maybe as soon as the water will start perceptible, I would have the temperature down and four last heatproof born people are particularly important. Least, um, I'm to also that just like that. And then the ball is heating itself so much. Just matchup. But it doesn't burn it. Um, so, yeah, now I do when they are black and colored. So when we we take the cake out of the fridge, we can only put the last layer of the buttercream smoothing beautifully and I make our a beautiful red Are hot dripping on you that Roger in color Red. Let me Bunty. Now I know Jax above board. So I'm gonna turn picketing down and start to steer. It's going to do that or city Just so you don't waste much fewer fuel, would you? Just you You don't need all their piping, but and again, I'm done. Now I am. I will know guys there. Chocolat to the bathroom just yet. Very, very quickly. Justin myself fuel humanist. It's almost threatening here. I'm gonna time big off, um, full calling and I'm gonna gradually add more and more much was completely method now, so I just on the but I still I wanted to be hope and work from leaving like that. 7. Making Chocolate Dripping: Hi. So now when our Katie's ready, just covered with the second leg off the batter. Criminal smoked it. So now I want to want to move our cake to our beautiful board. How? You know, it's very easy to use that night. All I know don't be addressed. I just just just moved. Okay? Of Jeff before that, we just real life. Well, especially they can be. So about it Pulling the media aboard just on the cake with Steve. That don't know much. Just enough. Okay. No smooth cake. Okay. That's really we can no one just make sure that it's not sticking, so pick up. Okay. Okay. I will just clean catch one side I was using, but this fine Jackson was put you out. Well, grounded 10. Now, I think it's cool. We can place our dripping, So my, um my job is already you can put it into a macro wife all just, you know, method old fashioned way, um, in a water bath, because, um, are you going to be made that I want to make her blue breeding colonies to calls and to make a to present Well, but with perfect. So time in the middle, each of them. If you feel like you're programmed to stiff, you get Abbott. You can table full from Oy boy. Come on. Our story. Okay, nice it. Yeah, if you look perfect. Hold up, liquefied. But then I leave them chocolate sleeping. Just white. Um, Well, they paid it. One of the baby blue. Okay, Spirit landed. Make sure that call Aries. There's no We're ready now to just Perry back. What? So just make sure you okay, Mason when the cost 10 could be Because you talk about it if very runny on the stage, it's making the other big toe heart. I'm gonna check, Okay? Just work around, so don't crash. - Just working me where? Okay. With a spoon or a knife. Just move our bit and put a just a bit more absolutely fine. The drippings just going to be a bit more bigger, More natural. Okay, Okay. Almost ready. I know she decorated. Um, have the courage. Well, fast. Place your game through the tollbooth reaches time story 8. Choosing Decorations: So our man decoration are going to be Those are cute publicans machines. So I told him in a council, I told them so. Basically each Are you going back? Future minus on that. I just wish it and take it. Adam, I just And there was a few colors I chose red and no, I think you are. Also have them paying before Pelosi worse to choose from. And you can also find a online on eBay. Also, if you count pounding toe. So I know that people there and great replaced topping. So, um, I was trying to open one todo that. You know that? Well, as, um, it's good to have a plus. Just call him in the mall. Uh huh. What kind of what I have to have. I like to have a different viability over federal taste, but also the shape and outside. I buy them different defense. Could you do what you want? I have a little some pretty coast, different colors, different shapes. Um, even size. Okay. Okay. But any time I can prepare all of this they want to use and you have to use only sweets. You can U s spending over funny stroke or, um, the child. Um, I can use carnival What I knew you would find, So I don't want community down. Can you speak any throws on down some tweets that comes up all of that? Oh, okay. I will check you be dry. Yeah, it's no longer. Just for five minutes. 9. Final Decorating: Okay. I still not a final step. The found step. So place your okay. Told him. Okay. Chocolate. Okay. And now just work your way out. It, um I left from the tallest longest. Thanks. So this fund strolls in stumbling down. Just ask. I mean off playfulness to it. Okay. Big early poll. Didn't I do it? Um, you can start some friends to get them, you know? Just know. Then, um steak. Okay. And besides, Carlos Flavors, it's a fun case you have to be. I have to put all of us have I have my one, um, play with okay among the rival Julie's. Okay, you can even go on the facts, so don't be afraid to put some of this sweet sticking the buttercream. You got to remember about the box. The cake. Okay. Um, from especially if you want to go. Um, sciences. I like to just stick them out. But you can even who? Yes, fighting for remember, table is clean, so you can pick it up from the table. That's where the soap constantly clean your table. Okay, so So I would like them to do so. I will take Have to be told my better cream make us more build up when I walked in. So the more time Yeah, just like that. You don't need matches. Goto leave a little bit just in case. Very easy to see dozens of bodies. Okay. Okay. As I said, you haven't You shops sizes so, so boring, so predictable. - Chocolate Indian . Some of them no spring hose. Okay. And then timing. Okay. How? I became very, very missing out, brother, These are Katie's. Amazing. So a Z Very And, of course, at some candles. Well, birthday born have very, very happy baking. I don't forget to make lots of peaches of all cackle own project and show to me. I can't wait to say it. I bet that's gonna be amazing. I can play call for the flavors, whatever you like. You can do it on your cake. Thank you, guys. Bye.