How to Bake French Macarons / Macaroons | Aleksandra Zarnowiec | Skillshare

How to Bake French Macarons / Macaroons

Aleksandra Zarnowiec

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8 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Perfect French Macarons: Introduction

    • 2. Tools you need

    • 3. Ingredients you need

    • 4. Preparing Custard

    • 5. Macaron butter

    • 6. Piping and baking the Shells

    • 7. Filling

    • 8. Assemble macarons


About This Class

This class will teach you how to make these delicious cookies, achieving perfect results every time.

Their pretty colours and an endless selection of fillings mean they not only look great, but will taste delicious too. 

I will guide you through the mixing, drying and baking of the shells, talking you through potential pitfalls you might experience at each stage, and the fillings you can use.





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