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How to Bake French Macarons / Macaroons

teacher avatar Aleksandra Zarnowiec

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Perfect French Macarons: Introduction

    • 2. Tools you need

    • 3. Ingredients you need

    • 4. Preparing Custard

    • 5. Macaron butter

    • 6. Piping and baking the Shells

    • 7. Filling

    • 8. Assemble macarons

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About This Class

This class will teach you how to make these delicious cookies, achieving perfect results every time.

Their pretty colours and an endless selection of fillings mean they not only look great, but will taste delicious too. 

I will guide you through the mixing, drying and baking of the shells, talking you through potential pitfalls you might experience at each stage, and the fillings you can use.

Meet Your Teacher

Hey! I'm Ola and welcome, my courses are for everyone who wants to learn how to make awesome custom cakes!

I believe in three principles -- Anyone can make awesome cakes. Learning doesn't have to be painful and we can share happiness through baking.

Whether you're just starting out or in the middle of your baking journey, you'll find easy to follow courses with helpful tips and fun ideas to get you going!

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1. Perfect French Macarons: Introduction: today Our project is toe bake. Perfect macarons. Don't worry. You can do it. You can achieve. You have to watch out for my arrest. 2. Tools you need: to my our recurrence will need a couple of things one of the century for ease off course mixer. It's either a sell mixer or helmets. That doesn't matter. You will need toe used to make the back the wire attachment. Yeah, and for the feeling like her own full for our brother cream. Just a regular attachment. Um, just make sure that the batter it's really different. Someone, uh, you want to see Fine sihf couple spatulas, Mr One measuring caps and metal exports piping backs. I'm gonna use just toe one for the feeling and second off course for the macaron batter, um, to actually baked macaroni will in the oven. But to put your math and butter, um, you will need either baking paper and then you wanna have toe either drawer, put our any printed sickos. I'm going for the paper and then pile them so there are equal size or you can use the city commands, which are absolutely great. And I would recommend pretty much every single of them. I have two different 11 from Amazon. Don't run from Lakeland. Both of them working great 3. Ingredients you need: to bake very basic. McCarron's Your only for ingredients. Granted it. You got two eggs twice, Um, Grand Almond and I think she got. Today. We're gonna go ask strawberry flavor milkshakes. Flesh were Macron's Soto addition with those four ingredients. I'm going to use flavor, I think sugar. And that's a strawberry milkshake. Delicious. Um, some free ceased drug freeze dried strawberries Onda being food coloring to make our buttercream. To make our feeling, we need to Young's have for cup off sugar. And you were gonna go animated or caster sugar or superfine sugar, um, and has and 120 grams off. I solved batter. No. And they at least off our ingredients, you can find below the video, um, as well us a. Tools least. 4. Preparing Custard: The first thing I'm always doing is trying to prepare my either buttercream or um, cream are based on the hold ingredients for, like, an ash or call stopped at fast. And only because if I'm gonna do it now, I will bank. And then the Costa just naturally cool itself down. If I would do that at the end, well, I would finish off the banking. But I would have to wait half an hour on our depart from them from the weather to call down my Arcos that so what? We'll need even more thankful fault. It's a me me think told um two spoons tablespoons off a flower, half a cup off meal to egg once half a cup off sugar granulated or a super fine on war Kathy Sugar and just haven't twin grams off batter. I will leave butter after it is just for now, and I'm gonna mix it with amid a buttercream when the course that we're going to be cool so I can put that inside. And now I just have to on two and Wise and a um, Sugar. I always tried to clean after yourself as source possible. Why? Because plain type are means clean cakes. So, no, I just need to hit up. What? Around 34 deaths and just steer. Don't worry, the egg wouldn't be. Don't you still crisp me? So what happened if the sugar we met, You're one if you wish you had any, um, and full slave wars, you can do it now. So any alcohol leather was well inside of the foot fingering will disappear. And only that amazing off label that you really want to have. Okay, So the sugar, it's called making yourself? No. I can add my sugar and the flour, and then it makes make sure others know flower woman does that happened being me when your signature at first our coast. That's very watery on African Alex. It it will create some of the form. But don't worry. I have sown the equal, warm myself up. The flower will actually frickin everything up. That's what we want. We want very fake, uh, cost that freaking out that we've called after what? He capped it, Mark often almost ready. It's very, very more. And that's what you want. And get that Unfortunately, you have to just be next report and you all the time. I saw it pick. I don't want toe any more heat on it. So I told it off. Turn off the Hub. And now it's just getting just for a few more seconds. Maybe a minute, just to make sure that the sugar will not get anywhere. Yeah, is getting more and more fake. It's falling off from the mixed tone, so I will leave it as it is in the port just after our feet baking. 5. Macaron butter: none of the exciting time. And it isn't time toe actually make their batter the macaroons battle. So what? It will go. I am placing my to and what's into the mixing bowl to make sure everything's go. Then I always use last checks, and I think that the best for baking you can try to weigh them. And but it just won't hassle. I like to make my making very easy and stole Our techs always works, so I will now just stop mixing Gradually I put your speed higher, higher what will actually do it? As we make our our egg white I'm going toe and four tablespoons off. Just wait until the end to get more for me more. Don't be afraid to over me because even if they're a little bit more, they supposed to be that because we can manually break that home. Well, we're gonna make them form with the right ingredients, so don't worry about that on the last one. I'm gonna make it now on a very hard and then you go down. I am going to check it. That's a sector that I actually design. Yeah, so as you think it doesn't create soft picks. I was quite stiff. That's me that I slightly overmix it. I after this purposely because I want to add late on my, um, food coloring and as much you are as much you need. Toe makes outside the batter. You break more and more the foamy texture off the air. Quite so. The phone is very thick. Can you see? Even doesn't follow from this natural, I think. Joyful blotto trend. Yeah. Toe source toe. Get rid of from this spatula. That's what we want. We can leave that aside for a second. Now, we just need to mix the dry ingredients and get rid of that. So free fan. Oh, cap off. Growing with that, I want some people by the expensive one. I'm going to my local shop on buying Becca one kilo bag for £9 or £10. Sorry. So we don't have toe spend lots of money to actually bake it. It's not the tools. It's not their ingredients. Just a few tips that you actually need to make them account. I'm gonna share, though, for your in just a moment. So I'm gonna place your house over and you're I think sugar in Totally need the one cap off . I think sugar I makes mine, um, displaying, I think. Sugar with the flavor, I think. Should I showed you before. So you want do that? That's absolutely great. Just make sure that then you would. You've proportion have half 50 50. So half a cup and 1/2 cup. Okay. Well, not again. Jeff Smith. You huh? You don't Methadone end of fear. You can actually see there. I think she got And then the government that I won't. I have to do with both because it's like it combines left. I don't have to make it like around. So if I told you, I like my making quick and easy. Okay. Well, my shake other bird Ibn, you can see that we have some bigger chance off, um, ground almonds, but it's absolutely fine toe ab them. So I am. Just think after I don't getting rid of it, okay? We'll go to deceive, and we just have to make a okay. Is thinking they're, you know, just shake it a little bird and place it all our egg whites now just steer very slowly. I always kind of dig into the ball, so I literally just school till the bottom and just for the dry ingredients into the wet ones. So big and fold. Dig and forward, big and fold. After a few times, you will actually see that there's no dry chunks and more dry spots, but the battle steel It's very, very thick. Look, look how thick it is that's actually working our advantage. And when you call or your butter always at other bit extra than you actually desire the car to be, why is because we're gonna bake it? It will fade a little bit. So I am studying with that. Hope you can see it. Yeah, just at the tip of even not 1/4 off the table off a teaspoon. Okay, it is a good time. Also, toe. Put your flavors liquid flavors if you wish to add any. But I would be very sensible about a minute. No more than a few drops on. But that's what you go to buy good quality off foot flavors that brings, um, neither more intense outside. Okay, still not quite there yet, so we want our batter to be coming for Romney supposed to Graham just like that. But more food people say that it's short of around people shape. Okay, that's what we want. You see it fall down in like a soft rebloom. Yeah, it's look like the door with at the bottom off the ball and your finger lime when I have, like, five microns out of it. But you'll see you'll be surprised. Now just clean up your station and you will not be, and you're gonna be ready for next step. 6. Piping and baking the Shells: Now it's the time to actually play somewhere about into the piping bag. And then on our Matt, I find that placing the sickle math on the four Trey, it's so much better. So death ready. You just place your piping barb being to the top. And now it's so much here to transfer our batter and tow it. No, just twist it. Yeah, So you can hold it easily And you can either place at the very beginning off course the keep the piping tip. I don't do that. As I said, I like my making very easy. So I basically just cut all little tip on, gets it. But be very careful about it. I always try to cut less than I think it should be. Be be Cut her on that if I have to. We need bigger hole. I just got again. So I just kind of beat. And now I'm just holding that the piping back. I'm gonna squeeze Nick. I don't really put pressure on it. It's basically just a very, very simple gravity that should pull the batter onto your mat. So sick. Yeah, that's a little bit too little. So I'm going to cut, like too many more on the hand. Sword. Okay. Can you see? It's falling down by itself. So you know how to make ID al Fitr? Battle roses. It's very, very simple. It's exactly the same way. Have you place your macron batter on your train? You basically just make around. And that's it. Yeah. Like you would drive the snail shell. Okay, Keep your cup close. So the actual now, just squeeze the tip. Fold it Now, batter. Breast of the matter can wait for the front. Now is the time for that to very, very important tricks on that makes its recipe after before proof. So I always like to place on the table and their clothes. Just my neighbor doesn't hate me. And your see why in just a moment, Okay, put the trade on it. Now, Just take your friend maybe like 20 cents into my abode. That cloth Drop it. You will need to do that. Couple of times I know. Horrible, horribly loud. But what did they actually get rid off? All of them? A bubble air trapped inside the batter. So, um, I think there's a few MacArthur this spread assess much as I would like them. So I'm gonna add a little bit off batter into them on those spots and now just dropped a couple more times just to make sure that the batteries even Okay, the second trick. It's also so very important. You just need to leave them in peace for around five minutes. It is very humid, are very rainy called. I'll leave them, maybe for 12 minutes, just drying out. Uh, but in a whole day lined up, I will wait. Maybe eight minutes. Why do that? First of work, they will level up by find themselves just a little bit class under Think they were created . The sugar that we put into it will actually dry out a little bit. And that will create a time with the film. A hard shell already. Okay, so why did? Very important? Well, our microphones should have beautiful and crumbly fit, all armed it, and only when the top is dry. Then we know that the foot will grow all around and not barest and break from the middle. Okay, So, as I said, yeah, we just have to wait eight minutes almost. Tom, eso whatever dough I would heat up my over Now what you want you want toe, have the heating from the top and the bottom. That's very important, Michael. Just like a fan. So try to avoid them class. The temperature is quite high. It fast way me harder and 90 degree of self youth. Okay, What? We'll do them just before we place our macron's inside. I will drop the temperature. Teoh have in 40 kind of very important. Try to remember now I would imagine late. Okay, guys, not the time. Toe over. Over. Put the temperature down toe 140. So if you now that's a very important another. Keep to maintain a recipe. Foolproof. You either put your tray on the bottom or at the very end, Other very talk I find I'm funny that my most have a crease be both home and still going insides When I placed them at the bottom off my woman. So this is the reason why I always, um, beg them one trick the time I think the only 15 minutes to beg them. So now we're gonna set my temperature four eight minutes. And you think with the moment you just said we should beg them 15 minutes. Well, that's right. But I'm gonna first bank them for eight minutes. I'm gonna open the woman to have the tray upto having 80 degrees. And then I'm gonna pop it again for seven minutes That all together will give us 15 minutes . Ok, now is the time toe open our over until 10. That train 180 degrees. Okay. And I gave it up. Yes, I was at seven minutes on the clock. After seven minutes, I will take how the try on feel up another city Kamat. That was my butter on over the same manner. I would place mutterings inside at the over again because I'm gonna have to wait those around 10 minutes. I will. Uh, he'd have my over upto have in 90. And when they're going to be ready, I will put the temperature down toe Haven't 40 7. Filling: now when our coast of it cool down. We have so many our matter what will go fast? That is so bathroom mixing bowl My stretches has a thing very much. If you could get their way, somebody should have ticketus this helping. It's have, like, a consistency. Or maybe Marshall Taito. Yeah. So it's quite fake. Yeah, that's our main ingredient. So try to take a much if you can from there. Yeah, Okay. Hey, No, I love her bit to make sure that 17 almond flavor in a 34 room everything that both of these. No. Sweet enough. You can have a little bit more I think about if you think it's a pretty brilliant just it after this. And I, um Stormers, thank you. I may be a job for and you can use, um, most of our team. Wow. If it's nothing fancy, I'm the corn. Don't feel out it the then I need to use it. Okay. And again, it's possible. Special Place my hand between the bar. Take that. This way, please. Tested. But it my fingers. Nice, beautiful red spots. That's but I think it's true to be part I'm not white I'm going to wait just a little bit more former macarons and I'm gonna show you how to party. I have a feeling inside of my car. 8. Assemble macarons: asking, Surely, Sinise toe filling up. I like toe place my McCarron's that slightly warm into the fridge of freezer Jeff Roman. The cool down quicker that then? Yeah, her easily peeling off from the market. I do put them in the paper power. Whatever. Simply day, have a really damage When there's a little before, wherever it's just so much easier and starting not to overfeed. Michaels, that's a very, um, time cookie with, uh, yeah, when you're a little flavor. But it's such a the cookie that you ever feel it's Were you feeling? So that was being over powering on the text of that. Okay, now, Mary, quickly, already beautiful feet around. What? It? I stopped there. So you can feel my parents with pretty much anything. And he has to like like, Nash. Watch your crap. Um, jellies. The only thing is to remember that, and it really police, um, here selecting more What most, um, it is goes toe, fill them just before Sami. If I would like to serve my Macron's with John, I wouldn't want a day before or even ah, in the same morning. I would just be an hour before sending them. It's because they wouldn't believe the corner of the jam or Jerry would actually bleed out . And my parents would be very Sochi. You want that kind off gooey center problem? That's it, Um, their bottom of them occurrence and the top supposed to be crispy. So some of them saw Mama wrote this time. I think it does matter. Um, same temperature, even though it's very hot today. Here, even though they holding here today is very much elsewhere the humanities, dis killing me today and even though on everything exactly the same us always some of their agency cracked. It's because then dry out, have they shoot? So that's it. This is practically how much macarons you would have from a to. And that's basically I think we have some this feeling. Yeah, the house of the pipe So it could eat and use it for some key left cake and you get Is it about that anyone and back back of the feeling try to avoid wet? Very moist are things I even with jealous they are great what I will do. So I want first particle blobs off J um, let it cool down and then when I actually said I would attach is, uh, between my curls. But any older cream is actually great. Um, butter creams. You can make anybody whom you want. Um, my third eye. I'm ganache over, I think. Last clap. But you can see them up with anything you want. Uh huh. Imaginations. What would you have wanted to this time? So that six, Yeah.