How to Backup and Restore Your WordPress Site in 24 Hours (Chapter 1) | Mirsad Hasic | Skillshare

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How to Backup and Restore Your WordPress Site in 24 Hours (Chapter 1)

teacher avatar Mirsad Hasic, Systemintegrator/Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (9m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why You Must Backup Your Site no Matter What

    • 3. Essential Backup Rules You Must Follow

    • 4. What Should You Actually Backup?

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About This Class

This course is created with the purpose of giving you a blueprint on how to back-up up  & restore your WordPress site. You are not required to have a specific technical background but fundamental knowledge about the WordPress platform is highly recommended.

Who is this WordPress backup & restore site course for? 

Have you ever wanted to back-up your website & restore it but felt stuck either because of the technical jargon required in order to initiate the process or by the high-cost products available?

Don’t fear, this course is jam packed with material that will help you back-up & move your website in less a day by simply adapting the information given in practice.

Beside the common knowledge about WordPress you don’t need to pose any specific technical abilities or knowledge as the course assumes that you are a complete beginner just starting out!

Few of the modules we are going to cover in this WordPress course:

  • Discover how to easily back-up & restore a site by following a blueprint.
  • Learn why you must always back-up your site before trying to restore it.
  • How to use the free plugins in order to schedule automatic back-ups.
  • Steps required in order to ensure that your site is working properly.
  • Discover how to enable the two step verification for your site.
  • How to fix the most common errors associated with the website restore process.
  • How to properly modify your database and secure it after restoring your website.

After you complete this course you will be able to quickly back-up & restore your Wordpress website in less than 24 hours!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mirsad Hasic



Mirsad teaches you in a simple to understand way so that you can avoid experiencing the same frustrations as he did.

Mirsad doesn't promise you the world, but what he does promise you is that if you follow his tips and advice, you will reach your goals, guaranteed!

His courses are easy to follow and he does his best to explain difficult topics in an easy to understand way.

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1. Introduction: hi and welcome to the scores. Very you relearn home to back up and restore your website in less than 24 hours. My name is Mir sub passage and I have been working with building more press sites for more than 10 years. I decided the scores for anyone who wants to quickly learn hall to back up and restore of or press that site in less than 24 hours. So by the end off the course, you will be able to know exactly home. You can take a back up off your insight and also hold. You can quickly restore it at the same time, you will also be able to learn hall to secure your site in order to avoid any security floats in the future. I'm also going to explain hope you can edit the different models off or press in order to ensure that they are working properly in the future. Finally, I'm also going to reveal Hall. You can use the dope HD access file in order to secure your website and prevent hackers from getting into it. The Eagle student for these courses on existing board press user that wants to expand on these current skills or on entrepreneurs that wants to quickly secure his four press site. The only requirement for joining the scores is a fundamental knowledge about the war press platform. So feel free to check out the course description. I'm looking forward on seeing you inside a swell. 2. Why You Must Backup Your Site no Matter What: hi. Why? It is obvious why you should back up your website. You will be really surprised if you found out how many people are actually not doing any kind of backup for the site. I will be the 1st 1 to admit that I was one of those people because I use it to believe firmly in that I have not think that intruders and hackers might be interested in. So there is no point to spend time on setting up backup scripts and the other kind off jobs , because in the end there is nothing to steal. However, the first time my site got hacked, I really I blame myself for not taking a back up off the site because if I had done it, I will simply be able to restore the site in 5 to 10 minutes. However, in this case, what I needed to do is to actually go over to the Web archive site and then try to identify reach pages. I call the Restore and I had just over 100 pages on my side so you could imagine which painful and also boring task this waas. It took me between two, 23 weeks to complete to restore the site. So this Waas Ah, hard lesson to learn. And I really do not want you to make the same mistake aside it because I ensure you once your site get hacked and soon or later you will need to face this because this is the nature off all sides. In that case, you will really be glad that you have a backup. With only a few clicks, you will be able to restore your side to a specific point and then have it up and running. This is especially important if you have several sites that are actually bringing in Ah, monthly income for paying your bills. Now imagine that something happened to your sites. I bet that it will be your worst nightmare. So this is why it is really crucial to have a backup on your site. Because once something happens and sooner or later it will happen because it is really hard to protect yourself completely these days, from all kind off attacks, intruders and hackers, you will be able to restore your sight in just a few minutes and we also be able to sleep well. All right, that does it for introduction part. Now let's move order in the section 3. Essential Backup Rules You Must Follow: Hi. In this lecture, I'm going to briefly cover some off the backup rules that you need to follow when it comes to taking a back up off your WordPress website. Before I do that, I just want to emphasize on that it is crucial to take a back up off your website Files and daughter basis fell in order to ensure that your site stays stable and also never disappears from the Raider. This is some must do. And you can't actually hope that your site is going to work properly for years if you do not take regular backups off it. All right, So here are the some rules I always follow when it comes to taking a back up off my sights and I suggest you do the same. The first rule is to simply they come pick up when you are performing the updates off your WordPress site as well. So let's say that each time you perform on update on your website, you should take a back up off it a swell. Secondly, you should always and I repeat, always take up a cup off your site. Both the website files and the daughter base before you actually install any kind off new software such US plug in. For example, you should also aim to keep three different backups in the three different locations. For example, one backup could be in a clothes storage service, for example, Dropbox or Google Drive. The 2nd 1 called Be On, is be a dry stick and the 3rd 1 called B In your email or even on external hard drive. You should also do a manual backup from time to time in case something unpredicted happens without Matt Backup. For example, if you do on update, you might mess up the automatic backup, which you configured in the specific begin that you're using for taking a backup of your site. So don't rely completely on the automatic backup, but make sure you do the manual backup herself from time to time. All right, so by following these rules, you will ensure that you have a proper back up off your website, which is going to be a great insurance once something happens, and I also ensure you, sooner or later, something unpredicted is going to happen with your site, and you will really, really be glad that you listening to my advice on taking proper and regular back up off your site. So that does it for these lectures. Stay tuned as we move folder. See you next. 4. What Should You Actually Backup?: hi. In this lecture, ever like to briefly cover what you should back up when it comes to war. Press site. Now the Pentagon, Who you ask you will get a different answer on what? You should back up. Let's start with what for? Press is actually made off. First, we have the doctor base in the doctor Bates, restore the usual credentials links posts it set on the other side. We have the website files or the war press up files. And those files basically are responsible for displaying the site to our vistors, for example, the theme files. So the question remains What, you actually back up? Well, personally, if you listen to my advice, I will back up everything this because you can never be sure that you will actually need the files that you leave out off the back up later. And by simply backing up everything, you will be able to ensure that you always have a full back up, no matter what. Sure, you might want to do some housekeeping from time to time and delete the files that you actually don't use. But personally, I would just back up everything straight off and on that way, I will ensure that I never miss out any files whatsoever. All right, so that was it for this lecture. Stay tuned.