How to Arrange Grocery Store Flowers like a Pro tips & tricks | Elisa Gabrielli | Skillshare

How to Arrange Grocery Store Flowers like a Pro tips & tricks

Elisa Gabrielli, "Create easy to do Art & Floral Designs"

How to Arrange Grocery Store Flowers like a Pro tips & tricks

Elisa Gabrielli, "Create easy to do Art & Floral Designs"

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6 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Introduction: How to Arrange Grocery Store Flowers like a Pro tips & tricks

    • 2. Trip to grocery store to pick out flowers

    • 3. Choosing flowers on a budget

    • 4. Getting ready to design

    • 5. Time to Design

    • 6. Conclusion: Placing flowers on table

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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to pick out the freshest flowers at the grocery store to design at home and how to create color and texture combinations along with how to decide what to look for while keeping in a budget.

I look forward to teaching you my tips & tricks of the trade in this easy DIY flowers at home that looks professional and so easy to do! I will take you on a trip with me to the grocery store to show you how to pick out flowers, what to keep in mind, all while keeping to your budget. Impress your friends and guest with your own floral designs that you created! 

I am the founder and owner of Design by Elisa a Floral Design Studio here in Raleigh, NC. I design professionally for Weddings & Events and have been for over 25 years. I teach design classes locally and am now so excited to start sharing my design tips and tricks with you in these online classes. I teach art classes to groups for fun Paint & Sip parties locally as well and am teaching those classes here online for you to learn at home. Please check out my other classes available to you.

 Designing flowers is so fun and rewarding, I hope you love learning it as much as I do teaching it.


Meet Your Teacher

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Elisa Gabrielli

"Create easy to do Art & Floral Designs"


Since I was seven years old I knew I wanted to be an artist and floral designer. Inspired by nature and the beauty that surrounds me my subject matter always involves flowers, birds and nature scenes. My mother opened up a florist in Rochester, NY when I was 7 and by the time I graduated high school I was off to Floral Design School in South Florida. I have worked in the creative arts as a self taught artist and Professional floral designer for over 25 years, Weddings & Murals are my specialty. Having worked in varied environments, I've learned how to really listen to my students & clients' ideas, desires and visions as I work with them towards achieving what they truly envision.

My true love is teaching others what I have learned. I hope what I have to share with you inspires yo... See full profile

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1. Introduction: How to Arrange Grocery Store Flowers like a Pro tips & tricks: So why don't tell you a little bit about me Before we got started designing flowers for over 25 years and florists from New York down to Florida to here in North Carolina and on my own with my own business designed by ELISA on and I decided to take my knowledge to classes like this online so I can teach also not only in groups, um, locally, but also online. And I wanted in this video we're gonna learn how easy it is to make your own arrangement at home with grocery store flowers on. And I bought a few Bunches of tulips and irises and daffodils, and we're just gonna do a little composite down the table to show you how easy it is. Just design with grocery store flowers. My budget was $2025 I kept within that budget. And I'm gonna show you just by collecting the glass where I have around the house how you could make a real pretty composite down your table for a dining or a dinner party. So I didn't buy any foliage. We're gonna go out into the garden, see what I can find. It is very early spring, really the end of winter. And I do have a few evergreens growing in the garden that made it through the winter. And I'm going to cut if you show you what you can use When, uh, when you don't want to buy, you know, mixed bouquets. You don't want to buy all the greens and the fillers and all the stuff that goes, you know, to complete a design. This is really easy. It's fun to do and, um, let's get started. 2. Trip to grocery store to pick out flowers: where we go on, honey, we're going to get some flowers today. Yeah, you know why? My? Because it's the beginning of march. It's a dark career. A day it's gonna rain for two days straight. I know. And what a perfect day while get some flowers, OK, I need to call my hair. No, you look so beautiful. Way just threw on our sweat. So I think we're gonna go over to Trader Joe's and our new favorite grocery store. Wegman's, um they both have a great floral department and we're looking for some fresh flowers. And I know they get deliveries about three times a week from the wholesalers. So we will have a nice choice of flowers and we'll see what we can find. So we're on our way by Okay. Today we're gonna goto Wegman's. The nice thing about weddings is that we can have a little lunch. First, we're gonna go looking flowers. Watch out for the car Friday. Four hours. No. Settle for greenery. 3. Choosing flowers on a budget: So here we are. We just finished a wonderful lunch, and Wegmans is just a wonderful place to be. I saw some great flowers on the way in that we're going to go back and take a look at We're also gonna do a little bit of shopping towards the end of the trip. We're going to stop off in their flower mark and they have a lot. A lot of varieties of flour there. Always generally pretty nice. Maybe not the most least expensive flowers you find. Certainly, our experience has been wonderful with how long they last on how nice they look. Wouldn't you agree? Yes, for sure. Very fresh, Very fresh English. So we have a beautiful selection of virus. $8. It's actually really good. They got knees $12. It's pretty good when you buy one of pretty tight, but not too tight if needed the same day or the same evening Point ahead a little bit more open. Once you get home and vitamin water, they will be Stop. Thank you. So, friends Wow, double. So try to figure out a budget that you want to be on. There's when they got like, 1000 Flowers certainly is a beautiful arrangement. Pricey Value Shop. He's really on $2 a bunch of daffodils. 10. Stand bunch is perfect. Put those down in the car will go up front and get two cups. Look at the peonies. $12. It's actually bad price budgets. 20 20 have already spent 12. So all I have left is two lumps up front for $4. Okay, lets go get 4. Getting ready to design: All right. So I got that from the grocery store on Collected my blue glassware. I think that's what I'm gonna use for designing my flowers, which I'm gonna show you how easy it is to dio. These are the flowers I got. We actually ended up going Wegman's They had 10 stand Bunches of tulips. Um, for only what was that? $6. I don't like a $20 budget. Didn't want to go too much over 25. Then I got a tense stand. Bunch of irises. There are $8 and then they have these great daffodils that were only $2 a bunch there to 10 stand Bunches. I would be absolutely gorgeous. And the blue bottles I just collected because I collect bottles and they're around the house, and I just not sure which ones I'm gonna use yet, But this is what I'm gonna make the flower arrangement with Andi. I want to just teach you how easy it iss to, you know? You know, look at your cabinet and say what kind of glass where do I have or underneath the sink? Pull it all together. Since I found these flowers and blue and yellow, I thought, Well, I think I'll use my blue glassware all my different bottles that I have collected a different places, including a wine bottle that I just had And I thought that was so good that matched my collection on. Let me show you the table. We're gonna put it on. So I am having a dinner party this weekend and celebration of a wedding one of our family members and I just put down this table runner that I had on our table, and I'm just gonna do a collection of flowers down the center. So, as you can say, I love blue bottles. Have a painting on the wall of blue bottles. I have a collection here that I took from around the house on. That's what we're going to use in today's composite as faras tools. The only tools you'll need is a pair of clippers. Andi, these you can get a dollar store. I pick these up for a dollar or I have my clippers. You know that I've been using professionally for many years now, but you just need to use some kind of a clipper with a little kind of ah serrated. Enjoy or a shop? Sharp edge. Just don't use a pair of scissors because scissors will not cut stones in the right way. Won't give a nice, clean cut. We're gonna go out in the garden now, collects. Um uh, cut some greenery. 5. Time to Design: greens started making arrangement Would I like to do is prepare the flowers first. Mrs. Nandina on its A full edge start green and a little bit of red Teoh and some sections of the planet does have a nice berry sometimes buries the provide nice texture and with flowers and a little pop of color is nice. A little papa bread Where the yellow on blue e think look really pretty with this. Prepping the greens like this is a large piece. Consider the base you're using. You may want to separate it to get it ready for your arrangements. So I like to cut cut parts of the Stam apart and have some long gated stems to go inside the base. If you know this part's gonna be down in your vase, for instance, if I was gonna put it and this face I don't want toe clog up the base with greenery. You want oxygen to be able to flow. And when green wreak gets into the water, it causes bacteria to grow, so it's not necessary to keep these on here. So I'm prepping. I just remove him and then I'll set it aside. And this is the Vinca, which is from a part of a Peri Winkle family. The foliage is really spread out throughout the stem, but I think it might be pretty flowing down a vase when you get flowers home from the grocery store. Sometimes there's packs of, uh, preservative food for the flowers. The DAP deals did not have any, but I did see the irises do clip off any rubber bands. Remove any paper. I'm not sure how I'm gonna use the easier, but I want him sitting out of water too, too long. So I'm gonna grab some water and just put it in another container that we may or may not use again. You could, on a slant, only cut off no half inch of the most. If you can this place him in there so they can drink lion prepping, it's those aside. Two lumps came wrapped in plastic with bandages. Just cut those split it with you don't want to try and pull it out because it can break. Okay, tulips. If there's any bad full edge down here rotted foliage, you can cut that off likes Good. That one looks good. That's good. This one has a broken leaf. Pull that down gently trying out to strip into the stem. You don't want to cut open the stomach because an oxygen gets in and water can't flow up to the flower. Just move it gently. Take any excess greenery off. Looks nice. There's another broken one already. Usually just bundle them together on the same lane. So we don't cook too much off one and then have a really short stuff we can't use. But these at a sling and we have her iris. I see the Irish still come with a pack of food. This is a flower preservative. You don't need a whole pack per vase. It is nice to use maybe about a table spoon or a teaspoon in a smaller vase, A tablespoon in a large vase. Um, the bacteria that grows in water. This helps kill the bacteria and keeps the water fresher longer so it doesn't get all cloudy. It's make sure they're all the same. Lane is in water. Okay, now we're going to get ready to design. Start with the tall bottle on. I'm gonna put some iris and you don't need a lot kind of measure out. You don't want it to be so short and squatty that all you see is a flower at the top. So missing trim, that's just a little I had a little preservative just to keep it fresh. The iris and I do like to cluster great things to the edge you can kind of measure. Okay, that looks about good height that will be lower than the top flower. Measure it, push it. Think I'm gonna stick with two. Grab some greenery. Since this is a long piece of grain, I think of you pretty toe flow down. I could even wind it around one of the flowers a little. There's a little a pliable you can bend stem like this to make it stay in place. For now, we're gonna you call that one done where the shorter vases already have water. There's no need to put it all the way up to the top. I have it about 3/4 of the way. Just so there's enough water so bacteria doesn't gather Just a little amount of water. The more water you have, the better it is for oxygen to flow. But we do want some airspace in your face. So let's do some more irises. Measure it. I wanted to be a little lower than the ones we just did. It's pretty. Grab another so quick, and it's There's no wrong way of doing this. Just whatever visually looks good to you. I can already tell that this was gonna be in the water. The bullets removed it. Put that in first, grab a bud. I think that just a little taller. There's not a lot of room in here. So to help make some room I'm gonna removed from Coolidge. It's got a very small opening. There we go. And maybe this will be one that I All right? Very. Since it is a nice since stem buries, you can hear him falling off. You gotta be careful. You could even spray these with hair spray to keep him from falling on your table. Take another. And they put some tulips in here. I make this village since it will be down into the base. So pretty the yellow against the blue grab another. I pulled that one out, so when I put him in together, it helps wedge and stay in place. So it doesn't fall all the way down. Maybe one more. This it is a slam. I'm all out. Push it back in, Pull it back out if you forget to put your preservative, which I did pushing back and holding tight. But there's still some airspace in there. That one's done. We can decide how we're gonna range amount of table Once we get there. This little one would be perfect for some daffodils. Since I have some red up, I might put some red down. We'll see if we can get maybe one of these little ones over here. That's pretty some definite, I think A little shorter about 1.5 times the height of your basis. As tall as you want to go. It was way up here. I wouldn't be proportionate down here. Looks more balanced. Measure it out. It's safe out there. You can turn me all flowers, have a face. It was turned this way away from you. You wouldn't see it as well. Since this is gonna be people sitting on both sides, I'm gonna put three so each side see the little face of the daffodil. It's pretty. Let's get one more tall days. All these iris. It's amazing how many flowers you get for your money and Bunches. Flintstone. Bunches like that. Maybe one more piece of green. It's a little short. If I put that in, its not gonna quite hit the water level. Go to make sure that it's gonna hit water. No bullet goes in the water. Take a longer one. Push that. Here we go. What else do I Oh, it's nice. Clear days, A little bit of that. I'm gonna put them all together. Cut him down shorter. Let him fall to the side. It's nice to make things look natural. Like they grow particle clusters. Like in a garden. This one's gonna be a little mixed. Okay. You can have to up put the full legend separately if you need some foolish. And if the tulip was gonna be too high, he just cut it off and use it separately for green filler. What? You might do it again. Here, Cut it down here. Come out the side of the base down the greenery. Here. Don't be afraid of turn your face as you work. So you can see it from all sides. A lot of times. It's nice to work like a lazy Susan and this will that swirl around? I do that a lot when I'm designing for weddings and events, especially when we're doing production work. I need to move a little quicker. That seems a little too long. Once you put it in, you can take it out. Cut it again. Put it back in that That's little Dave, because it's such a wide opening. It's nice to put the greenery in and help secure flowers so they stay in place where you want them. I think I'm gonna put this red, Mom, this phase here. But this one in there, that's a pretty pops of red. Look, seconds, it's a little garden grow. All right, so we're gonna go over to the table and put it all together on see how easy it is. 6. Conclusion: Placing flowers on table: Okay, we're ready to put our flowers on the table with our nice composite of assorted flowers and faces. Let's see how it looks. You can turn things. You could move it around. Let's just get them all on and see what looks best you wanna go. Tall, short, tall, short, Ford and back. I think we'll put this one over here. Move that up there. Like to have some air space in between them. People are on the other side of the table. It's not too much in their way. It's nice for a buff a piece to If you're not dining at the table and have platters of food on the table around it, it's up to you. But it looks nice when Gus guest arrived and, um, they come up with some votive candles. And here, too, it's nice to scatter these in different spaces. Just make sure that when their lips nothing's in front of the candle, nothing's gonna hang down and catch fire. Put some on each side, scatter them out. We went down there. I like that. I'm going to bring you down off with a front view so you can see. But I did alter the colors. We have the yellow and blue. We have some yellow going on here. Blue and red. I'm sorry. Yellows, Blosil, Papa Rad. The lower cluster of yellow And then the taller vase with the candles in between throughout the table. So that looks really pretty. Yes. You can see we've got basis. Staggered. We got tall and sure voters in between. Little different visual textures and pops of color. Gonna light the candles. Um, there is your nice centerpiece. So at night time, when you light the candles look how pretty. That's a little bit of ambience. So fun. There's only $20 using the glass where you have hope you enjoyed this video will be making more.