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How to Animate a 3D Dog Vol.2

Hiroko M., 3DCG with Blender

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    • How to Animate a 3D Dog Vol.2


About This Class

This class is the second volume of the former class titled How to Animate a 3D Dog Vol.1.

The Vol.1 shows how to make bones of a 3D object and how to affect the bones to the mesh using Blender 2.77.

This class shows how to fix the influence of the bones to the mesh and how to use the IK bones to animate the 3D object.

Using the several editors, you'll learn editing the sequenced animation.

You can use your favorite picture for the background image of the animation.

This class's contents are...

Part 1: Fixing the unaffected mesh.

Part 2:  Animating the legs using the IK Bones and Dope Sheet.

Part 3:  Adding the background image.

Part 4:  Using the Keyframes and animating the tails.

Part 5:  Rendering the animation.





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Hiroko M.

3DCG with Blender

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