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How to Animate a 3D Dog Vol.2

teacher avatar Hiroko Matsubayashi, 3DCG with Blender

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

1 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. How to Animate a 3D Dog Vol.2

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About This Class

This class is the second volume of the former class titled How to Animate a 3D Dog Vol.1.

The Vol.1 shows how to make bones of a 3D object and how to affect the bones to the mesh using Blender 2.77.

This class shows how to fix the influence of the bones to the mesh and how to use the IK bones to animate the 3D object.

Using the several editors, you'll learn editing the sequenced animation.

You can use your favorite picture for the background image of the animation.

This class's contents are...

Part 1: Fixing the unaffected mesh.

Part 2:  Animating the legs using the IK Bones and Dope Sheet.

Part 3:  Adding the background image.

Part 4:  Using the Keyframes and animating the tails.

Part 5:  Rendering the animation.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Hiroko Matsubayashi

3DCG with Blender


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1. How to Animate a 3D Dog Vol.2: Hello. My name is a hit. A coma to pass. I show you how to unmake. That's why. Don't be putting Brenda 2.77 This video is the second how to animate a three day talk But one fixing are affected Mitt Important Marred by Morganton route You would see that some parts won't follow the potable. I must fix them Important More dissector Parts of Spain Bomb selected Dr Body The screen automatically tennis to object model breath tacky while holding down the control key to lose the weight paint at eight a to shelved spread panel Change it Wait to one honest with the brushes branded to add model to hide j Amateur don t I gone over the amateur He did more but it s a key and selecting a part of the dog hit Pretty dealing a little irritable in the products groups happen Oh, this point is about a spying bomb But it's a saying about onto assigned a selective area off the keepers to that Spain bomb. We don't the a predictive model and I don't want I come out the amateur on this directive impose model sectors Finebaum and move it down by the manipulator. The hips company to eat follows this pain boom, but the ears and eyes don't for the bodies. Move Citic Hit home. Take that dog pressed a top five holding down the control key and a part ex good of Suppan Out then head bone it Mac two ways. E a bit more attractive. It's on best by holding down the control by doing this area, you can also select a dinked 82 press as I am but, um, return to object mode on Attained that screen to possible. Take the dog to ride breath a tacky while holding down the control key any more acidic to it and Christie Erkki by holding down the control key. But it's saying, but him return to the object and it changes, going to Baltimore to see if the guy's pulled a problem with a head on X active sector. Hate Long on Based on X key on, move it a month. The eyes are okay, people correcting the egress off the bone on the air, I corrected the in current bad up the body select subject at the breast mode. I don t I come off the amateur and paint apart over the parrot quit is not true because this party eight impressed too much by this amateur returned the breast more to add don t. I don so surety amateur Because the cars off the days are dark, the numbers over them must be calculating. Take t eight up there. No up days. Christie Air K by holding down the control key Dr Mitch Header on YouTube. Nomads and recap getting outside Strict Eight of the parties breast aching by holding down the control key, directed his header on the truth, the normals and really great Outside in both models, Select ahead. One had already dated off X access. You received that the doctor doing it not affected food, So I returned ahead point to the Poma. Buddhism crested icky by holding, and the key ticked A doctor body to Heidi Amateur Talent Party. I can only amateur into Calderon. Press the tab key by holding down the control key to affect the team fully painted around there To show the hammer down on the I come off. The amateur in object mode is active. Impose models actor, passport, direct. Take the doctor party PRESTA Tacky by holding down the control key. He aided my dissector age up with a bunch of direct here. First the energy by holding down the control key toe assigned the area Mr T Air Bone with a sigh bottom back to our particular mode. Sexy, important Notice it the first bone off direct here sector doctor body It's a topic it by holding down the control key, he added More effective, It just kind of want to defect. Press the dedicated by holding down the control key to a saintly image to the ear bone breast Assane bottom Back to object More detective Important to take the possible up Direct Check the depth, buddy press the tab key but holding down the control key Anything more detector on it? Off the side of a bunch of direct you. But Eric, you by holding down the control key snt here Mr De Airborne with a same bottom back to object mode Sakti amateur in both modest directs a second born off the deer Take the depth Buddy PRESTA tacky by holding down the control key checked on eight of the post plant or direct here Christie Cherokee by holding down the control key this same bottom Back to a project tomorrow too sexy Amateur imports more to select. A suitable direct here. Ticked up. Dr Body PRESTA Tacky By holding down the control key six and eight of the fixed point off director year with Turkey were holding down the control key breath saying, But, um, where you can to protect model import market Director First bomb Christie Erkki on 60 to date. Eight on the X axis. Yet for the move up, T'Pol do the same to the ears. Open up this time but to animating the legs. You think I gave bones on top seat, but a usable to host Emma marked to indicate their location in this three d space breast vibe on number two changes going to also gonna have beautiful Divide the screen into two unsuitable a screen full time right and a screen full object sector. Put it back on getting grains. The 1st 1 on the best cake with him. It's 281 to make a to Christie 80 where holding down the safety tourism makes and killed protective in front of the dunk to copy the killed first Dickie were holding down the shift key move it duplicated killed on J right axis. I think it's going to the perspective of you on selected amateur. In part modelled directly, I came home off the left Best five g off dinner, part of to take a screen to the also gonna you moody cable applied by the manipulator No greater. Why do you think that my period at where I am based anti on chose a book called to Say They keep them on the location data Genji Every type before the time you're into graph editor in a project Modest Rector Cube and put it under the rug on the move. Wait of word under. That is a dog directed by cable off the right up front, My baby back Where do you think that many better press Jackie and the Children go to set a location on your days to break Select a cube and move it? Who do you think that manipulator put it under the right hopeful changes according to the perspective view effective. I keep him off the right of him. We turned the school into the also ran out of you moving to a cable Why do you even think that manipulator? I'm moving up? Or do you think the money an object moment, A moment of Quest, Cuba under it that kingdom pretty like a And choose a go to safe. Keep room off the education and rehabilitation at 21 directly. Gable Opera director Hinder Quit on movie Word You It Ain't a Manipulator. First the Nike on YouTube Sadako to say the keeping up the education adore Daizen at Remember in Object mode. Take Dis Killed More beta. Hold on my wayto apart. Under that act, my words are coming to frame indicator to eight impossible, disaffected cable over the Left Hope with my weight back Glad on the movie download on their eight r and wait another. But I gay I chose a book to set the location and nobody to claim. Eight. Change a screen. To the perspective, view 50 Gable off the hide. You don't that's going to also been a movie. See cable, who had on a pro rata utters All right. The whole foot touches the eight of cute first AKI Matilda Walker to set its location on rotation at Friend A. Take a cable over the right of him moving backward and downward I do around it weighs another hand. Rest are key on the Children to keep them off the location of your location. Sick. I gave him off the left hand, moving toward on moving gay and choose a book to set the location and claim. Eight. Return to current time indicator in the graph editor to bring it's correct current time indicator to see the image of the feet. 10 Everton type From the graph editor to Topsy that he came. It's from 1 to 8. Were made. I agrees that Frame Abi So the next supreme 8 15 to replicate deal Keep friend recitative where holding under 50 moved in after the pastor Graham off several days of time. 15 to select Only the Cape Grams arrested a gay twice. Did you get this game? Plans Brexit Tiki by holding down the shift key. Move them day the party Graham off them Retail Ukraine 29 to select Only the Cape Grams arrested a gay twice because of that girl off the cable end. Eight Out of frame 50 Moved a current time indicator to famous 57 to defecate all over the Cape trimmed recitative by holding dental 50 models them after the fact grand off the ridge aged 57. You got the rest, Graham. I was a case where everything to win 106 moved a kind of time indicator to claim 113 sector All off key. Kuerten's breast aching twice to a duplicate, all off key grammar tiki by holding that 60 make with them after the past. Graham off the bay trees. Bring 100 on deciding we went according to time indicator to bring 225 Christie a key to detect fact 57 creams from grand one by pressing the peaky shooting or the effect, move him until the past. Graham off the integrity of the Claim. 225 In our Project Martyrs Act bus killed press. It echoes bottom to delete them. Battery. I think the background image breath of Iraqi off the neck body to attain the screen. To commit perspective in the properties, take the take books off the background image e mails, Madam Breast Open Threat to image and Breast Open in his Beckham Tennessee bestie, too. Press allowed a header off the perpetrator window with new bottom to add a new texture. I'm burst open by down opportunity made step, threat to image and breast open in his Beckham. Take the cheque books over the core item off the immigrants said the background in a way to be appeared into surrender. Agnes Bad for using the key whom I made in the tail of the dog in both mind attacked a portable. It's the s key. I remember the mouse and scared down that in the tent city and two planes 280 even taking any type to grab that would bomb to protect the rest. Are they under minus 90 to remove the dog to die? Take the damn move made by the money to do all right Christie Ikey on YouTube to go Go to scale to set the location. I escaped well with the time and I am pointing to name well hydrate on the said day poll and they removed the doc forward by the money, bread or breads X and minus still pointed. Freeze three a Christie Arche and it to the local scale to set the location of the hotel is on this case. 1st 7 under NAM party to change is going to the build on motor time very pointed to frame 141. What did the doc ordered Actives betting on, say and moving the month Move the beauty in many greater on the X axis and by access of the native Christie Ikey I chose to go cold too scared to state education the rotation on this scale Most diamond I'm pointing to train 148 Rotate the talk on the day access, pressing our energy on moving the mouth Most of you getting the money Creator on the X axis on the right, access off the native Christie I G amateurs. A good scale to state a location, data and escape. Moving the time Ryan pointed to where 155 mutated. Don't on the d active blessing arm vanity on moving the months move. It took years into manipulator on the X axis and the Y access off the native Arche and Julia local scale to a safe location validation and scared motor. Tamarine pointed to 281 moved it off, putting the money brighter on the X axis and the Y Axis alternative make it a doctor. Roger, by betting on Movinto Month. Because the dog is getting goes out to the pure, it is reasonable to make him a gradual for the expensive. It was necessary to choose. A rock would scale from the bathroom. RK and choose. It'll go too scared to settle Location data on the scale. Moved. A diamond ring pointed to frame. Take display to date on the X axis Placed our X on the 14.268 Christie Nike Institute bro code to set the location and the rotation. Move the time, and I am pointing to frame eight to rotate it on the X axis breast of X on minus satins 3.75 Christie Ikey on a 20 Co. Two to set their location and their rotation. My was a time right point out a brain 15 and it awarded Despont Breath on X on 36.23 Christie, Nike and itude local to state education and the rotation. Most of the time, Ryan pointed to Brain 22 two wrote it this bomb press are X on minus 36.67 with ikey, and it's usable. Good to set the location and the rotation to rotate this bomb breast. Have X on a 31 point Paul Best Nike and choose Go to set the location and the rotation. Move the time Ryan pointed Toe Women's Day six to protect. Respond with our ex on minus 33.78 Best Arche and choose with a quote to set their vocation in the rotator most of the time. And I am pointed to Frame Portis. Three. To rotate this bomb. Best R X on the Saturday 3.82 Breath Mikey on a 20 co. Two to say that broke a joined over data move that time Ryan pointed to brain 50 to go take this bomb breast are X on minus 29.92 Christie, Nike and to worker to set a location interpretation. Move the time and I pointed out to claim a 57 to date. This bomb with our ex on set is 3.25 Best the Nike and choose bro code to set a vocation under our data. Most of the time, we're going to frame 63 to rotate Despond this our X on minus 19 point up all night. But the pipe bender unity and momentum 10 A type two don't sit. Moves a cake with a metal frame. Well, Crestor and Abadan in the properties window in the output sub panel. Percival them to open by brother FedEx If I had to feed you saved behind it and miss him Diapers their name already. Animator First the accepted madam in the damage on the set. Tingey in the brain to 218 And they put on help. Best thing about him and choose and pick for the movie. Choose an Olympic one pulled the former Jews MP three Hooded only according you may somebody in surrender. Thank you very much, People. What? My big