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How to Animate a 3D Dog Vol. 1

teacher avatar Hiroko Matsubayashi, 3DCG with Blender

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

1 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. How to animate a 3d dog vol

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About This Class

In this class, I will show you how to rig a 3D object using Blender 2.77.

It is simple and easy way to make bones and rig, I think.

Using this tutorial,  you can move the dog's foot and tails.

By making a Root bone, you can control the dog's move.

It will be useful to change the shape of the Root bone.

In the Vol 2, I will show you how to walk a 3D dog from one location to another with a favorite background picture.

Meet Your Teacher

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Hiroko Matsubayashi

3DCG with Blender


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1. How to animate a 3d dog vol: you know im hero Common best. I show you have to animate our three day Don't even think. Brenda 2.77 because it contents extended 20 minute. I divided the video. Enter two buttons. This video eats the first voting table. Other contents battle making bones fighting to want to controlling the weapons. Part of three who control 90 entire bones. But for changing the set off the road. A bomb about the pipe her to make the amateur objective myths back to one. Making boned. At first I would make Montel. But Doug And also, when I write to you by holding down the shift key Sicky to put this Really? Because er to the center Did you mean by moving the middle must put him holding down the shift key A key undetected and them thinking dangerous queen to edit mode. Take this. Radio calls her at the people point and you just get down to the bone to dio Christie s key deer key and enter a green arrow quickly the y axis of the treated my greater and moving toward the front breast a bone in the middle toes directory and tie a bomb and pressed the brew ever tweeted the day, access off the street name and braider and move it up. It may be considered in the doctor party to repeat a check the check books off the X ray into spray panel. You think the money greater over the white active moved a bone to the middle. Always a dog to party. I think that people are going to do the medium point. The edit mode of breast, a tick off the phone and a key to extrude on is a bone. And then enter electoral aboard puting manipulator off the D access and moved a table with enviable. Why did by the manipulate out off the white access, select a tip over the home on first, a key to extrude and mobile afford by the money bread off the white access and then download while holding down the middle. Most madam move the mouth to change is going to the perspective view and put a tip off the 1st 1 Take the box office expects a meeting with the amateur while holding down the shift key breast. A key to victory. The new bone to beside My wife came back cried out the door and down lied or we don't breath tiki to explode and move them downward and forward 1st 80 to exude and then moved in downward. And that glide a key to exude and then move the same downward and to pull wide breath to 80 to exclude and moved in Hawaii. And then my job factor bones of food we do the step point of by holding down the media must bottom moved the mouth to change is going to the perspective bill by holding down the shift key, geeky to exhort newborns to both sides and moved them on the X axis. You think many moutain down my door and background best a key to excuse them and they moved them down, maybe 10. So I don't need it. Breast icky to exclude and they moved in down and that gradually pressed icky, too active and then moved them down, pressed its case to exclude and they moved them, who are and moved in them. Direct a point of order quickly to start going to be, but it's geeky to exude, and the movie toe upward first, a key to exude and move it back Presti geeky toe to toe end in moving a body to make a phone off tales. Way to four Dorito Presti case to extrude. And then movie poured Move. It applied, or it'll protested a key to extrude and then moving forward. Movie down my door. It'll take this pain balm. I'm Preston, deputy gators. Separate, divided Taint. A number off cut to two tectonic boom. And with the deputy Cato, 70 Bided change in number over cut, too. I take the textbooks over the X axis mirror over the armature. Options director. Front back bone with WK to step in the bag. Take the number off cut, too. Take the tip over the phone records of past on my way to avoid a little. It is convenient to create on cable. Select a tip off the front or take a second home. Betsy Ikea to extraordinary and moving backward. These bonds anti aching bones. Select a tip off the Hinteregger decide home pretty geeky to explode, and they're moving back. Did he get boned? Take the route off the head by holding down the safety gate, arrested a key to itude and move them on the X axis by the manipulator best 80 to extrude, and they're moving downward. There's the same action two times. Selected tips off the bones on the victim by the money paid but to born to controlling their bones. If you select Toronto Rex cable on moving backward, I want to be orders a move. But if you take you by, holding, doesn't kowtow. Working to back to the former position direct and I gave him off the ground press a picky while holding down the old G and a selective Cree apparent. Now a cable can gave the atom bomb do the same to you as that I get boned. Select I gave him over the one week by holding down the shift key sector deck boom Christie Ikey. By holding them deceptively toe, I go toe into the active boom selector Iqbal and correct the bomb contained bottom over the perpetrator window said detained. Thanks to two, this number is a number off which I can control at the bones by moving again. Boom your community at a phone, do the same to another like a and it's added a center point like bone correct, and I came home over the him today by holding that the safety director indirect boom Christie. I gave my holding down the Gator. I I can't go toe to the active form director Dick said The number off the chain and 23 do the same to the another cable off the Hindu Inc and its adjacent toe rag in edit mode of sector hood. On the while holding down the shift key 30 I came home first, a picky by holding down the control key to make the cable band and choose a keep off Do the same to you as I gave Won't and good ones. Six This people said the people won't do sweetie Gaza Christie s key by holding down the safety and the church because to selected Christie a key by holding down the safety gate to make a bomb to scare them The newborn todo Christie s key Yoki and enter Make it your idea by moving the manipulator on the y axis 60 entire bone by pressing the bones body My dad, by money, bread out on the day access and back cried a little Impose more direct this boom and the date of the last bone First figure you by holding down the 60 and contour working toe, controlling two copies a rotation in the country. And Bono said the targets space to the local space. 50 owners space to the local space Tick, tick tick books over the author Christie a key to diffidently do the same to the other bones off the tail respectability. It was January made bone and maybe you received at the data bolts mobile. According part three moved the ball control Renzi entire boned, selected. Do you support Bones said the people going to put us really cousin breasted escape while holding down the 60 and two cars are directed Christie a key while holding down the sector key to escape down. You born to deal Christie s key. You're looking on. Enter. Well, we did, I doubt by moving dumb. Anybody doubt on white access? Exactly. And die a bone by pressing that burned body. We'll be back ride by manipulator. All right, access. I'm down my daughter to tend. It's going to the perspective. You move the mouse by holding down the middle mouse button Siddiq teas for bonds. So all I have a holding down the shift key. PRESTA peaky by holding down the control key and to keep sitting the first Spain bomb. I'm a 60. Vote more by holding down from 60. Press a picky while holding down the control key and you keep upset directive this month on a select irritable by holding down the 60 PT by holding down the control key and sure to keep off in post modern, it is possible to move at a point by moving the world bone, but days bones gonna turn are incomplete in edit mode. Detected this bone under fire, holding on the safety detect invisible on the past spine Crystal peak you by holding down the control key and to keep state. Check this poll on the first Bible by holding down the shift key precip IKI By holding down the authority and to keep us safe. Impose motorbike is erecting and moving a workable. You received that the bone connections are complete party people changing their shape off the road. Boom Object motors. Christie s key. By holding down the sanctity on the tooth, COSATU selected Christie Turkey by dissecting the 60 on a choose miss and then taco, taking December off by dishing to to a in edit mode, breast apart except header Direct on the departed. Best a key to exclude them Christie s key and make it inner area off the circle by moving the most by the center off best SG and make its more by moving the most toward the center of the circle. 10. Tasek was named to stay put in object mode. Sexy amateur import more the selector in the precipitates panel Sex the bone handle meantime desperate by now Best cube I got on a Tuesday said food. A small share food appeared 10 just header to object Morning. I'm sick, Said would And then I did not press to select all of the parties up Moved a shape to buy the manipulator to move it a bomb to make to shape with bigger Christie s key and moved a month I don't read the change over the sides off the food the side opened old bone changes Do you object to shake food on first in key to movie to the entire Asia It's possible to nobody um, a job by the road import more exact They're controlling bones and take the check box off Developed respectively. If you move down the bus spying bone, the other won't agree to follow. If you lift up their portable, I doubt bones away to be lifted up at back to fight. How to make the amateur affected Mitt in our project director, Dr Party, but its appetite But to operate monetary delusion in a separate typical on surface go as a specific number over you too. Timex dogs about under seductive um, a job one holding Dundas Krista Picky by holding down the control key and choose a mature people always take weight. I gave him on first sticky and obeyed by moving the mouse. You see, that makes the move off the road. It's like dishpan and breast arche and irritated by moving the mouse. You see that? That status? Who's a move off Sapone? Thank you. Big multiple watching my video