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How to Analyze Football (Soccer) - Basics

Hamza El Kadioui, Football Analyst

How to Analyze Football (Soccer) - Basics

Hamza El Kadioui, Football Analyst

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19 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Promo Video

    • 2. 1-1 Course Introduction

    • 3. 1-2 Instructor Introduction

    • 4. 1-3 Course Structural Logic

    • 5. 2-1 The Difference Between a Club and a Team

    • 6. 2-2 The Club as a Complex System

    • 7. 2-3 The Team as a Person

    • 8. 2-4 Tons of Variables

    • 9. 3-1 Jobs of Football Analysis

    • 10. 3-2 Before Starting Analysis

    • 11. 3-3 Pre-Game and Post-Game Analysis

    • 12. 3-4 The Three Phases of the Football Game

    • 13. 3-5 Time and Space

    • 14. 3-6 Beyond Numbers

    • 15. 3-7 Game Analysis (Example)

    • 16. 3-8 Player Analysis (Example)

    • 17. 4-1 Resources

    • 18. 4-2 Last and Not Least

    • 19. 4-3 Bonus Lecture

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About This Class

Welcome to your course "How to Analyze Football (Soccer) - Basics". Whether you are a coach, a player, or even a football lover, this course is for you!

Analyzing football isn't and shouldn't be exclusive to football analysts. Whether you want it or not, you are analyzing football while coaching your team, while playing a game, or even while watching it. The question isn't should I analyze football? but it is How to Analyze football?

At the end of this course, you will be able to analyze football games correctly. You will understand football deeply in order to improve your performance.

This Course is composed of 4 sections:

  • In the first section, you are going to know me (the instructor), the roadmap of the course, and the structural logic of the course.

  • In the second section, you are going to answer the question of Why Analyzing football?

  • In the third section, you are going to gain some knowledge about the basics of football analysis.

  • In the fourth and last section, you are going to discover some resources and receive a piece of advice to help you with your journey analyzing football.

What will you learn in this course:

  • Understand why you need to analyze football
  • Gain knowledge of football analysis basics.
  • Analyze football like an analyst.

What are the course requirements/perquisites:

Have at least a basic understanding of football (soccer).

This course is for:

  • People who want to gain a deeper understanding of football.
  • Coaches who want to get the best results from their games.
  • Players who want to improve their performance.
  • Football fans who want to understand coaches, clubs, and players decisions and their impact on the game.

Shortly talking, this course will change your filter through which you see Football (Soccer), and give you some basics and resources to get started in football analysis.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Hamza El Kadioui

Football Analyst


Before being a Football Analyst, Hamza is a Football Lover. He obtained his master degree in International Business, but this didn't stop him from following his passion for football (soccer). He helped many coaches, players and even football fans to understand the game deeply and improve their performance. He works as a Football Analyst Freelancer with different teams, clubs, and players. He is also a Football Content Creator (Videos, Articles...). His mission is: Popularize Football Analysis!

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1. Promo Video: welcome to the course. How to analyze football basics where you will learn how to analyze football like a football analysts. My name is Hamza al Khatib. I'm affordable analyst and they will be leading you through the course. I began teaching football answers from 2017. I've been working with Hendricks, off players, coaches and football lovers from all over the world. Analyzing football isn't and shouldn't be exclusive to football analysts. Whether you do want it or not, you are analyzing football while coaching charity while playing a game or even while watching it. The question is not sure that analyze football, but it is how to analyze football well. In this course, you will discover the things you should absolutely no and do before watching, playing or coaching your very next game. By the end off, this kers will be able to analyze football games correctly and you'll understand football deeply in order to improve your performance. Ideal students off this course is every player, coach or football lover who wants to improve their game and understand football way deeply . There are no necessary requirements to enroll except having a basic understanding affordable to be open minded and to be ready, eager to learn well, Feel free to take a look for the course description, and they look forward to see you in the course Chow. 2. 1-1 Course Introduction: Hi, everybody. And welcome to the course how to analyze football basics. My name is Hamza Al Qaeda. We and they will be your instructor in discourse. Next video lecture. I will do a bit more off introduction about myself and my background for this video, though I'm going to talk about what you are going to be covering to have a bit off a road map of this course. Well, this course is composed of four sections. The first section is introduced in the course in structure on the course. Structural logic. In the 2nd 1 we are trying to answer the question. Why analyzing football? Because I believe that people don't see the importance off something until they answer the question of why in the third section, we are going to see the basics. Affordable analysis, for example, fertilizes jobs. The three faces off a football game pregame and postgame analysis. What should we do before starting the nicest and so on? The last section is giving you some resources that will help you in your journey, analyzing floatable on the piece of advice to prepared next steps. If you are a coach, a player or just a football fan. Well, this course is for you as a coach and add it to your coaches skills. This course will help you to understand the game deeply and start analyzing games like floatable. A nice to do in your journey As a coach, you are asked to do football and isis in order to get the best results and improve your team's performance. Even if you don't actively do the forcible anuses. And you do have a football honest in your stuff and they're sending the mind set off affordable and others will help you to create a better relationship with him and, by consequence, improve the team's performers as a player understanding football lake. Affordable, honest will help you see the game way better and improve your performance. How, By analyzing your way and you're open its way of play, you will capitalize on your strings. Anonymizer witnesses and acts on your open its weaknesses as well as a football fan. This course will help you to understand why the decisions made by coaches, players, clubs responsible are the way they are, what impact these decisions have in football to predict logically the future decisions, and especially to see football from the football and as filter rather than fan filter. Well, so free to missing me. If you have any question every inquiry which opposes Indyk, you in the able I will be happy to help you guys. You next video lecture. 3. 1-2 Instructor Introduction: Hi guys. I hope they are doing great presenting myself. I'm from Seattle. Could you be 25 years old? I'm a football coach after a tough knee injury, finishing my submit professional career as a player at the age of 16 I said in Cochin in Germany, and then had suitable analyzes classes in a big institute in Italy. Well, no, No different. True, except that my name is Hamza al Khatib E. And I'm 25 years old. I have been called coach and forcible analysts. I have been asked where I studied them and where I do work because people who wash my videos and Isis loved them so much That data Oh, they only could be made by a culture of football analyst, Let me tell you that we're almost the same. I love football. I played as an amateur, but with a big passion. I watch football and all the time, waiting for the next games. I hate weekdays when there's no game story begin. When I started to watch football differently at the time, I knew that this sport is bigger, more exciting and let me say six year than how a normal football final would see it. During the past years, I have been helping many coaches, players, teams and even football fans understand football in a deeper level, to change their mind sets, matching it with the football on this one and to improve their performance. If you are here to listen to some coach or football honest with diplomas and certifications , well, you are in the wrong place. But if you are here to listen to someone who deeply loves football, learned forcible analyzes by himself, and his mission is to popularize it well, here are welcome guys. 4. 1-3 Course Structural Logic: in this video lecture, I'm gonna be explaining, Why did they choose this structure forms, of course. Which is mainly answer into the question. Why analyzing football and then giving you the basics affordable and as US structural logic of discourse was inspired by my personal experience with learning football and Isis before getting to the football anuses and compared to other football fans, I had big knowledge, off tactics, strategies, techniques and so on. I could recognize the zonal from the man market, the third man, run the shadow, run the position and you know a lot of other things. Was this knowledge enough to give a valid and objective football on? Insists no, because I was still seeing floatable through the football fan filter. Everyone is seeing things, whether work hobbies, studies are science, anything through a certain filter. That's why we don't see these things the exact way other people do this furnitures are composed off our beliefs. Our expectations are personalities. Attributes are knowledge, etcetera in order to change your filter from football fan to football analyst. First, you have to get in your mind the importance off why you need analysis explained in the second section. Once you know how it is important for you as a coach, a player or even a football fan, we are going to need some basics to help you get started with suitable and is this explain in the third section? 5. 2-1 The Difference Between a Club and a Team: it is obvious to distinguish between a club and the team, but from my experience with people, a lot off them don't make this difference. Taking its simple let's say a team is composed off players, the coach and the technical stuff. A club is composed off the team, the board, all the stuff administrators, the brand identity, the stadium, the training grounds academy extra all the tangible and intangible assets. From the simple view, you can see that the team is an important part of the club, but not the only one. You may like the team and don't like the club. A lot of people were in love with Barcelona team. In the era of Pep Guardiola, the way they play the winning mentality, the show they deliver the modern football, the passion they show. This people may not like FC Barcelona club for a certain reason or another. You may know a team because off its club here I can talk about the sad story off the Brazilian club Tropic Wednesay. When the plane carrying them crashed on November 28 2000 and 16 killing 71 off the 17 7 people on board on the other side. You may know a club because off its steed here I can talk about the miracle a story off Leicester City win in the 15 16 primitively. Now that we've finished talking about the difference between a team and the club in next lectures, we're going to dig deep in both of them. 6. 2-2 The Club as a Complex System: If you think that's managing a club is an easy thing to do. Well, you have to reconsider that. No days. Ah club is a business, and as every business, the club is looking to make profits. But before that, it is looking to survive the case. Ago, clubs were foreclosing on their sportive project Now. Besides it, they do have an economic project. Ideal situation is to make both economical and sportive successes. Unfortunately, it isn't always the case now. Decisions aren't made on Lee by taking in consideration sportive matters. For example, AH club buys a player from a certain country to help the club get more fans in this country . And by that to get more profits, this player could not fit in the team way of play or that the coach doesn't want him. And this is how problems secure in this example. The priority was given to the economic matters ahead of disporting ones. As much as the club gets bigger as much as actors it will have, and as difficult and complex, the management will be inside the club. There are so many actors, the coach, the board players, the south, etcetera, this actors are impacting the management. Here is an example. This is a sports organization off FC Barcelona presented by Yonville, FC Barcelona Director Off Methodology Look at all these departments working all together to manage this complex club system here. I'm going to show you some situations off how clubs are managed. Some clubs follow a certain way off the no matter what. Others don't care about the way of play as much as they reach their goals. Some clubs invest in their human resources players. Staff administrators, more than anything else, believe in that. This people are the ones making the glory off the club. Others invest in the name of the club more than anything, as they believe that everyone will leave. And the only thing that will remain is the club's name. Some boards take almost everything in hand from choosing the coach till the last team member. Others delegate, choosing players and stuff to the coach as they believe that he is the appropriate 12 Truth with who to work. Some coaches will take any players and make out off them a great team. Others need that certain kind of players to make their mission in the right way. Some coaches have a certain kind of solutions to every obstacle they encounter in their way . Others could add up to every obstacle, the encounter, providing different solutions. So all of this perspectives and the degrees off their application, all off this individual goals. All of this complexity should be managed in the right way. It isn't easy at all. It requires a lot of time, a lot of effort, a lot of investment and sacrifices. 7. 2-3 The Team as a Person: I like to compare the team as a person, as a big person and as every person the team has a personality. For example, you can see that Atletico Madrid has this patients and this fighting inside the pitch. Chelsea off taking opportunities whenever they happened. Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. We're trying to win everything every year. Sometimes like monstrous er City are creating this personality and identity and this is number one reason why they sing and Pep Guardiola, one of the best cultures in the world. Teams also have fears Phobias complex is like Arsenal in the last decade. There are a great team that could win the Premier Li and the champions. But somehow whenever they play against Barcelona or Bayern Munich, they get smashed teams as well. They do have this attitude off leading more than your acting or reacting more than needed. Well, the best is to use the appropriate approach based on this situation here. I do remember the game between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid in the Champions League final off 15 16. As we all know and what normally happens when these two teams face each other. Real mother is elites takes action and Atletico Madrid waits patiently, then react. They could have only two or three contracts. You're in the whole game, but they would score all with him. Zidan was clever. He didn't lead. He gave the ball to Atletico. Madrid had managed to stay in defense looking for counterattacks. Simunic and his team were it used to keep position and play mostly in the other half of the pitch. They were out of their comfort zone. They didn't know how to effectively play that way and then their possession was totally ineffective. Here, as you can see, Athletic Madrid with 52% off bold position, 635 passes Gabi and Koke A with the most passes made cousin here with the most clearance is made totally usual staff. If someone will tell me before the game that this is what's going to happen, I will call them crazy. But it did happen as a football. An earnest you should know the team personality, how it is evolving and impact in the team's performance 8. 2-4 Tons of Variables: as you saw in the points explained before, there are so many variables in football. Ward clubs difference accer, the team's unique personality, etcetera. There are other variables, like federations and tournaments, rules, games, kids will and so on. I won't finish. Listen, all off the variables impact in the games. Your job is to see the whole picture by taking in consideration all off the potential variables and discovering which ones impacted the performance off teams and decided on the outcome. No, that's we are at the end of destruction. You should be able to answer the question. Why analyzing football was the video now and try to answer it for me. The answer to this question is the title off this venue. Lecture council variables. There are more variables than you were thinking there are before taking this course. There are more variables than you can put on an exhaustive list. They're as much variables as your understanding of the game gets better. Now you do know why you do need floatable Anzus Congratulations. You just made the first and the most important step toward master and football and is is he should be proud of for yourself 9. 3-1 Jobs of Football Analysis: nor days football, and Isis is becoming a necessary part of every team Saxes football and I are now more specialized than what they were years before. Before the game, you see the sports science team warming the team up during the game. You can see the Fishers going on to treat players. But football ized are the ones in the background, the armed less important than the other parts off the team. They do exist in every Premier League championship team and even in some teams in the X below, using the newest technological progress, such as cameras, GPS life called an ex cetera they can have a lot of jobs within a team. But the following are the main jobs they can do with the bull last. This guy's analyze everything about the team and the Opens. When they do have the bull, the shape derives the movements, the position in extra, trying to answer two questions like why, when who? Looking for the challengers and trying to find how to solve them without the ball on his? This one's analyze everything about the team and open it when they don't have the ball position in the shape the movements and so on. You encourage, said new play a match. It is statistically proven that the players actually have the bull three minutes on average . So the most important thing is what you do during those 87 minutes when you don't have the ball. That is what determines whether you are a good player or not. This inspiring and choking cold says so much about the importance off without the bold decisions and actions on the game set pieces on us. As you can see, such pieces could decide on the outcome for lots of games master and how to attack use in them is really this is a from throwing tell penalty's going by corners and follows. This honors work on how to effectively use this and defend against them performance. And, as with the technological progress, make small chips and detectors. Almost every team could measure games and training starts. Teams end up with towns off data to interpret all of this data. In order to solve problems and improve the team performance, they do need performance analysis. The experts use their knowledge on stats, math, data management and analysis, visual ex cetera to accomplish their mission dependent on teams, you can find all of this analysts. Some of them were even more than one from the same job, for example, do performance analysts within the same team. 10. 3-2 Before Starting Analysis: watching the game at thes twice. I recommend you to watch the game at least twice first time watches, as you usually do by having fun. We all have this expectations about the results off the game, especially if you have an emotional attachment for the team plane. You're a fan off the team. You don't like their way of play or to your possess. You don't like it from the second time, trey as much as possible to be neutral. The good thing is that you no longer have this questions and expectations about the outcome , so your mind is free to analyze. The other good thing is that you can pose and play the game at the piece you want. This technique is really helpful to understand why and how off all players decisions posted game everything or 20 seconds and asked why they are doing what they are doing. Like movements, runs Kalinda Paul DeLay in grows into the bull owner covering extra mute. The reporter. I'm asking you to mute it. A supporters during the game try to analyze it, talking about tactics like players, positions, shaped style, Bressan or whatever. Most of the time, this analyzes are superficial. Worse than that, they're wrong. Their job isn't analyzed the game but to keep you entertained. They don't want you to go to watch the game on another channel, so they are going to praise the best team almost all the time. They're going to do anything to keep you on the channel. There are far from being objective. There are far from being football unless stop following the bull. Only the mistake we all make. Watching the game is to Onley floatable because all our attention on the player who has the ball on by consequence, the player closed into him trying to win the ball back in a game. There are 22 players. If we exclude this two players, we still have 20 players playing at the same time. Every single player has its own decision running forward or backward, sticking at the same position, covering calling for the ball so on and so forth. 20 single decisions on the filled that's could drastically change the situation. That's huge. There's something I want to tell you. It's shocking, so prepare yourselves to hear that your whole life you were watching on Lee a bit off every game. It is really shocking when you do realize what this means. Now try to remember all of these games you watched were amazed by them, and we're like, Wow, this game is awesome. Try to imagine yourself watching more awesomeness every time you get better at affordable and raises. 11. 3-3 Pre-Game and Post-Game Analysis: A pregame analysis is an analysis we make before the game starts, and it takes into consideration the expectations we have about the game. Based on several variables, some off the important variables are available players to consider. All players expect injured and suspended ones when and where the game is played and way game is tougher than a home one. A game played in a busy schedule. For example, three games a week will differ by so much than a game played in a normal school one game a week. Lower high temple, fast or slow rhythm press interpretation. All of these variables will change open its goals and situation. Playing guest. The top three teams in the table isn't explain against the bottom table teams. A physical team plays differently than a technical one. Sometimes like to keep possession, some prefer counterattacks. Other ones genuinely adopted the open and steam the team's goes and situation. A team could sacrifice a league game by playing with the least effort and preparation to be totally ready for the Cup game. A postgame, an isis is an isis made after the game finished, which takes in consideration what happened during the game, how a team acted on how the other one reacted. The impact of decisions during the game substitution is player position change, change in the way of play extra. The anizers off what was right from both teams, the nicest. Before it was wrong from both teams, the post game analysis is the most used way often Isis as it is easier and more accurate than the pre game one. The stars in inflatable anuses shoes focused mostly, if not on Lee, on the post game and dances. There's an analysis during the game, but it requires a high and deep level, affordable understanding. It is mostly made by coaches and technologies saw during games to find what is going around and try to solve it. 12. 3-4 The Three Phases of the Football Game: in affordable game. There are three faces for every team attack in when the team has double defendant when the team doesn't have the ball. Both transition in its to face, getting from defendant to attack in when the team wins the ball or the face getting from attack into defendant when the team loses the ball. This is a simple view off a football game. It could have more than three faces, for example, position in this face. The team is attacking and defending at the same time, attacking us, looking for a gap from we're getting and score defendant as open and golden score if they don't have the bull. By the way, this is defending with the ball. But for the sake of simplicity, you are going to stick with the three faces that's hacking. All attacks have on the big picture scoring goals. Bananas. You should give attention to how the team is attacking like assess Prius escape passes, trances created from which side etcetera. In this situation for goals scored questions about DSS, the process from where, by whom and why are more important than how the players called the coal attacking face relies more on the creativity and the freedom off the players. They make them unpredictable to the open and team important goal. Off this face is great and explored space. There are so many ways off how to create and exploit that space. For example, Shadow Ron's Greek passes, switching, play dribbling and so on as a Nana's should discover and be more process about how the team is attacking. For example, if you say that the team is attacking by delivering crosses, your Onley answering at 5% or even less off the question, there are so many types of crosses, local roses, Hikaru says, etcetera from a different place deep or tilled Cornel line to a different place. The penalty spots in the first post second post around the penalty area, difference player, striker or the midfielder coming from behind or the other fullback, most importantly, should answer too wide. The team is as acting that way. Well, maybe because it's masters that way off play and has adequate players, for it may be because the open and team has difficulties dealing with that way of play, or maybe a mixture off this both expirations. If you have to define this face in one word. It would be creativity. Defendant. Every team has a defensive shape. Your first task is to discover it. It isn't static. It's good change based on the situation. After a substitution after leading after conceding uncle etcetera, the team could defend using a zonal marking system, which is every player has a certain zone to defend or a man marking system, which is every player has a responsibility to mark a certain player wherever Hagel's normally teams use a mixture of zonal and man marking. But with that different intensity, another thing to meet attention to us is the with and the compactness of the lines. This is the with off the lines, and this is compactness within same shape, for example, for for two, you can find many degrees off with and compactness. You have to make attention also to the defensive block off the team low, mid and high. This will tell you a lot about the person style off the team and where it is trying to win the ball and how actively or reactively is the team. You have to know that the team defense with an objective for mind, it's almost pushing the open and team to this situation where they are less effective. It's called Breast mainly on dissenter, pushing the open and team to play on flanks where there are less affected, already opposite personal flanks to push them to play on the center. Another example is when the opening team has shorter Attackers. The team could pressed aggressively, high, pushing the openings to play a long ball that will be easily won by the defenders. In the defensive face. The players are asked to be less creative and more organized and disciplined, sick into the system. If you have to define this face in one word, it would be discipline transition in both. This face is the bridge taking the team from the defensive to the attack and face, or from the attack into the defensive one. As a Nana's, you should recognize the hybrid players, those who actively participate in both faces, attack and defence, I said actively, as there are some players participating more than others and have an important role in that face. The second thing to do is to discover what they do in this face from attack to defence. For example, prison when a certain player or area going back to fill the gap, covering another player man marking a certain player even when he is without the ball. From defence to attack, creating space to another player. Exploit in the free space plane safely with patients looking for a certain player in particle ER playing a long or short ball. I also have to see the transitions consistency off this players during the game and how it impacts the game. If you have to define this face in one word, it would be a Wariner's balance. The goal off the coach is create a balance between all off this faces muster. An attack isn't an excuse to fill. To defend right go up In the 17 18 season, he had the perfect attack system, but with a lot of difficulties in the defense system. 13. 3-5 Time and Space: as affordable, and it is your understanding of this do variables Isn't Onley crucial but also necessary? Teams who master how to deal with time and space have a high chance to get the result they want. Every action in the game happens in a certain space for a certain time. So you do have to understand what impact this actions had on the game. Teams tried to create and exploit space as much as they can when they do have the ball and to close as much space as we can when they don't have the ball. It's what seems easy for you, but let me say it isn't easy, asshole. It requires a lot of fork, affordable understanding, off dedication or vision and concentration. Legendary. You hanker. If said, if you have the ball, you must make the filled as big as possible. And if you don't have the ball, you must make it as small as possible. That's affordable and honest. You have to discover this basis how attacking team is creating and exploiting them and how the defendant team is closing them. More importantly, how this is impacting the game. Both teams have 90 minutes how each one is, um, imagined this minutes the first so much from each other as a Nana's. Yeah, to recognize when a team is applying a certain tactic and for how long? Hi person, Low temple making substitutions, ex cetera especially. You have to understand the why behind all of that. 14. 3-6 Beyond Numbers: before talking about what is beyond numbers that spoke first about numbers. Numbers in football are so much important and helpful and understanding the game and how to manage it. Position. Percent age, distance covered number of passes, passes, accuracy, number of tackles, chances created or great excess er, for a bitter and value an Isis, we do need numbers. This is a picture showing some statistics from the game between Celtic and Barcelona in the Champions League group stage off 2000 and 12. I want you to pull the video here and to guess what is the result based on the statistics. If you try analyzing the game by only reading, the statistics would absolutely say that Barcelona smashed and dominated Celtic. And it's wrong if you didn't watch the game, this statistics will get You're wrong. Your only way to deliver a volatile and Isis is by watching the game. Reading on Lee numbers will lead you to a partial and assist or worse, all wrong one. As you can see here, Citic won the game due to one First, you have to get more data, more numbers. Let's say that a midfielder was to play with the most passes delivered during the game, you could say, Oh, he was really clinical Lincoln, between the defense and at our clients. This could be wrong if you don't take into consideration the accuracy percentage off this passes and even though let's say that the percent age was about 90% which is a great thing , By the way, that's midfielder could pass almost all his passes back to the defensive line, which doesn't constitute any danger or challenged open and team. Now, was he really clinical Lincoln? Between the defensive and attack lines in portable? There are so many variables that we cannot measure, for example, the personality, the mindset attitude and they are a decisive in your analysis. Don't forget to look beyond the numbers. 15. 3-7 Game Analysis (Example): in this lecture, I will show you an example off a game. And as this I took the Champions League game between Marshal Sir City and FC Napoli in the 17th off October 2017. I enjoyed analyzing this game and especially watching it several times. Let's wash the analyze this. 16. 3-8 Player Analysis (Example): in this lecture, you are going to see an example off a player and Isis is about one off my favors. Midfielder Christian Eriksen, this sports player. 17. 4-1 Resources: in your way off on Isis. Do need some resources to help you create your own analysis. First, who scored? It's one off leading complete websites about football given so many starts about teams and players analysis, news goals and even update well, there are other websites doing almost the same job, but this one is my favorite. It's coca. It is the website doing almost the same job as who scored. Both websites provide stars and Isis news and so on. But I use this one more for the compassion metrics football manager. This resource helped me so much in my way. Learning and getting better at football and Isis football manager is best floatable court chancing nature. When I first started to play it, I have had this Ah ha moment when I knew that the job off the coach isn't easy at all and that football is full of variables. I didn't think they exist or matter that much. After that, I stopped insulting coaches and managers games and highlights websites. There are so many websites from where you can wash and even don't load games or highlight. I do use them to watch games more than once and to analyze them on life. Football magazines. You always need to learn and get more knowledge about football. Whether tactics, rules, stories use an isis and so on. For paid or free, you can find great contents on net chess. Another resource for helping me to improve my analytical skills is just They do play and enjoy it every day. By the way, it has a lot in common with football. There are so many ways to learn and plays for free from the Internet. 18. 4-2 Last and Not Least: inflatable and eyes is what really matters are the questions. The right questions there are more important than the answers themselves. You have to be curious about the kings, the team's players, clubs, the football environment locally, nationally and internationally. As a football analyst, you should be objective in your work as much as you can, leaving behind all the emotions and attachments with the football and ice, or at least someone who have more knowledge about it. You should see things from different angles before throwing any judgments about this situation, while the reading other people announces whether they are affordable and as coaches or anyone else, be doubtful. Not for the sake of being doubtful, for sure, but to create your own process off, understand and analyse inflatable. This is the most important piece of advice I can give you in discourse in your way off and allies in football. Don't forget to enjoy the game, enjoy its first analyze it after 19. 4-3 Bonus Lecture: Hi, guys. Congratulations on finishing the course. I hope it's this. Find your needs. Well, you are welcome to keep in touch with me on my personal Facebook accounts. Hamza Al Qaeda. We This is my website without the ball dot com in where I put my own eyes is off games, teams and players and where I'm offering my services Inflatable anuses as a freelancer, helping teams and players to improve their performance. I put also on the websites other content related to forcible engineer. Oh, and especially inflatable and Isis. You can contact me via the email address without the ball at gmail dot com or on my Facebook page without the ball waiting to connect with you guys. Cheers.