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How to Advertise Your Local Small Business For Free Or Very Cheap

teacher avatar SOMA MARTON, Videography, Productivity, Health

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. 1 Introduction

    • 2. 2 The Purpose Of Your Small Business

    • 3. 3 Free Facebook Strategies

    • 4. 4 Paid Facebook Strategies

    • 5. 5 Free SEO Strategies

    • 6. 6 Free Google My Business Strategies

    • 7. 7 Paid Google Strategies

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About This Class

If you run a local small business, you’re definitely going to want to read this.

First, let's answer an important question.Why do you do what you do? What's the reason that you prefer running a business over working for somebody else? The former is incredibly difficult, chaotic, and oftentimes risky. The latter is guaranteed stability and a a carved-out path.

But... you consistently choose the former every time.Why?The vast majority of the time, the answer is cold, hard cash. You want as much of it as possible, in as short a period of time as possible. Cash is freedom.

Cash lets you grow, influence, and change. Let's be honest... without cash, you’re not a small business. You’re just a hobby.Knowing this, let me ask you a simple question:

Why do so many small business owners suck at generating cash - the most important part of their business?

Usually it's because they don't know how to advertise.And why don't they know how to advertise?

Meet Your Teacher

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Videography, Productivity, Health




Hello Skillshare! 

Thanks for taking the time to check out my teaching page! My name is Soma - I'm a professional videographer with a passion for social skills, online marketing, and health. I co-teach a bunch of courses with my talented colleague, Nick Saraev, and together we run a coaching company called Let's Improve.

A bit about me: my background is actually in molecular biology & health science, and I love tweaking my nutrition and optimizing people's health. I love watching my clients improve themselves, overcome obstacles, and gain confidence in their day-to-day life.

My goal on Skillshare is help as many people as possible learn about social skills, productivity tweaks,... See full profile

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1. 1 Introduction: What's up, guys? My name is Shoma, and this course is going to teach those of you with small businesses how to advertise for free or for very cheap. Now a little bit about me. I run a videography business, and that means I meet a lot of small business owners pretty much all the time. I do their video marketing. I take corporate headshots. I'm basically a one man army with a camera, and over the years I've noticed that most small business owners have very similar consistent problems. It's usually the same issue just in a slightly different format, and they usually have very similar solutions as well. So after doing this for a little while, I'm getting questions day after day about how to do this or how to do that. I realized I could just make a simple course sharing all of my expertise, and that's what this is. So who's this course form? Well, it's primarily for three camps. The first is people that own a small service business, like health or wellness or on motive or legal. The second camp is for small product based businesses, whether their retail or online or brick and mortar or something else. So as long as you sell to a local market and the third camp that I made for this or people that currently are in the process of just discovering or trying to figure out whether or not running a small business would be a good idea for them. And they want to make sure that they have all of their ducks in a row before they pull the trigger. So if you're in one of those camps and you're looking for a cheap or a free weight, advertise your small business. Stay tuned. I've got some good stuff for you in the next few videos. 2. 2 The Purpose Of Your Small Business: What's up, guys is shoma and in this video we're gonna be talking about the purpose off your small business. So first, let's get this out of the way. What do you think is the purpose of your small business? This is a legitimate questions. I've worked with dozens of people. And the key differentiation between the successful advertisements and the unsuccessful advertisements is knowing the answer to this one very simple seeming question. So take a second and answer this question for yourself. Now, most of you probably said something along the lines of this. It's gonna help your family or improve the quality of your life or of your customers. It is going to sell the best gadget in the world or something similar to that. And all of those sound great. I mean, those are just top notch, excellent, very good answers. They definitely win you political debates. But in order for a successful small business advertising to work, we need to take a step back from most of these idealized versions off what your business is . And we need to work with some of the unfortunately cold hard numbers, the cold, hard reality, and I want to be very transferring with you about this. I'm not about what I'm about to say is not going to win any political debates. It's not going to sell your clients on why they should use their service. It's something that remains firmly in your head and never gets out. But if you can internalize this idea, you're going to be successful. Basically, no matter what ready. Here's the idea. The only purpose of your small business is to generate cold, hard cash. Let me say it one more time. The only purpose of your small business is to generate cold, hard cash. You want to generate as much of it as possible in as short of a time period mass possible, and you want to do everything in your power to set up a system that allows you to do that again and again and again and again and again. Why? Because cash is freedom. Cash lets you grow your influence and change. It lets you of all of your business, and it lets you help as many people as possible. And best of all, it keeps you open. Okay, so I want to drive this point home. If you can't generate cash. You're not a small business. You're unfortunately just a hobby. We're in the game of generating cash, and that's what the next few videos are all about. I will see you there. 3. 3 Free Facebook Strategies: first, most people, when they hear the words Facebook intuitively wins and say something like, Well, Facebook just doesn't work for my business and leave it at that and never think about it twice. But for small business advertising, Facebook is absolutely essential. I want you to think of Facebook marketing like a car. How far you go with it and how quickly you get to your destination depends mostly on these skills of the driver, not on the vehicle itself. Therefore, if you've tried Facebook in the past and it hasn't worked for you, I'm very sorry to break this to you. But it's more slightly that it was your fault, not Facebook's. So what's the best method? Simple local Facebook groups. Local Facebook groups are hands down the cheapest way to advertise many small businesses I know make their living off of this strategy, and you can, too, as long as your city has at least a few Facebook groups around, and this is going toe work best for clients in the neighborhoods of 200,000 plus or more to get started making money off of it. Let me give you an example. Let's pretend you're a doggy daycare in Vancouver BC, and that's my home city. I'll walk you through exactly what I do as a small business owner of Vancouver Dog Oh, daycare. And you can take this knowledge and apply it to your own business as you see fit. So number one, your first step is employed in the local phrasebook groups. Tachy is you need to find as many Facebook groups as humanly possible. That includes words like Vancouver and dog as you. As long as you can ask yourself what markets you're serving. Come up with a few key words and pump them into Facebook search. The second thing you're going to want to do is join each one of these groups. Some have moderators that need to improve your request. You're not going to get into all of them, but as long as you can get into five or six, you're good. The third thing you want to do is do not post immediately. Instead, read through the Last 50 post and familiarize yourself with the group culture and these style of posts of what actually do well. Every group is different. Some grooves love political posts. Others really like videos and some pages like images. Make sure you know which groups like which post before you take the next step. Step four is once you have an understanding of what works well in this group, right one or two paragraph posts that offer value to the people that are reading. For example, if your group is dogs in Vancouver, right opposed detail in the best ways to groom your dog for wet, rainy Vancouver weather. If you're in Arizona Cake Lovers group teach them how to store ice cream cakes so that it don't melt. Whatever it is, give them value, and an important note is to attempt to not do any sale. At this point, your goal is not to sell anything yet. Step five is toe wait 3 to 5 days, then create 8 to 10 more posts with a similar premise. Each that adds value to the group. They all need to be different can just copy and paste the same thing in each group. Because most most groups have a few of the same people in them. You're going to want to pose each and then wait 3 to 5 days and make sure you're apply to all of the comments. At this point, it's being over a month. You should now be a relatively established and somewhat authoritative figure in this community. Now it's time to start selling stuff. At this point, you're going to create another post that adds value same as your usual. Except this time, at the very end of the post, you're going to want to write something like PS thinking of starting a doggy daycare downtown Vancouver. What do you guys think? If you've done this correctly, you're going to get a ton of interest. Despite not being pushing whatsoever. You'll get comments and messages of people asking how they can help, and so on. From now on, you can advertise your doggie daycare. Don't spam obviously keep adding value? That is the key here to the group, but you can change from providing 100% value and 0% sales to maybe 80% value and 20% sales . Do this once per week, and you're basically have a targeted weekly blast to hundreds if not thousands, of people in your local area that are looking to buy your products, and this works like a charm. I know businessman that make tens of thousands of dollars per month. Just doing this, you can make posts about recent specials, discounts, blowout sales and so on. Over time, as people grow mawr and more accepting of you, you can increase the proportion of sales versus value. It, of course, it technically cost your time in communication and replying to your potential customers. But if you're starting and operating successful small business, this is something you want to do. Spending your time is a fact of life that's free Facebook strategy. Stay tuned for the paid one. 4. 4 Paid Facebook Strategies: What's up, guys? It's shoma and in this video work, talking about being neat way to generate business from Facebook for very cheap. In this case, most local businesses can do this, probably for around $200 per month. At the time of this writing, Keep in mind that this video was made during the Corona virus outbreak, so add cost per clicks are pretty low right now when you watch the thing, if things might be different, so similar to the free local business groups above Facebook ads have worked incredibly well for many businessmen, and the interesting thing is that most local businesses do not find the advantage of Facebook ads profitable. This is because local businesses, out of necessity, need to work off of a much smaller local market. So the style of Madame has a most people see in their news feed, then try to replicate doesn't usually work in, said. If you really want to run a successful Facebook ads campaign for local businesses, you need to get a little more creative. Now again, Facebook ads have their place, but to really take advantage of them, you do need to understand how Facebook targeting works. If you're a total newbie, I recommend you do not just pull the trigger After watching this video. Let this be a quick, explanatory intro into the possibility of ideas. But do your research after this. Most of you are probably way better off hiring a professional Facebook ads specialist to start. But keep in mind that that can cost some money. Facebook has a couple of special add variants. One is so called the offer ad. It's where you create a highly enticing offer, for example, just $200 for a one full week at Vancouver's Doggie Daycare. And then you can let people claim coupons for that offer. These types of ads work incredibly well for restaurants and some service based businesses, because Facebook will continually notify whoever has claimed your offer that it's going to expire, which lets this style of advertising have a very low cost for customer acquisition, and the second type is the lead generation at here. You can create another enticing offer, and Facebook will create a form inside of the news feed itself. It opens locally on your Facebook, meaning you don't need a website. You don't need a landing page. You can keep costs low once people open the page near prospect, and then they are required to fill some of their basic contact information, like email, address, name and phone number, and this signs them up for a discovery. Call on whatever your service is as a business owner. Your job is then to call or email them as quickly as possible and leverage their interest in a purchase. I highly recommend you do this as soon as possible. If you can call them within 30 seconds, call them within 30 seconds. That's exactly what we do at our video company, and it works great. Sometimes the prospect is a little shocked, but better than they're shocked by awesome customer service. Then forget about you. That's all for this video, guys. Hope it helped, and I will see you in the next one 5. 5 Free SEO Strategies: What's up, guys is shoma, and in this video we're talking about a neat way to generate business from Google for free . And it's way better than you're probably already thinking. As I'm sure you can imagine. Google can be one of your biggest friends when you're trying to market your business, and it can be one of your biggest enemies as well. This is called S E O search engine optimization, and people routinely pay thousands of dollars a month to S E O companies to rank them in the first page of any any given location. But there's actually a little known way you can do it for free yourself, with basically no knowledge at all about fancy technical stuff. It's called YouTube. Let's say you're a local tattoo shop. I love working with that two shops because the owners are usually supercool and their work is very visual. So this situation has come up a number of times in order to hotwire Google's algorithm and to rank on the first page, all you need to do is create a series of short videos that include the words like Tattoo Shop and the city you're trying to rank for in the same title. For example, if I'm in Vancouver Island, title my video something like beautiful artwork from a Vancouver based tattoo shop, then include as many variations off the words tattoo shop Vancouver In your description and meta tags. You two makes that riel simple. Both of these boxes pop up while you're uploading your video. What you're going to want to do is make four or five of these videos over the course of a couple months, and then over time, you'll find yourself slowly starting to rank Mawr and Mawr for local Google searches. Eventually, you'll find yourself at the very top of the search page, which is exactly where you want to be once you're in this section for searches like tattoo Shops, Vancouver, you're raking in dozens of extra enquiries per month, and the best part is it doesn't cost you a cent. It takes maybe 10 hours total. You can do this in literally one or two slow shop days, and it's a total game changer vessel for this video, guys and I will see you in the next one 6. 6 Free Google My Business Strategies: What's up, guys? It's shoma. And in this video we're talking about another way to generate business from Google and for free. Many of you probably know this, but some of you don't know it's called Google my business first, I am shocked at the number of local businesses that still haven't claimed they're Google. My business profile guys, Google by business is literally free advertising off the top of my head. I could off the top of my head. I could probably name dozens of businesses that make vast amounts of their money just from Google. My business alone and they've never spent a single cent on any of it. I'm not going to make this complicated. It's very simple to get your own Google my business up and running or to claim it. If you haven't done so already, do the following things Step one, Go to business toe google dot com From there, you're going to want to do Step two, which is type in the name of your business. Step three. If you're Google has already index it, your business will show up instantly. You simply need to click claim this listing. If it hasn't you Congar Oh, right ahead and create a list of and step for both of the last two steps will require very verification, either via phone calls or SMS. Once you receive the verification, enter it and Walla that's it. Now that you have your Google my business profile, you're going to want to fill out all of the information. You can just write as many words as possible in each box. Trust me, it's that simple. Try using natural keywords in your description as well. For example, and our dog Oh, daycare scenario. We'd use variations on the words Dog daycare in Vancouver as many times as possible, and the last thing to make sure of is you also link the website to the profile from maximum search engine optimization. Google. My business is incredibly intuitive. It will walk you through everything on the page itself. Just make sure that you guys claim and actually work on this for at least a few minutes. Over the course of 3 to 6 months, you'll start seeing your business pop up. Mawr and Maurin searches 7. 7 Paid Google Strategies: What's up, guys? It's shoma. And in this video we're going to be talking about how to advertise with Google ads for cheap. It's not free. It's actually the most expensive things I've talked about so far, with a minimum of $400 per month. But it's a solid, time tested advertising method for local businesses. Now, if you've never run Google ads before, I don't recommend doing it by yourself. I recommend paying a professional to start learning little by little. As time goes on, most companies will charge you both 30 to 50% of whatever your budget ISS. So if you can start off with a budget of maybe $1000 not saying you should or you will just an example. Now you'll be paying around $1300. Think of it this way. Since you'll be spending money on Google ads anyways, you might as well squeeze as much juice out of every single dollar as possible. If you have $1000 a month advertising spend and you do it yourself, that's all you'll ever spend on Google ads. Awesome. But if you don't know what you're doing, you'll likely won't get very far Google ads is one of those things where a little knowledge goes a long way. So by managing it yourself, your $1000 might only generate you 1000 and $100 a month and revenue and will take a big chunk of your time. Instead. If you have $1000 a month advertising spent and you hire someone, that person can manage it for both $300 you're effectively paying $1300 a month. But let's say that your 1300 a month now generates 3900 which is a relatively average feet for most industries using Google ads. In this situation, you're now when from 1.1 times a return on investment to over three times the R O. Basically, if you do it yourself, you're probably going to be closer to spending a dollar and your time to make $1.1. If you pay someone else to do that work to start off, it will be much more likely that you'll be spending $1 to make three. Now many of you are probably asking why I mentioned foreign dollars minimum above, and there's a simple answer the unfortunate thing about Google ads, and that Google will never tell you is that small business budgets will almost never work. You need to be spending enough money for your advertisement campaign to collect enough data to make decisions off. Everything is a I and machine learning nowadays, and they're still not smart enough to make a perfect ad campaign every time. Instead, as campaigns are most never profitable right off the bat, they require a diligent optimization and testing to achieve profitability. And that includes swapping headlines, changing demographics and building custom landing pages for each of the audiences. This takes time and eight takes data, and you're not going to get either with $350.2 weeks of testing. So if you want to get started with Google ads, I highly highly recommend hiring outside help, at least for the first couple of months. If you're 100% convinced that you condone it better on your own awesome. I wish you the best of luck because this isn't, of course, on Google ads. I'm not going to teach you how to get that up on running from start to finish, but I will tell you that you're going to want to hyper target your local, stay within 3 to 5 miles of your location to start and focus on Barad Match modifier Keywords. I've included a link in the description that describes both recommendations in detail. If you want to get started and that is it for this course guys, if you liked it, check out my other ones. I have plenty on my page. All of them are high quality. Thank you so much for watching once again. I am Shoma Martin. And I wish you the best of luck. Go l there follow your dreams and build your business. Thank you.