How to Advance your Modern Calligraphy Skill! | Nicki Traikos | Skillshare

How to Advance your Modern Calligraphy Skill!

Nicki Traikos, Letterer, Watercolorist & Instructor

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8 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Welcome to Advance your Modern Calligraphy Skills

    • 2. About the nibs, pen and ink

    • 3. Learn a new modern calligraphy lower case alphabet

    • 4. How to vary your letters and create bounce

    • 5. Using Guache & the alphabet

    • 6. Oblique pen and watercolor

    • 7. Fun project

    • 8. Closing

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About This Class



So you've taken an interest in learning Modern Calligraphy and have done a beginner class, or two?  Now what?!

This advanced modern calligraphy class has been designed to help you grow your modern calligraphy practice, help you develop personality and style with your calligraphy lettering and inspire you to keep exploring calligraphy!   Be inspired with ways to incorporate it into your daily life or add it to your creative skill and grow a potential income from it!

What you can expect to learn in this class;

  • Learn how to join letters to form words
  • Learn how to create bouncy, letters to really grow your personal style
  • Learn how to use guache or acrylic inks on cotton card stock paper
  • Be inspired with how I use Modern Calligraphy in my design work

Use the free tracing sheets to help build your muscle memory and get a better grasp of how to add personality to letters.

Enjoy a simple class project! Write your name, a word or a short quote in your new stylized modern calligraphy letters!

I hope you enjoy this class with me!

Please note:  If you are new to Modern Calligraphy, please watch this class first!