How to Add an SSL Certificate to WordPress | Jill Anderson | Skillshare

How to Add an SSL Certificate to WordPress

Jill Anderson, I make WordPress websites for creatives

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7 Videos (14m)
    • Introduction

    • What is SSL?

    • How to Get an SSL Certificate

    • How to Install an SSL Certificate with SiteGround

    • How to Install an SSL Certificate with Bluehost

    • Additional Services to Update

    • Final Thoughts About SSL + WordPress


About This Class

You want your website to make a great first impression and be viewed as safe and secure, right? Then it’s imperative to get an SSL certificate for your website. If not, visitors to your site may see a security warning at the top of the screen. In this class, you’ll learn what is SSL, how to obtain an SSL certificate, and how to install an SSL certificate on your WordPress site with demos for SiteGround and Bluehost web hosts. You’ll also learn how to update additional services such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console with your new https website address. Students of this class should have a basic familiarity with WordPress.

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Jill Anderson

I make WordPress websites for creatives

Hi, I'm Jill Anderson, a web designer/developer who partners with talented designers, writers, and creatives to craft custom, responsive WordPress websites. Have you wanted to revamp your website for a while but haven't gotten very far? Get my FREE interactive guide, Get Your Website Done, and check your website off your list with 12 actionable steps.

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