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How to Add a Distressed Texture in Adobe Illustrator

teacher avatar Jestoni Esteban, Graphic Designer • Online Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Overview

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Creating texture

    • 4. Applying distressed texture

    • 5. Changing texture color

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Jestoni Esteban

Graphic Designer • Online Instructor


Hi. My name is Jestoni. I'm a graphic designer and online instructor. I've been in the designing industry for seven years.

I make a living by doing graphic designs on the internet and love to communicate with different clients around the globe. I also love to teach and share my knowledge and experience to everybody. Here in Skillshare, I make project-based design classes, meaning you will learn a lot in a single class and able to create your own design after taking it.

With great knowledge and a wide range of experience, I am now equipped with talent and unique style in design that I love to share with my students and aspiring designers.

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1. Overview: Hello and thank you for taking out this class. My name is in just Tony. I'm a freelance graphic designer, and I publish weekly tutorials here on skin share. So be sure to follow me. Make clicking this button to receive or some graphic design classes in this class. You're going to learn how to add a distressed or a Grinch effect. They are the same in Adobe Illustrator. Let me show you step by step on now to create a factor texture from scratch to add to your design. If you want to create her own vector texture and make your insane look more awesome, this is a perfect last for you. If you want to improve your designing skills, see you in the next video. 2. Introduction: hello and welcome. My name's Yes, Tony. And first of all, thank you for checking out this class. And before we start our designing or adding a Grinch effect or distress effect on our design on, let me show you some of the things that we need to create this kind of affect. All right, so it's against the light year. I have a design, and this design is, let's say, for a teacher design, you know, and, uh, it doesn't look, doesn't have that kind of punch, you know, for a but as design, think your design. So we'll do something about it and then calculate it takes your in case you don't have any baggage right now for buying some premium stuff like text your and also right here I use a yeah free only free typefaces that I, uh, grab from on the phone that Thomas is going Cocoa Goose. I saw you can download it. And also, it's a lemon milk. Ah, using lemon mint for this tax or again, Nevada. And I think also this one. If you don't have any design right now, you can download the free file that I uploaded 90 year just simple badges. Our logo that you can play with. Just if you want to follow along, you know? And then on these this right side you can see or the typefaces. Some of them are free. Some of them are. I think you need to buy some premium. Thank for sample this urban area. Yes. You see it right here. And you need to pay at least like that. I said yes, but I guess most of them are frequent completely free that you can Don't know either on the phone that come or ah, fun squeal. All right. And then for our thanks to our you know, creating texture in adobe illustrator is actually very easy. You know, you need this in case he went toe. You know, at some No, I said style to your design for logo or for teacher designer for anything, you know. And, uh, second, See, it's really flat right now, this kind of design and I doesn't look no bad. That's or something like that. So we really create our own thinks tour, and then, um, you can go to Google and then just type one Thanks your and you would see different. Complete, uh, well, right here and then just grab and image. And then, Tracy, I'm gonna show you that I create that this design, all right? Later, in the other video. And also, we're gonna make our This will be our project. And I want to get the father along with me. So I uploaded the design. You can just see grab some. Any designer right here? Yes. Don't know. Despite its only a couple of em. Be so you can grab some and then, you know, follow along with me toe. Create a distress or branch effect in your design. So the soil for the introduction and I hope to see you in another video. 3. Creating texture: Hello. And welcome back in this video, I'm gonna show you how you can create your own texture using an image or, ah, PNG or any, uh, picture that you have either on your phone or in your digital camera camera. All right, Now, this or the textures that I created a while ago and what I did that it's actually I e and goto Google and then just grabs him. Uh, thanks. You're right here. You can get some right here, for example, this one Just save this file, and then I already have it right here. Some of the Congress wall takes your that I saved. Or if you want to use for, ah, you know, commission use, you can goto accepting that. Come right here. The images are completely free, even for ah, not only for commercial, not only for personal, but also for commercial use. All right, bring some point. Some of these. Uh so that's good. Right there. He's the one. Oh, you have to do is get So I signed up, sign up and then just don't know the image that are. You want. All right. For example, idea. I will be using this one. And, uh, you can open your but the administrator and then ah, do it right here. So, for example, I'm gonna All I have to do is just drugs, file this image a peg and put it right here. And Dana. And then we can image trace idea residency on this option. Yes, image trees. And it's rendering idea, right? And it's easy, actually. Now we can open our image tree spanning. We can click right here, or we can go toe window and then ah, in the trace. I'm there. Now you open it. And then usually I use the default. And then for the view tracing result I don't do anything. Advance right here. But the for the steaks tour, I usually select for the black and white, all right? And then for the threshold. If I, uh, make it less Ethier. And you said it's like a mere home, everything right? So just maintain, at least in the middle of this is like there and then. And if he moving to the right side to add more, we would see that more darker. So, like I said, yes. Make it that Listen. The a middle close immediately. And, uh, your computer might, uh, it's low a little bit because of your memory, but it's okay. You can take your time and then the advance area on my section. You can. It's against your idea re of a 2300 14 butts. That's a lot. That's not right. So we can do. It's just that my Yeah, no varying the path I'm here and then on the noise does a little dust. We can show me the right here. Indiana CNC my reducing the noise. All right. And then we know we don't need the white area. So let's click on the ignore white on the bottom part of the image Trace panel. Click on the in your wife and it's a gun. All right. We can, actually, I can actually put it right here, and we can see it right now because it's block. But the lesson one, we can expand this really going expand. And right there? No. So we can see it. We can change the course of the white double click on this color picker, and this is quite in there. Now, let's see. All right. This you can see right then, right? That's basically how we can create our texture at me. Make another McDonough so we can see our thanks to our and make it. I know it may pilot right here, so I just planet and there are black. And then I'm gonna send it to Buck so we can see our thanks to our all right and data. Now, you can actually put it right there. But I will show you one more time. We can create another one at me. Scaled this down. Okay, one more time. Doesn't get another. Thanks. Your for example. I'm gonna Mr like this one up. Anything on the administrator image Trace and made for it while it's rendering. Right there. No. Up in that were image three spanning. It's ah, I know. City fresh would Yes, that's Ah, too much thing. That's ah, enough with me. And then for the advance sexually parts we can know where down. All right. And then the noise Let me add some dust. Our thanks. Sure. All right, let's see. Weakens Don't mean And, uh, what, you can see that there is the, like, 1000 off small bits off Victor. All of them are in Victor already. Since we expanded the me Continue right here. Let's in their white. So we can remove those white part off our, um, thanks to her. And right there, and then let's expand to make them. Yeah, Victor, One of them is Ah, we have, like, 1000 off. But right there and then distinction of gold or door wide. Who begins it? I data. No. It's ready to use our texture. Now you can. Ah, and that your design. All right. So again, you can grab some image from fixedly. That one on the concrete. Thanks. You're Or if you like, you can use a break thanks to her, something like this. And if one looks great, all right, I actually have that one on my, uh, set up. Thanks. Your idea. Okay. And then I next video we're gonna sign, or we gonna add a distressed look or a Grinch. Look on our design. All right? So, again, you can download the free file so you can follow along with me. All right, so that's all for this video and see you in the next one. 4. Applying distressed texture: Hello and welcome to the final video of this class. And in this video, I'm gonna show you how you can make your design that look distress and how to add a texture for your design that matter if you are using for ah logo or for t shirt design. Um, having a adding a text. Your toy design. It's always a good idea, all right. And, uh, for our design right now And you can see it doesn't look, you know, really cool, especially if we have this kind of skull right there. It doesn't look, uh, some bad that's designed for me. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna open my being despondent. And if you remember the class about easy type where I used the appearance panel and I'm just the same thing that that we were going to do right here, Okay. And, uh, if European expand and it's not open yet, you can goto window and then they can't begin. Ah, idea. It's being responding right now. Select your design again. If you don't have any design right now, you can grab some saying right here and then open it in Adobe Illustrator or Okay, so now we have a CNC Right now we have a feel, and then we have a stroke. All right. It's our compound path right now is it means that it's only one object. But if I double click it, I can go inside of that group or compound paths, and then I can select individuals group. All right, And then let me do publicly outside so we can go outside of that design. Now it's like this. First, make sure that Ah, before applying any effects are stroke. Make sure you select your design and then go to European respondent. Look for the, uh uh on the attributes that you have on European respondent. Right now, we have only one field and then with the no stroke right now, let's add a another stroke click on this. Add new feel on the bottom of the appearance standing right there, and it will go on top of the, uh um, the first thing that we have. But let's select the one on the bottom part. I just think of this appearance panel. Isla layers stop in the adobe. Fourth shot. If you are familiar with the adult before ship you know, it's like you're working on a layer, right? So almost the same thing right here. Okay, So I'm gonna stay like this one. It's called over. And, uh, and make it on. Ah, we can actually change the polar a bit darker. I mean, data. All right. And then what? I'm gonna do thing going toe effect Goto distort and transform Ruffin. Okay, Now you will have this window right here. Click on preview so we can see what's going to happen and right there. And it's not It's not looking. Ah, pleasant. Right here. Okay, so on our size, I'm gonna put it into a least this one. 1%. We can play with the abs, absolute or relative. I mean, just need a relative for now. Ah, of course it's inevitable. We show you later and then for the detail. We can move more at more, but I guess it's too much. I will just be at least 5 to 7 and then make it this month. All right? Okay. And then you can click on OK, and then they can see what we have right there. All right. I think that's on this matter with me comforted a clean one right there that we have Begin a maturity, select the design first, and then click on this eyeball to hide the field dollar and then click again to see the changes. That's I think that's matter, You know, for me, that's bad at all. Competitive. Another one. That's a looks. Ah, bring a clean cut. You know, you can actually change the golder for this. If you endo, we can. I think I used knees. This collar. Yeah. All right. Now we have the thing. Commoner. All right. Same color. Okay, now it's also in in only one. It's only one object. OK, so anyone object, we can pile up as many feels many strokes and still a one object. That's the beauty off. Working on a on an appearance panel in adobe in straight or okay. And then how about this at a He thinks you know. So we have a takes the right here. I hope you follow alone with me with me in the other video where I showed you how to create a next door. And now you can create this money as you want. Okay. So I guess I'm gonna use this one. So I'm gonna go to edit copy, all right? And then go to make design makes you and selected up in your transparency panels right here . Now, make sure you select your design. Click on make mask, and it's like your design disappeared. Right? But don't worry. You can click on clip right here and check that, and it will come back again and then click on this white part. Yes. Click on that. And I remember be copy the text. Or right now, we can just Ah, basic. Right here. Make sure you select this white part. Noto edit based. Okay. Now we can, uh, cover up our design. All right. And now toe appear on our design. Make sure you change the color dough block. All right. Now, on European respondent on your transparency Finally, I mean, yes, click on this, your design toe. Go outside of that transparency. And I didn't All right. And that's how easy you can create your saying look like a, uh, on distress look or a grinch adding a financial effect. And I don't have to worry about the excess part and there Unless you want toe on you know manually. And you know, you want to see those guy No far excess part right there. No other no beats. You know, that's a no good. Although, of course, you can do that if you prefer. I think those thanks. You're outside of the thanks in your design, but the basically that's how I I, uh, had a fix your for these, you know, And then you can add it. Just click on this white, but again, on our transparency. And then you can scale up, skin it up the next door. All right, the more you scale it up in the bitch and the texture, we become bigger as well. Okay, there's some an it's that we can see because of the the, uh and thanks to our But I say, OK, you shouldn't have been going insane. All right? My gay. You know, we can add more goto appearance panel, begin and say at another, uh, feel styling, and I'm gonna put it down below. If our another feel right here, make sure you select this go to effect, and then you can go toe distort and transform in this form you can preview and then we can adjust the make it look like a three D. Same thing that we did on our another project on the east thanks to her. All right, At least five on the horizontal and then vertical 66 pixels. Click on. OK, I'm gonna change the color for this. Make it like a and darker go there a modeling That. All right, Right there. Okay. And then we can take the takes because it's I we can't carry them, you know? But I get the idea right. You get the idea off adding a texture for your design instead of just plain looking, you know, designed that you have It's better that you spent a conflict minutes, you know, kicking off your design. I think it's better if it's lighter. I guess at me it may make it lighter color instead of a darker one se one more time. It's me darker now, right there. I mean, right now. But I think you know what? I'm gonna remove the another effect that we have right here. I think that's matter, and then I'm gonna do is I'm gonna create a feel duplicate this. No, not the duplicate. Yes. Click on an ad at another field, and you can see right here and up anything. I'm gonna put it down on below on the layer stock, my dear. And then we cannot they, uh But we can go towpath upset bath. They can preview and then at me, uh, and the couple off think says, I guess two pixels seems fine. It around like a gnocchi right there. Okay. And then you can goto effects again. Affects, distort and transform. Transform. It's moving down. Ah, a couple of pixels in horizontal. It said, at least do. And then on the vertical. Yes. When? Yes, one pixel. And then click on. OK, right there. And then this changed the color toe. Something white thinking these no distinction that something whether it committed orange there. All right, that's better. All right. And of course, you can, uh, tweak on the elements on your design And, uh, by, uh, doing some off the and testing of the letters to make it more readable. All right, so that's all for this video. And I hope you learned something and that if you have any questions or any, uh um yes. Turn. You can post on the discussion of board discussion of this class, and I will answer it within 24 hours. All right, so the so for this video and see you in another one. 5. Changing texture color: Welcome back in this video, I'm gonna show you how you can change the corner of your branch texture and also how toe a texture in another way. All right. First, let's start with this open of your design. Let's say you don't want this kind off color of texture and your take serious is the same with your background. So if you change your background, Golder, the crunch texture mean change as well. So, for example, I'm gonna make it in a cooler blue right here, and I do. And the idea you see, it changed, right? You seem to thanks to her, okay. I doesn't go the background with me changing. That's to say in dark green. All right. And then it changed. Okay. And what if if you want door, I want a different color, you know, not the same colder as your background window. We can add another a text. You're on other way. How to add the text? Your is actually be making a sleeping muss. What I what I showed you is the use off transparency, right? This time I'm gonna show you how to use a clipping mass. For example, we have a design right here. It's copy a, uh, take store. I mean, used this one not ready. And, God be now on our fight, we can goto 80 and based. Okay, now we can make it. Uh, we can scale it up. Don't go over a power design and then on our Afghanistan and make sure let's duplicate first, the design that we have in here. This one. Okay, so select that control. See? And then control f All right, now what is disconnected? You need to send it to the front of the layer stock. All right, so we can go toe object. Arrange Bring the front or shift control glows. Breath it right. And this you can see it covers up. It covers up the ah, take store. Okay, Now I can position the text your right here. And then when I have to do is just like all the elements of my design off many design right here. And then go to object clipping mask and then make or press control seven. Or command seven, if you're using Mark. Okay. So I'm gonna click on this one. Yes, I guess. And I did. You see, we have a different taste. Or now, while ago, it was actually the same corner. So our background but in using another way, we can use different color off our text. Your and of course, we can change in that again. Yes. Ah, double click so we can talk. We can go inside of that clip group saying this texture, I don't actually white. We can I can open my fly just right here and then feel like a blood cooler by one tona saying then double click. Ah, not not to secure Elemental, right? This double click right here in the night dinner. Okay, so that's basically how you change the called off the texture. And, um yeah, so also the same thing with the with the background in case you want. Oh, so it just makes me Anyhow, I changed in the cooler. So that's all for this video and see you in another one.