How to Add A Training Component To Your Business - Part #001 | Charles Harper | Skillshare

How to Add A Training Component To Your Business - Part #001

Charles Harper, Teach More to Reach More

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3 Videos (22m)
    • 0001 Introduction and The Functional Definition of Training(2)

    • 0002 What Kind of Busnesss Can Create Training(2)

    • 0003 What Subjects Should You Include In Your Training(2)


About This Class

In this session, we are introducing the concept of adding a component of training to your promotional efforts.  While this is primarily an engagement strategy, you'll be able to attract new prospects, customers and clients when you begin to conduct training on a regular basis. 

We are covering three high level concepts in this course

1.) How To Define Training as a Business
2.) What Kind of Business Can Add A Training Component
3.) How to Choose the Subjects for Training

This is an excellent way for solo business owners to meet their clients on a more professional level.  And although blogs and podcasts can be used for training, a specific session or webinar showing people "how to" is the focus on this course.

This is the first of many session on the subject.





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Charles Harper

Teach More to Reach More

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