How to Accept Payments via Credit or Debit cards on your ECommerce Website: Stripe Payment Gateway | Arun Nagarathanam ⭐ | Skillshare

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How to Accept Payments via Credit or Debit cards on your ECommerce Website: Stripe Payment Gateway

teacher avatar Arun Nagarathanam ⭐, SEO | Video Editor | Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction to Stripe Payment Gateway

    • 2. Install Stripe Payment Gateway on your ECommerce Website

    • 3. Create Stripe account

    • 4. Test Transaction with Credit or Debit Card

    • 5. Test Transaction with Fraudulent Cards

    • 6. Easy Automatic Refunds on your ECommerce website with Stripe

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About This Class

Stripe Payment gateway: Accept Payments via Credit / Debit cards on your ECommerce Website

This is the best alternative to PayPal payment gateway. Your customers can straight away pay using Credit cards, debit cards without any registration. 

  • No setup fees
  • No Hidden fees
  • No monthly fees

You just need to share 2% of the order cost with Stripe gateway. So this is a perfect fit for ECommerce website owners who had just started up their online business.

Stripe doesn't degrade the look of your website, instead it just add a shiny overlay payment gateway form as you look in the image. 

It's supported in all devices, from Mobile, Tablets to Desktop PCs


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Arun Nagarathanam ⭐

SEO | Video Editor | Designer


Arun Nagarathanam is a top online instructor, who has got expertise in various fields and software such as search engine optimization, WordPress web development, digital graphic design & animation. He teaches online courses to over 200,000 students across 190 countries around the world. His SEO, web development courses have received high admiration for the comprehensive tutorials and practical approach with lots of hands on examples.

He is an Electrical & Electronics Engineer, Computer expert, Blogger, Skillshare, Udemy Instructor and a budding Chartered Accountant from India. His teaching style is, breaking-down complex concepts through simple examples and animations.

That's why, his students call him a VERSATILE teacher!

You may follow me at instagram to get ... See full profile

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1. Introduction to Stripe Payment Gateway: In this lecture, we are going to see an introduction toe stripe payment gateway and also the plug in which we're going to use in our e commerce. WordPress website stripe is on off the best alternative payment gateway to PayPal. You can accept payments. We are credit card on David court from your customers. And then those amount which you receive from your customers will be sent back to your bank account. But the difference between stripe and paper listed the time taken for the bank transfer will be a little longer compared to people, but also the pricing is a little different. We have always seen about these pricing details in the previous lectures, but let me read, Read that you don't need to pay any monthly fees or any hidden fees. You just need to pay 2.9% off the sales and also fix it charge off. That is sense. If you want to make refunds to your customer, then you have got no refund costs to when your business starts to make more than $80,000 a month. You can get at discounts in this charges. For that, you need to get in touch with stripe Damon get re. So let's see a preview off stripe tickle. When the user enters their email on critic or details, they'll be cost toe. Enter their mobile number on, then they can pay right away. So this is how the payment walks. Using stripe payment. Gateway. You're seeing a live preview off how the payment walks. Unlike people, which takes a visitor away from your website to get the payment done, stripe check coat is off ember That form, which means your customers will not be taken every from your website. Instead, they will stay on your website. But this cry payment form will appear like a pop up or like overly so the how feel off They are being in your website, but their credit card details and other details or security transmitted toe stripes payment Gateway. This check out form is available in English, French, Spanish, Dutch and some other languages. You can accept any form of payment, suggest credit card, debit card or even Bitcoin. Customers can make one top mobile payments. Stripes chuckled. Let's your customers see their details, which they can connect to an email address and a phone number and they can pay with a single top. The payment will be sick, killed by one time password. Central Smmes. We are going to use the official scribe Blufgan, which who teams provinces when you enter in tow. Teams dot com You can find stripe under local most extensions, which you can download for $0.0 which means it's free. You can use it for as many websites as you like. You just need to create an accounting oh teams. Then, at this to court. I don't know the plug in On Added to your website Once added to court. Click. Check out now. If you haven't created an account creator now, if you already have one, then play. Click here to log in. Enter your user name and password, then logging on. Then click poaches me How successfully made the purchase. You can download the plug in by clicking the download button on the right section off the page. If you click the dollar Britain on the left section, you will download one lee the PdF invoice, so make sure you click this button in the next lecture. Let's install on active it the stripe payment Gateway plugging 2. Install Stripe Payment Gateway on your ECommerce Website: in this lecture, we're going toe. Install the plug in which we have downloaded in the previous lecture that is Striped came and get me Goto plug ins on Select our new Then click upload, plugging. Click choose five, then grows to the don't loaded location off the stripe payment gateway, plug in juicy and then click open Now click Install. No button. Once installed, please activate Blufgan. The update this plugging automatically. We need toe install both teams update or plug in. Click on this link, which will automatically install Oh, teams of better now click. Activate Blufgan. This oh teams a better or so teams helper not only updates the plug in speech we have downloaded from both teams. It will also update all the teams that you have downloaded from both teams. Once you have activated this oh, teams helper plugging goto dashboard and select. Oh, teams helper toe Automatically update each product. You need toe. Insult the license key off these products to get the license key off Oklahoma stripe payment. Gateway, go to this chick or page and click for subscription key. When you click this subscription key, it will take you to my subscription stop off your profile where you can find the key for all the products that you have bought from you teams that you can copy on pace in o teams Helper. Once you how basted the license key, click, Activate product or activate products. You will get the licence expiry date, which will renew automatically, which you can see in this auto renew section off my subscription stop in oh teams. Now let's see where you can find this stripe payment. Gateway in your E comas back in Goto Oklahoma's on select settings. Then when you come to Chico Tab, you will find stripe payment gateway here to enable strike. You need to check this check box. But not only that, you need to configure several other fields to make the stripe payment. Gateway works perfect, which we are going to see in the next lecture. 3. Create Stripe account: in this lecture, we are going to learn how to enable stripe payment. Gateway in oak Almost sittings to enable stripe payment Gateway You need secret key on publishable key, which you can get from striped dot com on. For that, you need to create an account in stripes, so first come toe you comus settings jiggled and then stripe. Then click enable stripe on given title on description, which your users or customers will see when they make their payment using stripe payment. Gateway like PayPal Payment Gateway. We are going to test it before implementing it in our final website, so keep the test more enabled on for the test Moto work. We need test secret key on test publishable Keep which we can get from striped dot com. Go to scribe dot com on click signing You will be taken to the log in page. If you have already an account in stripe, then you can straightaway log in into strive. Dashboard else clicked. Sign up now you need toe. Enter an email on Bosworth twice to create your stripe account. Once you have entered the email and password, click great. Your stripe account strike will display you a welcome message. You can see one by one off the guides which stripe Roy do to get you started are you can straightaway goto the dashboard. This is a dashboard where you can see the grass volume off sales customers created successful charges, etc. Tro By default, your stripe account will be in test mode to verify that the best symbol or logo will be displayed. Fear Now you need to take the test secret key and test publishable key. Right. To get those keys you need to go toe manage lord striped dot com slash s account slash ap a kiss Once you entered that Ural, you will be taken to the a p a key speech where you can get the taste on life Secret key or publishable key. You need to copy and paste all of these four keys into your oak Almost striped. Get me sittings. Let's copy and paste one by one. We have successfully copied the secret key and publishable key off. Both live as well US test AP a Keys Capture charge immediately. This chick box says whether or not toe immediately capture the charge or price. If you uncheck this chick books. Then the charge is use an authorization on. It will need to be captured later. The charges which are uncap Chode, will expire in seven days. Let's deal with this scribe Jekyll option later. Come, Toby. Going currency. If you want toe accept payments were Bitcoin currency then you can enable it. If you're not our off Bitcoin, then leave this check box disabled. Here comes striped tickled image in the chick or page. If you want to display the logo off your website, then you can optionally base the Ural off the logo image here, the last option is saved. Gods. If you enable this check box users will be able to pay with a saved court during chuckle. Don't worry. Those core details which are saved will be stored on stripes overs on, not on yours. So you don't need to worry about those security concerns. Now click Save changes. In the next lecture, you will learn the preview or this transactions off stripe payment. Get me 4. Test Transaction with Credit or Debit Card: in this lecture, you're going to see a test transaction that we are going to do with stripe payment. Gateway I have already made want this transaction conformed that this payment set of walks on this is how strike dashboard abused. After the test transaction is done, I have done the transaction for $75.5. This box represents the number of customers created the successful charges. You can see the customer details by going into this customers under gender section. If you click on this, then the details off the transaction will be displayed to you. The first order that is number 378 is the test transaction I have made already. But also you can see that the payment is made. We are credit card on the gateway is strike. So let's make another test transaction in front off you. Let's make approaches for Apple iPhone six is plus. Let me choose Rose Gold color on 64 GB storage space. The final Ammon comes $2.699 I'm gonna click at court Burton Happy life on Success Plus ro school has been added to the car. I'm clicking tickle. I have got a 10 person coupon. So let me enter it here. 10% golf dollars. 700. He's door 70. So after adding the flat rate off dollar, 1.5 comes to Nora 6 30.60 I have already paid using this credit card. So after two sinker it court stripe, I can use the previously saved court. But let's use a new credit card. This is a test transaction under how enabled this morning stripe payment. Get away. See, I have enabled the test more if I disabled this test more. My scribe payment Gateway will not walk. Do you know why? Because I haven't installed as a cell certificate in this silver The use stripe payment gateway in your live website. The steps used to do is disabled distressed more check box on, then go. To check out options on enable forced, secure tickle. To enable this checkbooks, you need an SSL certificate which you can Oscar hosting provider toe Install it for you. So let's continue with the test transaction. This is a testing instruction document from stripe where there are multiple number off credit cards given only these credit cards will work on this trance sections. You cannot enter a random please God on make payments. There are several credit cards such as Visa. We saw the big court monster Monster, the bit called American Express Discover in Central. Also, there are multiple other credit cards, which you can use to stay. Some specific scenarios, such as protest at declined court, are incorrect. CVC Court or an expert gold. It's central. So let's use MasterCard debit card this time. In this test document, only the number off the debit or credit card will be provided. You need to use a random expiry, but a valid one. The days a date next to Karen Date on. You can use a random CVC court Now click place order. The order is successfully placed on the payment method. Ease, credit, God stripe. So I have used most of your debit card. The information that is sewn under payment method is credit card stripe, so you should know that thing. Now Let's go to our stripe. Dash boat on chick. Mother, we have got the payment. We have received our payment. You can see it here. This is the first same or this transaction that they have done earlier on disease. The transaction that they have done? No. And you can see that the customers created still stands only one. Because both these purchases I have made using the same customer name, let's go toe payments. You can see that the most record icon is displayed here for dollars 60 you get a feast off dollar 18 point Fine. This is stripe browsing fee for new e commerce owners this times. Good, because you don't need to pay any monthly upfront fees. You're just how toe pay some portion off your sales revenue only when the sale goes. Also, you can see that the CBC check street check Zukor chick are all post by this master card debit card. One thing you can confirm here that the payment method, which is displayed under who comus orders is Sonus credit card stripes. But under the payment details off striped dashboard, you can see that the type ass most accord debit card. So you can confirm what is the modoff payment in stripe dashboard for any reason? If you believe this as a fraudulent payment, then you can report this as a fraudulent payment by clicking on this link to stripe. In the next lecture, let's make another this transaction with incorrect CVC code and also by enabling the pop up or embed more off stripe payment Gateway. 5. Test Transaction with Fraudulent Cards: in this lecture, we're going to see the test transaction toe were going toe enable the embed mode off stripe payment gateway. And also we are going to use a credit card whose C V C chord is gonna be declined so fast. Goto who comus and then sittings. Then come to Chico Top on juice, stripe them and get me come down on enable striped jiggle and then click Save changes. I have opened HTC one M nine plus smartphone. We are going toe. Add this smartphone to court. Now let's move to check out as useful I'm going toe. Apply the 10% off coupon code Open Court applied successfully. So let's Moto describe him and get me. Let me click. Use a new credit card instead off the saved previous credit cards because we are going to use a credit card whose C. V C code is going to be declined. Click. Continue to payment. Do you remember that we have enabled stripe jiggled. If this check box is enabled, then a pop up will appear in slough. Your directly entering the credit card details in the form that appears Barrack Lee on the page. So have the credit card number. Let's moto this testing document from stripe on. Let's choose this number because this corresponds to the incorrect CVC court. This means what will see physical that you enter for this test credit card. Then you will get an incorrect CVC court error. Please be. See this displace incorrect se v c chord because the red outline is around the CBC court box. Now let's use this credit card number because this would display expert cord. See this car soul walks. So let's choose another court. It should display processing error court. An error occurred while processing your car cry again in a little bit. This is a message I have got here. So what this issues you is that when a person enters off Roland Cord for a decline cord or God with expired date are invalid series record. He cannot pay you with that. Let's Jake, the client caught, too. This court waas declined, so let's try another one. See, this is a court which also is the initial processing, but it's declined when checking in the back and by stripe payment. Gateway that is declined court under fraudulent reason. Let's use another court off international payment, that is, the currency will be different. So after using one stripe token, you cannot use the same one again. So let's refresh this tickle page. The coupon has been applied already. Now select Use Nuclear accord on click Place order. This court corresponds to the international chord with different currency. The payment has been made success free, So let's goto our stride dashboard on deficit. Our total sales or revenue has increased. Let's go toe payments. This is the court which has got the successful processing but declined afterwards. This is the recent transaction, then using the international currency court. If you want, you can taste with other card numbers to taste. Address line check. Others object at Central. You can even taste with American Express or Discover cards, too. But for this cry payment gateway, let me complete the lectures with this Me. How created the stripe? A cone. First, we have installed the plugging unconfident ID, and also we have made to test transactions to test various credit cards that are given under the stripe testing document. As a final note, let me remember you. If you want to accept the Bitcoin payments, then you need to enable Bitcoin currency, and also you can insert a logo, our image on striped tickled page or the pop up. Once you go live, you need to disable this test more on. You can leave these tests secret key and test publishable key. But also remember to enable force a Cecil option under the default check old tab that is here, which will enable history beers on the cheek or pages for this you need to install on SSL certificate. 6. Easy Automatic Refunds on your ECommerce website with Stripe: In this lecture, you will learn how to make a refund off the order received through scribe payment. Gateway. I have already made a refund for one auto that I have made in the test transaction to, but still the total volume off sales doesn't change even after the refund, so you cannot get any details about the refund in striped Dashboard. Instead, you need to go to the payments under transaction. Here, you can see the status off. All the four transactions that are done in strike came and get away. The 1st 2 were successful in 3rd 1 most blocked, which you can see in the test transaction toe on the latest one that I have made Waas refunded upon the refund that I have made. So let's see the details The Ammon paid by the customer is 5 $85.60 where us I have partially refunded 5 84.10 which is the man will amount I how entered for the fees for refund comes $2.34.1 lee, which is a feast that you should pay for every refund for stripe payment. Gateway, since I how refunded partially, the status is mentioned as poor, silly refunded on the description is generated automatically as order 3 80 which you can see here. That is the number 3/80 order. You can also see the name credit card number on other details off this transaction. To make you clear off how this refund walks, let me make another refund off a prayer transaction. These three transactions are done using stripe payment. Get re. So let's refund this 3 78 order made for dollars 75.5. The refund and order. Click on the order number. Then you have got two options. When you click this refund button, let me click it. You can enter the refund amount on the reason for refund. This field is optional, but the refund amount is a camper serie field where you can enter the refund amount, subtracting the fee charged by stripe, or you can entirely refund the amount charged from customer. Let me refund $75. Now you have got two options that is driven manually or refund were strike if you click refund sound. If I dollars manually, then you need to issue a refund through your warned payment Gateway. After clicking this, there will be no change in striped dashboard or strike payments. PARIS If you click dollars sound if I refund, we are striped. Then the refund will be made automatically. You don't need to go to strike payments or you don't need to make the refund by your one. Everything is done automatically. That's the benefit off this official scribe plugging from both teams. So let me click. Refund! We are stripe. Just ask for a confirmation. Now the refund has been made. So let's check it. Yo, the payments. You can see the dollar sound. If I refund, it appears here on the status is partially refunded where the feet comes 2.31 So in this lecture you have learned how to make automatic refunds. We are striped, came and get way in your grow Comus all those dashboard itself. So it's pretty convenient right? With this, you have completed the section striped him and get me