How to 808: Beginner/Intermediate Guide to Creating/Mixing 808s for your beats in FL Studio | Alex Lipszyc | Skillshare

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How to 808: Beginner/Intermediate Guide to Creating/Mixing 808s for your beats in FL Studio

teacher avatar Alex Lipszyc

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction to How To 808

    • 2. How To 808: Guide to Finding/Creating/Mixing 808 bass lines for tracks

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About This Class

This class teaches you all the basics you will need to know when implementing 808's into your beats in FL studios. This class covers how to find 808 samples and import them into FL studio for use, how to use these samples to create punchy and simple bass lines for your samples/beats, and finally some easy tips to mix these 808s, such as sidechaining and EQ, to get them sounding perfect for your track. I have also included a few other producing tips such as stretching samples to ensure they are in time, etc.

This is made for beginner to intermediate level beat producers. Good luck producing!

A few timestamps for your need:

Finding 808 samples and Importing them into FL studio 00:15

Creating a basic 808 pattern for a sample/track 3:43

Mixing your 808 pattern 10:10

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Alex Lipszyc


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1. Introduction to How To 808: Hello and welcome to my tutorial on a two weights today. I need to be taking you through everything you might need to know with the basics of eight awaits when implementing them into your beats. Firstly will cover how to find samples online on download them and then important Bitterfeld studios. Next, we'll move on to have to choose a correct sample to implement into attract and then had to create a beating a to eight baseline to go along with a sample track using techniques such as octaves. Finally, we've moved onto mixing will be going through techniques such as citing a kick into your 80 weight to make it more punchy. By the end, students should feel like they have a good understanding of what site training actually is and also should be able to implement this into their tracks. You should also know what CQ is or equalizing is, as will be covering this Acela's that will be going through a few additional techniques, such as distortion, um, etcetera. Along the way, students might find a few other helpful tips that I use in beat meeting, such as had to stretch sample so they fit into tempo with your track, a swell as a few others. This is all going to be done NFL studios as this, the program that I use on. By the end of this tutorial, students should feel like they're able to have a good understanding of how to choose a good sample for a NATO way to start with which they can find off any both sides that I might have recommended in the video. They should be able to use this sample to create a powerful yet simple baseline to accompany any tracks that they might have on that they should be able to use the techniques that are taught in this. To be able to mix. These eight await baselines being more powerful, understanding concepts, such a side chaining as well as how to equalize your ate away baselines. Using tech these techniques, students should be able Teoh effectively implement eight awaits into their tracks on for any beats that the students have implemented. The educated in feel free to send them to my email, which is linked down below. Now let's get started 2. How To 808: Guide to Finding/Creating/Mixing 808 bass lines for tracks: Hello and welcome to my tutorial. What? Eight weights. I'm gonna be taking you through how to final line Download of important FL studios make basic baselines with dome on. Then most important, leave mixing the So, firstly, you're gonna want to find a pack online. There's plenty of sample passively confined, but just easy. Eight example Back search I like to use. I'm assets. They have plenty of free royalty free packs be to just easily download and use, which are really good once you download it on, should locate them in your downloads. So here you can see them. They will usually caucuses it file. Now we're gonna want to do is double click, and then they should be bun to compress it, extract it. That should just be there. So you want to click that matches extracted back to download. I think this is easiest like about the f l studios. Go top left and click options and then you're gonna wanna click file settings. Now, if you've done this before, this wouldn't be anti. If you haven't, this will be anti. Just want left click on the little icon on May want to navigate to the directory that you see your extracted falls to you. I kept money downloads, so I'm just going to downloads, actually really easy to find just in alphabetical order. And you just want to click the pack and then click. Accept on now, you managed to import your files, the pack into FL studios. You should see here on the left, you should click it and eight awaits that usually located and drawn one shots. But this various impact back on here and then you'll have all your anyway to ready to use NFL studios. Now, you want to select your example so you can just left right on each one to hear them. Can you just like gonna choose whatever you like? I quite like this one because it's not too punchy and not too overwhelming, but it is slightly punchy. So what you do is you gonna drag it in and you should bring it in here. Let go and click into attract and options will come up. Uh, this is just my food way of doing it. Some people do different way. I just click incident traps. I find it easier. So I will click incident tracks and then here we go. So now you successfully imported your ate away into F L studios. Now remember, it's very important stuff with a very good sample, because that's the most important thing within eight away. Make your site You for a very good start. Will start off with now, want to actually making a basic baseline to go or in a way that is lying to go along with my cycle. So I've got a song already here. It's quite simple. Well, this is what it sounds like. This is actually from the Black Octopus. Stay home free sellable pack. It's in great sounds in there now, usually your audio files from being time, so to click metre known Yeah, and plates. See if it is my news because I've already altered it to be so. But usually when you drag it, you should double click this audio clip which will bring up this money. And then you're gonna want to change mode from the recycle, which will what yours will generally be to stretch and then fiddle with this time button to make sure you get in time. If you want to check, just keep a metre known and press play once you got yours in time, it can take off. Now you've got a sample on you've got your 80 weight important. So to make the basic baseline I'm gonna wanna for being true before it comes into and attract this click over to start with 1/4 bar. Now, this sample actually, as you can see, it starts in a So instead of the scene of being a seal, this is actually gonna be in a So this causes difficulties when trying to make in all baseline using any music theory. Therefore, I just like to use trolling narrow. All I really gonna do is I'm going to put in front of notes. I'm just gonna change it around until it fits in with the sample. So I'm just gonna play it here. I'm gonna click. So make sure it's always think from this point when my babies comes in on, I'm just gonna play around to see if I can get so that's a bit too high. Bring it down to high sweating and then there just like that, I found the right based night, so I usually find this troubling there exactly quicker than actually applying music theory Just cause different a do it will be starting on different bass notes. Um on then there. Now you've got your first note. That's in June with the cycle. Now remember, eight awaits. Simplicity is key. A symbol ate away is going to sound the best. You don't want to overcomplicate it. You don't want Teoh do too much, have too many notes is just gonna make it not sound too good. So I'm just gonna go along here on just try and quickly create a baseline that I think is simple. And we'll go along well with this sample. Okay, so here's the finished baseline. Through temple techniques, I always use operatives always essential with 80 wait. And I usually use an extra new in between just to reduce the size of the chunk between Andi . So now we're gonna want to do is control click on the press control E on your keyboard. That's just gonna call the and duplicate passing along to hit ourselves. Okay, so we've got an 80 weight baseline over here. One at is just before the four be insurable. Want to have a little single hits of the 80 way. Just add a bit more texture in steps at the baseline. So we want to do is just going to click on the left. Here. This is going to duplicate pattern. Hey, hey, hey. Now you're gonna wanna left click the little Shana roll symbol here and pressed, Make unique. That should be an option for that. Just that when you all to this, it's not gonna affect the rest of your patterns. They want to delete all the tapes because this is just gonna be a single strike. And then you wanna just gotta feel around, try and see if you can find it. I got lucky here and trying to create a single strike, but you're gonna trim and just put right before the intro. You can now position it so it's just before the end. But to do it starting on the second bar just a short note and it's gonna handsome deaths is what it sounds like she can see now, and that's all finished. Basically, that's all I really do. Like you. It's simple, Andi. I think it goes a lot of great with once awful, so sometimes you might find when creating an 80 weight pattern and you have notes start to close to each other. They overlap on the 80 weights will continue and all kind of clash with each other. So a simple fix to this is you just want to go to the told right of screen You're gonna want to click this button hit If you tell Iraq now you want to look here, you age weight by just scrolling while hovering above this Once you find a pattern, you can see your way to wait Or do you want to do is you want to write ticket and make sure cut itself? It's a ticked chicken T minus ticks unticketed Just show you you want to make sure ticked it on that You can see the little arrow next to it And thats results problem. Okay, so I've gone ahead and just clicked. Credited Drumline to go along with it is how it sounds. It's got another very sick trendline. I think here's one with salt one that ate away. Now we're gonna be wanted the most important part of 80 ways, which is going to be actually mixing 80 weights. But this is the first part What we're gonna do is we're gonna find a nice punch kick which were going toe act by 80 weight and silently. No, you, Anderson, will this meat. But I'll explainable in the second, so find a kick off any sample pack, preferably a punchy. Well, if you're going for 28 away, I want you found this. You're just gonna lie about this one off driver spoke drone kids free some about whether way just dragging a and that is an issue track. Okay, so what we're gonna do once it's attracting is actually going to copy are a two way pattern on for every hit of the eight away that we have a green Teoh create a hit off the case which is going to place it on the sea. And we're just going to really just copy on pattern, just like we did with the 80 waits. Remember to make this one unique against the district, change the rest of the castles. Andi. Like I said, we're just gonna create a pattern with the kicks of that. Every time the eight await is hit, we're gonna have a hit of our kick. You can look at you ate away and have a look to see where all the hits are on. And you can just copy this pattern with the kick, which I will just do now quickly. So now we'll go do it again. It's gonna click on my pattern and press patrol be just that It's copies along And now we're gonna get onto site training this kick in 80 wait. So we're gonna go over hit you, Nixon, Click this and now you can see here that two incidents should come up so you should have a sample of your kick And you, uh h wait. So you're gonna wanna click tick and you want to go down and you're gonna want press this hour and this is gonna citing it into your A to wait. No one's gonna press the up arrow on the 80 Wake us. So now you want to click on the eight away, you want to click slow one, and I should be a menu that comes up and you want gonna press fruity limiter on this should come up, guys. Free little studio plug in should come. And here you can see once you play your track you should be able to see the sandwich, and you should be able to see where those kicks Onders punches actually coming in innovation. Now, what you wanna do? You wanna press cult and then you want to bring this knocked down all the way, Especially if they want to increase Theseus hopes Like so Until that, you can see there is some critical area of both the sections were the punching us and 80 weights are coming in. Next, you're going to write to exciting, and you're gonna want to click. There should be a little blood into click your kick and you just want to keep this on. This is essentially exciting in your kick into your ate away so that it's the sound. Waves are mixing together, but they're sort of combining, so it's not being too overwhelming. And you should have a fiddle with the ratio. Andi thes two knobs here just to see, uh, which sounds the best you can just press today and then what you've done with that, you can turn it off cake, not even here. Just press this button because you don't want the kick to actually be coming through a swell because that's going to be combined with your ate away track. Next up or gonna want to do is open up. Want to answer e que equalizer onto our ate away. So again we can go back to our mixer Onda, we try and trick on our agent. So electric slot to and then there should be an option for Parametric eq You fruity primitive. You're gonna want to click this on. This screen will come up. Okay, So, essentially, what this does is it just shows you the split of your audio in terms three rebounds on it allows you to dampen or kicking them. So when you play the audio, you can actually see the distribution in terms of the frequency bands of your your fault. Well, I like to do is I'll have to form a low pass. This is going to get rid of some of the excessive lows that are creating this modeling kind of feeling to 80. Wait, so I'm just gonna bring number one down. I'm going to scroll down on my mouth's on, Then I'm going to bring it down into the hit. This is gonna formally with low pass when I bring it slightly to the right. So that's just gonna get a bridge. Like I said, some of these excessive, low frequency sounds that are muddling up your age, right? She's gonna make it clearer. The next thing I love to do you would like to go to number three. Andi, I like Teoh. Find drag. Drag this little? Nope. Here and try to find 210 votes. You can see where that is. And I like to just bringing up a bit. This is gonna add a little bit of crunchiness to your ate away, because that's usually where in frequency bands coming from. So I dragged number one out of it more because I had a bit too much. It's it was cutting a bit too much of the loads of my 80 wait on taking away too much off the of the depths off. Just bring out more you want to. You don't want it to be cutting out too much. Next, I'm gonna be wanting to take seven. And this is just another bypass, and I'm just gonna bring this, not bring it down here again. So it should look like this on this is going Teoh cuts of the excessive size. And this is just a find a tree preset that I usually use with all my eight awaits. It works well for me. You know, you can really have a fiddle around yourself to see what kind of sound you're going for. Andre. Just experiment around with this, which I started off doing when I first got into production. But usually with eight awaits, I'm going for this point of equalizing. Okay, so that should be your equalizing done. Next, we're gonna add distortion. So again, click slot three of the arrow on click Destructive There should be an option that comes up , had a little area of my reporting screen. There's a few based plug ins began with Ethel Studios oddities, destructor, and I like to just click on three sets and I like to click tonal, spatial Specialize. Er, that's a preset. That concert on this aspect distortion again. Hospital punching us. Make sure a do a more prominent It's no to whelming again. You can change this yourself. You can, you know, fiddle around with these numbers again. Fertile ground pre and post post game. However you please to make it sound to you like, but I just like to use the space. Specialize. Er I think this is a very good preset alliances that this might awaits. So now you've got distortion equalizer on a side chain kick into it. 80 wait. There's one most mixing tip that I'm going to show you that I use with my fate awaits when I want to, based on more prominent with small speaker phones like the iPhone speaker. So from with h awaits is that with school life in speakers, sometimes because of the way audio is distributed among the frequencies, it's you can't really hear it. Okay, so you're gonna want to come to your pasin, you're channel rack, and you're going to want to scroll to find your eight await You can find it over here, and then what you want to do is you're gonna want to rightly call it and press duplicate. That should be an option that comes up and you want to control. See, once it clicked on the original war, press on your new one in Preston Trophy. This is just gonna cook it, go to this button and send it to a new insert. Click on it controls electoral, you know, to press control up arrow on the keyboard on your keyboard. Uh, this is going to move them more productive and sound like this. Now you can hate you cause duplicated. Anyway, baseline, that is up productive. Now you want to find this insert on your mixer, you're gonna wanna add permission. You like, last time on just the falling quick, low cuts and a hiker like, just like we did last time except a have you look heavier about this time You want to really just have a little bit of in the middle and you're gonna want to bring all of this down. So that eating just very thinking there, if you want to carry on this will just add again a little more depth to your eight away. And it will help bring you h a way out when you play in your life and speakers and essentially you want round up, you've got your finished trap. You've got a 80 weighty of mixed them. Creating a basic baseline on this is have a sense she can hear it without the mixing. Now waste. He's changing the really prominent listening with smaller speak of things. You can also bring this up. I like to just bring it up, just increased defoliate. Make it more prominence, and you are done. That is essentially how I mix. Majority of my eight waits in any track on, and I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to ask many questions and let me know if there's anything you would like tonight .