How to 10x your website’s traffic for free | Sebastian Beja | Skillshare

How to 10x your website’s traffic for free

Sebastian Beja, Growth Hacker

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6 Videos (23m)
    • Intro: Why Take This Class?

    • The Importance of Targeted Traffic

    • ROI & Marketing Hack #1

    • Online Marketing Hack #2: Images

    • Online Marketing Hack #3: Citations & Listings

    • Recap & Summary


About This Class

Do you have enough traffic coming to your website/business? Every business (online & offline) has ONE thing in common for survival and that is TRAFFIC. As humans we need water to survive being the most important resource. For businesses (big and small) it’s traffic and without it, they can’t exist.

You will learn how-to drive more traffic from the world’s biggest search engine GOOGLE. The purpose of driving more targeted traffic will be to increase either your following, leads, sales and/or revenue of your website/business.

By the end of the class you will be able to:
1. Drive targeted traffic from Google to your website, blog, brick and mortar business and/or online business.
2. Implement various cutting-edge online marketing hacks to increase your visibility online over your competitors.
3. Understand the value of targeted traffic and how to capitalize it.





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Sebastian Beja

Growth Hacker

Online Innovator, writer & serial entrepreneur. Senior SEO Specialist for Mindvalley #1 personal growth online university more than 3 million students worldwide.

Founded an SEO agency where he advised business that need organic targeted traffic in industries like real estate, transportation, personal growth and e-commerce.

Shares his internet Marketing knowledge in Skillshare an online education platform with 2 million users and Zeqr platform a global knowledege hub with renown...

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