How to 10x your Learning Abilities - Learn Anything you Want in Less Time | Filipa Canelas | Skillshare

How to 10x your Learning Abilities - Learn Anything you Want in Less Time

Filipa Canelas, Productivity Addict & Knowledge Seeker

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18 Lessons (1h 19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why Should you Study?

    • 3. Study Environment

    • 4. How to Focus Intensively

    • 5. Select the Best Sources

    • 6. Skimming

    • 7. How to Read Faster

    • 8. How to Take Notes Effectively

    • 9. How to Read Actively

    • 10. How to create Summaries

    • 11. Organize your Resources

    • 12. Memorize with Cards

    • 13. Memorize with Stories

    • 14. Memorize with the Memory Palace

    • 15. BONUS - Memorize the Presidents of the USA

    • 16. BONUS - Memorize a Speech

    • 17. BONUS - Memorize the Periodic Table

    • 18. Conclusion

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About This Class

In this class, you’re going to learn how to learn anything effectively in order to reduce the amount of time you have to learn while increasing your results!

Learning how to learn and study is one of the most important skills in life because it allows you to learn anything in a short period of time!

No matter what field you’re working on, learning quicker and better will always help you to advance your career, improve your skills and build a better life!

You probably associate studying to something very unpleasant. Every time you have to learn and study new things, you know that a long and boring period is going to follow. You expect that it will take you dozens of hours to learn a few things!

I felt the same way too, for a long time! Studying was something that I had no idea how to properly do. I kept reading the same things over and over again, expecting that I would memorize the information. There was no skimming phase and I wasn’t taking notes effectively.

Thankfully, I learned with top-performers on the field of learning how to learn, such as Tim Ferriss, Barbara Oakley, Cal Newport, Tony Robbins, Jim Kwik and many others.

If you take this class, you have the opportunity to learn everything you need to make the learn and study process more efficient.  

You’re going to learn how to create a proper study environment as well as focusing on that same environment. Which is essential to make any study session very productive!

Commit yourself to watch this class till the end if you want to get much more free time while learning incredible things that will help you to achieve your own goals! Make sure you take some notes to increase retention.

See you inside!





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Filipa Canelas

Productivity Addict & Knowledge Seeker


My name is Filipa Canelas, and I'm completely obsessed with finding ways to increase my productivity, by doing more in less time!

One of my biggest passions is testing and experimenting with different techniques that might bring me better results. That is why I am constantly searching for new ways to improve the way I learn and study.

I keep track of my productivity experiments, so you can be sure that everything I teach here works for me. And there's a big...

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