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How the Web works, part 1

Korolev Alexander

How the Web works, part 1

Korolev Alexander

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12 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. Урок 1. Компьютер и интернет

    • 2. Урок 2. WWW и браузеры

    • 3. Урок 3. URI, URL, URN, HTTP и HTTPS

    • 4. Урок 4. HTTP и HTML

    • 5. Урок 5. Web site, web page и web server

    • 6. Урок 6. Web hosting и доменное имя

    • 7. Урок 7. Доменное имя и уровни доменов

    • 8. Урок 8. Веб браузеры

    • 9. Урок 9. HTML тэги, CSS

    • 10. Урок 10. Javascript и DOM

    • 11. Урок 11. JSON и SPA

    • 12. Урок 12. Landing page и CMS

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About This Class

Этот урок расскажет вам об основах Интернета и Web технологиях. О том как это работает и что возможно, а что нет в виртуальном мире Веб технологий. Даст вам ответы на вопросы:

  • что такое интернет,
  • как с ним работать,
  • и какие выгоды можно из него извлечь.

После обучения вам будет проще общаться с теми, кто предлагает различные интернет услуги. Будет понимание, того что действительно нужно, а что просто является "красивой вишенкой на торте".

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1. Урок 1. Компьютер и интернет: siendo prevision at the material. Look, no skill. Share your virtue. That's why you like it, sweetie, We're going. But you move it there, if that's necessary. Motoman was puzzling besides the putschists Virginia limits. But because you know, she almost radio t look at the best of their ability. Approve toe. He need assistance. Teams the court. Another use for planet facilities. Private, more management. Basel, you put him. Yeah, which is? We're broke. Mature So prettily. Internet computer. Because you for she fullness to steal your like your most ex married. Maybe not. No national section. And you plucked me Almost physical It My business will show you which we're working country branches. That usually stupid karaoke. The national it stood a quick is national computer at the computer Congress Koslow Katarzyna share most religiously. Yeah, I wasn't sure. Don't talk because really computer proficient to excuse myself to go toe his computer to Chile. Cutters and monster which is lame. Should Teoh assistance Additional opportunities. Longer issue which was to return home. Was anyone ages Curcumin? Thomas is meeting him in the valley. Almost no stretch We do. You tell me about institutions. You have blood. That sterling in a while if you even get him a little. Partners Mr My Mischievous QUOTABLES The Bridge Collapse It's collateral, which stated themselves It's changed. It's like a glove puppet show computer, computer science, Turkish. If humans that she just precious you can feel the Palestinian floor computer will not glorious Russell With Nick, I took this money. Tora, later to re host just part of the great support country is not sure known. Bukenya Special, which is legion, didn't disclose my secret shoot off No professor, whereas regional bureau some cbsi chest this bullshit computer remote unit were causing much legislating, which slamming at Oceania. Which is just a way for Pennsylvania's inhumane. So always put with you clear computer on my finger. Karenina for the grasshopper smart media relic off option years. Those young lost Incan water drugs Teoh Computer Bureau store. And that's when Justin was just a little more skilled in your profession. Computer it a short aqui esto esto spoon Should Qatar, along with William Internet difference, which is connection with publishing your muzzle was nice question it used to take seriously Yeah, which now the solar just put it in local drink foot with just me, just a student. A clean government, silvery internment. It doesn't seem 1,000,000,000 You can you can kill him. You catch you will escalate Very computer bourbon style of a computer program Resnick Lady oppression When you see you, computer probably is a normal computer. Negotiating for months with Parkinson Drug took its toll. If it nearly Roland, the Cardinals will. It cannot be induction down. Some computer knows value. Islam almost has to Computer Got a little tiny Dip it with them. So much damage East elimination. Comfortable grew Serena Canali Different action, dammit! Biggest will just get thrown to just once You missed my It took valiant twist progress towards that. You want to take computer back up to the state of little nobody Sydney to someone like it's like kindness Uterus least Newsboys Ship comes in the door. Does it hurt you? Standard. You took a pigeon in your local assume you was well, Interment twist interconnected network one Ghriskey twist famously as a nice teach. That's what the Internet, personable country, African or International Night and much of the country to digest. Terrible. Just by September 2. Урок 2. WWW и браузеры: like a rock star. We hold tight lipped, scared shipping that you could put him on this morning with the world weight lift. Not excusing come almost imperialistic exit The intention. A bit of a list of your debts. Chairman of internment Know some gelatinous cereal, usually Internet. The partners to computer of people Don't know how stress to be your next. So what went well? It's possible training a production for months investigating come from so just a little bit desert sectors anymore. I supposed to be me East under to me being that you're running in other words, the World Wide Web consortium. Whether it's well, 2012 more than seven issues Accommodation in the Internet, for starters. Presage Internet. Another artistically music here We're just, we're told, went well, but the yes it is, I'm just going to show up, sketched out the full cheating. Um, what? Jump push issue. Waas. Welcome up shirts to check his browser browser really were browser program in April. Virginia does confirm Matsu little brothers or not. Keep your words like a couple stop is a parasitical could produce not This district is a process right at the very source, so She's 20% in programming terms. Recipes, Kiki. Qatari problems Longer neutron specie. Cool, right? You just loyally for us of three shows. Some resistant on the wind. Whiskey at the Google Young. We're Astro. It's like you knew yourself distorts, didn't you? Fire? You're selling it to cut a resource. You almost missed, Ronis. The quad could look me. Look at that as a quirky must sit up, which it does business Training Tax poma. Sure, I'm was no boosters. A human. Just go on with the acumen. Steel not putting it comes to seclusion. Room water. Was it what you please? Yandex? Would you wear number Yandex? Commedia chroma state. Mancini was Google tone people. So Google your your young just your usual society Qatari suggested in this one. But Cuba when no national Mr some younger foot you know, socially official. We'll talk with a little bit. The rental younger's When you wish Mr Couldn't already were right. I guess. Mr Kodama interest You Prisco is opposed. Movie jumps, little friends with schools. A post we only post movie must be so excited for born. I sleep a lot in the studio jump school, but it looked a younger slippers. Curricula Young's Yes. Come on. Individual will go. Is the Olympia suggestion to sufficiently slow Frazar? The moment William through, in aboard site Off is it stretches Iranian, Google. Any name number he shared with his. I know. Talk about the school site off Newport. But have conspirator inside inside teaches. You know we must Yes. Climate univeristy. Nope. Removes oppose Christos. Mean we were told Prescott measured annotation Preston every morning. Well, right. Do you feel don't unleash sickly Antero, some genius Go to ease this marriage. Um good cycling through scream into Australia. Coach. Hm? The Roca question really jumped almost a bullet, But I'm not a smooth him still to quit. Were I Really? We're in getting producing. Nash is a genius Space Cuba. 3. Урок 3. URI, URL, URN, HTTP и HTTPS: I trusted you to treat you rock the contemporary Motome. Start to cool, right? Really? We're And you saw the couple, of course. TTP. STD Piers, You should start with a quick weary. Yes, that was my next stop was across all browsers. So this medium acquitted at the East Aurora. When you when you can, did you cut the risk of India? Naturally, your trusty GPS at the particle period that you've done Twist at the front gate. Move! Going out. Roger. Most greasy. Say, got to re browser dozens of Christie. Yes. This is good news to GPS. Total Goto browser Neuza posted. This is gonna be some FTP morning. It doesn't look good. Critical number videos to grow there. This was the dining in opinion March 2 sitting. You're almost all done. The particle new lesser Internet site hoping that you find yesterday Obama care. What better place? Morning assures states writers business to Topeka. Gaskell's practical? Yes, we're really Yesterday in the hearts of the sides, Compass Needle creates during its just me noises recibio additional standard work is playing to show. Wasn't opinions your music just in line in a canister. Pasolini, Atanas Rayna Summer issues to complete assessments. Graziosa Chrome browser Larry When you hurt when your former distorts name steam, it is also capoeira. We teach in the crime much 70 Me electing a lawyer who that opus let no human emotion bridge but rules. But look tongs, toe necessary. Very conduct from your Woodson. The English cook up for a movie. Jamaica. Not today. Answer. No, it's a pretty new cousin would say, You know, suing Mr Very states. But sell Now you can tell me file sticks to the terms. That's a road which is a Tom good prep business to protect the mood. Mushroom Muslim groups say potato, What's your rumor? Come back for him? What technology? Some almost forgotten the little most of the seating. Prostitutes extra Mishka Cookie Now, Preston say, just rested with the strange Patoka Never knew its need. For with the commonly known With me a baccarat kamata. Just just brilliant, uglier than a glowing strange that superstore safer isn't the toast of that shoulder. Get the worst of a bridge. It's a clue. Barmasai toe home The starch. That's not your real just Let it what? No, he's not just a little site. This is a process that is a personification of somewhere Elvis, You know, ownership. But states after my teacher must look for two months, it's more Repeat, you must capability in a protocol. Http. Https. Yes, Kim. Religion No, the key Be able to keep going. That's a good of the state of upset stomach victims. Oppressive dropsy. Much of, uh, each particle most critical. Impeded Duchess site. Cocky. Almost because she said, that should show more and similar STD PST years. The city people idiot for months. What continues this Roman army used to cook Winslow Wishing equated Where's the post with most perch? That's just dumb moments. Diet unusually trump it normally practical, sticky P s s conservative security to sell particle Peter for most of the show for one region. Yes, Little Michnik acquitted on for months. You move in your to your sorrow directly in Takato. Bullshit Societal Change it And in a club with particular engine you appropriate name on the register. Kyoto. Give him off to teach typical worst Carcaterra Safarova Uh, no no level ideal systems. So use for the lonely the eastern Syria it's I'll organise article Terrible day or two particle in most countries from when you started you is dilatory genetics. So it's just a partisan posturing. Keolis TTP understood site. After my future skip period goes yourself thirsty, it appears from one essentially cause night. Port City How much? Nighttime Treat your question. 4. Урок 4. HTTP и HTML: seems drastic, you know, shit. Your to look like a total Magorium. Tom Stroh's taqueria are sticky p most TTP. I didn't touch him. Hypertext transfer protocol started to quit. Deeper tears Seo share oppose move touches Iranian wiki page in get protects Curtis Ah, Coop mystics to extreme it's you mean ships silk A dark room to his group of America that nobody asked. TTP is a pristinely textile whose training school Katara is still killed. Restraining not someone daily was a personal website. You might need to a strange cool satar. Yeah, but I was really the first city people much better Then you want just produce just corporate news Like receive a tow Ukrainy since the start, of course, to keep a little brow is it in most regions of the state? So this is what you sneak a strange yes, learners, Right. Going straight from Houston, someone will get him the point. Open and authority School is light years oclock elements you need wood. It's a good quits under quit that gifts completely would respond that it's just a great noticed language at the ease Deeper kicks money system at our stream with a couple of years . You know, you said your cranium emotionally. Tractor at the Muslim. You talk about class. Have denounced Bush's stop browser instrumental used to this. Senator Graham. What an opinion. This is just a year or so for months Said Could astonish. Could be gonna push last year. It'll talk to you Browser after Brazil. Disa Street Video. Equitable. Actually, it's show audience possible. Village torched a number sliding it. They do it, but Turespana number off a CTP wimple champ. Strange cookie. Perky extended projects at the next. So still communal ye strange seniors. Good over one, would you? Just a few days, you know, tomorrow some quick bus. Do you mind? Just, um because I was very irritable. Extremely. I estimate that the hypertext markup language this just appear ready to another excuse. It's easy, cause me and keep it kicks her sister's Daniel Stein needs mash them with the world. I estimate of yours. Statement doesn't mean it moves Got resident board custom. You know, folks to see them with Christensen Slower stream where you start. The rest included years that should, uh, get the short of what is Give your kids Teoh. But mostly the hyper text markup stories Immediate. 19th According nuance. Capturing earlier in the day You'd Bush When you mind yet the worst. Oh, Joseph Video to stream of new after a slow with America Mark are pushed. Was something pretty? Would you trust me? No. Yes. Looks married was national toe. Not some kale in that book with poll shelter, stroke Brasilia which the actual marriage he did not share. Cool dismissively. In four months, the battle of neuve or Illini inte statement twist category would just respond via turkey. Cook was college de Kock water. No need for cough number. Did you see him in this castle? A barrage Wish its missile system really from a greater number with you Contributed quitting for months. Lack of Barbara Mita Cooper stretched was Broza Praeli one noticeable teaching What That these missiles Tamaela Stream will teach scares cause liberal Joe Cook Tabbouleh stretch in four months to control room catching connect Known item At the top of the question Misperceive Bonaduce's mostly on the shore 5. Урок 5. Web site, web page и web server: seems dressed to a gym, took a better look. Schemes towards toe a smooth start. A queer website, toe bridge website. Tell me, Mr Digital for months it is those three computer slow upset it on the Sabulis status. Do slow well, but that's a Christian you bull Dwight Web. Www The site towards the back, Mr Nearly, Mr Bolaji, but its quality stillness muscle Chairman Mr No Mr Winter Move Old white with Mr Game for a month says the status trainings. Concerts of wages. Just try. Nitze will push you to press China No sound systems Text file system in a resume. When you see him in the media realize that's Ah, lobstering. It's drink more water, totally shops. Some deal in a very remote with music star in each district somewhere, doesn't it? Strange tomato. It's time now to process upon in the process. The show cooked some twist. Your schedule is that someone will be present and no selome usually covered it. Or when you get foolishness, Ter toe show starts procreation. Where should to switch miss strenuous trips for months just to be just ah, absurd that the Minister dia her needs Thomas. That should obviously will issue a friend, Ege said. Video tah toh one movement The lips here still to quit. Cut me absolutely. Irania use particles TTP before a more due to say must obey computer kept on the bottom Crane Society mook at the waiting for months we went on practical you when you want those most in need. It's a new program that would pretty much toe done inside. Still done in Texas. The site he was the period of practical. Http slash national equipment courts TTP late on the limiter prostate program Qatada Petition We needed to do It's a program. Ones were. It whips your my net. Pashto, you say I to Katarina Hutz. Professional groups can last name that. Granted, it was membership for about, which is a process which wasn't jail time. Internally, you put it on a bush, not of serverless. We should switch, consigning the computer optimism about the photo you would. It's a computer, Utusan and guns the words with cereal myself. Times two is program observer. Katara deal. It tracks toe where states it's just open. She justice TTP. I used to have Syria. It Ah, really? That's Ah video computer with Syria Qatari Post, which she could assure me it's remote. It's like a population in a girl's cake with chicken immature, just terrible judges clearance of coupled with Bartlett's personality, really in prison system. Does that sound? Which is just so much cross blue list? He just that the grudge toward no program of serial murder state nine. You're speaking Computer America, A not known computer, the most state miscalculate zero group with respect to its too Kristen underpin Eventually , yes, So I'm a software neorealism to to stop your program. Used card were really that cities to observe occurred which in Washington computer Who is Captain Cues to see your home computer? Just hold it. What about absurd to compete in the tournament percent of nighttime petro? Eventually it's, um, blue marble, a Palestinian Jew. But you must only knows 6. Урок 6. Web hosting и доменное имя: seems dressed better. Muraki consumers. Greater Tom Stores at the choir Well, but that's a Christian. You at worldwide a question. Muslim Christian Cooke. Two extra question. Qatar's Me shame with a future. More has machine. Razor gives national control Most diseases and equipment in Spanish cactus holders. Gemstone should work. Was your slippers made in a period? Whatever that was machine you Trump's which? No. Would you shoot it? So let's with, you know, look, Watson, it's very, very Last minute. Web surgery Media Do us Detectable ship two sources Toe set. What's his Go with him to Pier, Where? Just on the beach to be observer of soma storage. If you search pollution and was computer subsidiary, um, much teach service would we were able to be alone? Among is the keeper smell? Ishtar? The Western Conference? Stop texting me and so she's through with the Internet, you can point. You gotta print longer. Michelle. It's worse state. When you it was acquitted business and it's versatile. Course indeed. List setting a business boiled display. The question It was Michelle when you when you watch site, but institute no more hurting a. The more actual system suitable. Australia but congenial. Sebesta boss is doing more, said. With 10 years of us was just Justin that you don't quit so much snitch to get adequate and trust book tour. Everything is any much too busy past issue. He referred to see a problem with Nicholas Shea's ghost Open questions. Who is to what. Principia with Thomas Missile. The question question by anyone towards genital pleasure from just claim it is tiresome. Any luxury ship, it hurts a little leverage wrong rare to President Washington being interferes that you don't know what ministerial when you're sure said and you could. Three dozen Promoted from King, Which system muestra mysteries Robotic aside in click attracted to sort of surveillance in the hearts of reading your questions that should bunch look within your name. It was ability to them in the unit. Then young that you it's a toaster emotional video jewelry. You send them, you got energy source. There's no number immediate thing in the imitators dot You just get a little much of, uh, chum to nuance, nervous that they're just west side. When you get going, you still must said Muslim will make you Internet getting emotional. Just a show was a registered religious Danyon with the aim of the meaning of a word should quit Damien. They mean that the President stream. But immediately it's just called the Mantis, the hoods of the meaning that you start to slip. Marina Nutrient normal, Damian. Even on your mobile off there, it's just any more would be Do excite us knows when you it, um, doesn't really drink interests is, do you? But there's a big issue routine. Una is just a comparable king. Agreements should ah poach Each registered voters were dreaming. Nemea, most corporate sick appears in you mind. Probably in the human, perhaps prevent them and any Manami Goodison I see a not a Alicia Morga Internet safety Bolshoi Campagna Not promoting unity Still route Russian of the legacy I'm not ah for a share a creditable on them complain iam does any minds, has lectured them in human flume Alien armed I mean, they mean you're Reuters were complaining. They mean eu pair, but Rob Newman rituals, natch Psyche Donny Corporate C Different special mood for us, cousin, but sort of the corporate. This form must unite you. Just one. No National Portrait Council A superstore. We was chilling. Don't the shore gyms 7. Урок 7. Доменное имя и уровни доменов: James just touch him. But the Moroccan Google, William Daley would them in a criminal prediction markets constant acquit them. Your name appear on your on your career? Still which no board the minister with 321 each of your two more of the spear. Yeah, Grange. You know, some deliriously woman in principle now could you knows when you're brushing aside talk principally gets three ritual that many people running Will it the war, which I'm not Give a question. Red loser from off the Matija can assign a site of terror. What age With girls Your tour of me. He was emotional. That should be split. Spirits are still wants you cite to with particular extended with you you used to teach others missed each. You have a poster Corozzo to a question You know when you order the media to site So this may look at you No payment because I am I said my side because let's on my site. Cook was just e muslin. You say you were told you were questioned but Luton, with the queen stipulate tortured was lesser. My said Don't question Dutko. There's done on food share returns When you stated with respect. That's the Minister of War Room Lewis. The planet Takuro known as the immune system one which should Kalish that which president name in peril Nutri Qatar wants was the diamond sorrow when you were twisting Nutri Qadoura use It was straight since it obviously was Miss Machine touched on this When you choose love over posting to over the statue you with only should be more it'd be sportsman. Did you just a little bit muzzling the mainly jail? It's another room to seize them in apparel room If the Rover Treaty which your toe greater good C H and amulet. A New Year addition to a structural immune if it'll show you to cease naked Immune He had a watering a glowing and immune ive nutria told them in a moment. But put Damien, I mean, you question commercial solution when you're almost sure Quetta put them Your cousin put them in a book. Is that cookie to say that system three of noble them, you know, it's just seen as oneness. Excited Muslim between Ukraine, it was them in a pair of worrying about where brew comb you US number punished because they were in Damien. The bullet knows when you're washing outside Macedonia. It all day. Jim Bush awas Jim Bullion Leuco was frozen said Jim Denny Bhutto. What's up? Just not Callisto Torture Morning. Appreciate Touch The unicorn in the hood Night. Um Samueli. Mr. Well, get almost done. Roka question It seems possible problem the sending. 8. Урок 8. Веб браузеры: trust me Well tomorrow. Kurdish multiple Willbros browser it. Ah, Grandma was pushed. Hepatic Moses, a Cuban tournament Browse repeated, which is really some people are never browser Chrome. What thoroughfare, folks? Microsoft teachers so far. Never think a notion can put their regular. I wasn't one of these. Ah, several browser. That's terrible. Shell. Could you knock a washroom? Where? Well, 30. Well, Brezik, you know, percent of future. Most of the official Syrian military system will resume. Elko Arjuna Core International Brazil Solid specials across Syria's official This last training Kadouri Meet Justin Miller We're always there. You just had to construct the cruiser. It's famished. He broke the defense troops at the preserve of cigarettes. Ruminant cry needy. Cool to Chris you Christie was try initiatives, Photographic collection committed? No the court. But so browser of the sitting out of the desert of Saudi narco. No, start a Catholic chairman. Good. I'm sure exactly shortly Chef comes to any Still, bro is red. But generally you say extremely lenient. A couple. It's just stupid. Tomorrow is rep unusual Keep in so STs visiting a little boy no sites broached the place. The melamine element of tomorrow's note read. It's traveling meant to stimulate template. No state w three schools dot com is just reading a story. You say next time with me What was human? Complete? Yeah. The distant system browser support you just learned not published with a traditional business Took We're seeing quick, Rosa, but you're done. Done the Illini into steam You seem nervous Modem for much to push them with text area Don't redeem store Principe check State of Sendups symposium In 10 years old I would just strange come in other The West should shoot Could you browser whose ability show capriciously was very Because, um remember how is it with listening privet hedge, Taka, come out The results of the Mongol Beatrice coordinate plans of this is Daniel bursting with strange which it shouldn't recommend doing so because we're in a stroke. So Doctor Os Coco's set does not look tape revenue well done. Well, because nationally Marines this morning. But this number is not Shayna. Usually this number doctor with the governor's machine for a strategic acumen with national looked like Did you take a part of the facility near stimulate? Your septic system will be out there to get those to breast Strait of the originals. Sun blessed my political system will get a brochure or a strange canopy snowstorm. No playing costume smarted. My strange to comply about us with him. Additional state looked at him. The shipment that do it? Yes, let's just talk. So because of its supposed to pick us up in your mind, Kirk, you want the process? Strange Teach skips and stops ambrosia. Good luck with your system. Yes, there's a new cassette browser with the script finish of Islamic Works more. You're consciously just loan opportunity that using pressure First company with the same pain. You might reasonably sure that the most umbrellas protects of the present Russia's training school. Someone is the estate mini minus jersey asked the milk a total in the night. They don't feel attracted towards toe. It's a strange couple of 60 minutes of misty massage. See me years Twister. Morita kun. Members, um, usually spoils with Kitano v. Gina. Something rational pitch stonings your immediate interest in pushing mother toe, but regret nous to it. You issue with the missus. Do you mind? Would you? If the move group that instructs about evolutionary money, nighttime done nor exact questions by super to show 9. Урок 9. HTML тэги, CSS: But the moral courage, productive estimate took our statements to state. Mostly my strange cause. The state to the limit caused elemental wasn't shared something. It was converted, Khalil. But just one element of a mutual crew I should take is a Croatian. You love tom slash. Tell me that the bridge was the Krasimir to Smith Bedroom. Kaputa Strange school that's Muslim for Marceca quit. It takes people time. She will Parker's meeting expect a religion director of the Brazil Lyft. Yet it was this prime unity in the store element where a little preparation Ortega with over where the addition of quick doctor push It says This is a very short time. Compare wished Croatian Concerto rebuttal. Croatia. We started which No tree. It'll take the suggestion, said Justin. You confirm Otsuka Tora Bora Montpellier's in the Muslim approached when women just technology much of, uh, drugs Woodstock. You did. You have to keep women. Took a crash. Is progressions grow? A shooter was enough. Cloud of a drug deal in Yemen. The cure barbarism straight nuclear Hitchner, stroke toe The premiers This deal in this you This is limned. If I wasn't, you can put away Yes, quitted minus. You're taking initiate women to host family metal crashes Croatian? Yes. Really? Multi. When? You Okay? Well, uh, anemia Toe tequila Me in Tokyo that vignettes with me. Whimper Begin. Unipetrol Universe toe Nobody Me after a quick dip Cook, you know, striking Where to suddenly musical Where shorted You just only off the pasta? Nope. It in Western person. Less appealing. Most struck here. None over There was a women input. The element authority shares, as they might just just was, would get done. Mr. Lin kicked his national to a stimulant closing in the Croatian. She tried to store Duff to continue when she anymore. What principle? Estimable program show you don't just at the cast. Our net of Mississippi. That should do a steamy. It's really pretty, General. It's presentable. Just them Where? Actually Pretty usual. It's sure surface two years telling young testing will good, but I want no mystery of Drago Mysterious Toca Canyon. There's no terrorism. T J is dealing imprisoned gypsies. You pay it on credit about testimony. Strange que grew naturally across the Spanish. Extremely lenient. First initiated A strange twist. Abdullah custom Willimon toe home. I should say assess marginal principle that could kill you. Bestie. He's got good reviews. I should tell studio. Yes. Responsible spoken Sheikhupura was not the bridge custom. Will your immune system really me in just a short rebuttal style? Just down the money. Croatian, LIke lamented If you just with Croatian tell your trip would stay because most social and ideological number times are most of the bridge to assist off element style completely in the hood. Suggestion. Uh, yeah, you persist, Madonna. Strange. Keep a movin on purpose it nick issue. Then I would Dunham primary practice in class. So it's just costed Muslim Ottoman cousin Steel. So you're not. And should religious cartoon kick last Muslim more retreated somewhere Strange only taken the sheer to Social Imean tutoring out. So we'll know fairly the post of national glowing almost to move your national estimate. Fairly cattle remain under no. One to stand mostly number. It's home issue silken to a still lamented people in We don't want reboot just really because of its up which nanometers this fire will know you not consent relations to it so so stupid they'll shoot principio Don't got the keys, Julian. Ah, it I'm done Europa Question Do most A 1,000,000,000 seriousness seems possible Just leadership 10. Урок 10. Javascript и DOM: dressed with him with the Moral Courage Project. It was scripted music program. You know, when you table generally good something you're saying A to Z to twitch causes one. Premie. It's a process of a little over a bottle which sandwich after stream will If the Magister which sheer volume wash a strange couple things were about to mobile apps. Let's get done in a syrup, which are you? I only ever But somebody toe was to present your own original Pacheco a kiss to its former . She was kept. Yeah, I was creeped Jozic. But you know you appear Britain's national tabbouleh on collusion with brown movies. But I was a little store most lombilla cocked. Ah Zama Destroy which is Ah, Stream William two issues Liquidity shows Kiptum was not processional lost. Oh, there's no it meant crazy times us todo yeah was kept Most sample the Lech eliminator stream will double it No immunity Mistiming twist It is a Qatari personal nations there about a sustained with ghosts since you lost in a strange which in just, um was no stretch it too. Theranos Raina Controllable, dispositive Ekman Scripps have done great tech must creep suggestions to issue. Don't suit job script? No, just that is a totally peer. Reviewers to year was creeped. You know, issues. Notice your system. That's that's is any malicious. That's that's a foreign Isabella's European computer. Manufacture this association. The international forms. 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